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Fantendo - Game Ideas & More

Listen to this while viewing this page. It's the game's main theme.

Developer(s) Scratch Kat Enterprises, Hamclub13
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nova, SKE Tiger, PC
Genre(s) Fighting/Platforming
Release Date(s) October 20, 2017
Mode(s) Versus, Story, Options, Vault
Age Rating(s) E10+

Fantendo Users Mega Rumble is the sequel to Fantendo Users Battle Royal. This is rated Everyone 10+ because of cartoon violence and some fighters' actions and language. Also, only SuperScratchKat and Hamclub13 can edit it. Like, at all.


FUMR has all the controls and handling of the first game.


Picture Name Veteran or Newcomer? Default or Unlockable? Moveset
My sploder graphicsksk.gif SuperScratchkat Veteran Default Special: Claw Tornado
Side: Rush Claw
Up: Pixel Tether
Down: Ballon Bomb
Finishing Move: Pixel Storm
150px-5972454.png.jpg Mixxmasta Veteran Default Special: Twister Buster
Side: Phoenix Wing
Up: Dragon Dive
Down: (Ground) Saber Lance
(Air) Ice Pegasus
Finishing Power: Power Stone Mixx
185px-Derpy and human Derpy.jpg LuckyEmile Veteran Default
230px-SONIC LOST WORLD E3 FINAL COLOURS SONIC.png The Dark Lord TUT Veteran Default Special: Shadow Buster
Side: Flame Kick
Down: Shock Wave
Up: Fire Jump
Finishing Power: Ultimate Shadow Buster
New Squava!.jpg
Hamclub Veteran Default Special: Big Bite
Side: Speed Slash
Down: Wonder Amulet
Up: Propellor Tail
Finishing Power: Avacado Acorn Rain
150px-11013716.png.jpg Werewoof Newcomer Unlockable
150px-3170803.png.jpg Samtendo Veteran Default Special: Inflate
Side: Orange Roll
Up: Hairlacopter
Down: (Ground) Slingshot
(Air) Self Dunk
Finishing Power: Bird Army
70px-Legendary Pop-Fizz.png Legendary Pop-Fizz Veteran Unlockable
Images (38)sdmk2.jpg Super Duper Mario Kirby Veteran Unlockable
200px-White (AoW)gds.png Sloopy Veteran Unlockable Special: Boom Stick
Side: Splash Potion
Up: Jetpack
Down: Size Ray
Finishing Power: Fire Bow
All hail sgy.png SGY Veteran Unlockable Special: MP5
Side: Fart
Up: Copter
Down: Spin Chopper Bike
Finishing Power: Bikini Army
150px-5723753fumr.png Cybercope Veteran Default TBA
MasamuneDateNvC.png LockyX2 Newcomer Unlockable Special: Katana Slash
Side: Dash Slice
Up: Spinning Katana
Down: Teleport
Finishing Power: Finishing Slice
249261.gif Metal Chaos Veteran Default Special: Mega Supersonic Blast
Side: Hover Left/Right or Flying Left/Right
Up: Begin Flying
Down: Shoots Laser Blasters Stop Flying
Finishing Power: Earthquake Finale
Download (40)wdfumr.jpg
Poisoon Newcomer Default TBA


Picture Name From New or Old Default or Unlockable
Block Party SGY/LuckyEmile New Default
Galaxy Rush Zone Sonic Retro Adventure Returning Default
Chaos Cliff Fantendo Fighters Ultra New Default
Arena FU Mega Rumble (This game) New Default
Lemon Land Kirby 3D Universe Returning Unlockable
World 1-1 SMB2: LuckyEmile Edition New Default
World 1-1 SMB3: LuckyEmile Edition Returning Unlockable
Silver Empire Lectro the Cyberhog Returning Default
Fort Dedede Kirby 3DS New Unlockable
Glacial Icecap The Adventure of Bowser Jr. New Unlockable
Entraria Dark Hours New Default
Toad Town KoopaQuest Returning Unlockable
Crumble Canyon Fantendo Fighters Ultra New Unlockable
Neon Stadium FU Mega Rumble (This game) New Default
Dark Hills-4 LuckyEmile Adventures New Default
Seatown Streets Mixx's Legend New Unlockable
S.S. LP-F Legendary Pop-Fizz New Unlockable
Sky City The Adventures of White Returning Unlockable
Ground Zero Whomp & Sandbag: Thrown Stones Returning Unlockable
Master Robot Castle Mega Man Legacy New Unlockable
SGY Paper War Shy Guy the Yellow 8 New Unlockable
Route123 Pokemon Mighty and Nasty New Default
Planet X Project X New Unlockable

Story Mode

See the main article here.


  1. Menu
  2. Menu 2
  3. Menu 3
  4. Dark Lord's Theme
  5. Block Party Theme
  6. Samtendo's Theme
  7. Hamclub's Theme
  8. SuperScratchkat's Theme
  9. Mixxmasta's Theme
  10. Opening Theme
  11. Arena
  12. LuckyEmile's Theme
  13. World 1-1: SMB3: LuckyEmile Edition
  14. World 1-1: SMB2: LuckyEmile Edition
  15. Silver Empire
  16. Werewoof's Theme
  17. Lemon Land
  18. Lemon Land Alternate Theme
  19. Toad Town
  20. Toad Town Alternate Theme
  21. Glacial Icecap
  22. Glacial Icecap Alternate Theme
  23. Crumble Canyon
  24. Dark Hills-4
  25. Dark Hills-4 Alternate Theme
  26. Neon Stadium
  27. S.S. LP-F
  28. S.S. LP-F Alternate Theme
  29. SGY Paper War
  30. SGY Paper War Aternate Theme
  31. White's Theme
  32. Sky City
  33. Ground Zero
  34. Ground Zero Alternate Theme
  35. Master Robot Castle
  36. Master Robot Castle Alternate Theme
  37. Route 123
  38. Route 123 Alternate Theme
  39. Metal Chaos's Theme
  40. Locky's Theme
  41. Planet X
  42. Planet X Alternate Theme