Fear Itself is a Supervillain that is featured in many of Armageddon Comics stories as a supervillain with no motives apart from eliminating the human race. He is a hybrid of human and shadow creature which is slowly taking over his body. He first appeared in Beastmaster Issue 1 from 1982 and so has been a reoccurring villain.


Originally Fear was a scientist called David Webber who One Day went insane after discovering the shadow dimension. Soon He made a deal with A God named Devil and so had immortality and could deflect bullets. He later travelled into the shadow dimension and so started devolping powers. After moving to San Diego,He was captured by The National Agency Of Superhumans and so was experimented on then he broke free,devolped his suit and identity and became Fear Itself using his powers for evil.


Fear wears a brown waistcoat often with a tattered shirt underneath. He wears cargo pants and a gas mask to hide his disfigured face with scars and damage on his face. He wears boots and gloves for protection. He's American and so has white skin with the odd scars on his body.


Fear often hears voices in his head giving him orders to kill people. He's often angry or disgusted as he likes to work alone without peers. He's never seen cheerful and only smiles once people die. He is a sadist and so has been diagnosed with sociopathy.


Fear has the following powers:

  • Telepathy letting him predict his opponents moves.
  • Pyshic Powers such as telekinesis letting him move items and use them on his opponents.
  • Superspeed
  • Teleportation
  • Firearms
  • Superstrength
  • Invisibillity
  • Deflection of bullets
  • Can Travel through Antimatter


  • Originally he was going to have a son but that was scrapped so instead he had a wife but no children.
  • He has been compared to characters like mewtwo and Akira due to his psyhic powers.
  • He originally looked more lanky and was Muscly aswell as being Caucasian but instead that idea was scrapped.
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