Fight! Fight! Fight! is a fictional game made by Nintendo it features characters from other games including Sonic, Monkey Ball and Halo. It features characters from TV Shows and Movies and real life celebraties and sportsmen and women and animals and mythical creatures. The aim of the game is to unlock all of the Characters and Locations and have fun. It is for the Wii, Xbox and PC and Mac.


Character Character Character Character Character
Mario Sonic AiAi Scout Evil Rabbit
Police Officer Luigi Peach Shadow Amy
Tooth Fairy Grandpa Grandma Yoshi Paramedic
Tails Fry Leela Bender Peter Griffen
Homer Simpson Alien Ninja Bowser Wario
Beat Sniper Heavy Werewolf Vampire
Mummy Waluigi Bart Simpson Amy Hermes
Zoigberg UNLOCKABLE Donkey Kong Strawberry Shortcakes Kung Fu Fighting Guy
Lois Griffen Chris Griffen Meg Griffen Marge Simpson

Lisa Simpson

Goblin Elf Spyro Elvis Presley Male Sim
Female Sim
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