Snake Final Smash

Snake's final smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

A Final Smash is a powerful move that a character can use when they touch a Smash Ball in the Super Smash Bros. series, inlcluding Super Smash Bros. Revolution and Clash. In Super Smash Bros. Kombat, a Final Smash can only be used once per player per match. However in World of Smash, there is a meter which has three bars. Which means that you can only use it three times in a location. When you find a Smash Ball, the meter is fully completely.

Final Smashes appear outside of the Super Smash Bros. series proper in Umbrella Waffle, where it represents some sort of karmic buildup tied to the player's violence and does not reset between matches. A Final Smash can only be used once the Smash Meter has been filled, though a Smash Ball will fill this meter instantly. While all sentient beings in the game have Smash Meters, a meter will only fill if a real or CPU player is controlling them and makes them attack another being.

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