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Fire Emblem: Celestial Alignment
Fire Emblem Celestial Alignment logo
Game Title Fire Emblem: Celestial Alignment
Developed By Intelligent Systems
Platforms Gameboy Advance, Gameboy SP, Gameboy Color
Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL (Virtual Console)
Age Rating Trating T for Teens
Release Date TBA

Fire Emblem: Celestial Alignment (ファイアーエムブレム:天のアラインメント, Fire Emblem: Heavenly Alignment) is a fanmade Fire Emblem game. It is a tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the Gameboy handheld systems.


Thousands and thousands of years ago, the continent of Diakos was formed by many meteors striking the sea, triggering earthquakes that made volcanoes shoot land up to the surface. As the land cooled and life began to grow, twelve young gods came down from the heavens and established six nations: Diana, formed by Gemini and Pisces, Shoson, formed by Virgo and Sagittarius, Phane, formed by Scorpio and Libra, Veles, formed by Cancer and Capricorn, Cynos, formed by Aries and Taurus, and Borea, formed by Leo and Aquarius. The lonely astral beings created mortals to populate the land and make it prosper. Over the years, the mortals became envious of the gods' immortality, and they began to defy the deities' wills and created their own religion. In turn, the gods were angered and wiped out much of the religion's followers. They would've killed the entire continent, but Pisces convinced them to retreat back to the stars. Before doing so, they altered the memories of the remaining humans.

Fast forward a thousand years. Diakos is being ruled by a corrupted empire. Rebels began conspiring under the empire's nose, and after digging through thousands of years of information, they found documents preceding the time of the empire. One document told of a way to summon legends long forgotten. A ritual was then performed, which forced the gods out of hiding. Angered from this and their last experience with humans, the gods (excluding Pisces) murdered the rebels and took down the empire themselves using weapons they crafted during their time in the heavens. They reestablished their six nations and twisted history, making it seem like they saved the land and did no wrong. They made themselves legends, while using their physical form to worship those legends. This was to make them seem mortal and not cause humans to become jealous of their everlasting life. However, Pisces was still distraught over the slaughter of the rebels, and it caused her and Gemini's family to be split apart. Gemini, filled with anger and stress, found a village woman and had an affair with her. When he came home, he felt guilty about cheating on his wife but did not want to distress her, so he kept quiet, but Pisces was already stressed by Gemini's fluctuating personality.

He would frequently approve of Pisces's kind acts, yet some days he seemed to want to commit the awful acts of violence the gods had committed before. These conflicting thoughts still could not overcome his love for his wife, and they had a son together a months later. Things were not all well with the other gods either. In particular, Scorpio and his rival Taurus were constantly arguing about who should be leader of the Diakos' political board, so Virgo; known for being neutral, stepped in and called Taurus and Scorpio to a duel: the winner of which would inherit the throne; the other one faced death. They fought a long, arduous and brave duel, but it was Scorpio's dark hexes that won him the throne. Aries, Taurus's wife, was heartbroken, which led her to become stone cold, ruthless and bitter, especially to Scorpio and Virgo. Instead of taking out her anger, she opened a military camp, where she trained the finest warriors in the continent. Scorpio and his wife, Libra, were a perfect mix of light and dark, and they led the council of deities with both strictness and fairness.

Cancer and Capricorn led a crime-ridden country, even though it was filled to the brim with mercenaries from Capricorn's guild. Cancer supported the thieves, who he said stole to make a living, because no one else in "their useless country" wanted anything but mercenaries. Not everyone was a fighter. Thus, Cancer and Capricorn fought often over mercenary control and crime control. Borea was ravaged by droughts in the summer and blizzards in the winter, but the citizens were used to and prepared for these conditions. Nonetheless, it was impossible to grow food or raise animals, so they had to import great amounts from other nations in the spring and fall. Bad weather aside, Leo and Aquarius' fire and wind magic school was one of the most prestigious in Diakos. Phane, under its air of prestige and sophistication, had cracks just like the rest of the world. Scorpio insisted on upholding their well-mannered and civilized society, whereas Libra wanted to strictly punish Phanians who did not follow the Church of the Stars, which was the main shrine to the twelve gods. The lower class, which could not afford to travel to the coast of Phane to worship and were mainly viewed as uncivilized, was mostly ignored by the higher-ups.

In Diana, Pisces was hysterical over the death of Taurus at the hands of his own kind. The weight of all the deaths caused by her kind took a toll on her mental state. She began thinking of death, even though it wasn't possible for a god like her. Instead, Pisces set off for a land that Diakoans weren't sure existed. She had caught mention of it in her research of who-knows-what. And so, she disappeared from Diana without a word, leaving Gemini and her child alone. As soon as Gemini realized that Pisces had vanished, he made a decision to go and find her; wherever she may be. However, someone had to take care of their child, as he was still only an infant. Therefore, Gemini entrusted the care of his son to Sagittarius, a close friend of his. Sagittarius vowed to protect the child with his wife, Virgo. Soon after, Gemini left on his expedition. Weeks later, no news had surfaced about the whereabouts of Gemini or his wife. The remaining gods sent out many search parties, reaching the very edges of the continent, but to no avail. Gemini and Pisces were pronounced missing and their child orphaned, left in the care of Sagittarius indefinitely. Things were not all well in Shoson regardless of this, due to Sagittarius's wish of having a child with Virgo (along with the boy left in their care), but Virgo would not comply. She grew tired of Sagittarius's constant requests, so she decided to live a life of solace in the towering mountains of Shoson where she trained Thunder Mages to protect her settlement and defend the mountains. Both deities had equal power over their country, but Sagittarius barely ever intervened with Virgo's affairs. Though he had Gemini and Pisces' son to raise, he had a child of his own with a noblewoman. The two children were raised together, as if they were twins. Sagittarius had not, nor did he plan to, tell his adopted son about his mother and father.

In a Dianan village lives a young, capable girl. Her father had left her years ago. At least, that's what her mother told her.




Recruitable Characters

Character Class Joins In Description
Sword Lord Prologue Aaliyah is a headstrong and often reckless individual. Her strive to be the best she can be will get in her way, but she is also very loyal, kind, and has a strong desire to help others. She is determined to find her father—whoever he is—after he went missing, if only to yell at him for leaving them in such a terrible place in the world. Aaliyah has had to provide for her lovesick and ill mother almost her entire life, working multiple jobs in order to pay, causing her to not have any time to learn. Thus, she only has the basic knowledge of reading and writing.
Percy Staff Lord Perseus, or "Percy", is the son of Gemini and Pisces, the adopted son of Sagittarius, and the rightful heir to the Dianan throne. Ever since he was a baby, he's always been shy and didn't enjoy company other than Sawyer and his retainer, Iris. He reluctantly allowed Warren to tutor him in the arts of healing, but he usually studied independently, becoming quite talented in the skill. Eventually, he gained enough confidence to start to open up, and he often visited the infirmary to test his abilities. However, his self-esteem was basically destroyed when he couldn't heal a patient in need, and he sealed himself away once again.
Sawyer Bow Lord Sawyer, Sagittarius's only blood related son, is a famed individual in his country, particularly for his skills as an archer and his appearance. The public see him as a worthy successor to the king. However, Sawyer has many other worries before thinking about his future. Therefore, Sawyer has become rather solemn - but is still his cheery, outgoing and focused self around his friends. However, he is easily set off and will become angry over small things due to his conflicting emotions; which can alienate people sometimes.
Carys Paladin Prologue Carys is a veteran knight who, previously, was based in Shoson. However, due to her family's old fashioned ways and rejection of her becoming a knight, she was rootless for many years. However, her attachment to Aaliyah's mother caused her to settle down in the tiny village where she lives. To this day, her kindness and selflessness has rewarded the villagers, and they greatly appreciate her work. However, due to her family's rejection, Carys dislikes praise and would prefer it if people didn't constantly thank her, which can make her seem cold and distant occasionally.
Marin Troubadour This chieftess-to-be is the self-proclaimed "princess" of Dyreme Plains. As the daughter of Teresa, she believes she has to exhibit an air of superiority to be a good leader. Like Aaliyah, her father left her and her mother alone. However, her mother neglected her due to her duties. Thus, she is very capable of caring for herself and will often refuse the help of others. Her community doesn't see her as the right leader because of the personality she projects, but underneath her icy expression and actions, she is a warm and caring person who is definitely ready to rule the plains.
Kai Myrmidon Kai was born and raised in the same village as Aaliyah, and is one of the few people that understands the way of life that she leads. He stuck up for her many times during their childhood, due to their immediate bond after they met. He can be rather rash sometimes, but he usually does things with good intention. His family is very poor, and Kai sees himself as their protector. He trained to be a swordsman with Aaliyah so he could provide protection for them, but many travellers have seen his true talent, and have encouraged him to seek new lands while honing his skills.
Tristan Cavalier Tristan, a knight of Diana, joined the Dianan army to protect a small village in the countryside; where he met his future partner, Elle. They quickly bonded due to their different quirks and strengths; which allowed them to integrate easily into the community. Tristan was the reckless, hot headed member of the duo - constantly trying to better himself by constant training. He could sometimes get them in bad situations - but his kind heart usually got them out. They both bonded with their mentor, Carys, too - which made the trio a very important pillar in the small village.
Elle Cavalier Elle has always wanted to be a knight from a young age - a trait which has run in her family for generations. While her friends were studying spells or moving to Cynos, she stayed in Diana and joined a regiment, protecting a small countryside village. Tristan - a knight from a neighbouring village - joined her, and they eventually became partners. Elle's serene personality and ability to calm others down complimented Tristan's recklessness. She is also very good with words; and can get her own way easily with a stern tone that intimidates even her mentor, Carys.
Nia Thief Nia, a young thief who was born in the slums of Apollon (Diana's largest and capital city), was orphaned at a young age due to her mother not having the resources, time, money and a capable mental state to raise a young girl; while her father was murdered soon after. Therefore, she was raised by a renegade group in the city center. She pillages castles, noble homes and the like to provide for the people she has grown to love like a family. She is not ashamed of her life; but rather embraces it. However, she dreams of seeing her mother again, who disappeared years ago.
Teresa Valkyrie Teresa is the hard-working chieftess of the Troubadour community in Diana, Dyreme Plains. She was always frantically riding around town, resolving conflicts and bonding with the people. Whenever she wasn't doing so, she was in her office, reading and signing paperwork and having meetings with the leaders that decided to visit the plains. However, the one person she neglected to bond with was her daughter, Marin. When she attempted to start doing so, Marin pushed her away, as she was "too old for this" and "had more important things to do". Thus, Teresa went back to her work, but is soon pulled into a situation she never wanted to be in.
Raina Thunder
Raina is a young mage who is an apprentice under Virgo's command. Her bold and confident personality can come accross as intimidating -- with a few sarcastic comments here and there. Always a hard worker; she firmly believes that hard work will benefit herself and others around her. Raina's mother and father sent her to Virgo at an early age, because they found that taking care of a child and continuing their studies was difficult. They hoped that when she became of age, she would help them with their research. However, she has no intention of doing so and wants to stay with Virgo as her right-hand woman.
Lars Nomad Lars is a talented nomad from Shoson, who was born into a well known tribe; who are known to work with Sagittarius to protect the fields and are given many luxuries from the Capital due to this. However; when Lars was young, he moved to the Capital, Peruno, due to his father being offered a well-paid job. His father trained many young students, including Daphne and Sawyer, which is where Lars met his best friends. Lars is the most serious member of the group, and is usually very paranoid, and a stickler for rules. Despite this, he is still a sociable and opinionated young man with a promising future.
Daphne Archer Ever since she was a young girl, Daphne bonded with Sawyer and Lars due to being born into a noble and respected family in Shoson. Her mother was a respected politician who represented the nation when Sagittarius was unavailable; while her father was captain of the castle's Royal Guard. Therefore, Daphne has always desired to combine her parents' expertise, and become an expert Sniper while being a politician. Sawyer has trained Daphne many times in the art of archery - leading Daphne to develop a crush on him. Daphne's main flaw is her dislike for public speaking; which she strives to get over due to the nature of a politician's job.
Floyd Soldier Floyd was the middle child of a peasant family from Peruno. He cared for his younger sister, Fleur, by helping his older brother, Flynn, steal from various places around the city. Their parents were always busy, so the three siblings spent much of their time together, but when Flynn and Floyd headed out to steal from a prestigious bakery, Flynn sacrificed himself to prevent Floyd from being caught. Distraught and angry, Floyd vowed revenge on the royal family. The only solution to this was obviously to join Shoson's army. He eventually became very proficient with the lance and was assigned to guard Sawyer.
Fleur Dancer Fleur was born into a rather poor family in Peruno. When she was born, her two older brothers, Flynn and Floyd, cared for her when their parents were working, and the three of them acted more like best friends than siblings. However, this all changed when Flynn robbed a prestigous bakery to feed his siblings. He was immediately imprisoned, and the family had been torn apart. Fleur's beauty is her stand-out trait, and she is an expert dancer. She provides small money by performing in the streets for the public, but she wishes to travel the continent and hopefully earn enough money to bail out her brother.
Jade Knight Jade grew up in a small Cynosian village, watching troops march by daily during their drills. She idolized the army, especially Aries, who she viewed as the epitome of strength and beauty. Eventually, she became of age and immediately enrolled herself in the army. Though she attempted to ride pegasi and wyverns, Jade ended up dilligently fighting on the ground with a lance, but one day while fighting off bandits, she received a major shoulder injury. It took her almost a year to recover, and when she did, she was hesitant to fight again. Warner, her captain, came up with a solution, and he offered her a suit of armor, which she has been wearing in battle ever since.
Warner Knight Warner is the commander of a prestigious Cynosian battalion of Knights, who has gained the trust of many people, including Aries herself. His loyalty and skill in combat was nurtured as he grew up in Veles; until a Cynosian noble spotted his knack for fighting and offered him a high position in the Cynosian army. Warner, of course, accepted; and swiftly became a famous and well-respected member of Aries's fleet. He prides himself in being able to pick out people with talent, and thus, he has made Jade his apprentice. Warner strives to train Jade into a strong warrior, while providing fatherly care as she lives away from her family.
Hadley Soldier Hadley was raised to become a cleric in Phane, but they were pressured by their parents to rise in the ranks of the church. Due to this stress, they ran away, ending up in Veles before they knew it. Hadley turned to stealing to sustain themselves, and they were soon taken in by a cleric who owned a small healing shack in a rundown village when they attempted to steal from her. Over time, Hadley began to develop a soft spot for the cleric, but they felt they were a burden to her, so one day, without a word, Hadley set off for Cynos and applied for the army. Their ambidexterity helped them learn the basics of the lance, and they rose in the ranks of the army quickly.
Felicity Pegasus Knight Felicity has only recently joined the newest Pegasus Knight fleet of Cynos, taking after her sisters, Ciara and Tetra, but is already showing unrivalled promise, as expected, due to Tetra being a very famous Falcon Knight among the population. Felicity has very strong bonds with her sisters, and can get very protective of them. She is very fussy and obsessed with being organized, so she usually keeps order in the household, despite being the youngest of the three. She can also be very hyperactive, and likes to show off that she is indifferent about being the younger sibling. She hopes to follow in Tetra's footsteps and become a Falcon Knight.
Ciara Pegasus Knight Ciara was the neglected middle child of the trio. Though she was rising in the ranks of the Cynosian Pegasus Knights quickly, Tetra had just been promoted to the Royal Falcon Knight Squad, and she didn't stop there. Tetra soon stepped up to command the Royal Falcon Knights when her former commander resigned, leaving Ciara the one clapping for her sister, even if she had just become the commander of her own squadron. When Felicity was recruited to be a Pegasus Knight, Ciara was put aside more and more. She began to feel as if she wasn't good enough compared to her two siblings, and as a result, has a low self-esteem, but she is still hardworking.
Tetra Falcon Knight Tetra is the commander of Aries's Royal Falcon Knights, and is therefore a well-known figure in Cynos. As well as being a commander and fighter, she is a prominent politician in the country, and frequently assists Aries in making decisions. Even though she has great tactical and political prowess, she can be rather forgetful, and has frequently entered battles without essential supplies. Despite this, her sisters, Ciara and Felicity, both look up to her greatly due to her well-respected image and position within the country. Tetra's wish is for her sisters to follow in her footsteps and to retain the family's honour.
Zachary Wyvern Rider Zachary had always been a flirt, ever since he was a young boy. He was a scrawny annoyance to most girls, often getting rejected. One day, he saw a few wyvern riders being admired by a group of ladies, and he made it his goal to become like them one day. Barely a year ago, he enlisted in Cynos' army, bonding quickly with his wyvern named Gerome. Although training was brutal and rough for a skinny, city boy like him, Zachary persisted, desperate to win the hearts of ladies all over the continent. He is still inexperienced, but he possesses massive potential on the battlefield and on the training grounds.
Xavier Thief Xavier's origins are unknown, but it is rumored that he is an escaped fugitive from another country. Currently, he is happily married, though living in the ghettos of Veles. However, he and his wife, Yasmine can defend themselves in the rough environment. Xavier steals for a living, but since marrying Yasmine, he has not had to do such an immoral act, as Yasmine earns quite a bit of money from her guild. Nonetheless, he does steal once in a while, so that his thievery doesn't become rusty. He'd hate to end up in jail...again. He also refuses to divulge any information about his past, not even to his wife. Xavier is a man of many secrets, but one would expect this out of a thief.
Hope Cleric Hope is an extremely talented young lady for her age; since she was very young, her parents noticed her love for helping others and her natural ability to use staves. However, Hope is rather self-conscious and does not like to recognize her talents. Despite receving praise from the community around her for her efforts into making Veles a safer place, she is still very humble and shy. Her infirmary is one of the most famous in the continent, bringing visitors from all corners of the land, in search of Hope's specialist treatment. Hope recently moved to the capital after receiving an invitation from the Queen herself, so that her services could be utilized for a much bigger population.
Yasmine Mercenary Yasmine is a very rich person for Velesian standards. Her mercenary guild, which trains up young recruits in hopes of defending the country's honour, brings in a substantial amount of gold for Yasmine and her husband, Xavier. Her previous exploits as a Mercenary made her perfect for the job as guild leader - however, in some people's eyes, she can be very lazy and somewhat demanding at times, though people don't mind, and would rather focus on her expertise in combat. She has a very convincing tone of voice and isn't afraid to speak her mind; even convincing her husband to kick the habit of pillaging nearby forts. Despite being called a slacker, her work ethic is one that many people would like to emulate - which is exactly what her guild is there for.
Octavius Mercenary If, by any chance, you need a job done, Octavius is always the man for the job. A hard worker and loyal friend, Octavious leads a powerful and famous group of Velesian mercenaries in fighting the crime of their country. His exploits have even been commended by Capricorn, the leader of the anti-crime movement in Veles. Cancer has, on occasion, sent vigilante groups to seize Octavius's fort due to Octavius disturbing many of Cancer's renegade groups. However, Octavius's sheer strength and prowess have led him to victory on countless occasions. Octavius is a man of his word, can always be counted on, and is a prime example of what Capricorn wants each Velesian to be.
Griffin Pirate Griffin was born into a decent sized family with a decent income. He was set to become a bard from a young age after many people witnessed his talents. However, along the way, Griffin was invited to join a renegade band of pirates that patrol the Velesian seas. Upon hearing the pirates' "winnings" were much higher than the salary of a bard, Griffin joined the pirates, his greed taking over him. Griffin still writes in his spare time, be it songs or poems, but does not tell his crew members about his material, fearing he may be ridiculed by his peers. Griffin is content with his life as a pirate, but his family longs to see him again after he disappeared.
August Wind Mage The heir to the Borean throne, August is pushed to live up to his parents' abilities as mages. As a result, he spends most of his days curled up in the library, reading tomes without budging, no matter what his servants begged him to do. Often, he can get many of these read in a day, due to his perfect memory. Desperate to match his parent's skill, he studies day in and day out, usually never interacting with anything but the pages in his hands. One day, a young mage approached him, and after weeks upon weeks of pestering and harsh refusals, August agreed to tutor the boy in magic. They soon became good friends, and August started slowly opening up more to the world. If he was to be a good king, he had to get to know his people, right?
Uriah Fire Mage Uriah is the son of one of the most famous Mages from Borea, Suri. His mother has been very persuasive with Uriah - convincing him to take up Fire magic rather than Wind, much to his dismay. He is rather self-conscious due to his mother's popularity - however, he does want to ultimately become what she has become - a respected tactical leader and teacher within the country. His childhood friend, August, disapproves of Suri's almost forceful expectations, but Uriah tries to ignore his concerns. Uriah can be rather clumsy at times, however, making Suri take drastic measures when he messes up his training. Due to Suri being constantly busy; the only thing she focuses on when she is with Uriah is training, leaving the two to be rather distant sometimes.
Paige Wyvern Rider Paige is one of many new recruits during the influx of young Boreans taking up newer and more diverse professions in the country. Before she joined the army, Paige's father and mother lost their jobs at a decently-sized farming town, forcing the family to survive on rations and hastily search for new jobs, to no avail. Paige, spurred on by her father, joined the army in hopes of earning a living for herself and her family. She quickly connected with a young, promising Wyvern named Haar and trained herself with a Lance before taking to the skies and joining Borea's 2nd Sky Patrol platoon. She is still a novice, and can be rather naive, but has a fiery passion and unrivalled potential in the army.
Suri Sage Suri is a woman who knows exactly what she wants, and will stop at nothing to get it. She is the poster girl for the most prestigous Mage Academy in Borea, and is well-known to the entire population. Many young women strive to reach Suri's prowess and every year, the Mage Academy receives a huge amount of students training to become just like her. However, Suri despises being under the public eye, and would much rather have a quiet life with her son, Uriah. Her relationship with Uriah is complicated - he doesn't have a known father, much to his disappointment. Suri has tried to be a good mother, but has been getting more distant with Uriah each day, and is not sure why. Suri has constantly tried to step down from her position to care for her son, but ultimately, it hasn't worked out yet.
Bentley Fighter Bentley is an extremely powerful Fighter from a small clan of axe-wielding experts from West Borea. Once, on a trip to the East after an invasion, he met a beautiful Mage, whose name he has forgotten. One thing led to another, and, Bentley got the Mage pregnant. Horrified, the next day, the Mage left Bentley in disgust and ran back to where she came from. Bentley, due to his rather small mental capabilites, didn't fully understand that he had fathered a child, returning to his Mercenary work. His child, who is unaware who his father is, has been longing for a fatherly figure to look up to; and Bentley, deep down, knows he should have done something differently on that fateful night.
Naomi Shaman Naomi is a very secretive and secluded lady with some rather strange tendencies. She's an extremely talented Shaman, drawing inspiration from Scorpio, and is a very studious person. She's usually found at her desk, studying the varous forms of the dark arts and practising them when she gets time. However, she can appear rather creepy to other people; and has been reported to stalk others. Naomi's best friend is a high-up member of the Phane church, and when the church leaders heard of Naomi's expertise and knowledge of black magic, they hired her to be an inside spy for the government, pretending to work with the underground cults that plan to overthrow Queen Libra. Thus, she has become very rich, yet she still strives to become a Druid later on, hoping none of the members of the cult find out that she is a spy...
Virgil Monk Virgil is a highly respected member of one of Phane's most important and valued families. His mother, a teacher at the prestigous school Virgil attends, is a powerful Light Magic user and has, many times, fought under Libra's name. His father is a well-known pastor within the Phane church, but has recently been involved in controversy along with Scorpio and some of his followers. Virgil aspires to become like his mother; but is sometimes even more religious than her. He can be snooty and pretentious at times, but is not at all malicious. His talents in Light Magic gave him a scholarship to the Academy (though he would probably have attended anyway, due to his mother), and is a fine example student to the rest of Phane.
Quentin Shaman Quentin is a new member of an underground Phanian rebel group which conspires against the Phane regime and has commited many acts of violence against the Monks of the country. Quentin firmly believes, despite being quite young, that Libra is much more controlling and manipulative of her people than she seems. His, and the cult's, ultimate goal is to come in contact with Scorpio and overthrow Libra. His talent for the Dark Arts and frequent signs of rebellion are what caused him to be scouted by the group leader. Quentin strives for power within the country and would like to become a leading force in the rebellion. His thirst for power and passionate hatred for the regime are what drives the cult to carry on in their ultimate goal.
Iris Myrmidon Iris, one of Percy's closest friends and retainers, is an extremely positive person and is basically the opposite of Sawyer and Percy socially, but somehow, this makes them get along perfectly. She constantly encourages those around her to do the best that they can, making her a valued member of the army. Her mother was a famous Swordsmaster in Shoson; and wielded the ancient blade Wo Dao, making Iris the next in line. In fact, Iris is currently stationed in Phane due to her determination of finding the blade -- when her mother died, she left the sword in an unknown location, rumored to be the catacombs deep under Phane's capital, Vichim. If only she could get permission to explore them...
Warren Bishop For years, Warren has been the head of the continent's largest church. And frankly, he's getting quite sick of it. Having to deal with sinners and non-believers daily has made him grumpy and stern, compared to his younger self, which was full of passionate sermons and preachings. Sagittarius hired him to teach his adopted son, Percy, healing and the wonders of the Church of Stars. Reluctantly, Warren agreed to do so, hoping that Percy might one day be worthy of taking over his position. He pushed Percy's abilities to their full extent, leaving him exhausted. Although Warren would never admit it, Percy was extremely worthy and talented. Now he can finally die in peace.

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