Part 1: Invasion

Some believe that before the universe, there was nothing.

They're wrong.

There was darkness and corruption.

And it has survived.

Outer Space

The story begins in space, where Mario wakes up and has no clue where he is. All he can recall is a beam of light and then blackness. As he wonders the space realm he comes across a few Primids.

Among the space realm is Calvin and Hobbes, a human and tiger duo who have come here due to some misadventure. Upon meeting Mario, they begin a fight but are interrupted by the Eye of Tabuu, who tells them that not only is he coming back, but he's no longer playing second fiddle. Calvin is confused and Mario is laughing.

Then Primids come out from everywhere and swarm Calvin, Hobbes, and Mario. After defeating some of the Primids they are beaten and get trapped under the swarm.


and Rigby are with Muscle Man and Hi-5 Ghost to get fireworks after accidently setting all the fireworks in the park. They are sent to deliver a package to a factory. Inside, they find shadow bugs and discover that all the workers are working for the Eye of Tabuu. After fighting them, Hector shows up and a fight with him ensues. Midway through the fight, Hector is revealed to be a cyborg. After defeating his cyborg form, Hector sets up a bomb and locks the doors. Mordecai grabs a box of fireworks and Rigby sets off a excluded firework called "El Diablo". El Diablo blows up the doors and blows up Hector. Mordecai, Rigby, Muscleman, and Hi-5 Ghost head back to the park, with a mysterious ship behind them.

Storybrooke Dock

Meanwhile, in a town called Storybrooke, Prince Charming and Snow White are interrogating Hook on his ship when suddenly the Space Kracken attacks. After being scared off, the Space Kracken heads to the town where Charming and Snow go to chase him down.

The Grass Lands

S4 e26 Billy getting ready to jump in snow
Meanwhile in The Grasslands, Finn and Jake find Billy, hurt. Billy says that the Lich attacked him and he was barely able to escape alive. He tells Finn and Jake to grab the Enchirdion. But Finn's house is under attack by Primids. After fighting the Primids, they get the Enchirdion and go back to Billy's cave.

The Plot Hole

Donnie is making coffee when it suddenly turns into water when he arrives into the board meeting with Rebecca and Tacoma. They discuss a new movie and suddenly Rebecca disappears.

After trying to get back under control, Donnie comes across the plot hole. It shifts to Doug's perspective, where he comes across writer's block. After a mix-up with a movie he ordered, he enters into the Odd Life of Timothy Green.

After defeating the Odd Life of Timothy Green movie, he comes across the Critic.

After consulting a few of his friends, such as Lewis and Lidsney, he decides to bring back the Critic. The world of Demo Reel is put into the realm of Sleeping Worlds, and the Critic's world is brought back.

Guertana Gallery

Ib finds herself in Guertana. After walking around for a bit, The Beast takes Ib's rose and Ib has to get it back. After defeating the Beast, she taps his trophy and the Beast follows her to a Aurum army that some how managed to find itself in Guertana Gallery.

After fighting off the Aurum Army, Beast and Ib meet Mary. Mary tells them she will take Ib's body and escape out of Guertana, and turns Ib into a cursed ring while turning Beast into a trophy, giving both the ring and the trophy to Gaston. Gaston proudly displays the Beast trophy next to his collection of antlers and the Aurum invasion continues.

Aurum Ship

Mario, Calvin, and Hobbes find themselves captive on a Aurum ship. After defeating the Primids guarding them, they proceed to attack the ship. After a bit, they come across Pit, who joins them in the fight. After defeating the core of the ship, it goes down, crashing into another ship.


Kirby is casually eating and ruining people's lives like usual, when all of the sudden a Aurum fleet comes into view. Kirby grabs a warp star and heads in.

He lands in the inside of the ship, where he attacks the Primids and Aurum inside. However, what he doesn't know is that the Aurum is copying him and making copies of him.

Kirby comes across the army of Aurum Kirby and fights them. After the battle, Kirby destroys the core and the Aurum ship crashes into another Aurum ship.


Mayor Chris finds himself suddenly under attack by a Aurum fleet. Despite cut-off ties with the other worlds, the Aurum still managed to find this one. As it is under attack, Sonichu attempts to attack the Aurum fleet. However he is turned into a trophy and CWCville is destroyed and converted into a ship factory.

Aurum Hive

Mario and the others reach the Aurum Hive. After fighting the Aurum and Primids that reside inside, they attack the core. The core explodes and they are blasted out, while the Aurum fleet falls apart. Suddenly, Pyron rescues them and they land in Sparta.


Mai and Bonne Jenet are fighting in a tournament when all of the sudden Land Shark attacks! After defeating the Land Shark, they discover that the Aurum are attacking. The decide to fight the Aurum off and Patrica Wagon comes to help.

As the fight wears on, the team discovers that the Aurum are nearly unstoppable. They are about to get sucked up when all of the sudden Neku arrives and uses a Chitauri flier to get into the fleet. After destroying the fleet, Toyko is left a little worse for wear but on the other hand, they can now figure out where the Aurum are going.

Peach's Castle

Luigi and Peach are under attack by another army entirely: Orcs. Led by Sauron, these Orcs are attempting to take down the castle under the command of Sauron and Bowser, who has been influenced by Sauron's power.

After fending off the castle for a while, the army contuines coming and Peach and Luigi are exhausted. Suddenly, Kirby comes crashing down and joins the fight.

After defeating enough of the Orcs, they retreat, only for Bowser to get a clear shot at Peach and turn her into a trophy. After Bowser takes Peach, Luigi and Kirby get on Kirby's warp star and chases after Bowser.

Carl's Jr

Chris, Degen (and her daughter), and Spunten all meet for the third annual "Mary Sue" brigade meeting.

Chris announces his plan to unleash all of his crappy recolors and Degen is holding The Necronomicon to bring back Galahad Koopa. The Irate Gamer attempts to get in, but the Brigade tell him he can't join.

Suddenly, the ceiling breaks open and Zak attacks. Spunten fights him while Degen and Chris escape in a dune buggy. After defeating Spunten, the recolors trample Zak, but Mr. Incredible grabs him and they chase after the Dune Buggy in a Ferrari. After smashing several cacti, they finally catch up and fight Degen on top of the cars. After defeating Degen, they realize nobody is driving and they plummet off a cliff.

The World That Never Was

Sheyna wakes up from the world that never was and realizes she is alone. She realizes The World That Never Was is venturing deep within the Dream Realm, and that the Aurum want to sieze it so they can take over the sleeping worlds. Sheyna manages to fight them off, and heads towards the tower where the base of operations for the Aurum are located for this world. After finishing it off, she finds herself in the Realm of Sleep.

Demo Reel Reality

Meanwhile in the Demo Reel Reality, Tacoma and Rebecca wake up after being unconcious for three days and play back the footage recorded of themselves so as to try and figure out what happened to them. Meanwhile, Donnie finds himself waking up in the middle of the forest after being kidnapped by SWAG and abandoned, and trying to find his way back to civilization.

After Donnie finds a house and getting knocked out, Sheyna lands in the Demo Reel Reality.


Mario and the group land in Sparta where King Leonidas has been chilling for a while now. Due to events of the Space Crisis, advanced technology has ravaged the near-desert that is known as Sparta.

Suddenly, the Persians arrive in Mech Suits and the group fights them off. But then, the new leader of the Persians is revealed: Nazo.

After defeating Nazo, the entire planet is overswarm with Aurum. Mario and the others escape onto a low ground Aurum ship.


In Bel-Air, a giant Svartalfheim ship attacks. Will Smith and the other denizens are running away. Suddenly, Captian America comes down and damages the ship.

After Will and Captian America destory the ship, the Aurum come down along with an army of Orcs. Just then, a rogue low-ground Aurum ship attacks the fleet and Mario and the others (Calvin, Hobbes, Pit, King Leonidas) jump off it. The group attacks the army and the army retreats but sends off one of their commanders, Pokey/Porky Minch to attack the group.

Once Pokey/Porkey has been defeated, he travels into time and leaves behind a letter taunting Mario and the others.


Mac and Bloo see the Aurum fleet coming towards the Foster House. Mac and Bloo fight off the Aurum but it's not long before they're overwhelmed and captured. They meet the commander for this Aurum fleet: Couy. Couy explains that the Aurum allowed him to go into any universe he wanted as long as he stayed loyal to them. With that, he uses the Omnitrix to turn into Landshark.

After defeating Couy!Landshark, his Omnitrix breaks and he curses at them before retreating into his chamber, leaving Mac and Bloo trapped in the room.

ET Burial Site

The Angry Video Game Nerd is at the ET Burial site in New Mexico when he comes across federal authorities who believe he is looking for extraterrestrials. After a chase scene, they are attacked by Aurum forces, who take the Nerd mobile and take Cooper and Mandi captive. The Angry Video Game Nerd is left stranded in New Mexico, and calls up the Nostalgia Critic. Just then, Hulk attacks.

After defeating the Hulk, the Nostalgia Critic shows up.

"Where the hell have you been?"


Dib is once again trying to prove Zim is an alien. This contuines until recess, when suddenly the Aurum attack. Dib thinks Zim is behind the attack but Zim does not know who the Aurum even are (but aren't going to let them conquer the Earth!) and the two team up to fight the Aurum off.

The commander for this fleet greets them: Tak. After fighting off Tak and MiMi, Tak escapes into the Aurum ship with MiMi, but not without leaving a giant Aurum army for Zim and Dib to fight off.

Area 51

Tak lands in Area 51 and meets with the other commanders of the Aurum fleet. Tabuu comes in, seperated from his Eye of Tabuu form and is holding a black ball (palantír) and meets with General Dark Onward. Just then, the Angry Video Game Nerd, the Hulk, and the Nostalgia Critic come in and the commanders disperse, but General Dark Onward stays to fight the group with a subspace army.

Meanwhile, Mordecai and Rigby race to the park when they come across Area 51 and a huge subspace/aurum/orc army. They encounter Couy, who attacks them in Honoguma form. After fighting him off, they enter Area 51 and fight off the Subspace army inside.

It switches back to the fight with General Dark Onward with his defeat. His mobile tank reveals a ticking subspace bomb. The AVGN realizes he still needs to find the ET cartiages in New Mexico and tells Hulk to try and shut the bomb off while he looks for them. The Nerd grabs the cartidages but is attacked by Tak who turns him into a trophy. Mordecai and Rigby meet up with the Hulk and the Nostalgia Critic, and they try to shut off the bomb. It doesn't work, so The Nostalgia Critic and Hulk with Mordecai and Rigby run out of Area 51, chasing after Tak while the bomb explodes. Tak gets away and the Nostalgia Critic and Hulk along with Mordecai and Rigby, are left stranded and up against the army.

After fighting a portion off, they escape into the golf cart, with a huge army and a mysterious ship behind them.

The Ruined Zoo

Porky emerges from time traveling into the Ruined Zoo, before the events of the first Fighters of Lapis game, and is greeted by the Masked Man. Masked Man is sent into the future to attack Kumatora and find Ness.

In the present Ruined Zoo, Kumatora encounters the Masked Man and procceeds to fight him. After the fight with the Masked Man is over, the Masked Man travels to the past, and leaves behind Kumatora with the Ultimate Chimera.

After running away from the Ultimate Chimera, Kumatora finds herself surronded by Orc forces. Just then, Zak and Mr. Incredible show up and the three attack the forces and drive them away.

Irate Gamer's House

Irate Gamer shows up at his house, mad about not being able to join the "Mary Sue Brigade" and comes across Tabuu, who offers him a Aurum fleet.

Joey and the other Irate Gamer characters go with Irate Gamer to his Aurum fleet and Chris tells them to attack Ubisoft. Just then, Gold Lightan smashes the ship and Irate Gamer is sent down in flames. Rayman flies into view.

Rayman then has to fight the Irate Gamer. Irate Gamer goes down with a punch and Rayman and Gold Lightan walk away.


Prince Charming finds the Space Kraken and proceeds to bludgeon him into defeat. The Space Kraken then releases Aurum mooks and Charming has to fight them off.

Prince Charming and Snow White attempt to fight the army off, but it proves to be a bit too much. Mai Shiranui, Bonne Jenet, Patrica Wagon, Neku come down and fight with the two.

After defeating a bit of the army, they use one of the magic beans to create a portal to a random dimension. Not sure where it goes, they jump in and escape the rest of the army.


Ness is walking in Onett when Masked Man appears. He attempts to capture Ness, but Ness uses PK Pulse to escape. Ness and the Masked Man face off with Ness emerging as the winner. Wounded again, the Masked Man grabs Ness as a last ditch effort and travels back in time to the Ruined Zoo.

Porky captures Ness and forces him into machine that will let him learn the same PK powers as Ness. Despite Ness' struggles, he succeeds and proceeds to attack Ness. Ness escapes and uses a time machine to escape into the present day of Ruined Zoo.

There he and Kumatora find themselves face to face with the Masked Man and proceed to attack him. The Masked Man turns into a trophy, but Poky followed Ness and grabs the trophy. Kumatora and Ness attack Porky and after he is defeated, he retreats in a further time period.

Ness and Kumatora head north.

The Park

The Nostalgia Critic, the Hulk, Mordecai and Rigby finally make it to the park where they give the El Diablo to Benson. The ship and the army that followed them catch up, with Hector as the leader.

El Diablo is set off and destroys Hector for good and a good portion of the army. The strange ship touches down, and they are greeted by Nazo who proceeds to try and destroy Nostalgia Critic and the others. Benson and Skips attack Nazo and the six attack Nazo.

After Nazo has been defeated, the army calls in for back up. After fighting up the back up army, the army disperses.


Troy and Abed are about to do their show when all of the sudden paint-ball atmed primids burst in and proceed to blast away at Greendale students. Troy and Abed fight off the Primids and are approached by Chang, one of the commanders of the Aurum fleet. After defeating Chang, Chang retreats into a ship and Troy and Abed follow behind by attaching to the end of one of the ships.

Bowser meets up with Chang, the two of them exchange banter. Chang reveals he has the trophies of Reptflux, Zelflux, and Endflux. Bowser then goes into his own Aurum fleet and the two take off. Suddenly, Luigi and Kirby attack Bowser's fleet. Troy and Abed meet up with them and decide to help the two with fight off Tabuu's army.

After defeating Bowser, the Peach trophy is released from trophy state and Peach joins the team. She remembers that Bowser also has a trophy of Rosalina hidden away in one of the ships, so they decide to look for that as well. They meet with Halon Koopa, one of Bowser's commanders, who comes from an alternate time line where the Gamecube flopped and Nintendo was bought by Microsoft, bringing Halo technology into the Mario universe, where one Koopa replaced one of his hands with a plasma rifle. He then killed Luigi in that timeline and took his hat. Luigi and the others battle Halon Koopa and defeat him. They then revive Rosalina's trophy and go fight off the rest of Bowser's aurum fleet.

Lavender Town

May is traveling through Lavender Town when she encounters the Nazgul. Since her Pokemon are useless against them, she has no choice to run. Along the way she encounters ghost pokemon and primids.

Missingno then screeches at the Nazgul, causing them to run away before they get glitched up. Missingno then disappears. May proceeds to walk the outskirts of Lavender Town until she comes across Mewtwo.

After defeating Mewtwo, she walks to the east.

Gravity Falls

Mabel and Dipper see the aurum fleet commanded by Gideon attack Gravity Falls. Gideon deploys a subspace bomb in the mystery shack but before he can return to Subspace to take a look at it, he is attacked by Mabel and Dipper who used Mabel's grappling gun to get up there. Once Gideon is defeated, he turns into a trophy and Mabel and Dipper toss it out of the ship and reverse the effects of the subspace bomb. 

Just then, Rumble attacks the enterance, leaving Mabel and Dipper trapped in the ship as it retreats with the rest of the fleet.

Misty Lake

Prince Charming, Snow White, Neku, Mai Shiranui, Bonne Jenet, and Patrica Wagon enter the fairytale world where they discover even the Aurum have taken over. After defeating some of the Aurum, their commander is revealed: Regina. After defeating Regina, the Aurum attack them as a swarm and zap them into a unknown place.

Room with a Moose

After defeating the Aurum and Primid army that Tak left behind, Zim and Dib are teleported to the Room with a Moose by the Aurum. There they see it is not just the moose in there, but the chaos-bringing Moose from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

After defeating the moose, Dib's head begins to open a portal to the nightmarish dimension inside his giant head. Zim and Dib enter it, hoping it's a way back.

Dib's Head

Dib and Zim enter Dib's head. After defeating the Nightmarish world dwellers, they come across the alternate Mrs. Bitters, who opens up Dib's head and proceeds to go out of it. Zim and Dib follow not far behind and fight against the alternate Bitters.

After defeating her, they are teleported by the aurum to unknown place. A montage shows all of the groups and characters all getting zapped by Aurum forces.

Exit 9B I

Mario, Calvin and Hobbes, Mordecai, Rigby, Prince Charming, Snow White, Finn, Jake, Pit, Kirby, Mai, Bonne Jenet, Luigi, Peach, Zak, Mr. Incredible, Sheyna, Donnie, King Leonidas, Will Smith, Captian America, Hulk, Nostalgia Critic, Dib, Zim, Kumatora, Ness, Gold Lightan, Rayman, Troy and Abed, Rosalina, May all arrive at Exit 9B, where Tabuu unleashes an army of the undead, as well as a Aurum army, as well as a Primid army, as well as a Orc army.

They proceed to fight them off, but the commanders also challenge the fighters. It seems over-whelming, but then Tails and Sonic arrive on the scene to help fight. Iron Man and Thor arrive to help out Hulk and Captian America. Samus blasts her way in to the fight. After wondering where all these people are coming from, it turns out to be Medusa, who is helping Pit out by sending more allies. She then proceeds to send out Trace, Vivian, Black Widow, Marceline and Bubblegum, and finally, Black★Rock Shooter.

Tabuu tells them what a small army this is. The last time, he recalls, it took an army larger than this to defeat his weakened form that was being supported by Missingno. He then sends his off waves to attack the characters, turning them into trophies.

Aurum ships containing Mabel and Dipper and Mac and Bloo arrive, and they proceed to fight off the army and revive the trophies. Soon everyone is fighting once again, but their numbers are too small. Peach and Luigi go to find the trophies of Reptflux, Zelflux, and Endflux and revive them, finding Sonichu's trophy as well.

The titans help out immensely, and the army is receding, most of the commanders now defeated as well. Shadow teleports into the area and Elastigirl appears to help Mr. Incredible. However, Tabuu puts off another off-wave and they are turned into trophies again. Tabuu sends most of them to a brainwashing core, but turns Pit into a ring at the Chaos Kin's demands.

The other characters hide as Tabuu takes over the universe with no effort. Soon, all of the multi-verse is his.

Tabuu laughs along with the rest of his commanders.

Part 2: 3 Years Later

After the confrontation at Exit 9B, the story skips ahead three years where the villains have taken over entirely and the entire multi-verse has been divided into three factions: The Avengers, Subspace Army, and the Nobody Importants.

Most of the heroes have been brainwashed, or in the case of Pit, have been turned into a ring. Zim has become a lawyer, Dib is locked up in a mental constitution, The Nostalgic Critic has fallen into deep depression, and Tabuu has chained all the worlds with his golden chains, which is slowly destroying the universe due to the cultures blending. God has also been chained to a rock and gets his livers eaten by baby dragons.

That First Town

Pit wakes up as a ring. He finds his ring form to be on a dirt road, where a Primid picks him up. Pit now controls the Primid, and then the ring slips off into the front of the court house. GIR finds the shiny ring and picks it up. Pit now controls GIR and enters the court house, curious to find out what happened, as he recalls being at Exit 9B last.

GIR talks nonsense about moose, bees, and tacos. Suddenly, GIR slips and the ring falls on the floor. A curious Zim picks it up and Pit now controls Zim, who has suddenly been free from his mind control. The Primids and Aurum notice and try to take Pit!Zim down, but Zim pulls out his old weapons, which he has unconscionably been carrying the entire time.

After defeating the Primids, Pit's rogue body attacks. Zim takes him down and puts the ring on Pit's body, causing the ring to shatter and Pit to be in control once again. Zim and Pit then go to take down the mind control core.

Mind Control Core

Pit and Zim head over to the Mind Control Core where they find a brain washed Mr. Incredible. After they defeat him, they free him from his trophy state and head into the Mind Control Core.

A group of ROBs stop them, and they are forced to fight against a brain washed Rumble McSkirmish. After defeating him, they destroy the group of R.O.Bs and find the core.

Nazo appears in front of them and proceeds to battle them. They slam him into the core, making him remember everything that Tabuu blocked in his brain when he was brain-washed. Nazo tells them that the core can only be shut off if it's destroyed. When it's destroyed, it create a huge explosion.

Nazo proceeds to sacrifice himself as the fighters leave. R.O.B follows suit, still under Tabuu's control. After fighting R.O.B, he turns into a trophy and they team up as a group of five. They find a teleporter and head to Aurum City.

Neo Toyko

Meanwhile in Neo Toyko, where Degen now rules, Mai Shiranui and Saki Omokane break free from the mind control and proceed to attack the Aurum.

Degen comes down and is about to shoot Mai Shiranui with a trophy gun when Gold Lightan steps on her and smashes the trophy gun. Degen gets up, her cyborg parts now showing and goes in for another duel.

Finally, Degen is near death but reveals a small subspace bomb in the back of her head. Black★Rock Shooter proceeds to blast her to bits, finally destroying her.

The four head onto the streets, where they rescue Haruhi and Lucy Heartfilla from the Aurum. The 6 bust into Degen's tower and take her teleporter to the Aurum's current location: Aurum City.

Aurum City

Black★Rock Shooter, Haruhi, Mai Shiranui, Saki, Gold Lightan, and Lucy meet up with Pit, Zim, Mr. Incredible, R.O.B, and Rumble McSkirmish. The Fighters head to the base of the Aurum City.

Here, some characters have been turned into slaves. The Fighters take out the slave keepers and free the slaves Johnny, Troy and Abed, Peach, Link, Woody, and Kirby. The Fighters head to the generator for the Aurum and proceed to destroy the core, shutting all the Aurum down in the city.

Suddenly, Gieuge appears. After trying to fight him, it seems like he's invincible until Ness uses a music box on him, making him weak. They take out Gieuge and exit the city using a teleporter, heading to Scarlet Witch Mansion.


Mario and Luigi wake up in McDonaldland and are attacked by Grimace, who reverted to his villainous ways after Ronald McDonald abandoned McDonaldland in favor of the "real world". Luigi, who tries telling him being evil isn't the way to go, is punched out by Grimace. Mario then proceeds to take out Grimace and restore Luigi to normal.

They find Finn, who is being held captive by Mayor McCheese. After taking out Mayor McCheese, they free Finn and his buddy Jake.

They meet up with the Professor, who lends them his rocket to take out the Aurum once and for all, since their world was protected by a lawsuit.

Fix It Felix Cabinet

Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix are fighting off Orcs that took over the Fix-It Felix world. The orcs, who brought in Cybugs to assist them in the battle, are currently winning when suddenly Samus and Trace attack the Orcs.

After defeating a large number of them, they retreat and head to Game Centeral Station. Ralph, Felix, Samus, and Trace realize they need to protect the other worlds from the incoming invasions.

New York

Spiderman is busy taking care of the Primid and Orc invasion, and it's not looking too good. Tabuu tells Spiderman to just give up, since he's already taken bigger worlds. Spiderman responds by punching Tabuu in the face and knocking a row of Primids over. Iron Man comes in to help.

Suddenly, Wily E. Coyote blows up a portion of the army, revealing he has explosives meant to take the army out. Black Widow and Captain America come in and join to help. The five take down a significant portion of the army, driving them away. Tabuu laughs as the heroes celebrate their victory, becuase one of his commanders, Marvin Martian has arrived.

After defeating Marvin Martian, the heroes are attacked by a swarm of Aurum.

Hero's Duty Cabinet

Ralph, Samus, Trace, and Felix head to the Heroes Duty cabinet, which has sadly been taking over by one of Tabuu's commanders: King Candy. King Candy explains that he's already taken over and has put some heroes in his own prison (referring to King Candy's Fungeon) some of those heroes being Sergeant Calhoun and Vallenope.

Ralph and Felix proceed to attack King Candy. Once King Candy has been defeated, it's revealed to a robot. The real King Candy is in the Aurum Homeworld.

Ralph, Felix, Samus, and Trace take out some of the orcs and cybugs and head to the Sugar Rush cabinet.

The Grid

Quorra goes against a bunch of Recongizers and reprogrammed programs. She then meets the commander for the Grid: CLU. CLU attacks Quorra and is about to turn her into a trophy with his own trophy gun, but suddenly Ashura comes and takes him out.

Quorra and Ashura then meet Rinzler, who also attacks them. After defeating Rinzler, they take a Recongizer out of the Grid and head for Sugar Rush.

Sugar Rush Cabinet I

Ralph, Felix, Samus, and Trace meet with Quorra and Ashura. They proceed to fight the orcs and Cybugs.

They meet with King Candy's personal gaurds, Wynchel and Duncan. After defeating both, a King Candy hologram taunts them, telling them that there's no way they can possibly win.

Suddenly, Captain Video speeds in, heading towards the Diet Cola Volcano. The group follows suit and discovers that the volcano can be used to defeat the Cybugs. A robotic clone of King Candy, now fused with a Cybug intervenes. After defeating the clone, Ralph smashes the top of the volcano, causing Mentos to fall in.

The volcano explodes from the Mentos and the Fighters head into Game Central Station, with Captain Video leading them to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Scarlet Devil Mansion

Black★Rock Shooter, Haruhi, Mai Shiranui, Saki, Gold Lightan, Lucy, Johnny, Troy and Abed, Peach, Link, Woody, Kirby, Pit, Zim, Mr. Incredible, R.O.B, and Rumble McSkirmish meet up with Ralph, Felix, Samus, Trace, Ashura, Captain Video and Qourra at the front of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Dr. Eggman meets the large group and proceeds to try and blast them.

After Eggman has been defeated, the group heads into the Mansion. They enter in the Lobby, which is swarming with fairies. After defeating the fairies, Hong Meiling appears and attacks the group.

After defeating Hong Meiling, the libary opens up. Here they find the trophies of Goeniko, Angel, Bayonetta, Shanoa, and Linkara. The group faces Patchouli Knowledge, the librarian of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

After defeating Patchouli, Flandre Scarlet appears. Here, it is revealed why they wanted to get to Scarlet Devil Mansion; there's a trophy gun store house. Flandre's sister Remilia appears and attacks them with the trophy gun, but the gun is busted up by Black★Rock Shooter. Remilia attacks them while Flandre heads to a teleporter.

Once Remilia is defeated, the mansion blows up and the group escapes the explosion. They must now head to Aurum Homeworld.

Gaston's Tavern

Meanwhile, Ib's ring is picked up the Irate Gamer at a villain's meeting in Gaston's Tavern. Gaston, Irate Gamer, Hitler, MODOK, and Donut Steel are meeting, when Ib controls Irate Gamer and punches Gaston, undoing some of Tabuu's bigger brainwashing and frees Beast.

Gaston angrily attacks Irate Gamer and the other villians join in, but Beast attacks them as well, scaring away Donut Steel, Hitler, and MODOK. Gaston on the other hand, is even more angrier.

After fighting off Gaston, Gaston realizes him and the Beast need to work together in order to stop the Aurum invasion, even if it goes against Gaston's hunter instinct. Ib!rate Gamer then asks Gaston where Mary is.

Manor of the Plagues

Gaston, Beast, and Ib!Rate Gamer head to the Manor of Plagues, where Mary!Ib is conversing with the Tails Doll. Mary!Ib sends the Tails Doll after Gaston and the gang.

After defeating the Tails Doll, Mary!Ib decides to take on the three. Once she has been defeated, she throws out a painting so that the Mary inside can still live. Ib!Rate Gamer takes off the cursed ring and places it on Ib. Ib, Irate Gamer, Gaston, and the Beast head off to the Chaos Vortex.

Temple of Time

Link informs the group of a teleporter that will take them to Aurum City, located in the Temple of Time. Zelda meets them at the enterance, but turns out she is no friend. After defeating the shadow bug clone of her, the real Zelda joins the group and heads into the the Temple of Time.

There they find the Gate of Time, but it is gaurded by The Ogre. After defeating the Ogre, they head into the Gate of Time and head to Aurum Homeworld. No turning back now...

Chaos Vortex

Spiderman, Iron Man, Wily E. Coyote, Black Widow, and Captain America defeat the Aurum army when they are suddenly attacked by Palutena. Palutena, they realize, is under the control of the Chaos Kin. Gaston, Beast, and Ib appear and help attack the Chaos Kin.

After defeating the Chaos Kin, it escapes to the Chaos Vortex, but not before Iron Man follows it. After following it into the Chaos Vortex, it is fought one more time before being finally defeated. The dimension collapses, with Iron Man unable to call for help. However, Palutena hears his cries and takes him out of the Chaos Vortex.

Nintendo Power Space Ship

Mario, Finn, Luigi, and Jake approach another ship, which seems to have been abadoned. Inside reveals the offices of Nintendo Power, the crew being nothing but skeletons now.

Suddenly, Xenomorph attacks. After being defeated and turned into a trophy, Xenomorph joins the group. Just then, they meet Shy Guy Red, who sets off the self destruct on the ship. Mario and the others escape, as well as Shy Guy Red.

Bikini Bottom

Tak and Mimi are drilling in Bikini Bottom, causing oil to kill the residents. Mario, Finn, Luigi, Xenomorph and Jake land in the ocean with Finn freaking out about being in the ocean. Jake becomes a submarine as they journey through the black depths of the ocean. They come across Tak and Mimi's underwater base and infiltrate it, fighting the Aurum and Primids inside. They come across Tak and Mimi and fight them. The underwater base collapses and Mario and the others attempt to head out but are stopped by Oilbob, a mutation of Spongebob created by the oil.

They defeat Oilbob and head to the shore. They meet up with Spiderman, Iron Man, Wily E. Coyote, Black Widow, and Captain America who are greeted by Mr. Rogers, who informs them that the Aurum are heading to the Monolith Holding Cell. Once they get there, they will be able to spread to other multiverses.

Monolith Holding Cell

2001-1-moon monolith
They break into the Monolith Holding Cell where they come across Tabuu who uses the Monolith as a stargate. The group follows him.

They end up in another Monolith holding cell. They discover that Tabuu has led them in a giant maze of star gates. Colored energy surges through the cells and Xenomorph slams the wall in anger, causing the colored energy to react, creating a portal to Tabuu's location...

Portal to Nothing

...a blank white area. They discover that Tabuu plans to recreate subspace here as he sets up a reverse Subspace bomb. He sends out some of the colored energy at them, the energy forming into hands.

Mario and the others take out the hands as they begin to split into multiple versions of themselves. The hands create portals where the duplicates fall in. Tabuu, disgusted with the failure sends an off wave to turn Mario and the others into a trophy. Just then, Ananzi covers the group with a web, diminishing the effects of the off-wave. Tabuu is taken back as the blank universe begins to fall apart. He teleports out as another portal created by the colored energy is created and Mario and the group fall in.

Sugar Rush Cabinet II

Mario and the group end up in the Sugar Rush Cabinet, affected by the aftermath of the volcano. As they go through the ruined remains of the cabinet, they spot Land Shark trapped under some rubble. Ananzi helps him out, and Land Shark joins the group. They go through the hole that leads to Game Central Station and head past the swarms of Aurum and Primids marching forward.

They discover that they are marching towards one of Tabuu's commanders, Giygas. Mario and the others take out the army as they head towards Giygas' chamber.


Giygas Idle ML
Mario and the others go into Giygas' chamber where they come across Porky. Porky sends out the Masked Man to attack them. The Masked Man does so but is defeated and turned into a trophy. Before Porky can grab him, Mario taps the base and Masked Man attacks Porky. Porky is defeated and turned into a trophy and Giygas begins to stir. Jake turns into a music box and plays a melody that appears to shatter Giygas' mind. The chamber begins to crumble and the group heads out, leaving the Porky trophy to be destroyed.


Nostalgia Critic finds Tak and Mimi's ship where he finds the Angry Video Game Nerd trophy. He taps the base and reunites with the Angry Video Game Nerd. The ship triggers an alarm and the Aurum and Primids come to take out the two but they defeat them. They push the self destruct and destroy the ship.

They head to find Mordecai and Rigby who are still brain-washed by Bugs Fucking Bunny. They defeat Mordecai and Rigby and they rejoin. They fight Bugs Fucking Bunny and defeat him. They notice a girl about to jump from a building and run over there with the golf cart.

Madotsuki's Dreamscape

Madotsuki hangs out in her apartment before going to sleep, heading back into the dream world. She opens the door to the Snow World and encounters some dream creatures before coming across a Yuki-onna, who gives her the Yuki-onna effect. Madotsuki sleeps in the bed nearby, landing in the Staircase of Hands and heading to the Underground World. After dousing the flames, she finds the Spaceship.

The space ship crashes and she lands on Mars, forcing her to wake up. She heads outside and jumps, only to be grabbed by the Nostalgia Critic who floats down the golf cart. They are suddenly attacked by Tabuu's forces, but Madotsuki shows off her abilities.

Aurum Homeworld

Black★Rock Shooter, Haruhi, Mai Shiranui, Saki, Gold Lightan, Lucy, Johnny, Troy and Abed, Peach, Link, Woody, Kirby, Pit, Zim, Mr. Incredible, R.O.B, Rumble McSkirmish, Ralph, Felix, Samus, Trace, Ashura, Captain Video, Qourra, Goeniko, Angel, Bayonetta, Shanoa, and Linkara enter the Aurum homeworld, and see the core where all Aurum rely on to operate. They head to destroy it.

After traversing the inside which is filled to the brim with Aurum, they are greeted by Pyrrhon who fights them. After defeating Pyrrhon they battle the Aurum Homeworld Core.

All the Aurum drop dead and explode, and the planet begins to collapse. Fred Rogers and Master Hand teleport them to Prometheus Cliff.


Farmworld Finn is playing his flute when Primids and Orcs arrive and attack. Farmworld Finn attacks them and defeats them. He is then greeted by Big Destiny, the commander of the forces.

After defeating Big Destiny, a portal opens up and more forces come in. Farmworld Finn runs off only to be greeted by Mr. Rogers and Master Hand, who teleport him to the Lapisverse after explaining that he is needed.

The Underworld

Tabuu meets Hades in the Underworld to get back some of his fallen commanders, but Hades declines, stating it's not so simple. Tabuu offers him an army to help conquer the world, but Hades states he already has an army.

Just then, Corset walks in and agrees to work with Tabuu, offering a ghost army. He also frees Porky, Degen, Tak and Mimi, and Nazo from the Underworld, with Donnie Depru getting out in the confusion.

Prometheus Cliff

The large group find themselves at Promethus Cliff, where Morgan Freeman is getting his livers eaten by dragons. They fight the Dragons, and free Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman, Mr. Rogers, and Master Hand tell the group it is time to defeat Tabuu once and for all and will begin gathering more troops across the multiverses.

Everyone in the story heads to the Rift of Worlds, where Tabuu is draining power from the colored energy he found in the Monolith Holding Chamber. He will destroy the world to put an end to the Fighters of Lapis.

Final Battle I

Final Battle I

The Final Battle approaches.

Tabuu's army finally comes into view. The heroes have only each other to fight off the combined effort of Orc, Aurum, and Primid. Tabuu is gaining power from the Rift of the Worlds.

Master Hand sends out the Polygon Fighting Team to aid the Fighters of Lapis into battle. Morgan Freeman heads up against Tabuu so Tabuu can't send out Off-Waves to trophify them. Mr. Rogers heads around the Multiverse, looking for more fighters.


Final Battle: Fighters of Lapis vs Tabuu's Army

Mario heads into battle, the others following him. They come across Degen again, back from the dead.

After defeating Degen and her cyborg form, they face off Porky again. After Porky's defeat, he sends out Giegue who turns into Giygas midway through the fight. Giygas is defeated.

Mario and the others take out some Primids before coming across Nazo again. Still remembering what Tabuu did to him, he aids them against Bowser and Eggman, who have teamed up. They defeat Bowser and Eggman, before coming across Flandre Scarlet. They take her out as well.

Farmworld Finn and Donnie Depru appear to help out. The war for existence has begun.

Final Battle II


Parasoul shows up with her army: The Black Egrets.

The next commander is Hitler, who appears with his Nazi Army. The fighters are unable to take Hitler without taking out the Nazis, but just then Parasoul shows up with her army, the Black Egrets, who fight the Nazis while the Fighters take out Hitler.

After Hitler is defeated along with all the Nazis, Scanty and Kneesock appear to dish out revenge. Panty and Stocking take them out, turning them into a trophy and tapping the base. Corset attacks but is defeated too.

Mephiles appears. They take him out initially, but he takes energy from Shadow the Hedgehog to turn into phase 2. After destroying him, the Tails Doll appears to attack. The Tails Doll is defeated, unleashing a portal to let Herobrine attack. Ashura takes out Herobrine and the army is beginning to diminish. Will the Fighters of Lapis defeat Tabuu once and for all?

Final Battle III

Just then, Tabuu unleashes a powerful attack and knocks out Morgan Freeman. He creates a black hole and tells the Fighters of Lapis that the universe will be destroyed whether they like it or not.

Mario slams into Tabuu's head, knocking him back. Two mighty giants appear, Mecha Sakurai and Stone Walt Disney. They take out the rest of the commanders and fight Tabuu. Tabuu takes both of them out and challenges the Fighters of Lapis to take him out.

After defeating Tabuu and turning him into a trophy, the black hole keeps increasing in size, and the Tabuu trophy is sucked in. Bloo asks where Mac is, but he receives no answer.

The Fighters of Lapis grip hands together and allow the black hole to suck up what's left.

The end.

End of the World

Wachowski Brothers
Just then, the screen fades to white and two chairs can be seen, as well as blue and purple pixelated man. The men are the Wachowski brothers, and they tell the player they did a good job... but it's not over.

They tell the player to sit back for the next level, Death Cliff.

Death Cliff

Mac's Trophy appears on the edge of Death Cliff and Mac is taken out of trophy form. He then recreates what he remembers of the Lapisverse and calls this new universe the "Emeraldverse".

Roll credits.


This is a list of Commanders that appear through out the story. They lead Aurum, Subspace, and Orc fleets through out the story.


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