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Firework Kirby Artwork

General Information

The Firework ability (Not to be confused with the Fireworks Combination Ability from Kirby 64 ) Is an ability that allows you to shoot multiple fireworks that deal multiple hits.


Kirby: Return of the Darkness

The Firework Ability first appeared in Kirby: Return of the Darknes. You can obtain it from the enemy called Hanastar.


Moves Inputs Description
Sky Rocket Attack Kirby will light up a firework that will fly in a straight line before exploding. The direction it flies can be controlled.
Sparkler Attack while walking Kirby will hit whoever is near him with a Sparkler. Tapping the button will make him swing his Sparkler around.
Firework Fountain Attack while holding Up Kirby will spin around while fireworks spray out of his arms.
Sky Rocket Lift Attack while running Kirby will mount a Sky Rocket and mow down whoever is in front of him. The Rocket will explode after a while
Firework Finisher Attack while holding Down Kirby will charge up and explode once you let go off the button. The fireworks will cover the screen and get rid of every enemy on screen at the cost of the ability.
Confetti Attack while in the air Kirby will throw confetti around that deals chip damage.
Bang Snap Attack while holding Down in Mid-Air. Kirby will throw some Bang Snaps Downwards that deal chip damage.


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