Final Strike 2: Revival is a third person RPG Sandbox title (much like the first installment) and is the second installment of the Final Strike series, and sequel to Final Strike. Final Strike 2 takes place after the events of Final Strike as the previous villain has finally been defeated, but a new threat has risen as it revives the dark army, and plans to revive the previous villain as both of them can conquer the universe together thus causing danger to everyone across not only the universe, but the multiverse as well. It as well has a planned release for the PC.

Not much is known about the newest installment yet, but it is revealed that it will have a larger roster than the first installment. The villain's name has not been revealed yet, but previous villains from Final Strike are returning.




Image Name Series Description
N/A The Player N/A That's you. You venture on a journey with many characters from popular media as you can customize your character however you like it to be.
The Protagonist promo art Saints-Row-The-Third.png The Boss Saints Row The Boss hails from the cities known as Stilwater and Steelport, as he is the leader of the gang, the 3rd Street Saints and the President of "The United Saints of America". The Boss is a balanced character and his full stash of weapons which he can use any time.
435px-Scout highFiveSuccessFull.png Scout Team Fortress The Scout is one of Mann Co's 9 mercs as he hails from Boston. Scout as well has his own stash of weapons such as his Scattergun, Pistol, Bonk, Bat, Sandman, and more. He's also the fastest out of all the 9 mercs.
Soldier.png Soldier Team Fortress Soldier is as well one of Mann Co's mercs as he hails from the land of the free, America. Soldier uses his Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, and Shovel as his main weapons, he can also use his Buff Banner when his Rage meter is full and it will cause everyone's attacks to become stronger for a limited amount of time.
TF2Pyro2.png Pyro Team Fortress Pyro is one of the mercs and no one knows where he really comes from. Pyro can use his Flamethrower, Shotgun, Flare Gun, and Axe as his main weapons.
250px-Demoman.png Demoman Team Fortress Demoman is one of the 9 mercs and is from Scottland. Demoman a bit actually no he's a big drunk who's good with demolition and swordfighting. He uses his Grenade Launcher, Stickybomb Launcher, Bottle, and Eyelander as his main weapons.
Heavy.png Heavy Team Fortress Heavy is a man whos apart of the mercs as he's a large muscular man from Russia. Heavy sure may be slow, but his main weapon the Minigun can sure take a lot of damage to enemies making him the strongest out of the 9 mercs. Heavy's main weapons are his Minigun, Shotgun, Sandvich (which heals him when eaten), and his very own fists.
TF2Engineer.png Engineer Team Fortress Engineer, again who is also one of the 9 mercs is a calm little man from Texas. Engineer uses his basic loadout such as his Shotgun, Pistol, and Wrench, but he can also build buildings such as a Sentry Gun, Mini Sentry, Dispenser, and Teleporter. Sentries and Mini Sentries are great for defense, Dispensers are great for healing other teammates, and Teleporters are great from getting players to Point A to B..
Tf2 medic.preview.png Medic Team Fortress Medic is one of the 9 mercs and is basically the helping hand of the group and is from Germany. Medic mainly uses his Syringe Gun, his Medi Gun which basically heals other characters when targeted on and every once in a while when Medic's Ubercharge meter is full, he can enable an ubercharge and him and the other character being ubered are invisible for a short amount of time. He also can use his Bonesaw and Ubersaw which adds Uber to his meter whenever an enemy is hit with it.
Snipertf2.png Sniper Team Fortress Sniper is a grown man from Australia as like the rest he's works for Mann Co and is apart of the 9 mercs. Sniper uses various weapons ranging from his Sniper Rifle, SMG, Jarate (when an enemy is drenched with Jarate that specific enemy/group of enemies take extra damage they're dry), and his Kukri.
Spy.png Spy Team Fortress Spy is a French man who is apart of the 9 mercs of Mann Co. Spy uses an amount of weapons such as his Revolver, Knife, Sapper, Disguise Kit, and Invisibility Watch. Whenever the Spy backstabs someone with his knife, it's an instant kill. The Spy can also use his Sapper against robotic enemies as when he saps one, they take damage as they are unabled to move.
SU Maxwell.png Maxwell Scribblenauts Maxwell is a young boy who owns a magical notebook which summons anything whenever he writes down anything on his notebook. Maxwell can write down anything and can use it as a weapon.
FinnTheHumanBoy.png Finn Adventure Time Finn is a young boy who lives in the vast land of Ooo. Finn has a golden sword and spells he can use any time. He can also call Jake when in need.
JakeTHEDOG.png Jake Adventure Time Jake is Finn's magical talking pet dog as he can be summoned any time by Finn. Jake can use his magical abilities such as his shapeshifting and he can stretch his limbs too so enemies can be fought from a distance.
DipperGFArt.png Dipper Gravity Falls Dipper Pines hails from California as he arrives to the mysterious city of Gravity Falls, Oregon for the summer with his sister Mabel. Dipper has great stealth and speed causing him to become a huge help when in trouble.
MabelGFArt.png Mabel Gravity Falls Mabel Pines is Dipper's sister as she can be summed at any time by her brother. She mainly uses Waddles, her pet pig as an attack as he can be sent out and can fight enemies.
Dovahkiin full body by dremoravalkynaz-d4e2mwu.png Dovakiin Elder Scrolls Dovakiin is the dragonborn who hails from Skyrim as he has many magical spells and weapons. Dovakiin can also use his Unrelenting Force spell which blasts anyone at a far distance when used on them. He can as well use his Clear Skies shout which eliminates all mist and smoke in the way when in an area like this.
Niko Bellic(Grand Theft Auto).png Niko Bellic Grand Theft Auto Niko Bellic is a Europeon who arrived at Liberty City a few years ago. Here he is met at Liberty City where he gives you a case full of weapons such as guns. Niko uses usually guns and melee and these include his own fists, a Baseball Bat, and a Knife. Guns that he uses during battle are his Micro SMG and AK-47, and his throwable is a Grenade.
Michaeldesanta.png Michael De Santa Grand Theft Auto Michael De Santa (previously known as Michael Townley) is a middle aged man who hails from Los Santos, San Andreas. Michael has a wife and two kids as he uses a variety of weapons such as guns and melee. Guns such as a Pistol, SMG, Assault Rifle, and Sticky Bomb are featured as for melee a baseball bat, crowbar, and a golf club. He's also the richest out of the three.
Trevorphillips.png Trevor Phillips Grand Theft Auto Trevor Phillips is a long time friend of Michael who hails from Sandy Shores. and has gone insane after thinking his friend died in a bank robbery in North Yankton. Like Michael and Franklin, Trevor has a set of guns and melee as his set of weapons, guns such as an AP PIstol, Micro SMG, Pump Shotgun and Grenade, and melee weapons such as a Hammer, Knife, and his own fists.
Franklinclinton.png Franklin Clinton Grand Theft Auto Franklin Clinton is a man who is from South Los Santos and is a friend of both Michael and Trevor. Like the two, Franklin has his own set of weapons such as guns and melee. Guns such as a Combat Pistol, Sniper Rifle, MG, and Molotov Cocktail, and melee weapons such as a Beer Bottle, Nightstick, and a Katana. Franklin can also call up his friend's dog, Chop as Chop can bite enemies and take a lot of damage from them. 
Chop.png Chop Grand Theft Auto Chop is Lamar's pet dog, but usually stays with Franklin. Franklin can summon Chop as he can bit enemies which take a lot of damage from them.


Villager Animal Crossing Villager is actually the Mayor of his own city, and he also uses many tools as his weapons such as flower pots, wrenches, and more.
SSBBRZS Quote.png Quote Cave Story Quote is a silent robot from the surface. He uses his Polar Star as his main attack, but he can also use other weapons such as his rockets.
Octodad.png Octodad Octodad Octodad is a typical father of two and is happily married to his wife Scarlet...except he's actually an octopus, but in disguise. Octodad basically uses his tentacles as his main attack, and can summon his two kids Tommy and Stacy and his wife Scarlet when in need of assistance.
Daft Punk.png Thomas and Guy-Man (Daft Punk) N/A Thomas and Guy-Man are two French musicians who both go by the name of Daft Punk. Thomas and Guy-Man play together as a duo and they both have their own abilities that relate to music. When the story mode is beaten the player can also play as them, but unmasked.
Deadpool.gif Deadpool Marvel Deadpool is an anti-hero who usually likes to joke around and break the 4th wall. Deadpool uses his pistols and katanas for his main weapons.
Mordecai character.png Mordecai Regular Show Mordecai is a lazy Blue Jay who works at a park. Mordecai uses many household items as his main attack. He can even summon Rigby when in need.
Rigby character.png Rigby Regular Show Rigy is a raccoon  who works at a park with his best friend Mordecai. Like Mordecai, Rigby can use holdhouse items as his attack, and can even summon Mordecai when in need.


Image Name Series Description


Dream Sequence

Image Name Series Description
Bridge of floating lands.jpeg Bridge of Floating Lands Final Strike A location that The Player was dreaming in. He/She was playing around the area until a dark matter swallowed the area whole slowly destroying it and causing you to fall thousands of feet in the air.
Destroyedworld.jpg A World That Once Was Final Strike The second location in the game and is still apart of The Player's dream. This time it's set in an unknown city on what it seems to be Earth. Enemies featured throughout the game are first seen and fought. No character joins your party here. Watch out for falling debris and search lights, if you are caught by one you will attract a group of enemies' attention.
Dcdestroyed.jpg Destroyed D.C. Final Strike The third location featured in the game and is set at a destroyed Washington D.C. The Player roams around the area looking for an exit as he/she has to venture into a highly dangerous city.
Alienplanet.jpg Alien Planet Final Strike The fourth location in the game and is set in a peaceful alien planet filled with majestice wildlife and plantlife. Your roam around the world as nothing is stopping you...until large meteors strike the land and is as well having a collision with another planet endangering all life on the planet, including you.
Half planet destroyed.jpg Planet Piece Final Strike

The fifth and final location of the game's Dream Sequence as it's located at a half destroyed planet slowly being destroyed by an unknown being and his army. As soon as the planet is officially destroyed after fighting a wave of enemies, you wake up thankfully knowing it was all just a dream.


Image Name Series Description
A nice looking house.jpg The Player's House Final Strike The Player's House is well whereThe Player lives. The first location in the game after the Dream Sequence and is really set in the Real World. No characters are gained here.
Cityskyline.jpg The City Final Strike The second location in the main game, this is where The Player lives. The city is under attack by an army who was featured in The Player's dream. The Player must escape to safety as he/she also has to go through hoardes of enemies. Watch out for moving vehicles some can instant kill you such as large trucks.
Aforest.jpg Floundering Forest Final Strike Forevergreen Forest is the third location featured as it's where The Player heads to after escaping the city from an attack. Here enemies can be hiding as some are found on trees, shrubs, and even underground. Careful, there are trap holes so try to not fall into one.
Themountains.jpg Moutain Range Final Strike The fourth location featured and is a large Mountain range spanding all across the unknown state where The Player lives. Here at first it's flat until you climb onto the mountain and enemies can approach you from a steep width. Falling rocks are an obstacle in this area and no characters are met yet.

Forbidden Caves

Final Strike The Forbidden Caves is a large cave located inside of a mountain and is where The Player's quest finally starts where he/she approaches a vortex which takes them to an unknown location, and meets 9 new friends. It's also the fifth location featured in the game.
TF2 Dustbowl Map.jpg Dustbowl Team Fortress Dustbowl is an abanoned mining area and the sixth location featured in the game. Here, the robots created by Gray Mann have finally invaded the deserted facility and the 9 mercs are left alone to die as there is no hope and Mann Co. would officially be ruined. The Player emerges as he meets all of the 9 mercs as they are all added to his/her party and he/she can pick 3 of any to be in their party and can switch back. Now the ten team up as they fight the hoards of robots infesting Dustbowl, the unknown armada have also invaded as well.
Steelport.jpg Steelport Saints Row Steelport is a large city and is the seventh location in the game. Steelport was once the Saint's propety until the same unknown armada has struck again, as it's following The Player whereever he/she goes. Here, the past gangs such as the Morningstar and Vice Kings have taken back control in a lot of areas and same with the Police. It all changes when the armada attacks and the Saints need extra help. The Player thankfully arrives as he/she and the 9 mercs team up with the leader of the Saints to take down all their known enemies.
Liberty City.jpg Liberty City Grand Theft Auto Liberty City is the eight location featured and is a large city located in the state of Liberty, USA. Liberty City has been locked down by the LCPD as they are currently being invaded by all the same creatures that has been following them. Niko Bellic joins your party as you accidentally get in trouble with the LCPD, now you have to escape via a boat in order to get to Los Santos.
Los Santos.jpg Los Santos Grand Theft Auto Los Santos, a city located in the state of San Andreas, USA and is the ninth location in the game. The entire city is under a riot as more and more of this mysterious armada has been appearing. Here, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin join your party as they guide you through the city as you and everyone with you must escape by jet, but you have to get inside the military base first and that does not go well. 
TownMapNL.png Town Animal Crossing Town is basically a small town with no name. Here the mayor himself, Villager joins your party as his city has been having some trouble as what his residents like to call it a "rodent issue". The Player and his/her party have to battle these "pests" to continue their journey.






Image Name Series Description
Pistol-GTAV.png Pistol N/A The Pistol is the most simple gun in the game. It deals about 3 HP to enemies and is the most all around weapon in the game.
SMG-GTAV.png SMG N/A The SMG is another simple weapon that has a lower firing rate than the Assault Rifle, but has better accuracy. It deals about 4 HP to enemies.
SawnOffShotgun-GTA5.png Sawed-Off Shotgun N/A The Sawed-Off Shotgun is a pump action shotgun that has a high damage rate, but has low range and accuracy. It deals about 5 HP to enemies.
AssaultRifle-GTAV.png Assault Rifle N/A The Assault Rifle is a weapon featured in the game that has a very high firing and damage rate, but has lower accuracy. It deals about 7 HP to enemies.
RocketLauncher-GTAV-inGame.png Rocket Launcher N/A The Rocket Launcher is the most powerful weapon in the game, but is rare to find. It instantly kills an enemy in one hit, but has the slowest firing rate as only one shot can be fired at a time.
GrenadeLauncher-GTAV-HUD.png Grenade Launcher N/A The Grenade Launcher is another powerful weapon, but isn't as strong as the Rocket Launcher, but has the best range as it can be launched far away. It deals about 9 damage to enemies, and it isn't as rare to find unlike the Rocket Launcher.


These Hats are collected throughout the entire game.

Image Name Series
Head Warmer.png Head Warmer Team Fortress 2
Old Guadalajara.png Old Guadalajara Team Fortress 2
K-9 Mane Demoman.png K-9 Mane Team Fortress 2
Ye Olde Baker Boy.png Ye Olde Baker Boy Team Fortress 2
Tyrant's Helm.png Tyrant's Helmet Team Fortress 2
Team Captain.png Team Captain Team Fortress 2
Idiot Box.png Idiot Box Team Fortress 2
Birdcage.png Birdcage Team Fortress 2
Master's Yellow.png Master's Yellow Team Fortress 2
German Gonzila.png German Gonzila Team Fortress 2
Berliner's Bucket Helm.png Berliner's Bucket Helmet Team Fortress 2
Combat Medic's Crusher Cap.png Combat Medic's Crusher Cap Team Fortress 2
Respectless Rubber Glove.png Respectless Rubber Glove Team Fortress 2
Swagman's Swatter.png Swagman's Swatter Team Fortress 2
RED Flamingo Kid.png Flamingo Kid Team Fortress 2
Frenchman's Beret.png Frenchman's Beret Team Fortress 2
Geisha Boy.png Geisha Boy Team Fortress 2
Stealth Steeler.png Stealth Steeler Team Fortress 2
Holiday Headcase.png Holiday Headcase Team Fortress 2
Gifting Man From Gifting Land.png Gifting Man from Gifting Land Team Fortress 2
Backbiter's Billycock.png Backbiter's Billycock Team Fortress 2
Hat of Cards.png Hat of Cards Team Fortress 2
Mann Co. Cap.png Mann Co. Cap Team Fortress 2
Spiral Sallet.png Spiral Sallet Team Fortress 2
Cold Killer.png Cold Killer Team Fortress 2
Sergeant's Drill Hat.png Sergeant's Drill Hat Team Fortress 2
Ol' Geezer.png Ol' Geezer Team Fortress 2
Little Buddy.png Little Buddy Team Fortress 2
Lucky Shot.png Lucky Shot Team Fortress 2
Furious Fukaamigasa.png Furious Fukaamigasa Team Fortress 2
Horrific Headsplitter.png Horrific Headsplitter Team Fortress 2
Wiki Cap.png Wiki Cap Team Fortress 2
Bill's Hat.png Bill's Hat Team Fortress 2 (Reference to Left 4 Dead)
Alien Swarm Parasite.png Alien Swarm Parasite Team Fortress 2
L'Inspecteur.png L'Inspecteur Team Fortress 2
Tin-1000.png Tin-1000 Team Fortress 2
Philateler.png Philateler Team Fortress 2
Party Hat.png Party Hat Team Fortress 2
World Traveler's Hat.png World Traveler's Hat Team Fortress 2
Defiant Spartan.png Defiant Spartan Team Fortress 2
Exquisite Rack.png Exquisite Hat Team Fortress 2
Familiar Fez.png Familiar Fez Team Fortress 2
Tippler's Tricorne.png Tippler's Tricorne Team Fortress 2
Troublemaker's Tossle Cap.png Troublemaker's Tossle Cap Team Fortress 2
Robot Running Man.png Robot Running Man Team Fortress 2
Storm Spirit's Jolly Hat.png Storm Spirit's Jolly Hat Team Fortress 2
Stout Shako.png Stout Shako Team Fortress 2
Lumbricus Lid Helmet.png Lumbricus Lid Helmet Team Fortress 2
Big Elfin Deal.png Big Elfin' Deal Team Fortress 2
Baron von Havenaplane.png Baron Von Havenaplane Team Fortress 2
Whirly Warrior.png Whirly Warrior Team Fortress 2
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