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Fighter Bobble 2 is the first sequel to "Fighter Bobble". It was entitled in Europe and Japan as Bubble Fighters Again! on the Game Boy Advance and Bubble Fighters 2 on the home consoles, published by Taito and Capcom corporations, unlike its predecessor. Released into Gamecube in 2002, a Game Boy Advance conversion followed. The game is a spin-off from Bubble Bobble.


There are 12 characters to choose from:

  • Bub
  • Bob
  • Mega Rex - A giant T-Rex
  • Mechanoid - A robot with a jetpack on his back
  • Flyer - A giant UFO with a face
  • Happy - A pink, robotic dog and later Packy's rival
  • Beluga
  • Stoner
  • Lilly - A girl with a fond of Japanese
  • Sir Punch-A-Lot - A knight who hates losing
  • Ryu (from Super Street Fighter)
  • Willy Whistle

The game plays just like Fighter Bobble. You choose your character and you fight all the others. From the original roster, only 8 made it in Fighter Bobble II. Those being Bub, Bob, a bunch of new characters, and, shockingly, Ryu from Street Fighter. Everyone has most of their moves with the exceptions of Ryu's other basic attacks. Some of the playable characters are based on characters from Bubble Bobble, including Beluga and Stoner.

All enemies from Bubble Bobble also make an appearance in the end credits.

Cover art

This game has become notorious for one version of its cover art. The original US version of the Gamecube edition featured a picture of the humanoid robot with big eyes and big dentures (similar to Nickelodeon Pinchface) on its face, being encased in the bubble by a Godzilla-like monster, often scaring the buyer with its disturbing images. This cover earned it a place on Zippo's Nightmare Covers list.


  • Fighter Bobble 3 uses graphics from this game. Also, in Fighter Bobble 2's lowercase font can be seen in the ROM itself.
  • The Taito logo appears different in this game, looking more like the Mega Man logo.
  • The Capcom logo Easter egg is accessible by pressing Up, Right, A, Down, Right, B, Up, Left while paused.
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