This is a list of all the downloadable content found in the game Fantendo Speedway.

As the LG Kex, SP1DR and Storybook all support DLC data, several characters and courses have been released. Once connected online, the main menu will gain an extra button, that, when pressed, opens up a smaller version of the respective console's version of the DLC page. All packs are free.

Downloadable Characters

Release Dates
Princess Cleffa August 30, 2012
Bit September 1, 2012
Bearded Smiley September 2, 2012
Sispirit September 5, 2012
Lee Koroshi-Ya September 7, 2012
Haiku September 8, 2012
Arcois September 10, 2012
Josh Wardley September 14, 2012
Tucker September 15, 2012
Andy Pasta September 17, 2012
Ainhoa September 20, 2012
Wham September 30, 2012
Fire Master October 1, 2012
Queen Gardenia October 3, 2012
Kube October 4, 2012
Roxanne October 6, 2012
Captian Cinderburn October 10, 2012
Dr. Destruction October 11, 2012
Skell October 15, 2012
PalmMan October 17, 2012
McQueen Mario October 20, 2012

Downloadable Cups

Pika Cup

Evil Headquarters (Pikachu Fighters)
Metal Mountain (PichuQuest)
Planet Gyre (Pikachu Fighters)
Zel HQ (PichuQuest)

Doodle Cup

Doodleland Cruise (Doodleland)
Dark Labyrinth (Doodleland)
Upside Town Town (Doodleland)
Hoolyland (Doodleland)

Gem Cup

Lake Hydra (Team Gemstones)
Sky Tower (Team Gemstones)
Shadow Woods (Team Gemstones)
Death Canyon (Team Gemstones)

Outer Cup

Pengville Speedway (iPenguin)
Azarak's Cloud Garden (Azarak)
Newcunner Ruins (Purple)
Eirian Outskirts (Dark Fungi)


Fintown Circuit (Fish 'N' Chips)
Intense Flameway (A Fairy's Tale)
Waterfall Jungle (Safari League)
Neon Boulevard (Black Morrefus)
Release Dates
Pika Cup August 31, 2012
Doodle Cup September 3, 2012
Gem Cup September 4, 2012
Outer Cup September 6, 2012
APIM Cup September 9, 2012
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