You were a fool, Sonic. Fighting me is not something one can survive from! For I am a GOD!!!
A god? Well, how do you diddly do? My name's Ned Flanders.
Nazo and Ned Flanders, The Space Crisis


Fighters of Lapis/崛起的火星 is a umbrella game that fits within the Lapisverse. It takes place after the events of Dark Lapis. Unlike it's first two precursors, it is not a RPG. It is a fighting game! WOAHHHH NEVER DONE BEFORE WOOOOOW!!!!


A sequel was announced on July 6, 2012. It will be called Fighters of Lapis 2/โจมตีทันทีทันใด.

And now... it has a threequel by the name of Fighters of Lapis 3: Stargate.

Okay seriously? It now has a fourthquel (is that even a real word?) by the name of Fighters of Lapis 4/వరల్డ్స్ కలయిక.


This is how you play, son!

There is like, four main modes: Brawl, The Space Crisis, Tournament, Adventure, and Boss Rush.

In Brawl, 8 characters can be on the field at a time. However, it is highly recommended you play with just 4. Items can be turned off, but that's only if your a sissy. Each and every character has a super move which they can charge through punching. Ex: Ned Flander's Word of Prayer. Ned Flanders says a prayer and God punches all the characters on stage for a one hit kill.

The Space Crisis is the story mode! It focuses a little on platforming! There aren't any supers in this mode.

And Tournament is just where if you have a party of people you can switch in and out. (Like you would ever have a party)

Adventure Mode is a mode that has you pick a character to go through many different stages up against other characters, who each have random effects put onto them. For example, one stage could have you up against Giant Crystalized Metal Mario with Nega Small Hotdog.

Boss Rush lets you pick three characters to play as to be fight off the bosses from story mode. They are done in a random order (for the exception of Tabuuseid) and is unlocked after beating story mode.


After New York was finally reestablished, a fighting tournament held by SHIELD was announced to see if anyone was worthy of joining the Avengers. Many came, few knew what was truly going on!

The Space Crisis

All those traitors will PAY! They will pay with their own blood! THEY SHALL DROWN IN THEIR OWN BLOOD!!!
Tabuuseid, The Space Crisis

Now has it's own page.


Image Name Series Info
Mario3d Mario Super Mario YA! Super Mario is a plumber with extraordinary jumping and space breathing abilities. Also, unlike his brother, gets all the ladies. He throws regular fireballs like regular people.
Luigi3ds Luigi Super Mario Luigi, why do you even bother showing up? Just because you jump higher, throw green fireballs, and ride a green kart doesn't mean your special. And you haven't even asked Daisy out. Tsk.
Rosalinasmg2 Rosalina Super Mario A space goddess princess? Whatever! Rosalina is here to fight for once! She uses Lumas in most of her attacks, and floats. Her star wand might also have some power.
PeachMP8a Peach Super Mario Even though she secretly longs for the day that Mario will realize she is the one for him, she keeps getting kidnapped and that holds a relationship back! She uses her royal position to pass laws that allow her to use her subjects as shields and throws vegetables!
Manamia Mirania The Last Story Skilled in arcane healing arts, Mirania specializes in recovery magic. Some think of her as a deeply mysterious and spiritual person, while others consider her a bit of a weirdo. Whichever way you look at it, there's no doubt that Mirania is unique.
Jenet-xi Bonne Jenet King of Fighters A pirate who despite coming from a rich background, would rather steal money than ask. At a chance to redeem herself, she uses her fighting style which involves hitting people with her high heels and slaps.
Queensgate mai Mai Shiranui King of Fighters A talented fighter who fights with fans and Pyrokinesis. Yeah.... she is a very happy girl with every girl's dream: get married with her prince charming. THere's also another dream involving the Avengers, but let's not get into that.
SDSonic Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog SPEED'S HIS GAME. SONIC'S THE NAME. Sonic is a fast and quirky hedgehog who would probably make the Dreamworks face if he could. He uses a spin attack and many other powers from his games.
223px-ASR Tails Tails the Mutant Squirrel Sonic the Hedgehog Best friend of Sonic. These guys are like Batman and Robin. yiff He flies, uses a mech and airboard, the typical stuff a mutant would use.
1ATFinnStand Finn Adventure Time Like Mario, gets all the ladies. He's also the last human alive in his universe. Wait, how did he get here? dun dun dun
Jakeeee Jake Adventure Time He has stretchy powers and can morph into several different things. How he got here is also a mystery BUT I GUESS WE'LL NEVER KNOW.
TITAN Reptflux Fantendoverse A giant titan made out pure energy. This seems to be a reproduction, as it is nowhere near as powerful. But beware!
200px-UprisingPit Pit Kid Icarus Angel from the heavens! To pierce his enemies with the arrows of light. To stab with a split way bow. Thou shall not pass into thine heavens.
424px-Palutena Uprising Palutena Kid Icarus The maiden that gave Pit his flight and bow. She has other-worldly powers that she strikes into the enemy. Do not mess with the heavens.
ZeldaSkyward Zelda Legend of Zelda It's the maiden named Zelda. Yeah, I don't know what's up with her and Link, but I'm thinking it's mostly Link's fault. She uses Magic and can turn into Sheik.
669px-Link Artwork 1 (Skyward Sword) Link Legend of Zelda It's that guy named Link. Yeah, I don't know what's up with him and Zelda, but I'm thinking it's mostly his fault. He uses a Skyward Sword up the sky and uses other nifty gadgets such as annoying people with Navi.
Samus Samus Metriod For whatever reason, her suit can be compressed in and out at anytime now to switch to her Zero Suit. She uses rockets and her spin jump as her main weapons, although her freeze beam may come in handy.
Folder4000 render Zero Suit Samus Metriod For whatever reason, her suit can be compressed in and out at anytime now to switch to her real Suit. Her plasma whip now has a better grip, and she is a lot more athletic.
4Sora- ZSS Bailey Suit Justin Bailey Suit Samus Metriod Both of Samus's suits can be removed under certain conditions (which involve transforming in and out of both suits too fast)... although her powers are no different from Zero Suit Samus, but she has different taunts.
Mordecai character Mordecai Regular Show Uses mostly melee attacks, but occasionally sends out the kart or uses high powered brain logic. He has better recovery and knock back than Rigby.
Rigby character Rigby Regular Show Uses mostly melee attacks, but occasionally sends out his prized Soul Bowling Ball or uses high powered brain logic. He is much smaller than Mordecai and has much more of a punch.
Homer-simpson 235 Homer Simpson The Simpsons I AM SMART! SMRT! Homer is the only character that I know of that throws doughnuts and gets drunk. I'LL TEACH YOU GOOD!
Kumatora Kumatora Earthbound Using a wide range of PSI attacks and melee attacks, Kumatora can throw a punch well. However, her knockback is quite big.
KH3D Quorra Quorra Tron Showing significant skill in using the sword and the identity disk as well as being a skilled driver and pilot. All these things come into play when fighting, however she breaks rather easily.
AVGN The Angry Video Game Nerd AVGN/Cinemassacre FUUUUUUU- The angry nerd who plays video games has arrived! Using attacks like F-Bombs, pens, and the power glove. It's so bad!
The-nostalgia-critic Nostalgia Critic That Guy With The Glasses Using a gun, and the "elephant" attack, he makes for a decent attacker.
Dipper pines Dipper & Mabel Gravity Falls The two twins have joined the brawl. Mabel attacks with more grace and her attacks are less powerful. She has a hook gun for recoveries however. Dipper is more blunt with his attacks but has no recovery. If one of them dies, the other will have to fight on their own.


Image Name Series Info Unlocked By
499px-500px-sonic-generations--retro-tails---flying Classic Tails Sonic the Hedgehog He's Tails, but really retro. As such, he can fly and carry others. He also has some speed of his own. Very basic when compared to his modern counterpart. BUT SO CUTE!!! Playing as Tails 50 times.
Mrincredible large Mr. Incredible The Incredibles SUPER DAD! Fights crime with his family! He's got to bring home the bacon! And so he does with his super strength. He can lift cars, robots, people... the list goes on. Playing 60 matches.
O'Chunks SPM Hot Dog Hot Dog's Series Nobody that's a female dog knows about Hot Dog!!! But that's okay, because being the former Robin and Captain Nazi, he knows both light and dark sides! Beware! Find him in story mode! Or just play 140 matches.
RougeFR Rouge the Bat Sonic the Hedgehog A jewel thief who flirts with everyone. yiff!!! She uses her bat wings to fly and hit people and attacks people with mostly melee attacks. Play as Tails or Classic Tails 150 times.
120px-Bowser Bowser Super Mario Mario's adversary. These guys may seem like friends when karting or shopping or on the beach, but their worst of enemies. FOR REALLY. He uses his super sharp spiked shell to attack as well as his FISTS. Play as Mario 64 times.
250px-Princess Zelda Artwork (Twilight Princess) Dark and Gritty Zelda Legend of Zelda The dark and gritty Zelda from Twilight Princess! Yeah, she uses magic and a sword. She can't transform into anyone, but can summon dark magic things. Play as Zelda 666 times.
PrimidPreview Primid Super Smash Brothers The dark, shadowy things have returned. However, this one has come to be a playable character to fight against his brethren. Using the same attacks and morphing into other types, he's one hassle. Beat half of Story Mode.
Zelflux Zelflux Fantendoverse His Titan brother may be more powerful, but he is more agile. He has better recovery and what not. Again, this is not the same Zelflux, but a copy of the original as it is smaller and less powerful. Play as Reptflux 100 times.
Tifa-d012ff-artwork Tifa Lockheart Final Fantasy Despite having some of the greatest knock-back in the game, Tifa is almost as strong as some of the Titans. She also can cast small bits magic. Play 500 matches.
375px-MetalMario MK7 Metal Mario Super Smash Brothers A robotic clone of Mario that was create to usurp power from the plumber himself. Heavier, stronger, and harder, it seems like nobody will be able to beat this metal plumber. However, his recovery moves are the worst, and he cannot go into the ocean without sinking to the bottom. Play 500 matches as Mario or Luigi.
Medusa-kid-icarus-13175512-673-1103 Medusa Kid Icarus Medusa, adversary of Pit and the heavens. She has the ability to turn people into stone (if for only seconds) and shooting beams from her eyes. Play as Palutena or Pit 666 times.
250px-180px-Goomba Goomba Super Mario Also a morpher similar to Primid. Can turn into a Gold Goomba, Tanooki Goomba, Kuirbo Shoe Goomba, and others. While not the strongest character, and somewhat of a joke character (can be auto-KO'd if stomped on the head in starting form) he can dodge most attacks and has great recovery. Unlock 10 pieces of music or beat 60 of them in Story Mode.
Endflux Endflux Fantendoverse The last Titan that can be unlocked in the game. You do not know what you're messing with. This guy can turn into coal and has great recovery. Run while you can. Play as both Titans in any prime numbered amount of matches. Randomly will you be able to fight Endflux.
Domo Domo-Kun Domo The Japanese monster that is slowly but surely eating into the states as well. Domo-Kun is somewhat of a joke character as he only has one attack which is to latch onto his opponents and bite them, but any charged attacks thrown at him will be reflected. He also has insane jumps. Play as Goomba 50 times.
AlienHOLYCRAP Xenomorph Alien The other monster. This alien injects acid and can grow into a group of 5 during a match if successful with facehugging. Once at five aliens, they are stronger than any character in the game, but it takes about 10 minutes. Play 1000 matches.
LucyAnimeS2 Lucy Heartfilla Fairy Tail A celestial mage who uses celestial spirits as her main weapons. She also is somewhat efficient in her melee attacks. She also uses a whip. Play 2500 matches.
102333 Irate Gamer 2 Chris Bores Irate Entertainment Do you even really want to unlock this scum? Every attack he has hurts him too, and there's almost no way to win playing as this guy unless you manage to charge his super, which does like 50 damage. Your better off playing as Ned Flanders! "Fight" him in story mode. Or just play a random number of matches.
222px-Ned Flanders Ned Flanders The Simpsons Well, how do you diddly do, neighbor? My name's Ned Flanders and I've come to preach the word of god, not fight! Play as Homer 50 times.
Beetleworx5 Beetleworx Abomination Epic Mickey Forgotten long ago in the stash of concept art, Beetleworx Abomination hopes to become a Avenger to truly be something. His attacks are based off those in the playing field, and he can analyze others attacks and use them against them. Play as Mr. Incredible 600 times.
Captain Olimar Olimar Pikmin Using his Pikmin as slaves, he has now built a Pikmin Empire. However, when a Pikmin clone was claiming to be him, he lost everything. He's back and he's MAD!!! Find him in story mode or play 5000 matches.
Kermit Kermit the Monster Cloverfield Oh dear god! What the hell happened to Kermit? Clover happened, that's what. In a desperate attempt to appeal to a darker and edgier market, this thing appeared. It slashes and bites hard. Even Xenomorph is afraid of him. Loose 50 matches.
Edd Edd Eddsworld Staying dead won't keep Edd down! He fights using soda and mentos, as well as a shotgun. His agility is envied amongst the rest of the fighters, but his knock back is not. Win a 100 matches.
225px-WhiteMage White Mage Final Fantasy Although not powerful in physical punches and kicks, she is adapt at magic. Play as Tifa 200 times.
NessHD Ness Earthbound He uses PSI powers as well as a baseball bat. What's not to PK Rock? Play as Kumatora 150 times.
R.O.B. R.O.B Nintendo R.O.B has great recovery, decent hitting, and some good moves like robot tentacles and gyros. Find him in story mode or unlock 5 pieces of music.
Sackboy Sackboy Little Big Planet Using the Pop-It, Sackboy has a variety of moves and summons. He doesn't do a lot of damage and is rather slow for the most part, but most of his moves are easy to make a combo out of. Unlock 10 pieces of music or find him in story mode.
150px-Syndrome Syndrome The Incredibles Using Zero Point energy and rocket boots, Syndrome is a deadly mastermind. He can also summon the Omnidroid as his super. His weakness is high breezes and stepping on his cape. Play as Mr. Incredible 666 times.
Wreck It Ralph Wreck It Ralph Fix-It Felix The game-hopping anti-hero has managed to land in this game, but probably by no accident! He is a tough character but has almost no recovery moves. Play as any of the Mario Bros 1000 times.
ZIM Zim Invader Zim The Irkern invader has come to brawl! And he most likely fail. However his robot tentacles and ray guns might come in handy. Play as Xenomorph 100 times.
Bit-Trip-FATE Captain Video Bit.Trip Who was expecting him? A fast runner and a skilled shooter, Captain Video is a excellent choice for experts. Complete adventure mode with any character.
Leonidas Leonidas 300 Madness? This. Is. Sparta!!! With his trusty kick and spear, as well his men, he makes for a tough fighter. Complete adventure mode with any character without using any continues.
Tumblr lz9e9awmCF1r4jzyqo1 400 Marceline Adventure Time The Vampire Queen makes her entrance by using her ax guitar and turning into a monster. Complete adventure mode with Finn on normal.
Bubblegum Princess Bubblegum Adventure Time This princess uses science! While not always on the right side of things, she still is the disputed princess of the Candy Kingdom. She uses things like formulas, zombies, and Raincorn to help her fight. Complete adventure mode with Jake on normal.
Wendy's appearance Wendy Gravity Falls You may question the inclusion of a character that has rarely has been seen fighting. However, must of her moves involve her friends, and lumberjacking. Complete adventure mode with Dipper & Mabel on normal.
Silver to nazo Nazo Sonic X Nazo shoots light blasts and confuses his opponents. He also has a sheild that can be deployed, similar to heheheh Woodman's. Finish story mode.
DLCLyn Lyndis Fire Emblem While her offense is good with her own blade, she has low defense. Complete Adventure as White Mage on Hard.
Amazon pandora Amazon Pandora Kid Icarus She has great skill in swordsmanship and attacks with heart-shaped blasts of energy. She also has a heart-shaped barrier to deflect attacks and also demonstrates the ability to levitate. Despite all her power, she is not above fighting dirty, sometimes feigning defeat to claim the upper hand. Beat Boss Rush on European Impossible.


Assist characters can be summoned with the Assist Pearl. They can either harm you or your opponents.

Image Name Series Info
TransformersRevengeoftheFallenDevas Devastator Transformers A giant transforming robot thing. He strikes massive damage and wrecks stages up.
War Machine War Machine Iron Man Another Iron Man. This is one of Stark's closest friends. He shoots missiles at opponents and uses a flamethrower.
Armight Armight Super Smash Brothers With a ho ho ho, Armight swoops into action with his fast dodging and twin blades.
HoolyDoodleland Hooly Doodleland The rich squid floats on over to the brawl, pouring thousands of dollars onto opponents.
Dom Cobb Cob Inception Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.
Bella petals Bella Petals Parodyverse Beware of her thorns and plant attacks! She shares a name resemblance to Ella Metals, but don't let that fool you.
Shrek Shrek Shrek Shrek attacks using brute strength and sometimes using Donkey.
180px-Evilmario Evil Mario Clone Super Mario He will attack anyone one the stage to grab their coins or life force.
Pogo-SpaceBunny-350x350 Pogo Space Bunny Pogo Will cause everyone to repeat some of their moves to make a song.
Fionna Fionna Adventure Time When summoned, she fights with the crystal sword.
ChowderTKO Mecha Chowder Chowder/TKO Since the real Chowder came home sick, this Mecha Chowder will have to do. He's gone berserk and will attack everybody!
213px-Shadow Bios Shadow Sonic the Hedgehog The ultimate life form! Who attacks with Chaos Control, making everyone in suspended animation, allowing him to beat the crap out of everyone.
MewthreeRETURNS Mewthree Pokémon The second attempt to clone Mew. He is more powerful than the legendary Mew, but way out of control, attacking everyone with powerful strikes from his fists!
Large Judge Judy Judge Judy Judge Judy Judy turns the stage into a court room and will randomly select people to the stands. After proving that your opponents are guilty, they will be smacked to death with the mallet of justice.
Missingmodel Missingno Pokémon Will corrupt the stage and makes your opponents lag.
Galleom Gelleom Super Smash Brothers Smashes opponents into a pulp.
Bill-cosby Bill Cosby Bill Cosby Sends out da pokeyman!
220px-ElvisPresleyAlohafromHawaii Elvis Elvis Swings on a microphone and hits opponents with a sonic boom.
DevilAVGN Devil The Angry Video Game Nerd Sends a opponent into hell.


There is music in this game! That you may not like!

  • Alan Silvestri - The Avengers Theme
  • The Temper Trap - Fader
  • Adele - Rumors
  • Rasmuz - Dead Pixel Song
  • P.SUS - Cloud World
  • Jeesh123 - Rare Candy
  • Dainumo - Pixelated Memories
  • Florence and The Machine - Cosmic Love
  • Pogo - Doo D'Doo
  • Approaching Nirvana vs Chase & Status - No Strings for Time
  • Approaching Nirvana - No Strings for Time
  • Hans Zimmer - Mombasa
  • Hans Zimmer - Time
  • Snow Patrol - Called Out In The Dark
  • Rezonate - Pump It!
  • Daft Punk - Voyager
  • Daft Punk - Fall
  • Daft Punk - Derezzed
  • Jack Trammell - Tactical Dominance
  • Paul Jebanasam - Prelude

  • Daft Punk - Arena
  • Juno Reactor - Mona Lisa
  • New Order - Blue Monday
  • Coldplay - Paradise
  • The Widdler - Lost In Space
  • The Widdler - Lost In Space Pt. 2
  • C418 - Incredible
  • Kevin McLeod - Mechanolith
  • The Killers - Human
  • Daft Punk - Human After All
  • Daft Punk - Musique
  • The Glitch Mob - Drive it Like You Stole It
  • Multiple Artists - Toyager
  • Hans Zimmer - Mind Heist
  • The Glitch Mob - Fortune Days
  • The Glitch Mob - We Can Make The World Stop
  • The Glitch Mob - Seven Nation Army (Remix)
  • Jack Trammell - Stand and Become Legendary
  • Mark Petrie - Aurora
  • Zack Hemsey - This Is Our Legacy
  • Paul Jebanasam - Prelude [Extended Version]
  • deadmau5 - The Reward Is Harder, Better, Faster & Stronger Cheese (Unreleased)
  • Plumb - Manic
  • Chaosphere - Hammer Smashed Halo
  • Dainumo - Batbomb
  • Pogo - Dumbo Remix
  • D-Jahsta - Slug Bass (P0gman Remix)
  • Reverse Enginears - Space Effect
  • Ramin Djawadi - Driving with the Top Down


Image Name Series Info
NSMBWii1upMushroom 1-Up Mushroom Mario Restores all health.
Frosty-poptart Poptart Poptarts Allows user to release powerful rainbow attacks.
Assist Pearl Assist Pearl Doodleland Allows user to release other characters to help or hinder them.
Diamond helmet Diamond Armor Minecraft Allows user to take as little damage as possible.
Taxi 9485942 Taxi Real Life Allows user to drive a taxi and unleash damage by running them over. However, this is built like a Pinto, so when it explodes...
VampireFangs Vampire Fangs Real Life Allows user to increase damage by biting opponents with sharp plastic teeth.
Dozen-krispy-kreme-glazed-donuts-099 Krispy Kreme Doughnut Krispy Kreme Look at it! Fully glazed and hot too! Heals 50 hit points of health damage.
PinkBaton Pink Baton Real Life? The pink baton has mystical powers to keep a user transfixed on it.


There are stages that people fight on, as the tournment ground is holographic light. Molecules. Molecules. Particles. There's your explanation on how people can fight on a hologram.

Image Name Series Info
SPACEINSPACE Space Lapis Life It's space. Weightless rocks and high gravity make this stage ever so dangerous and fun. Fun is dangerous.
Space-14 Surrounda Doodleland No tricks here. Just a nice, relaxing stage featuring the Earths that surround Surrounda. Hey, why did you just hit me?
Binarycode Binary Flow Lapis Life The outskirts of the Grid. Again, no tricks here, except for the occasional loose program or virus.
Super-mario-bros1-1 World 1-1 Super Mario The outskirts of the Grid. Again, no tricks here, except for the occasional loose program or virus.
Rlyehfinish2 A World That Once Was Lapis Life This place is squirming with tentacles that will hold you down, and is slowly falling apart. Sometimes you may see Cthulhu.
5461444298 dff2eefc96 Asgard Thor Place of the Norse Gods! The landscape will shift and change to view most of the beautiful Asgard landscapes.
1600x1200-cybertron Cybertron Transformers Where the Transformers used to live. Some Decepticons may fight for a second before returning to battle with Autobots. Otherwise this is a simple stage.
Port Town Aero Dive Port Town Aero Dive F-Zero Where the racers race! Watch out for the speedsters otherwise you'll get run over.
Istockphoto 1962601-new-york-skyline-at-sunset New York Real Life Where just everything happens. Clover happens, attacks happen and stuff. Teleports to random sections of New York throughout the battle.
Truckerhalloffame70 Trucker's Hall of Fame Regular Show Ghostly spirits of past truckers reside here. Trucks can also be used against opponents.
Mystery shack paint test Mystery Shack Gravity Falls Supernatural happenings happen at the Mystery Shack. Beware if your playing a coin battle, as Grunkle Stan will most likely take some of those coins.


This is a section of story mode enemies that appear in the Space Crisis.

Image Name Series Info
250px-180px-Goomba Goomba Super Mario The small and feeble Goomba generally walks in one direction and falls to his death due to the fact he has no self control. Comes in variations of Tanooki, Gold, Metal, Para, and Stack.
KoopaSM3DL Koopa Super Mario The Koopa is a stronger character than the Goomba, as he has a shell. But for whatever reason, he hides in it when hit. Luckily, they can be used as a object of PURE DESTRUCTION. WORLDS WILL BURN. Comes decorator colors of red and blue, and has a Para form.
PrimidPreview Primid Super Smash Brothers Made from Shadow Bugs, these guys can be whatever they want except doctors. Unlike Goombas, they fight straight on with the characters. Comes in variations of shooter, fire, ice, metal, huge, small, and policeman.
Stormtrooper Storm Trooper Star Wars These guys aim their laser blasters at you. While having the best aim in the galaxy, they sure don't show it as they miss easy shots.
Shadow (KHII) Shadow Kingdom Hearts Their kind of like Primids, except much weaker. They also have a bigger brother who comes in large.
SkeletonMinecraft Skeleton Minecraft These guys aim their bows and arrows at you. Unlike the Storm Troopers who have the informed ability to shoot, these guys are expected to shoot terribly.
Chitauri (Earth-199999) 001 Chitauri Marvel/Avengers Despite attacking Earth in the most general area ever, these guys have little to no idea on how to really fight. They just sort of fly and around and sometimes get on a personal level when they fight.
809px-Changeling swarm S2E26 Changeling My Little Pony They change into random characters and enemies, although possess none of the abilities of the former. A very easy sign that a Changeling is in the area is if a Skeleton is flying for no apparent reason.
Dunsparce Dunsparce Pokémon They will lift you INTO HELL! THEY WILL DROP YOU INTO HOLES THEY DUG! HEIL DUNSPARCE!
ENDERMANANDSAND Faux Endermen Minecraft Despite not being the real endermen, these guys are worse. You don't know when they'll spring up, and chant mysterious chants.
Saa Saa Lapis Life They float around for no apparent reason, and they suck on your face to get your blood.
Techcube Techcube Draw Floating robots that trap your character before damaging it a little.
Waddledoo Waddle Doo Kirby Attacks with a eye beam.
500px-Incred-GuardSMG-4 Syndrome's Henchmen The Incredibles These are Syndrome's Henchmen. They fire guns and ride "choppers".


Image Name Series Info
NICKFREAKINGFURY Nick Fury (Imperium) Justice League/The Avengers Nick Fury himself fights you. He is generally pretty easy, as he doesn't have any moves besides kicking and blocking. At the end, his disguise wears away, revealing that he is a Imperium that is resistant to sunlight.
Gangstakermit Gangsta Kermit and the Mafia Cloverfield He's gonna get the whole Kermit family on you! Kermit the Frog, Kermit the Monster, and the leader of the Kermit Mafia himself, Gangsta Kermit. The frog hides, the monster slashes, and the gangsta fires!
THELIZARD The Lizard Spiderman A very strong boss. His slashes can do a lot of damage and there is nowhere to hide.
102333 Irate Gamer 2 Irate Gamer Irate Entertaiment Are you kidding me? You had to fight the Lizard and a mafia, but this is next? Heck, he'll beat himself up before you can lay a hand on him!
Endercolossus Ender Colossus Minecraft Beware of fists of vengeance. He can pick up structures, as opposed to his brethren which can only pick at the landscape. There is almost no hiding from this guy.
Game Genie image Game Genie Irate Entertainment Oh no! The game genie has appeared, and his snake has come along with him. The only way to defeat this boss is to harm the Aladdin game.
LAND SHARK by Xeqz Land Shark Cloverfield A random shark that walks on land controls parts of the seas. If only Aquaman was in this game...
Omnidroid Omnidroid The Incredibles The Omnidroid has killed many supers using it's learning tech. As such, there is no real way to defeat the Omnidroid, but it's weakness is the head.
150px-Syndrome Syndrome The Incredibles Syndrome! The man who created Omnidroid and used to be Mr. Incredible's number one fan. He has zero point energy and rocket boots which he uses in the fight.
Pixel so called Demon The Pixel Demon Irate Entertainment Another one of Irate Gamer's abominations. It's really powerful, really!
GIDEON IN HIS CHAIR OF DOOM Gideon Gravity Falls A powerful physic who's main source of power is his amulet. He may look sweet, but in reality, if you get in his way, he'll cut off your tongue.
Shadow Mario1 Shadow Mario Super Mario A "shadow" clone that looks like he's made of Jello. In actuality, he's not and he's tough to beat.
Hugo Hugo the Hellslayer Fantendoverse What kind of sick, twisted mind created this? This is a infantry machine, and created by The Enemy as his own kind of titans. This is a rejected prototype, but it's still creepy.
GregLapis Greg Lapis Life Another twisted experiment. He is a strong character and attacks using shadows.
Silver to nazo Nazo Sonic X One of the main leaders of the operation. After struggling in space before Tabuu took him in as his own, he learned he was truly one of the most powerful beings in the entire Lapisverse. Being able to control both light and dark of the chaos emeralds, he can turn into his true being. In his initial appearance, he fights you using light blasts and speed.
TabuuSeid Tabuuseid DC Comics/Super Smash Brothers The true mastermind behind everything. He fires off Omega Beams and Tabuu's attacks. He teleports around the stage. A very tough boss.


We may have not won the first time, but we will this time.
Nick Fury (Imperium), The Space Crisis

Breakfast is ruined! Now to seek vengeance on random people. I wonder why I don't have any friends.
Chris Bores, The Space Crisis

Hey you! Yeah, you! Your on our turf! Now your dealing with the Kermit Mafia!
Gangsta Kermit, The Space Crisis

Boxes? Who the hell keeps boxes?
Oh, don't you talk about my boxes!
The Critic and The Nerd, The Space Crisis
I am omnipotent. I know all, I see all, I FIGHT ALL!
Domo-Kun (Shadow Bugged), The Space Crisis

With the Subspace army on my side, I am unstoppable! Unless they decide to betray me. But they can't because I'm the mastermind! Or am I?
Zim, The Space Crisis

I'm just sweet lil' Gideon! Mabel, you belong to me!
Gideon, The Space Crisis

Fail me once more, and I will personally kill you myself.
Um, ok.
Tabuu and Zim, The Space Crisis
Well, I was a trophy the whole time and then we had to keep moving in order not to be targeted by other people and the whole world's basically hanging in the balance, for you see this is a universe that's dependent on other universes overlapping and at this point things aren't making sense as those universes contradict each other and it's all a s***-load of f***.
The Critic and The Nerd, The Space Crisis
See you in hell, candy boys!
Homer, Attacking


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Fighters of Lapis: Final Mix

Fighters of Lapis: Final Mix is a remake of the game. The textures are much cleaner and music has been redone.

Features also include several new characters that appeared in later installments, such as Noel Vermillion, Sora, Riku, Saki, Angel, Panty and Stocking, and Goeniko. New bosses include The Changeling Queen Crystalis, The Ender Dragon, Lingering Plumber (A brainwashed Mario), and the Summerween Trickster. Many characters have been rebalanced as well. Greyhound is also a new summon in the remake.

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