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Fizza is a comet being (also known as Comet Champions) that is held inside by the Comet Bozork. She is part of Vokkskar's Comet collection and there is not exactly a way to tell to when she will come. She is always followed by the comets Cass Lyst and and Bozork, who happen to be her romantic partners as well.


Vokkskar decided to introduce three beings (Comet Champions) into three underdeveloped planets to help them cultivate their potential. Things went well until the Comet Champions found out that they would be doing this for eternity and did not seek that kind of life. They united and fought against Vokkskar, demanding lives free from an endless cycle of helping planets. Vokkskar, with much disappointment, granted them free lives. They now roam the universe looking for the perfect place to live.


Fizza has a pink crystal for a head and wears a vague beige coat of sorts; it splits off from her chest, revealing a purple colored sweater of sorts. It then resumes the "coat" around her waist which is followed by a pair of purple tights and boots.


Fizza is very studious but a deep romantic. She likes to read romance novels and laugh at the cheesy parts and cry at the emotional parts. Out of the three, she's the one most discontent with their long journey but doesn't attempt to hide her feelings about it.


Cass Lyst

Fizza is her other romantic partner and while she tend to bicker with Cass Lyst more than she does with Bozork, it is evident that she still loves her. She tends to groan whenever she gets settled down somewhere and has to leave because Cass doesn't find it perfectly up to her vision but she doesn't tend to complain after they find a new planet, even if it is worse than the one they were just at.


Fizza is his other romantic partner and it is clearly they are happy with each other. Fizza loves Bozork's strength while Bozrok admires Fizza's wisdom. Although they both dislike Cass' inability to find her perfect home, they do tend to like that it allows them to travel all over the universe.

Plato Konrad




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Fantendo - Showcase: Volume 1 "Comet Champions" (2015)

Fizza is a studious Comet Champion that along with her husband and wife, battled their creator Vokkskar to be free. Now that they have their freedom, they now roam the universe looking for a home. While she is clearly frustrated with Cass's sense of perfection, she doesn't let it break them apart.


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