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Fissure! is the first part of a reimagining of That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember developed by StellaStardown (tbc).

When the Baraenion tribe requires refuge from the surrounding nations of Zeon during a global crisis, the Beorn Unten sets out to protect his homeland and prevent the planet itself from breaking apart.


Fissure! is a 3D action-adventure game with platforming mechanics. The player controls Unten, who can move at a fast pace, jump high, and fight in combat using his strong punches from the start of the game. As the player completes story-based objectives in the game's open environment, they will gain items, which can give Unten new abilities or upgrade his existing ones when she equips them. Unten will hold onto these items and can pull any of them out to use during gameplay through selection from a quick menu. The objectives that the player must complete are primarily combat- and puzzle-based, and some of these objectives are optional.

Game Structure

The game is structured into a two-act story. In the first act, the player, as Unten, visits the four nations surrounding Peaceful Plains to win their favor so that the Baraenion Tribe may join the Nukingdom Alliance and propose that the country takes action to pool resources to defend against the planet’s mysterious tremors. Unten can freely traverse the map of Nukingdom to visit the first three of these nations in any order. At each nation, Unten must complete a set of overworld missions involving puzzles and combat to progress through that nation’s story. Upon completion of the story missions of each of these nations, Unten receives access to the fourth nation, Narobia City, and must complete a final set of story missions before proceeding to the second half of the game.


At certain key points in the story, the player will switch to controlling Zerita for an "intermission" story segment. During such intermissions, the player, as Zerita, will complete a short linear story mission, explaining what she has been up to while Unten has been on their journey, before reverting back to Unten's gameplay. Zerita controls differently from Unten with a greater focus on slashing claw attacks and stealth.


While on his journey, Unten has several companions who temporarily join her during certain chapters for their own individual reasons. These companions each serve a gameplay purpose of assisting Unten in combat and can be loosely controlled by the player. During the first act of the game, Unten has three companions join them as they explore different locations: Woah in Elasmo Bay, Mrs. December in Beauty Town, and Crali in Galasasia Desert. Though Zerita travels with Unten for most of the first act, she does not become a gameplay companion until they reach Narobia City.





Unten is a young Beorn from Peaceful Plains out on a mission to request four settlements within Nukingdom to allow the Baraenion tribe to join the Nukingdom Alliance and convince them to put their effort into protecting Zeon against a mysterious incoming danger of underground tremors. They are inexperienced in adventuring and often struggle both to accomplish their goals and to manage the weight of the Nukingdom nations' political standings on their shoulders, but they're always willing to help out those in need. Unten has a high jump, relatively quick movement speed, and strong punching ability, and she can equip various items for additional abilities.

Zerita is a Catonea fighter who has spent her life training under the esteemed Master Mortua. Now, she serves as a reluctant bodyguard to Unten on his quest as her master has sent her on the mission with him due to his own concerns about Zeon's tremors. Zerita mostly travels in the shadows and occasionally splits off from Unten, though she routinely checks in with them. After most chapters of the story, Zerita is playable in an intermission segment where she can gather important information relevant to the quest using stealthy movement and claw strikes. After receiving a shield from Master Mortua, she also becomes Unten's main combat companion for the later chapters of the game.


Chief Dongorio
Chief Dongorio is the father of Mioda and leader of the Baraenion tribe. When Unten arrives in Peaceful Plains, Chief Dongorio also adopts her as his second child. He is a loving father to both of his children and manages to hold up a kind attitude even when the political matters of Zeon get serious. As the first member of the Baraenion tribe to nominate Unten to undertake the task of requesting to join the Nukingdom Alliance, he fully supports Unten on her journey and expresses his pride for having raised her.

Mioda is Chief Dongorio's daughter and Unten's adopted younger sister. She is an arrogant child and is often reprimanded for her reckless behavior by the elder members of the Baraenion tribe, but she merely wants to have fun. Regardless, Mioda loves her family and provides as a supportive younger sister to Unten as they take on their journey. Mioda can also break the fourth wall and communicate with the player directly, often reminding them to keep Unten safe.

In-game, Mioda is referred to using masculine pronouns and terminology to reflect the way she identified her gender at the time of the story, though she transitions to female in a later entry of the saga. However, Mioda's deadname is not mentioned in this iteration of Fissure, and her text boxes merely appear under the name Mioda.

Master Mortua
Master Mortua is a Catonea master of stealth and combat who has trained Zerita to become a fighter for several years. Mortua also hopes for an end to the tremors on Zeon and sees fit that Zerita joins Unten on their journey as a bodyguard while he remains with the Baraenion tribe in Peaceful Plains. Master Mortua can also be visited for combat lessons for Unten and Zerita, and he meets up with the pair again later to provide them with upgrades for their items.

Professor Nov Ekard
Professor Nov Ekard is a Quaxalvi scientist visiting Nukingdom from the planet Tiktok for research purposes, having recently come in from Narobia City's space travel hub. He is a minor character who can be found at multiple locations during the first act of the game to give Unten information about certain areas as well as provide situational advice to him at certain points in the story. Professor Nov also travels with a robotic bug named PIXL.

Woah is a Sjarc environmental activist who serves as a lifeguard along the beach of Elasmo Bay. He has come to notice that the tremors beneath the surface of Zeon have upset the waves along the bay, increasing their size and destructive power. As the waves continue to ravage the land, Woah hopes to petition the secretive Elasmo Bay Council to protect the land, and he joins Unten as a companion as she is seeking out the council to acquire their support in joining the Nukingdom Alliance.

Zori is a shady Catonea in the mountainous region of Beauty Town who encounters Zerita during her investigation of the town's mining operations and tries to stop her from infiltrating restricted areas. Upon his defeat, he is impressed by Zeri's prowess and resolves to join her, becoming a temporary companion for the duration of her investigation. He briefly develops an unreciprocated crush on Zeri, though he respects her when she rejects his advances.

Crali is a Spindlem from the oasis in Galasasia Desert and a famed Arachnoball athlete. She is a staunch optimist and seeks to inspire hope in others even in dire situations as the people of her hometown have been run out by the military forces of General Zooka and have not received assistance from the other regions in the Nukingdom Alliance. She makes a deal with Unten to help the Spindlem of Galasasia Desert take back the oasis in exchange for their permission to join the alliance, as well as for Galasasia Desert to remain in the alliance until the issues with the tremors are resolved.

Queen Pixella
Queen Pixella is the polite but naive Narobi-Tron leader of the Nukingdom monarchy. She is an inexperienced ruler and seems to be rather clueless as to the events happening throughout the kingdom, relying primarily on her advisors to sort out political issues. Pixella is trusting to a fault and never puts up a fight, even giving Unten the last Nu Diamond shard he needs to join the alliance without hesitation. During the second act, Pixella is kidnapped by RAMiranda and ultimately impaled by her, though she is able to transfer her consciousness into a computer before death. She remains with Unten afterwards and defends him when they are blamed for her death.

Sir Amalia Heaven
Amalia Heaven is an esteemed Narobi-Tron knight and the primary guard of and advisor to Queen Pixella. She is first seen at the beginning of the game when negotiating the Baraenion tribe's stance in the Nukingdom Alliance, and she returns when Unten and Zerita arrive in Narobia City. Sir Amalia is initially positioned as an enemy to Unten and Zerita, hiding secrets from them and her queen, but in reality she has been following the orders of the Narobi-Tron Amalgorithm to keep the monarchy standing. When the Amalgorithm's true nature is revealed, she accepts Unten and Zerita as allies and defends her queen appropriately. She fights with a technologically advanced sword known as the PiXL Slasher.

Fanti is an ally to Unten during Act II.

Rose Tree
Rose Tree is one of two Treefolk from Dystoria Forest who take care of and raise Unten for a short time at the beginning of the game. Between her and her husband, Rose Tree is the sweeter of the two, taking kind to Unten and first acknowledging that he needs to be protected from the forest's dangers as he grows up. When the tremors begin to disturb the forest, she allows herself to let go of Unten and send him to live in Peaceful Plains.

Old Man Gnarled
Gnarled I is the other of two Treefolk from Dystoria Forest who raise Unten at the start of the game and is married to Rose Tree. He has a grumpy attitude and initially argues that he and Rose Tree do not need to take care of Unten, seeing that she is none of their business, but he eventually warms up to her and helps her learn how to defend herself. By when the time comes for Unten to leave the forest, Gnarled I has grown attached to his child and is saddened to see them go.

Gnarled, Jr.
Gnarled is an ally to Unten during Act II.


Doomulus Grime
Doomulus Grime is a former Zeonian Missyntile from Oorgathroln who has become a member of the Doomuli Organization; he is the main antagonist of the game. He is in a feud for power with the organization's leader, going so far as changing his title from Doomulus Nine to assert his belief that he should hold a higher rank within the organization. Having been originally assigned to dig a fissure into Zeon to collect the mineral Zeta Metal-Alpha so that the organization could dominate its intergalactic trade, Grime was taken off the task due to his efforts to gain power, but he elected to try to dominate the ZMA trade on his own using a weapon of his design known as the GigaDrill. Using this weapon, he destroyed nine entire nations, including his home, across Zeon, which were the cause of the planet's tremors. Grime first meets Unten when he targets Nukingdom with the GigaDrill at the end of the first act.

Mrs. December
Mrs. December is a mysterious woman who finds Unten just outside of Beauty Town and leads them to believe that she was unfairly cast out. She cites that the town's mining operation has been forced to continue in spite of the tremors causing avalanches and claims to wish to revolt against the town's government, allying with Unten by convincing them that she will give them the Nu Diamond shard they need afterwards. She becomes Unten's gameplay companion during his visit to Beauty Town until she is revealed to have been cast out for being a corrupt political figure within the town. After this reveal, she unleashes the beast known as the Icebear to prevent others from following her tracks and successfully escapes. She later shows up in Narobia City, having blackmailed her way into the elite class, and she reappears as an antagonist during Act II.

General Zooka
General Zooka is a robotic ranked general who appears as a minor antagonist during the first act. He leads a small military of robots in Galasasia Desert and has taken over the oasis town after running out the Spindlem. As Unten and Crali attempt to reoccupy the town, he leads an assault against them in tunnels hidden beneath the desert's quicksand and disappears after the two collapse the tunnels in battle. Zerita discovers that his plan had been to enter Nukingdom to obtain the power causing the tremors on Zeon and acquire it as a weapon of mass destruction for military use.

Dark Sorceress RAMiranda
RAMiranda is an antagonist during Act II.

Netnu is an antagonist during Act II.

UN10 is an antagonist during Act II.

Hanson is an antagonist during Act II.


Act I

Dystoria Forest

Far away on the planet Zeon, just north of the country of Nukingdom on the continent of Garth, a blue Beorn child wanders into the labyrinthine Dystoria Forest. Lost and alone, they eventually come across an elderly loving couple of Treefolk giants named Rose Tree and Old Man Gnarled. The couple, after a brief argument, decides to protect the Beorn from the dangers of the forest and feeds her a Blump Fruit as they agree to raise the child as their own, giving him the name Unten. The Treefolk then guide Unten through a brief gameplay tutorial.

As a few years pass, Rose Tree and Old Man Gnarled struggle to continue protecting Unten as tremors beneath the earth make it difficult for any living creatures other than Treefolk to survive in the forest. Unable to leave their roots, Rose Tree and Gnarled make the difficult decision to send Unten away to Peaceful Plains in Nukingdom to join a new family. Unten promises that she will return to visit them one day when he is older and able to defend herself.

Peaceful Plains

Arriving in Peaceful Plains, Unten explains his plight to the chief of the Baraenion tribe, Chief Dongorio, who promptly adopts them. Chief Dongorio introduces Unten to their new baby sister, Mioda, and the rest of the Baraenion tribe greets their new member. Unten witnesses a meeting between Chief Dongorio and the Narobi-Tron knight Sir Amalia Heaven from Narobia City, who amicably offers to allow the Baraenion tribe into the newly formed Nukingdom Alliance between the historically combatant nations surrounding Peaceful Plains. Chief Dongorio rejects the offer, claiming that the alliance is destined to fall apart and cause the destruction of the nation as a whole.

Unten is raised in the Baraenion culture for the next several years. They live in peace with their family until the same mysterious tremors beneath the earth that disturbed Dystoria Forest years ago rumble up beneath Peaceful Plains, and Unten warns of their danger. As the tremors ramp up in frequency, the Baraenions decide that they must defend against the tremors, but their attempts to do so fail as they lack the necessary resources to do so. Reluctantly, the Baraenion leaders vote that their best option is to join the Nukingdom Alliance, but they remain aware that their hesitancy to join earlier provides an obstacle in the way of gaining acceptance to join. Knowing Unten has experienced the tremors firsthand, Chief Dongorio nominates him to travel to the other nations of Nukingdom and convince them of the threat and allow the Baraenions to join their alliance. Mioda tells the player to keep her sibling safe on their travels.

Just on the outskirts of Peaceful Plains, Unten encounters two wandering Catonea, Zerita and her trainer Master Mortua. Learning of Unten's quest, Master Mortua reveals his concerns about the tremors and asks Unten for permission to stay with the Baraenion tribe. Master Mortua volunteers Zerita to act as Unten's bodyguard on their journey in exchange, and Zerita reluctantly agrees. Master Mortua retreats to Peaceful Plains, and Zerita tells Unten that she will remain in the shadows over the course of their journey.

The following three story segments taking place at Elasmo Bay, Beauty Town, and Galasasia Desert respectively can be completed in any order.

Elasmo Bay

Unten reaches Elasmo Bay Resort, where they discover that the waves crashing on the beach have been increasing in size and intensity since the tremors started up. The Sjarc lifeguard Woah informs Unten that these waves have been ravaging the land of the bay, and, upon learning that Unten is seeking to speak with the local government, informs him that the Elasmo Bay Council is a shadow government hidden at a secret location. Woah expresses that he wishes to join Unten on her journey to seek out the council and request that they provide shelter to those impacted by the bay’s destructive waves, and Unten allows Woah to come along to fulfill both of their goals.

Unten and Woah gather information around the beach, and the front desk of the resort eventually informs them that a source has reported that the council will hear them out on the condition that they acquire several specific mechanical parts from around the local area. After Unten and Woah gather these parts and return them to the hotel, the hotel staff tells them the secret location of the council, directing them to the far side of the region.

Reaching the purported location of the council, the two discover that they have actually been lead to an advertising firm for Elasmo Bay Resort, which is not actually hosting the council. Unten and Woah come to the conclusion that they have been duped and, receiving information from higher ups at the firm, realize that the council does not exist and that Elasmo Bay Resort is actually politically in charge of the region. The pair swiftly returns to the resort and finds the people in charge at the top of the hotel, who have assembled the mechanical parts the two gathered into a machine that will increase the intensity of the waves along the beach to continue attracting tourism so that they can assert their power over more individuals. After a battle against the machine, Woah threatens to expose the truth of the secret government if they do not attend to his and Unten’s requests. Elasmo Bay Resort satisfies the two by telling Woah that they will reassemble the machine to protect the land from the waves and providing Unten with a Nu Diamond shard, which serves as proof of Elasmo Bay’s alliance to the Baraenion tribe. Woah promises Unten that he will watch over to make sure the resort fulfills their end of his deal, and Unten departs from Woah to continue her journey.

In Zerita's intermission, Zeri investigates the Elasmo Bay Resort-registered advertising firm Unten and Woah visited, finding the secrecy of its location suspicious and wondering why the resort's administration would invest into it so much.

Beauty Town

Up in the cold, mountainous region of Nukingdom, Unten encounters a mysterious woman who introduces herself as Mrs. December. Discovering where they're headed, Mrs. December recounts a dramatic tale of how she was cast out by the law enforcement of Beauty Town for protesting against the local parliament's recent order mandating that citizens continue working in the mines in spite of the fact that the planet's tremors are causing life-threatening avalanches in the mountains. Mrs. December suggests that Unten takes a populist approach to gaining the town's approval to join the Nukingdom Alliance by helping the town incite a revolution against its corrupt government, claiming that the current government is unlikely to support matters in defending against the tremors when they're already willing to put lives at stake for the mining industry. Unten is convinced by Mrs. December's pleading and teams up with her to help the townsfolk revolt, though Mrs. December stresses that both of them must remain in the shadows as she is in trouble with the law.

After sneaking through Beauty Town and making their way to the mines, Unten and Mrs. December disguise themselves to appear as miners in order to convince the workers to join their revolt. However, the two learn that the miners fear revolting for justice because of rumors that the parliament has control over a monstrous creature with the capability of hunting them down. Mrs. December argues with the miners until everyone in the mine is trapped inside by a sudden avalanche from the tremors. Afterwards, Unten is stripped of his disguise and separated from the others. Unten searches for the others and eventually comes across a room of weaponry hidden deep within the cave, grabbing a crossbow for herself before hearing one of the miners shouting from elsewhere. After all the miners are reunited, Unten brings them all to the room of weapons, giving them hope that they could successfully defeat the parliament's beast if they were to revolt. Mrs. December appears from a trap door below, which the mining crew escapes through after grabbing weapons.

The revolutionaries meet back in front of Beauty Town and formulate a plan: Unten will distract the parliament with his request during their morning meeting as the rest begin their assault. Unten initiates the plan by entering the parliament meeting room, and they discover that the parliament consists entirely of Narobi-Trons rather than of locals from Beauty Town. Unten is confused and stumbles to proceed with her request before the revolutionaries storm in. The Narobi-Trons question the miners as to why they are revolting, and, upon hearing that the mines have been closed off by an avalanche, elect to retreat willingly without a fight. The Narobi-Trons begin to pack up to leave but are interrupted as Mrs. December expresses her disappointment in this outcome, and the mining crew recognizes her as a political figure in their community, revealing that she was cast out not for protest but for being caught trying to blackmail her political opponents. Mrs. December, facing arrest, scrambles to create a distraction and unleashes the creature within the parliament, a gigantic bear called the Icebear. The miners and Narobi-Trons all rush out of the room, but Unten tries to catch Mrs. December before leaving and is locked inside after failing to do so. Unten battles the Icebear, and the door is unlocked once the chaos settles down. The Narobi-Trons reenter and discover that important political documents have been stolen and blame Unten, but the miners return and take over the parliament as they agreed earlier. The Narobi-Trons leave, upset at this matter, and the townsfolk give Unten a Nu Diamond shard in accord for her work, telling them to keep an eye out for Mrs. December.

In Zerita's intermission, Zerita infiltrates the town and allies herself with the Catonea Zori, eventually discovering that the mining operation in Beauty Town has been funneling a rare metal known as "ZMA" to Narobia City.

Galasasia Desert

Unten approaches an oasis town in Galasasia Desert. However, he is denied entry by a group of robotic guards stationed by the entrance who cite an order from their commander General Zooka not to let anyone in. After Unten fails to communicate that she needs to speak to the general, Zerita attempts to help her sneak into the town. Zerita is able to get inside successfully, but Unten is unable to keep up with her. Unten tells Zerita to go on ahead and figure out how to get a Nu Diamond shard from the town while they work out another way to get in.

Unten stays back and searches for a way into the oasis. Eventually, they come across a pool of quicksand outside and hear voices coming from below. Unten stands still and sinks into the pool, falling into an open tunnel beneath the sand. A group of Spindlem rush in from connecting tunnels at the sound of the intruder and are prepared to battle before they realize that Unten is not an intruding robot soldier. The Spindlem explain that their oasis town has been suddenly occupied by an oppressive militia of robotic soldiers and that, despite their requests for help from the other nations of the Nukingdom Alliance. As a result, the Spindlem have lost all faith in the alliance and believe Unten’s cause to be in vain, rejecting her offers for help and stating outright that they actually wish to exit the alliance. A local celebrity, the optimistic Spindlem athlete Crali, steps in to the argument and suggests that the refugees make a deal with Unten: they will grant him their permission to join the alliance and withhold withdrawing from it until after the matter of the tremors is settled if he can help out with the oasis’ robot military issue. Unten accepts the offer.

Crali helps Unten navigate through the tunnels beneath the desert, revealing that there are several quicksand pools which lead back into locations within the town itself. Unten and Crali explore the areas on the other sides of these pools stealthily, helping the escaped Spindlem secretly set their livelihoods back up within the town and restoring their hopes while it continues to be run by the robots. However, as the Spindlem reoccupy the town from within and use the tunnels as transport, the robots are alerted to the entrance to the tunnel and launch an attack. Unten and Crali are left to fight to protect the robots from tracking down the Spindlem living above the pools deeper in the tunnel, and Unten faces off against General Zooka. Crali and Unten work together to blow up the tunnels, and the robots beneath them are left in the dust as the two barely escape.

Having defeated General Zooka and his army, Unten and Crali are welcomed into the town by the Spindlem. The Spindlem happily give Unten a Nu Diamond shard as a reward for his success and agree to stay in the alliance temporarily. Zerita reunites with Unten and explains how she was captured by the guards and investigated the robot leadership while imprisoned. Zerita tells Unten that she discovered that the tremors have lead to civilization-destroying earthquakes around the globe in a pattern, and the robots had come to Nukingdom—apparently an upcoming target of these earthquakes—to discover the earthquakes’ cause in order to weaponize them against their enemies.

Narobia City

After collecting the first three Nu Diamond shards, Unten and Zerita return to Peaceful Plains. Chief Dongorio praises them, but the other leaders of the Baraenion tribe cautiously remind Unten that he must complete his task with haste. Master Mortua thanks Unten for allowing Zerita to come along with them by upgrading each of their items and presenting them with a supply of Blump Fruits. He also gives Zerita a shield. Before the pair leaves for Narobia City, Mioda rushes up to the pair and announces that she will prepare a party for when they succeed at their mission.

Unten shows off the Nu Diamond shards they’ve received from the other nations at the gates of Narobia City, and she and Zerita are allowed inside by the guards. After asking around the city for the whereabouts of the queen, they eventually learn that she is spending the day in the city’s royal library.

Unten and Zerita make their way to the library and find Queen Pixella inside. Unten explains their cause and the dire situation surrounding the tremors. Queen Pixella is shocked by the mention of these tremors, seemingly surprised to hear that they have been occuring at all. The queen agrees that she believes action should be taken immediately and amicably presents the pair with the final Nu Diamond shard they need to join the alliance without resistance, finally completing their Nu Diamond. However, Sir Amalia Heaven interrupts and takes the Nu Diamond from them, reprimanding the queen for being so trusting to outsiders. Queen Pixella reluctantly supposes agreement to Sir Amalia, who escorts her back to Narobia Palace after kicking Unten and Zerita out of the royal library and telling the pair that the kingdom has decided against trying to defend against the tremors.

Unten and Zerita, noticing that they have been locked out of the library, are unsatisfied following the refusal of their cause and find Sir Amalia’s comments suspicious. The pair decides to regroup at a local cafe. As they discuss what to do, the Quaxalvi Professor Nov Ekard visiting from Tiktok overhears their conversation, assuming that they are researching the city like he is. Professor Nov recommends that they check out the city’s intergalactic travel terminals, mentioning that the terminals also control the power to the entire city. Unten and Zerita devise a plan to infiltrate the terminals and briefly cut off the city’s power so that they can access the palace.

After cutting the city’s power within each of the terminals, Unten and Zerita fight their way to the throne room of Narobia Palace, finding Queen Pixella and Sir Amalia Heaven. Sir Amalia, realizing that Unten and Zerita are responsible for the outage, tells Pixella that she will fight the pair if ordered to do so, but the queen tells her that she wishes to hear the pair out. Sir Amalia acknowledges the queen’s decision and stands down; however, her body is suddenly corrupted by a mysterious force that forces her to engage in battle with Unten.

Once Sir Amalia is defeated, the mysterious force retreats from her body. Under pressure from Unten, Zerita, and Pixella to explain what is going on, Sir Amalia reveals that Narobia City is controlled by a sentient algorithm designed to keep the Nukingdom monarchy standing and that the kingdom’s advisors follow orders according to its calculations. According to her, the algorithm can also possess the bodies of Narobi-Trons for its own purposes, which it discloses to none. She further explains that this algorithm had instructed her and the other advisors not to put their efforts into defending against the tremors and to instead focus on acquiring a rare metal under Zeon’s surface known as Zeta Metal Alpha. She tells the crew that they can find this algorithm beneath the royal library, and hands them a key to get inside.

Unten, Zerita, and Pixella all head down to the basement floor of the library and find the algorithm, which introduces itself as the Amalgorithm. The Amalgorithm expresses anger towards Unten for repeatedly interfering with its plans and refuses to tell the crew its reasoning for its decisions regarding the tremors. The Amalgorithm incapacitates Queen Pixella, and Unten battles against it until it is pacified into a form known as the Narobi-Computer, which provides a detailed account of its decisions.

According to the Narobi-Computer, many years ago, an intergalactic organization known as the Doomuli Organization pinpointed Zeon as a hotspot for Zeta Metal-Alpha, a rare mineral component allowing for development of cheap faster-than-light travel technology. Hoping to dominate the trade, the Doomuli designed a plan to dig a fissure deep into the soil of Zeon and harvest its minerals. One of the organization’s members, Doomulus Nine, who originated from the Zeonian country of Oorgathroln, was placed in charge of this task. However, Doomulus Nine had been in a years-long power struggle with the leader of the Doomuli Organization, even changing his title to Doomulus Grime to be regarded on a higher level than the organization’s other members, and the leader planned to take him off the task. Doomulus Grime revolted and designed an earth-quaking GigaDrill to dig fissures around the planet and control the mineral trade himself, collapsing his own home nation with the weapon first.

Doomulus Grime, the Narobi-Computer continues, has already destroyed nine nations on Zeon with his GigaDrill and is now rapidly approaching Nukingdom. The Narobi-Computer, seeing no way to defend the country’s imminent destruction, had hoped to preserve the Narobi-Tron monarchy and elite by mass accumulating Zeta Metal-Alpha and physically launching the city off the planet of Zeon into outer space using FTL travel. Queen Pixella, shocked, demands that the Narobi-Computer reallocate the monarchy’s resources into defending the country from Doomulus Grime immediately, and the Narobi-Computer responds that it requires a Nu Diamond to change its course. Queen Pixella takes out the Nu Diamond that Unten had spent his journey collecting shards for.

As Queen Pixella moves to insert the Nu Diamond into the Narobi-Computer, Mrs. December arrives with the Narobi-Tron council from Beauty Town, apparently having blackmailed her way into Narobia City to join them to escape the nation’s destruction, and threatens to expose the plans of the monarchy to gain a higher position. Sjarcs from Elasmo Bay rush in accompanied by Woah, who announces that the Elasmo Bay Resort staff failed to deliver on their promises to protect the bay environment from the waves caused by the tremors and claims that the staff had apparently been working for the Narobia City elite. The miners from Beauty Town and Spindlem from Galasasia Desert enter and announce that, after discovering that Narobia City had no plans to combat the tremors, they are in open rebellion against the Nukingdom Alliance and wish to form a new alliance with the Baraenion tribe. Crali speaks out amidst the chaos, apologizing to Unten that she was unable to calm them down. As she says this, the various individuals who have entered the room, aside from Woah and Crali, begin to blame Unten upon realizing that he has effectively destabilized the nation in a time of crisis with his mission. Stressed out, Queen Pixella has a panic attack and drops the Nu Diamond to the ground, fully shattering it.

The groups inside the room begin to break out into combat targeting Unten. Suddenly, the Narobi-Computer announces that it has detected that Doomulus Grime is about to launch his attack with the GigaDrill on Nukingdom. Unten expresses that she wishes to alert the Baraenion tribe of the incoming destruction, and Zerita tells her to make an escape with Queen Pixella while she deals with the fight. Zori, who came in with the miners, and Sir Amalia, who abruptly comes down to aid the queen, stand by Zerita’s side.

Unten successfully exits the room, but they lose Queen Pixella in the crowd. With no time to lose, Unten rushes out of the city and towards Peaceful Plains to warn the tribe. As they near the tribe’s settlement, Unten sees Chief Dongorio and yells out towards him. Just when they make eye contact, the ground suddenly rumbles and a robotic figure manually driving a gigantic speeding drill passes by in between them, splitting the earth and openong a gigantic fissure between Unten and Chief Dongorio. Unten is knocked backward as this happens, and the screen fades to black.



  • The title of Fissure! includes an exclamation point partially to differentiate it from other versions of Fissure (including Fissure, Fissure (2014), and Fissure (2022)) but also as a reference to an early revision of the TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR page which listed the title of the first planned game with an exclamation point.
  • The main colors of the game are stylized after those of the logo of Fissure.