FNADK is a point and click game inspired by the FNAF series that is a spin-off of the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series.


Mario discovers that several minis are being stolen by a mysterious thief. In order to stop this he decides to guard the factory at night. He discovers that Donkey Kong and his fellow Kongs are stealing the minis and decides to try and exterminate the apes. He eventually finds out that King K. Rool has hypnotised the Kongs and breaks the apes from their spell so they can take down the malicious crocodile.


The main interface of the game is a bunch of monitors where the player can spot the Kongs. The apes will make their way to the Mini Storage, where they will take the minis then head to the exit. If the Kongs reach the exit there is a game over. In order to stop this, Mario must manipulate the facility to prevent the Kongs from getting the minis and escaping. He can close doors, shut off elevators and set traps, along with other things. In the final level, there are several anti-hypnotisers that you must lure the Kongs too. Once this is done, King K. Rool will appear and try to steal the minis. The level continues like normal once K. Rool appears.


Name Image Behaviour
Donkey Kong DonkeyKongSSB4-0 Donkey Kong is the most basic Kong and the only one to appear in the first night. He wanders around in the vague direction of the Mini Storage but will head to the exit at high speed if he gets the Minis.
Diddy Kong DiddyKongSmashBrosRender Diddy is one of the two Kongs that are introduced on the second night. He makes a beeline for the Mini Storage but will wander aimlessly for a bit if stopped.
Dixie Kong DixieKongSuperSmashBrosRenderBySmashified Dixie is one of the two Kongs that are introduced on the second night. She will head to the player first and disable them if she gets to them before going after minis.
Cranky Kong Cranky Kong, DK Jungle Climber Cranky is introduced on the third night and is quite unique. He will stay in the Entrance Hall and toss barrels that disable security doors along the hallways.
Funky Kong Funky Kong Surfboard - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Feeeze Funky is introduced on the fourth night alongside Lanky Kong. He is quite slow but heads straight to the minis and escapes instantly with his aeroplane.
Lanky Kong Lanky Kong SSB4 Lanky is introduced in the fourth night alongside Funky Kong. He is very fast but doesn't head directly to to the minis, instead going to various other places first.
King K. Rool KingK.RoolSmashBrosRenderBySmashified King K. Rool is the only enemy introduced in the fifth night. He appears exclusively after all Kongs are de-hypnotised and heads straight in and out speedily.


Name Function
Double Door A set of two linked doors. When one is closed, the other opens. Introduced on Night One.
Ape Trap A placeable trap that will stun Kongs momentarily if they trigger it. Introduced on Night One.
Banana Bait A placeable item that lures Kongs in it's general direction. Introduced on Night Two.
Elevator A lift that will travel to different floors at the player's will. Introduced on Night Two.
Kongbot An animatronic that rolls barrels at Kongs, which knocks them away. Introduced on Night Four.
Anti-Hypnotisers Six of these are scattered around and Kongs must be lured to them to beat Night Five.
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