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SPECIES Friablon
AGE Unknown

Firball is a scientific project made combining a dog and an unknown alien hybrid, creating this little brown ball of fur. His real name is Test-046 but was named Firball by the workers who had taken a liking to him. During an emergency breach Firball escaped and left the lab, running out into the United States. He is being hunted to this day, but has never been caught. Though he does have many bounties, nobody ever seems to find him or catch him. He vacates an abandoned building somewhere in the United States.


Firball is an enthusiastic 'thing' that usually rushes into everything without a care in the world. Though when things are at stake Firball can be serious. He is almost always happy, even when things are going wrong. He seems to be crazy all the time, even after running for long distances.


Originally created back in a high-tech lab, Firball was experimented on daily, causing him to stress and worry about every second. He would try to break out daily, but he could never escape. The workers had loved him though, but then they began to stop seeing them, every time they saw him again one of them was missing. Soon enough a breach had happened and someone had opened his eternal cell, freeing him from the grasps of the corrupt company. He ran, and ran until he found a spot he could settle down. He lives in an abandoned building and usually gets food from the locals, who set bowls of food out for him. Though he does not know his creators are finding out how to locate him. Though a group of people 'adopt' him, taking him in as a pet.


Firball (game) (tentative title)

Firball will appear in the upcoming game Firball.

Fantendo - Misfits

Firball is set to make an appearance in Misfits.

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Firball (2015)

A scientific project that broke out and now lives in an abandoned building. He lives in complete ignorance that his creators are still looking for him. He can utilize something called a Superjump and runs pretty fast for a dog... thing. Though he does have many bounties, nobody ever seems to find him or catch him.