Fantendo Smash Bros. Warzone is a Fantendo Smash Bros. game by Peanutjon (tbc). It doesn't count as a Fun Dimension game, as it is only developed by Peanutjon. It's for the Wii.


You move using the Nunchuk, and attack using A and B. Z taunts, + pauses, - restarts. You can use C to change camera angles while paused to focus on different fighters.

Playable Characters


Image Name Description Moveset Series
Untenfsb Unten The mascot of Fantendo, Unten appears as a default character! He can use several different attacks to cause others pain.
  • Standard - Fanon Punch
    • Unten will punch similarly to C.Falcon from SSB series, but instead of a falcon, the appearance is a random fan character.
  • Side + B - Smash Uppercut
    • Unten will dart forwards- if he hits anyone, he will grab them and toss them, then use an uppercut on them
  • Up + B - Twirl Punch
    • Unten will spin his fists as he hops into midair. This can be used as a recovery move.
  • Down + B - Shield
    • Unten will surround himself with a blue bubble, keeping him from being attacked. If he uses it for too long it will explode, stunning him for 1 minute.
N/A Nutz Nutz makes his first video game appearance as a spiler for the upcoming Super Nutzo series.
  • Standard - Tail Spin
    • Nutz spins his squirrel tail to damage opponents. It does medium damage.
  • Side - Acorn Toss
    • It works kinda like Diddy Kong's Peanut Popgun, but he throws acorns.
  • Up - Flying Squirrel
    • Nutz turns into a flying squirrel and leaps into the air, then glides down. If he lands on anyone, he will latch to them and claw them until they move too much.
  • Down - Dig
    • Nutz digs a hole, which works like a Pitfall from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Tabooki TaBooki The Boo-Tanooki hyrbrid, originally known as Yvan, is ready for a battle!
  • Standard - Leaf Toss
    • TaBooki pulls out a Super Leaf, which he tosses. This, oddly, does medium damage.
  • Side - Tail Attack
    • TaBooki wiggles his tail, making a slight force of air, blowing opponents backwards.
  • Up - Air Spin
    • TaBooki jumps into the air and spins in circles, hitting opponents with his tail.
  • Down - Thunder Strike
    • TaBooki calls down lightning, similarly to Pikachu, but not as powerful.
N/A McBoo The ghastly Boo leader of Red Boos is here for a battle! He has several really strong attacks- watch out for him!
  • Boo Call
    • McBoo calls on a swarm of Boos, who begin to circle him. If anyone tries to attack him directly, the Boos will toss them away.
  • Helper to Hero
    • O'Lantern, Ghoularry, Akro Bat or Booberry come in from behind McBoo and attack a random opponent.
  • Hat Toss
    • McBoo tosses his hat upwards and it charges down, damaging anyone it hits.
  • Vanish
    • McBoo disappears for 10 seconds, making him invincible.
Swissfsb Swiss The cheese-headed stickman originally known as Legmit McHoley is here for a brawl! Too bad it's a war.
  • Standard - Cheese Toss
    • Swiss throws a piece of cheese, which can later be picked up for health.
  • Side - Chedd Charge
    • Chedd appears and Swiss rides on him as they dart forwards.
  • Up - Hat Swipe
    • He swipes his hat like a sword.
  • Down - Under-Drill
    • He drills underground with his hat, then pops out. On his way out he damages others.
Cheese Cryptors
N/A Rinddel The young Ice Imp looks weak, but he can pack a punch! With his ice moves, he can beat others up like crazy!
  • Standard - Ice Claw
    • He slashes with his claw, usually freezing someone.
  • Side - Frost Tackle
    • He jumps forward for a tackle while surrounded with icicles.
  • Up - Winter Wings
    • Similar to Lucario's ExtremeSpeed, but slower and slightly less ranged.
  • Down - Icicle Spikes
    • A row of icicles appear in front of Rinddel, doing damage to anyone who hits them.
Light in the Darkness
N/A Douglas Douglas is an Aura Warrior from Bridgeport. Recently discovering his powers, he uses them to fight evil and save his city.
  • Standard - Aura Sphere
    • Douglas surrounds himself in an aura, protecting him and doing damage to anyone who touches it.
  • Side - Auratic Disc
    • Douglas throws an Auratic Disc.
  • Up - Sword Swipe
    • Douglas swipes his sword above him.
  • Down - Sword Slash
    • Douglas leaps up and slashes his sword beneath him.
Cursed Enigma
Boltfsbwz Bolt Drawn by Douglas to help him fight crime, Bolt is a heroic winged stickman with a pencil for a weapon!
  • Standard - Mega Pencil
    • Bolt jabs with his mega pencil.
  • Side - Lead Leap
    • Bolt leaps, doing damage to anyone he hits. If you hold down B, it will be charged. It can be used as a recovery move.
  • Up - Sketch Wings
    • Bolt jumps high into the air, using his wings to get extra height. It can be used as a recovery move, but Lead Leap is better, as he goes straight up with this, not moving to the left/right.
  • Down - Doodle
    • Bolt draws a stickman, who charges forwards, damaging anyone he touches.
Cursed Enigma
N/A Michael Conrad The hero from the Paradox series. Why is it called Paradox? I guess we'll have to wait. Though you never play as him, he somehow has some attacks- let's see how it works!
  • Standard - Blaster
    • Same as Fox/Falco/Wolf.
  • Side - Starfighter
    • He uses a crosshair to aim, and then a Starfighter flies in and rams whoever is standing in the crosshair.
  • Up - Jet Boost
    • He uses a jetpack to dash upwards. It can be used as a recovery move, but doesn't do much damage.
  • Down - Absorber
    • He surrounds himself with a shield. If he gets hit, he can fire their attack back at them by using Blaster.
Ninjonfsbwz NinJon A ninja in training, without much of a character so far, NinJon is ready to take down his opponents!
  • Standard - Ninja Star
    • NinJon throws a ninja star forwards.
  • Side - Rapid Charge
    • NinJon charges forwards. If he hits someone, he grabs them and punches them in the face rapidly.
  • Up - Vanish
    • Like Sheik, NinJon vanishes and reappears somewhere else. If he catches someone while disappearing, they will be taken with him and get burnt, damaging them.
  • Down - Ninja Twirl
    • NinJon sits down and spins around, kicking wildly.
Quest of the Ninja


Image Name Description Moveset Series
N/A Aingeru Aingeru is the young bracelet holder. He can use his fire abilities or his wings to attack.
  • Standard - Fire Canyon
    • Aingeru uses his Fire Canyon attack.
  • Side - Igneous Robe
    • Aingeru makes a robe of fire, which he then swipes similarly to Mario's cape attack. However, ashes come out of the robe, which will stick to anyone they hit and damage them for a little while.
  • Up - Metal Sharp Wings
    • Aingeru grows wings, which he uses to fly until he hits the ground. If he hits anyone, his wings will be in their Metal Sharp form, so they will damage them.
  • Down - Fiery Cut
    • Aingeru uses his Chaos Sword and slices it while it's on fire.
Battle of Bracelets


  • Querius

Blast of Shadow

Querius makes a large ball of shadow energy and throws it at you.

    • Shadow Uppercut

​Same as Ganondorf's.

    • Shadow Burst

​He propels himself upwards by shooting shadow energy downwards, which spreads out, covering the stage.

Shadow Flood

He fills the bottom of the stage with shadow.

  • Netnu
    • Punch of Fanon
      • Same as Unten's, but more powerful.
    • Uppercut of Smashing
      • Same as Unten's, but less powerful.
    • Punch of Twirling
      • Same as Unten's, but more powerful.
    • Strong Shield
      • Same as Unten's, but stuns him for 1.5 minutes.
  • Plumber's Hand
    • His moveset is the same as Master Hand's.


  • Stage Name
    • Description
    • Series
    • Unlockable?
    • Home to:
  • Recent Activity
    • Based off of the recent activity area of Fantendo. This stage has different platforms represented by text, which reads a recent edit. A new edit is often placed, pushing a platform down, eventually destroying platforms (and possibly fighters).
    • Fantendo
    • No
    • Unten
  • Squirrel's Tree
    • A small stage. It has a tree on the right side of it, which has a large hole you can walk into (from the branch). Inside the hole there are acorns you can eat to lower your damage percentage. If you stand on the branch for too long, it will snap. It grows back eventually, though.
    • Nutzo
    • No
    • Nutz
  • Cheese Village
    • Similar to Mushroomy Kingdom from Brawl, this village has several Cheese Cryptors who run to and fro, doing damage if they hit you. You can climb on houses to avoid them, but some Cryptors jump. Some blocks also have items!
    • Cheese Cryptors
    • No
    • Swiss
  • Bridgeport Streets
    • Slightly similar to Big Blue from Melee, but slower, you go through the city with occasional cars that drive by, serving as platforms like the cars in Big Blue. Shadow Beings also charge at you.
    • Cursed Enigma
    • Yes
    • Douglas
  • Paper Land
    • It's a castle made of paper! Strange. The entire stage makes crinkling sound when you step on it, and if you attack too much, part of the platform may rip! Don't worry, it comes back eventually.
    • Cursed Enigma
    • No
    • Bolt
  • Sol System
    • You fly through space on different starfighters, which get hit by lasers occasionally and blow up. Eventually, you get to the Olimpus, and you must avoid even more lasers. You will then fly on starfighters backwards, and then turn around again, ect. ect. ect.
    • Paradox
    • Yes
    • Michael Conrad
  • Ninja Central
    • The screen scrolls sideways as you fight, avoiding ninjas who run around. Some ninjas throw swords and daggers at you. Avoid the pits!
    • Quest of the Ninja
    • Yes
    • NinJon
  • The Woods
    • The stage has several trees which can be used as platforms as it scrolls sideways. Eventually, a poison river will show up, which you must avoid or you will be insta-KO'd.
    • TaBooki
    • No
    • TaBooki
  • Portal Sanctum
    • This is where you can reach earth from Evenwicht. It is a medium-sized square with two portals; one is in the center of the floor, and the other moves around the walls. If you go through one of the portals, you come out the other.
    • Light in the Darkness
    • Yes
    • Rinddel
  • McBoo's Mansion
    • A dark mansion where McBoo lives. Throughout the battle, Boos and McBoo's friends run/float across the stage. If one runs into you, they will carry you offscreen, KO'ing you. Towards the end of the match, King Boo appears in the background and laughs evilly. At this point, the Boos and friends charge much quicker and more often, making it harder to survive.
    • McBoo
    • Yes
    • McBoo


  • User Crystal
    • Where all Users gather to use their power of Fantendo. Querius has taken over this small island in order to cause all fan characters pain.
    • Fantendo Smash Bros.
    • Classic Mode/Story Mode
    • Querius
  • Battlefield
    • Created by Querius and Netnu in their conquest, this is where all characters eventually must meet their end in a battle with Netnu.
    • Fantendo Smash Bros.
    • Classic Mode/Story Mode
    • Netnu
  • Final Destination
    • Home of Plumber's Hand, where Plumber rules. (Classic) This is the final battle! (Story)
    • Fantendo Smash Bros.
    • Classic Mode/Story Mode
    • Plumber's Hand/???


Chapter 1: Welcome to the Fantendo Warzone!

Plumber's head and hands appear and welcome all of the default fighters to the Fantendo Warzone, which is a large, white platform. This is where anyone can come just to have a friendly fight. Unten and Nutz decide to test out some of the new areas and, by pressing a button, turn the white platform into Recent Activity.

  • Mission 1
    • Possible Characters: Unten
    • Goal: Defeat Nutz!
    • Stage: Recent Activity

Nutz is teleported back to where the other fighters are. Excited, Swiss jumps in to battle Unten. Swiss easily defeats the exhausted Unten, but instead of him getting teleported back to the entry, he vanishes entirely. In a panic, the fighters begin to flee from the Warzone, with Plumber assisting. However, Plumber's head suddenly begins to spin around and eventually transforms into Querius. His left hand turns into Netnu, while is right hand twitches unnaturally. Querius reveals Unten's unconscious body and creates a small portal similar to the Void. He tosses Unten into the small void and laughs as the other fighters panic.

Chapter 2: Journey Across Fantendo

Querius and Netnu approach the fighters to toss them away as well. However, Plumber's Hand suddenly flicks them away before falling to the ground. Netnu facepalms.

Meanwhile, TaBooki and NinJon land Cheese Village. At first, they think it's just the Fantendo Warzone, but suddenly several Cheese Cryptors appear. They take NinJon's sword and flee, with NinJon and TaBooki giving chase.

  • Mission 2
    • Possible Characters: TaBooki, NinJon
    • Goal: Fight through the Cheese Cryptors!
    • Stage: Cheese Village
    • NOTE: If you choose NinJon, none of his sword attacks will work.

NinJon kicks the last Cheese Cryptor away and grabs his sword. They decide to explore the city.

  • Exploration 1
    • Party: TaBooki, NinJon
    • Area: Cheese Village
    • Goal: Towards the end of the area, there is a blue door on a house.
    • Secrets: One of the other houses, if you enter it, you will find a portal which leads to the Portal Sanctum. You can fight Rinddel here and, if you defeat him, he will join your party.h

TaBooki and NinJon enter the blue door to find that, instead of the inside of a house, there is a spaceship.

Chapter 3

Classic Mode

You pick your character, then fight through the others.

Level # - Char. - Stage

  1. Swiss - Cheese Village
  2. Unten - Recent Activity
  3. Nutz - Squirrel's Tree
  4. TaBooki - The Woods
  5. Douglas - Bridgeport Streets
  6. Michael Conrad - Sol System
  7. NinJon - Ninja Central
  8. Bolt - Paper Land
  9. Rinddel - Portal Sanctum
  10. Querius - User Crystal
  11. Netnu - Battlefield
  12. Querius and Netnu - Battlefield
  13. Plumber's Hand - Final Destination
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