Fish Bone: Attack of the Chefs!
Fishbone 3DS gmcvr
Developer(s) APs-Boo Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Sidescroller
Release Date(s) Early 2014
Age Rating(s) E

Fish Bone: Attack of the Chefs! is a platforming video game developed by APs-Boo Productions and published by Fantendo for the Nintendo 3DS, about a Cheep-Cheep named Fish Bone, who tries to avoid being eaten by the Scuba-Chefs.


A green Cheep-Cheep named Fish Bone is trying to save his family from the fate of getting turned into fish sticks by the Scuba-Chefs. You, as Fish Bone, go through 3 underwater worlds to defeat the Head Chef and get your family back. (And to collect some fish food along the way)


D-pad/Circle Pad Use this to move across the water, up, down, forward, and backward.
A-Button Tail slap/Backwards attack
B-Button Jump slap/Above attack
X-Button Water Jet/Forward attack
Y-Button Speed up
Start Pause Menu
Select Change Difficulty
Top Screen Where you're swimming
Bottom Screen The HUD of the game



There are 3 worlds in Fish Bone, Each one with increasing difficulty

World 1: Wet-Lantis

The bottom of a clean, sparkly ocean that Fish Bone lived in before the Scuba-Chefs invaided it. The levels are easy and are few traps. The final level holds an underwater castle made from seaweed that trys to trap you

World 2: Coral Maze

The Coral maze is a complicated maze of sharp coral that hides tougher enemies. The final level is a coral tower that reaches the surface.

World 3: The Surface

The surface is a world where you must fly in a water bubble to get to the barbacue where your family is being held. Be careful for the tougher Chefs! The last level is a backyard barbecue with burning hot flipping patties.


World 1- Robo-Pirahna: A pirahna that swims around trying to bite you with his sharp teeth.

World 2- Mutant Coral: An evil piece of coral that is seemingly unbreakable.

World 3- Head Chef: The leader of the Scuba-Chefs who can automaticly give you a game over.


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