Fantendo - Truth or Dare is a Party/RPG released in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch and PC. It mainly follows Reten as him and several other new characters are recruited by the lesser deity Dare in order to infiltrate a reality-warping fortress known as Castle Zozo and figure out how to send it back to where it came from before it causes a Defcon 3 Warpcore Breach and creates a void in the Fantendoverse.


The game is similar in nature to a Party Game mixed with an RPG. Once the group reaches a new floor of the Castle they will set up camp at the entrance. This camp serves as a hub of sorts allowing the player to swap characters out of their party, forge new weapons or hear character interactions. The player can pick 4 characters from the total group amassed to traverse the elvel and get to the other exit, solving puzzles, fighting enemies, meeting new characters and beating bosses along the way.

Combat is done through a simplified turn-based system similar to RPGs. Every character in the group has a Stamina Bar thats constantly recharging. This Stamina Bar is used for all 4 attacks a character has, each with varying costs, damages and effects.


Image Name Attacks Weapons
RetenExotoroTake2 Reten

Spray n Pray

Claw Strike

Shining Wizard

Proximity Mine

Sol and Heartbreaker (Default)

Bonnie and Clyde (200g)

Scylla and Charybdis (500g)

Hueseph and Dueseph (700g)

Eros and Apollo (1500g)




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