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Fissure (2014) is a reimagining of the That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember done by Overclocked (later known as Toroko). The game is a complete reboot of Unten's continuity at the time, and is the start of the canon storyline for Unten's story in the New Fantendoverse. It is the first of a trilogy (named the Prodigy series), with the follow ups being Underground (2014) and Tragedy (2015).

On November 8th, 2015, it was announced that a remaster of the game was coming along with an remaster of Underground (2014). This remaster updates all the art and fixes a lot of the problems these games had. A new, extra story was also announced with these remasters and is unlocked when you play through them the first time. It stars "a hero of another story" named Yazoka.


Fissure (2014) is a 2D platformer. Unten can double jump in the air as well as shoot lightning from his hands after receiving a Blump from a bare tree. Later on in the game he no longer needs to rely on these, although does need to find food for him and Fanten.

Food revives some of Unten's health, which he starts off with three hearts. As the game progresses, Unten will find up upgrades, allowing him to have up to ten hearts.

Once Zerita is playable, she is faster and can jump off walls. She uses her claws to attack. She can not be upgraded by any fashion.

Midas Unten, a invincible power up that is obtained through eating a Glistening Blump allows Unten to make golden path and maximum powered up abilities for 30 seconds.


Unten's Story

Grime Corp, corporation owned by Doomulus Grime, orders the extinction of anyone not willing to work for the company, causing several to go into either hiding or forced to work for the company.

Unten, who has been on the run for years, comes across a small village where he meets Chief Dongorio, Zerita, and Mondo, the Ozo of the tribe. Unten later learns of a prophecy that the village has marked against a rock, where a bear-like hero would take out the great evil.

The camp is attacked by Grime Bots, though and Unten is sent out on the run again. He traverses across the dunes, and comes across a small kingdom, the Kingdom of the Narobi-Trons, a highly advanced race. They tell them that a dark sorceress has kidnapped their queen. Unten sets off to find the sorceress's tower.

He battles his way up to the sorceress's tower, avoid her evil tentacle wire worms (TWW) and manages to make it up to the ninth floor. He battles the sorceress and defeats her, smashing her essence on a computer. Unten prepares to take the Narobi-Tron queen home but then a spike from the floor impales her, and on the computer screen the evil sorceress laughs at Unten at his failure.

Unten decides to bring the bad news to the kingdom, where they want him executed. The Queen tells them through a text message that Unten did try to save her. The Narobi-Trons exile him and build the queen a new body. Unten goes through the Narobi-Tron outlands and comes across a small, slug like creature named Fanti. Fanti demonstrates his stretching and electrical powers to Unten and they escape the Outlands.

They come across a Grime Corp factory and decide to free the workers there. After defeating a bunch of Grime's mooks, they shut down the power and evacuate everyone before setting the factory to self destruct. The workers are free and Grime notices this from a camera that was shot out. Grime commands a bunch of his mooks to kill Unten, but to no avail. Grime decides that the only thing that can stop Unten is Unten himself, and creates a robotical clone named UN10.

Unten comes across Zerita again in the canyons on his way to find another Grime Corp factory to shut down. Zerita tells him that the village executed in time to hide from the Grime Bots, and that the village has relocated close by. Zerita and Unten head to the village.

Unten talks to Chief Dongorio about what has happened. Chief Dongorio tells him to keep shutting the factories down. Unten agrees. Mondo catches word of this and draws a circle to hide his envy.

Unten traverses across a desert with Zerita to take out the next factory. They are attacked by UN10, who they defeat and then proceed to run. UN10, with one of his arms taken out, gets back up and begins running after them. After coming across the entrance of the next factory, UN10 attacks yet again. They smash his head and run into the factory.

They shut down the factory and evacuate all the workers before blowing it up again. UN10 appears from the rubble, his orange eye glowing in the smoke. Unten and Zerita take him out one last time.

Grime watches as UN10's shattered camera finally goes out. He orders that the Grime Bots take Unten to him.

Unten returns to the tribe which only has Mondo grimly drawing a circle. Mondo lashes out at Unten, hitting him and kicking him but not really making an effect on Unten. Mondo bursts into tears as he runs away. Unten attempts to follow him but the Grime Bots grab him, leaving Mondo to cry alone.

Unten is taken into one of Grime Corp's main buildings and appears before Doomulus Grime and Chief Dongorio, who is sitting in a chair, blindfolded. Doomulus Grime lets out a charge of energy from his palm into Chief Dongorio, and Unten desperately tries to get out but can't, leaving him dead on the floor.

"Every factory you take down, I'll take down someone you care about."

Unten breaks free of the robot's grip and hits Doomulus Grime much like Mondo did minutes before, without much effect. Doomulus Grime swipes him aside, and shows Unten the person he'll kill next: Zerita.

Zerita breaks out of the rope though, but Doomulus Grime seemed to know she'd do that, as he activates a trap floor. Both of them believing Zerita to be dead, Unten attacks Doomulus with Fanti.

Meanwhile, in the pit, Zerita manages to climb her way out and into the facility. You briefly play as her as she infiltrates the facility and attempts to find Unten. After finding Unten, the two take down Doomulus Grime in a epic two-part battle. Both are taken out of the building as Doomulus unleashes his final attack, and the two land outside of the building. Zerita ignores Unten, parting paths with him the best she can.

To be continued... in Underground (2014).

Yazoka's Story

Her story is unlocked in the remastered version of Fissure (2014) when you complete Unten's story.



Name Info


The hero of this tale. Relatively young and inexperienced, Unten has to often straddle the line between good and evil. He can get electrical powers from Blumps, a blue and black fruit that awakens secret powers in people. After meeting Fanti, he no longer needs Blumps for electrical powers.

Unten also can turn into "Midas Unten", which turns his body into Midas Gold, toxic to the touch. It also turns plant life into gold.



A refugee watching from the sidelines. She meets Unten in a small village where she tends to Chief Dongorio and Mondo, who were basically her family after her's died when she was very young.

She is playable in some levels. She does not have electrical powers, opting for her claws instead. She can trigger claw switches and dice up fruit and enemies. When she eats a Blump, she gains fire powers.

She can also turn into "Radioactive Zerita" which gives her a bright green glow. This acts similar to Midas Gold, being toxic to the touch. It wilts plants or enlarges them.



Yazoka is a new character introduced in the remastered version of Fissure 2014. She has her own story that is unlocked after playing through the game once.


Name Info

Doomulus Grime

The antagonist. He owns a company called Grime Corp and has enlisted "help" from most of the planet. He plans to derive the planet from much of it's resources and then leave it under his command, leaving behind a hallow shell of it's former life with barely any of it's original life left.

He is not directly fought until the end of the game. He attacks using the room, which he has rigged with traps, and his mooks. When he is longer able to use those he uses a Blump to generate his Power Chaotic powers.


Terminus Grime

On the last leg of the final boss fight, Doomulus Grime transforms into "Terminus Grime", a nearly invincible and fluid wave of molten metal. Unten has to run and turn into "Midas Unten" to stand a chance against him, with the two super powered characters attacking each other until Grime's timer runs out.

Dark Sorceress RAMiranda

RAMiranda is an outcast from the Narobi-Tron kingdom. Was a distant heir to the kingdom before Pixella. She then deported herself out and created a giant spiral tower made of Power Chaotic energy, the only source of power food enough for her plan to swap essences with Pixella.

She seems to have a limited control over the power of the Power Chaotic, enough to create Dark Matter at least. She also has a group of mooks called TWW (tentacle wire worms) that dig around in the tower.

When Unten faces off her, she uses dark spells with negative effects such as poisoning or petrification. She can also turn on floor spikes in the room.

She is still alive, technically, at the end of the game as her essence had reached contact with a computer in time.



UN10 is a robot clone of Unten that Grime created to destroy Unten. He has the same power set as Unten, meaning he can stretch his limbs and shoot electricity. He also has a magnet arm, which he can use to attract metal objects.

For the course of Fissure's second act, he tracks Unten down and tries to constantly destroy him over the course of the story, despite his own injuries. He does not stop despite missing half of his head or one of his limbs, determined to kill Unten at all costs.

Unlike Unten, he can't eat fruits because he's a Vokkskarring robot.


Name Info


A outcast from the Narobi-Tron tribe. He is a slug-like creature, but he can stretch really well and generate an electrical current. He meets Unten in the outlands and helps him out.

He simply recharges when he eats a Blump. He also turns into "Midas Fanti" whenever Unten turns into Midas Unten.


Chief Dongorio

The Chief of the tribe, and the father of Mondo and Zerita. He recognizes Unten from various prophecies from The Seer and believes he will be the one to take down Doomulus Grime. He acts as a fatherly figure to Unten as well, taking him into his tribe due to Unten's lonely nature. While Unten doesn't know him long, it's the closest thing he has to a parent at this stage in his life.

Chief Dongorio is killed late in the story by Doomulus Grime, killing him in front of Zerita and Unten. When the two fail to successfully defeat him, the two split away out of grief, but Zerita takes it especially hard.



The "Ozo" (the loser) of the tribe. He is not very good at anything, which is why Zerita must take care of him and his ailing father. He is overconfident in everything he does, and thinks of himself way too highly.

He appears as a NPC in the game. He tells Unten about the stuff he's collected through the levels. He often tells stories of his own "feats", such as killing a baby rattlesnake or touching a speeding bird. He appears to be jealous of Unten as well.


Queen Pixella

The Queen of the Narobi-Tron kingdom. She is captured by RAMiranda at the beginning of the game, and later "dies" due to Unten's incompetence. Although Queen Pixella managed to transfer her essence to a computer before she was impaled, her people exile Unten as they build her a new body.

The Narobi-Tron Kingdom

The Narobi-Tron are a highly advanced race. They are cable of putting their essence into electrical devices. It is speculated that they are in fact, just essences and that they never had a body to begin with. They welcome almost any race that comes into the kingdom, but are quick to kick them out, suggesting they may be some what bigoted.

The Horseman

The Horseman, who first appeared in Unten (Video Game) makes a reappearance here. He is used to revisit levels. He is paid in coins, and quips to himself everytime you ride him to somewhere, ranging from talking about recent events or mentioning Tiktok, a planet that is near by Zeon. He is simply used to get around levels though, so he is not a hugely important character.



  • Fissure (2014) has a lot of shout-outs to the older games that preceded it: