SSB Prodigy
The Hero Without A Prophecy
Availability Default
Series Prodigy
First Appearance Underground (2014)
Home Stage Sondheim
Finisher Hyper Mode

This article is about Sia's appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. For the character in other contexts, see Sia.

Sia was confirmed to be a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory on January 3, 2016. It is unknown what her role in the story is.


Sia is a hero in search of a story, wanting to be a great, prophetical hero. She had previously tried to "take over" Unten's story in Underground (2014) but has since mellowed out and is now in pursuit of finding some sense of purpose in her life, even as her parents disapprove of her actions. But what do they know? Sia is certain that she was meant to be a hero... she just needs to find out where.


Standard Attacks

Name Info

Palm Strike

Sends out a straight up jab with the Palm Cutter, her weapon. Does about 4%-6% damage.

Sia Kick

Sia is huge, so of course she would use her long legs for a long reaching melee attack. If sweet-spotted on her feet, it does about 10% damage, 5% damage otherwise.

Palm Arc

Sia does an upwards arc with her Palm Cutter weapon, doing about 7% damage.

Sia Sweep

Sia does a quick, long reaching attack with both feet, covering a lot of area but not doing a ton of damage (about 3% to 5%). This trips opponents.

Special Moves

Name Info

Palm Cut

Sia swings the Palm Cutter. This can be charged for 10 seconds and will have two green energy waves following the strike that do 5% damage each wave. The move can do about 5% to 15% damage depending how much it's been charged.

Sia Dash

Sia does 3 lunging strides, with each end of the lunge stride doing about 10% damage but the hitbox is located only on her knee, making it hard to use effectively. This can be a kill move at 99%.

Paper Friends

Sia throws sheets of paper that look like Paper Sia from Paper Unten. These stack up and flip about, doing some pretty weird damage (5% to 17% depending on where hit with the edges being the sweet spots).

Palm Gardening

Plants a palm tree and can water it for a really nice damaging attack (20% damage if a character is hit while the palm tree sprouts up). Hitting down again will take the palm tree down in one strike and Sia can use the palm tree as a heavy club that does about 5% damage each hit, 15% damage if swung correctly. This is by far Sia's most punishing move, but it's easy to avoid, requires a lot of set up, and can be deflected to punish Sia instead.


Name Info

Hyper Mode

Sia transforms into her Hyper Mode, transforming her into a even taller, four armed beast. All of her attacks are powered up to almost overpowered levels. This form lasts about 20 seconds.


  • Up Taunt - Does a little peace sign while grinning wide.
  • Side Taunt - Does a height comparison if next to a character. Otherwise she brings out her arm and then does a little weird dance.
  • Down Taunt - Shuffles her arms like a gangster.

Victory Poses

  • The Paper Sias spin around Sia as she does the peace sign.
  • Throws the Palm Cutter into the ground and then takes it out to make sure she didn't damage it.
  • Leans against the Palm Cutter.
  • If she wins on a team with PalmMan, Sia pretends to cut PalmMan while PalmMan looks utterly horrified. She then laughs as PalmMan attempts to calm down.





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