Maybe we don't actually exist. But if this is how it's going to be, then leave me out of it. Fine. *shoots Ashura*
Ashura and ???, The Cries of Missingno


Developer(s) Overclockedlogo
Publisher(s) Overclockedlogo
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s) 2013
Mode(s) none
Age Rating(s) T
Media Included Wii U Disc

Fighters of Lapis 2/โจมตีทันทีทันใด is a umbrella game that is an improved sequel to Fighters of Lapis/崛起的火星. Like the first, it is a fighting game. It focuses on glitches, which have been "integrated" into the game play. There are new, original items focusing on a part of glitch culture. There is also a new story based off the legendary Missingno, which is a sequel to The Space Crisis, and was hinted in the end of it.

It has a sequel by the name of Fighters of Lapis 3: Stargate.



Similar to the first game, there are lots of things to do.

There is like, seven main modes: Brawl, The Cries of Missingno, Tournament, Multi-Man Melee, Adventure, Classic, and Boss Rush.

In Brawl, 8 characters can be on the field at a time. However, it is highly recommended you play with just 4. Items can be turned off, but that's only if your a sissy. Each and every character has a super move which they can charge through fighting.

The Cries of Missingno is the story mode! It focuses a little on platforming! There aren't any supers in this mode except when you're fighting people. The story focuses on glitches and non-existant characters such as Nazo, Missingno, Herobrine, and Ashura.

And Tournament is just where if you have a party of people you can switch in and out. (You totally would have a party!)

Adventure Mode is a mode that has you pick a character to go through many different stages up against other characters, who each have random effects put onto them.

Multi-Man Melee is where you fight evil versions of characters that you've unlocked.

Boss Rush lets you pick three characters to play as to be fight off the bosses from story mode. They are done in a random order (for the exception of ???) and is unlocked after beating story mode.

There is also a mode to input codes. Codes are listed in the article.

Story Mode

What are you to me, pathetic beings?
???, The Cries of Missingno

The story begins in New York, where Mario and Sonic are just chillaxing on a bench when Tails warns them that a new threat is on the loose. The Underminer is attacking, and Mario, Sonic, and Tails rush over.


Mordecai and Rigby vs themselves.

Meanwhile, Mordecai and Rigby decide to go get burgers, but Benson tells them they aren't allowed to have any until they finish their work. They find a hologram machine and use it to fool Benson. After getting their burgers, they discover that the Holograms are attacking Benson. The Holograms steal their burgers and Mordecai and Rigby have to face off the holograms. At the end of the fight, the Holograms start glitching up, leaving Mordecai and Rigby to shatter them into pieces. They grab the burgers and eat them, not thinking of it too much. Benson gets mad at them, and makes them finish the garage and makes them work overtime.

Meanwhile, Zim sneaks into the garage and steals the hologram machine.

Luigi decides that he is done lurking in the shadows of Mario and decides to step on the grass. Mario, Sonic, and Tails pass him by, and Luigi thinks they get the idea. Suddenly, a mysterious shadow looms over him, and it is Missingno. Missingno tells him that "a storm is coming" and that he best get out of the way. Luigi ignores him and continues stepping on the grass.

Mario, Sonic, and Tails face the Underminer. After defeating him and his mole minions, the Underminer glitches out. Mario doesn't think much of it, but Tails thinks that perhaps something big is happening.


Finn and Jake inside of BMO.

Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum are just hanging out in the candy kingdom when BMO tells them that there is something hacking into his hardware. Finn and Jake head into the inside of BMO, where they face off Hackra. After defeating Hackra, they return to the outside world.

Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible fights off some bank robbers. After returning home, he finds that Mirage has sent him another mission, this time to a island called Usterka Island.

Samus is at a T.W.O research lab again, investigating Metriods when she realizes that main database is down. Some of the lab creatures have escaped as well. After fighting her way to the main database, she finds that is completely gone.

Mr. Incredible arrives at Usterka island, and sees strange Pokémon creatures. After arriving to the main hall, he realizes he is trapped and gets turned into a trophy and is put into the basement. Mirage secretly calls Elastigirl and tells her what's happening, but is unable to finish the call. Elastigirl heads over to the island.

Saki Omokane3s
Meanwhile, in Toyko, mutated dinosaurs are rampaging in the city. Saki Omokane attempts to take them down but with no avail until Mai Shiranui shows up. After defeating the mutated dinosaurs, they discover it was a plot by the Cloverfieldian race, an alien race that is set to conquer to the earth using video games. However before they can ship out their latest game, Missingo appears and destroys the discs. Saki and Mai decide to destroy the race before they start sending out more attacks.

A cut scene shows Ashura in a black coat in The World That Never Was. He opens his eyes and they are pure static.


Meanwhile, in Gravity Falls, Dipper and Mabel have unleashed Rumble McSkirmish, but he seems to be glitched out. After trying to kill everyone in town, Mabel and Dipper manage to stop him. However, Missingo is up to his tricks again and Rumble vanishes. Dipper and Mabel then also discover that the TV is only playing static.

Meanwhile, Elastigirl is captured and put into the basement as well after going into the main hall. With no one around to help them, they may be trapped there forever.

Meanwhile, in Springfield, the Nuclear Reactor is being held captive by glitch creatures and no one can get ahold of the reactor. In a last ditch effort, Homer attempts to fight them off.

Meanwhile, The Nostalgstia Critic is put under house arrest and cannot leave his house. The Nerd comes over for a rematch, but is interrupted by a message on the Critic's computer, which tells of Ma-Ti and the Plot Hole near Jupiter. The Critic gathers some of the other reviewers and leaves to go to space to find Ma-Ti.

Meanwhile, Dipper and Mabel find that Dipper's book has been stolen. After confronting Gideon, it turns out he doesn't have it. A mysterious stranger in a black coat is found holding it and Dipper goes after him into the darkness, with Mabel behind him.

Mordecai and Rigby find out that the park computer has been infected with a Error 220. After Skips can seemigly not fix it, they go to Techmo, who gets infected with the Error 220 virus. After defeating virus Techmo, a mysterious man takes the rest of the park members out, leaving only Rigby and Mordecai who escape via time machine and Thomas, the new intern.

Mario, Sonic, Tails, and Luigi find out that every screen in the world is displaying static and glitched up graphics. Trying to find the root of the problem, they head to Time Warner Cable, who turns out is being run by Wily E. Coyote. After defeating Wily E. Coyote, it turns out to be another false lead. Wily E. Coyote escapes in the darkness with a man in a black coat and Mario and the gang follow suit.

Meanwhile in a dark forest, Kumatora wakes up next to Neku and discovers that she is Neku's partner for a game. After fighting off some noise, they discover a dark portal. However before they can leap into it, Herobrine attacks. Trying to drain Neku's soul, Herobrine nearly succeeds before a sudden rescue by Steve happens. However, Herobrine takes Steve's soul as Homer and Neku run into the portal that is slowly closing. Steve's lifeless body suddenly starts moving before cutting to black.

Meanwhile in Traverse Town, Sora is fighting off Heartless when Mario and the gang find themselves there. After fighting off the Heartless, they take on Luxord and travel into the darkness...

Sora and the others find themselves at Usterka island. Missingno approaches them, screeching at them. They find that their bodies are glitching and scream in horror. They then notice Tabuu's shadow is Missingno's shadow. Mario punches Missingno to attack Tabuu, but his whole body goes straight through Missingno and he comes out with Sonic's colors.

That is when they realize that Missingno is not behind this, but it is Tabuu that is behind everything. Tabuu is corrupting Missingno and taking advantage of Missingno's powers.

A man in a black coat appears again and drags them away from Missingno. Mario's colors are restored.

Kumatora and Neku find themselves on Usterka island and decide to sneak into the lone house on the island. There they find the trophies of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. They revive them and fight off the glitch pokemon.

Morrigan finds her self under attack by glitched Pokemon. Herobrine!Steve is leading them, with Ashura by his side. Ashura seems to look like he's regretting something as he attacks the other worlds.

Homer defeats the glitch creatures attacking the power plant and with Ned escapes Springfield, as it is overrun with glitch creatures.

Everyone escapes from their worlds to the hub world where it's safe: World Central Station. Ralph and Fix-It-Felix join up with Mr. Game and Watch and Captain Video to get rid of the glitch creatures coming from the door outside of World Central Station. Suddenly Ashura comes in and takes off his black coat and defeats the glitch creatures with no effort. Since he is a glitch character himself, they only become adsorbed. Herobrine!Steve asks what the hell Ashura is doing, and in response, Ashura tells him it's wrong to take over the world and kill innocents doing it. In response, Herobrine!Steve shoots him, but the bullet only gets adsorbed. Ashura teams up with Mario, Unten, Mai Shiranui, Bonne Jenet, Sonic, Tails, Finn, Jake, Samus, Homer Simpson, Ned Flanders, Saki Omokane, and Sora.

Ahura explains that he can go into Missingno and defeat Tabuu from the inside, however they need to fend off the glitch pokemon on Usterka island to prevent Missingno from adsorbing their power.

The group heads to Usterka island and meet Nemi, Morrigan, Mr. Game and Watch, Fix-It-Felix, Ralph, Captain Video, Wily E. Coyote, and Dipper and Mabel who join them in their fight. Dipper and Mabel face off Rumble again and revive him, and Rumble joins the team.

Meanwhile, Luigi is still walking on the grass and Herobrine!Steve approaches him. Luigi screams and the scene fades to black.

After defeating the swarm of glitch creatures, it seems like Missingno is not here at all. He isn't, they discover, he is in World -1.

Ashura explains that World -1 has no exit and that the entire atmosphere there is pure glitch. As long as Missingno stays in there, he will adsorb power from World -1. The group heads down the pipe and comes across a mysterious man named Mr. L. After fighting him, it turns out to be no other than Luigi, who explains he wanted to stop living in Mario's shadow all the time. Mario explains that it seems to him that he's living in Luigi's shadow most of the time. The two realize that they might not be living in either one's shadow.

Just then, Missingno, who's body now resembles more like Tabuu's, shows up. Ashura goes into Missingno and fights against Tabuu.

After the defeat of Tabuu, Tabuu is thrown out of Missingno's body. Tabuu gets up and attacks the rest of the characters. After defeating Tabuu, Herobrine rejects Steve's body and attempts to turn Luigi into Mr. L again. Mario puts himself in front of Luigi and instead becomes Mr. M. The group fights Mr. M and then Herobrine.

There is no exit still, and so it seems like they're trapped in this dimension forever. But Missingno opens a portal to World Central Station and they escape.

Everyone returns to their worlds, glitch free. Ashura becomes a real character and Luigi and Mario go off to the olympics with Sonic and Mario.

The rest go to Smashburger and order some hamburgers.

The End.


Image Name Series Info
MarioNew Mario Super Mario Mario returns for this installment! He is more balanced than his brother Luigi, and throws fireballs and uses some of his power ups.
Luigi 52 Luigi Super Mario Luigi returns as well. He has higher jumps and lower attack strength when compared to his brother. He throws fireballs and transforms into a statue.
UntenArend Unten That One Series With The Really Long Name That I Do Not Wish To Remember A newcomer to the craziness that is Fighters of Lapis. He fights with mostly melee attacks.
Queensgate mai Mai Shiranui King of Fighters Mai returns to the madness! She fights with fans and Pyrokinesis, just like the last game.
Jenet-xi Bonne Jenet King of Fighters A pirate who despite coming from a rich background, would rather steal money than ask. At a chance to redeem herself, she uses her fighting style which involves hitting people with her high heels and slaps.
SDSonic Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog SPEED'S HIS GAME. SONIC'S THE NAME. Sonic is a fast and quirky hedgehog who would probably make the Dreamworks face if he could. He uses a spin attack and many other powers from his games.
223px-ASR Tails Tails the Mutant Squirrel Sonic the Hedgehog Best friend of Sonic. These guys are like two people that are really close to each other. yiff He flies, uses a mech and airboard, the typical stuff a mutant would use.
1ATFinnStand Finn Adventure Time Like Mario, gets all the ladies. He's also the last human alive in his universe. Wait, how did he get here? dun dun dun
JakeTHEDOG Jake Adventure Time He has stretchy powers and can morph into several different things like a machine gun. How he got here is also a mystery BUT I GUESS WE'LL NEVER KNOW.
199px-Mom samus Samus Metroid For whatever reason, her suit can be compressed in and out at anytime now to switch to her Zero Suit. She uses rockets and her spin jump as her main weapons, although her freeze beam may come in handy.
Folder4000 render Zero Suit Samus Metroid For whatever reason, her suit can be compressed in and out at anytime now to switch to her real Suit. Her plasma whip now has a better grip, and she is a lot more athletic.
Mrincredible large Mr. Incredible The Incredibles Mr. Incredible returns with his super strength. He can lift up cars and throw them, and activate the signal for some of his family members to help.
Homer-simpson 235 Homer Simpson The Simpsons Homer returns, but with a new power: Beer Run. In Beer Run, all of his special attacks are randomized and have varying effects.
Mordecai character Mordecai Regular Show Mordecai is a blue jay who hangs out with Rigby. He is stronger than Rigby and can use the guitar.
Rigby character Rigby Regular Show Rigby is a raccoon who hangs out with Mordecai. He is faster than Mordecai and has sharp claws at his disposal.
TITAN Reptflux Fantendoverse The Reptflux reproduction returns. He is the most balanced out of the Titans, with decent strength and decent recovery.
AVGNraigface Angry Video Game Nerd Cinemassacre The Nerd's back! He throws pens and F-Bombs at opponents. He also can summon Beer-Droid to throw beers.
BAM Nostalgia Critic That Guy With The Glasses The Critic returns at full force! He has the new ability of freezing people.
Ruby Sapphire May May Pokémon A Pokémon trainer that fights with Torchic, Bulbsaur, and Wartortle.
Dipper pines Dipper and Mabel Gravity Falls The mystery twins return with some new attacks, like Mabel's bedazzler and Dipper's clone attack.
Noel Vermillion (Chrono Phantasma, Character Select Artwork) Noel Vermillion BlazBlue She fights with guns, which come in handy most of the time. She also has drives to power-up her guns.
Sora-3 Sora Kingdom Hearts Uses his keyblade as well as magic like Firaga and Blizzaga. Has amazing knock-back but poor jump.
Morrigan-xedge Morrigan Darkstalkers In addition to traditional punches and kicks, she can reshape her wings and use them as weapons.
Saki-uas Saki Omokane Quiz Nanairo Dreams She uses a giant rifle to attack. She has excellent recovery but low jumps.
Kfm Kung Fu Man Mugen Uses karate against opponents. He can take more hits than a lot of characters, although his attacks aren't as strong.
Neku Neku The World Ends With You Neku is able to use many different pins that he finds to perform quite a variety of attacks.
Panty-and-stocking-panty-and-stocking-with-garterbelt-29292555-695-685 Panty and Stocking Panty and Stocking with Ganterbelt Panty attacks mainly with her gun, while Stocking fights with a katana.
Patricia-wagon Patricia Wagon Mighty Switch Force Patrica attacks with her gun and her ability to move blocks in and out of the foreground.
Kumatora Kumatora Earthbound Using a wide range of PSI attacks and melee attacks, Kumatora can throw a punch well. However, her knockback is quite big.
KH3D Quorra Quorra Tron Showing significant skill in using the sword and the identity disk as well as being a skilled driver and pilot. All these things come into play when fighting, however she breaks rather easily.


Image Name Series Info Unlocked By
Elastigirl 4 Elastigirl The Incredibles A newcomer to the craziness! Elastigirl is the wife of Mr. Incredible, and is extremely flexible like Jake. She is also friends with pilots, and call a plane to help her out. Playing 10 matches.
Megaman-legends-3-roll-casket-character-artwork-1 Roll Caskett Megaman Roll Caskett is a newcomer. She can pilot machines she built, and can repair them herself. If a machine explodes, she can fight using the wrench and rockets. Playing 30 matches.
222px-Ned Flanders Ned Flanders The Simpsons Well how do you diddly do? My name's Ned Flanders! My first attempt at preaching the word of God didn't work, so here I go again! Playing as Homer 10 times.
273px-Benson character Benson Regular Show Benson is a manager of the park. He has the habit of getting angry and uses it when he attacks. He can also throw gumballs and direct angry speeches, which will lower any character's defense. Playing as Mordecai or Rigby 55 times.
Gaston Gaston Beauty and the Beast Nobody fights like Gaston! He uses the Blunderbass and his super strength and popularity. Playing 100 matches.
102333 Irate Gamer 2 Irate Gamer Irate "Entertainment" There is no way this guy can win a match. All of his attacks hurt himself, and his super doesn't do anything. Loosing 40 matches.
4Sora- ZSS Bailey Suit Justin Bailey Suit Samus Metroid Justin Bailey dishes out more damage and has better recovery. However, you cannot turn back into the regular suit. Win 50 matches with just the Zero Suit.
AlienHOLYCRAP Xenomorph Alien Xenomorph returns and has been nerfed a little. His face hugging can now be taken off and dishes out less damage and becomes more reliant on groups. Win 566 matches.
Touko Hilda Pokémon Like May, she attacks with three Pokemon known as Snivy, Sawk, and Archeops. Play as May 100 times.
BLADERUNNEROSCAR Oscar Pistorius The Olympics Otherwise known as the Blade Runner, he has "blades" for his feet which he can use to fight with, as well as summoning team members. He is also pretty fast, but not the fastest character.... Run the Olympic track as Sonic.
GregPabich Greg Pabich Cheetahmen II Scam The man who is supposedly "finishing" Cheetahmen II. He hired Pat, the AVGN, and the Game Chasers for a video to promote the finishing of the product. As being the finisher, he uses the Cheetahmen and pancakes as his attacks. Knock-out AVGN 100 times.
Goeniko Goeniko MUGEN She has the power to control the wind and can fly. She is not very fast, but is very deadly with what she has to work with. Play 10000 matches.
PrimidPreview Primid Super Smash Brothers Returning from the last game, Primid now has new moves such as being able to summon other Primids to help him out, as well being able to change in different Primids. Play half of the the story mode.
ZIM Zim Invader Zim The Irkern invader returns! And he most likely fail. However his robot tentacles and ray guns might come in handy, as well as his companion GIR. Play as Xenomorph 100 times.
Bit-Trip-FATE Captain Video Bit.Trip A fast runner and a skilled shooter, Captain Video is a excellent choice for experts. Complete adventure mode with any character.
Stealth Elf Stealth Elf Skylanders Fast, stealthy, and has plenty of good attacks like copies that can fight for her. She has high knock back though and no recovery moves. Complete adventure mode with three characters.
Angel Angel King of Fighters She has super strength and speed. She can also use motorcycles. Complete adventure mode with nine characters.
WINNERSDON'TLOSE Rumble McSkirmish Gravity Falls WINNERS DON'T LOSE!!! I FIGHT WITH FIRE BALLS!!! I DO NOT HAVE A GOOD JUMP!!! Use the ultimate power code or complete Classic Mode with any character.
Bayonetta-character Bayonetta Bayonetta Uses guns and her hair as weapons. Complete classic with 3 characters.
Shanoa-ek2 Shanoa Castlevania Fights with closed ranged weapons and magic. Complete classic with 9 characters.
Tvc-gold-lightan Gold Lightan Golden Warrior Gold Lightan Has powerful moves and low jumps. A very strong character rivals the Fluxes. Complete Adventure with one of the Flux characters.
Room-football Johnny Wiseau Films Is slow but powerful with his footballs and his friends. Complete Adventure with the Nostalgia Critic
KungFuGirl Kung Fu Girl Mugen She is similar to Kung Fu Man, but has powers that Kung Fu Man doesn't such as her arm whip and ghost attack. Complete Adventure with the Kung Fu Man.
BRS official picture Black★Rock Shooter Black★Rock Shooter Shoots with her gun and is skilled in combat. Complete Boss Rush once.
LucyAnimeS2 Lucy Heartfilla Fairy Tail A celestial mage who uses celestial spirits as her main weapons. She also is somewhat efficient in her melee attacks. She also uses a whip. Play 2500 matches.
Ashura Ashura Ś͙̳̬̻̫̖̘̈͒̎ͩ̈̽̐́̕͞o̗̦̲̳̬͑̄ͫ̎͘n͈͖͔̟͚̿i̭̭͉͉̠̺ͣͫ̏̓ͥ́͡ͅc͙̠̹͔̜͖̒̄̑̃͂̾͠ͅ ̸̡̫̝͈͉̲̼͚̀̐͊͆͟ͅt̢̗̮̘͕̰̺̘́ͅh̯̲̣̹̫̹̮͖̆̕͟ḛ͓̠̺̱̬̣̙̃̽̑ ͑̅͗͏̗̱̺̼̞͎̼͟Ḥ̺̰͎̣͔̋̿̄ͫ̀͝ͅè̷̡̦̼̲̠̟̝̐͢d̶̳͚͒̈́̈́͒̏ͩ͒ͣ͘͡ǵ̲̝́e̡̝̰̯̾ͮ̎̋͛ͯ͒͂̚h̴̼͆̀̂́̽ͥ͊͊͘͢o̲͚ͯͮͯ̆͟ǧ͆̓̏҉̢͍̪̥̜͇͔͇ f̝͚͔̥̹a͎͖̥̳̹̘͇s̘̖͚ț͉̺ ͎l̩i̦̮̜̺̝̗ͅk̖̗͎e̝̻ ͈̲̰̯̣͔s͓͓o̭͇̗̜ͅn͔͍̖̫̣̯i͇̲͇c̠ ̲͚͎̫͇̱ͅb̟̰̫̼̻u̼̩t͕͉͕̼̘͎ ̳̲i͇͕͔̦͇͙sͅ s͖͔̪͓̙ͅt̥r̝̙͓̲̤on̤̲̼̺g͉er̺̮̱ͅ ͈̩̜̻̭̲b̬̘̣͈̪̥̖ut͔̟͚͔̪͍ ju͈̻̼̦̺͚̫m̩̙p̖s̺͔ l͕̤̪̜̦͚e͓̫̣̟̹̱͔s̖̮̟̲̤̘s̪̗̪͇͚ ͎͙̺̩h̝̩̱̺̜͉i͙̺̼͉̯̘̖g̼͉͔̹ḥ̦e͓r̳͚͓ͅ Use all the G͈̭̱͔̫̼L͓IT̰̯̜C̪̫̘̝̯ͅH̠̹̗̻͚ items.
Favbook 9198 Linkara Atop the Fourth Wall Uses his magic gun as well assistance from characters of the show. Play 6000 matches.
GameandWatchBell Mr. Game and Watch Game and Watch Game and Watch joins the fray! Game and Watch uses attacks from the games of his name. Unlocking every character except for him and then fighting 30 matches.
WilyECoyote Wily E. Coyote Looney Tunes Man, the Looney Tunes really like showing up in Umbrella Games, don't they? I digress though, as Wily E. Coyote can use traps and dynamite to cause serious damage to his opponents. Unlock him in story mode or use dynamite 50 times or play 10000 matches.
Reg skips Skips Regular Show Skips, the immortal Yeti has come to fight. He has brute strength and wisdom that will help him in battles. Play Boss Rush and win with Rigby, Mordecai and Benson.
SJBW Black Widow The Avengers The Black Widow is a world class athlete, gymnast, acrobat, aerialist capable of numerous complex maneuvers and feats, expert martial artist, marksman, and weapons specialist as well as having extensive espionage training. Defeat 20 PETA members in story mode or finish Adventure Mode with 10 characters.
VivianByJoeAdok2 Vivian Paper Mario Capable of casting spells and hiding in the shadows. She can be a very effective character if used right. Play as Mario a thousand times.
Tiff Tiff Lagomorph MUGEN Uses flowing attacks that have cartoon physics to them such as throwing hands and feet. Play as Kung-Fu Man 455,000 times.
Felix Fix-It Felix Fix-It Felix Jr. Uses hammer and the Nicelanders to attack. Play 20,000,000 matches.
NemiPic Nemi Montaya Nemi Uses dragons, brutal force and silliness to fight. Play a legendary 50,000,000 matches or use the code MONTOYA.
Luke Luke Skywalker Star Wars Uses the lightsaber and the force. He can also use a landspeeder to mow down foes. Find Luke in the cave in story mode or fight against Vader in Boss Rush.
5688-1910181395 Kurumu Rosario + Vampire Uses illusions, flight, and her claws. Find her in story mode or fight Valdrika in Boss Rush.
250px-Princess Zelda Artwork (Twilight Princess) Dark and Gritty Zelda Legend of Zelda The dark and gritty Zelda from Twilight Princess! Yeah, she uses magic and a sword. She can't transform into anyone, but can summon dark magic things. Play as Zelda 666 times.
Zelflux Zelflux Fantendoverse His Titan brother may be more powerful, but he is more agile. He has better recovery and what not. Again, this is not the same Zelflux, but a copy of the original as it is smaller and less powerful. Play as Reptflux 100 times.
Tifa-d012ff-artwork Tifa Lockheart Final Fantasy Despite having some of the greatest knock-back in the game, Tifa is almost as strong as some of the Titans. She also can cast small bits magic. Play 500 matches.
Medusa-kid-icarus-13175512-673-1103 Medusa Kid Icarus Medusa, adversary of Pit and the heavens. She has the ability to turn people into stone (if for only seconds) and shooting beams from her eyes. Play as Palutena or Pit 666 times.
250px-180px-Goomba Goomba Super Mario Also a morpher similar to Primid. Can turn into a Gold Goomba, Tanooki Goomba, Kuirbo Shoe Goomba, and others. While not the strongest character, and somewhat of a joke character (can be auto-KO'd if stomped on the head in starting form) he can dodge most attacks and has great recovery. Unlock 10 pieces of music or beat 60 of them in Story Mode.
Domo Domo-Kun Domo The Japanese monster that is slowly but surely eating into the states as well. Domo-Kun is somewhat of a joke character as he only has one attack which is to latch onto his opponents and bite them, but any charged attacks thrown at him will be reflected. He also has insane jumps. Play as Goomba 50 times.
Bakemonogatari1 Hitagi Senjogahara Bakemonogatari She attacks using office supplies from hammerspace. She also is very weightless due to a contact with a "heavy crab". Use the Red Stapler item 300 times.
Amazon pandora Amazon Pandora Kid Icarus She has great skill in swordsmanship and attacks with heart-shaped blasts of energy. She also has a heart-shaped barrier to deflect attacks and also demonstrates the ability to levitate. Despite all her power, she is not above fighting dirty, sometimes feigning defeat to claim the upper hand. Beat Boss Rush on European Impossible.

Super Moves

Character Name Info
Mario Super Star Mario grabs a super star and can run into people and have them take tons of damage.
Luigi The Negative Zone Luigi warps everyone into the negative zone, giving them all random effects. These can all last up to a minute.
Unten Midas Unten Unten turns into a golden version of himself and his attack power is doubled.
Mai Shiranui Mizutori no Mai Mai Shiranui gets armor decorated with fans. She can throw the fans like Boomerangs, and cause serious damage.
Bonne Jenet Many Many Torpedoes Bonne Jenet releases a bunch of torpedoes onto opponents, causing serious damage. There are about 30-50 that can be released.
Sonic The Hedgehog Super Sonic Sonic has all 7 chaos emeralds and turns into Super Sonic. He goes at extreme speeds, flies, and when he rams into someone they take 5-10% damage.
Tails the Fox Super Tails Tails uses the chaos emeralds to turn into Super Tails. He goes at extreme speeds, his tails can cause tornadoes, and he can shoot pure energy out of his palms.
Finn Wizard Finn Finn puts on the Wizard robe and uses magical spells.
Jake Ice Ninja Jake can use Fridjitzu, able to cast ice and snow based spells.
Samus Metriod Swarm Samus releases a large amount of Metriods, which if touched, drain health.
Mr. Incredible Train Barge Mr. Incredible grabs a empty train and uses it as a weapon. It causes a lot of damage, but makes Mr. Incredible slower.
Homer Simpson Gummi Homer Homer turns into Gummi Homer. While his defense is weakened, he has great projectile attacks.
Mordecai The Power Mordecai takes control using The Power. He can make his opponents stand still, summon items, and increase strength.
Rigby Technomancer Rigby Rigby dons a Technomancer costume and attacks using his keyboard. He can summon team members and shock people.
Reptflux True Reptflux He appears for about ten seconds, but anyone that merely touches him will be vaporized.
Angry Video Game Nerd Super Nerd The Nerd dons the Super Nerd and also summons Super Mega Death Christ. Super Mega Death Christ summons missiles and the Nerd can fly and shoot lasers.
Nostalgia Critic Bat Credit Card The Nostalgia Critic uses his Bat Credit Card to summon a tv set playing Batman and Robin. Anyone near the TV will experience physical and mental pain.
May Triple Team All three Pokémon attack. It was super effective!
Mabel and Dipper Multibear Multiattack Multibear comes in and attacks with the multiple heads he has.
Noel Vermillion Mu-12 She has disembodied swords, floats around, opens up wormholes and creates energy barriers.
Sora Final Form Sora dons his Final Form and attacks faster and stronger.
Morrigan Lilth Fusion Fuses with Lilth and becomes stronger.
Saki Omokane The World's Greatest Attack Saki goes into a dramatic pose, and talks a little. If the enemy hits her during her dramatic pose, Saki will go into a series of gun shootings at her enemy, ending it with a large bullet in the enemy's face.
Kung Fu Man Triple Kung Fu Palm Slams his palm into the opponent three times, each time causing about 100 damage.
Neku Noise Storm Calls in a bunch of Noise and unleashes them against opponents.
Panty and Stocking FLY AWAY NOW Turns into their super forms and attacks a random opponent, causing them to explode.
Patrica Wagon Super Shift Shifts the entire stage to the background, causing everyone to fall, and then takes out her pellet gun and shoots in a circle.
Elastigirl Plane Crash Elastigirl summons an empty plane to crash into the stage. Anyone under it will be KO'd.
Roll Caskett Hyper Roll Roll summons a giant robot and attacks with missiles. She can also smash her opponents.
Ned Flanders Word of Prayer Ned summons God through prayer and God smashes everyone with his fists, which will cause major damage.
Benson Pent Up Anger Benson will get so mad that he'll start floating and matter will come towards him. When it ends, he yells at a random person and will KO them.
Gaston Kill the Beast Gaston will select a random person to send a angry mob after, and will cause major damage or KO them.
Irate Gamer I Just Got R.O.Bbed! The Irate Gamer will hold up R.O.B and say "I just got R.O.Bbed!" and loose all effects placed on him. If somebody's close, they'll get hit with R.O.B, but this causes very minor damage.
Xenomorph Acid Shower Spits acid everywhere and causes major damage to characters and the stage.
Hilda Zekrom Finisher Makes a anti-gravity force field and uses Fusion Bolt on opponents.
Oscar Pistorius Relay Race The stage turns into a relay race and opponents are stomped under the feet of runners.
Greg Pabich Bribe Greg bribes a opponent to jump off the stage.
Goeniko Tornado Hands She turns her hands very fast and starts sucking people in, giving large amounts of damage.
Primid Duon Summon Primid jumps off the stage, only for Duon to appear. It shoots lasers and missiles and has a high jump.
Zim Voot Cruiser Zim gets into his Voot Cruiser and rides along, injuring foes.
Captian Video Bit.Trip Core Shoots laser everywhere from the stage, destroying blocks and foes.
Stealth Elf Super Elf Turns invisible and her attack powered is doubled.
Angel Chain Circle Chooses a random chain circle command to use against opponents.
Rumble McSkimish Fire Rain Fire rains down on the arena.
Bayonetta Magic Meltdown All characters are shot down with large caliber bullets.
Shanoa Duel Swordblade All characters are swung at with two large blades that swing around randomly.
Gold Lightan Heart Grab Grabs the opponent's heart and takes it out.
Johnny Foottux Gets one of his friends and throws the football around before striking someone in the middle.
Kung Fu Girl Kung Fu Beat Kung Fu Girl unleashes a fury of punches to the person closest to her, automatically knocking them out.
Black Rock Shooter ??? ???
Lucy Heartfilla ??? ???
Ashura Glitch-Fest Messes up the palette and fuses everything with him, giving him ultimate power against his foes who are merely walking on air. The stage returns back to normal, with the characters afflicted by reverse gravity.
Linkara Comicron-1 Fires a giant laser at the stage when inside the space ship Comicron-1, damaging foes.
Wily E. Coyote SUPER GENIUS Traps somebody in a shed with explosives and lets them get hit with a train.
Skips Guardians of Eternal Youth The Guardians of Eternal youth come and help Skips with lasers.
Black Widow Red Ledger Gets into a SHIELD helicopter and starts shooting at people.
Vivian Pink Snipe Blasts pink shadow bullets around the entire stage.
Tiff Lagomorph Midnight Bliss Grabs a character. If male, they will transform into a female version of themselves, if female, they will change into more casual wear, before viciously taking advantage of them and slaughtering them for their blood.
Fix-It Felix Stage One Turns the stage into a Fix-It Felix Jr. stage and characters will have to avoid being knocked out of the stage in one hit.
Nemi Dragon Ride Rides a dragon that can throw fire and is extremely fast.
Luke Skywalker Millennium Falcon Punch The Millennium Falcon swoops in and attacks. If Luke is on a edge or falling, it will also catch him.
Kurumu Allure All characters, especially males, will follow Kurumu.

Alternative Costumes

Character Costumes
Mario Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Anti-Mario, and Baby Mario.
Luigi Mario, Wario, Waluigi, Anti-Luigi, and Baby Luigi.
Unten Brown Unten, White Unten, Black Unten, Blackcoat Unten, and Static Unten.
Mai Shirarui Red Bikini, Black Bikini, Checkerboard Bikini, Green Variant, Black Variant, and Chun-Li's outfit.
Bonne Jenet Purple Bikini, Risky's Outfit, Pirate Outfit, Red Bikini, Mai's Outfit, and Blue Variant.
Sonic the Hedgehog Shadow, Classic Sonic, Green Variant, Red Variant, Orange Variant, and Mario's Outfit.
Tails Shadow Tails, Classic Tails, Green Variant, Red Variant, Orange Variant, and Luigi's Outfit.
Finn Winter Outfit, Steve's Outfit, Fionna, Red Variant, Orange Variant, and Black Variant.
Samus Dark Samus, Master Chief, Fallen Warrior, Master Chef, and Checkerboard Samus.
Zero Suit Samus Black Variant, Green Variant, Orange Variant, Red Variant, Brown Variant, Ninja.
Mr. Incredible Superman, Green Lantern, Ant Man, and Brainiac.
Homer 3D Homer, Green Variant, Yellow Variant, Caucasian, Peter Griffin, and Phillp J. Fry.
Mordecai Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green Lantern, Yellow Lantern, and Margaret.
Rigby Green, Pink, Blue, Red, Green Lantern, Black Lantern, Kenny's Outfit and Eileen.
Reptflux Green Variant, Yellow Variant, Orange Variant, Blue Variant, Pink Variant, Static, Shadow, and Polka-Dot.
AVGN Batman, Super Nerd, Board James, Gort, James Rolfe, Nerdy Turd, and Bullsh-t Man.
Nostalgia Critic Douchey McNitpick, Young Critic, Doc Critic, That Guy, N. Bison, The Bum, and Doug Walker.
May Green Bikini, Black Bikini, Red Bikini, Hilda's Outfit, Red Dress, Black Dress, and Black★Rock Shooter's Outfit.
Dipper Green Variant, Yellow Variant, Black Variant, and Manly Dipper.
Mabel Llama Sweater, Clover Sweater, Lighting Bolt Sweater, and Approval Sweater.
Noel Vermillion Original Outfit, Litchi Faye-Ling's Outfit, Nu-12, Blue Bikini, White Bikini and Bullet's Outfit.
Sora KH1 Outfit, Valor Form, Wisdom Form, Master Form, Anti Form, and 3D Outfit.
Morrigan Tifa Lockhart's Outfit, Zero Suit, Green Variant, Blue Variant, White Variant, Red Bikini, and Black Bikini.
Saki Omokane Zero Suit, Green Variant, Yellow Variant, Power Girl's Outfit, Purple Bikini, Red Bikini, and Black Rock Shooter's Outfit.
Kung Fu Man Green Variant, Red Variant, Yellow Variant, Black Variant, and Static Variant.
Neku Red Variant, Black Variant, Heartless, Sora's Outfit, and Black Coat.
Panty Red Bikini, White Bikini, Black Dress, and Transformation Outfit.
Stocking Green Striped Bikini, Black Bikini, White Dress, and Transformation Outfit.
Patricia Wagon Shantae's outfit, Black Variant, Helmetless, Luna's Outfit, and Alta's Outfit.
Elastigirl Power Girl's outfit, Wonder Woman's outfit, Rogue's outfit, Super Girl's Outfit, and Spider Girl's outfit.
Roll Caskett Tron Bonne's outfit, Red Bikini, Green Bikini, May's Outfit, and Red Dress.
Ned Flanders Ski Outfit, Solid Snake's Outfit, Homer's Outfit Blue Variant, Red Variant, and Yellow Variant.


Assist characters can be summoned with the Assist Pearl. They can either harm you or your opponents.

Image Name Series Info
TransformersRevengeoftheFallenDevas Devastator Transformers A giant transforming robot thing. He strikes massive damage and wrecks stages up.
War Machine War Machine Iron Man Another Iron Man. This is one of Stark's closest friends. He shoots missiles at opponents and uses a flamethrower.
Armight Armight Super Smash Brothers With a ho ho ho, Armight swoops into action with his fast dodging and twin blades.
HoolyDoodleland Hooly Doodleland The rich squid floats on over to the brawl, pouring thousands of dollars onto opponents.
Dom Cobb Cob Inception Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.
Bella petals Bella Petals Parodyverse Beware of her thorns and plant attacks! She shares a name resemblance to Ella Metals, but don't let that fool you.
Shrek Shrek Shrek Shrek attacks using brute strength and sometimes using Donkey.
180px-Evilmario Evil Mario Clone Super Mario He will attack anyone one the stage to grab their coins or life force.
Pogo-SpaceBunny-350x350 Pogo Space Bunny Pogo Will cause everyone to repeat some of their moves to make a song.
Fionna Fionna Adventure Time When summoned, she fights with the crystal sword.
ChowderTKO Mecha Chowder Chowder/TKO Since the real Chowder came home sick, this Mecha Chowder will have to do. He's gone berserk and will attack everybody!
213px-Shadow Bios Shadow Sonic the Hedgehog The ultimate life form! Who attacks with Chaos Control, making everyone in suspended animation, allowing him to beat the crap out of everyone.
MewthreeRETURNS Mewthree Pokémon The second attempt to clone Mew. He is more powerful than the legendary Mew, but way out of control, attacking everyone with powerful strikes from his fists!
Large Judge Judy Judge Judy Judge Judy Judy turns the stage into a court room and will randomly select people to the stands. After proving that your opponents are guilty, they will be smacked to death with the mallet of justice.
Galleom Gelleom Super Smash Brothers Smashes opponents into a pulp.
Bill-cosby Bill Cosby Bill Cosby Sends out da pokeyman!
220px-ElvisPresleyAlohafromHawaii Elvis Elvis Swings on a microphone and hits opponents with a sonic boom.
DevilAVGN Devil The Angry Video Game Nerd Sends a opponent into hell.
1000px-Betilla Rayman Origins 01 Betilla Rayman Gives summoner powers.
HappyCreepertan Cupa Minecraft Fanon Throws dynamite.
FlyingSquirrel0NSMBU Waddlewing Mario Allows a character to float while in the air.
Greyhounds Greyhound Swedish House Mafia Attacks opponents with fast speed and slams into them like metal hitting snow.
HappySkellie Rayna/Skellie Minecraft Fanon Attacks opponents with arrows, and can be rarely spawned with a spider-tan.
Elephan Jumbo the Elephant Cloverfield A super elephant with the strength of a black hole. Can crush opponents into nothing.
SamuelLJackson Samuel L Jackson Everything The baddest motherf*&^er ever. He will punch and shoot opponents and then disappear off a helicopter, all while shouting out some of his most famous lines.


Image Name Series Info
NSMBWii1upMushroom 1-Up Mushroom Mario Restores all health.
Frosty-poptart Poptart Poptarts Allows user to release powerful rainbow attacks.
Assist Pearl Assist Pearl Doodleland Allows user to release other characters to help or hinder them.
Diamond helmet Diamond Armor Minecraft Allows user to take as little damage as possible.
Taxi 9485942 Taxi Real Life Allows user to drive a taxi and unleash damage by running them over. However, this is built like a Pinto, so when it explodes...
VampireFangs Vampire Fangs Real Life Allows user to increase damage by biting opponents with sharp plastic teeth.
Dozen-krispy-kreme-glazed-donuts-099 Krispy Kreme Doughnut Krispy Kreme Look at it! Fully glazed and hot too! Heals 50 hit points of health damage.
PinkBaton Pink Baton Real Life? The pink baton has mystical powers to keep a user transfixed on it.
Glitch person Glitch Personage Fighters of Lapis A glitchy person that can go through walls and cause all kind of strange glitches.


Stages are still holographic light.

Image Name Series Info
SPACEINSPACE Space Lapis Life It's space. Weightless rocks and high gravity make this stage ever so dangerous and fun. Fun is dangerous.
Space-14 Surrounda Doodleland No tricks here. Just a nice, relaxing stage featuring the Earths that surround Surrounda. Hey, why did you just hit me?
Binarycode Binary Flow Lapis Life The outskirts of the Grid. Again, no tricks here, except for the occasional loose program or virus.
Super-mario-bros1-1 World 1-1 Super Mario The outskirts of the Grid. Again, no tricks here, except for the occasional loose program or virus.
Rlyehfinish2 A World That Once Was Lapis Life This place is squirming with tentacles that will hold you down, and is slowly falling apart. Sometimes you may see Cthulhu.
5461444298 dff2eefc96 Asgard Thor Place of the Norse Gods! The landscape will shift and change to view most of the beautiful Asgard landscapes.
1600x1200-cybertron Cybertron Transformers Where the Transformers used to live. Some Decepticons may fight for a second before returning to battle with Autobots. Otherwise this is a simple stage.
Port Town Aero Dive Port Town Aero Dive F-Zero Where the racers race! Watch out for the speedsters otherwise you'll get run over.
Istockphoto 1962601-new-york-skyline-at-sunset New York Real Life Where just everything happens. Clover happens, attacks happen and stuff. Teleports to random sections of New York throughout the battle.
Truckerhalloffame70 Trucker's Hall of Fame Regular Show Ghostly spirits of past truckers reside here. Trucks can also be used against opponents.
Mystery shack paint test Mystery Shack Gravity Falls Supernatural happenings happen at the Mystery Shack. Beware if your playing a coin battle, as Grunkle Stan will most likely take some of those coins.
TRONEVOLUTION RecognizerPatrol The Grid Tron The place within Flynn's computer. Recognizers can capture fighters, although they can be destroyed.
Rotatinghallwayinception Hotel Hallway Inception A hotel hallway. Just a normal hotel hallway. It rotates sometimes, but otherwise it's perfectly normal.
ZeAVGNroom The Nerd Room Cinemassacre The place where the AVGN does his reviews. It has boxes, and random characters from the show appear.
Park view The Park Regular Show Where Mordecai and Rigby work. It will shift to different areas of the park.
GreenHillZone Sonic and SEGA Green Hill Zone Sonic The Hedgehog Super Sonic speed is needed for this stage, as the stage moves at fast speeds. Slow down, no way!
Onett Onett Earthbound Ness' hometown, filled with dangerous moving cars and breaking platforms.
The World That Never Was KH3D The World That Never Was Kingdom Hearts The city has long since gone into ruin, but remnants still are left. Buildings are stacked on each other, making the stage a strange and unstable ground.
200px-Dive to the Heart (Art) KHI Dive to the Heart Kingdom Hearts There isn't much to this stage. It is just merely a bunch of pillars.
Green Lego Baseplate Lego Baseplate Lego Lego creations will begin building themselves and may help or hinder players.
I1ybmp New World Minecraft Minecraft blocks can be destroyed and placed down to help or hinder opponents.
Exit9b2 Exit 9B Regular Show The gateway of hell opened by the son of the second greatest game master of Broken Bones. Demons and other creatures attack players on the stage with construction equipment laying around that can help players as well.
Rainbow Falls Rainbow Falls Epic Mickey A forgotten Disney attraction that used to represent Snow White. Now it is in the Wasteland, used as what is probably a paint factory with said paint being able to coat your opponents.


This is a section of story mode enemies that appear in the Space Crisis.

Image Name Series Info
250px-180px-Goomba Goomba Super Mario The small and feeble Goomba generally walks in one direction and falls to his death due to the fact he has no self control. Comes in variations of Tanooki, Gold, Metal, Para, and Stack.
KoopaSM3DL Koopa Super Mario The Koopa is a stronger character than the Goomba, as he has a shell. But for whatever reason, he hides in it when hit. Luckily, they can be used as a object of PURE DESTRUCTION. WORLDS WILL BURN. Comes decorator colors of red and blue, and has a Para form.
PrimidPreview Primid Super Smash Brothers Made from Shadow Bugs, these guys can be whatever they want except doctors. Unlike Goombas, they fight straight on with the characters. Comes in variations of shooter, fire, ice, metal, huge, small, and policeman.
Stormtrooper Storm Trooper Star Wars These guys aim their laser blasters at you. While having the best aim in the galaxy, they sure don't show it as they miss easy shots.
Shadow (KHII) Shadow Kingdom Hearts Their kind of like Primids, except much weaker. They also have a bigger brother who comes in large.
SkeletonMinecraft Skeleton Minecraft These guys aim their bows and arrows at you. Unlike the Storm Troopers who have the informed ability to shoot, these guys are expected to shoot terribly.
Chitauri (Earth-199999) 001 Chitauri Marvel/Avengers Despite attacking Earth in the most general area ever, these guys have little to no idea on how to really fight. They just sort of fly and around and sometimes get on a personal level when they fight.
809px-Changeling swarm S2E26 Changeling My Little Pony They change into random characters and enemies, although possess none of the abilities of the former. A very easy sign that a Changeling is in the area is if a Skeleton is flying for no apparent reason.
Dunsparce Dunsparce Pokémon They will lift you INTO HELL! THEY WILL DROP YOU INTO HOLES THEY DUG! HEIL DUNSPARCE!
ENDERMANANDSAND Faux Endermen Minecraft Despite not being the real endermen, these guys are worse. You don't know when they'll spring up, and chant mysterious chants.
Saa Saa Lapis Life They float around for no apparent reason, and they suck on your face to get your blood.
Techcube Techcube Draw Floating robots that trap your character before damaging it a little.
Waddledoo Waddle Doo Kirby Attacks with a eye beam.
500px-Incred-GuardSMG-4 Syndrome's Henchmen The Incredibles These are Syndrome's Henchmen. They fire guns and ride "choppers".
640px-PETA PETA Members PETA Animal so-called lovers. They don't really do much other than protest against unfair treatment of animals and try to catch attention.
AVGNRobots Robots Angry Video Game Nerd Robots that shoot lasers.


Bosses are fought in story mode and Boss Rush.

Image Name Series Info
BBW49 Mordecai and Rigby Holograms Regular Show Two holograms of Mordecai and Rigby who are faster and sharper. Only thrown attacks can truly harm them.
Underminer Underminer The Incredibles THE UNDERMINER!!! He attacks by drilling underground and sending out drill bots.
WINNERSDON'TLOSE Rumble McSkirmish (Glitched) Gravity Falls Attacks using glitch versions of Rumble's attacks.
Herobrine Herobrine Minecraft Hides in houses and attacks using dead mobs that have been reanimated under his control.
Luxord Days Luxord Kingdom Hearts Attacks using cards and dice.
350px-Anti Black Coat KH3D Anti Black Coat Nightmare Kingdom Hearts Attacks using his strange and nightmarish attacks. A hard boss to beat.
MRL 3D Mr. L Super Mario Bros Luigi let his dark side out through Herobrine. He fights like Luigi until he gets into Brobot.
150px Mr. M Super Mario Bros Mario took the shot for Luigi when Herobrine wanted to turn Luigi into Mr. L again. He uses a Tanooki Tail leaf and can attack with his tail in addition to using Mario's attacks.
Frollo-disney-villains-16221240-315-419 Frollo Disney Fights using demons and a sword. Appears only in Boss Rush.
Mechakara Mechakara Atop The Fourth Wall Fights using drills and brute strength. Appears only in Boss Rush.
29218926 The Moose Johnny the Homicidal Maniac Destroys reality similar to the Fluxes. Only way to take him down is to destroy the madness crystals and attack it's weakened form. Appears only in Boss Rush.
Darth Vader Darth Vader Star Wars Uses the force and light saber attacks. He is a unlockable boss in Boss Rush after mowing through Boss Rush three times.
ValdrikaOffical Valdrika ??? Uses love based attacks and fire based attacks. She is a unlockable boss in Boss Rush after mowing through Boss Rush six times.
Regina2 Regina Once Upon A Time Regina uses dark magic and sorcery to fight against you. She is a unlockable boss in Boss Rush when you mow through it 13 times.
Morgan-Freeman-God Morgan Freeman ??? Also known as God, Morgan Freeman is pissed and is now against everyone, including you. Can you even beat him? Probably not. He is fightable when you beat the game 99%.


Music returns to the game, and now albums can be unlocked.

  • Daft Punk - Television Rules the Nation
  • Daft Punk - Robot Rock
  • Alan Silvestri - The Avengers Theme
  • The Temper Trap - Fader
  • Adele - Rumors
  • Rasmuz - Dead Pixel Song
  • Florence and The Machine - Cosmic Love
  • Pogo - Doo D'Doo
  • Approaching Nirvana vs Chase & Status - No Strings for Time
  • Approaching Nirvana - No Strings for Time
  • Hans Zimmer - Mombasa
  • Hans Zimmer - Time
  • Snow Patrol - Called Out In The Dark
  • Rezonate - Pump It!
  • Daft Punk - Voyager
  • Jack Trammell - Tactical Dominance
  • Paul Jebanasam - Prelude
  • Stephen Walking - Top of the World
  • Daft Punk - Steam Machine
  • Yoko Shimomura - Access the Grid
  • Yoko Shimomura - Digital Domination
  • Yoko Shimomura - Rinzler Recompiled
  • Yoko Shimomura - Darkness of the Unknown

  • Juno Reactor - Mona Lisa
  • New Order - Blue Monday
  • Coldplay - Paradise
  • The Widdler - Lost In Space
  • The Widdler - Lost In Space Pt. 2
  • C418 - Incredible
  • Kevin McLeod - Mechanolith
  • The Killers - Human
  • Daft Punk - Human After All
  • Daft Punk - Musique
  • Daft Punk - One More Time
  • The Glitch Mob - Drive it Like You Stole It
  • Multiple Artists - Toyager
  • Hans Zimmer - Mind Heist
  • The Glitch Mob - Fortune Days
  • The Glitch Mob - We Can Make The World Stop
  • The Glitch Mob - Seven Nation Army (Remix)
  • Jack Trammell - Stand and Become Legendary
  • Mark Petrie - Aurora
  • Zack Hemsey - This Is Our Legacy
  • Paul Jebanasam - Prelude [Extended Version]
  • deadmau5 - The Reward Is Harder, Better, Faster & Stronger Cheese (Unreleased)
  • Plumb - Manic
  • Chaosphere - Hammer Smashed Halo
  • Dainumo - Batbomb
  • Pogo - Dumbo Remix
  • D-Jahsta - Slug Bass (P0gman Remix)
  • Reverse Enginears - Space Effect
  • Ramin Djawadi - Driving with the Top Down
  • Al Bizzare - Fire Breazze
  • Noisestorm - Backlash
  • Noisestorm - Airwaves
  • Liltommyj - Goof Troop Boop
  • Pendulum - Watercolor (Deadmau5 remix)
  • Ikaruga - Butsutekkai
  • Takashi Tateishi - Doctor Wily Stage Theme
  • Awolnation - Kill All Your Heroes
  • ??? - Regular Show Ending Theme
  • ??? - Gravity Falls Opening Theme
  • ??? - Elevate Keyboard (Regular Show)
  • Yoko Shimomura - Gigabyte Mantis
  • Yoko Shimomura - The Dread of the Night
  • Yoko Shimomura - Sinister Sundown
  • Yoko Shimomura - Sacred Distance
  • Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound (Original Mix)
  • Sedi & Meyerson - Shellshock (Original Mix)
  • Space Buddha - Mental Hotline
  • Yaz - Situation
  • Hans Zimmer - Time (Auva ChillStep Remix)
  • Florence And The Machine - Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix)
  • Phaeleh feat. Soundmouse - Afterglow (Akira Kiteshi Remix)
  • ADELE - Skyfall
  • Sencit Music - Something To Fight For
  • Passion Pit - Take a Walk
  • Seba - Painted Sky (Talon dubstep Remix)
  • Daft Punk - Rinzler (Kaskade Remix)
  • Metric - Synthetica
  • Bear McCreary - Maverick Regeneration
  • Skifonix - Flatline
  • Tut Tut Child- Run The Show
  • TVDS - For You
  • Rogue - Adventure Time
  • Pegboard Nerds - Self Destruct
  • Approaching Nirvana - Dark Side Up
  • Approaching Nirvana - I Dream in SNES
  • Tag Team - Pig Power in the House

This album is unlocked when you play as Luke Skywalker 500 times.

  • P.SUS - A Long Time Ago
  • Dainumo - Light Speed
  • Jeesh - Sky Walking
  • Pogo - Yoda Yodel
  • P.SUS - The Rebel Alliance
  • Dainumo - Sidious
  • Jeesh - Saberz and Laserz
  • P.SUS - I Know...
  • Dainumo - Star Story
  • Jeesh - Han and Leia
  • P.SUS - Sith Saber
  • Dainumo - Artoo!
  • Dainumo - Luke
  • Dainumo - Luke (Extended)
  • Jeesh - The Force

This album is unlocked when you play on the Exit 9B stage at 12:00 PM.

  • M83 - Intro
  • M83 - Midnight City
  • M83 - Reunion
  • M83 - Where the Boats Go
  • M83 - Wait
  • M83 - Raconte-Moi Une Histoire
  • M83 - Train to Pluton
  • M83 - Claudia Lewis
  • M83 - This Bright Flash
  • M83 - When Will You Come Home?
  • M83 - Soon, My Friend
  • M83 - Mirror
  • M83 - My Tears Are Becoming a Sea
  • M83 - New Map
  • M83 - Another Wave from You
  • M83 - Splendor
  • M83 - Year One, One UFO
  • M83 - Fountains
  • M83 - Steve McQueen
  • M83 - Echoes of Mine
  • M83 - Klaus I Love You
  • M83 - Outro

Cheat Codes

  • TOUKO - Unlocks Hilda.
  • MONTOYA - Unlocks Nemi.
  • BIGHEAD - Everyone wears Servbot heads.
  • GHOST - Everyone becomes a ghost.
  • REDNOSE - Rudolph can be seen in the background of some fights.
  • JUSTINBAILEY - Unlocks Justin Bailey Suit Samus.
  • INCEPTION - All stages will rotate.
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