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Flame: UK Tour
Flame UKT
Developer(s) Flame Games
Publisher(s) Flame Games
Platform(s) Flame Bomb
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Nintendo DS Logo
Genre(s) Platform
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan TBA
25px-Flag of USA TBA
25px-Flag of Europe TBA
25px-Flag of Australia TBA
Age Rating(s) 25px-Flag of USA
25px-Flag of Europe
25px-Flag of Australia
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Media Included Flame Disc, Wii Disc, DS Card

Flame: UK Tour is a platformer made by Flame Games. It features many new characters from The Lost World. The biggest change is the moved to the United Kingdom.


You start with a character chose (Clyde, Baby Clyde, Baby Yoshi) before the adventure. You start in London. Clyde (for the story we're only going to use Clyde) has to get to the level's end before the time runs out. Complete the four levels, before taking on Bowser in the O2 Arena. You defeat him like Mario did in Super Mario 64. You would then advance down the M4 to Reading, the home of Clyde. He would complete four speed levels, before a battle at the Madejski Stadium, with King Boo. You use YoshiEggs to beat him. You just need to hit him ten times and you win. King Boo can catch them and use them against you, though. More down the M4 you go to Cardiff, that is in Wales. Clyde will again complete the four speed levels and, this time, battle Bowser Jr.. After him we're off to Swansea! After the speed levels it's Dry Bowser. You beat him the same way as Bowser. In Dublin, you battle it out with Banana King. A fire attack will be needed here. Soon up to Belfast - to fight The Bomber. Glasgow is the location of a Snow Master battle. Fire is needed here too. Fire Master was located in Scottish Capital city - Edinburgh. Using a combo of Ice and Water you'll beat Fire Master with ease.



Character Information
Clyde A playable character.
Baby Clyde A playable character. Baby version of Clyde
Baby Yoshi A playable character.


Character Information
Tartan Army The army of Scotland.
Red Dragons The army of Wales.
Green & White Army The army of Northern Ireland.
Irish Army The army of Ireland.
Mario Flame Shop Keeper.
Luigi Flame Shop Keeper.
Peach Flame Shop Keeper.
Daisy Flame Shop Keeper.
Green Yoshi Ridable character.
Red Yoshi Ridable character.
Yellow Yoshi Ridable character.
Orange Yoshi Ridable character.
Blue Yoshi Ridable character.
Cyan Yoshi Ridable character.
Black Yoshi Ridable character.
Brown Yoshi Ridable character.
Purple Yoshi Ridable character.
White Yoshi Ridable character.
Pink Yoshi Ridable character.
Banana Jr. Flame Shop Keeper.


Character Information
Bowser Boss of London.
King Boo Boss of Reading.
Bowser Jr. Boss of Cardiff.
Dry Bowser Boss of Swansea.
Banana King Boss of Dublin.
The Bomber Boss of Belfast.
Fire Sun Boss of Glasgow.
Fire Master Boss of Edinburgh.


Character Information
Green Koopa Troopa Enemy.
Red Koopa Troopa Enemy.
Goomba Enemy.
Hammer Bro. Enemy.
Boo Enemy.
Pink Boo Enemy.
Snow Penguin Enemy.
Snow Men Enemy.
Mini Bombers Enemy.
Shooters Enemy.
Mini Ice Enemy.
Mini Banana Enemy.
Mini Apple Enemy.
Mini Fire Enemy.
Mini Blaze Enemy.
Red Shy Guy Enemy.
Blue Shy Guy Enemy.
Red Koopa Paratroopa Enemy. Flying Koopa Troopa.
Green Koopa Paratroopa Enemy. Flying Koopa Troopa.
Red Fly Guy Enemy. Flying Shy Guy.
Blue Fly Guy Enemy. Flying Shy Guy.


Item Use Rarity
Lemon 1 Point. Common
Lime 5 Points. Common
Bomb 50 Points. Rare
Golden Bomb End of Boss Level and 200 Points. Rare
Mushroom Player Grows 2x in Size and has 2 Hits. Common
Mega Mushroom Player Grows 10x in Size and Crush Everything in the way. Lasts for 10 seconds. Uncommon
Propeller Mushroom Player gets a propeller hat and can fly. Common
Yoshi Eggs Yoshi comes out of them and can be thrown at enemies. Common
Mini Mushroom Makes player smaller. Rare
1-Up Mushroom Extra Life. Rare
Fire Flower Player can shoot fire. Rare
Ice Flower Player can shoot ice. Rare
Starman Inviability for 10 seconds. Rare
POW Block Ground shakes if hit against the floor. Rare
? Block Bumping into one gives the player a lemon, lime, or another item. Common
Brick Block Bumping into one gives the player a lemon. Common
Flagpole End of Level. Common


World Location Boss Flame Shop
World 1 London. Bowser Banana Jr.
World 2 Reading. King Boo Banana Jr.
World 3 Cardiff. Bowser Jr. Banana Jr.
World 4 Swansea. Dry Bowser Banana Jr.
World 5 Dublin. Banana King Banana Jr. (8-1 & 8-3 Only)
World 6 Belfast. The Bomber Banana Jr. (8-1 & 8-3 Only)
World 7 Glasgow. Snow Master Banana Jr. (8-1 & 8-3 Only)
World 8 Edinburgh. Fire Master Banana Jr. (8-1 & 8-3 Only)


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  • Tartan Army are Scottish Football Fans
  • Red Dragons are Welsh Football Fans
  • Green and White Army are Northern Irish Football Fans
  • Clyde leads the armies.
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