Five Splats on Freddy
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Developer(s) Awsome austin (tbc)

LegendaryIce (tbc)

Publisher(s) Fantendo
Genre(s) Horror
Series Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Splats on Freddy is a point-and-click horror game by Awsome austin (tbc) and LegendaryIce (tbc). It is a crossover between the Five Nights at Freddy's series and Splatoon.


You play as Olivia Octoling working at the Splatty Pizza Parlour for 5 Nights. When the owners of Splatty Pizza Parlour found out that the security guard is an Octoling, they where shocked. After all, they thought their kind went extinct. So every night at 12 am when Olivia is doing her normal job, she must protect herself from the inklings that killed her kind, while her boyfriend Owen calls her to support and assist her.


Name Minigame Appearance Night Description
Those days... Night 1 You play as Olivia, and you can talk to other Octolings. Most of the Octolings dialouge goes like "Everything is Great" or "I love life!"
Can't last forever Night 2 You play as Olivia. Your goal is to "Find Surivors", according to the game. You'll find no survivors, except near the end. At the end you'll find Owen and another octoling. Owen says "Everything will be ok".
Is there still hope? Night 3 You play as the other octoling seen in the previous minigame. The minigame commands you to "Get Water". But, as you walk forward looking for water, you'll get stopped by an inkling
The search Night 4 In the game, you play as Olivia with the goal being to "Find Him". After searching for a while you'll see a dead body on the ground with orange ink on top of the body.
Keep.. moving.. forward... Night 5 In this game you play as Olivia, with a truck that she's dragging with her. The truck is labelled death, and you must go to the finish line. Right before you reach the finish line Olivia stops dragging it and says "I can't"
We can still do this Night 6 In this one you walk a very short distance until you reach the pizza parlor, and then it ends.


Name Species Starting Place Description How to Prevent
Inkling Girl Inkling Front Door Activated on Night 1, she is determined to kill Olivia, one of the very last Octolings to exist You can prevent her by throwing bombs that distract her. Throwing bombs short range is the fastest way to get rid of her, however if you throw the bombs long range it will be much much more effective.
Sheldon Horseshoe Crab Back door Activated on Night 2, he will damage your cameras, and bombs wont fool him. He also creates a pathway for Inkling Boy, by damaging cameras You can prevent Sheldon, by using your second monitor to plant bombs. You must use your first monitor (cameras) to locate where Sheldon is, and the second monitor that displays a map to plant bombs.
Annie Sea Anemone Funnel Tunnel Time Activated on Night 2, she will travel through tunnels and take all of your bombs and your phone once she reaches you. You can prevent her by going to your third monitor. Your third monitor displays all of the tunnels below your feet created by Annie. Annie is also visible on the monitor because of a tracker, so you can prevent her by turning the tunnels, resulting her in going different directions. This idea was inspired off of Zelda Skyward Sword and One Week at Flumpty's so check those out to get a better understanding.
Inkling Boy Inkling Front Door Activated on Night 2, an inkling that is un preventable, but only moves when the cameras are covered in ink. Prevent him by preventing Sheldon.
Fredbear Animatronic Repair Room Activated on Night 3, he is a bear from a 1,000 year old restraunt called "Fredbears Family Diner" Prevent him by reprogramming his AI via you're phone. You can draw a limited path on your phone for him to travel.
Callie and Marie Inkling Splatfest Activated on Night 3, these party maniacs will do anything to stop you You must send out a party drone, and by using another app on your phone you can command it to do different things.
Marionette Puppet Repair Room #2 Activated on Night 4, this hellish creature will do anything out of it's way to kill you. In order to prevent, you must hold you're breath when the puppet is close.

Phone Calls

Night 1

*Ringing x3* Hey babe. How goes it? I know times are tough right now... so I thought I'd call to relax you more. Now I'm not going to lie, you are putting yourself in serious danger. Matter of fact, I bet they know you are an Octoling. In which case, if they do, you need to protect yourself. I can't stand another loss of our species, so I'll do everything in my power to make sure you DON'T die. Alright, if you want to protect yourself from them you might want to bring out a few of those bombs. Now, we most definitely do NOT want to kill them, after all we need the money they are giving. So using those bombs, you can throw them and they'll get distracted and will run over to find whatever threw that. Note that the fastest way to get rid of them is throwing it short range, however if you throw it long range it'll be much more effective. I think that's it... just please take care of yourself for me, ok? Inkling Girl is coming to night... you got this, I believe in you. Alright, love you, goodnight

Night 2

*Ringing x3* Hey, I'm so glad I saw you come home in one piece yesterday... I'm just so grateful you're still alive. Anyways, I hacked into the inkling database and got quite a bit of information. They were talking in a chat log about killing you. Now, the two inklings you saw active last night aren't the rest of them. They were talking about using one of the local shop keeper to kill you. He is a specialist in weapons and they said that they will use him to ink the cameras. Make sure to make him not move by planting mines. Yes if you look at your other monitor, you could use that to plant mines around the building. He won't die but it'll throw him off. As you can see, on your other monitor it shows the map of the pizzeria. You can click where you want to plant your mine. This monitor will not show where this creature is so you need to use your cameras to figure this out. Also from my understanding this persons name is... Sheldon? Sheldon will come through the back door. Sheldon is also the main reason for Inkling Boy to be active. He will only move when the cameras are disabled. He doesn't get tricked by bombs like Inkling Girl gets tricked. Also, Annie is good friends with Sheldon. Annie will steal your bombs. She can be seen on another monitor with only the map, she has a tracker on her, but she can't be seen on cameras due to the tunnels she built underneath the parlor. To prevent her, you must go to that third monitor showing the tunnels, and change the pathway of tunnels by rotating pieces of the tunnels. The only time you'll get a glimpse of her on camera is if you look near the tunnel attraction, titled "Funnle Tunnle Time", so you should check if she's still there. Alright, I know it's a lot to soak in but you can do this. I believe in you.

Night 3

*Ringing x3* Already halfway through, isn't that a huge sigh of relief! Alright, I've been researching so much about the parlor you're at right now. Apparently, 1000 years ago in 1993, there was a pizza place called "Freddy Fazbears Pizza". It was a hugely successful restaurant and it was the main inspiration for this pizza parlor. In fact, it says here that they were able to recover 2 of the animatronics from there. One of them was "Fredbear". They were able to find him somewhere in America at one of the sister locations. They made a special room for him and the other one called "The Repair Room". He isn't fully repaired yet, and is said to be the most clever animatronic out of all of them. He won't fall for any tricks, any traps, or anything. So if he comes inside your office, there's an app on your phone you can use to stop him. It's an app used for advanced robots, and if he's close enough you can get a connection to his AI and you can reprogram him to go, or do something else. Again you can only do this if he's close enough. The most effective way to get rid of him is draw a path for him to go to. Keep in mind, you can only draw a certain distance of the path so, use it strategically. As for the other recovered animatronic, he's still being sent here, but his name is "The Marionette". He should be here by tommorow, but let's not focus on him now, let's focus on the current events. There's also the 2 main characters for the "Splatfest" section of this parlor. It's only open for special splatting events. It opened today, and will stay open for a week, so thats a bummer. Now that they're released from that room they can come to kill you. To prevent them, you can send out a new robot I got for you. I programmed it to be a party master. If you send out this robot, it will party with them. There names are Callie and Marie by the way, and they travel togther. Also try to variate the dance moves the robot does, or else they'll get bored and leave. Ok, come on let's do 2 more nights and end this strong. I love you, goodnight.

Night 4

*Ringing x3* Alright babe, I got some new information on "The Marionette". Turns out, he isn't fooled by distractions, he wants to get straight to the point and kill you. To prevent him, if he is right next to you hold your breath until he leaves. I know you, you can only hold your breath for 10 seconds, so use it only when necessary. I don't want you to die. I think that's it! You have one more day after this... please do this... for you and us...

Night 5

*Ringing x3* This night is extremely intense. Remember what you've learned and done. You should be good for the most part... this madness will all be over after tonight. We'll use the money for our family, and the future of our species. Nothing much else to talk about. I love you so much. You can do this.

Night 6/Nightmare

*Ringing x3* I was confused at first as to why you came back for one more night, but I understand. You'll get paid even more if you do one last night. Ok, goodnight.



  • This game was once a poorly written copy of Five Nights at Freddy's 2
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