I will never join you, Mandark. If I am going to die in this void, then you will suffer the same fate as me.
Finn, Destination Timewarp: An Adventure Time/Dexter's Laboratory Crossover

You will lose to justice, Professor Calamitous. Your plans will be doomed, even I die.
Finn, Adventure Time with Finn and Jimmy Neutron

Finn (full title, Finn the Human) is a 14-year-old boy who seeks out adventure and is the main character in the cartoon, Adventure Time. His best friend is his magical dog named Jake. Both of them always go on amazing adventures, from slaying monsters and evil beasts, to rescuing princesses from the clutches of the Ice King.


Finn wears his trademark bear hat, which is actually made of the skin of an evil bear. He wears a light blue shirt with short sleeves, and shorts with a darker shade of blue. Finn also wears small black shoes with white, rolled-up socks. Finally, Finn has a backpack that he uses to carry anything he needs. The top part of it is a light green color, while the bottom part is a darker shade of green. The button on his backpack is also the same color as the bottom of the backpack.


  • He had a lot of Adventure Time games. He also appeared in crossovers, like the first two parts of the Silver Spurs Trilogy and Mortal Kombat 3DS.
  • In Mortal Kombat 3DS he, like Freddy Krueger, Solid Snake and Harry Potter he is downloadable character.


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