Fat Wario
One of Wario's Reactions.
Original Character(s) Wario
Achieved By Eating fattening foods like a pig
First Appearance Wario Land II (1998)
Latest Appearance Wario Land 4 (2001)
Main Ability/ies
Automatically ground stomps, breaking blocks and enemies
Burp! Grunt! Wheeze! I sweat buckets with every step and I can hardly breathe! How could my slim, gorgeous body get like THIS? I shouldn't have gotten so greedy and eaten all those apples!! I guess you really are what you eat!!
Wario, Wario Land 4

Fat Wario is one of Wario's Reactions in the Wario Land series. It was introduced in Wario Land II and reappeared in Wario Land 3 and Wario Land 4.

Activation and Function

When Wario eats a food item tossed by a enemy like a Apple Ape, he gets extremely fat, destroying blocks and enemies with his massive amount of fat. He can break blocks with his fat and do ground stomps automatically. His jumping ability is greatly reduced thanks to his weight. He can turn back to normal by going into water or walking around for a bit.


Wario Land: Hunt For The Ring

This form goes under the new name of Fat(ter) Wario in Wario Land: Hunt For The Ring, although the appearance of the form is unaltered. The form acts identical to past appearances.


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