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Fighters of Lapis 4/వరల్డ్స్ కలయిక is the fourth installment in the Fighters of Lapis series. This one will be combining elements from all of the Lapis games. The roster started from scratch again and there will about more or less the same amount of characters there was in Fighters of Lapis 3. Tabuu is not the main villian, a character named the Fusionist is.


Similar to the first and second game, there are lots of things to do.

There is like, seven main modes: Brawl, Reactor of Darkness, Tournament, Multi-Man Melee, Adventure, Classic, Boss Rush, L-Mode, Synthesis, King Candy's Fungeon and Gallery.

In Brawl, 8 characters can be on the field at a time. However, it is highly recommended you play with just 4. Items can be turned off, but that's only if your a sissy. Each and every character has a super move which they can charge through fighting. Items can now be equipped to characters, whether it be a weapon or a healing item.

Reactor of Darkness focuses on the final days of the Lapisverse. It is a little long.

Tournament is just where if you have a party of people you can switch in and out.

Multi-Man Melee is where you fight evil versions of characters that you've unlocked.

Adventure Mode is a mode that has you pick a character to go through many different stages up against other characters, who each have random effects and dialog towards certian characters. At the end, you face off Landshark or Greg.

Classic pits you off on random fighters much like Adventure, but with no minigames. You fight Master and Crazy hand at the end.

Boss Rush lets you pick three characters to play as to be fight off the bosses from story mode. They are done in a random order (for the exception of ???) and is unlocked after beating story mode.

City Trial is a large stage where a group of characters can free roam the said large stage and meet/unlock other characters. After a certain amount of time is spent exploring the city, 3–7 minutes depending on the options set beforehand (default is 5 minutes), a match begins, where the players can put their new characters up against the other players in one of several different challenges.

Championship Cups is a collection of fighting matches against other characters and features a boss at the end. The victor gets the cup and a new character. There will probably be around 30 cups.

L-Mode is a dating simulator, using models from the game. It features it's own overworld and aside from dating, has shops which you can purchase Synthesis items.

Synthesis can be used to fuse items together to get better items. Ingredients can be found randomly, bought, found in a chest in "Reactor of Darkness" or obtained through doing certain things.

Gallery showcases all your trophies as well as other achivements. It's also where items are stored.

King Candy's Fungeon, a unlockable mode that puts you in a dungeon with several floors. Each floor has different fighters and once you K.O them, they join you. Several new characters can be unlocked as well.

There is also a mode to input codes. Codes are listed in the article.


The theme for this game is Alex Clare - Too Close. This plays during the opening.

The screen is black, gradually turning white and then focuses on Destiny Islands. Sora is relaxing on the beach when suddenly a fireball from Mario goes past him. Sora draws the keyblade, but is attacked by Mai Shiranui. Just then, Riku's Keyblade is thrown at her, knocking her down. Riku comes into view and Sora and him fight Mario and Mai back to back. Sonic whizzes in, taking the four out, but is knocked down by a green fireball by Luigi.

Luigi is then lifted up by Tails who then drops him by Villager who is currently cutting down all the palm trees. A pirate ship with Risky Boots and Bonne Jenet comes by, with Shantae attacking the two. Suddenly a grappling hook hits a palm tree, and Dipper and Mabel come down and attack Villager and Luigi.

Turning back onto the action of Mario and Sora fighting, Kirby suddenly sucks in Mario and copies his fire abilities. A soccer ball whizzes by Kirby, the soccer ball coming from Peach. Deadpool comes from the bottom of the screen and attacks Kirby.

Peira and Sheyna are relaxing on the beach when suddenly a volleyball from Panty and Stocking hits them. Peira and Sheyna attack them in retaliation. Suddenly Zak attacks the four by spinning his strechy arms, knocking them onto opposite sides of the beach. Peira is slammed into Shantae on the boat and Panty and Stocking end up landing near Deadpool.

Suddenly in the middle of the island a red hand springs out from the ground, revealing the Fusionist. Everyone attacks him, joined by the other starting characters.

The intro then ends.


Reactor of Darkness

The Lapis universe has been brought back... but how? Mario and the others try to find out while dealing with a character named the Fusionist that is fusing several things together and their own dark sides.

Now found here!

Starting Characters

There will be a total of 60.

total count 60/60

Image Name Series Info
WiiU-3DS SmashBros char01 E3.png Mario Super Mario Mario has been in every Fighters of Lapis game so it's no surprise to see him again. He fights with fireballs and kart racing.
Luigi-M&LDT.png Luigi Super Mario Luigi returns as well. He has higher jumps and lower attack strength when compared to his brother. He can also use dream abilities.
Hedgehog by itshelias94-d5wl87o.png Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest hedgehog alive, a position with a surprising amount of competitors. He uses his super speed and his wisp friends to attack.
223px-ASR Tails.png Tails the Fox Sonic the Hedgehog Best friend of Sonic. He can fly unlike Sonic. in your face sonic He is not as fast as Sonic but he still has his own devices he can use such as a mech.
Tumblr mgw4pervfA1rsc8uro1 5001.png Mai Shiranui King of Fighters Mai, like much of the characters in this box, has been in every single Fighters of Lapis. She is a female ninja with an ability to create and control fire, which explains the fans. Speaking of fans, she uses two paper fans and fire to fight.
BonneJenet3.jpg Bonne Jenet King of Fighters A pirate who despite coming from a rich background, would rather steal money than ask. At a chance to redeem herself, she uses her fighting style which involves hitting people with her high heels and slaps.
Sheyna.png Sheyna Lapis Hearts Introduced in Fighters of Lapis 3, she returns with the same abilities she had last time. She also gets to use abilities from Peira and Sheyna, the comic that she and Peira appear in which includes duck tape and drill arms.
PeiraNoidPeacockDress.png Peira Noid Peira and Sheyna A newcomer to the fighting of Lapises. She can use tentacles as whips and dual hand guns that are blessed by angels. She's a half demon though, so it's weird that they don't melt her hands or something stupid like that.
100px Zak Doodleland Zak returns with his stretchy arms and gunblade that shoots plasma. He has a new ability where he can ensnare an opponent in an arm cage, but otherwise he remains the same as he was in Fighters of Lapis 3. How boring!
240px-Skyward-Sword-Link.png Link The Legend of Zelda The mute hero in green and baggy pants returns! He uses the sword from Skyward Sword still and uses flaming arrows.
Loz-skyward-sword 15.png Zelda The Legend of Zelda Link's childhood friend. She can turn into Shiek and use magic. Whatever.
UntenArend.png Unten That One Series With The Really Long Name That I Do Not Wish To Remember Unten is Fantendo's mascot, but you wouldn't really know that by the amount of stuff he's in. He uses mostly brute strength and his ally Fanti who uses electrical attacks.
PitSSB4.png Pit Kid Icarus Pit has recently returned from years and years of inactivity. He uses weapons like Guardian Orbiters and Aurum Palm as part of his attacks. He can also fly a little bit but not too much. His wings don't really work.
PalutenaBrawl.png Palutena Kid Icarus Palutena returns after not appearing in the last two games. Palutena is Pit's goddess and Pit follows whatever she says. She isn't a very mobile character per say, most of her attacks are ranged and she floats instead of walking. She attacks with mostly light-based attacks and orbs.
DipperAndMabel.png Dipper and Mabel Gravity Falls Known as the mystery twins or the Shooting Star and the Pine Tree, these two twins uncovered a few mysteries in Gravity Falls but now they're going to uncover a even bigger mystery: why is there a fourth game? Dipper can summon the Multi Bear and clones. Mabel attacks with a grappling hook and bedazzler. Even though they're two very different characters, they fight together.
Megamansmashbros.png Megaman Megaman He was a super duper secret character in the last game (seriously, he was tough to get) but this time he's here from the get go. He fights robot masters by some evil scientist named Dr. Wily. As such, he gets those powers from defeating them, and he can use them here along with Rush and his Megabuster.
Sora KHIII.png Sora Kingdom Hearts Sora appears again, but with more of a Dream Drop Distance vibe about him. As one of the people in the series that can use a keyblade, he can deal heavy damage with his own Kingdom Key. He uses magic like Firaga and Balloonga. He can also parkour off the stage and use Superglide.
KH2-Riku cg.png Riku Kingdom Hearts Riku is a newcomer. Like Sora, he uses mainly abilities from Dream Drop Distance. He also bears a keyblade like Sora. He uses Dark Firaga and Doubleflight just to name a few of his attacks. He is also stronger than Sora.
I WILL EAT ALL OF YOUR PASTA WHILE YOU WATCH; MARIO Villager Animal Crossing Villager appeared in the 3rd Fighters of Lapis game after watching from the sidelines in the first two. He appears again, this time in a top spot. He uses tools from his game and balloons to recover.
Mordecai character.png Mordecai Regular Show Mordecai is a blue jay who works at The Park. He and friend Rigby go on strange adventures in mundane situations. Mordecai is slightly stronger than Rigby and uses a guitar and a golf cart to attack. He also has abilities like Death Kwon Do.
Rigby character.png Rigby Regular Show Rigby is a raccoon who hangs out with Mordecai. He is faster than Mordecai and has sharp claws at his disposal. He is slightly weaker than Mordecai and can use a time machine.
AVGN PNG.png Angry Video Game Nerd Cinemassacre Otherwise known as the AVGN or The Nerd, The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews crappy games while cursing up a storm. The Nerd has no new abilities from the previous game.
Nostalgia Critic PNG.png Nostalgia Critic That Guy With The Glasses The Critic reviews crappy movies in the vein of the AVGN. He also has some what of an issue concerning sanity. He can now summon Satan to help him out.
1ATFinnStand.png Finn Adventure Time He's the go-to hero for the land of Ooo. Finn uses sword-based attacks as well using Ice Ninja techniques.
JakeTHEDOG.png Jake Adventure Time Jake is a magic dog with stretchy dog powers. He can also use magical techniques from his Wizard Student training.
Kirby Wii.png Kirby Kirby Kirby is puff ball who eats a lot and can suck up his enemies and steal their powers. He can copy the ability of any character in this game by sucking them up. He can also use stone abilities and a rapid punch.
Filia2.png Filia Skullgirls Filia was once a average schoolgirl, but then she woke up with a parasite named Samson as her hair. She uses Samson to attack, who has an array of shapes and forms he uses to attack in.
PatricaWagon2.png Patricia Wagon Mighty Switch Force Patrica Wagon is not only a space cop, but a fire fighter as well. She can push blocks from the foreground to attack as well as using a gun and a hose.
Chie Satonaka.png Chie Satonaka Persona Chie is a second-year student in Yasogami High School and an ardent fan of martial arts. In addition to her martial art skills, she can use her Persona, Tomoe Gozen of the Chariot Arcana, a muscular female figure wearing a yellow outfit reminiscent of Bruce Lee's "Game of Death" costume, wielding a double bladed Naginata.
Quote.jpg Quote Cave Story Quote is a silent robot who appears as the protagonist of Cave Story. He uses the Polar Star, a gun with all around power. He can also use a jet pack.
Curly.jpg Curly Cave Story Curly is Quote's companion in Cave Story and is playable in "Curly Story". She uses the Machine Gun, which has limited ammo but packs a strong punch. She can also use the bubbler to create a barrier.
ManOfSteelSuperman.png Superman Superman Superman, otherwise known as the last son of Krypton, is one of the first superheroes ever made and one of the most iconic. He has super strength that launches characters horizontal and laser eyes and freeze breath. The one question I want to know is how he shaves.
GeneralZodManOfSteel.png General Zod Superman While Zod is not generally Superman's biggest foe, he is introduced a lot in the movies starring Superman due to them sharing an origin story. He shares some of the same moves as Superman such as heat vision and flight, but he is even more stronger than Superman if some what slower due to his armor. He also uses Kryptonian weaponry.
Kirk.jpg James Kirk Star Trek James T. Kirk, the captain of the Enterprise. James T. Kirk was the son of Starfleet officer George Kirk, first officer of the USS Kelvin and his wife Winona Kirk. Kirk uses the phaser as well as skydiving.
Touko.png Touko/Hilda Pokemon Touko has been in a Fighters of Lapis game before, but not as starting character. She is a Pokemon trainer from the Unova region and thus uses Pokemon from that region. She uses Snivy, Sawk, and Zoroark as her pokemon and can swap them out similar to Pokemon Trainer from Brawl.
WW Artwork Wario 3.jpg Wario Wario Wario was an unlockable character before, but here he is a starter. He's quite the slob and reeks of garlic. However instead of using moves from the Warioware series, he uses mostly moves from the Wario Land series which includes shoulder charging and breathing fire.
Ness the awesome.png Ness Earthbound Ness is a boy with physic powers and he went with three others to stop an alien threat called Giygas. He uses PSI attacks such as PK Rockin' and PK Fire. He also can use a yoyo and a baseball bat.
Samus SSB4.png Samus Metroid Samus is a bounty hunter with a powered suit. She exterminated the entire Metroid race once and now she's investigating a substance called Phazon. She uses the arm cannon on her suit to attack and can drop bombs. She can switch to a nimbler suit called the Zero Suit.
Folder4000 render.jpg Zero Suit Samus Metroid Samus is a bounty hunter, now with a sleeker suit. She exterminated the entire Metroid race once and now she's investigating a substance called Phazon. Her plasma whip now has a better grip, and she is a lot more athletic compared to her power suit.
R.O.B..png R.O.B Gyromite R.O.B is a robot that came packaged with the original Nintendo console. He only worked with two games, neither all that great. He much better known as his smash incarnation, where he was the leader of a advanced society of R.O.Bs. That civilization is back now, and now he must take control of his own people. He attacks using laser beams and gyros.
Deadpool.gif Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool is a mutant with Wolverine's healing factor in order to cure his cancer. He uses a katana and a teleporter in his attacks.
Lucina official art.jpg Lucina Fire Emblem Lucina is a strong willed and driven woman who is determined to alter the dark future she came from. She uses a sword to attack. She does not have good resistance to special attacks.
PantyandStocking.png Panty and Stocking Panty and Stocking Otherwise known as the Anarchy sisters, the two were kicked out of heaven for their bad behavior. Panty uses two guns while Stocking uses two katanas. Both of them can't be on the field at the same time, so one will sit on the couch in the background while the other fights.
Ofclboxart cfm Hatsune Miku-illu.png Miku Hatsune Vocaloid Miku Hatsune is a Vocaloid. She attacks using her singing and leeks.
Calvin-and-hobbes-e1328550590232.jpg Calvin and Hobbes Calvin and Hobbes Calvin is a kid with a over active imagination and owns many weird gizmos like ones that let him transform into other beings. Hobbes is a tiger with much brute force. Together they fight other people. They also make mutant snowmen.
Shantae main.png Shantae Shantae A half genie who saved her home from a pirate twice. She can use her hair as a whip and can transform into several different animal forms.
Dib Invader Zim.jpg Dib Invader Zim Dib can use a mech suit from a alternative time line and can use his giant head to attack. He's also crazy.
Troy and Abed.jpg Troy and Abed Community The duo are the best of friends and run a morning show together. They use paintball guns, a freaky friday dvd, and more as attacks.
Princess peach test render mario strikers charge by luigimariogmod-d5s25jy.png Peach Super Mario Bros Although Peach is now wearing her strikers outfit, she still uses toads and turnips to attack characters. She can use the striker ball as one her moves though, so that outfit isn't just for show.
Captain America.jpg Captain America The Avengers The first Avenger. He attacks using his shield and shoddy aim.
PacmanLAPIS4.png Pacman Pacman Pacman, the biggest gaming icon in all of video gaming... before the Video Game market crashed. He's been trying to get into his number one spot for years and years now, and failing every time. But this time, he'll do whatever it takes to usurp the spot from Mario. His moveset is based off primary on his Ghostly Adventures incarnation, so he sucks up opponents and eats them, as well as using special powers.
Mrincredible large.jpg Mr. Incredible The Incredibles Mr. Incredible is back in action once again! He's been in every single Fighters of Lapis game, so it's not too big of a surprise to see him again. He uses his strength as his main way to attack, but it's not fair to say that's the only thing he uses to help fight. Violet and Dash also help him to fight with her shielding powers and his fast dash attacks.
Frog Racoon Strawberry.png Frog Raccoon Strawberry Frog Raccoon Strawberry It's Frog Raccoon Strawberry, the frog-themed superhero. Who's a raccoon. Named Strawberry. She can summon Frogbull and open up Froggyspace portals.
Madotsuki.png Madotsuki Yume Nikki A very... odd girl. She uses effects found in her dreams and her knife to attack.
Maxwell 2.png Maxwell Scribblenaunts Maxwell is a guy with a notebook that allows him to spawn anything. This is not limited to robotic fire breathing dinosaurs or obese grumpy cyborg cats. However, these things are part of a randomized system utilized in his move-set.
JoannaDarkZero.png Joanna Dark Perfect Dark Joanna is an operative for the Carrington Institute, where she was given the code name "Perfect Dark" in honor of her flawless performance in training tests. Joanna is a highly skilled marksman, a lethal hand to hand combat fighter, and an expert pilot and driver.
LoneRanger.png The Lone Ranger The Lone Ranger The Lone Ranger is a a ranger seeking to dish justice. Believed to be dead at one point, he now wears a mask to hide his identity. He uses improbable aiming skills as well his horse Silver.
GrimBillyMandy.png Grim, Billy, and Mandy The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy This triad consists of the grim reaper and some kids. Grim uses his scythe as well as spells. Mandy on the other hand, doesn't seem to be into attacking at all, seeing as stupid and will just throw eggs and bombs. Billy uses toilet paper and peanuts, as well as his fear of clowns.
Spiderman.jpg Spiderman Spiderman Spiderman swings back into action! He uses his webshooters as well as his spider sense and super strength to attack his enemies. He can also use his web-slinging powers for all sorts of swinging mayhem.
Manamia.png Mirania The Last Story Skilled in arcane healing arts, Mirania specializes in recovery magic. Some think of her as a deeply mysterious and spiritual person, while others consider her a bit of a weirdo. Whichever way you look at it, there's no doubt that Mirania is unique.
HomerNew.png Homer The Simpsons Homer Simpson is the father of the Simpsons Family. Fat and lazy, it's quite a wonder on how he was convinced to fight once again. He uses doughnuts as projectiles, gets drunk, and strangles characters.
Kill la kill 1 by ror362-d6p8ju8.png Ryuko Kill la Kill Ryuko is armed with one half of a giant scissor and has a living suit on her body that can transform into a powerful suit that enhances her speed and strength.

Unlockable Characters


Image Name Series Info Unlocked By
Elastigirl 4.jpg Elastigirl The Incredibles Elastigirl is the wife of Mr. Incredible, and is extremely flexible like Jake. She is also friends with pilots, and call a plane to help her out. Playing 10 matches.
Sackboy grabinators.png Sackboy Little Big Planet Sackboy returns from a long, long, long, long, long, not that long, absence. He uses the grabbinators and other machines and tools from his respective game. Win 50 Matches.
HooliganSisters.png Hooligan Sisters Mighty Switch Force These no-gooders are always escaping custody and Patrica always has to put their butts back in jail. They are pretty weak alone but together they're pretty powerful. Complete Classic Mode with Patrica Wagon on any difficulty.
Blacklight.png Blacklight Kirby and Kid Icarus: Ascend These creatures invaded Dreamland and Earth, and are immensely powerful. They use their blades, which are retractable. Complete Adventure Mode with Pit or Kirby on any difficulty.
Genosect by pokedex himori-d32apkw.png Genosect Pokemon Genesect is the last Pokemon in the Unvoa dex. He was created by Team Plasma in order to create the perfect Pokemon. The project was shut down as N saw as in-perfecting perfection, but the work continued. He uses Techno Blast and can switch out from several drives which change his attacks. Complete Classic Mode with Touko on any difficulty.
Anju.jpg Anju Zelda Anju first appeared in Ocrania of Time where she tended some cuccos. She later appeared in Majora's mask with a bigger role as a side quest. Here, she's some what of a joke character and only has two special moves: releasing a Cucco and throwing Rupees and Mysterious Shells. However, attacking the Cucco will unleash a swarm of Cuccos that will attack whoever attacked the Cucco. She can additionally use a Cucco to float. Complete Classic Mode with Zelda on any difficulty.
Faora.png Faora Superman Faora-Ui is a lieutenant of General Zod and excels at hand-to-hand combat. She can fly and use "mental lightning" and Horo-Kanu. She does not have laser eyes or freeze breath. Complete Classic Mode with General Zod on any difficulty.
NESmario.png NES Mario Super Mario Brothers The original Super Mario Brother. He's a bit of a joke character due to the fact he can only get hit twice, but he has an advantage; he has no knockback unlike all the other fighters. When he jumps on some one's head, he can quickly damage them like no tomorrow. He can also heal himself by getting a mushroom/fireflower from a block. Complete Classic Mode with Mario on Normal.
Shadow Sonic Channel.png Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic's darker and edgier "brother". He uses Chaos attacks and uses his rocket shoes, which take time to build up speed. Playing as Sonic and Tails 30 times.
MonaGameWario.png Mona Wario Mona is a employee at Warioware Inc. She is seen doing mostly part-time jobs and has an array of animals by her side. She attacks using pizza and photographs. Complete Classic Mode with Wario on Normal.
GameandWatchBell.png Mr. Game and Watch Game and Watch Game and Watch was a collection of games that not only functioned as games but also told time, hence the name. Mr. Game and Watch is combination of several of those characters and uses pesticides and judging mallets to fight. Complete Adventure Mode with NES Mario on Easy.
102333 Irate Gamer 2.jpg Irate Gamer Irate Gamer Irate Gamer returns. He is a reviewer in the vein of Nostalgia Critic and AVGN (especially AVGN) but he's really bad at it. He's nearly impossible to win with, seeing as most of his moves cause little damage to others and hurts himself. He is not required to be unlocked. Loose 10 matches.
Xenomorph2.png Xenomorph Alien Xenomorph returns and has been nerfed a little. His face hugging can now be taken off and dishes out less damage and becomes more reliant on groups. Win 566 matches.
Galacta22.png Galacta Galacta: Daughter of Galactus Galacta is the estranged daughter of Galactus and has been living on Earth for an undetermined amount of time in the guise of a Human Woman named Gali. She uses purple plasma beams from her hands and bites other characters. Win the Marvel Cup of Champions.
Mira-Clay-mira-clay-20834563-293-462.png Mira Clay Bakugan Mira Clay is the leader of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance and was a member of the Vexos for a short time. Using the Subterra attribute, she uses Baliton as her Trap Bakugan and Magma Wilda as her Guardian Bakugan. She is a 16 year old Vestal and uses her Bakugan to fight. Win the 'Mon Cup of Champions.
306px-Phosphora2.png Phosphora Kid Icarus Phosphora is one of Virdi's commanders in her army called the forces of Nature. She uses lightning based attacks and create storms. She can also turn into lightning, making her a very fast character. Complete Classic Mode with Palutena on Normal.
Scanty & Kneesocks.png Scanty and Kneesocks Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Scanty and Kneesocks are the rivals of the Anarchy sisters, aka Panty and Stocking. They use revolvers and scythes, respectively. Complete Classic Mode with Panty and Stocking on Hard.
Hoshizora sakana.png Hoshizora Sakana UTAUloids Hoshizora is an Lovaloid, a Vocaloid that was created for voice banks that work on Vocal Synthesizer Tool UTAU. She uses Milly, her hammer as well as Starfish. Complete Classic Mode with Miku Hatsune on Hard.
PaperJamDipper.png Paper Jam Dipper Gravity Falls Basically a worsened version of the Dipper and Mabel character, with only Dipper and his attacks are far weaker and slower. A joke character at it's finest. Do a match with four Dippers fighting at once.
HanSolo.jpg Han Solo Star Wars Han Solo is a smuggler. Unlike Luke, he doesn't need the force, only his quick thinking and laser pistol. This, along with his piloting skills and good luck, makes him a very skilled and complicated character to use, but with huge pay-off. Complete Adventure with Luke Skywalker.
Terminator.jpg T-800 Terminator The T-800 is from the Series 800 of Terminators. The character begins with the skin of another human character in the roster, however they use the T-800's moveset. Complete Event 8.
NINJABREADMAN.jpg Ninjabread Man Ninjabread Man Ninjabread Man is from one of the worst Wii games ever made. He attacks using his sword, which has a high percentage of missing, but if it does hit it reduces the character to jam. Fight 10 matches in the Candy Kingdom stage.
LegoHanSolo.jpg Lego Han Solo Lego Star Wars Lego Han Solo hails from the very successful Lego video game series. Lego Han Solo is similar to Han Solo, but his move set is slightly different as well as being simplified. He fires a fast laser and can use bricks to build. Complete Classic with Han Solo.
Dreambert-M&LDT.png Dreambert Mario and Luigi Dreambert is the leader of the Pi'illo people. He uses dream attacks similar to some of Luigi's new moves, but also uses dream moves that Luigi doesn't use, such as Dream Void, Dream Drill, and Dream Tree. Win the Mushroom Cup.
Amazon Pandora2.png Amazon Pandora Kid Icarus She has great skill in swordsmanship and attacks with heart-shaped blasts of energy. She also has a heart-shaped barrier to deflect attacks and also demonstrates the ability to levitate. Despite all her power, she is not above fighting dirty, sometimes feigning defeat to claim the upper hand. Win the Skyworld Cup.
Kronk.png Kronk Disney While he appears tough, Kronk is just a big old softie that enjoys cooking. He can use Yzma's pope-chair thing to fly and can summon a chandelier to attack. Finish classic with 10 characters.
The-stig.gif The Stig Top Gear A mysterious driver that appears on Top Gear. Silent and deadly, his mind was erased when he got on the show. The Stig is a fast character and drives a car. Have a Ruby Racers save file or unlock him in Adventure by beating it on Difficult.
NotVillager.png "Villager" Tumblr A mysterious clone of Villager who's far more insane. He came from a future where he killed everyone in Super Smash Bros 4. He uses his very bloody axe and other "tools" to attack. Complete Classic as Villager.
ToonDedede.png Toon Dedede Kirby Right Back At Ya! A western speaking and illiterate penguin-like king. Constantly trying to beat Kirby, he uses his hammer and his assistant Escargoon. Complete Adventure as Kirby.
JIFFYTHEHEDGEHOG.png Jiffy the Hedgehog Hedgehog Dash Pro A quick brown hedgehog who likes to go quick. He uses his super quick speed to take out his enemies. And he is totally not related to that Sonic guy, nope. Run through the Quick Forest as Sonic.
Hades Disney transparent.png Hades Hercules He's the god of the dead. And he's tired of being uninvited to every single Fighters of Lapis. So now he's really mad. He attacks using mostly fire and his two minions. Just hope you don't get chucked into the Pit of Souls... Unlock the Underworld Gate in City Trial.
BlackRockShooter.png Black★Rock Shooter Black★Rock Shooter Black★Rock Shooter is the titular character and main protagonist of many projects, including the anime OVA Black★Rock Shooter, the RPG of the same name, the anime series and the manga Black★Rock Shooter ~Innocent Soul~. She was an original concept created by huke who participated in the release of the song "Black★Rock Shooter" by supercell. As for how she attacks? She shoots with her gun and is skilled in combat. Finish Adventure as Miku Hatsune on Hard.
DonDavis.png Don Davis Esh's Aurunmilla Eh? Don? Ok? Go? Woah! Don Davis teleported to the Lapisverse on his way to rescue Sindy. He uses a hanglider, his sword and teleporters. Play on Stage No 011 five times.
Lemonade2222.png Lemonade Strawberry Raccoon Frog The former rival of Strawberry Raccoon Frog. While she has a civilian identity, she is not very good at hiding the fact she is Lemonade. She uses lemon bombs and lemon fists to fight. Complete Adventure as Strawberry Raccoon Frog.
Project Universal Mewtwo.png Mewtwo Pokemon Mewtwo is another Pokemon experiment like Genesect. This is why they are the best of friends, over this mutual bond they both share. Mewtwo plays the same as last game, with telepathic powers and energy balls, but he also has access to his Awakened form. Complete Adventure as Genesect or Touko.
TheChallenger.png The Challenger ChallengerApproaching The mascot of the tumblr blog ChallengerApproaching. He attacks using rocking guitar solos and using office chairs. He also can ride a cloned Ridley. Randomly during a odd-numbered match, the challenger approaching screen will show up, and then he will ascend down into the battle field.
GameboyHorror.png Gameboy Horror Fighters of Lapis E. Gadd's original vision of the Gameboy Horror. A walking slave to serve his needs, Gameboy Horror can now only communicate in beeps and boops as it tries to communicate with others. He walks around sluggishly, but can summon enemies from Gameboy games to help him out. Make the Game Boy Horror SP
Ice Queen.png Ice Queen Adventure Time Ice Queen is from Ice King's fan-fiction world, where everyone's gender has been switched. Ice Queen on the other hand, heavily differs from Ice King, being actually competent and having raised Cake. She uses powers and being able to disguise herself as another character. Finish Adventure as Finn or Jake.
Mephiles the Dark.png Mephiles the Dark Sonic the Hedgehog Existing in what is quite possibly the worst Sonic universe, Mephiles the Dark appears in the Lapisverse. He seems to only crave destruction, and his plan revolved around making a girl cry. He also has quite the habit of waving his hand around while speaking. He summons shadows and can teleport behind others in order to surprise attack them. Finish Adventure as Shadow.
Toon Sub-Zero.png Toon Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins Toon Sub-Zero differs from Sub Zero due to being able to exist as a CGI character and a 2D animated character. He can freeze people and create slippery snow traps. Fight him in the Avengers Tournament in City Trial.
Toon Sonya.png Toon Sonya Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins Toon Sonya is from the dreadfully awful 30 minute movie "Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins". She hangs out with her friends Toon Liu Kang and Toon Johnny Cage, and can ask for assistance from them. She is not entirely helpless though, as she has her blades. Fight her in the Avengers Tournament in City Trial.
Classic sonic from sonic generations by angelicagarcia-d54gai7.png Classic Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog The younger version of Sonic the Hedgehog. He lacks the wisps and homing attack that Sonic has, but he can smash boxes to get shields. Complete Adventure as Sonic.
LAND SHARK by Xeqz.png Landshark Fighters of Lapis This guy has been in every Lapis game so far... and now this game marks his first playable appearance. Quick and swift, this shark has learned to adapt to land and keeps his deadliness that he had in water with bites and almost spider-like fishing nets. Complete Adventure as Reptflux.
BeckProfile.png Beck Mighty No. 9 Beck is the spirtual succesor of Megaman, no doubt about that. But what makes him different is he's a transformer; he can reshape his body to use different types of attacks and weapons. He can turn into a tank, use spring-loaded hands, pull himself apart if he really wanted to. Complete Adventure as Megaman.
NemiPic.png Nemi Montaya Nemi Uses dragons, brutal force and silliness to fight. Play a legendary 50,000,000 matches or use the code MONTOYA.
Ananzi2.png Ananzi The Black Heart She trained all her life to serve her father and wants to prove herself to him. She does this by controlling spiders and turning into a giant spider herself. Play as Nemi 75 times.
Iceking.png Ice King Adventure Time While he uses ice powers and can freeze opponents, when compared to his gender-flipped counterpart, he's almost a joke. However, when he's mad he can become quite an formidable foe. Finish Classic as Finn or Jake.
LukeSKywalker.png Luke Skywalker Star Wars Luke is the main protagonist in the classic trilogy Star Wars. He uses the lightsaber and the force. He can also use a landspeeder to mow down foes. Play 600 Battles.
Korra-Waterbending.png Korra Legend of Korra Korra is the avatar after Aang. She uses waterbending to attack, although she has mastered all five types of bending. Finish Adventure as five characters.
Tonto.png Tonto Lone Ranger An Indian who believes in the mystical. He uses a tomahawk, trading, and spirits of Indian myth to attack opponents. Finish Adventure as 10 characters.
Japanesespiderman.jpg Japanese Spiderman Toei Spiderman It's Spiderman! But not as you remember him. Here Spider Man is a motorcycle racer with rope instead of webs. He also has a giant robot in addition to a sweet car. Finish Adventure as 20 characters.
Loler64.png LOLer64 LOL.pc RPG LOLer64 is a character that LOLer64 made. He is considered a even bigger joke character than the Irate Gamer, with none of his attacks actually doing any damage at all, and in some cases, only hurt himself. He attacks with memes, but no only does he do them entirely wrong but they're nearly four or more years old. Whenever he walks, he looks like a abstract painting. Synthesize the Abstract Painting.
VigoreArt.png Vigore Doodleland Vigore is a character that almost feeds off pain, saying that it relaxes him. Besides that, it seems like he likes inflicting pain on others as well, throwing free-throws with basketballs and shooting a black fire ball shaped like a dragon called the "Eye of the Sweaty Giraffe". Finish Classic as 20 characters.
Tharja (FE13 Artwork).png Tharja Fire Emblem Tharja is a slightly obsessive Dark mage hailing from Plegia. Her spells vary from common colds, to falsifying memories in the minds of anyone she chooses. She uses dark magic attacks. Finish Classic as Lucina.
MASKEDMAN.png Masked Man Mother/Earthbound Lucas had a brother named Claus. But Claus was turned into the Masked Man by Porky/Pokey. He has PSI moves, and a sword based attacks. He has several powerful attacks, and the ability to glide. Face off against King Porky in Boss Battles.
X Y Serena.png Serena Pokémon The newest Pokemon trainer who originates from the Kalos region. She uses Froakie, Meowstic, and Pyroar to attack. Finish Adventure Mode as Touko.
Valentine2.png Valentine Skullgirls Valentine is the only survivor of the Last Hope, a group of special Anti-Skullgirl Lab operatives. Now Valentine dutifully serves the Skullgirl, carrying out her will from the shadows. Uses medical equipment to attack. She is also extremely fast. Play as Filia 50 times.
150px-Syndrome.jpg Syndrome The Incredibles Syndrome is a foe of the Incredibles, who used technology to imitate super powers. He uses said gadgets to attack using zero-point energy and to rocket up in the air. Play as Mr. Incredible 666 times.
Wreck it Ralph.jpg Wreck It Ralph Fix It Felix Jr. Wreck It Ralph is the bad guy of Fix It Felix Jr, but he's not a bad guy. He uses his big fist to smash things and throw with huge strength. Synthesize the Wreck-It-Brick.
Rosalina, Mario Kart 7.png Rosalina Super Mario Bros Rosalina commands the Comet Observatory. She is a very powerful figure, as her duty is to watch over and protect the cosmos as well as the Lumas. She uses Lumas and star-bits to attack. Play as Peach 10 times.
Adam sandler.png Adam Sandler Hollywood adam sandler is a movie star. he don't attack great but the sheer volum of he attacks shuld give any1 trooble. he cun also turn intu his sista jill. synthesizzle the razzyburry awar
Roxas Brawl Style 2.png Roxas Kingdom Hearts Roxas is the Nobody of Sora. He struggles with existential fears. He like Sora, can wield the Keyblade, but he can also bring out a second one without resorting to a drive form as well as commanding Samurai nobodies. Play through Adventure as Sora.
KingDedede.png King Dedede Kirby The more serious King Dedede. He uses a rocket powered hammer as well as being able to suck up enemies for damage. He can't copy abilities though. Play through Adventure as Toon Dedede.
SteveHarvester.png Steve Harvester A amnesiac who woke up in the town of harvest. Forced to violent acts for a cult named the Lodge, Steve fights with electrical tape and a axe, along with other tools of murder. Find the Harvest Game in either City Trial or in The Lodge in Story Mode.
Aya dravis render by clairerinoa-d5wkmhd.png Aya Mad Father Aya is just a girl who really loves her family. She uses a chainsaw, a matchbox, and a mandrake. Find her in the basement in City Trial.
Goeniko.png Goeniko MUGEN She has the power to control the wind. She is not very fast, but is very deadly with what she has to work with. Play 100,000 matches.
Labrys.png Labrys Persona Labrys is a mechanical maiden with pale skin, blueish gray hair and piercing red eyes similar to Metis, dressed in Yasogami High's summer uniform which covers some parts of her mechanical body. One of the most interesting features about her design is her head piece which resembles a medieval helmet. There is also the large battle axe which also double as thrusters to allow her to fly. The thrusters on the axe is propelled independently to give extra momentum to her swings. Complete Adventure with Chie.
Aladdin-Lamp.jpg Aladdin Aladdin Aladdin was a thief until he found a magical lamp that not only could grant him three wishes, but give him the greatest friend he could ever have. He uses a sword and apples to attack, and can get help from Genie and Abu. Synthesize the Genie Lamp.
MikeDawson.png Mike Dawson Darkseed A real wimp that fails at nearly everything. Somehow, he managed to save the world from the Ancients that reside in the Dark World once. He uses Dark World objects and other mundane objects to attack. Synthesize the Dark Mirror.
Davestrider.gif Dave Strider Homestuck Dave Strider is a friend of John Egbert in Homestuck. He is obsessed with being cool, which manifests itself in his unceasing pursuit of new ironic depths. He fights with a stash of crappy ninja swords and his sprite. Find the 5 secret Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff comics in City Trial.
WillSmithFish.jpg Oscar the Fish Shark Tale Oscar is the main character of Shark Tale. He worked at a fish-cleaning service before becoming a shark slayer. He uses his creepy face and his friend Lenny the Shark to attack. Find the 5 secret Skip and Squak episodes in City Trial.
NintenRim.png Ninten Earthbound/Mother The first protagonist of the series. Fought against Giygas' initial form. While similar to Ness in several ways, he is an asthmatic which if pushed too hard will have an asthma attack; and can use the ability 4th-D Slip which not only slows down time around him but allows him to teleport. Complete Adventure as Ness.
SJPA Agent Coulson 1.png Agent Coulson Agents of SHIELD Son of Coul has arrived. After thought to be dead after the events of the Avengers, Coulson has now taken lead of a team he assembled himself. He uses a gun and Lola, his vintage card, along with other SHIELD gadgets. Complete Classic as Iron Man.

Super Moves


While fatalities orginate from Mortal Kombat, they work slightly different here. These fatalities don't have blood, and they can only be pulled when it's the end of the stock of a character and they have to have 300% or higher health. They will appear dizzy, and then the player must get near them and push the attack button. This will automatically KO them. Each character has their own fatality that can be enflicted on them, but some characters like "Villager", Toon Sub-Zero, and Toon Sonya have their very own fatalities that they can use on any character.

Name Character Info Text
A Plumber's Demise Mario Mario is shoved down a pipe before being eaten by a Piranha Plant. FATALITY
Green Stache Luigi Luigi's mustache is shaved off and Luigi runs off crying. FATALITY
Robotization Sonic Sonic is shoved into a tube that turns him into a robotic sonic. FATALITY
Sonic.EXE Tails Tails runs away before encountering a creepy sonic, and then is shown impaled by spikes. FATALITY
Blown Away Mai Shiranui Mai is lit on fire and then blown with a huge fan, causing the fire to become extremely large. FATALITY
Washed Out Bonne Jenet B. Jenet is struck by a large tidal wave and is washed away from the stage. GNARLY
Sheyna Xboned Black spikes appear around the stage and stab Sheyna in the chest, with the Xbox logo leering in the background, laughing. XBONED
Properly Peira Noid Peira Noid The stage turns black, with black hands pulling Peira Noid in the darkness. FATALITY
Stretched Out Zak The opponent stretches Zak's arms to their limits and ties him into a ball before launching him into space. FATALITY
Dark Link Link Link's shadow comes alive and hides in the corner, stabbing Link to death. FATALITY
Zelda's Demise Zelda Zelda's life force is sucked out of her as Demise is unsealed. UNSEALED
Democracy Unten Snaily Joe rips through Unten's stomach while screaming the national anthem. AMERICA
Villager Tree of Life Villager's head is cut off and buried, and then a tree grows with his head as the fruit. FATALITY

Alternative Costumes

Character Costumes
Mario Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Anti-Mario, Dr. Mario, Tanooki Mario, Cosmic Clone, Mr. M and Baby Mario.
Luigi Mario, Wario, Waluigi, Anti-Luigi, Surgeon Luigi, Tanooki Luigi, Cosmic Clone, Mr. L and Baby Luigi.
Sonic the Hedgehog Shadow, Classic Sonic, Green Variant, Red Variant, Orange Variant, and Mario's Outfit.
Tails Shadow Tails, Classic Tails, Green Variant, Red Variant, Orange Variant, and Luigi's Outfit.
Mai Shirarui Red Bikini, Black Bikini, Checkerboard Bikini, Green Variant, Black Variant, and Chun-Li's outfit.
Bonne Jenet Purple Bikini, Risky's Outfit, Pirate Outfit, Red Bikini, Mai's Outfit, and Blue Variant.
Sheyna Peira Scheme, Goth Sheyna, White Bikini, Villager, Lawyer, and Eve.
Sheyna Sheyna Scheme, Goth Peira, Black Bikini, Tech Outfit, 2014 Outfit, 2012 Outfit, Lawyer, and Eve.
Zak Demon, First Appearance, Merfolk, 8-Bit, Zakrara and Darkest Timeline.
Link Red Outfit, Shadow Link, Twilight Princess look, A Link the Past look, Wind Waker look, and CDI Zelda look.
Zelda White Dress, Twilight Princess dress, Toon Zelda, Tri-Force Bikini, Zero Suit, Malon, and Saria.
Unten Spunten, Mexicunten, Grizzly Bear, Netnu, and Static Unten.
Pit Dark Pit, Chaos Vortex Pit, Amazon Pandora Scheme, Palutena Scheme, Red Scheme, Damaged Pit.
Palutena Dark Palutena, Chaos Vortex Palutena, Amazon Pandora Scheme, Pit Scheme, Blue Scheme, Robot Palutena.
Dipper Green Variant, Yellow Variant, Black Variant, and Manly Dipper.
Mabel Llama Sweater, Clover Sweater, Lighting Bolt Sweater, Watermelon Sweater and Approval Sweater.
Megaman Cutman Scheme, Gutsman Scheme, Metalman Scheme, Splash Woman Scheme, Rainbow Scheme, Leaf Man Scheme, and Mega No. 9.
Sora KH1 Outfit, Valor Form, Wisdom Form, Master Form, Anti Form, and 3D Outfit.
Riku KH1 Outfit, Sora Outfit, Black Coat, Riku Replica, and 3D Outfit.
Villager (Male) Nineball Tee, Tanned, Finn Outfit, Lightning Bolt Tee, Watermelon Tee, Camo Tee, and Winter Sweater.
Villager (Female) Denim Dress, Beach Outfit, School Girl, Red Dress, Serena Outfit, and Fire Sweater.
Mordecai Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green Lantern, Future Mordecai, Kid Mordecai, Blonde Mordecai, Yellow Lantern, and Margaret.
Rigby Green, Pink, Blue, Red, Green Lantern, Black Lantern, Future Rigby, Kid Rigby. Kenny's Outfit and Eileen.
AVGN Batman, Super Nerd, Board James, Gort, James Rolfe, Nerdy Turd, and Bullsh-t Man.
Nostalgia Critic Douchey McNitpick, Young Critic, Doc Critic, That Guy, N. Bison, The Bum, and Doug Walker.
Finn Winter Outfit, Steve's Outfit, Fionna, Red Variant, Orange Variant, Farmworld and Black Variant.
Jake Boots, Pug, White, Black, Brown, Farmworld, Cake, Green Variant, Lich, Gut Grinder, and Robot.
Kirby Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Majora's Moon, Robot, and Yarn.
Filia Miku Hatsune, Rei Miyamoto, Pre-Samson, Magnteo, Millia Rage, Zeruel, Scanty, and Madoka Kaname.
Patricia Wagon Shantae's outfit, Fire Fighter's outfit, Grey Bikini, Hooligan clothes, Black Variant, Helmetless, Luna's Outfit, and Alta's Outfit.
Quote Megaman Scheme, Halloween, Christmas, Dark, Curly Color Scheme, Yellow, Blue, and Human.
Curly Roll Scheme, Halloween, Christmas, Dark, Quote Color Scheme, Yellow, Blue, and Human.
Superman Action Comics, Regime, Red Son, New 52, Godfall, Lockdown, Blackest Night, and Cyborg.
General Zod Russian, Injustice, Superman 1978, Superman Scheme, Batman Outfit, and Blue Scheme.
James Kirk Classic, Red Shirt, Yellow Shirt, Green Shirt, Purple Shirt, and Robot.
Touko Biker, Serena Outfit, Cheren Outfit, Bianca Outfit, and Professor Juniper Outfit.
Wario WarioWare Outfit, Dragon Wario, Viking Cap, Gold Wario, Mario, Luigi, Waluigi, and Eario.
Ness Mr. Saturn Shirt, Pokemon Trainer, Burnt, Diamondized, Mushroomed, and PJs.
Samus Dark Samus, Master Chief, Fallen Warrior, Master Chef, and Checkerboard Samus.
Zero Suit Samus Black Variant, Green Variant, Orange Variant, Red Variant, Brown Variant, Ninja.


New Starting Stages

Image Name Series Info
Life of Pi Stage.jpg Pacific Ocean Life of Pi The ocean where Pi was stranded with a tiger and other animals. The level features no real obstacles, just a smooth sailing with several different scenes as it passes by.
Skyworld1.jpg Skyworld Kid Icarus Skyworld is where Palutena and Pit reside along with Palutena's forces. The stage features collapsing platforms and Centurions.
TheSimpsonHouse.jpg The Simpson House The Simpsons The home of the Simpsons. Stage obstacles include the family car and Bart's skateboarding.
JPTLWRexRaptorPromoArt.jpg Jurassic Park Jurassic Park Where dinosuars were cloned and brought back from millions of years of extinction. The stage features friendly dinosaurs at first, but then the raptors attack and eventually it features you going up against a T-Rex.
Lost Highway.jpg Lost Highway Fighters of Lapis A highway from another dimension that was forgotten about. All that is left is the crumbles of our civilization and the Malbeasts, big hulking, ape-like creatures who rule the planet now.
GravityFallsOutsideOf.png Hill Outside of Gravity Falls Gravity Falls The stage is mostly contained on the Speedy Beaver bus, up until Robot Gideon smashes it. The action then shifts over to the abandoned tracks, where Robot-Gideon is more than just an obstacle. The robot deactivates itself after a while and the track breaks, putting you back on top of the bus.
SkippersRetreatSS.png Skipper's Retreat Legend of Zelda Where Captain Skipper, the ancient robot once lived. The area is made out of several rock spires, leaving several high and low areas to fight.
TheNexus.jpg The Nexus Yume Nikki The Nexus is a very simple stage at first, with characters fighting in the Nexus. It will eventually shift to one of the 12 worlds held inside the Nexus, with the strange creatures held within being obstacles.
Stardust Speedway by Orioto.jpg Stardust Speedway Sonic the Hedgehog This stage has two iterations; one in the good future and one in the bad future. Both scroll on a platform that zooms by the rest of the stage.
PeachCastle.png Peach Castle Mario This stage is fought on top of Peach's castle. There are no special gimmicks here.
London 2012 stadium.jpg Olympic Track The Olympics A very basic stage. Some Olympic events are going on, so depending on your time, different events could be happening while you fight.
Tommorow Corporation.png Tomorrow Corporation Little Inferno This stage features snowing, but otherwise it is a normal stage. It doesn't feature any pits, so characters must be knocked out or pushed out of the stage.
FacesOfEvil.jpg The Faces of Evil CDI Zelda Just a normal stage. These are the faces of evil and you must conquer each.
CandyCastle-AT.png Candy Kingdom Adventure Time The stage features several of the residents of the candy kingdom, some of which are unharmful obstacles, but just beware of the Tart Toter.
TimeSquare.jpg Time Squares Real Life The centerpiece of New York. It features civilians and cars, who are the obstacles for the stage. Civilians will take your items and cars will bump into you if you don't get out of their way.
QuickForest.png Quick Forest Hedgehog Dash Pro A quick moving stage with many curves and hills. Remember, speed up going down hill!
StageNo011.png Stage No 11 Esh's Aurunmilla The stage before meeting the final boss. Features laser-shooting knights and alligators in the lake.
Poké Floats.jpg Poke Floats Pokemon Random Pokemon balloons float in this stage, acting as the platforms. A very simple stage with surprising challenge.
Musclemarchwarmupvillage.jpg Warmup Village Muscle March A simple dojo with man shaped holes in the wall. Watch out for the muscle march coming in and out!

New Unlockable Stages

Image Name Series Info Unlocked
NinjaBreadManStage.jpg Candy Land Ninjabread Man This stage features 8 rods which must be collected in order for a portal to the next stage to be opened. This stage also features enemies from the game as obstacles. Unlock Ninjabread Man
SkyNet.jpg Skynet Building Terminator This stage features several Terminators and Skynet machines. These are the stage hazards as you fight in front of the Skynet facility before entering in and destroying Skynet. Unlock T-800.
FrolloCathe.png Frollo's Cathedral Disney A very basic stage featuring a huge area to fight on and a day and night cycle. When night hits, the stage becomes engulfed in fire. Play 50 matches.
RoseStadium.png Rose Stadium King of Fighters Fireworks explode in the sky while the fighters fight in this elegant stadium. Play as Mai or Bonne Jenet 30 times.
Labyrinth of Deceit.jpg Labyrinth of Deceit Kid Icarus A very trippy stage that features illusions. Enemies come out of nowhere and there are false turns everywhere. You fight on a floating platform for this stage. Unlock Amazon Pandora.
CloverMovieTheather.png Harkins Theaters Cloverfield Monster/Harkins Theaters A very basic stage taking place in the lobby of a Harkins Theaters. Unlock Landshark.
Virtual Boy Factory.png Virtual Boy Factory Nintendo The stage initally takes place outside of a Virtual Boy factory, but then it collapses and everyone enters the factory, with everything being in red and black. Virtual Wario then switches in between the background and foreground, attacking with Koopa Shells and Bowling Balls. Play with Game Boy Horror 5 times.
Oprah Stage.jpg Oprah Stage Oprah The stage, much like the others introduced here, is flat. Oprah will try and peacefully make you stop fighting with no avail. Play 4,561 matches.
DarkWorld.jpg The Dark World Darkseed Filled with all sorts of strange creatures and home to the ancients. The stage itself is not particularly dangerous but stepping in the wrong place will end your life. Unlock Mike Dawson.
GorillazGraveyard.png Gorillaz Graveyard Gorillaz Graveyard structures come out from the ground, eventually followed up by giant gorillas. The ground will also crack. Unlock the song "Clint Eastwood".
AroundTheWOrld.png Around the World Daft Punk A fairly simple stage. Men from the right will hurt you if you get in their way. You can also be trapped in the dance if you don't get out of the main part of the stage in time. Unlock the song "Around the World".

Returning from 1-3

Image Name Series Info
SPACEINSPACE.jpg Space Lapis Life It's space. Weightless rocks and high gravity make this stage ever so dangerous and fun. Fun is dangerous.
Space-14.jpg Surrounda Doodleland No tricks here. Just a nice, relaxing stage featuring the Earths that surround Surrounda. Hey, why did you just hit me?
Binarycode.jpg Binary Flow Lapis Life The outskirts of the Grid. Again, no tricks here, except for the occasional loose program or virus.
Super-mario-bros1-1.jpg World 1-1 Super Mario The outskirts of the Grid. Again, no tricks here, except for the occasional loose program or virus.
Rlyehfinish2.jpg A World That Once Was Lapis Life This place is squirming with tentacles that will hold you down, and is slowly falling apart. Sometimes you may see Cthulhu.
5461444298 dff2eefc96.jpg Asgard Thor Place of the Norse Gods! The landscape will shift and change to view most of the beautiful Asgard landscapes.
1600x1200-cybertron.jpg Cybertron Transformers Where the Transformers used to live. Some Decepticons may fight for a second before returning to battle with Autobots. Otherwise this is a simple stage.
Port Town Aero Dive.jpg Port Town Aero Dive F-Zero Where the racers race! Watch out for the speedsters otherwise you'll get run over.
New York City New York Real Life Where just everything happens. Clover happens, attacks happen and stuff. Teleports to random sections of New York throughout the battle.
Truckerhalloffame70.jpg Trucker's Hall of Fame Regular Show Ghostly spirits of past truckers reside here. Trucks can also be used against opponents.
Mystery shack paint test.jpg Mystery Shack Gravity Falls Supernatural happenings happen at the Mystery Shack. Beware if your playing a coin battle, as Grunkle Stan will most likely take some of those coins.
TRONEVOLUTION RecognizerPatrol.jpg The Grid Tron The place within Flynn's computer. Recognizers can capture fighters, although they can be destroyed.
Rotatinghallwayinception.png Hotel Hallway Inception A hotel hallway. Just a normal hotel hallway. It rotates sometimes, but otherwise it's perfectly normal.
ZeAVGNroom.png The Nerd Room Cinemassacre The place where the AVGN does his reviews. It has boxes, and random characters from the show appear.
Park view.jpg The Park Regular Show Where Mordecai and Rigby work. It will shift to different areas of the park.
b Green Hill Zone Sonic The Hedgehog Super Sonic speed is needed for this stage, as the stage moves at fast speeds. Slow down, no way!
Onett.jpg Onett Earthbound Ness' hometown, filled with dangerous moving cars and breaking platforms.
The World That Never Was KH3D.png The World That Never Was Kingdom Hearts The city has long since gone into ruin, but remnants still are left. Buildings are stacked on each other, making the stage a strange and unstable ground.
200px-Dive to the Heart (Art) KHI.png Dive to the Heart Kingdom Hearts There isn't much to this stage. It is just merely a bunch of pillars.
Green Lego Baseplate.jpg Lego Baseplate Lego Lego creations will begin building themselves and may help or hinder players.
I1ybmp.png New World Minecraft Minecraft blocks can be destroyed and placed down to help or hinder opponents.
Exit9b2.png Exit 9B Regular Show The gateway of hell opened by the son of the second greatest game master of Broken Bones. Demons and other creatures attack players on the stage with construction equipment laying around that can help players as well.
Rainbow Falls.jpg Rainbow Falls Epic Mickey A forgotten Disney attraction that used to represent Snow White. Now it is in the Wasteland, used as what is probably a paint factory with said paint being able to coat your opponents.
GoblinKingdom-AdventureTime.png Goblin Kingdom Adventure Time The Goblin Kingdom, kingdom of the Goblins! Finn used to rule this place until he decided to leave. Goblins like smacking hams though.
Battle of Helms Deep.jpg Helms Deep Lord of the Rings A epic battle that involves the orcs as well. In addition to attacking your opponents, you also have to deal with the orcs climbing up and attacking.
You Made Me! Castle Lemongrab background.png Castle Lemongrab Adventure Time The castle that Lemongrab and the lemon mutants reside. Sometimes the castle will transform into Lemonjohn.
Beneathaverse-AdventureTime.png Beneathaverse Adventure Time Where the gnomes kidnapped Finn that one time. They planned to flip the world, so they'll kidnap fighters to power the machines.
LakeSzelezon-AdventureTime.png Lake Szelezon Adventure Time A underwater stage that uses water physics. Additionally, the gold can be tossed around as items.
Twine Peaks Mall.png Two Peaks Mall Regular Show The mall that the characters of Regular Show frequent.
The Guardian of Eternal Youth's Castle.png The Guardians of Eternal Youth's Realm Regular Show Where the Gaurdians of Eternal Youth reside. Klorgbane can sometimes show up.
Fix-It Felix Jr world.jpg Fix It Felix Jr. World Fix It Felix Where the wrecking and fixing happens! Mostly wrecking I guess.
Cybug Hunt.jpg Hero's Duty World Hero's Duty Where the Cybugs reside. They become what they eat, so watch out when the Cybug swarm rolls in.
Sugar Rush.jpg Sugar Rush World Sugar Rush Where the racers of Sugar Rush race. The stage rolls around the entire world, including Diet Cola Mountain, where King Candy Cybug himself attacks you.
Zims house night.jpg Zim's House Invader Zim Zim's House, is the home of Zim and GIR, and later on, Minimoose. It is a tall geen house that is very out of proportion. It has a satellite dish on the top, two puffer fish, a sign that says "I Love Earth", and several Lawn Gnomes out front, which are part of the house's defenses.
Impetus.jpg Impetus Bit.Trip Runner Impetus is the first stage in the game Bit.Trip Runner. It scrolls to the right, and characters must jump, dodge, and punch obstacles in the way.
Fourside.jpg Fourside Mother/Earthbound Fourside is one of the towns Ness visits on his journey in Mother 2/Earthbound. This stage features a fight on one of the many skyscrapers, as well as Moonside, where controls get reversed.
WilyCastleS.png Wily Castle Megaman Wily Castle is one of the final stages in Megaman 2. The yellow devil may appear as a stage hazard.


Image Name Series Info
PhirannaGoomba.png Piranhoomba Super Mario Bros A fused result of a Goomba and a Piranha Plant. These guys almost drunkenly walk towards you, with a constant snap in their teeth.
ChernaSun.png Angry Cacosun Super Mario Bros/Doom A fused result of a Cacodemon and a Angry Sun. These guys will chase you and swoop down while shooting plasma at you.
Chain-Saw Fish VBWL.png Chainsaw Shark Wario Land A fused result of a shark and a chainsaw. These guys will chase you underwater and jump out if you're on land.
LatikuInvader.png Space Lakitu Space Invaders/Super Mario Bros. A fused result of a Lakitu and a Space Invader. These guys follow you while throwing spiny eggs and shooting lasers.



Image Name Series Info
200px-Ganondorf.png Ganondorf Legend of Zelda Same as character.
Spr BW Scientist M.png569.png Scientist Nathan Pokemon Uses Garbodor to attack, which sprays toxic fumes and gas from it's right hand. On it's left it uses to attack physically.
Genosect by pokedex himori-d32apkw.png Genosect Pokemon Genesect is the last Pokemon in the Unvoa dex. He was created by Team Plasma in order to create the perfect Pokemon. The project was shut down as N saw as in-perfecting perfection, but the work continued. He uses Techno Blast and can switch out from several drives which change his attacks.
ZIM.jpg Zim Invader Zim Same as character.
RobirdoAdvance.jpg Robirdo Super Mario Bros It attacks by shooting eggs out of it's mouth. It then attacks by charging forward. The seven chains hanging from the ceiling assist the player to avoid this attack. A Ground Pound-like attack that immobilizes and damages the player then follows after it's been damaged enough.
Robosaurus.jpg Robosaur Fighters of Lapis Robosaur is a boss that doesn't really move around a lot, but he uses his slow wheels to move around and pick up cars and people while snorting fire out of his nose.
Kool-Aid-Man-Pic-kool-aid-372375 1398 1260.jpg Kool-Aid Man Fighters of Lapis Kool-Aid enters in by smashing a wall and then proceeds to pummel you and attack you with Kool-Aid waves.
Zerina.png Zerina Fighters of Lapis She floats around a bit before shooting lightning. When her health is at a half way point, the stage turns into a lighting vortex, with lighting going straight to her body, and she shoots lighting. She can only be defeated with ranged attacks when she's in "vortex" mode.
DarkPalutena.png Dark Palutena Kid Icarus ???
Darkpit.png Dark Pit Kid Icarus ???
DarkWagon.png Dark Patrica Wagon Mighty Switch Force ???
ShadowQueen.png Shadow Queen Paper Mario ???
DarkSamusReturn.png Dark Samus Metroid ???
RonaldMiku.png McDonald Miku Unknown Origin Ronald McDonald takes his last stand by possessing Miku Hatsune. Now he can use her powers as well as his own, almost nothing can stop this clown! Except you know, being defeated.
JohnK.png John Kricfalusi Real Life The creator of Ren and Stimpy. He hates modern cartoons, so he wants to take out all of the modern cartoons. (Finn, Mordecai, Dipper and the like) He attacks using old cartoon mechanics and angry rants.
Shadow Labrys portrait.png Shadow Labrys Persona ???
TheFusionist.png The Fusionist Fighters of Lapis 4 ???
UltronFOL5.png Ultron Marvel Fought after story mode.


Image Name Series Info
Beyonder.gif Beyonder Secret Wars/Marvel Beyonder is supposedly an incomplete cosmic cube, however he is extremely powerful. He has decided to go easy on the victor of the Marvel Cup of Champions and uses attacks such as reversing time and attacking with sonic waves.

Championship Cups

In order to fight in these cups, all the characters participating in it will have to have been unlocked before hand.

Name Info Unlocks
Marvel Cup of Champions The cup of champions for the Marvel universe. Will pit you against Captain America, Tony Stark, Hulk and Black Widow. The final boss will be the Beyonder from Secret Wars. Galacta
Nintendo Cup of Champions The cup of champions for the Nintendo universe. Will pit you against Mario, Link, Olimar, Genesect, and Pit. The final boss will be the Master Hand. Captain Falcon
Lapis Cup of Champions The cup of champions for the Lapisverse. Will pit you against Reptflux, Zelfux, Endflux, Land Shark, and Greg. The final boss will be Mecha-Shigeru. Mecha-Shigeru
Skyworld Cup The cup of champions for the Kid Icarus series. Will pit you against Pit, Palutena, Phosphora, Dark Palutena, and Dark Pit. The final boss will be Hades. Amazon Pandora
Reviewer's Cup The cup of champions for the internet reviwers. Will pit you against AVGN, Nostalgia Critic, Irate Gamer, Linkara, and Donnie. The final boss will be Mechakara. Mechakara
Mushroom Cup The Mushroom Cup pits you against Mario, Luigi, Peach, Rosalina, and Wario. The final boss is Giga Bowser. Dreambert
Dreamland Cup The Dreamland Cup pits you against Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Lippy. The final boss is Marx. Galacta Knight
Demonwarp Cup The Demonwarp Cup pits you against Morrigan, Galacta, Dreambert, and Amazon Pandora. The final boss is Godzilla. Lilith
Kingdom Cup The Kingdom Cup pits you against Sora, Riku, Roxas, Namine, Kairi and Lea. The final boss is Xehahort. Xenmas
Gravity Falls Cup The Gravity Falls Cup pits you against Dipper & Mabel, Gideon, Wendy, and Rumble McSkirmish. The final boss is Robot Gideon. Bill Cipher
Ooo Cup The Ooo Cup pits you against Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Lemongrab, and Ice King. The final boss is The Lich. Ice Queen
Regular Cup The Regular Cup pits you against Mordecai, Rigby, Muscleman and Fives, Skips, and Benson. The final boss will be Death. Death

Character Icons

Image Series Used By
SSB Mario Series.png Super Mario Bros Mario, Luigi, Peach, Dreambert, NES Mario and Bowser.
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series.png Legend of Zelda Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, and Anju.
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series.png Super Smash Bros Primid, The Challenger
SSB Metroid Series.png Metroid Samus, Zero Suit Samus
SSB Pokémon Series.png Pokemon Touko, Genesect
PASWGICON.png Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Panty and Stocking and Scanty and Kneesocks
TerminatorIcon.png Terminator T-800
AdventureTimeLogo.png Adventure Time Finn and Jake
RegularShowIcon.png Regular Show Mordecai and Rigby
CNLogo.png Cartoon Network ???
KingOfFighterIcon.png King of Fighters Mai Shiranui and Bonne Jenet
Gravity Falls Icon.png Gravity Falls Dipper & Mabel, Paper Jam Dipper
PeiraAndSheynaIcon.png Peira and Sheyna Peira Noid and Sheyna
LapisIcon.png Fighters of Lapis Reptflux, Zelflux, and Endflux
SkullGirlsIcon1.png Skullgirls Filia
PacmanIcon.png Pacman Pacman
Nazi Symbol.png Nazi Party Hitler
NinjabreadIcon.png Ninjabread Man Ninjabread Man
DisneyIcon.png Disney Kronk, Gaston, Beast
VocaloidIcon.png Vocaloid Miku Hatsune and Hoshizora Sakana
SSB Kid Icarus Series.png Kid Icarus Pit, Palutena, Phosphora, Amazon Pandora
Maxwell Logo.png Scribblenaunts Maxwell
StarWarsIcon.png Star Wars Han Solo, Luke Skywalker
AlienSeriesLogo.png Alien Xenomorph
Megaman Series Logo.png Megaman Megaman, Roll Caskett


Music returns to the game, and more albums can be unlocked.

  • Audiomachine - Helios
  • Eyna - Cursum Perfectio
  • Daft Punk - Television Rules the Nation
  • Daft Punk - Robot Rock
  • Alan Silvestri - The Avengers Theme
  • The Temper Trap - Fader
  • Adele - Rumors
  • Rasmuz - Dead Pixel Song
  • Florence and The Machine - Cosmic Love
  • Pogo - Doo D'Doo
  • Approaching Nirvana vs Chase & Status - No Strings for Time
  • Approaching Nirvana - No Strings for Time
  • Hans Zimmer - Mombasa
  • Hans Zimmer - Time
  • Snow Patrol - Called Out In The Dark
  • Rezonate - Pump It!
  • Daft Punk - Voyager
  • Jack Trammell - Tactical Dominance
  • Paul Jebanasam - Prelude
  • Stephen Walking - Top of the World
  • Daft Punk - Steam Machine
  • Yoko Shimomura - Access the Grid
  • Yoko Shimomura - Digital Domination
  • Yoko Shimomura - Rinzler Recompiled
  • Yoko Shimomura - Darkness of the Unknown
  • Briskeby - Electro Boy
  • C148 - Shit with a Twist
  • Superhuman - Icarus
  • Daft Punk - Get Lucky
  • VCMG - Skip This Track
  • VCMG - Single Blip
  • VCMG - Spock
  • Lavender Town RMX - DJTheFishhead
  • Imagine Dragons - Radioactive (Synchronice Remix)

  • Juno Reactor - Mona Lisa
  • New Order - Blue Monday
  • Coldplay - Paradise
  • The Widdler - Lost In Space
  • The Widdler - Lost In Space Pt. 2
  • C418 - Incredible
  • Kevin McLeod - Mechanolith
  • The Killers - Human
  • Daft Punk - Human After All
  • Daft Punk - Musique
  • Daft Punk - One More Time
  • The Glitch Mob - Drive it Like You Stole It
  • Multiple Artists - Toyager
  • Hans Zimmer - Mind Heist
  • The Glitch Mob - Fortune Days
  • The Glitch Mob - We Can Make The World Stop
  • The Glitch Mob - Seven Nation Army (Remix)
  • Jack Trammell - Stand and Become Legendary
  • Mark Petrie - Aurora
  • Zack Hemsey - This Is Our Legacy
  • Paul Jebanasam - Prelude [Extended Version]
  • deadmau5 - The Reward Is Harder, Better, Faster & Stronger Cheese (Unreleased)
  • Plumb - Manic
  • Chaosphere - Hammer Smashed Halo
  • Dainumo - Batbomb
  • Pogo - Dumbo Remix
  • D-Jahsta - Slug Bass (P0gman Remix)
  • Reverse Enginears - Space Effect
  • Ramin Djawadi - Driving with the Top Down
  • Al Bizzare - Fire Breazze
  • Noisestorm - Backlash
  • Noisestorm - Airwaves
  • Liltommyj - Goof Troop Boop
  • Pendulum - Watercolor (Deadmau5 remix)
  • Ikaruga - Butsutekkai
  • Takashi Tateishi - Doctor Wily Stage Theme
  • Awolnation - Kill All Your Heroes
  • ??? - Regular Show Ending Theme
  • ??? - Gravity Falls Opening Theme
  • ??? - Elevate Keyboard (Regular Show)
  • Yoko Shimomura - Gigabyte Mantis
  • Yoko Shimomura - The Dread of the Night
  • Yoko Shimomura - Sinister Sundown
  • Yoko Shimomura - Sacred Distance
  • Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound (Original Mix)
  • Sedi & Meyerson - Shellshock (Original Mix)
  • Space Buddha - Mental Hotline
  • Yaz - Situation
  • Hans Zimmer - Time (Auva ChillStep Remix)
  • Florence And The Machine - Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix)
  • Phaeleh feat. Soundmouse - Afterglow (Akira Kiteshi Remix)
  • ADELE - Skyfall
  • Sencit Music - Something To Fight For
  • Passion Pit - Take a Walk
  • Seba - Painted Sky (Talon dubstep Remix)
  • Daft Punk - Rinzler (Kaskade Remix)
  • Metric - Synthetica
  • Bear McCreary - Maverick Regeneration
  • Skifonix - Flatline
  • Tut Tut Child- Run The Show
  • TVDS - For You
  • Rogue - Adventure Time
  • Pegboard Nerds - Self Destruct
  • Approaching Nirvana - Dark Side Up
  • Approaching Nirvana - I Dream in SNES
  • Tag Team - Pig Power in the House
  • UN Owen Was Her? - ZUN
  • Madness - Muse
  • Sky Travellers - JulesKennedvitch
  • Rocktronik - Pegboard Nerds
  • UN Owen Was Her? (Ronald McDonald Mix) - ZUN
  • Bug Hunt - Skillrex
  • The 88 - At Least It Was Here
  • The Fixx - Beautiful Friction
  • Mark Tortorici - Invader Zim Credits
  • Daft Punk - Get Lucky (David A Remix)
  • Sonic Colors Music - Aquarium Park Act 1
  • Sonic Heroes Music - Power Plant
  • Pogo - Aye Aye
  • Flo-Rida - Good Feeling (MusicWillNeverDie Remix)
  • Doni - Metal Man Theme Electro Remix
  • Mother 3 Music - Battle Against The Masked Man
  • Florence and the Machine & Calvin Harris - Spectrum (Remix)

This album is unlocked when you play as Luke Skywalker 500 times.

  • P.SUS - A Long Time Ago
  • Dainumo - Light Speed
  • Jeesh - Sky Walking
  • Pogo - Yoda Yodel
  • P.SUS - The Rebel Alliance
  • Dainumo - Sidious
  • Jeesh - Saberz and Laserz
  • P.SUS - I Know...
  • Dainumo - Star Story
  • Jeesh - Han and Leia
  • P.SUS - Sith Saber
  • Dainumo - Artoo!
  • Dainumo - Luke
  • Dainumo - Luke (Extended)
  • Jeesh - The Force

This album is unlocked when you play on the Exit 9B stage at 12:00 PM.

  • M83 - Intro
  • M83 - Midnight City
  • M83 - Reunion
  • M83 - Where the Boats Go
  • M83 - Wait
  • M83 - Raconte-Moi Une Histoire
  • M83 - Train to Pluton
  • M83 - Claudia Lewis
  • M83 - This Bright Flash
  • M83 - When Will You Come Home?
  • M83 - Soon, My Friend
  • M83 - Mirror
  • M83 - My Tears Are Becoming a Sea
  • M83 - New Map
  • M83 - Another Wave from You
  • M83 - Splendor
  • M83 - Year One, One UFO
  • M83 - Fountains
  • M83 - Steve McQueen
  • M83 - Echoes of Mine
  • M83 - Klaus I Love You
  • M83 - Outro

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