Fishin' Boo
Fishin' Boo
A Fishin' Boo
Species Origin Boo, Lakitu (Fishin' Lakitu)
Alignment Bad

Fishin' Boos, also spelled Fishing Boos, are Boos that resemble Fishin' Lakitus that make their debut in Super Mario World. They carry a fishing rod and and ride a cloud, much like their Koopa counterparts, though the cloud has no face. However, whereas Fishin' Lakitus normally carry 1-Up Mushrooms and other helpful items on their fishing rob, Fishin' Boos carry blue fireballs that will damage Mario when he touches them. In addition, like Boos they cannot be defeated by any means, making them more of a threat. They will follow Mario, carrying the fireball and trying to hit him with it.

Fishin' Boos later appear in Super Princess Peach, where a variant called Calm Fishin' Boos also appears. These variants of the Fishin' Boos are first found sleeping, but if Peach wakes them up, they will begin chasing her like a normal Fishin' Boo. Both types reside in Shriek Mansion on Vibe Island, and only the Rage Vibe can defeat them. They also reappear in Super Mario Run, where they also carry items such as Super Mushrooms, Coins, and Super Stars, and are also called Fishing Boos.


Mario & Luigi: Sage Quest

Fishin' Boos make their debut in the Mario & Luigi series, appearing in Mario & Luigi: Sage Quest, replacing the traditional Fishin' Lakitus during the level up screen when the player is choosing which stat they wish to add bonus points to while the bros venture and fight enemies inside the Conundrum Manor.


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