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Fantendoverse - Cryptic Wars is a top-down hack-n-slash/shooter made by Bizuko as a way to bolster their character count unnecessarily as well as populate the New Fantendoverse with more notable characters, particularly those of more obscure species and species that were previously only used as enemies. It also features a lot of experimental, unorthodox and frankly fucking stupid game mechanics.


A god calling themselves Syllektis, after a failed experiment involving Amiibos, has decided to try and get some more entertainment out of this bitch of a multiverse. He creates the Crypt of Power, an out-of-universe area that can be accessed by those Syllektis think are both good fighters and good TV personalites, but not Unten or any of them because that'd defeat the purpose of the game. Characters who we have not seen before in the New Fantendoverse feel drawn towards this universal-scale bumfights alley, either through delusions of grandieur or just some plain ol' desire to hurt people.


Cryptic Wars plays similarly to Hotline Miami, having characters go through areas from a top-down perspective and kill enemies with weapons. Unlike Hotline Miami characters don't die in one hit like pussies and instead have varying health, among other stats. Every character starts with 3 lives, with lives being able to be bought or sold for ​​​​​​Fat Stacks, the game's currency. When you enter a level you can pledge a certain amount of any of you character's lives to the level. every time you die you of course lose a life but if the next life belongs to another character you swap to them.


Tour of Duty

Fight your way through 15 randomly-generated levels, each with more enemies and traps than the last. At the 5th, 10th and 15th levels you will have to fight a boss. TBA


Starting Four

these are the first four characters that are playable.

Character Information


Rarad is a Posing Cactus with a short fuse and a fixtation on what she calls the "Superheroing scene", referring to the sudden rise in superpowered heroes and villains across the galaxy but mainly on Earth. Eventually she decided to grab a superhero costume off eBay (it was the only one in her price range.) and what may or may not be the Threat's minion known as Grendel's arm for a sword and has set off to beat the crap out of some evildoers! The Crypt of Power seems like a good place to start...

Rarad moves about by Burrowing into the ground and popping up in another area, dealing a bit of AoE damage and knocking enemies away. Her Grendel Blade has great damage and speed but suffers in range, which is even more troublesome due to her limited movement. When hit Rarad Looses Her Cool, allowing her to move by slashing and dealing more damage in the process. Killing an enemy will disable Looses Her Cool.
HP Speed Weapon Damage
20/20 10ft/s Sword: 10
Character Information


Incirrata is a Krexxon, a member of one of the many Krexxon communities that found themselves under influence of Fenrir of the Flame and the Doomuli. While their friends and family fought for the Doomuli happily, Inci was disgusted with the imperialistic nature of the Doomuli and exiled themself, using their combat training and stolen Doomuli tech to fight back. For this purpose they have replaaced all of their limbs with Doomuli weapons, modifying them to utilize the hardlight weaponry they pioneered. Inci seeks to use the Crypt of Power's teasures to fight the Doomuli, and maybe recruit some of the others they have found to help.

Inci has the ability of Posion Spit, which they share with other Krexxons. As well as that Inci can fire Hardlight Triangles, either as fast-moving low-damage bolts or forming themself into a ring of energy for higher damage. If the shoot button is pressed the moment a ring of energy hits an opponent it will deal 55555 damage.
HP Speed Weapon Damage
15/15 20ft/s

Spit: 3/s for 5 seconds

Hardlight Triangles: 5

Hardlight Rings: 15 (55555)

Character Information


Retenstool comes from a parallel timeline where The Threat got a little too ambitious with her Beornstools, accidentally giving them descension abilities. This was her downfall as the Beornstools descended and killed her, before setting off across the universe to descend and kill every single deity in their entire Fantendoverse. This particular Beornstool felt the strange need to attach some sort of firearm to themselves, possibly because they are an orange Beorn with inverted eyes and their name starts with "Reten".

Retenstool has two weapons, the Solar Howitzer, Which can charge up when the solar panel attached to the disc senses sunlight. The more sunlight you accumulate the more damage it does. Retenstool's less stupid attack is his Bite, which causes bleeding. Due to events beyond his control Reten gets 10 extra HP than his actual maximum, you're gonna be very dissapointed when he loses it and you can't get it back ever again.
HP Speed Weapon Damage
20/10 25ft/s

Solar Howitzer: 70 per 1kW

Bite: 5 (3/s for 2 seconds)

Character Information


Olarx Y

You kinda have to feel bad for Olarx Y, he's a clone of Olarx X, who's a clone of a guy named Olarx who nobody seems to know. On top of that he doesn't know who created him and for what purpose as his first memory is waking up in a Detroit and scaring the bollocks out of some mugger. He feels drawn to the Crypt of Power because honestly it makes about as much sense as everything else so far.

Olarx Y mainly uses his Mining Lightblade, which cuts through people as well as it cuts through stone, unlike some other mining tools. It does more damage than most other swords but is much slower and needs to be recharged by shaking the controller. He can also use his Lunacy Crushers, which cover themselves in Power Chaotic and let him twirl around to bludgeon everyone around him with a 2-hit combo. Olarx Y's strange biological composition means he cannot heal except from Hot Springs. Gotta balance those sick stats somehow!
HP Speed Weapon Damage
50/50 5ft/s

Mining Lightblade: 25

Lunacy Crushers: 20x2

Wave One Characters CrypticWarsWaveOne.png

Characters available at the game's launch.

Character Information



The self-proclaimed Dark Empress, Ballgum is a dimension-hopping dark mage who seeks power through many different routes. Her current hustle is stealing the souls of heralds and catalysts. Unfortunately she used all of that accumulated power just to get to the New Fantendoverse. Hopefully this Crypt yields some power to absorb...

Ballgum is the earliest obtainable character who utilizes Mana, which she uses to activate her Dark Magicks. She has 3 attacks utilziing Mana. Her first is Dark Fireball, a projectile which shotos forward, pierces enemies and persists for a few seconds after it stops, staying in place. The next is Dark Bubble, a short-range attack which traps an enemy in place with a large oil bubble, enemies trapped in the bubble take extra damage from Dark FIreball. The last spell is Dark Drain, where Ballgum grabs a nearby enemy and absorbs their health, turning it into HP for herself and Mana.
HP Speed Mana Weapon Damage
20/20 10ft/s 100/100

Dark Fireball (costs 20 Mana): 30

Dark Bubble (costs 50 Mana): 0

Dark Drain (costs 0 Mana): 10 (+5 HP, +5 Mana)

Character Information

Doomulus Rhyme

I'm Doomulus Rhyme and I'm here to say

Conquering planets is A-OK!

It puts food on my table and money in my Amazon Prime

Though now I'm under scrutiny for maybe helping Doomulus Grime

To win back the boss's trust and climb back up the ivory tower,

I'm gonna conquer the Crypt of Power!


Rhyme can utilize his Ghetto Blasters to deal damage equivelant to your volume, as well as that he can also Pay 2 Win by firing your Fat Stacks at enemy at the cost of, well, the Fat Stacks.
HP Speed Weapon Damage
30/30 3ft/s

Ghetto Blaster: 5 x Volume No.

Pay 2 Win: 20 (costs 1 Fat Stack per shot)

Character Information

Kallie Banned

A Missilyte/Catonean hybrid that has some unknown relation to Doomulus Grime, and wishes to find them to become their apprentice. For this purpose she has outfitted herself with homebrewed cybernetics, including having masterfully downsized her organs to their most efficient point all so she could turn most of her torso into a lava lamp.

Kallie mainly uses her Big Bad Mamma Jamma, a fuck-off huge sword/blaster combination that switches from a quick, wide-sweeping sword slash to a slow-firing, high-damage railgun shot every other attack. She can also fire Micro-Missles from her other arm, which spread out in a wide and erratic spray.
HP Speed Weapon Damage
35/35 6ft/s

Big Bad Mamma Jamma (Sword): 20

Big Bad Mamma Jamma (Gun): 50

Micro Missles: 15 x 6

Character Information

Pvt. Trip

This version of the multiversally reocurring Trip is a Private of the UPF, though he hates his job. He's outfitted with both a robot arm and what at first appears to be a singular robotic wing which is actually his Tabber Engine. He's been sent to the Crypt of Power to investigate in case the UPF need to step in with a bigger force.

 Trip mainly uses his Laser Claws to make quick low-damage but easy to combo melee strikes as well as his Tabber Engine. The engine allows him to load up to 6 Tabs, which will sit in front of him as a shield with each Tabber taking 3 hits to break although their true purpose is to be shot out as projectiles that pierce enemies.
HP Speed Weapon Damage
15/15 20ft/s

Laser Claw: 5

Tabber: 7 per Tab.

Character Information


When young Vincent Mayjor's father was killed in a F.A.N.T. raid by a Beorn captain, the Ursaring grew a vendetta against F.A.N.T. and the killer's whole species. He used what remained of his late Father's resources to train himself into the ultimate fighter. Now having christened himself Death-Saring. He's ready to take out F.A.N.T. and avenge his father. Starting with F.A.N.T.'s compound in the Crypt of Power.

Death-Saring has 2 attacks, his slow-moving Mayjor Claws which have average damage but deal considerable knockback and his Hyper Beam which is similarly slow but extremely accurate and high-damaging.
HP Speed Weapon Damage
50/50 5ft/s

Mayjor Claws: 10

Hyper Beam: 40

Character Information

Murder Gene

Sergeant Genica "Murder Gene" Taze is an Ex-Military Fox with big plans. After serving 3 Tours of Duty and being deployed in the infamous Distortion Mist Campaign Taze seeks to form his own private military state, a group that will crush injustice and slaughter evil with no regards for politics or borders or any of the bullshit that stopped his home country. The Crypt of Power seems like a good place to start recruiting...

Gene fights using his Dark Pit Staff, a powerful sniper rifle that can pierce through walls. He also uses his Tazer Claws, which have low damage but stun for short periods of time. His final "weapon" is his WMDD (Wrist Mounted Drift Device) which fires a specialized bolt that teleports Taze to it's position every second as it flies, allowing him to "drift" across areas and quickly dodge attacks or dispatch enemies.
HP Speed Weapon Damage
20/20 10ft/s

Dark Pit Staff: 36

Tazer Claws: 6 (stun for 1 sec.)


  • Inciratta's Hardlight Ring being able to deal 55555 damage is in reference to the Geno Whirl, a similar attack Geno from Super Mario RPG could learn that also had a damage-boosting input. The specific number is due to the shortening of their name, Inci, sounding similar to the retired Fantendo user Indi55555.
  • Olarx Y's face was based off the Skull Kid from Twilight Princess, a reference to how Olarx X's old art was a recoloured Majora's Mask Skull Kid.