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Developer(s) Scratch Kat Enterprises
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nova, SKE Tiger
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s) August 3, 2015
Age Rating(s) E10+
Fantendo Users Battle Royal is a game by Scratch Kat Enterprises, and shall not be edited by anyone who doesn't work for it.


FUBR playes like SSBB, in both controls and handling.

Characters (Default)

Picture Name
50px-3170803 Samtendo
50px-16785788 Dedede 64
50px-5870960 Dark Lord of Stuff

Download (57)

Cat Serpentine
Download (56) Hamclub
Images (37)lpf Legendary Pop-Fizz
Images (38)sdmk Super Duper Mario Kirby
My sploder graphicnnv Super Scratch Kat
Derpy 4DerpyHumanForm

Lucky Emile


Stages (Default)

Picture Name Game
World 1-1 SMB: LuckyEmile Edition
Glade of Dreams Sonic & Rayman Alliance
Bowser's Castle Super Sam Squad
Galaxy Rush Zone Sonic Retro Adventure
Comet Festival Super Mario 3D Adventures
Title Screen Mario Party Deluxe
Island Estelia Pokemon Sun & Moon Versions
Lemon Land Kirby 3D Universe
Arena Fantendo Users Battle Royal
Toad Town KoopaQuest
World 1-1

SMB3: LuckyEmile Edition

(Guess who makes a cameo!!)

Ground Zero Whomp & Sandbag: Thrown Stones
Cloudy Clouds Super Mario 3D Friends
Silver Empire The Lectro Chronicles

Stages (Unlockable)


Name Game
The Iced-Road Ice Climber 64
Cookieville The Lovable Story of Princess ApplePeach
City Race Kirby Air Ride Rush
Tropical Island Mario and Yoshi
Mt. Dominance Island Quest
Gecko Forest Pokemon Blade
Sky City White's Adventure
Green Land SGY: Revenge of RED

Assist Trophies

  • Mewshi
  • Lectro
  • Sonic
  • Mario
  • Rayman
  • Whomp & Sandbag
  • Unten
  • Kirby
  • Prince Fluff
  • Steve
  • Blushi
  • Blorb
  • Pikachu
  • Derby Dash


  • The game that the Sky City stage comes from is called "The Adventures of White" although FUBR simply refers to it as "White's Adventure".
  • This game was originally known as "Fantendo Smash Bros. XL", but was changed early in development.

Characters (Unlockable)


150px-5972454 Mixxmasta
5dfhgvdsv Lumoshi
200px-White (AoW) Sloopy
150px-5328215 Iceboys
150px-5723753 Cyberscope

Metal Chaos

HI ME not mef
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