This is the page for Leah and Rachel's story in Fantendoverse Racing. It is the fifth storyline in the game, the first being Unten's story.


Leah is drinking a bottle of beer when she spots a speeding person in a yellow helmet. She decides to follow them, believing that there must be something exciting going on without her. The person in the yellow helmet gets scared that Leah's following them, leading to a race of sorts. We learn that the person in the yellow helmet is Rachel, but Leah doesn't know this as she doesn't have the ability to see what the CPU opponents are named.

After the race, Rachel attempts to take off the helmet but finds that it's stuck. Leah gets the impression that Rachel is X-Ray through what she believes are "vague hints". She attempts to get the helmet off but is almost run over by Unten, which makes her mad and sets off after him. Rachel tags along, attempting to stop Leah.

Leah is unable to catch Unten and gets caught up in a race that's part of the Fantendo Grand Prix. After winning a couple of races, the sun rises and Leah finishes up the race. She goes to "X-Ray" to celebrate, finally managing to take off the helmet and kisses her, only to become incredibly disappointed when she realizes it's just Rachel. She grumbles as she leaves.

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