Fantendo and Nintendo Sports is a crossover sports party game by Zwolf Elf Sieben.


There are a total of 34 sports in this game, a record in the Fantendo Sports series!

Image Name Description Type Helper/ref
Horse Riding
(English) Football
Mini Golf
Gorilla Run
(American) Football
Ping Pong
Tap Dancing
Yoga Bearded Ninja
Tug of War


These are characters from Nintendo and Fantendo.

Image Name Description Type Partners How to Unlock
Fans mario Mario Mario, the plumber, is ready for sports! After defeating Bowser and rescuing the princess, Mario has come to the Sports centre.

Ball- Luigi

Throw- Peach

Racket- Bowser

Fans luigi Luigi Luigi, Mario's brother has decided to help Mario with his sports, so joined in with the game!

Ball- Mario

Throw- Bowser

Racket- Peach

Fans peach Peach After Mario saved her from Bowser, yet again, he took her to the Sports centre, and showed her how to play.

Ball- Bowser

Throw- Mario

Racket- Luigi

Attempt to play anything stated on left
Fans bowser Bowser Bowser found himself in the sports centre and thought to himself, "How did I get here?"

Ball- Peach

Throw- Luigi

Racket- Mario

Fans DREW DREW DREW has done it again, he has returned to the Sports centre to play some more.

Ball- Pie Guy

Throw- Bearded Smiley

Racket- Emerald

Fans pie guy Pie Guy

Ball- DREW

Throw- Emerald

Racket- Bearded Smiley

Play 1 sport as DREW/ Emerald/ Bearded Smiley
Fans bearded Bearded Smiley

Ball- Emerald

Throw- DREW

Racket- Pie Guy

Attempt to play anything stated on left
Fans emerald Emerald

Ball- Bearded Smiley

Throw- Pie Guy

Racket- DREW

Fans yoshi Yoshi

Ball- Toad

Throw- Cheep Cheep

Racket- Koopa Troopa

Fans toad Toad

Ball- Yoshi

Throw- Koopa Troopa

Racket- Cheep Cheep

Fans cheep cheep Cheep Cheep

Ball- Koopa Troopa

Throw- Yoshi

Racket- Toad

Attempt to play anything stated on left
Fans koopa troopa Koopa Troopa

Ball- Cheep Cheep

Throw- Toad

Racket- Yoshi

Play football once or attempt to play anything stated on the left.
David David It wouldn't be a fantendo game without David would it? David is here to play!

Ball- Will

Throw- Yellow

Racket- The Sew'n

Fans will Will Virgius That one dumb guy is here! Make sure never to trust him with the ball, he sucks!

Ball- David

Throw- The Sew'n

Racket- Yellow

Fans yellow Yellow Yellow is here! Yellow has forgotton all about her portraits, and has just started playing sports!

Ball- The Sew'n

Throw- David

Racket- Will

Attempt to play anything stated on left or beat Peach in swordsplay
TBA The Sew'n The Sew'n, creating a time continuem loop if he is with Will, is ready for sports!

Ball- Yellow

Throw- Will

Racket- Yellow

Attempt to play anything stated on left
YoshiEgg Nook

Ball- Bloop

Throw- Tulip

Racket- The Groo


Ball- YoshiEgg

Throw- The Groo

Racket- Tulip

Tulip Nook

Ball- The Groo

Throw- YoshiEgg

Racket- Bloop

Attempt to play anything stated on left
The Groo

Ball- Tulip

Throw- Bloop

Racket- YoshiEgg



Each four people have their own team. The teams are:

Team Mario

Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser.

Team Emerald

Emerald, DREW, Bearded Smiley and Pie Guy.

Team Yoshi

Yoshi, Toad, Cheep Cheep and Koopa Troopa

Team David

David, Will Virgius, Yellow and The Sew'n

Team Nook

YoshiEgg Nook, Bloop, Tulip Nook and The Groo


Image Name Use Commonicity
Summoner Orb Summons a random character. Common
Frog Suit When wearing, you can jump higher. Rare
Fire Flower Lets you shoot fireballs at your opponent. Puts you in the white suit. Rare
Mushroom Makes you bigger. Common
Pikmin Nectar Nectar Increases your accuracy by 5. Normal
Pegasus boots Pegasus Boots Allow you to go faster. Rare
Pokeball A Pokemon comes out and assists you. Common


Image Name Series/Game Gimmicks How to unlock
Dk treetop temple DK's Treetop Temple Mario Party The Donkey Kong statue shakes. Starter
Bubbly clouds Bubbly Clouds Kirby Stars help you and/or your opponent. Starter
Lost woods Lost Woods The Legend of Zelda N/A Starter
Diglett's cave Diglett's Cave Pokemon Diglett will come out at certain times and knock you down. Starter
BattlefieldFANS Battlefield Super Smash Bros. Alloys might come and attack you. Starter
Mt. lavalava Mt. Lavalava Paper Mario A Koopa Paratroopa will help either you or your opponent across. If you touch lava, you are damaged. Starter
Bigmouth galaxy Bigmouth Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy N/A Starter
Gorilla glacier Gorilla Glacier Donkey Kong Like Mt. Lavalava, you cannot make the jump. On this you must climb up stuff. Starter
Mushroom gorge Mushroom Gorge Mario Kart You can make the jump, but only because mushrooms are bouncy Starter
The summit fans The Summit Ice Climbers Enemies will enter from sides. Starter
Mushroom flatdom fans Mushroom Flatdom Game & Watch You can fall down the little gaps. Starter
Mushroom Kingdom II FANS Mushroom Kingdom II Mario You can fall down gaps. Starter
Castle siege Castle Siege Fire Emblem N/A Starter
Hocotate FANS Hocotate Pikmin N/A Starter


Beging her - 5 WS - Play your first match as a female character.

The Obstacle of Death - 5 WS - Win a match as a YE character.

The Other Deathly Obstacle - 5 WS - Win a match against a YE character.

Yoshiiiiiiiiiiiiii - 5 WS - Win a match as Yoshi.

Its a me - 5 WS - Unlock a canon Mario character.

Koopa Troop - 5 WS - Play a match as all Koopas (including Bowser and Yoshis).

Rock Star - 5 WS - Play 10 matches.

Life as a Sceptile - 10 WS - Play 5 matches as Emerald.

Om Nom Nom - 10 WS - Kill someone on Bigmouth Galaxy.

Win win win - 20 WS - Unlock something on the game.

I choose you! - 20 WS - Use 20 Pokeballs.

My head hurts - 30 WS - Spend an hour in total (doesn't need to be all at once) on the game as Psyduck.

Summoning like a boss - 30 WS - Use Summoner Orb 50 times.

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