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Sketch's Preview
A dark room is shown...seemingly empty until a flash of light flies across the room, destroying the door and letting light fill the room, and crashes against a computer on the other end, the computer starts firing sparks as a human-looking robot with blue armor enters the room and stares at the computer's screen as it displays an error message before a voice comes out of it mentioning how, because of the damage, the doors in the facility are now opening up, after that we cut to the blue-armoured robot running across a hallway with a group of robots following behind where they close in on a room with a capsule, the blue robot wipes the dust on the glass of the capsule and sees a white orb of energy inside, the camera zooms into the white orb, which then turns into a surreal white being inside a coocoon, which is then engulfed by a dark shell as the energy starts turning black and the camera zooms out to the shocked faces of the people including the blue-armoured robot from before, the camera fully zooms on one of his eyes before cutting to him standing alongside 3 more robots, a red one with a saber, a white one with two guns and one with a nurse outfit as they dash towards the screen and the title appears: Mega Man X10

Of course I'd make this, I mean I am working on X9 and Xtreme 3, right? But I won't start working fully on this once i'm done with X9/Xtreme 3, you see i'm doing what I like to call "Program X", where i'll try to end the X series my own way, this has spawned X9 and soon X10 to seal the deal, all in all a total of 3 games (though the first two are mashed into one article), although there's one more thing....But that's for later, so what does X10 bring to the table, mostly a lot of concepts that came up around X9's development but around a time where I thought I was too far into X9 and that the scrapped mechanics worked better for a sequel, more about these mechanics will be revealed much much later but for now i'm going to talk about the few biggest ones: First off, we have 4-player co-op, X9 only has 2-player co-op, so that's the first big change, however this also puts into question who the 4th playable character will be, originally it was Steel Massimo but I decided on using a much more interesting choice..

The fourth playable character is Cinnamon, she'll be able to deal strong hits via abilities like Zero but her's use different tools instead of just her main weapon and are used in a more traditional fighting-style manner via button inputs, seeing as she's a nurse character she'll also gain special stat-related abilities along the game, the second most important element is that I won't be just tying up the X and Zero series together story-wise with the tale of the Mother Elf and Omega, but also gameplay-wise, as the game takes a slightly more Metroidvania feel (even more than X9) and you do not only get abilities from bosses, but also get abilities by "leveling up", though you don't level up like traditional RPG games but rather as you go along the game and use materials dropped from enemies to make upgrades, chips and other types of good stuff, this means that the traditional Armor System from the X series is also modified to slightly resemble the Armor System from the Zero series.

I think that's all for this small little preview, goodbye-- Waaaaaaiit, wait, wait, almost forgot, remember what I said about that "one more thing" in Program X? Weeeeeellll....

A white-armoured humanoid robot with scars on his face wielding double guns walks through the desert with a cape flowing behind him, he walks forwards a little more until he finds a chip from Sigma's blade from the original Mega Man X, he starts grinning to himself and holds the chip in his hand before continuing his walk through the desert as the screen fades to black.... Mega Man Axl


Last's Preview
Welcome to a little preview from me, NepetaLast, leader of Brock Productions, over my new Pokemon game: Pokemon Eternity.

My goal with this game is to majorly change up the Pokemon series. For one, I am rebooting the Pokemon included; rather than having all of the ones before, I am carefully choosing about 200 or so of them and minorly changing their designs and typing. This will keep the series from collapsing under its own weight as it tries to support the 750 or so Pokemon that currently exist.

Additionally, I will be changing the battle system; rather than a static battlefield, Pokemon will have a chance to move around. The field is composed of a 6x4 grid, with a half (3 of the rows) being occupied by each team. Pokemon can either move around, attack, use items, or both, depending on their speed and what moves or actions are chosen. New moves will be made and old ones will be adjusted to work with this new system.

Many other new things will be changed, as well. Abilities will be revamped, and the idea of Mythical/Event Legendaries is gone entirely, although there will still be special moves that can only be learned by event Pokemon distributed over the internet. New means of evolution will be introduced and trading based evos will be gone entirely.

Lastly, there will be more of a focus on this game for things outside of battling. In addition to the revamped Pokemon Battling League, there will also be a league for Pokeathalon, Musicals, Acting, Breeding, and more. However, battling will still play a big part. The game will also feature many of the adjustments from my other Pokemon game, Topaz and Amethyst, such as the new Sound and Cosmic types.

Finally, I would like to introduce PokeBall Amiibo. These amiibo can be scanned at special points during any Brock Production Pokemon game to load them with a Pokemon from that game; so if you have caught a special Pokemon, you can store it in the Pokeball. That Pokemon can then be transferred to other games or even used in games to unlock special items based on the Pokemon. Its a cool system and I hope that others might utilize it as well.

Expect to see updates to both Pokemon Eternity and Pokemon Topaz and Amethyst very, very soon!


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Locky's Review of Block Breakdown
I once had a review thingy called Fresh Critic of Belair. It didn't went so far because I am a lazy fuck but I decided to do a review that was next on the list anyway, so let's see...

Block Breakdown. Huh, sounds good enough. It is a puzzle game based upon Panel de Pon (I refuse to call that game Tetris Attack because) and Puzzles and Dragons. The plot is the equivalent of someone accidentally switching Insidious with Inside Out, which clearly not happened because no one is that dumb to do such mistake, right?

The plot of the game is said to be non-canon to the game itself but if it is what is the point of even being in the game? Sure, it says on the article that there is an actual story in the game, which makes me feel angry, because why give me this entire amount of words in a section if they don't mean anything and I have to do a study to discover the true meaning of the work of E.L. James as he rides a dolphin on the air...

Sorry, got my philosophy homework and the review mixed up, but anyway, since the story is non-canon and it requires a brain to be understood, which I don't have, I will ignore it.

The gameplay ideas seems to be pretty interesting, something that mixes Mario vs. Donkey Kong DS games, Puzzle Quest and Figaro's Mustache into one game. It does sounds something to have fun with, with different twists being thrown in the mix to make the game have variations and having more replay value. The characters are weird but that's not bad, it reminds me of Super Paper Mario artstyle.

But that's it really, it is a puzzle game which instantly makes this game hard to review. There is not much that you can do with a puzzle block game, it is one gameplay that has twists, but Block Breakdown is a different beast on it's own, featuring a whole different layer to something which if it was done by a lazy person like me, it would only be a simple block game, but Dylan managed to do the best with a concept that was simply thrown in a contest in which the only thing that was meant to be done was a game about blocks. The game has a major drawback, the decision for the plot, which for me, it is just the worst decision ever done. You did an entire story that matters nothing and you have to understand a metaphor which uh is a metaphor, also Gravity Falls reference, things and also the meaning of E.L. James riding a dolphin is that somehow references the creation of the universe as well the meaning of kangaroos.

Uh, a score, right. I give Block Breakdown, you know what fuck scores, I give Block Breakdown a thumbs up, it is good, but it had one decision which was just dumb that could ruined this game's change of having two thumbs up.

I am Locky, signing off because I have to continue to write about E.L. James eating a donut.

Fantendo Critic's Review of Kirby: Dimension Ring
And I’m back! Well every month I suppose. While my friend Locky is reviewing an original game from GD Studios, I’m going for a fangame, Kirby: Dimension Ring!

First we begin with the good. This is a detailed game right here, pretty much everything is explained and shown to us. Nintendo could easily convert this into a real game, and that kind of effort counts in my mind. We see enemies, bosses, items, gameplay, plot, and even stuff like the beta. Make no mistake, this is a big game.

As for the bad? Uh. I can nitpick something here. Well, actually, I can’t. I guess the minigames aren’t really elaborated on, but everything else checks out.

I’d give this game a Reccommend for most people on here, but if you’re a Kirby fan, well this is a definite Must Read.

Terraria's Review of Television Tycoon
Today folks on the first day of Fantendo Underground being released, i'll review Television Tycoon. Is this a forgotten gem, or is it not so good? We'll be seeing here.

Now, lets just sort this review into three categories...


What makes Television Tycoon special or unique with it's gameplay? Now, just shortening the gameplay section leaves us with the player creates a television broadcaster, which starts off as an local broadcaster. The player starts off with one studio for series, one studio for news stations, one studio for animation and the main office. You also hire staff. Now, this does seem a bit generic but perhaps if we dig deeper we can find something unique about the gameplay. There is two types of shows, Limited, which are the TV Series and Animations shows, that are limited to an amount of seasons that the player can choose to renew or not and Unlimited, which are the News and Audience, which doesn't have seasons so it can be there for a long time, but their upkeep is very high and if the player doesn't have the amount of money to keep that show on air, it will cause the end of that show. You also sort your shows into timeslots. While the whole staff and studio thing is a bit generic, the timeslot and renewing makes this different from some other games. Overall in gameplay, i'd give it a 2.5/5. Nothing that special for this besides the timeslots and renewing shows.


While some would list this as "Quality" i'm listing it as Organziation. For the Genres and Licenses they get organized into two different tables with different sections- Name, Description, Preferred Timeslot (genre)/Type (licenses), and Cost. This article has other sections but I can't really review those because they are currently a work in progress so we'll just stick to the gameplay section. The gameplay is organized well, as when staff is mentioned only then does it break into talking about staff. This is good as it's not going "There's 19 genres. The 4 types of staff are..." Overall in Organization i'd give it a solid 3/5.


Usually this third spot would be reserved for something, but since this is a work in progress article that may be abandoned i'll skip to the overall score. Since the total score is 15 and we're rounding it down to 10 since well only two categories for this, we'll do it _/10. We have a 2.5 and a 3 so let me just add and... Television Tycoon gets a 5.5/10! At it's roots, it's just a basic tycoon game with a few new things here and there, but it has potential to grow if .vectorDestiny decides to revive it.

Blender's Review of Human Devastation
And it's now time for


I: Plot

This is your basic story of guinea pig is unsatisfied with human, guinea pig takes over the world. No, seriously. There's not much more than that. The rest of the story is rather bland, in my opinion. Also, the guinea pigs apparently take over the world and kill most of the humans by... breaking their stuff? What? Also, the plotline doesn't really sound like it coincides with the gameplay.

1/5 points

2: Gameplay

The only problem I really have with this is that the gameplay is that it isn't too detailed. It really only lists the controls. The two modes for the game are listed as "Single Player" and "Multiplayer," so, nothing really special here.

2/5 points

3: Characters

Okay. The characters are good enough, I guess. My only real complaint here is that Elvis' stats are just reversed versions of Pecan's stats and vice versa and that's a cliché or something idk. Also, there's a cyborg guinea pig.

4/5 points

4: DLC

The first thing I see wrong here is the Samus Suit. I mean, shouldn't that be amiibo or something? I don't see why it's really necessary to have it as DLC. Nothing else seems too bad here, but I just have a personal disliking for Zombie Aidan for some reason...

3/5 points

5: Minigames

There's not much to see here, but I'm running out of things to do on this. They all seem kind of ordinary, and my only crticism here is that they don't have online multiplayer. They state that you can play with your friends, but that doesn't really count.

3/5 points

6: Mechanics

There aren't really any original mechanics here. I mean, you're a guinea pig. You can do things that a guinea pig could do. That's about it.

2/5 points

7: Bosses

Bite him until he dies.


Everything else is fine.

4/5 points

BONUS ROUND: Page Quality

Nothing bad here. The tables are green. Eh.

+4/5 points

Final Scores

Lowest Score: 1/5 points
Highest Score: 4/5 points
Most Common Score: 3/5 points
Final Score: 3/5 points

Game Overview

This article is interesting. I'm sure that someone will like it, and it's good enough to be a page as it is. The game isn't bad. It could have a more interesting story and be a bit more clear on its gameplay, yes, but it's good in most of its other areas. Nothing is too big of a problem, and the page could be improved.

Wacky Review of Block Breakdown 2

Wario: Hey everyone, welcome to the first Wacky Review, where me and my friend Locky review a game together. At the end we will give a thumbs up or thumbs down. Today we are reviewing Block Breakdown 2. Apparently Locky has history with the Block Breakdown series.

Locky: Indeed. I reviewed the first game of the series, Block Breakdown and gave it a thumbs up, saying that the first title was creative, albeit limited by it’s own choice of being a puzzle game, although it is a more general problems with puzzle games than the game’s own faults and I also criticized the storyline, due the fact that it is basically not canon to the game’s own canon which makes it pointless.

Wario: I’ve also reviewed the first game as the Fantendo Critic, where I gave it a reccommend. But to the hell with the first game, we’re reviewing the second. So, what are the positives for you Locky?

Locky: Right out of the bat, the main thing that stuck out to me was the large amount of game modes, which is a plus in my opinions, different games modes with different gameplay mechanics which is a feature that when you think about it, should be in every game of it’s kind, when most of the time, puzzle games only feature one basic game mode. It reminds me a lot of Tetris DS, which is a very fun puzzle game with a large amount of game mechanics. The story as well has been largely improved, being bigger and better and as well not doing the same decisions of the first one, which it was to me one of the first game’s major drawbacks, as previously mentioned.

Wario: Hate to be a copy-cat but I feel pretty much the same way. The story is well written, the gameplay is detailed, and there are a fuckton of items. I also appreciate the art done, which is nice. How about the negatives for you?

Locky: To be completely honest, I don’t really have major grips against this game, mostly nitpicks at best. Maybe the lack of artwork for some of the characters and some of the items, which for me it is not really a drawback, mostly a nitpick. I feel that Block Breakdown 2 is definitely one of Dylan’s best works, it is a smart game utilizing limited concepts which he managed to make the best of. I like how the game features elements that definitely feels like a fun title to play on real life and one that would be pretty popular, thanks for being a smart and interesting game with a really twisted storyline. Maybe the dark tone of the storyline is a nitpick for me as it is just weird and it is something that I don’t like much in games is the fact that the story doesn’t really appears to contrast much the gameplay, a dark storyline for a cute puzzle game, although again, mostly a nitpick.

Wario: I’m with you on that. I’m fine with the art, but the story doesn’t seem melancholy like the last one, it seems like it’s trying to be edgy and artsy, rather than having a natural feel to it. Dark and red background? Really?

Wario gives it a Thumbs Up.

Locky gives it Two Thumbs Up.


CrunchyTommy interviewed by Sr.Wario.

CrunchyTommy Banner by Fandro

  • Q. How did Triggerbound start?
    • A.  At first it was a TF2 clone made by DJThompson, I pointed it out mercilessly and then joined his studio to fix it, he left so I own it now.
  • Q. Any plans to make it a franchise?
    • A. Probably not, it’s most likely going to be updated for a while, TB2 might happen but it's not likely.
  • Q. Do you have plans to connect it to the Fantendoverse?
    • A. Technically it already is, as the game is set in Oluapland.
  • Q. Do you have any plans for fangames after Triggerbound?
    • A. Theres a lot of ideas floating in my head. There’s PRISM, theres my RHG fangame and also PHD to Kill.
  • Q. Is there anything you'd like to reveal about Triggerbound content-wise?
    • A. There’s going to be a lot of weapons and maps, as well as some
       unique game modes messing with gravity and stuff like that, I’ll also be making a Competitive Mode.
  • Q. So for our final question, tell us a piece of Triggerbound trivia most people don’t know.
    • A. Ace, the Dog Class is based off of a fake 10th class update picture for TF2.

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Super Mario Bros one last lif4

And the Game of the Month is....Super Mario Bros.: One Last Life!

For good reason, as well. This is no average Mario game, it features some big changes. Death, time-travelling, and new gameplay features come into play in this well-organized and detailed fangame that won over the hearts of our voters.

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