Five Nights at Freddy's: Scavenge
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The game's Steam icon.
Developer(s) ScottGames
Publisher(s) ScottGames
Platform(s) Steam Icon
Genre(s) Horror
Predecessor Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator
Release Date(s) Early 2019
Age Rating(s) TRating
Media Included Digital Download

Five Nights at Freddy's: Scavenge is the 7th Five Nights at Freddy's game in the main series. Although it is considered a "spin-off" as it isn't expanding on the story, instead meant to fill in a large gap in the story. The game is basically a "reunion" of many major characters in the series, and the gameplay is a mish-mash of mechanics from all the before games. It was released for 4.99 on the Steam store.

The game will release early 2019 on Steam.


In the time right before FNaF3, Fazbear's Fright is doing a scavenge of the only remaining Freddy's location that hasn't been either demolished or rebranded. Freddy Fazbear's is in disrepair, but it's a goldmine for old animatronic parts. They even found parts of other locations' animatronics, such as a box of the rebranded "toy" animatronics' remains hidden away in the backstage! But of course, their dream cannot be accomplished without the hard part. That's where you, the night guard, come in.

Your job is to view the establishment over brand spankin' new cameras, and monitor the establishment to make sure that no pesky teenagers or thieves come in, as the shut down restaurant is both a popular hangout spot and filled with expensive parts. You're armed with devices like the audio buttons to scare away trespassers. However, as it turns out, you won't need to guard the place from them- you'll need to protect yourself from the animatronics that remain in the establishment.

Some of these horrid things that awake in the night seem to be after a certain something remaining in the location, while others are confused of their surroundings. One thing is common about them, though- they all want to kill you.

On Night 3, the Safe Room walls go down- and while Fazbear's Fright's higher ups haven't searched the place yet, something terrible has emerged from it.

Later in the game, it is revealed that Michael Afton is the protagonist of this game. He also is revealed to be the protagonist of 4, due to Nightmare's presence, and 3, revealed in the Night 6 phone call. It is implied Michael is in the restaurant once again to chase down Springtrap and locate his sister (who's in Ennard) as well as free some spirits that died to his father's hands. He succeeds in all 3 of these things in the ending sequence.


Gameplay returns to the basic formula of FNaF titles, returning the basic camera system from previous games. You are set in the same location as in FNaF1, although it is run down and broken with signs of wear and plant growth. You have been assigned the guard duty to make sure that no "teenage hooligans" come into the place, as it is a popular hang out spot, and guard the materials from being stolen, as a scavenge is currently going on in the Pizzeria to gather materials for Fazbear's Fright.

The game is quite dynamic over the course of the week, as at least 1 new foe is added each night. You have access to many different mechanics to keep yourself safe- even though their AIs might not be as tough as before, this is only a counter balance, because each animatronic has a specific mechanic to be blocked. You are unable to move from your Office like in other FNaF titles, and this time around you don't have doors or lights- instead, you use a flashlight guided by your mouse to observe your room.

Your goal is to survive until 6AM, which is approximately 7 minutes real-life time. Power does not return, so you can use the monitor freely- however, you might find that animatronics that sneak into your room can pull it down and jumpscare you if you aren't constantly checking your surroundings.


There are 7 planned "main" animatronics in the game, each having their own mechanics to fend off.

Animatronic Description Night Introduced
StuffedFreddyFnaf7Stuffed Freddy Freddy takes the lead role yet again, appearing on the cover in his new form. In this form, Freddy appears with the remains of a more... unfortunate employee inside him, this employee being the guide in the first 2 games. Phone Guy met his end to these animatronics, yet due to the curse of the Fazbear Entertainment line, he has escaped the Back Room and is now out to find you.

Stuffed Freddy is blind, which is ironic on a basis of who's stuffed inside him. This means that Light won't have an effect on him. He will slowly trudge to your doors, and if you see him approaching on the cameras, drop the tablet and don't move your mouse. He will pass through the office, and his blindness will cause him to not notice you unless you make a sound- like say, the swiveling of your chair, or the clicking on a tablet. He won't appear in your door, only on the cameras- so keep cautious!

Night 1
The Puppet

The Puppet returns to the pizzeria for an unknown reason. Being sent to death in the 1980s, The Puppet animatronic attempted to help a child stuck out in the rain- however, the child was marked to death, and the Puppet was ruined in the rain. Later, the child haunted the animatronic, and the story of the Puppet began. Could its presence have something to do with the strange being locked inside the Safe Room?

The Puppet will not directly kill you, and fending it off is not completely necessary for surviving the night. However, as it emerges, hallucinations will induce. These hallucinations include images flickering on the screen, animatronics that are not actually there appearing in the office, and camera feeds showing duplicates of the game's enemies. How to prevent this? Well, the Puppet is found on what remains of the show stage. If you turn on the lights on the show stage remotely, he will begin to retract. However, it's a press-and-hold deal, so they will not stay on. Since you have to hold the button for quite a bit to hold him back, it's probably a good idea to hold off of this until you're in the clear from animatronic attacks.

This is a list of Hallucinations the Puppet can induce as it emerges-

  • Illusions- Fake mirages of active animatronics will appear where they aren't actually present. You can catch things like Ennard entering the restaurant while he's outside, Stuffed Freddy entering the room when he's not actually near, etc.
  • Flickering- Creepy images of animatronics will show up FNaF1-style.
  • Golden Freddy- Golden Freddy's appearance rate will increase drastically.
  • Endoskeleton- The Endoskeleton from the back room can sometimes be seen moving around the map, blocking your view of some cameras but otherwise not having purpose.
  • Posters- Sometimes on the cameras, the posters will change to crying children, Freddy attempting to pull his own head off, a purple figure, Springtrap's corpse head, and others will appear replacing poster art.
  • Fake Time- The clock will appear to move forward, when it really isn't that time. It can also stop, and block your view for the time.
  • Shadow Freddy- Sometimes, Shadow Freddy will appear in the corner of your screen when you move to the left, like his appearance in FNaF3. Again, this has no effect on gameplay.
  • Nightmare- In the middle of your office, Nightmare from FNaF4 will appear in your office. He will reach towards you, and will crash your game if you don't pull up your camera. The message "YOUR FAULT" and "HE CAN STILL BE PUT BACK TOGETHER" will flash on the screen.

Night 2
Springtrap is a truly terrible being. He is truly irredeemable, due to the actions he preformed in his life. William Afton's twisted child murder spree was put to an end while he was attempting to cover his tracks, and he was sealed away in a springlocked grave for 30 years unfound. Now, he's gotten out. His corpse stuck in a Spring Bonnie suit, he seems quite comfortable moving around in the Spring Bonnie attire- though he has had his fair share of experience. He is an experienced killer, and will use fluid and intelligent tactics to outsmart you.

When fending off against Springtrap, your audio system comes into play. A callback to FNaF3, you can use the cameras to activate a shorter version of Freddy's Toredor March in the room selected, which will cause Springtrap to backtrack there. You must always be pushing him back with this, and the audio does have a cooldown. You can only lead him with audio that is near his current location. Be careful, though- he can appear in any room and likes to hide in the darkness. In the office, you may even catch him passing by the right hall window quickly if you're lucky enough- a fair warning that death approaches. He will also approach through a vent, so just lure him out of there to prevent a slaughter.

Night 3
Scavenged Chica
A failed attempt to make a "real one" for the Fazbear's Fright attraction, this robot just didn't work out. Most of its body is now trashed and multiple parts of its costume are completely gone. Most of all, it just doesn't seem to function. Though, that isn't true. The spirit encased in Chica has passed on, but the Toys still haven't been brought to rest. So, when some parts of the Toys' endoskeletons were borrowed to make this abomination, something awakened inside the animatronic.

Fending off against Chica is fairly easy. If you see her approach the right door, shine your light on the window. She will be watching you there before she proceeds to the office, but if you catch her there, she'll backtrack to her starting position.

Night 4
Scavenged Foxy
Another failed attempt to make a living animatronic for the Fazbear's Fright attraction, Foxy also was not able to make the cut. Like Chica, a lot of its body is trashed, with a lot of his costume including his jaw have gone missing. It, of course, didn't seem to spring to life- but of course, when the Toys' spare parts were mixed with Foxy's, he seemed to spring to life that night.

Like Chica, Foxy can be warded off with your light- however, he isn't as easy as Chica is. Foxy starts in a tattered Pirate's Cove like in FNaF1, although he does not need to be micromanaged like he was in that game, even though you can see him slowly emerge. When you either hear footsteps, or see him trudging down the Left Hall (a familiar action to him), hold your light on the left door, and when he appears in the doorway, he will quickly retract due to his sensitivity to light.

Night 4
4 robots from Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rentals combined their parts to form this abomination. Baby, Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, and Ballora's personalities all coexist in this terrifying jumble of wires. They escaped the facility by stealing Michael Afton's body through the means of the scooper. Baby encased the soul of Elizabeth Afton, William Afton's daughter, who's fate rested in Baby's hands due to Baby's child-killing capabilities, a trait shared with the rest of the Funtimes. Now, they're here to find William Afton, and they all have different reasons for doing so. They don't know who he is now... yet.

Ennard begins outside of the restaurant, visible on the outside camera. He has a couple of stages on this camera, each of them getting closer to the entrance. If you use the installed light on the camera and shine the light on him, he will begin to retreat. Keep him at bay here, because once he gets into the restaurant, your night is over. Once he's in, he will approach through the vent unstoppable, and promptly jumpscare you, ending your night.

Night 5
Golden Freddy
Golden Freddy is a ghostly figure. No one knows why he's here or where he came from, but he does resemble the classic Fazbear character "Fredbar" a bit.

Golden Freddy is a less active animatronic. He will appear in cameras but not prominently, like on a poster or replacing a head in the backroom, and in other locations. When you pull down the camera afterwards, he'll be sitting in your room. Pull it back up to shoo him away. He will appear more often when the Puppet is angered. He is not considered a hallucinatory animatronic, because his AI can be adjusted seperately than the Puppet's in Custom Night, and he will appear without its influence.

During Night 6, Golden Freddy can appear without the influence of The Puppet. Golden Freddy will appear often on the cameras without the influence of the Puppet, his danger increasing even more if the Puppet is angered. You also have less time to pull the camera back up when he's in your room during this night.

Night 1 (rarely), Night 2 (actual threat).
Do you not remember what you did many years ago? I'm sure you did. You're the reason he's gone now. It was his birthday, and you made that decision. You were the one who decided his fate back on that day. You killed him. Now he is restless, always seeking but never finding. Until now. Sweet dreams tonight, Michael.

Nightmare, during the main game, does not effect gameplay- instead, he appears as a hallucination induced by the Puppet. He appears in the middle of your office for a short period of time after you pull down your camera, towering above you, reaching towards you as the words "IT'S YOUR FAULT" and "REMEMBER HIM?" appear on screen while this plays in the background. If you pull your camera back up, he will disappear. When he appears while your camera's up, you will hear his laughter when he enters the room.

During Night 6, Nightmare appears as an actual threat- influenced by Phone Guy's mention of "faulty ventilation or some crap", which cause your protagonist to start hallucinating, and seeing Golden Freddy and Nightmare without the influence of The Puppet. Like Chica and Foxy, he is fended off with the flashlight, although he is not as simple as they are- instead, he does not appear on cameras, and you will have to listen for his laughing to tell which door he goes to. When you hear it, go to that door and shine it- his eyes will appear and then dissipate to show he's left.

Night 2 (The Puppet), Night 6 (actual threat).



The map from FNaF1 returns, although it is slightly changed. The Safe Room and a new vent, as well as a new "entrance" room and a camera looking outside have been added. The "Outside" camera allows you to see a truck in the parking lot, with the sign "Fazbear's Fright Co." on the side- a truck that contains your phone instructor, and the one that leaves on Night 5 due to a thing spotted outside the restaurant.

The "Celebrate!" poster has been moved slightly to reveal the new vent, which leads from the Dining Room to your Office. Aesthetically, many parts of the floor have begun to crack, and many posters and papers have shriveled up a bit.


This version of the map depicts the names of the rooms, as well as the starting point for each major character. You can also see the positioning of the cameras on this map.


Phone Calls

These Phone Calls play at the beginning of every night. You can mute them, but they provide a guide to newcomers, as well as bits of lore.

Call Text
Night 1 Phone Dude: "Hello and welcome to your new job! Hopefully you got settled in alright, my man. Your shift lasts until 6AM, so make the most of the time you have, haha. We're still busy gathering things, getting everything ready, and figuring out the tech of these 2 animatronics we've built, so we'll need you to be real careful while looking for those thieves, y'know! Haha! Anyways, your night should go by smoothly today. Though I need to go over this "spoooooky" warning stuff that my friend scripted for me as a joke, so that'll be nice. Ahem.... if anything out of the ordinary appears near your doors, please stop moving at all! The terrifying creature *snicker* that lurks in the back room *more snickers* will pass through your room, and walk by! Stay quiet, and don't let him hear you. He is unable to see you. *bursting out into laughter* HAHA! Marla, this is more ridiculous than you said it was. Wicked job!

Anyways, that's all we have for tonight. Look out for anything strange, haha! We're right outside in that truck if you need anything. Adios, amigo! *hangs up*"

Night 2 Phone Dude: "Welcome back my man! Things are gonna be a little.... different, tonight. Thing is, a new animatronic appeared randomly on the stage. It does not seem to function at all, which is disappointing, but he WILL make good parts for the attraction, whatever he is. The only reaction we've gotten out of him is light, which seems to cause him to twitch just a bit- so just for fun, we installed controls for the stage lights (where he is) in your monitor, just to be superstitious- well not that, more like just a little sticious, haha. One of our guys actually tried to mess with him, and he's been acting a bit strange lately- seeing stuff that's not there, and just been very quiet.... but I'm sure its nothing, again, "little sticious". Alright, I gotta go, I'll call you again tomorrow! Au revoir, mon ami! (hangs up)"
Night 3 "Oh my god, dude, we've made huge revelations! Uh, sorry, I forgot to say hello first, but I'm just so psyched to tell you! We were doing some research and we were looking around and one of your employees noticed that a wall felt hollow. We poked around and we eventually were able to knock down the wall, and we found a super-secret room that was boarded off to the public! Pretty sweet, huh? This room has been added to your map- though, we're all out of security cameras, so you won't be able to see inside unfortunately. Uh, anyways, we personally haven't searched it yet, and we're not planning to for quite a while, so we're not sure if there's any freaky weird things in there and stuff, but dude.... this is so nice! Also, we're testing an audio gimmick for the horror attraction that's activated through the cameras by our "actor" security guard to spook folks and that jazz, so we hooked it up to Freddy's Music Box for funsies. Try it out! Anyways, stay safe and don't let the animatronics bite! Seeya tomorrow! (hangs up)"
Night 4 "Hello yet again, mi amigo! Dude, we got a technician over last night to help us... well I mean, he's sorta a close friend of mine who works in robotics but he's pretty professional.... but that's besides the point, we attempted to put Foxy and Chica back together but things... did not work out. We used some parts from the Toy line of animatronics and the costumes of the ones from this location but we both a. couldn't find the rest of their costumes, and b. couldn't get them to work. Seriously. I'm a bit pissed off right now, I mean everything should check out but they are not responsive to anything..... well, one of our guys said Foxy changed positions, but I think he's just trying to fool us. We've tried everything. We've decided to just give up on them, scrap them and use them for parts. But just for fun, I think we're gonna leave them here for the rest of your week, just so you can have something to look for tonight! How sick is that? Anyways, if you're scared that the spoooky animatronics there are gonna getcha, remember you have your light to protect you! Haha, just joshing you, bro. Good night! *hangs up*"
Night 5 "*sounds rushed, nervous and serious, rushed car noises and screeching heard in the background* Uh h-hey, Mike. We've... got a problem. We've spotted something outside, something absolutely nuts. It tried to attack us, and it injured one of our crew members. We-we have no idea what it is. That's why our truck is gone. It luckily didn't try to chase us, but we're currently rushing away to the local Police station to report its spotting. It looks like it's made of wires, it's covered in blood, and it's just... evil, man. One t-thing we know for sure is that it wants something in the Pizzeria. The thing is dangerous and you must keep it outside. Luckily, we've installed a- (tire screeching, bump noise) HEY! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE DRIVING CARL, THIS ISN'T MARIO KART- sorry, lost track there, we've installed a light system on the outside the day before so you can observe the outside of the restaurant to look for criminals. We noticed the headlights seemed to make it retract a little, so that may be the key to keeping yourself safe. Alright, good luck Mike. Stay s-safe. *hangs up*"
Night 6 "Hey, wha-what are you doing there tonight? We aren't scouring, it's the weekend. Are you.... there for something? Haha, just kidding, man. Although it is strange you decided to come to work on your own terms.... uh, anyways, after last night, we decided to report the strange creature we saw last night. We checked today and it seems it's still there. It also seemed to have messed with the ventilation or some crap, so that's fun. You might start to see some wacky stuff tonight, just know it's all in your head.... I think. Heh, anyways, time to sign off for tonight. Oh, and tell me if you are good with that guard job at the opened Fazbear's Fright. You seem like you like the guard line of work, just shoot me a text if you're interested. Ciao!"

Character Voices

Sometimes, during the night, animatronics will speak randomly. Some of these have specific requirements that need to be met before they play.

Stuffed Freddy
Voiced by Scott Cawthon
  • Night 1 Loading Screen/Randomly: "Hello? Hello?"
  • Passing through Office: "Who are you? Is anyone here?"
  • Randomly: "I knew the animatronics would catch me eventually"
  • Randomly: "Of course it'd be during my phone call... hopefully Mike checked in those suits for me."
  • Randomly: "Is anyone else in here?"
  • Randomly: "Why am I still here?"
  • Randomly: "Is this the afterlife?"
  • Post-Jumpscare: "I-I'm sorry!"
The Puppet
Voiced by TBA
  • Night 2 Loading Screen/Randomly: "Many years without slumbering."
  • Awakening: "It rang and alarmed in the dead of the night"
  • Awakening: "Life seconds numbering..."
  • Awakening: "What is that you think you see?"
  • Fully Emerged: "What is the game that you think you are playing?"
  • Fully Emerged (Night 5): "And the clock... stopped... short... when the old man died..."
Voiced by PJ Heywood
  • Night 3 Loading Screen/Randomly: "I always come back."
  • Randomly: "So this is what has become of Fazbear Entertainment..... pathetic."
  • Randomly: "Ironic. The concept of Karma is proven once more.
  • Randomly: "Such foolish creations."
  • Randomly: "It was a poor idea to implement attraction to audio into the animatronics. I saw this scenario coming from a mile away."
  • Audio Lured: "Damn machine."
  • Audio Lured: "Shouldn't keep falling for this."
  • Audio Lured: "That song sounds.... familiar."
  • Audio Lured: "Of course, Henry's favorite song of Freddy's."
  • Randomly (Night 5): "Welcome back, Michael. I knew you'd return to me."
  • Randomly (Night 5): "How is that remnant? Fascinating, is it not? Quite interesting that just a simple formula could keep the pathetic corpse of a failure alive for so long."
  • Post-Jumpscare: "Certainly easier than my other... "works". *demented laughter*"
Voiced by Heather Masters (Baby), Kellen Goff (Ft. Freddy), Michella Moss (Ballora), and Zehra Jane Naqvi (Elizabeth Afton). Ennard switches between many voices in the night, because of its amalgamation factor.
  • Night 5 Loading Screen/Randomly (Baby): Surprised to see you again.
  • Movement Closer (Ft. Freddy): "We're getting cloooseeer!"
  • Movement Near Door (Ft. Freddy): "We're almost there!"
  • Randomly (Baby): "Thanks for trusting me."
  • Randomly (Baby): "You were our golden ticket."
  • Randomly (Baby): "Are you here for the same reason we are? To find him?"
  • Randomly (Ballora): The man behind us is in here too... the predator, that's us to you...."
  • Randomly (Ballora): "Why must you hide?"
  • Randomly (Elizabeth): "Michael, do you remember me?"
  • Randomly (Elizabeth): "You remember me, don't you?"
  • Randomly (Elizabeth): "Is he here with you?"
  • Entering Pizzeria (Funtime Freddy): "WE'RE INSI-IDE!! COME OUT TO PLAY!"
  • Entering Pizzeria (Baby): "Quite a ruined place. Are these his creations?"
  • Post-Jumpscare (Ft. Freddy): "FOUND YOU!"
  • Post-Jumpscare (Baby): "It's time to rest, Michael. Forever, this time."

Night 6 Ending Cutscene

On completion of Night 6, a 3D animated cutscene is shown, showing what happens to each of the characters after the events of the game. This will only play once every secret minigame is unlocked, and is the canon ending to Five Nights at Freddy's 7. It leads into FNaF3 and FFPS' events.

The camera is forcibly pulled open onto the Bathroom camera. Springtrap is standing in it.

Springtrap: The spirits got their revenge. They saw me perish, they tricked me into the suit and I thought I was safe. But of course, I disregarded the terribly made, leaky ceiling, letting rain into the building like a faucet. And of course, I was so foolish to think that they'd leave me alone when I was in there. I was quite a cocky man. I laughed at them, and they acted like they couldn't get in. It was quite a while since I had operated one of those machines. But of course, my own safe spot collapsed on me as I had forgotten the most important part about wearing the springlocks- you know, the whole "death trap" part. You do remember this, Michael- after all, you saw me create them.

Ennard is shown, standing outside. It then appears to retreat into the darkness.

Springtrap: Now that we must part ways, I must bid you farewell for now. Although I'm sure, we will cross paths again, my dearest son.

Ennard is shown again. It is behind the Pizzeria this time, and appears to be twitching. It then rips out a bunch of wires from its head.

Springtrap: For some of the monsters trapped in this building, they will see the light soon. That's thanks to you, Michael- although, I would've preferred that you'd kept those little brats in purgatory for a while longer. Those plastic shells aren't anywhere close to withering away, you know.

Scavenged Foxy and Chica are standing side by side- then, their eyes turn glowing white, and then go back to pitch black. Afterward, they seem to slump forward more.

Springtrap: But for others, I believe it is not their time to pass on yet. Or ever, preferably.

The Puppet is seen outside of the Pizzeria, near the trash bins, limp. A single eye appears in the background.

Springtrap: For me? Well, of course, I'm sticking here. They need their "real one", don't they? Perhaps you will join me there, Michael?

Scene cuts to Springtrap standing in the Safe Room.

Springtrap: If you will continue persisting, then I will see you soon. If you choose to give up, then you will never see my face again. They will remain unfreed, and you... will remain unfulfilled. The choice is yours, Michael.

Springtrap is now limp, sitting against the wall, eyes expressionless.

Springtrap: Just remember-

Springtrap's eyes turn towards the camera.

Springtrap: I am still here.


After every shift (except for Night 5's), you get to playtest an arcade machine that's been salvaged. These arcade machines look innocent on the outside, but contain deep lore once a secret's been uncovered. The base minigames are mostly humorous. You get to play them as much as you want before moving on, and they are available in the Extras menu afterwards.

Minigame 1- Chica's Pizza Delivery

This game has you control Chica as you walk quickly down the road. A reference to Paperboy, you must toss Pizzas at houses who ordered Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Meanwhile, you must throw Rotten Pizzas at houses who ordered stinky Pizza House pizza. Yuck! You also have to dodge cars while doing so. If you get hit, it's game over. As you progress, the Rainbow in the sky will begin shooting lasers at you, which you must dodge.

Later on in the level, you will come across an alternate path. Take this, to unlock the first secret minigame.

The first secret "cutscene" minigame opens with what appears to be Chica pre-FNaF2, standing on the stage of an unknown location with Freddy and Bonnie. Police sirens and crime scene tape can be seen in the background. The side of Chica's face is shown zoomed in. The Puppet appears in front of Chica, staring into her eyes angrily. Suddenly, Chica's eyes light up spontaneously afterwards. The minigame then ends afterwards.

Minigame 2- Foxy's Hallway Triathalon

A racer minigame, you play as a pixel Foxy and face off against 3 recolored CPU Foxys. You run down a hallway and attempt to get first place at the end of it. You can move left and right to run through boost pads, avoid obstacles such as Bonnie, slipping on puddles or banana peels, or even get behind cover to avoid flashlight flashes. If you get to the end of the hallway first, you win.

Once every playthrough, a Bonnie obstacle will be replaced with a Springtrap-esque yellow bunny. Run into him to activate the secret minigame.

In this minigame, Mangle is seen interacting with children during the day time. It is malfunctioning, clearly, but still is not attacking. A dayshift worker arrives in Kids' Cove, which catches Mangle's attention. The dayshift worker does his job and makes sure Mangle doesn't go haywire. Suddenly, Mangle starts to lose her focus on "preforming" (well, as best as she can), and stares into the dayshift worker's eyes. The worker interacts with the children, not noticing Mangle inching up the ceiling. One of the children points, their text box reading "Hey, look up there!". The dayshift guard turns around. Screen goes dark. The jumpscare noise from FNaF2 plays. Children scream. The scene then reappears, zooming out from the night guard's tag which reads "Jeremy Fitzgerald". It zooms out to reveal he is out cold, lying on the floor, and has a very bad head injury, with the front of his head and parts of his brain missing in a bite mark. Sirens are heard in the background.

Minigame 3- Bonnie's Rockin' Party

A simplified Guitar Hero, Bonnie's Rockin' Party is a rhythm game where you press buttons to the beat of 3 different songs from previous games- an easy one named "Action Adventure" (an 8-bit version of the FNaF World battle theme.), a moderate one named "Turtle Crusher" ("Turtle Crusher" from FNaF:SL) and a hard one named "Smashing Windshields" ("Smashing Windshields" from FFPS).

A dancing Bonnie will be in the corner as you play. He will hold a sign that will say stuff like "You're doing great!", "Rocking!", "Sick beats, dude!", and "Radical!" (this was a pizzeria during the 80s)- but rarely (though at least once a night), his sign will read "Type "ROCKEATPARTYPLAY"". If you follow his instructions and type "ROCKEATPARTYPLAY" into your keyboard, the third secret will unlock.

The third pixel cutscene opens with a recreation of "SAVE THEM". Withered Freddy trudges behind the Puppet, as they pass through one of FNaF2's long hallways, with the same posters, as well as blood stains quite commonly. Many children are spotted, lying lifeless on the floor. These children are the children who the Bite Victim met in FNaF4. After a while, they pass a Golden Freddy, who lies sitting limp. After GF is off screen, The Puppet stops in its tracks as a shadow runs towards Freddy. Then, the purple man is seen walking back down the hallway in the opposite direction as the 2 animatronics. He is just purple, like his original appearances, and has a crooked smile and white, glowing eyes. He is holding a weapon. As he walks, instead of dead children, the Toy animatronics take their place, blood seeping out of their eyes. Golden Freddy is gone, but Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie appear after the Purple Man passes a certain spot.

Minigame 4- Freddy's Big Adventure

Freddy's Big Adventure is a platformer minigame not unlike the Circus Baby death minigame from Sister Location. During this, a pixelated Freddy must travel through a Dining Area, eating pizzas and avoiding obstacles. He must jump from table to table and deliver the cake he's holding to children for extra points. As you jump, you must avoid Soda Geysers (promoting the new, Fazbear-approved soda, Fiztime Popsoda) and angry Freddles (small Freddy Fazbears that run across the screen). When you reach the 3rd level, it's truly a platforming nightmare, as Freddy moves automatically fast.

When you see one of the children you're supposed to deliver cake to that's grey and has tears streaming down his face, deliver cake to him to unlock the next secret cutscene.

The cutscene opens up with a pixelated version of the Five Nights at Freddy's 4 room, on the bed. 3 Freddles form on the bed. The light is shined at the bed, and the Freddles disintegrate. The Crying Child from FNaF4 is revealed to be in the room, tears streaming down his face. A creaking noise is heard to the left, and the Crying Child appears startled and dashes to the Left Door. He listens in and then closes the door once he hears breathing. He runs back to the middle of the room and dashes to the closet. He shines the light, but there's no one there. Behind him, 2 red eyes appear in the shadow of a bear. The FNaF4 jumpscare noise is heard. It then cuts to a scene with the Crying Child on the hospital bed, with a giant wound bandaged up on his head. The IV drip, and flowers from the aforementioned game are next to his bedside. The Foxy Brother (Michael Afton) and Elizabeth Afton, as well as a man in the shadows, are standing by his hospital bed. Michael places the child's Fredbear plush next to his unconcious body. A text box appears- "I will put you back together, James.". The minigame then zooms out from the hospital bed, and as an audio clip of a flatline triggers, the same shadow of Nightmare we saw in the beginning of the cutscene forms next to the bed.

Minigame 5- Spring Bonnie's Murder Spree

This game, while satirical and "funny", is more sinister in the "non-secret" part of the minigame. The minigame is an overhead control similar to FNaF3's end of night games. You play as a weirdly-proportioned Spring Bonnie with huge eyes and carries a kitchen knife. You then run around Fredbear's Diner, trying to kill as many children as possible for points. Some kids will try to run away or hide, but they're worth extra points. Remember kids, make sure to not let any get away so no one's a witness! Bonus points for destroying cameras. The events in this part of the minigame was deemed non-canon to the storyline.

The secret begins if you run Spring Bonnie into the safe room. Your game will glitch out, as there's a bleeding Fredbear suit in there. The screen changes to a shot of the safe room. A Fredbear suit is seen slumped. 2 pairs of legs are shown in front of the screen, you can't see the top of the bodies as the shot is set low. One text box says "God, I knew that these springsuits were bad ideas. How is the press gonna react to this? We're gonna have to shut down Fredbear's, and pay some lawsuits, an-". Another text box appears, with purple text. "Relax. We'll cover it up. We'll clean out the suits, hide the bodies that were inside Fredbear and Spring Bonnie, and then pretend it never happened. If they file lawsuits, we'll buy a good lawyer." The two legs leave, and time appears to pass, as the Fredbear suit is seen cleaned out. Then, a shadow on the wall, Shadow Freddy appears. It then disappears, as Fredbear slowly begins to fade into Golden Freddy. The minigame then ends.

Ultimate Custom Night

After the release of the game, Scott Cawthon announced he'd be adding some new characters to the non-canon Ultimate Custom Night free DLC he'd released for FFPS. This new update contains changes to challenges (and some new ones!), new animatronics from this game, and some extra easter eggs and details to spice things up. Animatronics are simplified and are less deadly, though that's only because there's balancing needed due to the large amount of animatronics. The new animatronics added are:

  • Stuffed Freddy: Acts like he does in FNaF7. Will appear in the left and right hall cams, and then walk into your room. While you cannot move, he WILL move very fast- 3x faster than he did in this game, to balance it out against the multiple other animatronics.
  • Scavenged Chica: If you hear pots and pans banging, close the right door.
  • Scavenged Foxy: Will appear alongside another Foxy in the Pirate's Cove cam. He acts like the other Foxy in that cam, however he will complicate things as he can approach from either side. Sometimes, both will run at the same time, resulting in you needing to close both doors.
  • Maskless Ennard: The maskless Ennard featured in this game also appears. To prevent him from getting in, shine your light on him in the camera he appears in after he makes a sound cue. He will then disappear until he decides to attack again.

Alongside this new update, a seperate release of UCN was released on the Steam Workshop. It is free, however FNaF7 is required to access these 3 new characters and the extra challenges that are included. You can also directly launch it through FNaF7.


The Extras Menu is unlocked after finishing Night 5. This allows you to view 360 models of every animatronic (including Golden Freddy and Nightmare) as well as extra poses and renders. It also allows you to-

  • View each Jumpscare in the game.
  • View the map and every animatronics' route, as well as a "birds-eye view" detailed version of the map.
  • Play every extra minigame once the True Ending is completed.
  • See developer commentary.
  • See the "Making Stuffed Freddy", "Making Chica" and "Making Foxy" to see the process of the characters being modeled.
  • Listen & See a transcript of each Phone Call.
  • Go back and play each night.


Like in FNaF4, while there is no actual "Custom Night" included in the game, you CAN play a "Night 7" with every character's AI turned up as high as possible. This night is almost impossible and requires precise movements and perfect routines to complete. Completing this unlocks a bunch of exclusive goodies, like a third star on the title screen.

Completion will also award you with a bunch of cosmetic additions to your office, like plushies of the original 5 characters, plus Springtrap, Ennard and the Puppet (designed after their Funko plushies). It also places a Golden Cupcake on your desk, as well as "Exotic Butters" from FNaFSL on top of one of your office's TVs.



  • There is a character from each game of the series, excluding Pizzeria Simulator (barring a cameo), in this game. Stuffed Freddy is considered the "new character", Golden Freddy (and possibly Scavenged Chica and Foxy depending on how you look at it) return from FNaF1, Puppet comes from FNaF2, Springtrap hails from FNaF3, Nightmare appears from FNaF4, and Ennard comes from Sister Location. This was done intentionally.
  • The idea of lights keeping Foxy away is a reference to Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Chica was also given a similar mechanic, as the creator didn't want to overcomplicate things by introducing 2 new characters with seperate mechanics on the same night.
  • The voice of Phone Dude is yet unknown. This is mostly because Scott posted during FNaF3's time that Phone Dude was voiced by "some random guy he found on the street". It is unknown if he was being serious, but EnderLegends decided to keep it ambiguous.
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