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Fire & Ice 3
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Developer(s) Dark Flame Studios 5.png
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Platform(s) Wii U, NX, Visus Sphere
Genre(s) 3D Platformer, Adventure
Series Fire & Ice
Predecessor Fire & Ice 2
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) 1-2 Player
Age Rating(s)
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Media Included Wii U Disc

Fire & Ice 3 is an upcoming sequel to Fire & Ice & Fire & Ice 2. The game follows the journey of the characters Fire, Ice & Electric as in this chapter of the story, they go to find the lost King of the Light People who supposedly can keep order within the Elementals, they discover several hidden races within the jungle. These tribal races of Plant, Stone, Toxin, Draconic & Ironite believed in an ancient prophecy which stated that a great being would rise when the leader of the Light was sacrificed. Unbeknowenst to these tribes the great being the prophecy speaks of refers to the The Darkness from the first two games, to avoid such a catastrophe from occuring, Fire, Ice & Electric go through the Techno Jungle and gain trust from the tribes and ultimately stop the ritual from occuring.


Much like its predecessors the game is a 3D Adventuring game which features various puzzles which block the player's path to get to the goal. Combat has remained relatively similar from the previous installation albeit with three interchangable playable characters, there are scenarios where each character's combat skills are better than the other two.

Fire returns with a distinctive change to his movement from before, now hovering above the ground, he is the slowest of the three. Fire is able to walk across Lava, absorb Fire, burn plants, evaporate water, melt Ice, fuse metal & light torches.

Ice moves around identically to his previous appearances, able to again walk on water, break or connect electric currents and break glass, he is also able to dowse fires and create temporary platforms as well as block the movement of some objects. At some points in the game Ice is able to use his Ice Picks and Frozen Drill like before however this sections are indicated.

Electric is the fastest of the three characters and has many abilities which he retains from the previous game. Electric is able to charge generators, channel electric currents, disarm explosives & Jam security Systems.


Attack Type

Fire 2016 New.png


Ice New.png


Electric New.png


Standard Attack Dual Fireball Icicle Lightning Bolt
Charged Standard Flare Ring Homing Icicles Arc Lightning
Ultimate Standard Infernal Ring Blizzard Storm Plasma Wave
Jump Attack Fire Bomb Icy Wind Downward Bolt
Charged Jump Attack Soaring Phoenix Ice Crusher Electro Bind
Ultimate Jump Attack Flare Bulb Frozen Cross Shock Slash
Double Team (Fire) N/A Steam Blast Melting Wave
Double Team (Ice) Steam Blast N/A Ice Explosion
Double Team (Electric) Melting Wave Ice Explosion N/A
Buff Attack Overheat Cold Snap Hyper Charge


The story picks up several weeks after the events of Fire & Ice 2; Fire, Ice & Electric are travelling back to the City of Neon as they've heard from passers-by that there is an uprising. As they come to investigate they find there are Light People in the City furious with one particularly large Lightning being. Fire, Ice & Electric approach him and ask why the city is in uproar, he explains that after the fall of the darkness at the Light Temple mysteriously their leader, The Light King had supposedly been kidnapped by bandits, no one knew where he was and the Lightning Leader continues on to say that when people want answers they can sometimes be a bit drastic and irrational. The group realize the importance the Light King has to the area and explains to the Lightning Leader that they will find the Light King. The Lightning Leader lets out a chuckle, he exclaims how he doubts that the group would be able to rescue the Light King as he has been missing for nearly a month and no one knows anything about his whereabouts. He continues stating that before he is willing to let a group of individuals such as Fire, Ice & Electric go wondering into the unknown he must test them. He challenges the group to get to the top of his tower without falling to his Electrical Barrage, the group accepts and ascends the tower while the Lightning Leader fires Lightning Bolts and Electronic Orbs at them. Eventually they reach the top, much to the Lightning Leader's surprise. He acknowledges their determination and skill and permits them to travel to the Bandit Hideout East of the City of Neon.

Along the way the group are halted by a caravan of merchants who explain that the bandits had attacked them after they were hoping to make a trip to the desert. The group offers to help the caravan in trade for the caravan merchants taking them as close to the Bandit Camp as possible. While repairing the caravans the group is suddenly ambushed by several bandits who hope to get and last scraps of money from the merchants, Electric explains to Fire & Ice that he is at a critical part of one particular caravan's reconstruction, he tells the two that they cannot let the bandits get near him. Fire & Ice then fend off the Bandits from reaching Electric or the Merchants. Eventually the Bandits give up and head back, and soon after Electric announces that the caravans have all been fixed, the merchants thank the group and explain how they will hold up their end of the bargain by taking them to an abandoned Bandit outpost called Lone Stone Hill, after the ride they drop the group off and bid them farewell.

The group gets to a vantage point atop the hill and see the large bandit camp below, surprised by its sheer size and the number of bandits roaming within. The look into the Camp and see a particularly large hut guarded by many bandits, they deduce that the hut is the most likely location for the Bandit Leader or their captives. The trio sneak into the camp avoiding the bandits patrolling the grounds, they sneak into the large hut and find the Bandit King on the ground unconscious, they go over to him and ask where the Light King was, much to their dismay he grunts at them and explains how a group of beings clad in tribal armour rushed in and stole the king from the bandits. The group then plan to leave however the Bandit King gets up and calls several guards, blocking all the exits, he continues to state that even without the Light King the three of them would hold an equally good ransom amount, he then charges at the three who engage in battle against him. However, despite his best abilities and even calling in back up to help the Bandit King is defeated and the three rush out of the Bandit Camp and into the nearby jungle descending into the almost pitch-black deep of Jungle. However, what they do not see is a cliff where they are running and they all fall down, the bandits following them halt at the cliff and leave believing them to be dead.

Several hours passed and eventually Fire wakes up realising that they survived, he wakes up Ice and Electric and the trio try to get their bearings. They notice a faint light in the far distance of the jungle, though unsure whether friend or foe they journey towards it hoping for answers. Upon reaching the faint light they find it is a small village filled with mysterious Iron Beings who appear to be dancing around a giant monument. The group approach the tribal beings and catch their attention, they attack with hostile intent and the group fend off the attacking warriors. Eventually after defeating several waves Ice climbs to the top of the monument and freezes the whole thing. The Iron beings stop in their tracks and retreat back towards their huts, however Fire tells them to stop and that they have no evil intentions with the Iron Beings. A Tribal Warrior approaches Fire and asks him why he and the other two came to their village, Fire somewhat surprised the two of them could communicate explains that they are looking for the Light King and were told that Tribal beings from within the jungle had taken him away. The warrior looks up to the night sky and ponders for a few moments before looking back at the group explaining how he believed he saw a mysterious being taken across the jungle to the East. The group asked the warrior and the village if they would help them rescue the Light King, to which the warrior agreed however requested the group help them in exchange explaining that for too long the tribal communities had been fledging wars against each other denying any of them from properly developing, the warrior asked that the group help restore peace and explained that if they wish to become trusted enough to find more information from the villagers that they should help where possible.

The group then are invited to stay with the Warrior in one of the huts, the next morning the group are instructed by the warrior that there was an old mine where the Iron Tribesmen once collected an important metal that helped them build their huts, the warrior continues explaining that it had since been overrun by mysterious Sand creatures and that it would be of a great benefit for the group to clear out the mine for them explaining that their weapons had not effect on the creatures but the abilities of the three would hurt the creatures.

The group go and investigate the mine finding the sand creatures the Ironites had been referring to, they realized that the creatures were eating all the support beams and other metals in the mine, realizing the danger this might pose for them; Fire, Ice & Electric quickly disposed of every Sand Creature they encountered eventually getting deep into the mine where they found the last group attempting to devour a particularly large raw deposit, after defeating the last of them the group headed back to the Ironite Village and were greeted with much praise. Ice explained that the beams had been supported with his Ice Powers while they were there but they would need to manually repair the beams before using the mine again. The Iron Warrior thanks the group and explains how he states that one of his outpost has a general view of anyone or anything being brought into the jungle by the other tribes, he continues explaining that to find the Outpost, one must walk the seven voices. Unsure what he means they ask for him to explain and he states that if they want to begin their search they should head North.

The group head North and soon discover what the Iron Warrior meant by the Seven Voices, after conquering each voice they finally reach the outpost where they are greeted by several Iron Guards who explain they had been notified by the Iron Warrrior in advance of the groups arrival and give the group an orb explaining that the orb is able to record anything they see from the outpost and sends it back to the village for further analysis. The group watch the recording from the orb and see several dark figures carrying the Light King from the left of the vision to the right. The guards explain how the direction they travelled was East. Just as the group prepare to leave and thank the guards for their assistance they are ambushed by sand creatures who appear to be seeking revenge for the group reclaiming the mine from them. Despite initially having the upper-hand and significantly more numbers than the group, the sand creatures are defeated and flee back into the wilds.

The group head off the next morning and follow some mysterious tracks they believe are the Light King's captors, what they find however is that they have been led to a pond filled with a mysterious purple liquid. However before approaching the liquid the watch a leaf fall into the liquid and dissolve before their very eyes. They deduce that it is acid and that they must avoid it at all costs, they continue to navigate around the pond and find that there is an entire swamp of the toxic liquid as they move through a thick fog rolls in semi-obscuring their view, as they continue Eastwards not knowing what to expect they begin to hear noises within the fog. They look around and suddenly the Fog they are in clears in their small area. The look around and see wind like creatures made of the fog approaching them with ferocious looks on their eyes. The group stand together in a defensive triangle and engage the attacking monsters. With each one they destroy the fog becomes clearer and easier to see through. Eventually after clearing countless numbers of the monsters the fog had dissipated and the group found they were near another village.

Entering the village, they find it to be completely empty, the begin investigating the buildings around and find a cowering Ironite within one of the huts. They approach the Ironite and ask him what he is doing in the village, the Ironite explains that there was an attack from the Tribal Stone People, he asks the group to go and see if the Tribal Stone People will let people move to the village again since it has a major farming source for his people. The group agree and head to another nearby village filled with Tribal Stone People, they walk through the village and are greeted only with glaring eyes, they enter the main hut of the village and the Tribal Stone Chieftain of the village asks why they have come before him, the group explains the attack on the village and how the Ironites need the land for farming. The Chieftain laughs and tells the group that, the truth about the attacked village is that is merely a barracks in near their borders, that there is a hidden tunnel beneath the village that they Ironites had been using to ambush the Tribal Stone people on their own territory. The Chieftain tells them that they should return to the village and look for themselves, he also tells them to have two of his warriors go with them to make sure they actually look properly. He explains that if what he is saying is somehow false then he will leave the village alone, however if there is a tunnel that the group must confront the Ironites about it and propose a truce where the Tribal Stone People get the village. The group agrees and heads back to the village with the two warriors.

The Ironite surprised to see the two warriors with the group asks why they've returned. The group go up to the Ironite and ask him if he knows about a hidden passage, the Ironite says that they don't recall having seen any passageway. One of the Stone Warriors holds his weapon up to the Ironite's core telling him that if they find the passageway that the Ironite is as good as dead. Fire then grabs the weapon, telling the warrior that that's not what would happen. He tells the Ironite to go back to the main Ironite Village and tell the leader there to expect a meeting from the Tribal Stone People. The Ironite runs off and the group begin to search for the entrance, they look around and can't find the entrance anywhere, even going so far as to look under the huts' floors. The group seemingly gives up on the search however Ice notices something odd about the statue, noting to the group that the leaves on the ground around the statue are notably fresher than the others. The combined strength of the five is able to move the statue and the group find the hidden entrance, investigating within they find an entire tunnel system leading to strategic points on the Tribal Stone People's territory, shocked by the discovery they group tell the two Stone Warriors to go tell their leader and that the group will go and start the truce agreement between the two tribes.

The group return to the Ironite Village and tell the leader that the Stone People want to make a truce however it is on the condition that the Ironites surrender the village with the hidden passage underneath it. The Ironite Leader surprised by the group's knowledge of the village tells them that he can't simply give up the village. The group argue back that the village is simply a military advantage, if there is peace there would be no need for the village. The Stone Poeple arrive soon after this and ask the Ironite Leader if he is willing to agree to the trade. The Ironite Leader asks if the village will still be accessible for Ironite People to live in, the Stone People's leader, though hesitant sees it is likely the only way to obtain peace between the two tribes and agrees saying that while that village would be under Stone People's control, Ironites would be permitted to live there. Fire walks up to the two leaders and asks them if either of them know where the Light King was being taken. The Stone Leader hesitates and then explains to Fire that he knows of a temple that may explain the Light King's capture to them and tells them about the Temple that is West of the Stone People's village.

The Stone People help direct the Group to the temple and explain how they believe it to be sacred grounds and will not step inside, they hope the group find the answers they are looking for and bid them farewell. The Group descend into the temple and find three corridors each with a symbol above the entrance, one of Fire, one of Ice and one of Electricity. Realising the corridors to be trails they notice that there are several locked doors down each corridor with switches in other corridors. The three separate and traverse the corridors fighting bizarre golden statues that act as the guardians of the Temple. Eventually surpassing all the trials, they reach a large room decorated in many images. It shows of five different Tribes, one that Ice notes must be the Ironites and another being the Tribal Stone People being in a war, although the war is stopped by a giant created from the sacrifice of a glowing individual that Ice determines is the Light King. They look at the other three tribal groups, one connected with nature, another who lives in swamps that kill anything it touches and a third tribe that lives within and atop the highest peak in the jungle. The group notices something odd about the great being arising from the Light King that is different to the rest of the mural, the being is made of obsidian and then Ice realises the creature is the Darkness and explains to Fire & Electric that they must find the Light King to prevent the Darkness from being reborn, Fire points out a pedestal in the centre of the room showing the Darkness being destroyed by a Crystal, atop the pedestal appears the Crystal and the group knowing its importance take it away, however once they remove the crystal the room goes a dark blue and all the doors lock. The statues in the room come to life, the group fights off the statues however the floor begins to crumble and the group slide down a cave system that seems to go for miles, eventually they get shot out the side of a mountain and into the forest.

Landing in another of the Stone People's villages they wake up in a Witch Doctor's hut. Just as they wake up Fire sees the Witch Doctor about to plunge a dagger through his core although grabs the dagger and chucks it aside. The Witch Doctor surprised to see them awake explains how the village believed they were dead. Although hesitant at first to respond the group tell the Witch Doctor they had come from the Temple. The Witch Doctor tells the group that the temple is sacred grounds and that they should have been careful and saught a guide before passing through. The group tell the Witch Doctor that a great evil is going to be unleashed if the Light King is sacrificed, the Witch Doctor laughs and believes they are just a bit dizzy from the recovery and recommend they get some air inviting them to talk to the village folk. The group explore outside and find themselves in a Stone Village. They ask if the villagers know about the story written in the temple and receive a tale about how a long time ago the tribal groups used to live in harmony, but how over time rivalries grew between the groups, competing for land and resources however one day they found the ancient temple and discovered a prophecy on its walls that showed their people gathering together to summon a great deity from the spirit of a being of light, they believed that the prophecy intended to mean a new age of hope, however Ice argues back with the Stone Villagers explaining to them, that the Great Deity they refer to is actually an age-old evil that had plagued the world before. The villagers seem unsure about this and ask what proof they have. The group ask if the villagers ever saw the wave of Darkness consuming the land, the villagers look at each other with puzzled looks and shake their heads. The group confused by this tell them that what the tribes are doing is misguided and that it will bring about the end of the world. The villagers look at each other anxiously and the Witch Doctor approaches the group asking them if they are sure. The group nod and explain that they've seen the Darkness before and that it is relentless. They then ask the Witch Doctor what the ceremonial grounds in the prophecy were, the Witch Doctor explains how there is a sacred ground to the North called the Rainbow Meadow which is where all the hatred of the tribes dissipates because of its beauty.

The group ask the Witch Doctor how they can get to the location, the Witch Doctor explains that there is no direct path and the group must pass through the other tribes' territories, the Witch Doctor continues stating that the next people on the path are the Toxin Tribe, a group of swamp dwelling liquid beings how can only be seen when they form into a shape or by their helmets. The group ask if there is disagreement going between the Stone and Toxin Tribes. The Witch Doctor hesitates and explains that both tribes have a captive and the Witch Doctor takes the group inside the main hut, showing them a bowl full of Purple Liquid and a Disk-like helmet on top. The liquid suddenly sucks itself into the helmet and the helmet moves onto the ground before the Purple liquid forms itself into a body. The group watch as it separates the two plates of the helmet and two eyes glare out through the top compartment. The Toxin Tribal Villager approaches the group and asks why they have come to the jungle, the group explain how they seek to find the Light King, the Toxin Villager explains how they will not make it through the Swamps of the Toxin Tribe without a guide and with the war between the Stone and Toxin people they will need to help make peace. The group ask if returning the Toxin Villager in exchange for the Stone Villager will help keep peace, the Toxin Villager pauses for a moment before explaining that the trade would help relations between the two tribes. The group agrees to help the Toxin people and vows to the Stone Village that their captured villager will return.

The group along with the Toxin Tribal Villager progress into the Swamp where they see many of the Toxin people's helmets. However none of them activate making the villager with them concerned. They eventually reach the Toxin Villager's Home where they find it to be in ruins, the rush to the main hut and see the Toxin Tribe Leader on his throne coughing and spluttering up fluid. They ask him what was happening and the Leader explains that after the Toxin Villager was taken by the Stone People a vile beast deep within one of the Sulphur Mines emerged spreading disease across the Swamp making everyone unwell. The Leader continues by explaining that the monster had also taken several of the Toxin Villagers as well as the Warden of the local jail. The group ask if there is a way for them to free the Stone Villager Captive in the Jail. The Leader explains that the Warden is the only one with the keys and only if the group cures this plague will the Leader permit the freedom of the Stone Villager and thanks them for bringing him the Toxin Villager back. He shows the group where the Sulphur Mines are on their map and bids them good luck.

The group arrive at the Sulphur Mines after navigating some more swamplands, they hear moans and shrieks coming from within and while cautious due to the jets of hot steam and flammable gas they traverse down into the Mines to search for the stolen villagers. As the searched for the stolen villagers they encountered small Sulphur Rock Monsters that while relatively harmless alone, in groups they were an issue. The group kept searching and eventually found a large open section of the mines where they spotted a large rocky creature unlike the Sulphur Rock Monsters that was grunting at the Toxin Villagers that had been stolen. The group jumped down into the arena and the beast turned to face them. Its body glowed an eerie green colour and the group engaged it in battle. It used powerful Rock & Plasma attacks but by a combination of Steam & Electricity the beast fell after the battle and lost its glow. The group rushed over to the Toxin Villagers and freed them from their binds, the Toxin Villagers thanked the group and rushed out through a nearby chamber, the group followed after however an earth shattering quake suddenly stopped them in their paths as they looked back at the Beast now glowing Purple it rose up again and slammed its fists into the ground causing the exit the cave in. The group faced the beast again which moved faster and was now able to fly, however it once again was defeated and this time fell to the ground and shattered into hundreds of pieces. A glowing fragment of stone left in its core had a skull marking etched on it, Ice walked over to the core and smashed it to bits destroying the disease and curing the Toxin Villagers. The group looked around and could not find an exit anywhere however they suddenly hear a drilling coming from the exit the villagers took and see the Warden burrow through telling them that they had to repay the group for saving them and defeating the beast, the group and the villagers then left the cave and headed back to the Toxin Village.

When the group returned the Leader of the Village was surprised by the return and told them that rumours had been spreading about their success in restoring peace between the Stone & Ironite people, he continued asking if this was true to which the group explained that it was to help stop the sacrifice of the Light King. The Toxin Leader explained how their species had tired of the fruitless war that seemed to have no end, the Toxin Leader asked if the Stone People were willing to accept a truce and cease the war of land between the two of them. The group explained how they had been sent on a diplomatic mission by the Stone People to trade the two captives in hopes that it would result in a truce. The Toxin Leader, gladdened by this turn of events told them that they will negotiate peace with the Stone People and bring the Stone Villager Captive to go with them.

The Group heads back to the Stone Village and are greeted with cheers and praise. They find the Witch Doctor and explain the situation in the Toxin People's land and the agreement of a truce. The Witch Doctor was pleased and told them that he would take samples of the swamp in their land to see if he could synthesize a cure in case the disease the Toxin Villagers were plagued with returns. He asks that the group do one last thing for him before they depart back into Toxin Territory, he asks the group go and investigate a cavern called the Mossy Claw and request the group bring back a flower deep within the cave called the Infernal Sunflower that supposedly can bring life to even barren wastelands as he hopes to use it to restore the dying farm in their village. The group accept and head South-East to where the entrance was said to be.

The group find the entrance and descend into the cavern to quickly find it to be a nest for wasp like creatures, they fight off these insects and descend deeper and deeper until they find themselves right in the hive of the wasps. After being chased by a large guard Wasp they find what was described as the core of the hive and see atop a mossy hill a Sunflower with blazing Red petals that produced an impressive light and heat. The group approach it and climb up the hill, as they attempt to pull the Sunflower out it would not budge from its spot, however the group suddenly hear a rumbling sound and run off the hill, the hill rises up and reveals itself to be the Queen of the colony. The behemoth of a Wasp attacks the group as they run for cover, using distraction tactics Ice was able to freeze the Wasp Queen's wings causing it to crash into the ground leaving its vulnerable underside to be struck by Electric, Electric sapping energy from the pools of juices in the core. Eventually the Queen falls and dies shrinking in size as the Infernal Sunflower separates from the Queen. The group grab the Infernal Sunflower and leave the cavern returning to the Stone Village. They give the Sunflower to the Witch Doctor who brings them to the farm to show them the Sunflower's effect. They watch as he places the Sunflower in the ground, it rapidly grows many roots and releases a powerful light. After the light dissipates the group see the farm is blossoming with many vegetation and minerals. The Witch Doctor again thanks the group and wishes them the best of luck in rescuing the Light King and tells them that the Stone People are behind them if they are in a bind.

The group return to the Toxin Village and ask how they can progress through the swamp. The Toxin Leader explains that there are many treacherous hazards along the Toxin Swamp however the Toxin Villagers had built an underground Tunnel to pass to the other side. Normally the entrance it blocked by sticky Acid however the Toxin Leader tells them that he will de-activate the barriers to the entrance to help the group get through. The group thank the Toxin Leader who insists that he should be the one thanking them as his people had long grown weary of the war and showed the group the entrance to the tunnel. The group progress down as the torches on the walls light up the tunnel, the group encounter some bat-like creatures along their way however part way through reach a pit with an underground river at the bottom. Ice leaps down and creates an Ice Raft to help Fire & Electric cross the river. The group ride along the river encountering bioluminescent creatures that tried to break the raft forcing Electric to fend them off while Ice repaired the raft. The group eventually reach a spot of land with a twisting and turning ascent with light filtering in from above, ascending they find they have reached the other entrance to the tunnel and see they have arrived in another Toxin Village, the leader of this village explains that they had been expecting the group and told them about the wilderness beyond their village before the Draconic's Mountain, the leader gives the group a map to the Mountain telling them to be cautious as mysterious creatures lurk within the wilderness.

The group try to follow the map but after some time they begin fighting off the creatures that lurk in the wilderness only to end up in the same places. They decide that they need to rest for a bit and will try and get their bearings the next day. During the night as they sleep, shadowy figures begin lurking around them and take the crystal however as the figures begin to leave Fire wakes up and realises the figures are carrying the crystal and wakes the others to chase the shadowy figures. The group quickly get up and chase after the shadowy figures who they seem to be unable to catch. They follow them deeper into the wilderness until the shadowy figures turn around a corner and the group find themselves nearly running into a giant stone wall covered in moss and vines. The group look around to see where the Shadowy Figures ran off to however they do not see them. With no other option they circle around the wall until they find a whole in it and enter inside. Within they see a large pond with a lone tree in the middle with multiple stone paths connected to the walls. The group approach the pond and notice that there was a stairwell that descended down into the pond, looking around the group noticed many etchings on the walls that made note of the Draconic Tribe and their history in the location as well mentioning a secret underground passage that connected the pond to their mountain. Surprised by this information the group continued searching for a way to lower the water until Electric noticed a small blue stone near the roots of the tree, pressing it the water drained from the pond allowing the group to descend to the depths below.

Inside the chamber that they had found they saw many statues of the Draconic People and as they progressed through the chamber the entire area around them was encased in gold. Reaching a large circular room in the middle of the path they saw a telescope pointing out through several holes in the ceiling. Looking through the telescope the group saw that there was a hole looking at all the tribes (except the Draconic People's) as well as the Rainbow Meadow. However they noticed one hole they couldn't get the telescope to adjust to, pushing the telescope with all their force they heard a click and stood back. The Telescope and the platform it was on descended underneath and the walls around the room opened up revealing many shadowy figures, asleep. Another rumbling sound activated as the doorways on both sides of the room locked, a large pillar with a fountain on top rose out of the hole where the telescope was and the rest of the floor began to shift in place as it changed into a giant stairway with obstacles. Then a loud horn went off awakening the shadowy figures who noticed the group and began to chase after the group. The group began running up the stairs killing any Shadowy Figures who were ahead of them. Eventually they reached the top and grabbed the Crystal, as they picked it up the ceiling flipped over revealing a giant mirror, Ice noticed the crystal was glowing and held it up. It let out a brilliant ray of light that reflected of the mirror destroying all the remaining shadowy figures. As the light deactivated the floor returned to normal (with the exception of the telescope) and the doorways re-opened allowing the group to continue on.

After exiting the chamber, the heroes found themselves within the mountains of the Draconic Tribe. An unearthly fog rolled over these mountains and shrieks of anger and fear could be heard in the distance. Determined to stop this war and save the Light King the trio pressed on. As they navigated through the dense fog they encountered more Wind monsters, although unbeknownst to the trio they were being followed by a Wind Troll, eventually the group found themselves walking in the lair of the Wind Troll, stumbling on bones of other adventurers who had met an unfortunate end. The Wind Troll lurked around them bellowing, eventually revealing itself to them by nearly eating Ice whole. The group dashed back using their combined abilities to push the fog away, revealing the creature. By using Fire to continuously hold back the Fog while Ice and Electric defeat the Wind Troll the trio were able to safely progress further.

Out of the Fog the trio arrived at a deserted village in the mountain, it was silent, upon entering the village Fire quickly finds a poster that has the three pictured on it. Ice looks over the poster and notices many symbols however doesn't recognize the language. He states that there must be some way to figure out what the symbols mean, Ice suggests that they find a vantage point to scout out the area for anyone. The look around and Fire notices a large Bell Tower near the edge of the Village, the trio head over there and find the entrance to be locked, they look around and find an underground passage beneath the tower and head inside.

Upon entering they find themselves in a very murky and dark cistern, they begin progressing, hearing moaning and howls from afar, they soon come upon a nest of some sort with many eggs strewn across the walls and floor, the trio avoid stepping on the eggs and eventually pass through, they let out a sigh of relief however in their assumption of being safe, Electric accidentally stands on one of the eggs, the egg releases a small gas that causes the sounds to approach, the trio then see a small hole in one of the walls and crawl inside to hide from the approaching monster. Fire watches from the front as a large slug like creature slithers into the passageway where they were and sniffs the broken egg, before letting out a bellowing roar and slithering away. Ice insists that they find a way to destroy the eggs and the creature as it is likely causing problems for the residents of the village, hence the complete emptiness of the village.

The trio work their way around the cistern destroying every egg they can find and hiding from the monster when it approaches, soon they reach the last set of eggs, which upon destroying, Electric finds a map beneath them. The trio hide from the monster and look at the map to figure out how to get out of the Cistern, after figuring out their location, they progress towards the Bell Tower exit. Upon reaching the exit however they are halted by the bellowing roar of the Slug Monster, they see it at the end of the chamber they are in and it begins charging at them, they quickly climb up the ladder and begin ascending the Bell Tower, before they can even have a moment to breathe, the Slug Monster bursts through the floorboards and begins chasing them up the Bell Tower, as they climb up, the Slug Monster hits a small bell chime and is halted in its tracks letting out a screech of agony from the noise, Ice realizes that the Slug Monster is weak against noise and proposes that they ring the bell to knock out the Slug Monster.

The trio quickly reach the top, dodging the poisonous attacks the Slug Monster hurls at them as well as its charging ability and soon reach the bell itself, however when they reach the top, the Slug Monster, bursts through part of the floor and tears the clapper of the bell. Fire tells Ice & Electric to defend him while he welds the Bell back into place. During this battle the player controls Ice and swaps between helping Fire weld the Bell into place and helping Electric hold back the Slug Monster. Eventually Fire is able to completely weld the Clapper back onto the bell and pulls the lever letting the bell chime directly next to the Slug Monster. The Bell Chime causes the Slug Monster to screech in agony before falling down the hole in the floor, in which it collides with the pointed edges of the floorboards below and explodes.

The trio glad to have defeated the Slug Monster, hear voices coming from the mountain nearby and see Draconic People, beginning to return to the village. The trio then scale down the partly standing Bell Tower, before exiting through the front. Upon exiting, they are greeted by the Draconic People, who ask who the trio are, Fire introduces himself and the others and explain that they are trying to stop an evil force from being reawakened, the Draconic People, look at each other confused and state that they were told that the trio were out to unleash an evil force onto their people. Ice explains that there's a prophecy written throughout various scriptures of writing around the tribal groups that depicts a mighty being arising from a sacrifice, however Ice continues to explain that the being is actually an evil being who has plagued the neighbouring lands of the tribes in the past.

The Draconic People look at each other sceptical and state that they don't believe the trio and demand that either they leave the village from where they came from or face the Trials of the Mountain, to prove their loyalty to their supposed truths. The trio eventually accept the challenge and are told by a Draconic Elder that they must ascend the Mountain, facing whatever obstacles may lurk within the mists, and suggests they be careful not to fall off since it's a long way down. The trio thank the elder for the information and begin their trek up the mountain. The trio's ascent finds them at their first obstacle, a large dark wall that surrounds the mountain, Fire shrugs it off exclaiming how it'll be easy to scale, and begins charging a jet launch. Just as Fire launches however, three Mist Guards materialize and blast Fire back to the ground. Ice asks the Mist Guards why they are on the mountain, to which one replies that the Mountain is their homeland and any who wish to ascend the mountain must go through the Mist Guards.

The Trio accept the challenge and begin busting the wall, finding weak points in it, while dodging and shielding the Mist Guards offense. Eventually the wall begins to crack severely, to which the Mist Guards tell the trio to stop, as there is a creature held within the walls that is significantly more dangerous than the Mist Guards. Ice demands of the Mist Guards why they didn't tell the trio before, and explains that if the trio is unable to defeat the monster that lurks within, then it will ravage the Mist Guard's home. Electric and Fire look at each other and tell the Mist Guards that nothing can stop them, and the two proceed to punch the wall in its weakest point, much to Ice's dismay. The wall cracks even more, as gold begins leaking out of the wall, resulting in a large pool of molten gold, flowing out of the wall, creating a body of liquid in a nearby crevice. The trio look at the gold confused and look back at the Mist Guards who question Fire & Electric as to why they released the monster, the trio look back at the gold which has begun to take shape, forming a large Serpent like form. The monster lets out a roar before charging at the trio.

The monster attacks and attempts to suffocate the trio within its molten body, however Fire is able to completely liquefy it causing it to lose form, allowing for Ice to freeze it making it solid and Electric breaking sections off with his Downward Bolt. The creature continuously breaks apart and slowly withers down until it is less than a third the size of the each of the trio, the creature then flees in defeat. The Mist Guards rematerialize and thank the trio for defeating the monster, they grant the trio passage up the mountain and give each member a small emblem that will identify them as friendly towards other Mist Guards, they also ask the group if they intend to destroy the evil monster within the mountain, the trio confused, ask the Mist Guards what they mean and the Mist Guards explain that long ago the Draconic People worshipped a gigantic crystal, the crystal was known to bring prosperity to the Draconic People, however one day the Draconic People rejected the Crystal as a deity and abandoned it, however what they did not realise was that the Crystal was alive and the being within felt betrayal by the Draconic People and decided to block of the Mountain Peak with a layer of crystals in revenge.

The trio ask the Mist Guards if they've ever encountered the Crystal being, to which they reply by stating that only sightings of the being have been accounted with no actual conflict, due to the Mist Guards naturally staying on the outside of the mountain. The trio thank the Mist Guards for their knowledge and continue heading up the mountain, slowly the mountain becomes dense with mist, annoying Fire and Electric as it weakens their powers. Along the way up Electric asks Ice how they intend to destroy a Crystal beast, Ice explains that he believes the Golden Serpent likely is only one of many and that he suspects the mountain has more to it than just a rocky surface and an angry Crystal Beast lurking within. Electric looks at Fire in confusion to which Fire tells Electric that Ice means the Mountain probably has molten gold serpents inside capable of destroying the Crystal Beast, Ice sighs as the trio continue ascending up the treacherous mountainside.

Soon the group reach what appears to be an abandoned mine shaft, the few rails remaining hold a single cart to which Fire peers into to find a single pink crystal. Ice comments that they may have found a part of the Crystal Beast and it'll help them keep aware on where the beast is. Fire then suggests that they head into the mines since it would be the only way to find the Crystal Beast. Ice agrees although Electric notices a wire dangling from the ceiling, he tells Fire and Ice to keep going and he'll light the tunnel up. Fire and Ice nod in agreement and the duo progress down the tunnel as Electric powers the lights by running within the wires. The group soon reach the end of the tunnel and find a massive chasm nearly perfectly circular in shape. Electric hops out of the other end of the wire and looks over the edge commenting on how deep it appears to be. Ice looks around and states that this wasn't a natural hole and that whatever caused it must be very large. Electric notices a faint glow at the bottom to which he squints his eyes and suggests it's probably molten rock. Ice smirks confirming his suspicion that there would be more Golden Serpents. Fire dismisses Ice's hubris and suggests they keep going pointing to another part of the tunnel on the other side. Ice points out that there is a lack of a bridge however Fire notices something odd about the wall and asks Ice if he knows what the walls are made of. Ice inspects the material and concludes that it's likely Sparkstone a highly explosive material when ignited, Fire grins and fires a shot at both walls igniting them creating a pair of narrow pathways to progress along.

As the group progress along the narrow pathway created in the wall Fire pulls out the Pink Crystal they found earlier surprising Ice. Fire asks Ice if they found the Pink Crystal in that mine cart then would that mean that the Crystal Beast is a biped like them, Ice responds that he can't be sure as it's possible someone or something took the crystal and put it in the mine cart. Suddenly however, Fire accidentally ignites a bit of the Sparkstone below where he was standing causing it to explode, this surprising Fire causes him to drop the Crystal. Luckily none of the trio fall off however they look down as the Crystal falls towards the Molten Rock below, they notice it begins to glow as it reaches the magma before falling in, suddenly the trio hear an unearthly roar and look up to see a massive chunk of crystal has begun moving downwards at an alarming speed, Ice comments that that's probably the Crystal Beast and quickly notices that rubble has covered the other tunnel due to the Crystal Beast beginning to move. The trio without any other option jump off the small platform before the Crystal Beast crushes them, as they begin to fall, Electric begins to panic commenting on how they're either going to be eaten alive or fall into molten rock. Quickly thinking, Ice thinks back to the Sparkstone and realizes that the Sparkstone was actually unrefined Crystals. Ice instructs Fire to begin pelting powerful Fireballs at the Crystal Beast, Fire charges up the first one and fires, hitting the beast square between its eyes, this results in an explosion knocking out some of the crystals of the beast, the beast retaliates by having its body begin to glow, Ice tells Fire that he needs to blast a hole through the Crystal Beast and pulls the trio underneath one of the Crystal Beast's eyes to keep them safe from the lasers of the Crystal Beast.

Fire begins quickly working away at the Crystal Beast as they all continue falling, however luckily, Fire is able to bust through making a hole in the Crystal Beast's face, the trio quickly slip into the hole by using Fire's Jet to propel themselves upwards. They make it through the Crystal Beast who having been too focused on the trio crashes into the Magma Pit below. The trio land on top of the beast and quickly find themselves being ambushed by the Golden Serpents. The trio quickly hop over to a solid piece of land with a mine track nearby and begin running up the tunnel, hearing the Crystal Beast let out a roar as it is fighting the Golden Serpent's who a few have followed Fire, Ice & Electric up the tunnel.

The group try to outrun the Golden Serpents however the creatures keep appearing from within crevices and are slowly gaining on them, Ice notices that they're running below Sparkstone and points it out to Fire telling him to ignite it before they reach the top, the trio keep running and soon reach what appears to be a large circular room where the Sparkstone's main crystal is located, as the trio run across the room, Fire shoots a fireball at the Sparkstone causing it and the chain of Sparkstones down the tunnel to explode, caving in the entire area. Luckily the trio reach a safe distance and stop to catch their breath. Electric comments on their situation, wondering where they've ended up, they soon begin wandering around the cave systems and soon reach an exit tunnel heading out of the mountain. The trio find themselves at the blisteringly cold top of the mountain where a heavy blizzard makes it difficult for any of them to see. Fire suggests they hurry up and reach the top and see what's up there, Electric agrees and Ice a bit confused, doesn't realize how cold where they are, is. The trio begin ascending the mountain, encountering bizarre Snowball monsters that appear to have formed from the snow itself, soon the trio reach the peak where they find a small temple, Fire walks up to the main door and opens it as they head inside.

As the trio enter the door slowly closes behind them, almost silently. Looking around they see the area has many candles lighting the temple with a stairway down to the main room where the trio find another Draconic Person. The Draconic person appears to be meditating and tells them to come sit down. The trio although hesitant and a bit confused, comply to the Draconic's wishes. The Draconic reveals his name to be Evedal and explains that he has spent years meditating in the temple connecting his mind to the world around him and states that he knew they had been coming since they set foot on the mountain. Ice asks Evedal why they needed to come up here to which Evedal tells Ice that there is only one reason a group as foolish as them would encounter the Crystal Beast and make it to the top of the Mountain, they were sent to receive a Leaf of Purity by the Draconic People. Fire interrupts asking what a Leaf of Purity is and why the Draconics in the town below wouldn't let them stay otherwise, however Evedal silences Fire telling him that he is too Brash and Arrogant and explains that the Leaf of Purity will cleanse their souls as is tradition for all Draconic land, he continues stating that his people have extremely focused beliefs and unfortunately this has led to some less than desirable outcomes from the rival tribes. Ice sympathizes with Evedal and asks the Draconic Person if he knows anything about what the Plant People plan to do with the King of the Light People. Evedal hums quietly before responding and states that the prophecy that the five tribes have built their beliefs upon call for a sacrifice to bring about the Dark God and that the Plant People will likely use the Obelisk of Rituals as the focal point for the Dark God's return. Fire and Electric mutter to each other before being silenced again. Evedal gets up and walks over a room branching off from the main room and comes back a short while later with three leaves of purity. Evedal explains that there is something the three of them must prove to earn the leaves causing Electric to sigh stating that now they're going to have to fight Evedal. Evedal laughs and dismisses Electric's claim explaining that it won't be him they'll be fighting but instead the Spirit Demon and has Fire, Ice & Electric follow him over to the other back room of the temple to reveal a portal. Evedal explains that the Portal will take them to a Spirit Well where a Spirit Demon has been terrorizing the sanctity of the Mountain. Ice accepts Evedal's wish and Fire & Electric begrudgingly agree as the trio head into the portal.

As the trio enter the Spirit Well they find the area to have a cosmic appearance to it although at the same time has the appearance of a serene garden. As the group looks around, Fire comments on how peaceful everything seems. The group realize the area is incredibly small however as Ice approaches the edge a pathway opens up revealing a misty forest up ahead. Confused the trio investigate the forest, although small in comparison to other areas the trio had visited the Forest has the group work their way through its maze of roots, logs and trees as they soon reach what appears to be the other side. The trio find themselves now at a large spring, the spring seems to be endlessely deep and ruins surround the Spring. Ice comments that there's something unnerving about all of this. Suddenly the Spring begins to bubble as it loses all colour, turning pitch-black. A figure begins to rise from the water causes them to stagger back in concern. The figure takes the appearance of a large horned monster before letting out a roar.

Preparing to battle the monster, the trio attempt to find a weakness of the Spirit Demon although find their attacks seem to fizzle away before even hitting the beast. Suddenly however whilst fighting, they hear Evedal's voice telling them that the beast is powered via dark energy and can only be defeated with light energy. Looking around the trio begin to see the light energy all around the Spirit Well and channel it into their attacks to subdue the Spirit Demon. Slowly but surely they conquer the beast, containing it within the well itself. Evedal thanks the group and activates a new portal to bring them back. After returning, Evedal apologizes for having to test them with such a daunting creature but assures them that it was well worth it as the path between the Mountain Village and the Obelisk of Rituals is littered with fractured portals to the Spirt Realm and other Spirit Creatures may attack the trio and thus they will need to use the Light Energy of the surrounding areas to reseal the Spirit Creatures and the fissures shut. He continues stating that now with the Leaf of Purity within them, the Draconic people will recognize the trio's quest and will let them continue onwards. Fire thanks Evedal who tells them to be careful and not to fear what will lie ahead of them as they depart for a trek down the mountain.

Upon returning to the Draconic Village the group are more warmly greeted by the Draconic Villagers who apologize for their initial hostility, they explain that they had received a spiritual message from Evedal and now understand what the group seeks, they plead for Fire, Ice & Electric not to kill the Plant People as the five tribes are much more intertwined than the trio may realize and explains that if one Tribe falls, they will all fall. Fire reassures the Draconic Villagers that they will not bring any suffering upon the Plant People and just want to save the King of Light and prevent a resurrection of evil. With the villagers calmed down, Ice tells Fire & Electric to look around the village while he talks to the Village's Chief about a course of action. Fire & Electric agree and head out however are stopped by two young children whom ask for Fire & Electric to help them find their friend who went missing in the nearby hills to the West of the Village, Fire & Electric agree as the four head out.

As the group approach the hills a mysterious band of masked figures begin to appear, the Draconic children exclaim that they are the mythical revived dead of the trees that once lived on the hills. The largest of the masked figures lets out a war cry before charging at Fire & Electric. Electric tells the Draconic children to stand back as Fire begins charging up a powerful Fireball between his wings, firing it at the charging Masked Spirit it sends the spirit flying before dissipating in the air. The other Masked Spirits begin letting out War Cries and start charging as Fire and Electric team up to protect the Draconic Children. After successfully defending the children, Fire asks them why they were playing around the hills if the Masked Spirits were around, the older child responds explaining that normally the spirits only appear at night when they left and that something must've happened for the Masked Spirits to become restless. Fire then asks the child if there are any sort of monuments to the trees of the hills to which the child pauses and ponders, however the younger child speaks up explaining that there is a single root that exists in a shallow cave near the largest hill. She directs the others to the root where they find the third Draconic child unconcious next to the damaged root. Examining the root, Electric exclaims that it had been slashed by something, Fire wonders if it was the Iron Tribals however Electric feels the cut and states that there isn't enough metallic residue for it to have been them and suggests that it may have been the Plant Tribals. The third child begins to wake up from the noise the group were making.

The other children rush over to their friend and ask what happened, the third child takes a moment to get a bearing on his surroundings before replying. He mentions to the group that someone came into the cave and attacked the root before attacking him. Fire tells the children that they need to leave as it's beginning to get dark, the children agree and the group begin to travel back to the village, Electric asks Fire what he thinks of the situation to which Fire mentions that he believes that the Plant Tribals may be attempting to invoke a war between the tribes, Electric asks Fire if he can be sure and Fire agrees that it's only a hunch but has a bad feeling about the place the trio plan to head to. The group soon return to the village where the children thank Fire and Electric giving them both small scaled necklaces to wear around their necks, they explain that the necklaces signify that they have been good friends to the Draconic Tribals.

After a night of resting the group say their farewells to the Draconics who inform them that they'll send word westward of their arrival. Heading out into the hillish region to the west of the Draconic Village the group soon reach what is determined to be the Border of the Draconic's territory as a lone outpost housing both Draconic and Plant Tribals is stationed atop a large hill. The trio head over to the outpost and are surprised at the warm greeting from the group who state that they'd been expecting them and had informed the Plant Tribals they were trusted, Ice thanks the Draconic Captain as the group rest for a short while. They exchange stories talking about their confrontation with Evedal and the creatures of the Mountain, the Draconics mention that Evedal was once the greatest warrior of their tribe however he saught a life of solitude after his closest allies betrayed his outpost letting beasts from the Jungles to the South invade. Fire asks what they should expect further west to which the Plant Tribal captain speaks up, he informs the trio that due to them having no telepathic abilities like the Draconic Tribals the trio should be wary of making significant contact with other Plant Tribals as they will not be able to contact them. The Plant Tribal also mention that beyond the last hills of the region lies the Forest of Souls which is a focal point for Spirit Wells and may find the place much more maze-like than it first appears. After the first rays of light begin to break through the night, the group prepare to head out, thanking the guards for their hospitality.

The group soon reach the edge of the forest the Plant Tribals mentioned, hesitant to enter, Electric asks why they don't just look for a way around, however Ice points out that aside from the obvious Cliff Faces to the North the Forest extends incredibly far Southward. Electric sighs that they have no choice and the group heads into the forest. As they explore the wild, thorns of the forest they soon reach a dead end, however having not found any other paths, the group are confused, however Ice notices the pillars around the forest and figures that the large pillar at the dead end must be able to create Spirit Well so they can progress through the forest, Fire wonders how that's supposed to work, however Electric walks up to the pillar and mentions that earlier he felt a mysterious energy when they walked by the smaller ones and has an idea. He places his palms on the pillar and fires a bolt of Electricity into the pillar, activating it causing a Spirit Well to appear. From the Spirit Well however a mysterious creature erupts causing the group to jump back in alarm. The creature gets up and roars at the trio before they prepare to fight it as it goes in to attack very quickly. Although a fast creature, the group quickly defeat it, causing the pillar to absorb it with the energy Electric gave it. The Pillar changes colour as the Spirit Well reopens properly allowing the group to enter.

Upon entering the group find themselves amidst atop one of several floating islands in a seemingly endless void. Among them are floating creatures that are completely stationary. Electric curious by where they are looks around and sees that the eyes of these creatures cast mysterious lights onto the ground. Ice proposes that they are sentries of this area and that avoiding them would be in their best interest. Fire and Electric agree and the group carefully manuevers themselves around the lights, carefully avoiding not to trigger the sentries. Soon they reach another portal and without any other option they head through finding themselves in a new part of the forest. A bit confused, Fire asks Ice how they're supposed to get through the forest if its split between two realms, Ice suggests they try the left wall method although Electric states that they don't have time for that and tells Ice that after he activated the first portal he's been able to detect the location of other portals and tells Fire and Ice to follow him, they agree and the trio quickly make their way to the next portal.

Working their way through the forest maze the group avoid the numerous sentries in within the Spirit Wells and also various obstacles including thorned vines. Eventaully they reach the end of the forest finally reaching a break in the trees, as the group leave the dense forest into calmer grasslands they find the trees strangely change colour, Ice suggests that there is ancient magic in the grasslands similar to the Golden Temple from earlier, indeed as they continue the trio find themselves slowly encountering more and more ruins, however just as they reach what appears to be a sort of platform in the middle of the grasslands, they spot the home of the Plant Tribals, a massive tree that had grown through a mountain and spread its branches far into the distance, however their attention is quickly diverted as teh ground begins to rumble, massive creatures lurch up from the ground, made of stone and seemingly connected to the ruins themselves. The platform the group are standing on raises itself in the air forming a large staircase around it for the Ruin Creatures to climb. With no other choice the trio fight to hold their position against these beasts.

After a considerable amount of Ruin Creatures are defeated, the Platform raises greatly skyward, revealing it to be part of a creature itself, a colossal deer-like creature made of the runic stones. To their surprise however this creature does not attempt to attack them and instead communicates with them telepathically, stating that its name was Arammo, an ancient being created by those of light, confused by what Arammo meant, Ice asked the creature how it could have been made by the Light People, Arammo tells Ice that he will explain as they approach the Plant Tribal's Home. Arammo slowly marches towards the Tree of the Plant Tribals and tells the trio of the Light People's ancient past.

"Long ago, on these very lands, the Light People lived as servants to the Dark God sacrificing themselves to quench his thirst for destruction, the other tribals did not know of the Light People's existence and for a long time it remained that way with the Dark God commanding himself over them. The Light People, however, planned revenge against their God, creating runic creatures such as myself (Arammo) to protect them against the Dark God, however before they were ready the other Tribals discovered their existence. Astonished that their God was of such malevolence the Tribals turned against him and sealed the Dark God beneath the world to allow the Light People to escape, however the Dark God's power grew over time and he was able to break the seal, casting pain and misery onto the Tribals and stealing their memories so that he could use them for his own devices" - Arammo's Speech along the journey

As Arammo and the trio got closer to the Plant Tribal's home they spot strange beings in the sky. Arammo then asks the trio to help protect him as the Plant Tribal's know that he is an enemy of the Dark God and are sending their archer to attack him, knowing that without Arammo they wouldn't be able to stop the Plant Tribals the trio agree and begin attacking the Plant Archers to stop them from reaching Arammo.

As the trio fend off the Plant Tribals, Arammo rams his way through the barricades of the Plant Tribals getting closer and closer to the location of the sacrifice, however just as the group reach the inner branches of the Great Tree, the Plant Tribals are able to activate several traps to cause Arammo to collapse, causing him to crash into the tree along with Fire, Ice and Electric. The trio head inside the tree where they find numerous Plant Tribals armed and ready to fight, the trio work their way through the army soon reaching a massive spiral staircase leading up the Tree's Trunk. Ice and Fire act as forward and back shields to Electric who the player controls activating various switches and deterring the attacks of aerial Plant Tribals as the trio progress upwards as quickly as possible.

Soon reaching the top of the tree, they find the place is in chaos, Plant Tribals are predominantly fleeing from the mere presence of the trio although many stay around to fight as well. As the trio have no other choice they work their way past their attackers trying to find the right way to the canopy of the tree where the ritual is taking place. After navigating their way through the numerous branches of the tree they reach the top to see surprisingly a dimly lit altar where the Light King lies motionless, with Plant Tribals with strange markings on their body surrounding him. The Plant Tribals turn and glare at the trio before attacking to defend the Light King from the trio, however the trio quickly dispatch them with little trouble, however a rumbling sound is heard as another Plant Tribal riding a giant vine beast lunges up from the canopy below and begins fighting Fire, Ice and Electric around the altar.