Fire Master
Fire Master3D
Full Name Fire Master
Location World's End
Class Main Villain
Family and Relations
Fire Sun (Son), Snow Master (Brother).
Main Weapon(s) Fire Attack

Fire Master is the main villain in the Flame Series. He is also a boss in Fantendo Adventures. He has a son, Fire Sun, and a brother, Snow Master. He's Clyde's main enemy, and has been for many years.
He appears as a rather amicable character in Fandemonium, and temporarily leaves the group in episode 25 to find Hark and Flame, who had left in the previous Episode.


Flame Series

Flame: The Lost World

Fire Master was set to take over World's End, until Clyde stopped him.

Flame: UK Tour

Clyde, and his Armies, the Tartan Army, the Green & White Army, the Red Dragons and the Irish Army, took him down in Scottish capital, Edinburgh.

Flame: US Tour

Flame Kart

Flame Football

Flame in the Dark

Clyde & Flame (series)

Fire Master is a villian, but that's the only thing known about his role.

Fire Master

Fantendo Smash Bros. Uproar

Fire Master is the last unlockable character. Snow Master the summoner is unlocked with him, but the series has no stage or item.