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Fantlock Holmes is a game created by Alange for Nintendo Prima and Hybrid Delta. This is a puzzle game based off of Sherlock Holmes, but with some Fantendo features, like the characters, who are based off of the users of the page. This game will be released in 2012.


A weird event has happened in Londtendo. A rich owner of a big bank has been found dead in his house. Policemen said that this man has suicided. But there is some odd things in his house that Spooklock found and makes him think that it was a murder. He, with Arend Watson will find new clues to find discover the assasin. Is Moriarty behind that?

But new people appear near Spooklock, a girl who is studying to be detective wants to help him, Eltisa. And a french detective who has been taken on by Spooklock's brother (Mydnoft), will try to discover it faster than Spooklock. This detective, Du Lange, has also a helper, De Stel; those reasons made Spooklock to accuse him that he's copying him.

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  • Spooklock (Sherlock Holmes)
  • Arend Watson (John Watson)
  • Mr. Poliston (the owner of the bank)
  • Jairo Moriarty (Jim Moriarty)
  • Phineas Mortia (helper of Moriarty)
  • Eltisa Jones (the new helper of Spooklock)
  • Mydnoft (Mycroft Holmes)
  • Jacques Du Lange (Spooklock's rival)
  • Alexander De Stel (Du Lange's helper)
  • Dr. Mason Mortimer (Dr. Mortimer)
  • Lady "Sora" Miracle (an odd girl who is around the crime)
  • Tucker Scalia (the possible assasin, he was Moriarty's friend time ago)
  • William Sparker (policeman, he will tell Sherlock some news)
  • Halbert "Fanty" Endo (pharmacist, possible person who gave the poison to the killer)

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