Fire Emblem: Blood Ties is the 17th Fire Emblem game which will be released for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS in Fall 2019. Unlike more recent titles, there is no customizable avatar. It brings in 3 new classes known as Trainee, Scholar, and Sorceress.

It is set on the continent of Preniala, where the kingdom of Estellenza is facing growing tension with it's neighbor, Motellan. A shifty group of bandits is attempting to resurrect an ancient demon who was sealed away by a group of legendary heroes thousands of years ago. He could only be reawakened by the blood of an ancient hero and a dragons breath. The king of Motellan proclaimed that all Manakete's in the country be killed. The queen of Estellenza agreed, and the land has had no dragons since.


The game picks up nearly 200 years later with an attack on a unnamed village. The two sides of soldiers clash, with the ones bearing the Motellan crest being severly outnumbered. Around the fighting, buildings burn and most of the villagers are seen dead, with the exception of a small girl who is hiding from the soldiers. The Mottellan ones are killed, and Gray, the captain of the Estellenzan guard, begins to sweep the area. He then discovers the girl, and takes her with him.

Several years later, Rowena, a guard in the royal army, is out patrolling the grounds with Cole, another guard. The two are attacked by bandits but quickly fight them off. Gray arrives as they defeat them and applauds them for it. However, more bandits arrive, leading them to believe they are not just simple thieves. Their investigation leads them to an abandon hideout not far from the capitol, where they find two young orphans named Ronan and Tess. The two join the group, who heads back to the palace to tell Prince Damien of their findings.

Once the group arrives back at the palace, they meet Damien, his half sister Aqua, and her retainer, an archer named Jacques. However, the reunion is cut short when several of the before mentioned bandits break into the throne room, including a high up named Jake. Jake flees after he’s defeated, but leaves a hint about the location of the bandit’s hideout. Gray cautions the prince against going, because the hideout is located on the northern side the Silver Woods, which pass onto Motellan soil. He claims that if the prince is discovered there, it would almost certainly cause war. Damien insists, and the group begins the journey to the silver woods.




Join In Name Desc. Class Starting Weapon(s) Weapon Rank (Recruit-Max)
Prologue Rowena Guard Bronze Lance

Bronze Bow

Lance E-C

Bow E-C

Prologue Cole
Chapter 1 Gray





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