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Days of Victory is the story mode for Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. It is the end of Phase 2 of the New Fantendoverse and was written by Exotoro (tbc) as a conclusion to her stories and works in the New Fantendoverse, starting from plot points that began all the way from Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered. It is planned to have a total of thirty chapters, not counting the prologue or interlude and is split into three acts.


Unten, Rachel, and Sakeena are standing by a grave, although the shot is from behind so we can't tell who they're mourning.

Unten: She told me she was gonna die like that.
Rachel: It's still kind of sad in a way... she was a total asshole all the time but there was something... honest about it, I guess. I'll miss her.
Unten: I mean as much as she made fun of me... I can't deny she's going to be missed.
Sakeena: It's kind of weird to think that's she's just gone, you know?
Unten: Well, she would have wanted this.

Unten lays down a six pack of beer and steps back.

Unten: We'll miss ya.

The scene pans out to reveal that it's Leah's grave.

September 8, 1991 - December 21, 2019

Act 1: The Unforgivable

Chapter 1: An Unintentional Date


Unten and Quartz are training. Unten attempts to hit Quartz with a stick but she dodges and gets him down with her tail. She looks at Unten from above.

Unten: You've got the stick down!

Unten glances at his phone.

Unten: Training's done for today though, good job.
Quartz: Aw come on, this is the only time I ever get to see you!
Unten: Well... I mean, I can't stay here. But you know what... let me talk to the Fan and the Enemy about something...

Unten walks off as Quartz excitedly paces around in a circle. Unten comes back.

Unten: You wanna go to the Luna Cafe? It would just be you and me...

Quartz nearly jumps up in excitement.

Unten: And Sakeena.
Quartz: Sakeena? What's she doing?
Unten: Oh she's just... there to talk. We're friends, we talk as friends. You're a friend of mine, she's a friend of mine.
Quartz: ...fine...

Unten, Sakeena, and Quartz enter the Luna Cafe.

Unten: Seating for three, please.
Morgan: Follow me please...
Unten: Oh hey, Morgan! When did you get a job here?
Morgan: Recently, actually.
Unten: Huh.

Unten, Sakeena, Quartz sit down.

Unten: You know, it's kind of weird that there hasn't been any Threat attacks lately. Maybe she just gave up?
Sakeena: That doesn't seem like something she would do, considering I've been writing Strafedozz fanfics for like the past two years now.
Unten: Strafedozz?
Sakeena: I dunno, there's something about that relationship that makes me REALLY wanna write!
Unten: But... why?
Sakeena: I just told you.
Unten: Yeah, but isn't Strafe like one of your closer friends? And the Threat...
Quartz: I gotta go to the bathroom and uh... Sakeena does too!
Sakeena: I do?
Quartz: Yes... you do, come on...
Sakeena: Okay!

Quartz locks the door behind them.

Quartz: Okay uh...

Quartz breathes and then looks at Sakeena.

Quartz: I like Unten.
Sakeena: Eeee!

Quartz covers Sakeena's mouth as she jumps up and down.

Sakeena: I mean, it's so unexpected yet it kind of makes sense... oh man, I gotta write a fanfic about this...
Quartz: You're not gonna do that. You're not gonna tell anyone about this.
Sakeena: Oh... okay.
Quartz: I just... I want to get closer to Unten, you know... maybe work up to telling him so... you need to go.
Sakeena: Got'cha.
Quartz: So... just have some phony excuse and leave very quickly, okay?
Sakeena: You got it!

Sakeena and Quartz sit back down.

Unten: Everything alright in there? Sakeena was screaming.
Sakeena: Yeah... I uh, got stabbed by a rusty drug needle in there. I gotta go to the hospital right away.
Unten: Jeez, do you need me to get you over there-
Sakeena: No.

Sakeena hobbles over by the exit as Unten watches.

Quartz: She'll be fine. So uh... you seeing anybody?
Unten: Me? Haha, that's a good joke... it seems like everyone I like doesn't really feel the same way.
Quartz: Oh, that's too bad...
Unten: I dunno what it is.

Morgan walks over to the table.

Morgan: Can I get you two anything to drink or eat?
Unten: Just waters.
Morgan: Right, I'll get those over in second, handsome.

Quartz groans much to Unten's confusion.

Quartz: Nothing.
Unten: Oh, okay.
Quartz: So... what about starting a family?
Unten: These are kind of personal questions, aren't they?
Quartz: Oh, I'm sorry...
Unten: Well, I've never really thought about it too much, I mean I guess I thought about marrying Rachel and Robyn would be our adopted kid but... she's not really into me.
Quartz: Her loss, am I right?
Unten: Quartz... I'm not sure what you're getting at...

Morgan returns with the waters.

Morgan: Here you go.
Unten: Thank you!
Morgan: Let me know if you need anything else.

Morgan winks.

Unten: Huh...
Quartz: So... Unten...

Quartz notices Unten is deep in thought. She looks over to Morgan and notices something weird about her eyes.

Quartz: Something isn't right...
Unten: Yeah, she never flirts with me.

Quartz angrily growls as she suddenly lunges over to Morgan who catches her. Morgan's eyes resemble The Threat's.

Threat!Morgan: Well, well, if it isn't Six. Or used to be, anyway.
Quartz: My name is Quartz!
Unten: Morgan... you don't look like yourself.
Threat!Morgan: She hasn't been herself in a long time. Just a husk for a hivemind...


After Morgan is defeated, Quartz heads over to kill her.

Unten: Quartz, what the hell!
Quartz: She's not herself, Unten. She's not going to be free from the hivemind either.
Unten: But...
Quartz: She's better off this way.

Quartz kills Morgan.

Unten: Oh...
Quartz: Trust me, we did her a favor. It might still be possible to get her brain patterns or something from the Hivemind.
Unten: Well... now we know the Threat has spies everywhere. How long has she been watching?
Quartz: Who's to say?

Unten folds his arms as they leave.

Meanwhile across from the cafe, Leah and X-Ray are on a date.

X-Ray: This is really nice... even nicer than usual.
Leah: Well, they have a month-long reservation list. It's definitely something I thought about for a long time...
X-Ray: Huh...
Leah: I got you a couple gifts too.
X-Ray: Oh? It's not my birthday or anything... heck I don't think it's even our quarter anniversary or anything like that...
Leah: Well... I've got something important to give you. But, first open those gifts.
X-Ray: Okay.

X-Ray opens up the first one to find a 3DS.

Leah: Figured you could use a newer gaming system. I pre-installed all your favorites on there with the virtual console.
X-Ray: Wow!

X-Ray opens the second gift to find a pair of black stilettos.

Leah: That's for... uh... later.
X-Ray: They look kind of sharp...
Leah: Yeah, don't worry about it. I can take the pain.

X-Ray opens the third gift. It's just a piece of paper that says "Look down". X-Ray looks down to see Leah with a ring box in her palms.

Leah: ...will you marry me, X-Ray? I know I didn't say some grand speech or whatever, but I don't think I could put my happiness with you in words.
X-Ray: Leah...

Leah tenses up.

X-Ray: I will! I'll marry you!

X-Ray kisses Leah on the lips and Leah goes limp. X-Ray helps her up and kisses her again and laughs.

Leah: I didn't... think you were gonna say "yes".
X-Ray: Why wouldn't I? Come on, we've got a wedding to plan.
Leah: No... white dresses, alright? I don't want this to be some average marriage.
X-Ray: You have my word on that.

Leah kisses X-Ray, who beams brightly.

Chapter 2: Inside Job

Unten enters his apartment to see Logi and Denos there.

Unten: ...what are you two doing here?
Logi: Well, we came to tell you that there's a door that leads to Kolob in your room. The Fan and The Enemy want you. But you weren't here and we all know you've got a killer tv package, so we just watched that instead of finding you.
Denos: He made me do it.
Unten: Whatever.
Denos: Jeez, what's got you down? Did somebody die?
Unten: Yes!

Unten walks to his room and Denos and Logi shrug as they flip back to Rick and Morty.

Unten: Alright then, if they need me...

Unten walks out of the door to see pretty much everyone. Leah walks over to Unten.

Leah: Hey, Chef Beorndee, guess what?
Unten: What?
Leah: I'm married, sucka! Look at this ring.
Unten: Good for you! Oh, and I actually kind of like "Chef Beorndee". Got a nice ring to it.

Leah looks confused as Unten walks away.

Leah: I can never use that name again.
Unten: Hey Rachel, nice coat.
Rachel: Oh hey, thanks.
Unten: So... why is everyone gathered here?
Rachel: I think the Fan and the Enemy were just waiting for you.
Unten: Sorry about my lateness I... ran into something.
Rachel: It's fine, we weren't waiting that long.
Unten: Right...

The lights dim.

The Fan: Glad you could all make it!
The Enemy: Yeah, we've got some important news to share.
Leah: (distant) I'm married!
The Fan: There is something we creator gods use. It's called the User Crystal.
The Enemy: The Threat has been using ours for a while. And it's been corroding.
The Fan: As you can see on this picture, this black stuff has been forming around it. Once it forms entirely, all that you know will be gone forever.

The crowd gasps.

The Fan: Which is why we plan on recovering it starting tomorrow. Once we recover the crystal, we can possibly weaken the Threat enough to finally finish her off.

Volt glances around, unsure.

Leah: How come you've never mentioned this user crystal before? Seems like it would be a big deal if it was stolen.
The Fan: It wasn't a really huge deal until now.
The Enemy: We're not answering any more questions. The great leader that will bring us to the end of The Threat is Unten.
Unten: Me?
The Fan: Come on, you deserve it.
Unten: Well, okay...
The Enemy: Anyway, I suggest you start getting prepared now.

Leah drinks a bottle of beer as she starts heading out. Suddenly, she remembers how dismissive they were about her question.

Leah: They're hiding something.

Leah stumbles to a set of double doors and opens it to find a blue and red pair of user crystals.

Leah: Wait... huh?

Leah takes a shot of the user crystals with her phone and heads out. She bumps into Sam and then leaves.

Leah: Something's not right here... I'll ask them tomorrow.
X-Ray: Hey, Leah, what do you want the wedding to be like?
Leah: Well, I was thinking that like when we walk down together, this big tub of monkey blood pours down and just drenches us. And then when we get to the altar we just kick off our shoes, lay on top of each other and-
X-Ray: Leah, be serious.
Leah: Aha... just kidding. Heh... how about like... we do in it a morgue or something?
X-Ray: Leah, if you're not gonna be serious about this...
Leah: These are real ideas I have, okay? I honestly really want to do the monkey blood one. This isn't a lie. It's the truth.
X-Ray: I was thinking we just do something casual outdoors, we wear purple and blue wedding dresses...
Leah: Well... we probably should think about this for a bit.
X-Ray: Yeah, the wedding's still pretty far away, huh.
Leah: Anyway... you wanna get the rope and tie me up?
X-Ray: It's too late in the night for that.
Leah: ...right. Well, good night.

X-Ray kisses Leah goodnight and Leah wobbles over to bed.

Chapter 3: The Multiverse's Biggest Traitor

Unten walks down a field. He sees Rachel sitting on a picnic blanket with a unchewed apple hanging out of her hand. She takes in the view, being surprised when Unten sits down next to her.

Rachel: Sup?
Unten: Not much.

Rachel lays back.

Rachel: Robyn's back, considering she's done with Boltzmann.
Unten: How is that?
Rachel: It's nice... kind of wish I got to actually raise her... probably not on my lonesome either.

Unten lays back.

Rachel: You know, it's kind of funny... I've had this fear of like getting romantically involved with you because I don't know how people would react to... us, you know? But then you have people like Skett and Carter and Sereh and Silence and I just kind of... kick myself I guess.
Unten: Really?
Rachel: Is it too late?
Unten: No! Not at all!

Rachel flashes her black teeth. She grows four pairs of yellow eyes.

Threat!Rachel: Good to know.

Unten awakens with a jolt.

Unten: No, no...

Unten sits up in the bed.

Unten: Oh, just a dream I guess.

Sakeena peeks through Unten's room.

Sakeena: They're having a meeting in like fifteen minutes.
Unten: Shit, alright.

Sakeena gives a thumbs up and leaves.

Unten makes his way through the massive crowd, passing by Robyn and Rachel. Leah and X-Ray stand next to them, much to Unten's annoyance.

The Fan: Say hello to our leader, ladies and gentlemen.
Unten: Oh... hey.
The Enemy: So, any questions before we begin?

Leah raises her hand.

Leah: Yeah, I got a major one.

Leah grabs her cellphone and shows off the user crystals she photographed the day before. Susan can be seen heading closer to her.

The Fan: Hm.
Leah: What are you hiding, huh?
The Enemy: We're not hiding anything. You clearly photoshopped those.
Leah: Photoshopped?
The Fan: Come on, you can clearly tell the pixels are off.
Leah: Now wait a sec-
The Fan: Are you hiding something yourself, Leah?
Leah: What?
The Enemy: A little kiss from Rachel Harel?

A picture of Leah kissing Rachel materializes, making the audience gasp.

The Fan: Working with the Threat too...

A picture of Leah and The Threat shaking hands materializes. Leah stands back.

Leah: That's bullshit!
The Fan: Is it Leah?
Leah: Look, the picture of me and Rachel was real but that other picture is-
The Fan: Why would anyone trust you?
The Enemy: We all know you seek out whatever benefits you and X-Ray. What was the deal you made with The Threat?
Leah: I didn't make a fucking deal with the Threat!
The Fan: What does X-Ray think?

The spotlight shines down on X-Ray, who looks nervous and shocked.

X-Ray: I- uh...
Leah: Look, the kiss... I thought it was YOU...
X-Ray: I'm not upset about the kiss, okay? But I am upset that you are working for the Threat!

Leah stands back.

Leah: What?
X-Ray: I... know it's something you would do for me and you. You never told me about it, I never saw it but... I mean you clearly did it.
Leah: X-Ray, what...?
X-Ray: I'm sorry Leah but...

X-Ray starts to pull of her ring.

Leah: NO!
X-Ray: I can't... be married to someone like this.

X-Ray pulls the ring off and throws it on the floor.

Leah: NOOOO!

Leah crumples on the floor, X-Ray's ring in her hands. Two guards grab Leah, who sags as they hold her up.

The Fan: Anyone else involved with this person?
The Enemy: The Multiverse's Greatest Traitor?

The room goes silent. Suddenly a hand shoots up.

Susan Syringe: I am.
The Fan: Take them both.

Unten, Rachel, Strafe, and Sakeena meet by the hangar.

Rachel: Leah... holy shit.
Unten: What did she even make a deal about? Holy cow...
Strafe: It seems so weird that we're now just learning about this but... she does have her secrets.
Sakeena: I got to delete all the good fics of Leah soon. Don't want people to know that I supported her.
Rachel: Can't believe I thought she might be an okay person. Fuck man...
Strafe: Sakeena... why did you change your last name to Metals?
Sakeena: Where did that come from?
Strafe: Well, I mean, Leah was just caught for dealing with The Threat so...
Sakeena: I... changed it for personal reasons. Believe me, I would never work with The Threat.
Rachel: Hm... okay...
Unten: I can trust you guys... right?

The group goes dead silent.

Unten: Right?

The camera pans out, as the group stands in utter silence.


Leah is thrown into a cell with Susan. She drops her head, playing with X-Ray's ring in her fingers.

Susan: Took god to stop you but at least now you can...

Leah looks up at Susan.

Leah: Shut up.
Susan: Don't tell your mother-
Leah: I can tell Susan whatever the fuck I want. You are not my mom. You will never be my mom. You killed my mom.

Leah slams her fist in the wall.

Susan: Did you do that?
Leah: What, kiss Rachel? More on accident than anything else, but guess what! I can kiss girls! I could marry them too, but apparently-
Susan: No, make a deal with the Threat.
Leah: Sigh... no, but I'm beginning to doubt myself about it.
Susan: What do you mean?
Leah: I admit, I'm not the best person but... when did I do that? Why did I do that? Something... nothing adds up.
Susan: Well... maybe now you can read your scriptures.

Leah is handed a pocket bible. Leah throws it at Susan.

Leah: I'm not doing this shit again. I need to clear my fucking name, get back to X-Ray, kill the Threat...
Susan: Leah.
Leah: I know. FUCK! I can't...

Leah slams on the wall again. She leans against the wall, eventually sitting.

Leah: I can't. I'm stuck in their little prison with one of the people I hate the most.

Leah bobs her head downwards and starts crying. Susan attempts to comfort her but Leah pushes her away.

Unten, Strafe, Sakeena, Quartz, Rachel, and Robyn meet up.

Strafe: Alright, where should we go?
Unten: Well, heading to Huxxabu might be a good warm-up. It's one of the more recent planets that Threat is currently attempting to take over.
Strafe: Warm-up...? Shouldn't we head straight to Svarga?
Unten: We have no idea how big of a fleet we're up against and how hard it'll be to take her down.
Strafe: Eh, alright.
Sakeena: Yeah, alright, seems reasonable.
Rachel: So when do we begin the countdown and head off?

Unten puts his hands up.

Unten: Uh... we're not doing countdowns anymore.
Rachel: No more 1... 2... 3...?

Unten motions his right hand over his neck, urging her to stop.

Rachel: I don't get it. Why don't you want me to do anymore countdowns?

Unten whispers into her ear.

Unten: Quartz reacts really bad to "789".
Rachel: Oh god!
Unten: Nobody's really sure why. Just... respect her, okay?
Rachel: Right.

Strafe walks up to Sakeena as she heads into a shuttle ship.

Strafe: Seriously, why did you change your last name?
Sakeena: Look... it's really personal. I can't tell you about it.
Strafe: Why not?
Sakeena: Just... leave me alone about it. I'll tell you sometime later.
Strafe: Just tell me!
Sakeena: Later.

Strafe shrugs as heads over to another shuttle ship. Sakeena's phone rings. Her mom is calling.

She hangs up.

Chapter 5: I Thought We Were More Than This

Unten looks out a window as the Fan and the Enemy approach him.

The Fan: What happened?
Unten: What happened with what?
The Enemy: With the woman at the cafe.
Unten: Quartz said she was under the Threat's hivemind control... she was right and we had to kill her.
The Fan: So...
Unten: What do you want me to do about it? We can't just reverse time.
The Fan: Right...
The Enemy: The idea that the Threat has hosts on Earth is very, very troubling.
Unten: What do you want us to do about it? We're already planning to attack the Threat...

Unten sits down out of exhaustion.

Unten: Whatever hosts she has on Earth- why would any of them matter?
The Fan: Earth is a very important place to us.
The Enemy: It has something we've been building to stop the Threat.
Unten: Why did you choose Earth out of all places to build it?
The Fan: We're older than you can possibly imagine. The weapon has been in the works for a while, when Earth was relatively young.
Unten: What do you want me to do?
The Fan: We need to move our defenses to Earth. She may have hosts there but they're not likely very powerful and it'll protect the weapon. However, we'll have to move most of Kolob there as well.
Unten: Look, it's your weapon, you do what you need to do.

As Kolob moves towards Earth, Sakeena comes up to Strafe.

Sakeena: It's later.
Strafe: Well, what's the deal with the name change?
Sakeena: I don't think you'll like it.
Strafe: Look, whatever it is, it can't be that bad-
Sakeena: I ran away from home.
Strafe: You did... what?
Sakeena: I ran away from home. I had to get away from them, I had to change my name... because I belong with you guys. Unten, Rachel, PalmMan, you...
Strafe: Slow down. You ran away from home? Your parents are great, why would you do that?
Sakeena: Look, maybe you don't understand considering how you grew up but I don't want to be them. I don't want to be Muslim, I don't want to live around people who don't care about me as much as you guys.

Strafe breathes deeply out.

Sakeena: I told you that you wouldn't like it.
Strafe: Your family cares about you Sakeena. If you don't want to be Muslim anymore I'm sure they'll accept it...
Sakeena: Will they? Or will they just put me in a room with a Qur'an and make me read it until I "get it"? There's no winning situation in being a Kamel. They'll remove me from you and force me to be something I'm not.
Strafe: You can't just run from your problems, god knows how that's worked out for me...
Sakeena: It worked out fine for you. You met Leah, you met the people I've been idolizing. Do you know why I wrote fanfiction about you guys? You accepted each other. Your sexualities, your beliefs, your pasts full of wrong-doings. When I came into your stable, you did the same for me. Every positive thing that came out my life was because of you guys.
Strafe: ...Why Metals?
Sakeena: Leah used to call me that a lot and I never knew why until I listened to her drunk.
Strafe: Oh god...
Sakeena: Listen to me. I think we were meant for each other. She talked on about this girl named Ella and... you.
Strafe: I don't know what she was talking about. I don't know anyone named Ella Metals.
Sakeena: What if it's some weird reincarnation thing?
Strafe: Sakeena... you should know not to trust Leah. She's in the Kolob prison cells for a reason.
Sakeena: I think we have something. I'm not sure if it's fate but...
Strafe: Sakeena...

Strafe sighs.

Strafe: I think you're looking into something that's not there.
Sakeena: Is it? Did the baseball game mean nothing to you? Did the sports resort mean nothing to you? Anything we did? None of it mattered?
Strafe: It mattered because you were my friend. Don't... push this all on me.
Strafe: Keep your voice down.
Sakeena: Why do you act like this? Like I'm somehow the crazy one for falling in love with you?
Strafe: Look, you're nice and you're one of my best friends and I really don't want to make you feel bad but- the truth is I just don't feel the same way. I'm really not trying to put you down or anything...
Sakeena: Fine.
Strafe: Look, it's your life but I'm trying to tell you that you're making a big mistake. Where are you gonna go?
Sakeena: I can get an apartment and a job.

Sakeena walks out as Strafe sighs.

Strafe: Why are you just throwing your family away?

Strafe leans against the wall.

Chapter 6: Leah Breaks Out

Leah is far away from Susan, glancing at the walls and floor, anything that's not Susan.

Susan: Leah...
Susan: Leah, please listen to me.
Leah: Give me one good fucking reason to do that.
Susan: I raised you.
Leah: Yeah, that turned out well, didn't it? It's only when I broke out from what you taught me that I actually began enjoying my fucking life.
Susan: You never gave my life a fair shot.
Leah: Why would I? You murdered people out of brutal experimentation, one of your planned victims was my wife...
Susan: Well... she's not exactly your wife.

Leah holds X-Ray's ring in her fingers.

Leah: She's still here. I can fix this. I can fix this. I can fucking fix this...

Leah begins to cry a little.

Leah: I always have...
Susan: Only god can fix things.
Leah: Well, why doesn't he fix you?
Susan: What?
Leah: Stop pretending you don't know!
Susan: Whatever happened, I'm sorry.
Leah: It's not a real apology if you're not gonna confront what happened.

A shadow covers the room. Leah and Susan look up.

Leah: Xerox?
Xerox: Oh, glad you remember my name. What's my real name?
Leah: Uh... shit. It's like... Jane Smith or something right?

Xerox looks like she's about to cry.

Xerox: Sarah Auvic, why don't you remember my real name?
Leah: I...

Leah tenses up for a couple of different reasons. She doesn't like being called Sarah, she doesn't like this confrontation especially in front of Susan, and she knows Xerox might be her one means of escape.

Xerox: I broke into Kolob for you. I know all about escaping prison but if you don't love me...
Leah: Xerox please...
Xerox: It's MIRANDA. Miranda Sodan.
Leah: Miranda...

It's too late. Miranda has already turned her back on Leah.


Leah punches the wall. Another shadow covers the light. Leah looks up, shaken up.

Leah: Oh... it's Reese.
Reese: Yeah, I was told to guard the cell. Apparently some woman was gonna break you out so...
Leah: Eh, she decided against it, I guess.
Reese: You don't really sound like you're working with the Threat.
Leah: Because I'm not.
Reese: So what was the photo then?
Leah: I don't know. It's really fucking hurtful that everyone thinks I would though.
Reese: Well...

Reese is clearly conflicted.

Leah: I mean... you don't think I did it right?
Reese: No...
Leah: Well... get me out of here then.
Reese: Come on, I can't. You know that.
Leah: What if... and I'm just throwing this out there... I kiss you?

Reese stops.

Reese: Uh...
Leah: Come on. I can't kiss you if I'm in here.
Reese: I dunno, they told me to keep you in here but...
Leah: Come on, you know I'm not guilty. Just get me out of here.
Reese: Agh, fine!

Reese opens the cell door open. Leah and Susan run out as Reese stands motionless, unsure if he made the right choice or not. Leah quickly runs back to kiss him, causing him to fall onto the floor unconscious.

Susan: See? You like boys.
Leah: Shut up, I don't! It's about context, Susan!

Leah and Susan sneak into the hangar of Kolob.

Leah: where is my plane...?
Susan: Hey, someone's approaching.
Leah: Who?

Joseph Morello walks over to the two, who are hiding behind a big steel panel.

Joseph: Leah?
Leah: Shh.
Joseph: What are you doing? Aren't you supposed to be captured?
Leah: I'm breaking out. I need a plane. My plane.
Joseph: And why shouldn't I report you...?
Leah: We're friends Joseph. You kept X-Ray safe and happy and... I don't think she wants to see me right now. So I need you to be that person again. I gotta get out of here but I need you to be my friend here.
Joseph: Well, it's over there.

Joseph points to the right and tosses Leah the keys.

Joseph: They told me they wanted me to lock it up somewhere but... I really doubt you're as bad as they say.
Leah: Thanks, Joseph.

The two hug as Leah heads to the plane, Susan following her.

Unten is drinking coffee when suddenly PalmMan rushes into the room.

PalmMan: Leah's getting away!

Unten spits out his coffee.

Unten: HOW?
PalmMan: I don't know but you better hightail if you wanna stop her!

Unten and PalmMan rush to a open window with a rocket launcher. Unten grabs the launcher.

Unten: I really wish I didn't have to do this. I don't want to. But Leah...

Unten pulls the trigger.

Unten: I can't let you get free.

Leah's plane explodes.

Chapter 7: Salt and Fire

Leah and Susan scream as the plane heads towards the ocean.

Leah: Jesus fucking christ! Who the hell did that?
Susan: This is the end...

The plane crashes unceremoniously into the ocean. Leah coughs as she grabs onto the floating wreckage, Susan pulling up after her.

Leah: I'm... still alive, at least.
Susan: How are we gonna survive in the middle of the ocean?
Leah: Middle of the ocean? Don't you see the clouds in the distance?
Susan: The clouds?
Leah: We're near the Bermuda Triangle. Come on, we can swim over there.

Leah and Susan swim over into the Bermuda Triangle.

Unten looks up from the rocket launcher, breathing heavily, his eyes wide.

Unten: I- I-...

Unten kneels down.

PalmMan: Did... you mean to do that?
Unten: I just thought I'd raze their wing- I...
PalmMan: ...she's dead now isn't she?
Unten: I guess so.
PalmMan: Unten...
Unten: What else was I supposed to do? Let her get away, back to the Threat? She knows more about any of us; stuff we haven't even told her she just seems to know.
PalmMan: Dude...
Unten: What am I supposed to do now? I wasn't trying to kill her. Maybe it's for the best- I don't know.
PalmMan: You gotta tell everyone.
Unten: I... can't. There's going to be wild accusations if I do... I don't wanna be outcast like she was.
PalmMan: Then I'll tell them.
Unten: Nah, you won't.
PalmMan: What makes you say that...?
Unten: It's best if word never gets out. Who knows, maybe she survived the crash, maybe she didn't.
PalmMan: I'm telling at some point. Maybe not right away. But some point.

PalmMan leaves the room. Unten sits down at a chair, putting his hands on his hands as he clearly stresses out.

Unten: Ughhhhhh...

Unten hears a noise in the room and turns around quickly, but sees nobody.

Leah and Susan reach the shore of an island. Leah looks around for a bit, not really recognizing her surroundings.

Leah: Hmm...

Leah hunches over, looking around still as Susan directs her attention to the ground.

Susan: Lot of weapons on the ground...

Susan pulls out a blue colored knife.

Leah: Yeah, yeah, real cool. I'll know what to use if I wanna...

Leah stops for a second before turning around, picking up a knife.

Leah: well...
Susan: Put that down...

Leah drops it on the ground, looking fiercely at her.

Leah: There are so many things I'd rather be doing than spend my last days with you. I'm stuck here like a fucking fool, my life has been a goddamn mistake because I fell in love with X-Ray. She's great. She doesn't...

Leah slumps into the ground.

Leah: Nobody needs to be punished with my existence.
Susan: How long have you been feeling like this...?

Leah snarls at her.


Susan backs away.

Leah: I'll just find some quiet place to "think" for a moment, okay?

Leah trembles her hands and legs as she gets up, walking away from Susan. Susan stands there in silence for a while before a spear suddenly whizzes past her head. She turns around.

Susan: Was that for me or...?

Susan sees a woman with a red metallic eyepatch over her right eye, scowling.

Susan: Who the hell-?
Woman: The name is Alexandria. Tell me, do you know where Leah is?
Susan: I don't know, she doesn't want to be bothered right now. She kind of left in that direction.

Susan points to the left.

Alexandria: Mhm...

Alexandria darts off.

Leah sits down with a knife in her hand.

Leah: Maybe I can save myself the misery of a restart this time.

Leah starts to cry a little.

Leah: Worked so well this time, didn't it?

Leah sobs into her hands as she thinks of X-Ray. After sobbing for a bit, she picks up the knife again.

Leah: Let's just do this...

Leah closes her eyes as she holds the knife up to her forehead. Suddenly, she puts it down as she hears sandy footsteps.

Alexandria: Finally showed your face again, scum?
Leah: Haha, well, if you wanted to kill me...

Leah laughs hysterically.

Alexandria: I don't get it.

Leah scowls.

Leah: ...nevermind. You here to kill me?
Alexandria: Where's X-Ray?
Leah: Gone... well, no, actually she's in the hidden planet above Earth right now. Look, right now isn't the best time to ask me about X-Ray.

Alexandria sits down with her.

Alexandria: I'm sorry.
Leah: It's not your fault. I'm not sure who's it is, maybe it's mine for being such a piece of shit that even my friends believe in a fake photo.
Alexandria: Fake photo?
Leah: Blehhh, I'll maybe explain it later. Point is she's not with me.
Alexandria: What are you here for, then?
Leah: Nothing. I was shot down in the ship I was piloting and landed down in the Bermuda Triangle. Where else was I supposed to go...?
Alexandria: Well, when you put it like that, I guess you really didn't have anywhere to go.
Leah: Yeah.
Alexandria: That doesn't mean you're not a criminal here though.

Alexandria grabs her by the shoulder and has a pager go off, echoing across the island. Leah's hands are tightened together with chains.

Leah: Oh, fun. Normally I'd be really into this but I'm just not feeling it.
Alexandria: Hush...

Unten walks into a coffee room, noticing a box of donuts.

Unten: These should make me feel better, I think.

Unten picks up a donut. Hugo Logia walks into the room as he is stuffing a donut into his mouth.

Logia: Oh.

Unten stops and quickly eats it.

Unten: Hey!
Logia: ...yeah, alright.
Unten: Those eyes... you're a Beorn right?
Logia: Well, yeah, I suppose so.
Logia: Mhmm.

Logia pushes the buttons on the coffee machine as he sighs.

Unten: Does that taste good or-?

Logia shrugs.

Logia: Why'd you ask if I was a Beorn?
Unten: Met a lot of fakes in the past.
Logia: Right.

Logia sips his finished cup of coffee.

Logia: Honestly I forget I'm a Beorn sometimes... grew up as a Ursaring, came down to this planet when I was really little.

Unten leans on the counter.

Unten: So... you're the real thing then? How come I've never seen you before?
Logia: Think they would have told me if I wasn't. Anyway... my job's really discreet, you're never gonna see me mentioned unless in passing. Besides, isn't being a Beorn your job?

Logia finishes his cup of coffee.

Logia: Anyway, gotta bolt.
Unten: Oh, see ya.

Unten stops for a moment.

Unten: (shouting) Hey, what did you mean by that? Beorn as my job? What?

Logia shakes his head as he goes down further into the hall.

Unten: Sigh...

Unten reaches for another donut as he sees a ghostly blue arm also grabbing for another donut. He looks up to see Leah...?!

Unten: Leah?!
Leah?: Oh hey Unten.
Unten: Aren't you supposed to be dead?
Leah: I'm a ghost now, fucko!
Unten: Oh, cool...
Leah: Boy, that Logia guy is some work, huh?
Unten: So wait, are you mad that I killed you?
Leah: Yeah, I'm kind of pissed.
Unten: Look, it was a split-second thinking kind of thing, I meant to raze the wing...
Leah: Yeah, yeah, all you're doing is rubbing the salt in the wound. Glad my death was the result of unclear thinking by the leader of the "good guys".
Unten: What am I supposed to, admit it was my fault?
Leah: I don't know, you tell me, big blue.
Unten: Oh cool, being haunted by these kinds of jokes even beyond your death.
Leah: What, it wasn't like I was gonna stop...

Unten scowls.

Leah: So what's on your mind right now...?
Unten: Well, I just met a real Beorn... the meeting was not really what I expected, honestly.
Leah: Mhm.

Unten looks out into the hallway. He looks back where Leah was, only to see that she's no longer there.

Unten: Hrm...

Leah spits as she stands before a throne with Alexandria and her sisters keeping her and Susan captive in cuffs. Leah looks over to the fountain, filled with youth-restoring water. Sitting in the throne is nobody other than Amelia Earhart herself.

Amelia: Well, I never imagined this day would come. Leah Needlenam, tormentor of this island... finally at the execution point.
Leah: Phh, do whatever you want.
Amelia: I'm gonna miss this boldness. Shame, you could have been a really nice wife for a daughter or son of mine... is what I thought when you first visited. Now? I just want you dead, to be honest.
Leah: Then do it.
Susan: Maybe not do it?
Amelia: Like any of your opinions matter here. Alexandria, fetch the aging sand.
Alexandria: The aging sand...?
Amelia: I know what I said.
Alexandria: Mother, neither of these two deserve it, the other woman who isn't Leah especially...
Leah: Oh, she deserves it.
Susan: Leah!

Leah spits.

Amelia: Look at how revolting she is.
Alexandria: Fine.

Alexandria grabs a bucket, filled with ancient looking sand.

Leah: Death by sand!

Alexandria looks at the bucket. In a move that feels like less than a second, she dumps some over Leah's cuffs, causing them to rust into nothing, freeing her. She then throws some at some her sisters, causing them to age immensely before throwing the bucket at Amelia, who begins to wrinkle up as the sand does it's effects on her. Alexandria grabs Leah and Susan by the hands, running out of the temple. Leah looks at her hands, which look all shriveled up.

Leah: Oh gross! Ew!
Alexandria: Worry about it later!

The three exit the temple as Amelia and the others soak themselves in youth-restoring water.

Amelia: (roaring) AFTER THEM!

Chapter 8: Sakeena's Reality

Sakeena is sitting on a outside deck on Kolob, looking at the stars while looking seriously hurt emotionally. Her notebook is neatly closed next to her laptop, both by her side. She sighs deeply.

Sakeena: If it never meant anything to you, you could have just told me...

Sakeena growls and then sighs.

Sakeena: Ugh. Whatever, it's not my goddamn problem.

Sakeena lets the moment sink in.

Sakeena: Who CARES? I know god, he's in a war against another god with his brother god. There's a lot of gods, and none of them give a crap about any of the things I've been taught for so long.

Rachel peers out from the door into the outside deck.

Sakeena: I can see you Rachel.

Rachel steps in.

Rachel: Everything okay?
Sakeena: Can I just lie and say it is?
Rachel: Well... not really now that you've said that.
Sakeena: I confessed to Strafe about my feelings for him and it's just... I guess it got muddled in a lot of other stuff and...

Sakeena sobs as Rachel wraps a arm around around her to comfort her.

Rachel: I'm sorry it didn't work out.
Sakeena: Where do I even go now?
Rachel: You're an adult, your friends kind of have friends with the creators of the universe and the government... something can be figured out.
Sakeena: I'm not an adult.
Rachel: You're older than 18, how are you not an adult?
Sakeena: I... don't really feel like one.
Rachel: Oh...

Rachel hugs her tightly.

Sakeena: It's funny how it seems like such a long time ago I was just a fan of you... haha, I started with a Unten x Rachel fanfiction...
Rachel: Were you KamikazeBlaxe008?
Sakeena: Yeah, that was my old name before I switched over to...

Sakeena pauses, trying not to cry. Rachel hugs her tighter.

Alexandria, Leah, and Susan get to the docks, getting near a submarine.

Alexandria: You know how to pilot these right?
Leah: You're asking me this? You saw me escape last time we were here.
Alexandria: Well, that's good then.

Alexandria busts down the submarine door.

Leah: What do you accomplish by keeping me alive? Surely you can get out of here too? You know how to pilot these too, right? There is nothing I can possibly do to justify you saving my ass like this.
Alexandria: You escaped the island right?

Leah crosses her arms.

Leah: I tried to kill you last time, don't you even remember?
Alexandria: Well, you can mope around if you want, I'll just pilot the ship. Hey you, in the blonde hair, can you start the engine?
Susan: Ha, I sure know how to do that!

Susan looks at the engine panicked, pressing buttons to start it. It releases a missile and a bunch of rubber ducks into the water. The engine finally roars to life as the submarine takes off into the water.

Alexandria: Good work... what's your name?
Susan: Susan.
Alexandria: What brought you here?
Susan: Leah, she's my daughter... she got blamed for something she didn't do but they had visual evidence of her doing it so... I stuck up for her because well, I'm her mother right? You stick with your kids.
Leah: You're NOT my mother, I'm not your FUCKING DAUGHTER!

Leah punches the submarine wall, denting it slightly.

Leah: You couldn't admit that because the reality is that much worse for you, isn't it?
Susan: Leah...

Leah crumples into a ball. Susan attempts to walk towards her but Leah gives her a death glare through her hot tears.

Leah: Leave me the hell alone.

Susan steps away.

Sakeena wakes up, spotting something digging at the force-field around Kolob. It's Two, accompanied by The Threat.

Sakeena: Hrm-?

Two breaks through the forcefield.

Sakeena: Oh no... what's going on?

A purple bubble surrounds Sakeena as Rachel stirs in her sleep. Sakeena slams inside the bubble, unable to be heard as it floats away.

Unten is sitting down, not feeling so great as he puts his hands around his stomach.

Unten: Blurgh...

Alarms blare in the room.

Unten: Oh what the hell is going on now?

Unten gets up and Strafe runs into him.

Strafe: Unten!
Unten: Strafe?
Strafe: Forcefield has been broken, there's reports that The Threat and Two were seen in the outside deck.
Unten: Why would they be there? How did they get in there?
Strafe: You remember that Two has really weird vague powers right?
Unten: Right, right...
Strafe: That's probably HOW they broke in, we don't know WHY they broke in-

Strafe and Unten stop as they see a very disheveled Rachel in the hallway.

Rachel: They took Sakeena.

Sakeena lands in a white room, the bubble popping as Two heads off. The Threat leans down to address her as Sakeena sits on the floor.

The Threat: You know, it's not a secret that the Fan and the Enemy are finally planning an attack on me. It's pretty funny though how they're the ones initiating it...
Sakeena: Initiating it? You're the one who kidnapped me!
The Threat: Oh, it's not like I saw their lovely slideshow. I'll give them the delusion they're actually the ones being attacked, because frankly total war was inevitable...
Sakeena: Are you gonna kill me? Make me part of your hivemind?
The Threat: Please, as if I could be so cruel. No, I actually want to help you.
Sakeena: Hm...?
The Threat: This is Svarga. And this is a room I call the "Sakeena Room". It'll feed off all your desires and I swear I don't profit anything like your energy inside of it. It's actually powered by my OWN user gem, so if anything you're just profiting off my energy. Come on, you deserve to be happy, don't you?
Sakeena: Why are you being so... nice to me? Is nice the right word?
The Threat: Oh sure, we've had our difficulties in the past, but I swear on my dislocated heart that I only want to keep you safe and happy.
Sakeena: What about my other friends? What about everyone else? Why single me out?
The Threat: You sure like to ask a lot of questions...
Sakeena: Well?
The Threat: You're very special. Handpicked by the gods to get a specific power-set. Now of course, I'm not doing this just to be nice, I have other motives to this. But you can take this if you want, it's the only option on the table. The other option is sitting in this room, because you're still kind of my prisoner either way.
Sakeena: I don't really have a choice, do I?
The Threat: Oh, I guess the room is kind of made out of metal now that I think of it... you'd probably die in space if you did that but that's an option... hm, so many options!

Sakeena stands up.

Sakeena: Maybe I do deserve to be happy...

Sakeena shakes The Threat's hand as the world around her changes.

Unten, Strafe, and Rachel sit around a table.

Unten: Well, they took Sakeena. Leah's... somewhere.
Strafe: We're falling apart.
Unten: No, we're not, we can get Sakeena back, Leah was a traitor... look, we have so many friends still here. It's a war, losses are to be expected, we can do our best to reduce them.
Rachel: I was right there. I'm a stupid heavy sleeper...
Unten: You're not stupid.
Rachel: Sure as hell feel like it...
Unten: One thing's for sure... it's a war and we have to lead it to victory.

PalmMan bursts into the room.

PalmMan: Four and a army is attacking Huxxabu.
Unten: Then let's strike back.

Sakeena walks around in her new reality in the Sakeena Room.

Sakeena: Hm, just kind of an open field now...

Sakeena stumbles across a book.

Sakeena: Beowulf...

Sakeena picks up Beowulf, looking at it.

Sakeena: Well...

Sakeena puts it in her satchel that suddenly appears. She heads forward into the open field of grass.

Chapter 9: Black Crow, White Sun

Unten is in a room with Strafe, Rachel, PalmMan, X-Ray, and Quartz. The seven are sitting in silence until Unten decides to finally speak.

Unten: This is a pretty dark time, admittedly, but we need push through this.
X-Ray: And yet, I can't help but feel so stupid, so played with... ugh. Would Leah do something like that? Admittedly yes but... would she do it for real?
Rachel: Leah was... eh...
X-Ray: Look, I know you all hated her.
Unten: Admittedly, Leah was crazy and erratic enough that fighting her could have been very difficult for everyone...
X-Ray: Are you suggesting we get someone to replace Leah?
Unten: Something like that...
X-Ray: Mmmph.
Unten: I can see your hesistation but... we do supposedly have someone on file that might fit our needs.
Strafe: What makes you so damn confident?
Unten: One word: Crow.
Rachel: Oh... Crow.
PalmMan: You know she's like impossible to control like? She does shit whenever she likes, she does whatever the fuck she wants. Nobody can even put a fight up against her, much less control her.
Unten: We're friends with gods, they can figure something out.
Strafe: So... we're going with Crow.
X-Ray: She admittedly does fill in that kind of unpredictable gap we need. She might even be better than Leah in that respect too.
Unten: Only issue is how we capture her.
Quartz: Well, it should be a matter of talking to the Fan, right? We don't have enough time to tame her, but... and I realize this is somewhat inhumane, but perhaps a some kind of shock collar...?
Unten: ...I don't like the idea but it may be our only quick option.
Quartz: I'm... sorry you don't like my idea...
Unten: Quartz, no, it's fine, it's just...
Quartz: I get it.

Quartz cracks a smile.

Rachel: Yeah, so Unten, you go to talk to the Fan about that thing... the situation on Huxxabu kind of needs our immediate attention so...
Unten: Right, right. I want to get Crow first but... yeah, no more time to really plan anymore.

The group leaves the room. Quartz glances at Unten for a moment before walking out. Unten sits in the room to take a second before the ghost of Leah catches his eyes. He turns around and it vanishes.

Unten arrives at a desk that Sam is behind.

Unten: ...Hi.
Sam: Oh hey there, stranger!
Unten: Stranger…? No, I'm Unten.
Sam: That does NOT ring a bell, sorry.
Unten: ...Whatever. I don't have time for this. I need to talk to the Fan.
Sam: The Fan? Right, him. What was your name?
Unten: Unten.
Sam: Right, right.

Sam presses something on his computer and then hops off the computer, opening a huge dual set of doors.

Sam: Right this way, please… sir? Mam?

Unten glances over his shoulder, very confused.

Unten: Do you just not remember anything?
Sam: Well, I always remember some things… but everything else just comes and goes, sometimes it comes back but it exits as soon as it- wait, who are you?
Unten: Sigh… Unten.

Sam pulls out a sword made of light.

Sam: Don't you lay a hand on either one of them, you understand?

Unten just rolls his eyes as he walks in. He notices a woman with pink hair, crawling up the wall that notices him, baring her fangs before crawling up the ceiling.

Unten: Who is THAT?
The Enemy: Shiki.
Unten: Shiki?
The Enemy: My new assistant. She's… unique.
Unten: Mhm.
The Fan: So what is your business here, Unten? You can't keep stalling.
Unten: I suppose you know about Crow?
The Fan: The name sounds familiar.
Unten: Well, if we could get her in the reins-
The Fan: How would we do that? We can't exactly control things we didn't make.
Unten: Well-

Unten clears his throat.

Unten: The idea is we put a unbreakable shock collar on her.
The Enemy: MMmm, sounds a little inhumane. What do we need Crow for anyway?
Unten: The idea is that she'd be a good replacement for Leah- possibly even better considering she has actual skill with the blade.
The Enemy: This is absurd. Leah's forte is that she outsmarts everyone; Crow's is just slashing away at anyone in her path.
Unten: Well, I mean, we need someone with two strands of hair sticking up on the top of their hair.
The Fan: Crow, I think would be an excellent addition to the army we have growing here. Regardless of her actual purpose, you can't deny that someone with her skill would be undoubtedly be helpful.
The Enemy: I suppose we'll do it. Though, I should warn you…

The Enemy looks at Unten directly.

The Enemy: The moment she figures out how to get free, she's going to kick all of your guys' asses.

Leah, Susan, and Alexandria are still in the submarine.

Leah: Where are we headed anyway?
Alexandria: Noah.
Leah: Noah? What the hell is in Noah?
Alexandria: A friend.
Leah: Mhm. Bunch of back-stabbing jerks.
Alexandria: Mm?
Leah: Oh, you know. Got captured and then shot at when we escaped. Fucking FUN.
Alexandria: You don't really like anyone, do you?
Leah: Well, there was one.
Alexandria: ...X-Ray.
Leah: Don't you say that name.

Alexandria looks at Leah.

Alexandria: It sucks to be separated from someone you love like that.
Leah: I'm not even mad at her, though she's probably mad at me.

Leah looks at the ring and sighs

Leah: Now I'm stuck on a submarine with my creepy fake mom and someone who had no right to give me a second… third… fourth… fifth chance? I don't know. I wronged you and your home so many times.
Alexandria: Not my home anymore. I've… moved on, I suppose.
Leah: Why did you?
Alexandria: Things are difficult over there. It's not a complete nightmare, but it's not the kind of life I wanted to live forever. I wanna be free like you- free to love who I wanted, be whoever I wanted to be- I wasn't happy. And I guess I realized that then.
Leah: Your mom sucks too, huh.
Alexandria: Well… we just disagree I guess.
Leah: Phh.

Leah cracks a faint smile. It's a real one- she has some hope in her still. She might not be able to fix everything, but she can start over stronger than before.

Leah: We got any food?
Alexandria: I don't know, look around I suppose. I think these have fishing nets, so we can grab a ton of fish if we want.
Leah: Nice.

Susan relaxes a bit. Leah is a little better now and that's all she can ask for.

Crow is walking into the forest, which is currently on fire. Something seems off about the stars. Crow howls as a bunch of wolves jump out as she stares at the sky.

Crow: Something's off…

The stars shake violently. Suddenly, Crow falls to the ground on her back, her hands gripping her neck as she feels something materialize on it.

Crow: Ack!

The wolves run off as The Fan arrives with the Enemy. Crow glares.

Crow: What do you want?

Unten and the others get aboard a ship. Crow is strapped into a chair. Her eyes glare at Unten.

Unten: Yeah, I know you're not happy about this.
Rachel: That's Crow?
Unten: Yeah.
Strafe: Huh. Would have thought she'd be taller.
PalmMan: She's sitting down, you fucking dolt. She's taller than you.

Crow growls.

Strafe: Yeah, this isn't dangerous at all.
Unten: The Fan says it has the shock collar has the capacity to kill even gods- not that he's ever tried, but if Crow attempts to backstab us, she'd be dead before it even happens.
Strafe: Why don't we put like a shock collar on the Threat then? Or any of our enemies for that manner?
Unten: The Threat has equal power.She could neutralize that kind of thing almost immediately.

Rachel pets the top of Crow's head.

Rachel: She doesn't seem that dangerous in person.
Crow: Get your hands off my head.
Rachel: Right.

Rachel puts her hands off her head.

Crow: If I could, I would steal that outfit right off you.
Rachel: Haha, yeah you would. She did that with two of my friends.
Unten: ….well, we better get moving, yeah?
PalmMan: I'll start up the engine.

The group disperses into the chambers of the ship. Crow just looks at the camera, glaring into it as she picks at the shock collar.

Chapter 10: Zerita's Arm

Unten and the group arrive on Huxxabu in a red grass field. Crow growls as she crawls out, the rest of them jumping out of the ship.

Unten: Where's Four…?

Something slips past his ankles before quicking crawling around his neck.

Four: Good god, you wear a lot of shit around your neck!
Unten: Yeah, comes in handy when you're trying to pull shit like that!

Unten throws Four off him, her snake like body squirming away. Unten and the others chase her, her sticking out her tongue as she gets chased, eventually getting inside a suit with grey scales and huge hammer-like hands.

Four: Hah! Which one of you do I clobber first?

Four looks around, spotting Quartz, her former friend.

Four: ...Six?

Quartz looks at her, ashamed.

Quartz: It's Quartz now… look, we don't have to do this…

Four's eyes well up, before becoming angry.

Four: You left to join their side?!
Quartz: Four, we don't have to fight!
Four: I can't believe this. You TRAITOR!

Four attempts to slam Quartz into the ground but Quartz holds up her arm, only to be slammed into her side by Four's other arm. Quartz coughs as Four looms over her.

Quartz: I don't want to fight you.
Four: Then why join them?

Four attempts to hit Quartz again but is shocked at her side by Unten.

Unten: You get off her.
Four: YOU. You did this, didn't you? You turned my friend into this?

Four slams into Unten.

Four: Six was my friend!

Unten takes out Imperium, impaling Four's leg. She falls over.

Unten: She's still the same person. She's a better person now.
Four: NO! I won't listen to your propaganda like she has!

PalmMan and Strafe fire into her back, causing her to slither out of the suit.

Four: I won't listen to you, damn it!

Four slithers into a dragon-like monster suit, rising into the air.


After defeating Four, Four lies defeated.

Four: Hope you're prepared to take out an army, because you still got that to take care of-

Four coughs before fainting.

Quartz: Is she… dead?

Unten feels her pulse.

Unten: No.

Quartz looks relieved.

Quartz: I'm sorry.
Unten: Don't be. Look, you can talk to her later- we got other matters to take care of.

A storekeeper Sparkling in Huxxabu is tending to his wares when a robotic arm grabs an apple.

Storekeeper: Hey!!

The store keeper looks up on the top of his roof, yelling at the thief.

Storekeeper: Give me back my apple! I was planning to sell that, you furry fiend!

The camera pans to reveal Zerita, who stabs the apple.

Zerita: Sell to whom? Don't you know that a army is coming? Who's going to buy food in the middle of a battle?
Storekeeper: I'm sure someone would!

Zerita rolls her eyes.

Zerita: I have no money nor food, and I'm hungry.

The storekeeper glares.

Storekeeper: Then why steal from me?
Zerita: I dunno, you were around? You wanna keep going over this one apple or are you just gonna let me eat before the calm before the storm?

Sounds of violence can be heard in the background. The army is coming.

Storekeeper: Bleh, whatever.

Unten, Rachel, Strafe, PalmMan, Crow, and Quartz look inside a village.

PalmMan: They're planning to attack here, what's the plan to attack with?
Unten: Hm, well… they're going to come in, do they know we're here or not? That's probably the biggest factor, actually.
PalmMan: I don't know.
Unten: You suppose we could hide in the village and take them by surprise that way?

PalmMan looks at Unten.

PalmMan: How are you gonna hide with that chubby frame?
Unten: I'm not fat.

PalmMan's eyes dart in a different direction.

PalmMan: Well, as long as we're hiding, I wanna be called SneakMan.
Unten: Fine, whatever.

SneakMan snickers as he runs off for a spot to hide in.

Unten: Guess we better get going, huh…?

Quartz walks into a gas station, feeling a little nostalgistic. She stares at the ice bags.

Quartz: Hmm…

Quartz gets into the ice bag cooler, putting some over her as she lays down, aware and ready to fight. The storekeeper shakes their head, going back to reading their magazine.

Unten hides behind a log house when he hears something crawl on the roof.

Unten: Who could be up… there?

Unten uses Imperium to get himself up to the roof and sees something that leaves him in complete shock.

Unten: No…

Zerita looks at him, freezing with a half-eaten apple in her hand.

Unten: Zerita?

Zerita walks over to him, touching his head.

Zerita: This is the real deal, isn't it?
Unten: Yeah, I think so…?

Zerita hugs him, nearly squeezing Unten. He doesn't really care and hugs back.

Zerita: Dude, where the fuck have you BEEN?
Unten: Ah well… busy…
Zerita: I mean… I didn't think you were really dead but I mean, that's what I thought for a while…

Unten stares at her robotic arm.

Unten: How did you get that?

Zerita freezes again, looking down at her robotic arm.

Zerita: It's… a long story. Well… I crash-landed on a planet just covered in trash. Ocean, land, even the trees were just littered with it. During the crash land…

Zerita pauses, looking at her arm.

Zerita: My arm got torn off. The impact wedged it between collapsed metal and it was either being stuck there or escape. So I did what I had to do.
Unten: I'm so sorry-
Zerita: The people there helped me construct a new arm and they made me queen of that dump. They wore this weird sea-shell outfit and shit- I dunno. They were nice, if a little odd.
Unten: How did you get off…?
Zerita: Well, I waited a year. Something about the place seemed like it was the place we were eventually going to meet. But you never came. Nobody did. I got sick of waiting and repaired the escape pod, blasting off somewhere else. I kept looking for you.
Unten: I-
Zerita: I mean, we eventually did find each other. I just wish I didn't lose hope before then.
Unten: Well, I'm here now.
Zerita: Right.
Unten: Well, we don't have much time until the army comes in.
Zerita: I'm interested to see how you fight now, now that you've been without my training for so long.

Unten cracks a smile and jumps down from the roof.

Rachel looks around, hiding on the porch of someone's house. Suddenly, the door opens and a girl with pink hair and a witch's hat steps out.

Girl: Who's out here?

Rachel raises her hands, knowing she was gonna get caught anyway.

Girl: What are you doing here?
Rachel: Hiding, to take the army by surprise.
Girl: That seems a bit dangerous.
Rachel: Oh yeah, it is.

The girl stops for a moment.

Girl: Name's Hexa.
Rachel: Rachel.
Hexa: You're planning to take the army out yourself?
Rachel: I have friends.
Hexa: Ah. Well, maybe I could do some damage too?
Rachel: You?

Hexa blasts a pink beam of energy out from her hands, hitting a foe from far away. Rachel looks at her impressed.

Rachel: Well then, go for it.

Hexa smiles.

The army finally arrives. Crow stands at the forefront. She doesn't have time for hiding.


The battle initially sees you as playing Crow, before allowing you to play as Unten, Zerita, PalmMan, Strafe, Rachel, Hexa, and Quartz. There are 100 enemies to take out and once you have, the battle ends.

Rachel: Well, that's a victory for us.
Zerita: So, these are your new friends Unten?
Unten: I don't know the one in the pink hair…
Hexa: It's Hexa… that was fun. You guys doing more of this soon?
Strafe: Sadly.
Unten: Zerita, you can come too if you want…
Zerita: Sure.
Rachel: Hey, you're Zerita! Unten talked a lot about you and some other friends of his.
Zerita: Well, at least you didn't forget about me.

Zerita rubs Unten's head.

Zerita: As for the others… well, I do know where they are.
Unten: Oh?

Zerita smiles.

Zerita: Yeah.

The Threat receives information that the attack on Huxxabu totally failed.

The Threat: Peheh.

The Threat steps down from her throne.

The Threat: They totally bit that hook, didn't they?

The Threat summons Ibism, who looks around a bit confused.

Ibism: Hey…?
The Threat: Sit down.

A table appears in the center of the throne room. In the center sits a tiny electronic candle and microwaved lasagna.

The Threat: Let's eat, shall we?

Ibism pokes at his food, visibly confused.

The Threat: Come on now, isn't this what you wanted?
Ibism: I don't understand why you'd summon such sub-par food…
The Threat: What? Don't you love me? Isn't that what you wanted?!
Ibism: I love you sure, but I don't know why-
The Threat: You ungrateful little punk- did ANYTHING mean anything to you? Why play with me like th-

The Threat pauses for a second, suddenly realizing what's happening.

The Threat: Dismissed.

Ibism looks even more confused as he's teleported away. The Threat sits down at the steps of her throne, looking at the table.

Chapter 11: Eating Hooks

Unten's ship heads back to Kolob, which is looming over Earth. Unten is going over what happened with Zerita.

Unten: So, me and Sakeena are heading out to meet this Beorn, right?
Zerita: ...where is Sakeena? You guys keep talking about her but I don't see her around.
Unten: I-... oh yeah. She's not here with us right now.
Zerita: Where is she?
Strafe: She's kidnapped by The Threat. We have no idea what's going on over there but she's in our hearts.
Zerita: You don't suppose it would be that easy to try and get her back?
Strafe: She's at the heart of the fortress supposedly. Getting her back would be suicide right now.
Zerita: Mhm.

Strafe checks his flip phone.

Strafe: I just hope she's okay.

Sakeena sits her own throne, next to an adoring Strafe and Rachel. PalmMan enters.

Sakeena: What's the issue?
PalmMan: We still have people without pairings.
Sakeena: Looks like a job for the shipping wheel. Bring that out.

Reese brings out a giant wheel with many names and faces on it.

Sakeena: Let's see-

Sakeena spins the wheel once, landing on Scarlet. She spins it again, landing on Ray.

Sakeena: Well, the shipping wheel has declared it.

Everyone claps as Sakeena smiles. Outside the fantasy reality, The Threat smirks.

The Threat: So easy to delude these people, it shouldn't be fair…

The Threat laughs.

Leah bites into a cooked fish. Susan and Alexandria join her in the meal with their own fish.

Susan: Isn't Noah like a million miles away from here?
Alexandria: Well, these submarines are built with a Distortion Drive; they can create a version of Distortion Mist that actually makes the journey shorter as long as the destination is also covered in Distortion Mist.
Leah: Come to think of it, I do remember an entire ocean being hidden away in Noah…
Alexandria: That's right. We needed to be lined up correctly or it'll overshoot.
Susan: So how does Distortion Mist work? How do we get rid of it, how do we apply it?
Alexandria: To be frank, that's beyond even my knowledge.
Susan: Oh.
Leah: To be frank, who is your friend?

Alexandria pauses.

Alexandria: A little girl.
Leah: Emmy?
Alexandria: Emmy?
Leah: She was part of some group of kids that helped get me and Strafe X-Ray back.
Alexandria: I wouldn't know her name. We just supply the youth water to them.
Leah: Mhm. Sounds like her.

Unten looks out the window to see Kolob. He can also see legions of The Threat's forces.

Unten: Should we be worried?
Strafe: They look like they're retreating, to be frank.
Unten: Why send so many reinforcements AFTER the battle?

Just then, they swarm towards Kolob and Earth, getting fired at and blocked by a forcefield.

Unten: Uhhh…
PalmMan: I'm sure they're sending an attack to counter. Let's just try to get to-

Unten's ship is fired at and it spins out of control, hurling towards Earth.

Unten: Ackkk!

Unten falls as the ship goes vertical, being caught by Zerita's robotic hand.

Zerita: I'm not gonna lose you again.
Unten: Where's everyone else?
Zerita: In the escape pods, I think.

The ship continues to hurtle down as Unten and Zerita climb to the escape pods. Unten uses Imperium to clear the rubble, allowing Zerita and Unten to escape.

Unten: We better get going. At least you'll be on Earth- I can find you again.

Zerita steps back a bit, hesitant.

Zerita: I'm going to lose you again, aren't I?
Unten: I promise we'll find each other again- just trust me on this.

Zerita swallows hard.

Zerita: Alright.

The two climb into the escape pods and eject as the ship crashes to Earth, in the Bermuda Triangle with no passengers.

Unten's pod lands in North Dakota. He brushes himself off as he spots another escape pod and runs over, to see a coughing Rachel inside.

Unten: Rough landing?

Rachel shakes her head yes as Unten helps her climb out.

Rachel: I'm not taking one of those again, I can't understand the thought process that would drive someone to use these… well except for survival, I guess.

Unten and Rachel rub off the dirt off their clothes and start walking. Rachel takes out her phone.

Rachel: We're in North Dakota. It's getting late- we need somewhere to rest, even with all the excitement.
Unten: You're thinking of sleep while we're in the middle of an attack?
Rachel: I'm exhausted, dude.

Rachel stumbles a bit.

Rachel: Besides, I'm pretty sure the attack, whatever it is, isn't going to penetrate Earth.
Unten: Alright…

Unten looks up into the sky, seeing faint explosions in the sky, but no sounds. Nobody even really knows about the attack.

Unten: Maybe some rest would do us good.
Rachel: Good to see that you're on board now. Come on.

Kolob's forces battle The Threat's attack. Sam fires at the enemy ships with a piercing laser gun, destroying them. Violence erupts everywhere. In the middle of it all, another force emerges. Iron Mask, who is fighting the Threat's forces on the ground with the Wasteland Warriors and Crymsia, takes note.

Iron Mask: What is that?

Scarlet blasts at some of the forces as she looks up.

Scarlet: You don't think that's…

The camera pans to inside of one of the biggest ships, revealing Liameno.

Liameno: Wreck havoc for the gods, my army! Salvation lies in their defeat!

Liameno lies back as his forces demolish the enemy ships. The Wasteland Warriors and Crymsia continue fighting.

Scarlet: Boy, the mask look is really in this year huh?

Crymsia gives a glare as she backflips, spinning her sword as she defeats two of the forces, running through them. Sam jumps down with a sword made of light, joining the battle as Shiki eats one of the corpses in the background before flinging the half eaten corpse towards an attacker.

PAIN-T: Boy, The Threat seems like less of a threat and more of an annoyance with these weak ass forces...
Iron Mask: I can't help but suspect something's off…

Scarlet looks up into the sky as the forces retreat, with Liameno's forces following them closely behind.

Scarlet: Well, we won, does it matter?

Unten and Rachel walk through the woods.

Unten: Do you think it's over?
Rachel: Gotta be, I don't see anything in the sky.
Unten: To be fair, I can't see anything right now.

Rachel smirks as she looks at her phone.

Rachel: A friend of mine that lives here can offer a night at his house.
Unten: What's your friend's name?

Rachel pauses.

Rachel: On second thought…
Unten: Oliver lives in North Dakota now?
Rachel: I didn't know either. Look… I know Halloween was rough between you two so… just…

Rachel sighs.

Rachel: You can be a responsible adult, right? Please.

Unten pauses.

Unten: Alright.
Rachel: Thank you.

Unten grumbles “no problem” as the two reach a street corner.

Leah, Susan, and Alexandria arrive in the hidden ocean in Noah, climbing out of the submarine.

Alexandria: Feels good pumping up the blood in your legs, am I right?

Leah shrugs as she looks at the Nile Man's crocodile hide, covered partially in the sand next to his rotting bait.

Susan: Mhmm!

Leah groans.

Leah: Can you stop pretending you're this person that's so afraid of who she is?

Susan ignores her.

Susan: It's nice and cool in here…

Alexandria laughs.

Alexandria: You'll find that the rest of Noah isn't so nice in that regard.
Leah: Or that nice in general. As in the word “nice”.

Strafe gets out of his escape pod, only to see PalmMan with his arms folded across his chest, as if he was impatient.

Strafe: What?
PalmMan: Dude, it's dark. How long were you planning to stay in there for?
Strafe: I dunno, I needed the rest.
PalmMan: Ugh, come on.

Hexa runs next to the two.

Hexa: Hey, guys, I found a little house in like a giant tree or something? The house is the tree? I dunno.
Strafe: Goddamn it, did we land near the witch house?
PalmMan: Oh man, I hope not. She tried to eat me, dude.

Hexa becomes nervous.

Hexa: Eat you?
PalmMan: I guess she wasn't aware that she was about to eat a robot or something, I don't know.
Strafe: Come on, these escape pods are nice and cozy…

Hexa crosses her arms.

Hexa: Well, I'm not sleeping in the escape pods.

Hexa runs off as Strafe groans, getting out.

Strafe: Bleh, let's go.

Crow, Zerita, and Quartz all get out of their escape pods.

Zerita: So this is Earth huh?

Quartz looks around, looking at the tall blades of grass in a empty field.

Quartz: I don't know this place.

Crow picks at her collar, frustrated that it won't come off and then darts her attention to the two aliens.

Crow: We need to gather wood to make fire and set up camp.
Quartz: Wood?
Crow: Yes, WOOD.

Both of them look very confused. Crow sighs as she crawls to find some wood, the two of them following her.

Crow: Just to be clear, I'm not doing this because I like you two.
Zerita: Ah yes, I can tell you have seething contempt for me.
Crow: Bleh, it's not contempt for you- I like you because you're furry actually- I just don't like the collar.

Zerita feels her own fur, shifting her eyes a little.

Quartz: I know about fire…
Crow: Well, good, you know one thing.

Quartz gets excited about the prospect of making her own fire as the two follow Crow.

The Fan and The Enemy sit in the room, re-evaluating the attack as Sam comes in.

Sam': Good news!
The Fan: Oh?
Sam: I got this!

Sam holds up a communicator device.

Sam: I dunno what it does but I like it.
The Fan: Let me see that…

The Fan grabs the communication device and looks at the message, looking intrigued.

The Fan: ...The Other?

Chapter 12: A Reminder

Unten and Rachel get to Oliver's doorstep. Rachel knocks on the door. Unten waits for a second before heading back to leave, making Rachel grab him and drag him back.

Rachel: Stay here, jeez.

Unten darts his eyes away as the door opens.

Oliver: Yo Rachel.
Rachel: Just need a place to stay for the night.
Oliver: Gotcha. What's the blue dude doing here?
Unten: Well, I gotta get some sleep too, don't I?
Oliver: Yeah, okay.

The two enter inside as Oliver closes the door. Unten looks around, spotting a “TEAM SIX” shirt on the wall, darting his eyes back to Rachel.

Unten: Rachel…
Rachel: Just deal with it, okay?

Unten sighs.

Hexa, PalmMan, and Strafe knock on the door of the witch house. The door opens, with a little girl in a witch hat emerging out. Her name is Edith.

Edith: Oh, it's you two. And a girl.
Strafe: Hey.
PalmMan: You planning to eat me?
Edith: No…? Is that what you thought I was gonna do when you ran away from me?
PalmMan: Why'd you chain me up then?
Edith: I told you, we were playing a game. I got sidetracked.
PalmMan: What was the book and stuff for?
Edith: Those were my parents- look, I know we got on a rough start, but I'm not evil.

Strafe throws up his hands as the three go inside. Hexa looks through the cupboard as Edith, Strafe, and PalmMan sit down.

Strafe: You got an idea where the others are?
PalmMan: Not really.
Strafe: Sigh, I hope they're okay.
PalmMan: We'll be back on Kolob soon enough with everyone together, don't you worry about it.
Edith: Hm?
Strafe: I guess you didn't get the memo that The Threat is actively attacking now.
Edith: The Threat?
Hexa: Guy's, she's like… 10. She doesn't know this stuff.

Hexa sets down a box of cookies.

Hexa: Let's just take a moment to breathe, eat garbage food, and locate the others, okay?

Strafe sighs.

Strafe: So much has happened, I don't know if I'm prepared for all this change. Leah AND Sakeena are gone. Gone where, I dunno. Nothing feels safe anymore.

Strafe eats a cookie with Hexa, Edith, and PalmMan.

Crow, Zerita, and Quartz sit around a fire, Quartz watching as it flickers and dances in glee. Zerita watches as Crow attempts to get the collar off still.

Zerita: Why do you keep picking at that collar…? You're not making it any looser.
Crow: It'll come off eventually. Everything that passes through my path does.
Zerita: You can't be a lone wolf forever.
Crow: Oh, I'd be perfectly willing to start up a pack of my own. The problem is that nobody I've come across wants to do that.
Zerita: Nobody?
Crow: Well… Raven did. But she's too much of a coward to go through with it.

Zerita sits back.

Zerita: Raven?
Crow: There were four of us. We didn't know where we came from but we knew we were sisters. Robin, Houbara, Raven, and me, Crow. We all went down different paths. Robin went teaching religion, Houbara went out in the full wilderness, Raven attempts civilization but craves the wilderness as well, and I… I am the wilderness.
Zerita: You don't know where you came from?
Crow: No, but I know I am not a mere human bound by their sickly blood.
Quartz: The fire is nice.

Crow lays down in the dirt, closing her eyes. Quartz watches the fire as Zerita stays awake, concerned for Unten.

Leah, Susan, and Alexandria enter the hot desert landscape of the outskirts of Noah.

Leah: I wonder if Unten's escape pod is still around.
Alexandria: Why that specifically?
Leah: No real particular reason. It was left here in Noah, I think…
Alexandria: Mm, we need to get going.
Leah: ...why are we meeting up with your friend anyway…?
Alexandria: We're on the run, I suppose, from whoever wants to get us. Getting some weapons may not be a bad idea.
Leah: Why all the way in Noah?
Alexandria: Nobody really cares what happens over there.

Leah nods.

Leah: True…
Susan: You don't suppose though, that you could have gotten us closer to your friend?
Leah: It's a desert, I'm not sure what you were expecting.

Susan shrugs as Alexandria walks towards a tent. Leah and Susan walk inside to see a girl sharpening a knife.

Leah: Oh hey, it's Emmy!
Alexandria: You know her?
Leah: Yeah, don't you remember me talking about her on the boat?
Emmy: If it isn't Leah...
Leah: Yeah, it's me.

Emmy sits down.

Emmy: What do you need from me, Alexandria?
Alexandria: We need a way up into space. You think you have that?
Emmy: Space? What's in space?

Alexandria looks at Leah.

Alexandria: X-Ray.
Leah: ...wait a second, woah. First off, I thought we were getting weapons… second, what do you mean by that…?
Alexandria: I know you think things are dire with her. I know that you're ready to give up. But X-Ray needs you. Look, I know you haven't known me as a friend but I know that you two can make up and be happy again.
Leah: ...Alexandria, you love her too, why should I trust you?
Alexandria: Leah Needlenam, she needs you way more than she needs me.
Susan: Maybe you two girls should find a nice man…
Leah: Susan, jesus christ.
Alexandria: So Emmy, do you have a way into space?
Emmy: Mmm… I don't have one myself, but I think I know someone that does.
Leah: Emmy! Emmy! Let's not jump to thing doing here!
Emmy: We all know you're afraid to talk to her again. But you have to. Alexandria's right. She's probably miserable without you. You're miserable under the surface, despite your best efforts to cover that.
Leah: Fucking fine. Who the hell are we going to?
Emmy: A man named Lock.

Leah slams her foot into the tent floor, causing it to collapse. The women hold it up.

Leah: Oh yeah, that's just fine! Let's get two abusive parent figures in this group!

Emmy sighs as Susan veers her head away from Leah.

Unten is attempting to sleep, but all his attempts just keep him staying wide awake, sweat pouring down his body. He looks at Imperium, which hummingly glows in the dark.

Unten: Something is horribly, horribly wrong.

Unten gets up and grabs Imperium as he opens the door into Oliver's living space.

Unten: …

Unten holds Imperium up as he opens the window shutters, staring outside. Rachel opens her eyes as she lays on the couch.

Rachel: Unten?

Unten quickly turns around and prepares for battle before realizing it's Rachel.

Rachel: Unten, the hell are you doing up?
Unten: Every time I try and close my eyes, something horrible is happening- I can't sleep and I just feel this sense of dread-
Rachel: Why don't you sleep on the other couch…?

Unten blinks, considering the possibility.

Unten: You… don't understand...
Rachel: It's difficult being separated from everybody. I get that. I'm worried for Sakeena. I'm worried for Strafe and the others. But we have to be strong, okay?

Unten sighs as Rachel tries to fall back asleep. Imperium twists and turns in Unten's hand.

Unten: What the…

Unten drops Imperium onto the floor as it writhes and morphs into abstract shapes as Unten stands back. Rachel gets up from the couch as Unten suddenly drops to the ground.

Rachel: The hell is going on-

The house suddenly bursts into pieces as lasers and fire tear it down. Unten grabs Imperium and Rachel's hand as the house crumbles around them. As they close their eyes around the devastation, the body of Oliver lies bloody and dead. Unten opens his eyes to see.

Unten: Holy shit.

Unten looks up to see Two, and stands his ground as Rachel runs, pulling Unten away from Two's laser.

Rachel: We have to move, are you crazy?!

Unten suddenly snaps awake.

Unten: Oh god, TWO!

Unten and Rachel run as Two flies after them.

Unten: This is not good, this is not good…

Rachel and Unten keep running as Two suddenly stops and floats back. The two don't even bother to look back as they keep running. Eventually though, Unten looks back.

Unten: I think we lost him…

Unten and Rachel halt to a stop, catching their breaths.

Rachel: What the FUCK?

Unten nods.

Rachel: What is even going on? I'm so overwhelmed I just…

Rachel breathes heavily, sitting down.

Unten: Well, where do we go now?
Rachel: G-god, I don't even know.

Unten nods.

Rachel: At least I got my phone, maybe we can call someone up-

Rachel tries to turn her phone on, only to get a red battery.

Rachel: Oh.
Unten: Look, we can figure this out. Just…
Rachel: She's here on Earth, who isn't to say-
Unten: She is playing with us. She's playing with us really hard.
Rachel: What do we do, I mean, my god…

The door to the house behind them opens. A man sticks his head out.

Man: The hell are you two doing?
Unten: Look... it's a long story.
Rachel: Jesus, it's chilly out here.
Man: Oh hey, you're those Unten folks, right?
Rachel: Depends what you mean by that.
Unten: Look, can we maybe call somebody using your phone or something? We'll be just a second or two. We won't bother you much.
Man: Might as well.

Rachel and Unten walk inside.

Rachel: Thank you, Mr…?
Man: Nycho.

Unten looks for the phone.

Chapter 13: Reflector

Time for the counter-attack. Strafe puts his feet up on the table as Hexa puts her hands together.

Hexa: Alright, alright, here's what I figured. So, here's what I got for ideas on how to get back to Kolob.

Hexa pulls out a white board and points to a bunch of stick figures in a circle.

Hexa: So this is my plan, we put ourselves in a bubble and use that to float around space, using the movement from within the bubble to vaguely steer ourselves into Kolob-
Strafe: I'm not doing that.

Hexa frowns and then shifts her head to the left as she looks at the drawing.

Strafe: Anyone else got any ideas?
PalmMan: Mmm. Not really. There's a couple ideas I have but you wouldn't like them because I don't like them either.
Strafe: Well, pitch one to me.
PalmMan: We shoot me out into space and because my entire framework is metal, I'll be just fine up there, and I'll drift until we end up on Kolob.
Strafe: Mm, yeah, I don't like that at all.

Edith knocks Strafe's feet off the table.

Strafe: Alright, you could have asked me to do that.

Strafe's phone is knocked out of his pocket as it vibrates, none of them aware.

Crow, Zerita, and Quartz start heading into a bunch of fields as Crow keeps playing with her collar, trying to get it off as it keeps shocking her.

Zerita: Would you stop picking at that damn collar?

Crow glares at her as she keeps trying to pull it off.

Crow: This is- a GOOD time- to do this- BECAUSE they aren't AROOOUND-

The group is suddenly transported into Kolob before the Fan and the Enemy.

Quartz: Oh hey!
The Fan: Crow, you're not getting that collar off.

Crow crosses her arms.

The Enemy: Really, the only thing you accomplished was tipping you off to your location. Do you know where the others are? Because we could really use them…

Zerita opens her eyes a little as realizes the situation.

Zerita: You don't know where ANY of them are?
The Fan: We're gods, not omniscient.
The Enemy: I don't know who's been spreading the rumor that we are.

Zerita sighs.

Zerita: Please be okay, Unten…

Unten slams the phone back into the holder.

Unten: Strafe didn't answer.

Nycho and Rachel are talking in the other room. Unten looks to the left to see the ghost of Leah.

Unten: You're gonna haunt me here too, huh.
Leah: That's the cool thing about being a ghost, dude!

Leah picks at her teeth with a toothpick.

Unten: Look… I don't know what else you want from me.
Leah: Oh, I don't want anything really from you, I just wanna torment you.
Unten: We'll see about that, Blue Man… Group…?

Leah shakes her head.

Leah: I'm only blue because I'm a fucking ghost and I'm only a fucking ghost because you killed me. So any nickname you try on me…
Unten: Alright, enough. Enough. God!

Rachel glances at Unten from the other room.

Rachel: He's talking to himself…

Nycho tilts his head.

Nycho: That a thing he does often?
Rachel: I don't think so. I'll ask what's up.

Rachel very quickly walks away from Nycho, who is actually kind of a sleazbag.

Rachel: Hey Unten, hey…

Unten glances at her as he sits down on the floor.

Unten: I don't know- I don't know how the heck we're gonna get out of here.
Rachel: Well, what's the whole thing you're talking about to yourself?
Unten: Myself? Leah's ghost is haunting me.

Rachel looks in the room.

Rachel: I don't see her.
Unten: Huh, wonder where she went.

Rachel shrugs as she hears scratching at the door.

Rachel: What in the world…

Nycho pulls out a knife and opens the door as Rachel outstretches her arm and puts it down, knowing she already is too late. A little girl stands at the door.

Nycho: Oh, it's just a little girl.

Nycho puts away his knife.

Nycho: How are you doing?

Rachel and Unten slowly get up from the floor and start walking towards the backdoor into the garage. The little girl unhinges her jaw to reveal a full set of sharp teeth.

Nycho: Oh…

Nycho pulls out his knife again as Unten and Rachel open the door to the garage. The girl expands into a horrible cronenbergian monster as Nycho runs to the garage too, ramming into his own door.

Nycho: Don't you two touch that car.

Unten and Rachel put their hands up as he grabs the car keys and a gun.

Nycho: Alright, let's roll.

The car rolls out of the driveway as the monster chases them, Nycho offering the wheel to Rachel as he pulls out his gun and attempts to fire at it, missing mostly. He forcefully takes the wheel back and steps on the gas.

Leah and the others drive through the desert, the camera panning up to reveal a huge spaceship drowned in the sand.

Leah: Well, I'll be. Is that where Lock is hiding out?
Emmy: Something like that, yeah. Landed here not too long ago.
Leah: Any aliens in it?
Emmy: Just one.
Leah: Better not be any greys or blue bears.

Emmy tilts her her head a little with a curious expression before putting it back up. Susan and Alexandria look through the jeep windows. They pull up to the spaceship and exit the jeep.

Emmy: I'll get the-

Leah kicks the door in, revealing a dark and desolate interior inside the ship. Wires hang from the ceiling.

Emmy: Yeah, okay.

Leah looks inside, following the massive hallways.

Emmy: Hey Leah, I don't recommend going on your own!
Alexandria: She really just does what she wants, you're not gonna stop her.
Susan: Yuuup.

Leah ventures through on her own, eventually opening up another door. The room appears empty until Leah walks backwards back through the door, bumping into someone. In what would be a jumpscare moment, the tension and release is completely averted when Leah opens up her mouth.

Leah: Damn, girl, you living like this?

The woman behind her looks at her curiously, waves circulating between her antenna.

Alien Woman: Well, recently…
Leah: Alright. What's your name?
Alien Woman: Obena, but I don't see why I need to introduce myself right now-
Leah: Obena, we gotta fix this spaceship so I can get back to space and do a couple things.
Obena: With my spaceship? I… guess. Okay. If you can fix it.
Leah: What's the problem, exactly?

A man comes out from the shadows, revealing himself to be Lock.

Leah: Oh hey Lock.

Lock looks frustrated at Leah for ruining his entrance.

Lock: The problem with the engine is that it's all kinds of busted up and it's filled with sand.

Lock slams his foot into the ground, denting it.

Lock: The GODDAMN SAND is the problem, because I can fix a engine normally, at least I think so. The problem with the sand is there is no way to safely clear it out and it's everywhere, like… goddamn.

Leah sits down.

Leah: Well that's a predicament.
Lock: Anyway… I should get to chopping you up to a bunch of little pieces and put you in a tupperware container for the fridge.
Leah: Yeah, we're not doing that.

Lock shrugs as Emmy, Alexandria, and Susan come in.

Susan: There you are!
Alexandria: We saw her go this way, you don't have to act like we've been looking for her.
Leah: So good news and bad news. Good news is that we have express permission from Obena here to fix up her ship and get moving. Bad news is that we don't really have access to the broken engine room because there's a lot of sand in it.
Alexandria: Hrm, if we only had a way to get out all of that sand.

Micaliye steps out from the corner, although she has been clearly in shot the whole time and it is not a surprise to see that she is in the space too.

Micaliye: Perhaps I could make the sand disappear.
Leah: Oh I was wondering when you were gonna pop out.

Micaliye looks at the space and wonders how she could have possibly have noticed her before she came out.

Leah: So I guess we're all gonna work on this together like the fucked up, dysfunctional people we are?
Lock: You don't need to put it like that.
Leah: Yeah I do. Let's roll it out!

Leah does a dab and Obena looks at her interest as Leah heads to the engine room.

Obena: What does that mean?
Leah: Oh… uh, it means "peace" on Earth.
Obena: Ooo! You Earth people are so interesting!

Obena does the dab as Leah snickers.

Strafe flicks a pencil off the whiteboard as Edith gets annoyed.

Edith: Stop that!

Strafe stops.

Strafe: What?
Edith: I know how to get into space or whatever. We can use my broom around like a metal frame; my parents had it in the basement before they died.
PalmMan: This isn't the basement I'm afraid of, right?

Strafe puts his hand on PalmMan's shoulder.

Strafe: This is exactly the basement you're afraid of.
PalmMan: Damn.

The group goes to the basement and Edith flicks on the light.

PalmMan: There was a light?
Edith: What basement doesn't have a light? You know what, don't answer that.

Edith walks over to the metal frame of a space ship, which is going to be a cramped fit for the four considering it was only supposed to fit two people and a baby.

Edith: Let me go get the broom, you guys figure out seating.

Strafe looks at the three.

Strafe: Alright, hrm.
Hexa: Well, Strafe's probably the strongest so he should sit on the bottom while I can sit on his lap and then PalmMan can stay squeezed to the side.
PalmMan: Now wait a minute, what if I wanna sit on Strafe's lap?
Strafe: Wait, why do you two wanna sit on my lap?

Hexa and PalmMan look at each other.

Hexa: We can share the lap.
Strafe: You guys aren't answering my question…

Edith comes back with the broom.

Edith: We ready?

Strafe sighs as he gets in, with Hexa and PalmMan sitting down on his lap. Edith takes the front seat and takes off into the sky and space.

Unten, Rachel, and Nycho drive out in the middle of nowhere before stopping in front of a farm.

Unten: It kind of looks like our last resort.
Rachel: Well, it wouldn't be if Nycho didn't skip the gas station.
Nycho: The car needs premium.
Unten: Why did you leave the engine running when you were gluing down those bird cages to the front? Why did you glue down those bird cages anyway? We never got a real answer to that.
Nycho: Always blabbing with you two. God… get a room you two!

Unten gets real silent as Rachel steps out towards the barn.

Rachel: Oh god, it's real late. Do you think they're even home?
Unten: Eh, probably. Hard to tell with barns.

Unten knocks on the barn door, only to have it automatically open up and reveal a busy workshop. A woman in overalls and red hair with bunny ears takes off her goggles and runs over to them.

Woman with the bunny ears: Why, if it isn't Unten and Rachel! Heard a lot about you two! Name's Chelsea Rench. Who's that guy with the crowbar that's swinging it around dangerously?

Unten and Rachel turn around to see Nycho swinging around his crowbar wildly.

Unten: Uh, his name was like… Nycho Baag or something?
Rachel: I saw his fake license plate. It's Nycho Invalidez.
Unten: Oh yeah. Not sure why I thought that.
Rachel: Probably because it sounds like Nacho Bag.

Unten only nods.

Chelsea: Well, come on in!

Rachel and Unten nod as they walk in.

Unten: Wait a second, where did you learn about us…

Cura pops out from the hay with some incomplete arms and a mostly new torso and legs.

Cura: Hey!
Unten: Oh hey, it's Cura!
Cura: Yeah, that's me. I bet I look a lot different now.
Rachel: You do, yeah. You still making those scary drawings?

Chelsea sits on a blue couch.

Chelsea: I'm Cura's mechanic for strictly friendship reasons… haha. Yeah. That sounds good.

Unten: Oh good! I'm glad Cura's making new friends.
Cura: Oh you guys should meet Ray!

A orange headed sparkling in a robotic suit leans against the wall.

Ray: Hey.
Rachel: Hey, not to interrupt any good conversation we're having, but do you think you can get us into space? We need to get back to Kolob, you guys could come if you want, because we need all we can get.
Chelsea: Yeah, I think I can do that. Won't take too long I think. I've worked with rockets before and the technology is only getting easier all the time…
Nycho: Yeah, cool. Do you know where I can find any birds?
Chelsea: Birds? At this time of hour? Only thing is owls and those creep Cura out.

Cura nods.

Cura: What are they watching for?!

Chelsea hugs Cura to comfort her. Unten and Rachel sit down. It's gonna be a long night.

The Fan and The Enemy are sitting down as Sam comes in.

Sam: We're almost ready to talk with The Other.
The Fan: Excellent.
The Enemy: That's my thing. Your thing is "Good".
The Fan': Oh hush.

Chapter 14: Volcano

Things have been building up to this and now it's gonna erupt.

Zerita, Crow, and Quartz walk around in Kolob's halls. Iron Mask rests against the wall, tired.

Zerita: Boy, what are you looking all beat up about?
Iron Mask: We drove them off… for now anyway.
Quartz: The Threat?

Iron Mask nods tiredly as Scarlet skates in.

Scarlet: C'mon, you need to rest.
Iron Mask: Mm, I got it.

Iron Mask gets up from the wall, grunting. PAIN-T 3.0 walks in and helps him up as Scarlet bites into a french fry.

Zerita: So what now?
PAIN-T 3.0: We're waiting for the rest of your buddies that crash landed. Particularly Unten. The Fan and The Enemy refuse to press forward until he comes back.
Zerita: Mm. You don't suppose he's coming back anytime soon?
PAIN-T 3.0: I dunno the status. You could ask Sam.
Scarlet: Ugh, what reeks?
Quartz: Can't be me, my body was designed to slick off fluids and dirt.
Zerita: It's Crow. Even I don't smell that bad and I was living on a garbage planet for a… year.
Crow: Bleh, fine. You gotta show me where it is though.
Scarlet: I… okay.
Zerita: Quartz, you stay here. I'm gonna talk with Sam.
Quartz: Got it.

Zerita leaves as Quartz brings out her drawing pad and crayons. PAIN-T 3.0 and Iron Mask leave.

Strafe, Hexa, PalmMan, and Edith leave the rocket ship, stretching their legs.

Strafe: God… that was a pretty painful experience.
PalmMan: Your legs are weak, I could snap them like a twig.
Strafe: Yeah, makes sense when almost all your internals are heavy steel. Good god.

Hexa hums as Edith locks the ship. The four walk down the hangar bay.

Strafe: This is the last spot I saw Sakeena...

The four quietly walk towards the entrance and head down the hallway.

Leah watches as White Goddess absorbs the sand in the engine room as Obena, Lock, Alexandria, Emmy, and Susan sit around and talk.

Leah: Can't believe you all want me to go back.
Lock: I don't, personally.
White Goddess: Me neither. This is just a mututal goal kind of deal, we all go into space and we all go our separate ways.
Leah: Well, what do you get out of it? Aren't you a goddess?
White Goddess: Haha, well… something's been happening. My powers are deteriorating and fast. I can't really accomplish more than simple tasks like this without blacking myself out.
Obena: Leah, do you not wanna go back to your friends and lover?
Leah: I mean, they all hate me. Even…

Leah holds back tears by putting her head back and pouring some of the beer in her needle finger in her mouth.

Leah: Even… that person. Yeah. I don't know if you all are aware, but I only got here because Unten nearly tried to kill me.
Obena: Unten doesn't sound like a very good friend.
Leah: Eh, who could blame him.
Obena: From what I hear, your friends sound like very bad people.
Leah: Oh, come on, they're not. Look, I wouldn't even bother with them for the past couple years if some part of me didn't like them. I'm sure that when I provide my own innocence, things will just go right back to normal. This whole thing is gonna blow over and nothing will change. Me and X-Ray will probably return to our marriage plans and I can keep calling Unten nicknames.
Obena: You want to go back to your Fantendo, don't you?
Leah: My… Fantendo?
Obena: Oh, excuse me. It's a word in my language that means a group of people that don't give up on each other, even when they all hate each other. That they keep pressing on, that things will work out and they become better people for it.
Leah: I guess. That one word means all that?
Obena: To me it does.
Leah: That word sounds really cool and I'm gonna use it all the time.
Obena: Really?
Leah: Nahhhh, I'm just playing.
Obena: Oh. Ha ha! Haaaha.
Susan: So Lock, you're a uh… man, right?
Lock: Yes…
Susan: That's good, because I feel energy between us.
Leah: Whaaat are you doing.
Susan: This is how you greet a nice man, Leah.
Leah: No it's not. Also, he's not nice.
Susan: But look at his uh…

Leah rolls her head back as Susan struggles to think of any good qualities Lock has physically, because she's just not attracted to him whatsoever.

Lock: I'm gonna whizz, BRB.
Leah: Where?

Lock shrugs.

Unten and Rachel walk around the barn as Chelsea takes them through more of her barn.

Chelsea: So over here is Clark. He's my first robot.
Clark: Wish I could have been the last too.
Chelsea: Yup, that's Clark.
Unten: He's kind of a grump, isn't he?
Rachel: He sure is, hey Chelsea, you could build that rocket so we can head to Kolob where everyone is worried sick about us.
Chelsea: Very subtle. But come on, I don't get guests like this very often.
Clark: Yeah, she gets a bunch of freeloaders instead.
Cura: Chelsea told me I didn't have to pay rent!
Ray: Wait, you're not paying rent?
Chelsea: ...Hey, how about I work on that rocket for you two, huh.
Unten: That would be great, thank you so much.

Chelsea smiles as Ray is seen thinking out loud.

Ray: ...Why does she not have to pay rent…?

Zerita walks up to Sam, who is working with a bunch of floating computer panels.

Zerita: Hey, what's the status of Unten?
Sam: Unten…?

Sam keeps working with the panels.

Zerita: The blue bear. The one with that weird sword thing. Isn't it your job to track all this stuff?
Sam: Oh, it is. I just don't have to remember exactly what I'm working on!

Sam smiles naively. Zerita doesn't show any emotion but she's clearly annoyed.

Zerita: What are you working on, anyway?
Sam: Oh, some image editing. The Fan and The Enemy put me up for all of that.
Zerita: How good are you at it? Can I see some examples?
Sam: Oh sure! Let's see…

Sam puts up a picture of the Fan and The Enemy swinging at a pinata Threat, with Unten sipping on some blue gatorade in a cup in the background.

Sam: I put that blue guy in the background there.
Zerita: Woah shit, I didn't even realize that was done in post.
Sam: Heh yeah, that's what I think they said too.

Sam brings up another photo of The Threat getting attacked by a swarm of bees.

Sam: The Fan just really likes me to do bad things to the Threat in picture form, I guess.
Zerita: Huh. How much of that is faked?
Sam: Everything except the background.
Zerita: Huh.

Sam brings up the picture of Leah with the Threat, shaking hands.

Zerita: Wait a minute…
Sam: What up?
Zerita: Is that real?
Sam: Just the background.
Zerita: Huh. Hmmm…

Zerita glances at a floating globe of Earth, with a blue dot marked Unten.

Zerita: Can I get into contact with that blue dot?

Sam hands her a alien-looking sea shell. Zerita puts her ear up to it.

Unten and Rachel are sitting at a table, eating some leftover BBQ Ribs that Chelsea had in her fridge when suddenly Unten has a pulsating headache.

Unten: Oh god, what is happening to me?
Zerita's Voice: Unten, can you hear me?
Unten: Way too loud and way too clear!
Zerita's Voice: You alright?
Unten: I'm having a massive headache but otherwise fine. We're… getting a ride eventually.
Zerita: Hey uh… I think I saw something you might need to know?
Unten: Oh god, what is it?
Zerita: So I was talking with Sam and he does image editing-
Unten: Get to the point, please…
Zerita: Sorry, well, I think you might have killed Leah over a doctored photo.
Unten: No, no. Hang on a second.

Unten wearily tries to get up.

Unten: What?
Zerita: Sam made the photo and he doesn't really remember making it, I think, so don't blame him but that photo was edited. Only the background is real.
Unten: S-shit.
Rachel: Unten, you alright?
Unten: Zerita's somehow communicating with me… agh. The photo with Leah was fake.
Rachel: That can't possibly be correct.
Unten: How are you communicating with me?
Zerita: Oh… some weird sea shell thing? Look, I'm not gonna bother you anymore.

The headache subsides.

Unten: We… really messed up.
Rachel: M-maybe she's not dead.
Unten: Doubtful. How would one survive something like that?
Rachel: Look…

Unten looks to her. Rachel digs deep but can't find anything to say.

Rachel: Fuck.
Unten: I… what are we going to do?
Rachel: I… don't know. We can't tell anyone about this- they'd… hhh.
Unten: Zerita knows. I don't know how we get her to not be silent about that to the others.
Rachel: God damn it! We have to leave. We have to leave now and prevent this from spreading.

Unten: We have to kill Zerita?
Rachel: What? No, we just talk to her nice and calmly about this. I… hhh.
Unten: I mean if it comes down to that...
Rachel: Don't think about it. Just… pretend the info doesn't exist. We can handle this later. Oh god.
Unten: Where's Nycho?
Rachel: Still outside, I think.
Unten: Oh thank god.

The two leave the table, not hungry anymore. Unten sees Ghost Leah in the corner of his eye and the screen cuts to black.

Leah taps her foot against the infrastructure of the ship, yawning.

Leah: We close to being done?
White Goddess: Eh, almost.
Leah: Mhm. Obena, do you do anything interesting with that energy between your head?
Obena: Oh, the 3D Wavelengths?
Leah: I think?
Obena: They let me generate small objects with the energy.
Leah: Like… what, exactly.
Obena: Like uh…

Obena creates a small 3D Printed Leah head and it rolls on the ground. Leah picks it up and admires it.

Leah: I see… good work.
Lock: Hey, are you just gonna fool around or are you gonna help out?
Leah: Help out with what? You told me you got this.
Emmy: Well, we're missing a couple parts. Mechanical screws. Silver.
Lock: If we don't find them, this ship is gonna bust the second we try and launch it.
Leah: Ugh, alright.

Leah gets on her hands and knees, crawling around for a couple minutes looking before just sitting back up.

Leah: Yo, Obena. You think you can make a couple screws?
Obena: I… maybe?
Leah: Well, let's see.
Obena: I honestly never thought too much about it but…

Obena heads to where they need screws and constructs a couple using her 3D Wavelengths. She dabs as the screws cinch in.

Leah: Mm, can we get this working now?

Emmy kicks the generator. It stands still.

Emmy: It should hold yeah.
Leah: Good stuff… hey, let's get this thing going!

The group nods and yells in excitement as Leah looks at the generator, looking a little sad.

Unten, Cura, Rachel, and Nycho watch as Chelsea works on calculating the rocket. Unten and Rachel are still pretty shaken up but refuse to explain why, trying to regain their normal composure.

Unten: Almost ready?
Chelsea: Almost! Hey Ray and Clark!
Ray: Oh, whaddup?
Chelsea: Ray, I need you to keep watch when this goes off, okay? We need someone on ground control and to watch the farm, okay?
Ray: I can do that… yes.
Clark: Whatever.
Chelsea: Good!

Unten smiles as Chelsea gets off the control panel and heads towards the launch platform.

Chelsea: Follow me, friends!
Ray: What's the button for launch?
Chelsea: Big blue one!

Ray gives a thumbs up as Clark rolls his eyes. The group piles into the ship.

Ray: 3... 2… 1… Let's go!

Ray hits the button and the rocket prepares start up sequence. The ship begins to thrust boosters as Ray thinks he hears some kind of thudding noise.

Ray: ...What?

The rocket doors on top of the farmhouse open as the rocket propels out. Ray's feed is on the screen in the rocket.

Ray: See ya!

Ray waves on the camera as the thudding gets louder and louder. He turns around as the farm doors nearly bust off their hinges.

Unten: Uh, Ray, what's going on?
Ray: I don't know…

Ray prepares himself as the doors finally bust open, filling the farm with a swarm of giant insects with purple and yellow coloring. Ray screams as they attack him, Clark floating away as they fill the barn.

Cura: Ray!!
Ray: Ack, they're tearing at me! They're tearing at-

Ray's suit is being picked apart as he tries to fight them off.

Chelsea: Ray! Oh god!

Ray escapes from his suit and hits the insects but realizes they can see him without the suit.

Ray: AAA!!!

Ray smashes the camera, cutting the feed. He fires off some heat as Clark comes in with a flamethrower, killing the insects. As they extinguish the flames and heat, Ray tries to get into his suit but it's completely busted.

Ray: N-no, I didn't want anybody to see me like this…
Clark: Well, great. We have no hope of contacting them because you destroyed the feed.
Ray: Would you s-shut up for a second?
Clark: Dude, you're still alive! We've got more important manners than how you look, okay?
Ray: I-i-i...

Ray drops to the floor.

Ray: I know. I really do know it's so stupid.
Clark: There you go.
Ray: I just…

Ray holds up his mangled armor.

Ray: This made me feel better. It made feel like I wasnt weak… and now…

Ray sighs and cries.

Ray: I don't know what I'm supposed to do...
Clark: Alright, calm down for a moment. Chelsea probably has a spare, okay?

Ray nods.

Clark: I'll look around, you try and calm down, okay?

Ray nods again.

Unten stands shell shocked once again. Nycho looks at the four and folds his arms over his head.

Unten: I… wow.
Rachel: Well, maybe he's still alive? We saw him cut the feed himself, I just…

Rachel floats in the fetal position. Unten and Cura hug her as Chelsea pauses.

Chelsea: He has to be fine. Clark is still active and he's still moving around.
Unten: That's… hope enough I guess.

Rachel nods as she wipes her tears.

Leah watches in the pilot room as Obena starts up the ship.

Obena: Here we go!

The ship lifts up from the sand and starts to ascend upwards. Leah grins.

Obena: Where to?
Susan: Back to Kolob.

Leah nods, looking shiftily. Obena nods happily and punches in the location.

Obena: There!
Leah: Hey, that has an autopilot feature, right?
Obena: Autopilot, ghosting, proton cannons, etc… pretty good package.
Leah: Why don't you turn on auto pilot and follow me to celebrate?

The group looks at her cautiously, but nod. Leah smiles as she exits the room, the group following her into the escape pod room. Leah takes her phone out.

Leah: Alright, everyone against that wall please… Alexandria, more to the right… yeah.
Lock: This is stupid.
Leah: This is no way to treat this new Fantendo we as a group have formed. I mean, come on, aren't we all pretty much the same? Selfish, morally gray characters looking out for ourselves and our own goals?
White Goddess: She has a point…
Obena: Morally gray?
Leah: Well, not you, but you'll be one soon enough. Anyway...

Leah snaps the picture as everyone smiles. Susan tries to flash a cute smile towards Lock but her face retracts oddly when she looks at his face.

Leah: I'm sorry to do this to you but…

Leah opens the escape pod doors and shoves everyone inside quickly. She closes the doors quickly as the group suddenly realizes what's going on.

Alexandria: Leah, what the hell are you doing?!
Emmy: Leah!!
Leah: Look, I'm sorry to do this, but I do need to go to Kolob. But none of you need to be involved in my mess.
Susan: Leah!!!!

Leah sighs as she presses the button launching them into space in the escape pod, heading for the captain's chair. She presses a button with a cute little ghost on it as she takes the wheel. She takes a deep breath.

Leah: It's for the best.

Ray and Clark look around, coming across a closet.

Clark: Here we go!

Clark opens the door somehow, peering inside with Ray. Ray looks at the blueprints on the wall, searching for a suit.

Clark: Oh hey, here it is.

Ray quickly gets in the suit that Clark is pointing to and springs to life inside.

Ray: Thanks.
Clark: No problem. Don't tell anyone I did this for you.
Ray: Oh… okay.

Clark and Ray walk out when they suddenly bump into a strange robot and a ton of blueprints fly out from the wall.

Ray: What the…

Ray picks up a blueprint, looking at the plans for a "Beorn Android BC-001". Suddenly, the strange robot springs to life.

Strange Robot: Moo?

Ray and Clark rush out, dropping the blue prints as the Strange Robot gets up.

Ray: Who the… uh… are you?
Strange Robot: Oh… uh, I think my name is Besi? Who are you?
Ray: ...later.
Clark: What the…?
Ray': This is pretty strange for you?
Clark: I've never seen any of this stuff in my life.
Ray: Do… you think we can get a feed going with Chelsea and stuff?
Clark: Eh, I can try.

Ray nods as he looks at Besi, who is tapping the wall.

Unten and the group are suddenly awakened by a staticy feed that slowly gets clearer.

Unten: Is that… Clenark? What was that robot frog's name?
Rachel: Oh… I dunno.
Clark: It's Clark, you numbskulls. Anyway, here's Ray.

Ray waves at the camera. He looks at Chelsea and gets nervous.

Ray: Yeah look at me, I'm an okay boy!
Unten: Whew, that's a relief, haha.
Rachel: Seriously, haha.
Ray: So uh… bye!

Ray cuts the feed as Chelsea and Cura shrug.

Chelsea: He's kind of awkward, but that just means he's okay.
Unten: Oh hey, there's Kolob!
Rachel: Hopefully we don't have to charge into battle right away… I'm sore in all kinds of places.
Unten: Yeah…

Unten looks out the window as Chelsea hugs Cura. Cura blushes a bit as she hugs her back. Nycho rolls his eyes.

Nycho: I couldn't have gone into space with less interesting people, huh.

Nycho looks at his car which he secretly tied to the rocket.

Nycho: Damn it, the birds did not make it.

The Fan and The Enemy wait at the ship holdings, awaiting Unten and Rachel.

The Fan: Well, you're finally back.
Unten: Oh damn it, did we get here last?
The Enemy: Yes.

Unten snaps his fingers in frustration. Rachel glances at The Fan.

Rachel: We are getting some rest here, right?
The Fan: Not much, but sure.
The Enemy: Sam missed you a lot. He prepared a big feast for you and your new friends.
Rachel: Aw, how sweet.
Nycho: You guys wouldn't happen to have caviar, would you?
The Fan: Does this street rat even know what that is?
Nycho: Street rat… I like the sound of that.
Unten: Are… you sure?
Nycho: Mice are the fiercest killers in the animal kingdom, so of course.
Chelsea: Let's just eat, I am starving.

The group heads over to eat.

Leah approaches Kolob and lands in the ship bay as The Fan and The Enemy turn their backs. Leah hides behind a pillar and crosses her arms. Shiki approaches her.

Leah: Shoo.
Shiki: Fine.

Shiki walks away as Leah runs from pillar to pillar, thinking she's being sneaky while Shiki is clearly watching.

Leah: Just gotta trail them until they get into that room again.

Unten enters the feast room, seeing Strafe's group sitting next to Crow, Zerita, and Quartz. He smiles, and then pauses when he sees the ghost of Leah sitting at the seat that Sam is gesturing to.

Sam: This is your seat, Unten!

Leah grins.

Sam: What's wrong, King Unten?
Unten: D-don't call me that, first off. I… which one of you is doing this?
Strafe: Haha, what? What are we doing?

Rachel, who knows that Leah is innocent in her death watches with her comfort levels slowly dropping.

Unten: You did this, didn't you?
Strafe: Are you going mad…?
Unten: None of you see that?
Rachel: Oh… Unten, uh… you forgot your meds again, didn't you? The meds you have been taking since we first met? I thought we talked about this…

Unten is dragged out of the room by Rachel.

Unten: I saw her, I keep seeing her.
Rachel: (whispering) Leah?!
Unten: Yes!
Rachel: Look… it's got to be just a hallucination. Just…

Unten barges back into the room.

Unten: Look at her! Her ghoulish blue color, her conniving smile! Can't you see her? I'm sorry! I'm sorry you were shot out of the sky and led to your blue demise! But can't you leave me alone? Speak!

Rachel grabs Unten and pulls him out of the room.

Rachel: It's a real bad episode folks! Just… keep eating. I'll take care of him.

The room collectively shrugs as they keep eating. Rachel laughs hysterically as she starts crying.

Rachel: Why is this happening? Why? I just…?
Unten: You see her too?
Rachel: There's no ghost, Unten. Listen to me.
Unten: Must be one of those ghosts that are visible to one person.
Rachel: We KNOW a ghost! His name is Smile!
Unten: Shit, that's a good point.
Rachel: Unten, just please, I know this is taxing on your mind, but… and I know I can't ask for this… but please just try and keep it together. For me. I already lost Sakeena, we nearly lost Ray, we barely made it out of that house… too much keeps happening. I can barely take it anymore. I just want this to be over.

Unten nods.

Rachel: Look, I'll just get you some food from the feast, you can eat in here, free from ghost Leah or whatever… we can just eat together. Okay? I'll bring Zerita in here, we'll talk to her.

Unten hugs her as Rachel cries into his shoulder. She wipes away her tears as she gets up heading to the feast room. Unten folds his arms over his body, feeling so, so cold…

Rachel grabs Zerita and some food for Unten, a couple of hot dogs and mashed potatoes. She sits on the floor with the two fuzzy friends.

Rachel: So, Zerita, you know that photo was faked.
Zerita: Yes…
Unten: Look… I'm just gonna cut the bullshit. I killed her when I thought she was a traitor and now…
Zerita: Oh Unten… you didn't.
Unten: I'm pretty sure I did.
Zerita: This is bad… Look you're my best friend but like… this is hard to take in.
Unten: I swear, nobody knew she was innocent except…
Rachel: ...The Fan and The Enemy. Why would they even fabricate the photo in the first place…?
Unten: Do you think you could ask them?
Rachel: I… can try. I think.

Unten nods as he wolfs down a hotdog. Zerita looks nervous.

Rachel: Zerita, I need you to not tell them this. Not yet.
Zerita: That's huge… but sure.

Rachel sighs as she heads out.

Rachel walks up to Sam and taps him on the shoulder.

Rachel: Could I have a word with the Fan?
Sam: Oh sure! What's your name?
Rachel: Rachel.
Sam: That's lovely.

Rachel parts her hair back as Sam escorts her to The Fan and The Enemy, who are in their throne rooms.

Rachel: (whispering to herself) Just… ask them, don't accuse…
Sam: (whispering to himself) The Enemy is the mean one…

The two enter the room.

The Fan: Ah, Rachel Honduras, how nice to see you.
Rachel: That's not my last name- whatever. Look, I know about the photo.
The Fan: The photo? What could you be possibly talking about?
The Enemy: Okay, look, yes, I wanted to see what The Threat's soles could potentially look like and yes, they're not as good as I thought they would be-
Rachel: The hell are you talking about?
The Enemy: Nothing. What… were you talking about?
Rachel: The Leah photo! The one Sam faked and doesn't remember making!
Sam: I make fake photos?
The Fan: Oh… that photo. Mmm.
The Enemy: I'm surprised that's the one you're upset about.
Rachel: Leah's fucking dead and it's your fault. Why would you slander her like that-

The Fan blasts Rachel and Sam with a blue energy from a blue crystal above him that appears to be his own User Crystal that gives them changed outfits. Rachel wears blue glasses over a blue version of her outfit while Sam has blue hair. The two stand dazed before suddenly walking away.

The Fan: Eh, I wasn't liking where that was going. So... base instinct control.
The Enemy: Where are they going?
The Fan: Oh, they're just gonna grab The Threat's User Crystal for us. They're practically fanatic about it.
The Enemy: Stop doing puns...

Rachel and Sam head for the ship bay as Unten and Zerita see them.

Unten: So, uh what did you find out? I like the glasses…

Rachel turns her head.

Rachel: That the Fan isn't wrong about one thing. We need to get that User Crystal and prevent The Threat from expanding any further. Everything else is irrelevant.
Zerita: I… don't like where this is going.
Unten: Uh, too late. They're gone.

Zerita looks around to see that they are totally gone.

Zerita: Oh shit. Yeah, that's right.

Chapter 15: The Switch

Sakeena adjusts a picture frame of Unten, the camera panning out to reveal it's just above a shelf of books. Sakeena smiles to herself as she grabs a book from the shelf, looking through the contents.

Sakeena: Ooo, Beowulf. Haven't gotten to read this one just yet!

Sakeena sits down with her legs crossed before standing up and sitting on a Unten-shaped beanbag, next to Strafe and Rachel who are reading on their phones. Both are in their Sports Resort outfits with some minor changes, namely Strafe has his glasses from Victory and Rachel is wearing her jacket from Victory.

Sakeena: Mmm… I wish it was always like this…

Sakeena purrs as she squirms in the beanbag.

Strafe: Well, it can be.
Rachel: I mean yeah, if you never leave…
Sakeena: Well, I'm not gonna leave, I'm just gonna stay here in this place. I just finished building it so of course…
Strafe: It's perfect too.

Strafe pecks Sakeena on the cheek and she grins.

Sakeena: Oh… you don't have to be so peckish!
Rachel: Phh… you call that a kiss?

Rachel kisses Sakeena on the mouth as Sakeena blushes.

Sakeena: W-wow…

Rachel and Strafe smile as the three snuggle on the beanbag.

The real Rachel and Sam head towards the ship boarding dock. Shiki is eating a fuel cell when she spots them.

Rachel: What's the quickest ship you have?
Shiki: Oh, that one, with the big red wings that look like flames. It's called the Flamebird.
Rachel: Irrelevant but thanks.

Rachel and Sam run towards the Flamebird as Shiki shrugs and resumes eating the fuel cell.

Shiki: Personally I like to know the names to my ships…

Unten and Zerita rush into the boarding dock, looking for Sam and Rachel.

Unten: Rachel!
Zerita: Sum!
Unten: That's… not his name.
Zerita: Well, I blame you for mumbling it.
Unten: I do not mumble!

The boarding dock shakes as The Flamebird takes off.

Unten: Rachel!!

Unten runs towards the Flamebird but is sent flying back as the jet propulsion goes off.

Shiki: Well, so much for that, huh.

Unten and Zerita turn around to see Shiki eating from a fuel cell.

Unten: Why are you eating fuel cells?
Shiki: It's the only thing that makes me feel alive.

Shiki's joints twist in a very inhuman manner as she shivers and purrs.

Zerita: ...alright.
Unten: Well, great, how are we gonna catch up to them?
Zerita: Do you think they might come back?
Unten: I… don't think so. If they're going towards The Threat directly?
Zerita: Well, we can catch up to them somehow.
Shiki: Try the Zellocra, that one has good fuel battery taste. Kind of metallic, with a tinge of something that seems like lime.

Shiki points to a rounded ship with dynamic green wings. Unten and Zerita run towards it as Shiki chugs down some more fuel cell acid.

Leah sneaks into the corridor where The Enemy and The Fan's throne room is located. She sneaks inside, hiding behind a red and blue pillar.

The Fan: Well, after all the interruptions and setbacks, let's see what this "The Other" is about.
The Enemy: Their feed is ready?
The Fan: Mine is… here we go.

The front wall is lit with a bright screen. Leah tenses up as the room seeps into white light, getting behind The Enemy's throne as a red figure with white eyes stares at them.

The Fan: Well, if it isn't the mysterious The Other we've been hearing about.
The Other: Well, I'm not that mysterious, but… that's more my fault.
The Enemy: What's up, brother?
The Other: I'm not exactly your brother… or a sister. I kind of like switching it up… point is, I have something to tell you.
The Fan: We're listening.
The Other: For once. Okay. Look, I'm The Other, I rule over the Wasteland. It's where all the forgotten stuff goes, you probably know it as.
The Enemy: I throw junk all the time in there.
The Other: Yes… I'm well aware.
The Fan: Me too.
The Other: Yes, you both fill it up with garbage. That's not what I'm here about. What I am here is to impart a message.

The Fan puts his head on his hand. Leah drinks some beer from her needle pinky.

The Other: When you two created the universe, the original Fantendoverse that is, it was actually us three. I isolated myself from you two while you did your own order and chaos thing; I personally didn't see much use in trying to control either. Obviously, I guess, your stance has changed a bit since you two don't hate each other, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

The Fan sits up a bit.

The Other: When you two started up this universe with me, I was pretty weirded out by the lack of checks or balances in your system. After all, what would happen if one of you got completely out of hand? So I created the Beorns. You guys really liked them alot, and well…

The Other sighs.

The Other: That was the end of my involvement. Once your creations practically wiped them out and you began your claim on their creation, I left to form my own universe. The ideas that were best forgotten from you two, that were forgotten. I nurtured all of it.
The Fan: You were the creator of the Beorns?
The Other: Yes. I'm the mysterious creator of them.
The Fan: Oh, can you tell us how to make one that works to our will?

Leah grits her teeth.

The Other: Well, I'm not doing that. When you two dealt with the Shattering and created your own new universe, you two ran into The Threat. Thus began the long process of attempting to take this woman's home by force, the god wars. I sealed myself away from it. It wasn't until you two attempted to descend her with your own creations that I knew I had to do something. So…

The Other sighs.

The Other: I made you forget how Descension even works or how to make anything that could Descend things. I sealed away your creations and left them locked away across the galaxy. I made you two forget about me, because I was a coward and knew you two would come after me if you knew.
The Fan: Now why would we do that?
The Other: You are nasty people when you want to be, I'll give you credit for that.
The Enemy: Okay, why are you even telling us this? I'm just gonna try and come after you. Maybe The Fan won't, but I will.
The Other: I'm telling you in the hopes that you will change your mind. This whole war has been so long, so drawn out, but you two won't stop and make up with your differences with your resident. You've been attempting to create Beorns on Earth, you're collecting the Beorns now for gods sake… do you know how messed up Unten is because of you?
The Fan: I don't think you understand. We've tried to talk with her.
The Enemy: I take no compromises though.
The Other: Well… I tried. At least this will be the last time I clean up your mess.

The Other snaps their fingers and the two gods sit down a bit stunned… but the message still with them. Leah seemed to avoid the effect as she pulls out the 3D Printed head that Obena made and runs it through her fingers.

Leah: Hm…

Sam and Rachel blast through The Threat's forces as The Threat screams at her forces.

The Threat: Why are they cutting through us like we're nothing?

The Threat looks at her forces present: Avirl, Querius, Mistress Nell, Feint, and Ibism.

Avirl: They're going way too fast, I have no idea what we're supposed to do about that kind of speed…

The Threat slams a cup into his face, spilling black fluid over his face.

The Threat: Figure it out.

The Threat growls as her troops take off. The Threat points at Ibism.

The Threat: You stay.

Ibism tilts his head slightly but floats over to her as she sits back in her throne.

Ibism: What was I created for…?
The Threat: To fill a couple of holes.

The Threat laughs as Ibism nervously looks around, not really understanding the joke. The Threat stops laughing and just sighs.

The Threat: He would have gotten the joke.

Volt sits outside on the star deck as Kyhthesis enters on the deck.

Volt: Oh hi.

Kyhthesis pats Volt on the head.

Kyhthesis: What's up buddy?
Volt: I have… obvious conflicting feelings about what's going on right now. I mean, sooner or later, we'll have to battle The Threat.
Kyhthesis: Ah…
Volt: I broke up with her… I should be okay with this. I'm the one who tried to take it too far and she laughed at me and I just… left.
Kyhthesis: Well?
Volt: But I'm not. Maybe it's because I think I can just stop this with my words, but I know I'm not that great with words. I have no power over her. I'd probably make it a worse situation… but I want to try.
Kyhthesis: I understand that.
Volt: I just… ugh. I don't want them to murder her. I keep having dreams of a blood soaked Unten with a blue flash in his eye… I feel like I'm being unreasonable. I feel like I'm too secret about this whole thing. I don't regret getting to know her, but the way I imagine people to react is… not good.

Kyhthesis hugs Volt. Volt sighs and relaxes.

Volt: Thanks.
Kyhthesis: No problem.

Volt smiles a little bit.

Rachel and Sam break through The Threat's shield generator and smash into Svarga. They blast and hack at foes as they run through the defenses.

Rachel: It's time for this to end!

Rachel hacks through a door with her shield, opening up The Threat's throne room. The Threat seems a bit shocked but she just evilly grins when she sees them.

The Threat: You two are here for my User Crystal, aren't you?
Rachel: Are you suggesting we kill you?
The Threat: Oh heavens no! Just take it.

Rachel snatches The Threat's User Crystal. It is corroded with a black material and Rachel growls.

Sam: Let's report back to The Fan.

Rachel nods and the two run out.

Ibism: You're just gonna let them waltz out?
The Threat: Eh, better than a fight. Besides…

The Threat just grins. Ibism seems to be waiting for her to finish her sentence but she just keeps grinning.

Ibism: ...something wrong with your mouth?

Sam and Rachel run back into the Firebird. Rachel holds the User Crystal as Sam punches in coordinates for Kolob. He sets it to autopilot, as the The Threat's forces mysteriously stop battling.

Sam: Well, that was easy.
Rachel: Yes…

Sam and Rachel stare at each other for a second before leaning into kiss, eventually locking lips. Suddenly they part real quick.

Sam: Oh?
Rachel: Whoops!

The two just stare at each other again before Rachel and Sam lock lips again, kissing a bit more seriously.

Unten and Zerita are using the Zelocra to fly through space. Suddenly something whizzes past of them.

Unten: Ah shit, was that the Firebird?
Zerita: Turning this ship around.

The Zelocra turns around in space, heading back towards Kolob as the Firebird soars in the distance.

Leah readies her small plastic head, kissing it before throwing it at the Enemy's head, causing him to tilt down towards the floor.

The Enemy: What the…?

Leah jumps out from behind the Fan's throne and stabs him into chest with a knife, which just bends at the blade.

The Fan: You can't seriously be alive…
Leah: You dumbfucks thought I was dead? I spat out the tracker you guys put in us from day one, you just never bothered to check.
The Enemy: You think you can take on two gods?

Leah shrugs as she kicks them both in the face, jumping up to their User Crystals, pulling them out from their holdings. The Fan and The Enemy grab her feet but she jumps out of their grip and sets them on the floor.

Leah: I'm not here to send you to the graveyard, you dumblefucks.

Leah runs out of the room with the User Crystals as The Fan and The Enemy slip out of their throne room through a secret entrance to the lobby of Kolob.

Leah is running through the corridor when she suddenly runs into Rachel and Sam, the collision causing them all to drop their User Crystals.

Leah: Idiots! Watch where you're going!
Sam: You watch where you're going!

Sam slams Leah into the wall, knocking her out as he grabs her User Crystals. Sam, having all three, runs towards the throne room.

Sam: Uh oh, the User Crystals are out!

Sam stares at the User Crystal slots and stares back confusingly at the three User Crystals.

Sam: I think I put this one in…

Sam slots in The Threat's User Crystal in. The room begins to shape and morph as The Threat suddenly teleports inside, laying across the two thrones.

The Threat: Oh... this is priceless!

The Threat giggles as she yanks the two other User Crystals and kicks Sam square in the face. He reverts to normal as does Rachel. The room around them begins to shake and melt.

Rachel: What the-?

Rachel snaps to focus as The Threat cackles, blasting the two out of her new throne room.

The Threat: AHAHA!!!

Unten and Zerita notice that the ship boarding bay is beginning to shift and turn, crumbling.

Unten: What in the world…?
Zerita: Watch out!

A piece of debris falls on Unten, knocking him out. Zerita pushes off the debris, carrying Unten.

Zerita: Ah shit. Ah shit.

The Fan and The Enemy watch as Kolob begins to twist and turn horribly.

The Fan: Wait, what?
The Enemy: What did Leah hit me with?

The Threat can be heard cackling as the room begins to melt and shift. Everyone starts running out of Kolob, although they aren't sure where to go… The Fan creates a portal for Earth as The Threat makes her grand appearance before them.

The Threat: Oh… this is so satisfying to finally watch you two fail.

The Threat laughs.

The Threat: I bet this off a total lucky chance but it paid off! You were so blind in your ambitions, and so were your two goons!

Rachel and Sam stumble around as they fall into the portal.

The Threat: Anyway, I rule this domain now. You should probably leave before things get real bad for you two.

The Fan points his finger at The Threat.

The Fan: This isn't the end of it!

The Threat tilts her head.

The Threat: Sure, Cobalt. I'm just glad I finally won, so consider it mercy that I haven't locked everyone up in here!

The Enemy grits his teeth as he goes through the portal. The Fan folds his arms as he goes through the portal.

Leah falls through the melting gaps, suddenly thrust into a strange white and red portal. She lands in the Wasteland, away from everyone else. Her body breathes, but she is still unconscious.

Sakeena is seen sleeping on the bean bags with a copy of Beowulf slipping out of her hands. The camera zooms into her head, before cutting to black.

Interlude: Triple Deluxe Nightmares

Unten stands up at a fancy restaurant with a blue colored drink in a wine glass.

Unten: Welcome to Act 2! Which is of course, the restaurant we're currently eating in.

Sakeena, Leah, Rachel, Strafe, X-Ray, and PalmMan clap.

Unten: So many strange possibilities for us to go.
Rachel: Yes, I wonder what kind of strange experiences all of us will have in Act 2, which is of course, the restaurant we're eating at, for those who didn't catch that.

Rachel glances at Strafe, who shrugs as he glances back at his phone.

Sakeena: Gee, I wonder what we'll do that we no longer have to worry about The Threat or any conflict whatsoever! I always wanted to be a writer, obviously.
Leah: Thinking about being a mother with X-Ray.
Strafe: How would that work if you don't have a…
Sakeena: Your aunt didn't need a man to create Silence.
Strafe: He was missing all five of his senses!
Unten: Well personally, I'm thinking about being a mailman. Or furniture salesman. You know, stay on the sidelines for a bit, haha.
Rachel: I was thinking about becoming a painter.
Sakeena: A painter? That doesn't sound very you…

Rachel morphs into Faria, Sakeena's old sister.

Faria: That's because it's not.
Sakeena: Oh hey! What are you doing here?
Faria: Doing where? This is my studio.

The camera pans out to reveal this is true.

Sakeena: Oh… what are you painting then?
Faria: Eh, a self portrait of myself.
Sakeena: Ooo! Give her big flaming eyebrows.
Faria: Nah… that would hurt the realness of it. I'm into real things…

Sakeena spots Crow in the distance, who is covered in blood and scratching at the wall. The room suddenly seems a lot darker.

Faria: Oh, what the f-udge did you do?
Sakeena: Don't worry, I can handle it.

Sakeena tries to wrap Crow in metal but Crow growls and scares the metal off.

Sakeena: Oh no!

Faria puts her painting on her head, disappearing.

Unten is walking through a black void, feeling as if his steps are going nowhere fast.

Unten: Is... this a metaphor for something?

Unten spots Rachel in the distance, sighing as he turns around to see a strange masked man in a Unten costume.

Unten: Who are you?
Unten Man: Who are you?

Unten steps back, revealing a kind of mirrored effect with him and the mirrored man. As they stand in the distance, the strange man waves to him, forcing Unten to wave as well.

Unten: Nghh!
Unten Man: Nghh!

Unten and Unten Man tear themselves apart, by no will of their own as Unten sees wires connecting him and Unten Man, pulled by Avirl who laughs maniacally.

Unten: Rachel!

Unten cries out to Rachel, but she's no longer there. Suddenly, the skeleton of Doomulus Grime punches Avirl, slamming him to the ground.

Unten: Grimy? I mean, Kaliban?

Doomulus Grime/Kaliban stares at him.

Doomulus Grime/Kaliban: Get going. They need you, whether they like it or not.

Unten nods as he turns around to see a statue of himself, engraved with graffiti words spelling out "FALSE HOPE".

Leah coughs as she gets up, dusting herself up as she wakes up in a bunch of white sand.

Leah: Damn it. I hate sand.

Leah looks directly at the camera, smirking as the audience is held captive.

Leah: It's coarse, rough, and irritating and it gets everywhe-

The sand under her quickly sinks her under. She can't even finish, trying to claw out of the quicksand.

Leah: Gah!

Leah lands on a stage, all of the people she knows present. X-Ray is in the front row. Suddenly, everyone starts booing. Leah is mortified to see X-Ray put her arms around Reese as she throws her engagement ring at Leah.

Leah: ...this is how you feel about me, huh.

Leah picks up X-Ray's engagement ring up and walks off stage. She walks across a strange red path.

Sakeena hits Crow with a bunch of metal objects, that just get absorbed into a metallic shield. She tries to use her powers against Crow, but finds that it's useless.

Sakeena: Agh! I can't do anything right, can't I?

Sakeena flings herself against a wall, breaking through it to propel through space. She flies past the new Kolob, which has multiple yellow and purple tentacles sticking out of it and a big eye that blinks at her.

Sakeena: Huh.

Sakeena slams into one of the purple and yellow tentacles, slamming into purple grass. She gets up to see the Fan and the Enemy trapped inside of purple and yellow tentacles, The Threat sitting in a lawn chair and sipping black juice from a coconut.

The Threat: How are you doing, Eleven?
Sakeena: name is Sakeena.

The Threat laughs.

The Threat: No it's not, silly.
Sakeena: What kind of crazy mind games are you playing here?
The Threat: What kind of crazy mind games are you playing with yourself?

Sakeena runs over to the Fan and the Enemy, but they repulse her back with energy.

Sakeena: ...What? I'm trying to save you, you narcs!
The Fan: You're Eleven.

Sakeena folds her arms in a cross manner. The tentacles terraform the landscape even more.

Unten walks into a town setting, coming across a giant hole where Sam is burying hundreds of dead Untens.

Unten: What is this about?
Sam: We keep trying and nobody's happy with any of the Untens. So, we're just killing them all.
Unten: What?

Sam shrugs.

Sam: I don't make up the rules!

Sam hits Unten on the head with the shovel, flipping him upside down onto purple grass. In the distance, he sees… Obena. He's not sure how he recognizes her.

Unten: It's… you. The perfect Unten.
Obena: Well, I have to look the part…

Obena readies her blade as Unten runs away, getting farther away.

Leah walks across the strange red thing, suddenly getting punched into space. The red thing retracts into what appears to be the arm of a guy with red hair.

Leah: Who the fuck-
Red Haired Man: It's Norman Gai, fuck you!

Norman Gai slams her into a parking garage and then into space, hurling towards Earth and landing on Sakeena.

Sakeena: Ack!

Leah brushes herself off as she sees Unten in the distance. The three look at each other.

Leah: Hey, this is a nightmare, I just realized that.
Unten: My nightmare, that's for sure.

Sakeena just hugs them both.

Sakeena: I'm so glad to see you both!

Leah and Unten hug Sakeena back as they glance around, realizing they're falling.

Leah: Ah shit. Who's the moron with the fear of falling?
Unten: Not me…
Sakeena: Wee hee!

Leah realizes she must be it, folding her arms as she folds into the fetal position. Sakeena hugs her tight.

Unten: So is this a shared dream thing?
Leah: Who cares? Maybe we're all dead.
Sakeena: Don't you say that! That's such a dumb fan theory.
Leah: Who the hell is the fan of us?

Leah, Unten, and Sakeena look as a pink portal opens up, a strange purple man stepping out.

Purple Man: Sorry, my bosses told me I had to tell you this.
Leah: Who the hell are you? Some kind of Bart Simpson looking motherfucker?
Purple Man: My name is Takeo Yumi… sometimes known as Dreamboy… anyway.

Dreamboy clears his throat.

Dreamboy: Some things you let go in order to live.

Leah waits for more, but just wakes up in the Wasteland, coughing up dust.

Leah: Ah shit.

Act 2: A New World

Chapter 16: Threatendo

Noire Fox is sleeping and is waken up by Ruff.

Ruff: Get up.
Noire Fox: Something going on?
Ruff: Well…

Ruff looks at the ceiling fan.

Ruff: We need to get ready for the government to check in.
Noire: Negh.
Ruff: Yeah me too. Look awake and alert, because you know they don't like it otherwise.

Ruff sighs as he hears the door knock.

Ruff: Yup, here they are. Be right back. Don't go back to sleep.

Noire still looks groggy as Ruff closes the door.

Ruff: Coming…

Ruff walks down the stairs and gets the door calmly, opening it to reveal Blank.

Ruff: Hey, where's Jake? The big green guy? He usually does it.
Blank: Called in sick this morning. What a bastard, am I right?
Ruff: Yeah, alright.
Blank: Door looks fine. Your doorbell doesn't work though, am I supposed to deduct points for that?
Ruff: Did they not give you a refresher for this?
Blank: I told them it couldn't be that hard. Let's see… let's head to the living rooms.

Unten awakens in the snow, staring out at the huge circle of people around him. The Fan and The Enemy have their arms crossed and are looking out at the sky.

Unten: What happened…?

The Fan sighs.

The Fan: The Threat won. There's still TIME to go back, but we have to hurry and we have to hit her back hard.
The Enemy: It's… not anyone's fault this happened, let's just get that out of the way.

Rachel in the background comes to to a realization.

Rachel: It was your fault. Leah didn't betray anyone; you got her out of the picture because she was going to take you at task for the User Crystal thing- and that User Crystal was her's…

The Fan closes his eyes and sighs as Unten looks at him a bit cross.

The Fan: We may have taken a couple liberties here and there with the war narrative, but it was the last thing we really had. Look, can we save this for later? This doesn't just affect us; it affects you.

The group goes silent and Rachel and Unten hold off on the aggression.

The Fan: We need to collect forces. Fast. Anybody that can, anybody that is willing. We need to go across the world, we need to go to the Wasteland, literally anywhere that the Threat hasn't extended her reach to yet.

The Fan points to the sky and clears some of the sky and reveals Kolob, writhing in purple strands that are slowly poking out.

The Fan: If we don't move, everything's going to be under her control.

Unten looks to Rachel. Neither of them like this, but now's not the time to do this.

Unten: Well, alright. Let's do this.

Unten scans the area around for Quartz and Crow, neither of which are around. Unten runs into Strafe and Rachel.

Unten: Quartz is gone. Crow is too.

Strafe looks around nervously.

Strafe: Gone? What the hell do you mean gone? Does nobody know where the hell they went?
Rachel: Maybe we just can't see them in this big crowd of people.
Unten: I know Quartz would stick out like a sore thumb. She's gone.

PalmMan butts in.

PalmMan: Who's gone? I'm here, in case it's me.
Unten: Quartz is gone, Crow is gone. Nobody knows where they went.
Rachel: I think... I kissed Sam?

Unten and Strafe look at her for a moment and Rachel looks back.

Unten: What do you mean by that...?
Rachel: Like, I just remember being controlled entirely by my fanaticism to defeat the Threat. Everything got so blurry, and blue... but like, I swear I remember this happening.
PalmMan: Sam's gay though.
Unten: How do you know that?
PalmMan: He told me when I had to tell him about it.
Rachel: Can you have a non-romantic kiss on the lips?
Unten: I dunno, is that stuff with Bang...?

Rachel slaps him lightly.

Rachel: How the hell do you know about that?!
Unten: Sakeena tells me this stuff, which she gets from Rubelline's jealous rambles when she drinks wine from Haru's wine cabinet.
Rachel: Rubelline has jealous rambles about me?
Strafe: We're getting really off track here. Look, god, I don't know. You both were under some alien influence, I'm pretty sure neither of you were actually thinking in a normal manner.
Rachel: Yeah... that's probably right. Whatever. Moving on.

Leah wanders around in the Wasteland, tapping her needle finger against some metallic surfaces as she adjusts her eyes.

Leah: This SUCKS.

Leah stares at her hand, which is bleeding. She tears off some of her shirt and wraps it around the hand as a makeshift bandage. She closes her eyes really tight and then breathes out.

Leah: I still can do this.

Leah walks for a bit, admiring the jagged metal sticking out of the landscape and the relics of a forgotten past as she walks down into the wasteland. She encounters a empty house and kicks it open.

Leah: Let's see here...

Leah opens it with her unbandaged her hand and shifts through the clothes. She quickly comes up with a new look and wraps a potato sack and rope around her face. She stares at the mirror.

Leah: This isn't quite me yet...

Leah is taken aback for a second.

Leah: I'm Leah, who the hell am I talking to? Isn't quite me?

Leah looks at the mace hand lying on the floor and twists it across her hand.

Leah: Yeah, this works. Hmmm, name? Eh, I can worry about this later.

Leah opens the door and stumbles out into the Wasteland.

Leah: With this new disguise, I can probably get back to Unten and the Fan undetected. X-Ray...

Leah raises her mace hand.

Leah: I'm not losing you yet, you hear?

The Threat is monitoring Sakeena Kamel closely. Mistress Nell rolls her eyes.

Mistress Nell: You have the other User Crystals, shouldn't you be doing literally anything other than monitoring that sad sack human?
The Threat: I will... it's important she stays like this. It's not often you get someone blessed by The Fan and The Enemy with a power... especially one as powerful as metal bending.
Mistress Nell: Yeah, but you're not really doing anything with her-

The Threat turns around to face Nell.

The Threat: She's not just sitting there for my amusement; she's not my prisoner either. She's Eleven now.
Mistress Nell: Eleven... of what?
The Threat: Eleven of the Top Ten. With the powers I imbued her with in the dreamscape, she isn't going to want to leave her and I can train her to be one of my most powerful weapons. Imagine how devastating it will be for them to fight her... could they? Could they kill her?
Mistress Nell: Oh... heheh...
The Threat: Now to just pit her against Six...
Mistress Nell: Six...? This early on?
The Threat: It's do or die. Anyway, I have to make a appearance.

The Fan and The Enemy are organizing people to go to places when the Threat appears.

The Fan: Shit.
The Threat: I'm not here to attack you, nah, that'd be too easy. I like watching you croak, sure, but it doesn't feel rewarding to hit someone while they're down, isn't it…
The Enemy: The hell are you here for then?
The Threat: I felt a little inspired.

The Threat reveals a oddity of strange new creatures: what can only be described as a skeleton of a T-Rex held within colorful glass spheres, a flexible, shaggy, lanky creature with no head and eyes in the center of his torso, a muscular zombie with skeletons for arms, a metallic sphere with four red eyes and shocking weapons for arms, and a purple crystalline creature with arms representing four elements.

The Threat: Say hello to the new Threat Commanders! New hires for our expanded branches.
The Enemy: You… you and your nasty ass feet!
T-Rex Skeleton Encased in Glass Spheres: Uncalled for…
The Threat: Anyway…

The Threat gestures to the skeleton of a T-Rex held in glass spheres.

The Threat: Meet Morteluci, an primal killing machine that doesn't feel a inch of remorse for what it does, which is kill. A lot.

The Threat gestures to the flexible vase-shaped fuzzy creature, which shifts itself into the Threat's symbol.

The Threat: Over here we have the Bugbear, a flexible killing machine that treats the act of murder like breathing!
PalmMan: Are all these going to be remorseless killing machines?
The Threat: Don't start with me.

The Threat then gestures over to the muscular zombie with skeletons for arms, which cackle as he involuntarily flexes.

The Threat: This is my boy, Fibrody, who just likes to get into fights, not necessarily a killing machine who has booze in his blood.

Unten scoots to the side and glances at Hexa.

Unten: You just wanna get out of here and get to assembling forces against the Threat?
Hexa: Sure.
Nycho: Can I tag along too? That yellow bear over there is freaking me out.

Logia drinks his coffee menacingly.

Unten: Yeah, let's just go.

In the background, The Threat is still going on about how cool the metal orb guy is, much to the skepticism of everyone else. Unten, Hexa, Nycho depart without anyone really seeing them except for Rachel, in which Unten and Rachel thumb each other up.

Sakeena is reading from a book when she hears something scrawling and scuttering across the room.

Sakeena: …?

Sakeena looks up to see nothing. A looming darkness fills the camera lens quietly.

Sakeena: I guess that was nothing then-

Something just nicks her cheek, something sharp. She doesn't bleed but she taps her cheek more out of fear as she hears the snarling of a creature with scythe arms; it's Seven… or Six, as he's now called due to the lineage of the Threat's Top 10 program. She recognizes him from her time at Boltzmann.

Sakeena: Seven! Six...!? What's even your-

Six slashes at her and she dodges him. She puts up a metal bubble around herself, trying to calm herself to prevent a anxiety attack.

Six: ELEVEEEENNNNN… where are youuuuu…

Six breathes nastily out of his face, fiercely pressing his scythes against the metal bubble, scraping it. Sakeena shudders before Six is suddenly stabbed in the arm by a iron sword, coming from a flash of light. Six bleeds, glancing at the figure in front of him.

Six: Who the hell are you?
Figure: They call me Beowulf. Begone, foul beast, lest I slay you.
Six: Haha, cool, are we doing that annoying thing where you talk in a old english accent?

Six groans as he pushes himself up from the ground, still bleeding. He backs away as Sakeena pulls back the metal bubble.

Sakeena: ...where did you come from?
Beowulf: I come to those in need. Monsters who prey on others… I shouldn't have spared him but perhaps some good will come of it.
Sakeena: That's probably not happening. Honestly, he kind of reminds me of Grendel, with the whole cannibalism thing.
Beowulf: This creature is called Grendel?
Sakeena: Yeah, I guess we can call him that. I'm a bit freaked out- how did Six- I guess Grendel- even know I was in here? Why was he calling me Eleven…?

The Threat, who has been watching this and having just come back from taunting the Fan and The Enemy's group, watches as Sakeena tries to figure this out.

The Threat: Mm, she might figure out what's going on sooner or later. That's not what I want really…

The Threat looks to Mistress Nell.

The Threat: Nell, do you have any DNA recovered from when Rachel was over here?
Mistress Nell: Yeah, there were a couple hairs.
The Threat: Good enough. Give me one.

Mistress Nell hands The Threat a strand of hair as she makes it float into the air, purple energy dispersing it across it as she makes motions with her hands. A Rachel clone is created, wearing a black robe with the Threat's sigil on it.

The Threat: I'm just full of good ideas lately. We'll get her to calm down using this Rachel clone.
Mistress Nell: What should we call her, like internally? It might be confusing if we just call her Rachel.
The Threat: Alpha V.

The Threat spreads her arms.

Mistress Nell: No, what are we really calling her internally?
The Threat: Alpha V is a good fucking name!
Mistress Nell: I mean, I guess I can't argue with someone that has three user crystals.
The Threat: Exactly. Now, help me into my new costume…

Unten arrives in London with Hexa and Nycho, having taken a ride there via Hexa's portal magic. They are just outside of a asylum, where they see Fenne and Litwick.

Fenne: Heya, Unten!
Litwick: Man, I haven't seen you in FOREVER, what's up with that?
Unten: Oh… you know, things got busy… how are things going with you two?
Fenne: We've been finding the other Beorn Hallows. There was one here in London, another one all the way out in Japan. It's really easy to find them because these areas always report these places like where you would find cryptids. Strange "Unten"-like creatures attacking towns and stuff, mysteriously vanishing…
Nycho: I'm very lost.
Unten: It's a whole story, we don't got the time to explain it right now. You told me that you guys had a Terran Beorn with you?
Litwick: Oh… not with us. He's down in the asylum. We put him in there. He's the only one we've found that doesn't have a Spewage problem, but he's got… other issues.
Unten: Well, we need whoever we can get.
Litwick: Why not get us?
Unten: The way I see it is that you two need to be investigating Beorn Hallows. I've… found some suspicious behavior from The Fan and The Enemy and the more information I can gather from them. I have reason to suspect the Beorn Hallows are their creation at this point. We don't know who made them; but their earthbound presence suggests it's probably them…
Fenne: Oh, I was thinking it was because you didn't like us.
Hexa and Nycho: Ohoho!

Unten glares at them, somewhat embarrassed and angry.

Unten: Look, I will try to make more contact. At the moment, there are more pressing issues. We could all stand to act a little mature considering there's a war going on.
Nycho: Hey, I'm not the one who doesn't keep in contact with his friends.
Unten: Yeah, and I'm not the one gluing bird cages to a car. What the hell do you do with those?
Nycho: Keep birds in there.
Unten: What the birds for?
Nycho: With enough wing momentum, it might be possible to make the car fly, I don't know.
Hexa: Hang on, that can't be the real answer. You don't seriously think that.
Nycho: Alright, you got me. I just want company when you are all yapping off your mouths off about whatever dumb drama is in your lives. Like, I just gotta stand around and listen to that? No thanks. I might have offered you a ride but like, I'm only here because nobody else is for me. Everyone I knew pretty much left or is hard to keep contact with.
Hexa: Aw…

Hexa hugs him. Unten rolls his shoulders as he enters the asylum with Fenne and Litwick, the two others following afterwards. They head down a elevator, which creaks to the bottom floor. Nycho holds his breath for no apparent reason. The elevator opens to a barely lit floor.

Unten: This place is kind of a dump…
Fenne: Eh, it's the only place that would take him without asking questions.
Unten: Who is him, anyway…?

A black Beorn suddenly runs out from the darkness, attached to a woman in a white guard outfit.

Litwick: Hera? Why are you cuffed to Teun…

Hera slams her fist into the wall, causing Unten to pull out Imperium and the group to take defensive stances. Nycho stops holding his breath, gasping for air.

Hera and Teun.png

Hera and Teun topple to the floor unconscious. Unten hoists Teun up while Nycho and Hexa grab Hera.

Litwick: You're just gonna grab both of them and just go? What is your end goal here?
Unten: We just take them in a more controlled environment and maybe they become our friends there. The logic is just to gather whoever we can.
Fenne: Mm. I wonder why they were linked together.
Unten: Can we stop asking questions and just get back to the main floor? Thank you.

The Threat is seen in a new golden outfit, admiring herself proudly.

The Threat: Don't I look like the most radiant damn thing? This is how a goddess should look like, not those crummy robes.
Mistress Nell: You do look stunning yeah…

Mistress Nell catches someone in the vents out of the corner of her eye.

Mistress Nell: Fuck, Zero's back.
The Threat: Get him out of here!

Mistress Nell bangs on the vent as Zero scampers away.

The Threat: That guy doesn't know when to quit, huh.

The Threat focuses her attention on Sakeena, who at the moment is getting calmed by Alpha-V, who put Sakeena's Rachel unconscious and hid her away. The Threat grins as she sips a black drink.

Unten and the others arrive back in the snowy area, finding a white dome base. The three, carrying Hera and Teun, enter inside the base to find The Fan and The Enemy.

Unten: Woah, when did this get built?
The Fan: We still have some of our power- not to create life mind you, but we built the base to for our operations at the moment. It was chilly out there.
The Enemy: Who's that you're carrying?
Unten: They're Hera and Teun. You need to lock them away somewhere more controlled so we can get them to join us.
The Fan: Alright. Unten, can you head to the Wastelands, since you're so eager to get going and collect forces? Bring the Wasteland Warriors and Reese with you.
Nycho: Probably for the best. My back is so sore…
Hexa: Yeah, we need to take five. Unten, you get going.

Unten nods as he looks for the Wasteland Warriors and Reese in the base. The Fan and The Enemy summon Sam, Crymsia, Amy Jackson, Tayshaun, and Krystal.

The Fan: You five, we have a important mission for you to carry out.
Sam: Ooo, mission!
Crymsia: Why did you pick us? Not that I don't mind being given something to do…
The Fan: You just all looked like you needed something to do.

The group nods in agreement.

The Enemy: We need you to get to the Descender known as Phina.

The Enemy brings up a photogram of her appearance to the group.

The Fan: We know the planet she's on but not her location. Do not break her out of the sealed crystal, try and bring her back in it.
Sam: Got it. Any other requests?
The Enemy: Uh, later. Anyway, off you five go.

The Enemy teleports them away to a planet called Scicir.

Ruff and Blank check Ruff's room, which is just a mattress and a bunch of clothes folded up nicely on the floor.

Blank: Going for a minimal style, huh.
Ruff: Supporting a lifestyle for 5 and a half is tough.
Blank: Well, whatever, it's fine to me.

Blank and Ruff head to Drigen's room, which is still just full of hardware tools.

Blank: Well, none of this looks like an active danger. So… I guess we're good there.

Blank looks at her watch.

Blank: God, this takes a lot longer than I want it to.

Blank and Ruff look up stairs into Duocat's room, which is just a bunch of pillows coating the walls and ceiling and floor.

Blank: Looks like a padded cell in here…

Duocat kicks the door in their faces.

Blank: Alright…
Ruff: She pretty much always does that, she wants privacy.
Blank: Probably wasn't the smartest idea to live in a government rental house then....
Ruff: Mhm.
Blank: Last actual room I have to check…

Blank and Ruff enter Noire's room, who is sitting on the floor and blinking rapidly.

Blank: Yeah, things look fine.
Ruff: Whew. Alright.

Blank heads downstairs with Ruff.

Blank: That wasn't so bad…

Suddenly, a swarm of Spwebleflies burst through the window, followed by Huskquitos. Blank and Ruff take cover as they infest the house.

Blank: Oh god, what do I mark that up as?
Ruff: It's not our mess, I promise! Unless Mojo has been up to his shenanigans again, but I doubt it's him...

The enemies swarm as Blank and Ruff crawl away, horrified.

Lock, Micaliye, Obena, Emmy, and Alexandria all sit in the escape pod, a little cramped but seemingly comfortably.

Lock: Well, if we're just gonna be stranded out here, we might as well distract ourselves before our deaths arrive.
Emmy: Look, you don't know, maybe this escape pod is heading somewhere. We are close to Earth's orbit after all.
Lock: Hey, I've got a good story about a crew abandoned in space. There's five cosmonauts, sitting in a ship that's been abandoned by god. One crew member, by the name of Peckmann, ate all the supplies on the ship so while the rest of the crew starved to death, Peckmann was well and fed. Peckmann knew about this and began to see their spirits linger, their presence growing ever more uncomfortable for Peckmann, who began going through the entire ship's medical supplies to find remedies for this. He found a bunch of pills, which would also act as his sustenance, but he soon began to see them more and more often. And one day, they finally cornered him and in an act of rightful revenge, finally killed him…
Micaliye: Hang on, this is Pacman.
Lock: What? No, it's not.
Obena: I mean, the main guy sounds like "Pacman" in the name, so I just assume it's whatever she's talking about…
Lock: It's not Pacman!
Alexandria: It could be, it could not be. Can we please not argue endlessly about stupid shit while we starve to death?
Lock: The moral of the story is if anyone has any food, they should share it.
Emmy: Nobody has any food, for the last time!
Lock: Damn, I thought you were all holding out on me. Guess we really are going to die out here.
Emmy: It's really too bad there's no windows to prove you wrong…

Emmy slams against the metal wall.

Emmy: God damn it, Leah…

Chapter 17: Tripten the Metro

Unten comes out of a portal with Iron Mask, Scarlet, PAIN-T 3.0 and Reese lingering behind. They arrive at a train station.

Unten: Why couldn't the Fan and the Enemy just teleport us to the Wasteland?
Iron Mask: Hmm, that is a bit weird.
Unten: Well, whatever. We need to get to the Wasteland, right? Let's not dilly-dally.

Unten approaches a alien at a ticket counter.

Alien: Hello, blue bear. Name's Tarzarn, what can I do for you?
Unten: Do these trains go to the Wasteland?
Tarzarn: Tripten the Metro over there does. I should probably advise you on using him though, he is a bit rusty.
Unten: Which one is Tripten?
Tarzarn: He should be on platform 17.
Unten: Thanks. Do we gotta pay or…?
Tarzarn: Nah. Just get in and go. I know your kind, plus the sooner we get these trains out of the station, the better.
Unten: The Threat can spread out here?
Tarzarn: If it's what that purple stuff is, yeah.
Unten: Shit, we better get going then. Platform 17, guys!
Scarlet: On it!

Leah, or Xena as she calls herself now, trudges through the Wasteland before finding a mysterious set of tracks set into the white rock.

Leah: There are trains out here?

Leah takes two fingers to the tracks, identifying them as being made of steel.

Leah: Can probably hitch a ride off one of these carts then.

Leah shrugs as she sees in the distance a train...

Unten sits in one of the passenger seats, staring out at the window as Reese sits next to him.

Reese: What'cha thinking about?
Unten: Oh… the typical kind of stuff. Needing to stay alive, who to gather, that kind of thing.

Reese nods.

Reese: Did… The Fan even tell you why you were being sent to the Wasteland? I mean, we have the Wasteland Warriors already.
Unten: The Wasteland is full of people if I remember correctly, we can probably just grab a bunch and leave, yeah?
Reese: We don't seem exactly organized.
Unten: Yeah, nobody really is. We're all kind of fighting on the edge of our seats; there's no solid ground, especially when The Threat is actively deteriorating said ground.
Reese: Is… Leah innocent?
Unten: What?
Reese: I mean, I've heard things about how the Fan and The Enemy are suspicious. I was wondering if Leah… was actually innocent.
Unten: Well, what defines innocence anyway?

Reese leans into Unten.

Reese: (quietly but sternly) Unten, you need to tell me.

Unten takes a deep breath.

Unten: It's very likely she was innocent.
Reese: How come you haven't told anyone?
Unten: We have a lot of pressing issues at the moment and as much as I want to clear the air on it, now isn't the time. We need to focus on the Threat.
Reese: Leah's dead and that's all you have to say?

Unten attempts to compose himself.

Unten: Look, we didn't exactly like each other or were the best of friends, but knowing she might be dead because I acted without all the facts haunts me literally. I made a mistake and if I have to be charged with that, then yeah, I'll take it. But right now, we need to focus on mobilizing to the best of our ability. Do you understand that? Don't tell anyone.
Reese: I understand that. I… just, you know how I felt about her and… god, this is a real mess, isn't it?

Unten nods as he sees Leah's ghost in the background, staring at him.

Leah watches as the front of the train passes by, readying herself to get on board. She sees a opening in a passenger train, gripping onto the railing and pulling herself up as she opens the door. She readjusts her hood over her face and walks inside. She glances at the windows, which are smudged with a mysterious purple haze.

Leah: Well, that's peculiar…

Leah takes a deep breath.

Leah: Alright, if there's people on board, they can't know it's me. I have to become Xena.

Leah takes another deep breath.

Leah: Who even is Xena? What would be convincingly different from the person I am?

Leah walks around with a limp.

Leah: Alright, that's a start. I dunno if I like it, but it's different. I think I can pull off a southern drawl…

Leah grips the head of a seat as she shifts her infliction.

Leah: (in a southern accent) How are ya'll? There we go. Oh, it's not going away.

Leah pulls her head back.

Leah: Now, let's see… Xena is quiet, reserved… obviously still lesbian but not like, outward about it? Maybe she still wants to act like she's in the closet. Her favorite food is strawberries… they remind her of home, she says. She lost her hand in a battle… don't hype her up as a unstoppable warrior because you're not… uhhh…

Leah shudders a bit. Her eyes roll around a bit before settling back into a neutral stance.

Xena: I got this, honey. You just sit back for a bit.

Xena slams the door open to the next car, Scarlet dropping her fries as she jumps in shock.

Scarlet: Who the hell are you?
Xena: I'm… not an enemy, I don't think. You mind sharing those fries with me?

Scarlet eyes the ones on the floor and the ones still in the packet. She grabs one and eats it.

Scarlet: Nah, they're mine. I'm just gonna vomit them later anyway.
Xena: You're gonna do what?
Scarlet: Just… purge em out. They're not good for my figure… hah.
Xena: You're thin as shit!
Scarlet: I look good, yeah?
Xena: You look kind of pale…
Scarlet: Eh, it's winter and I haven't really applied enough makeup. I'm healthy as shit- I mean who knew the best diet was nothing?
Xena: That's not how anything works.
Scarlet: I'm like always tense, always in motion. Doing rabbit thumpers right now.
Xena: ...what? You're not doing anything.
Scarlet: You can't see them, can you? Imperceptible to the human eye. But I'm doing leg lifts just all the time. They call em rabbit thumpers because it resembles hopping.
Xena: Get a sandwich and don't throw it up.
Scarlet: Oh yeah, that reminds me. You might wanna look away.

Scarlet opens up a window.

Xena: Oh god, don't do it here!
Scarlet: I gotta do it before my body digests it.
Xena: Yeah but the sound is gonna trigger my reflex-
Scarlet: Then cover your ears…

Xena just leaves the room as she can distantly hear Scarlet hacking up, triggering her own reflex to gag. Her eyes dart around before going back to their neutral position.

Leah: Wow, she did not catch on at all. I think I can do this, like... actually do it.

Leah takes a moment to breathe before seeing the train car in front of her, spotting Unten and Reese, as well as Iron Mask and PAIN-T.

Leah: Ah, shit.

Leah rubs her own hair as she walks around the room for a moment.

Leah: I guess I'll have to be Xena for a while- no biggie…

Leah's eyes glance around as she shudders.

Sam, Crymsia, Amy, Tayshaun, and Krystal hit the planet surface, a rim of light surrounding them as they step forward. The planet landscape is a rocky, barren wasteland, with black and red swirling skies. The air is breathable, although distant thunder roars in the distance. Red lizard-like creatures fly in the air with gliding wings. Sam glances around, before looking at his team mates.

Sam: Alright, so find the Descender!
Crymsia: What even is a Descender? I feel like we did not get any information at all from The Fan and The Enemy…
Sam: Ah, well, Shiki told me a while ago that there used to be… uh…
Crymsia: Did you forget halfway through your explanation?
Sam: I mean, that happens sometimes. You should probably refresh me on yourselves; I swear I'll try and remember it!
Crymsia: Alright, I'm Crymsia. I'm here because I want to help people, you guys really. Where I'm from, there's kind of a stigma against helping the Fantendoverse but… I mean, i would just feel wrong if I didn't.
Sam: Crymsia, got it.
Amy Jackson: I'm Amy Jackson. I… don't really got anything going on with me that you really need to know. Just here to preserve peace. We're part of a bigger universe now, after all.
Sam: What's with the suit?
Amy: Ah, it's… a combat body suit. Yeah, nothing else special about it.
Sam: Cool, Amy!

Amy smiles.

Tayshaun: I'm Tayshaun and I honestly have no idea why I'm here.
Sam: Don't we all!
Krystal: ...We're here to get the Descender, whatever that is.
Sam: It's a person with the ability to descend gods and goddesses… wait, who are you?
Amy: I mean, I don't blame you if you don't recognize her… she's done some drastic transformations lately.
Krystal: It's about looking hot! I'm Krystal, handsome.
Tayshaun: I think he's gay, if I remember overhearing that conversation with Rachel and the gang correctly.
Krystal: Alright. How about you, vine cutie?
Crymsia: I'm flattered, but I already have a boyfriend… and I don't swing that way I think.
Krystal: Eh, this was a bust. Let's just find the Descender already.

Krystal and the rest of the group walk ahead as Amy walks close to Tayshaun.

Amy: Tayshaun, I'm worried about her…
Tayshaun: I kind of agree… Do you think we should pop a intervention?
Amy: A intervention? On that?
Tayshaun: You can't use that much hair dye without damaging your hair like that…
Amy: Let's just… worry about it later.
Tayshaun: Alright. You comfortable in that?
Amy: Yeah.
Tayshaun: ...I would hope so.
Amy: Good. Good!

Amy internally monologues.

Amy's Internal Monologue: How much longer can I keep the fact that I'm a cyborg from the future secret? Krystal already knows… Tayshaun has his suspicions, I'm guessing… Why do I even have anxiety? Is it because I think there's a battle coming up? I hope not...
Tayshaun: Amy, are you coming or what?
Amy: Coming!

Xena enters through the train passenger door, glancing around as she looks at Unten and Iron Mask, hoping they don't see through her disguise. They don't.

Unten: Who the hell are you, creepy bag woman?
Xena: I'm Xena Thunderhand, who the hell are you?
Unten: Shit, that's a good question. Uh… Unten. I'm with the resistance against The Threat.
Xena: And who is that?
Unten: Some kind of goddess who wants to take over our entire universe and is in the course of doing so…? I think that's the best way to describe it? I mean, she did technically own this universe before but like… we live in it now…
Xena: Hey, I'm super tired, do you mind if I just take a nap...

Xena sits down, and then lays across the seats as she goes to sleep.

Unten: Oh, okay. For some reason she really reminds me of someone… not sure who.

Leah's ghost can be seen glaring at Unten on top of her.

Unten: You're right… she's dead, I can't be thinking everyone I see now is her in disguise.

Unten sighs. Iron Mask and PAIN-T 3.0 approach him.

Iron Mask: You alright?
Unten: Yeah, I'm fine. Totally normal to be stressed and anxious with something like this.
Iron Mask: If you need a break, I can take over for a moment so you can catch your breath.
Unten: Alright…

Unten sighs again as Iron Mask pats his shoulder.

PAIN-T: Hang on… this isn't right.
Unten: What? What?
PAIN-T: The train is filling up with carbon monoxide. That's not good.
Unten: Uh… shit, how do we… stop that?

PAIN-T and Unten run to the front of the front of the train as Iron Mask heads to the back to get Scarlet. Unten tears the door open with Imperium as PAIN-T glances at the front of the train. It's not powered by coal, given life through a electrical interface that has purple goop spreading across it like veins.

Unten: What the…
PAIN-T: There seems to be some kind of organic life form infiltrating the interface.
Unten: Yeah, no shit.

Unten attempts to smash the purple goop with Imperium, but the purple goop just absorbs the impact and attempts to eat his sword. Unten quickly pulls out.

Unten: Well, that's not gonna work.
Unten: Who are you?
PAIN-T: I'll be fine, I'm a robot. Actually, just hang outside of the train… the gas is only coming from inside, yeah?
Unten: Shit, yeah, you're right.
Tripten: DON'T DO THAT!

Unten breaks open the windows of the train, causing Tripten to scream in pain. He grabs Xena and hoists her on top of the train, still sound asleep. Iron Mask and Scarlet head to the roof of the train as Reese attempts to climb out. getting assistance from Unten. Using Imperium, Unten grapples his way to the top of the cars.

Iron Mask: Where's PAIN-T?
Unten: She's still inside. She said the carbon monoxide won't affect her. She's gonna try and figure a way to shut it off…

Two golden skeletal hands attach out from the train car. Xena snores as Unten, Reese, and Iron Mask prepare to battle the train.


After defeating Tripten, the group watches as it screams and tries to crush it's front car with it's hands. PAIN-T panics as the walls close in. Iron Mask and Unten slash the front two arms with their swords, Tripten's arms being lost into the dimensional abyss as it screeches.


Tripten appears to shake on the track, screaming.

Unten: I mean, we can kill you if you take us to our stop.
Unten: Then just take us to our stop. And turn off the carbon monoxide, please...

Tripten vocally groans as it heads down the rails, screeching. PAIN-T sits on the ground as the group waits for her okay.

PAIN-T: The carbon monoxide is dispersing.

The group comes inside.

Strafe, Rachel, and PalmMan sit around as they kind of just wait for further instruction. Rachel looks incredibly anxious, even looking sick.

Strafe: Rachel, you feeling alright?
Rachel: No…

Rachel sighs as she holds Strafe tightly.

Rachel: Why did I get so involved with this shit? Why couldn't I just stay home and stay out of this like Serah and Silence? I got Robyn to worry about, she's probably out doing something… I mean, I haven't really been part of her life for a while, even though I send her letters and packages every month… and Sakeena, I'm deeply concerned about her...
Strafe: Serah and Silence are raising a family.
Rachel: Yeah, and my inability to stay in a stable relationship prevents that, doesn't it?
Strafe: You don't need to do this if you don't want to.
PalmMan: I know that whatever you all want me to do, I'm not doing it.
Strafe: You literally decided to sit on this bench five minutes ago. There are so many empty benches. Why are you even here?
PalmMan: You're my friends.

Strafe sighs.

Strafe: Yeah, I keep forgetting that, in a way. I mean… I guess we're more than friends at this point considering all the back and forth but…
Rachel: Please don't say family. If we're a family, it's creepily incestous.
Strafe: There's no good word to describe the bond between us, I guess. The point is that I care about all of you. You're the only people that have really offered me a chance to do any good in the world, to shed my father's name.
Rachel: I still think Strafe's a weird name.
Strafe: And you've got a weird one too.
PalmMan: Mine's just the words "Palm" and "Man" together. And "Palm" is just a shortened version of "Napalm". Everyone think it's a masturbation reference though.

PalmMan rolls his eyes.

Rachel: It's not?

DREW and Rose Reaper approach the group.

DREW: Hey, we've got some… reports from F.A.N.T about The Threat attacking the Noire Fox compound.
Rose Reaper: Would at least give us something to do, yeah?
Strafe: Well, I'm in.
Rachel: Sure.
PalmMan: Like I said, I'm not.

PalmMan walks off as Strafe and Rachel just watch him go, turning back to Rose Reaper and DREW.

Strafe: How we getting there?
Rose Reaper: Hitomi's working over time on these portals.
Rachel: Poor girl…

PAIN-T sits in the operator room, Iron Mask opening the door a crack.

Iron Mask: You alright honey?
PAIN-T: Yeah, just a little jittered. That's not why I'm in here though.
Iron Mask: Oh?
PAIN-T: I'm trying to talk with Tripten, because he said some pretty troubling stuff…
Iron Mask: Like, wanting to kill himself, yeah.
PAIN-T: Why though?
Iron Mask: Dude, you just need people that love you…
PAIN-T: I… was found in a scrap heap. I wanted to die too. I didn't have my limbs, I was a mess before Scarlet and Iron Mask found me. They fixed me though… I still get impulses to off myself because my function has vastly changed but I just… shake it off. My function has vastly changed, yes, but that's because I needed to. And… I have people who love or at least care about me now…

Iron Mask hugs PAIN-T, who purrs.

PAIN-T: We will get rid of this, I promise. Hopefully before it consumes your whole being. I mean, it's already given you a new paint-job…
PAIN-T: Right, sorry.

PAIN-T smiles.

PAIN-T: I don't care if I have to pull off the impossible- I will show that I care for you and I will give you a new purpose.
Tripten: GOOD LUCK…

Sam trips over a rock as the group closes around a red crystal. Crymsia taps at the red clear crystal. A woman inside of it, with a cybernetic arm and a bloody katana sleeps inside, curled into the fetal position. Krystal, Amy, and Tayshaun take a glance at it.

Krystal: That looks like Phina. We just hoist it up?
Sam: Yeah, I think so. Yeah.
Amy: Alright, Krystal, let's hoist it up telekinetically.

Amy and Krystal point at the crystal, combining their energies to pull the crystal up.

Tayshaun: Wait, what was the point of the other three of us?
Amy: I don't think The Fan thought we could just do this. Besides, we need people to keep our backs safe, yeah?
Krystal: I got a gun in my holster if you all need to go blasting.
Crymsia: I don't… think we've even seen anything evil come across here, yeah?
Tayshaun: Think you spoke too soon…

Tayshaun points to a purple strand in the sky, closing in on the planet surface.

Crymsia: Well, I sure did.

Crymsia sighs heavily as she brings out her blade.

Crymsia: Bring it on, you purple freaks…


After defeating the horde, Crymsia drops to her knees.

Tayshaun: You alright?
Crymsia: I'm fine.

Crymsia is covering a huge wound.

Tayshaun: N-no. Crymsia...
Crymsia: I cut myself up all the time. It's fine.

Tayshaun picks her up as she winces in pain.

Tayshaun: Who's supposed to set up the portal on the other side?
Sam: Uhhhh....
Krystal: Do we seriously not have a way back?
Sam: Hitomi! That's her name!
Tayshaun: I can text her. I think. Oh wow, we got wifi here?
Amy: ...huh, unusual.
Tayshaun: Amy, it has your name on it, what's the password?
Amy: Uh... Jerry3.
Tayshaun: Got it!

A portal opens up in front of them. Tayshaun grips Crymsia as they fall into the portal, landing on the other side with the other three behind them. Amy and Krystal drop the crystal near The Fan and The Enemy.

Krystal: Here you go.
Amy: That whole planet is gonna get purple eventually.
The Fan: She is spreading... awfully fast, huh.
The Enemy: She has been waiting billions of years for this moment.
The Fan: Yeah, that's right.

Krystal watches as Strafe, Rachel, Rose Reaper, and DREW approach the portals being created by Hitomi.

Strafe: Alright, here we go!
Krystal: Hey, if you need a fifth member, I'm here...
Strafe: Krystal? ...that is you, right?
Krystal: I look a bit different, so what?
Rachel: Why did you drop the whole motorcyclist look? I thought that worked pretty well for you as opposed to whatever this is...
Krystal: I figured I could use a change...
Rachel: I don't hate the look but it doesn't look like you...
Krystal: Look, can I go with you or not?
Strafe: Eh, sure.
Rachel: ...I mean, I don't see a reason why not.
Rose Reaper: We should probably minimize the amount of people going with us. If we can do the job in four, we should do it in four. We're being stretched thin as it is.
Strafe: I mean, that's not a bad point, but she could be useful...
Krystal: Nah... I'm good.

Krystal walks off as the group just watches her go.

Rachel: Well, alright.
Hitomi: She seems really out of it in general...

Hitomi sighs as she looks at her.

Hitomi: I don't know what she's looking for... maybe she doesn't know either... anyway, will you four please just step into the portal, my arms are very tired...

Strafe nods as the group jumps into the portal.

Strafe, Rachel, Rose Reaper and DREW drop onto a purple lawn.

Strafe: Oh no...
Rachel: She's infested this place pretty heavily.

The group runs into the infected house, slamming the door open.

Noire Fox: Oh hey, it's Strafe and Rachel!

Noire Fox flings his mallet at a Vorto Grunt, causing it to explode as Noire Fox holds his arms out for a hug.

Strafe: Now's not a good time.
Noire Fox: Come on, I filled in for Unten, you could at least pretend to recognize me...
Rachel: Oh yeah, what happened to that moth girl? Bombyx?
Noire Fox: Still here, guys.
Strafe: I think she's still at A22; we should go get her after this.
DREW: Where's Blank?

Blank fires at a Birch behind Strafe.

Blank: I'm still here. Oh hey, it's Strafe and Rachel!
Strafe: Oh come on, I'm not anyone special.
Blank: Where's Logia?
Rachel: He was busy with something, I think... he might not know you're here as well.
Blank: Mm... we're gonna talk if we meet each other again.

Blank shoots a Vorto Grunt in the head with a firey intensity.


Blamk unloads her clip as they make it to the upper level, where they find Drigen.

Drigen: Are the monsters cleared out of here?
Blank: I think this place is just a nesting ground, kid.
Drigen: Man, that sucks.
Ruff: You're saying this is a lost cause?
Rachel: We can't get rid of it. You'll need to head to headquarters for now.
Ruff: I swear to god, if this isn't covered by insurance...
Blank: We'll have to find out later. You need to go NOW.

Ruff sighs as they escape out of the house, going out of Hitomi's portal. The portal seals just in time for Cockroach Thief to slip inside.

Cockroach Thief: That place turned into a real dump...
Ruff: Don't you even START

Leah wakes up on the train still, adjusting her eyes. She heads to a empty train car to isolate her audio.

Leah: They still don't know it's me, huh.

Leah feels a very scary sensation down her back, shuddering as she looks at her own reflection in the train window.

Xena: Of course they didn't. They don't know Xena.
Leah: ...because Xena isn't a person.
Xena: Look, I might be born today, but you know that I'm more that just a disguise.
Leah: Ugh, I really am going crazy huh? Is this what X-Ray deprivation does to me?

Leah sits down, trying really hard to compose herself.

Leah: I need her so bad...

Leah starts to choke up.

Leah: I need to be strong for her. Everything isn't broken.

Leah grips her ring around her finger tightly.

Leah: I haven't forgotten who I am. I hope she hasn't either.

Leah stands up, looking back at her own reflection.

Leah: We gotta work together, alright? Please.
Xena: I understand.

Leah smiles.

Xena: You should probably pull off that ring though, it might be a dead giveway.
Leah: Oh yeah... I...

Leah looks at the ring.

Leah: No, I can't.
Xena: Leah.
Leah: I know it's a dead giveaway and puts me in danger. I need it though. I need it, I need it.
Xena: I don't.
Leah: I won't let you. I'm wearing gloves, I'll just hide it under there.
Xena: You think that'll really work?
Leah: It has to.

Xena shakes her head and Leah tears her gaze away from the window, rubbing her ring obsessively.

Leah: I'm coming for you, babe.

Chapter 18: The Looking Glass

Sakeena and Beowulf begin scouting her location, attempting to find and corner Six (Grendel) on a map.

Sakeena: I'll be right back.
Beowulf: Where are you going?
Sakeena: I'm not going anywhere, I'm getting changed.
Beowulf: Got it.

Beowulf looks at Alpha-V.

Beowulf: You've been awfully quiet.
Alpha-V: I don't got much to say! Haha.

Sakeena walks out in a new outfit, wearing a yellow tunic and baggy pants.

Sakeena: I figured if I'm going to be working with Beowulf, I might as well look like a Thane myself, right?
Alpha-V: Aw, you look cute!

Sakeena blushes.

Beowulf: Right. Well, you do look the part, yeah.
Alpha-V: What's a thane, though?
Sakeena: Old term used in the Beowulf fable, basically somebody who owns land and has power. I mean, I created this land, yeah?
Alpha-V: Ah.
Beowulf: Let's get a move on; he's probably trying to rest near the hedge garden.
Sakeena: What makes you say that?
Beowulf: Inclosed, tricky space with the rose bush maze. There's shade over by the trees, which is what I'm guessing creatures like him thrive in.
Sakeena: Then we better get a move on…

The two dash off into the hedge garden, Alpha-V comfortably sitting.

Unten watches as Tripten pulls into the Wasteland train station, picking up Imperium and putting it back into his coat. Iron Mask, Reese, Scarlet, and Xena unload from Tripten. Unten realizes PAIN-T is missing and heads to the engine room to investigate.

Unten: PAIN-T?
PAIN-T: Hey.
Unten: We're going to get off here.
PAIN-T: I know, I'm just gonna stay here and try to get Tripten some repairs, maybe get rid off the Threat's gunk? Besides, he's also likely our ride out of here.
PAIN-T: Well, I didn't say that, Unten did.
Unten: Yeah, sorry dude.
Unten: Not gonna promise that!

Tripten sighs.

Unten: See you two in a bit, I guess.

Unten exits out of Tripten, looking back at the group.

Unten: Alright, she's not coming with us.
Iron Mask: Makes sense.
Xena: We can just stay at the train?
Unten: Not you. You're a bit too mysterious to just leave alone.
Xena: Mm. I guess that makes sense, yeah. Where are we heading, then?
Unten: Where would be a good place to start?
Iron Mask: The Other would be a good place to start.
Unten: The Other?
Iron Mask: The god, or sometimes goddess of the Wasteland. We've never talked directly, but… these are dire times and we could use their help.
Unten: Well, where do we head?
Iron Mask: The Central Citadel. I'll lead the way.

Unten nods as they walk out of the station. A distant cackle can be heard, followed by the swooping of some wings.

Strafe, Rachel, Rose Reaper, and DREW arrive in the garage of the headquarters, coming across Chelsea and Cura. Chelsea is wearing a new outfit; a plugsuit.

Strafe: What's up with the new get-up?
Chelsea: Working on a bunch of new projects. All the vehicles and tools we had on Kolob are gone so I gotta build fast... which gives me the opportunity to work on some new projects!
Rachel: So… what's this then?

Rachel points to a white ship with five fins extending backwards, with a orange windshield.

Chelsea: That's one of the ships I've been developing in here. It's called the Hopper.
Strafe: Is it usable? Hitomi is looking pretty drained.
Chelsea: Yeah, it's usable.
Rachel: Hmm… can I use it?
Chelsea: What for?
Rachel: I need to make a couple of visits.
Strafe: Where to?
Rachel: You don't need to know. I'll be back in two hours, give or take.
Chelsea: Well, I do need someone to test it aside from me. Go ahead.

Rachel gets inside the Hopper and takes off from the ground.

Rose Reaper: She really just ups and goes, huh?
Strafe: She always comes back.

Unten, Iron Mask, Scarlet, Xena, and Reese enter inside the Central Citadel, where The Other is sitting in the center under a shining light, sitting cross-legged, eyes closed.

Unten: Hello? Is this The Other?

The Other opens one eye.

The Other: Ah, if it isn't Unten.

The Other turns around and floats, facing them.

The Other: If I knew The Fan and The Enemy were sending you, I might have let them teleport you directly.
Unten: Is there bad vibes between you and them?
The Other: Mm, I guess you could say that.
Unten: Actually, I feel like we've met before…
The Other: We have a couple times in a past life, yes.
Unten: Past life?
The Other: Mm, I feel like unloading this on you at the moment might be a bit much. Perhaps in a less chaotic time. I see you've brought friends.
Iron Mask: Surely you must know us?
The Other: Yes, I know you, Iron Mask. Anyway, enough introductions, surely you must be busy… what do you need from me?
Unten: We need more people to fight against The Threat. We weren't enough. Iron Mask said you would be a good place to start.
The Other: Mm… I'm not sure what he expected from me. I don't carry around servants like the other gods. Perhaps there is a way to enlist assistance though.

The Other floats to the edge of the room, where a giant black rippling mirror in the shape of a teardrop stands.

The Other: This is called The Looking Glass. It pierces through multiversal space and time, and can pull from them.
Unten: That's neat!
The Other: I can check back in with World 2, if you desire. Untina and the others.
Unten: That would be interesting, yeah.

The Other taps the mirror, which begins to stop rippling and shows Untina and Netnu from World 2.

Unten: Untina? Is that you?
Untina: Whoa, hey, that's Unten!

Unten and Untina look at each other.

Untina: I'm guessing you went down Beorn Hallows too.
Unten: Let me guess, that went better than my version.

Untina sighs.

Untina: It actually didn't.
Unten: Oh, whoops.
Untina: It's fine, it's not a sore subject. It's had it's time to heal.

W2!Netnu glances at Unten.

Unten: How have you been?
W2!Netnu: It's been alright… you weren't kidding about your Netnu dying right?
Unten: I mean… I think he's dead. But I thought Zerita was dead too…
W2!Netnu: Zerita's still alive over there?
Unten: Missing a arm.
W2!Netnu: That's unfortunate. I think she's still dead over here but that gives me some hope…
Untina: Just gotta have hope, that's how things roll.
Unten: What's going on over there?
Untina: We were asked to go over here by The Other. We didn't know what she wanted but…
W2!Netnu: I mean, we're talking to you.
The Other: Yeah, the unfortunate thing about the Looking Glass is that it needs to be activated on both sides and it only works for the Wasteland in each dimension.
W2!The Other: It's easily the safest way to transport people between the dimensions, though.
The Other: And to communicate.
Untina: So you asked us to go here because you knew Unten would be here?
The Other: Nah, that was just forward thinking on my other dimension's part. We tend to be rather on the same page, communicating frequently between each other.
Unten: Are you doing anything important, Untina?
Untina: Not at the moment.
Unten: Do you want to fight an alien goddess?
Untina: Shit, yeah. That sounds fun as hell. Let's go, honey!

Untina pulls her husband Netnu in as they emerge onto Unten's side of the mirror.

Unten: Well, that's two.
The Other: Let's see if the Omega Prime has anything for us.

The Other taps the mirror again, with Unten glancing at a brown version of himself and a gangly stranger. A short black haired woman glances at the group.

The Other: I don't think you know each other, do you?
Unten: Wait… is that another version of me?
Mynis: Stick it to me, stickler!
Unten: ...Why does he have a eyepatch?
Mynis: Oh don't worry, I just thought it looked cool.
Unten: It's not even a proper eyepatch! It's a belt!
Mynis: Belts are cool. Look, have a blump.

Mynis tosses a Blump to Unten through The Looking Glass

Unten: Hang on, where did you get these? Blumps aren't on Earth.
Mynis: Oh, I grow 'em myself. I farm them.
Unten: You sure this is a version of me?
The Other: We may not agree with our other selves, but they are a reflection of ourselves all the same.
Unten: Okay… who are those?
Ronnie: My name's Ronnie and this is my short girlfriend Claire.
Claire: Hi!

Xena glances to them.

Xena: Cute couple.
Mynis: They're my roommates.
Claire: Oh wait, this is another universe yeah? Where' Sarah Auvic?

Xena doesn't even flinch. Reese looks around awkwardly.

Unten: She is uh… unfortunately dead.
Claire: Oh no! We're too late…
Ronnie: Sorry, Claire.

Ronnie picks Claire up and puts her on her back.

Unten: How did you three get to the Wasteland anyway?
Mynis: We were given an urgent mission by this alien god named The Other! He needed us to grab some apples from a garden at the edge of this planet called Atlas. Of course, we were up to the task and… it's a whole story, yeah. I can tell you all about it later.
Ronnie: Just know he's making up like, most of the details concerning his actions.
Claire: We did get the apples though.
Ronnie: Yep!

The Other from Omega Prime, seen in a red robe gives them a thumbs up as he eats into a large apple pie.

Mynis: Surely there's some reason another version of myself contacted me?
Unten: Uh… well, there's a alien goddess who's-
Mynis: Say no more. I'm on it.

Mynis takes a running start and leaps through the portal. Xena claps her hands.

Mynis: Please, save your applause.

Ronnie just walks through the other side with Claire on her back. The Other taps the Looking Glass to put it back into it's rippling state.

The Other: And just like that, I've doubled the size of your group.
Unten: Can't thank you enough, really… even if some of these recruits are questionable. Just one, really.
Mynis: Claire is a bit questionable, yeah.

Unten rolls his eyes as the group gets ready to leave.

Unten: So like, the past lives you mentioned were like, other dimensions' versions of me, right?
The Other: We can discuss this in depth later... but not really. I think you have other things to tend to right now.

Unten nods as the group departs.

Sakeena and Beowulf head to the Hedge Garden, with each pulling out their own sword. As Beowulf suspected, a bleeding Grendel is in the shade, although Five stands before him, in a fighting position.

Five: Don't you come any closer to Six.
Sakeena: How did you even get here?
Five: Oh you don't know, do you? Phh…
Beowulf: Enough talking!
Sakeena: Wait, wait!

Beowulf immediately swings his sword. Five catches it in her clawed hands, sparks flying from her claws.

Five: You dumb, meatheaded fool…

Five grabs Beowulf's blade and flicks it out of his hand, immediately going towards Sakeena before being shoved aside by Beowulf as a way to defer her. Grendel gets up, hissing as he scampers off. Beowulf grabs his blade again and strikes her in the stomach.

Five: Oh, that does it!


Five crouches, bleeding heavily as she glances at Sakeena and Beowulf.

Sakeena: What's this that I don't know? How did you get here?
Five: I shouldn't have said anything. I'm gonna die anyway… for a worthy cause of course, for my queen…

Sakeena glances at Beowulf, who readies his sword to impale her through the head. Sakeena stops his hands.

Sakeena: Beowulf stop!
Beowulf: She tried to attack us- I don't know what these creatures want with your life but they aren't getting it so far as I'm around.
Sakeena: But…
Five: It's fine, Eleven. I'd rather die than to know I'm weak. That I'm like the old Six… what's her name now? Quartz? Adopting a name from anyone aside Vindozz is offensive to her visage anyway.

Five presses Beowulf's blade towards her temple.

Beowulf: She wants to do it.
Sakeena: Please… don't…

Sakeena starts to shake.

Sakeena: I don't want anyone's blood on my hands.
Beowulf: It'll be on mine.
Five: You'd be doing me a favor.

Sakeena tears up.

Sakeena: Why don't you want to be like Quartz? What did she do wrong?
Five: She betrayed our queen. She was weak.
Sakeena: She had to be brave to do that, didn't she?
Five: Not sure why you're lecturing me about being brave when you're here, Eleven.

Sakeena recoils back a bit.

Sakeena: If you're that committed to this idea then…
Five: It's just my natural end.

Five is stabbed through the head by Beowulf in silhouette. Sakeena runs away from the scene before the impact happens.

Rachel parks the Hopper in front of Serah's house, getting outside of it and takes a moment to breathe.

Rachel: Surely, home life isn't as comfortable as it seems.

Rachel walks up to the door and knocks on it. Silence opens it, seemingly surprised to see Rachel.

Silence: Hello…
Rachel: Yeah, I don't have a good reason to visit, really, but I wanted to check in with my old friend.

Silence smiles.

Silence: Well, you're welcome in.

Rachel steps inside, taking off her coat and shoes. The house is warm enough, and she has yet to forget the shoe etiquette from last time. Serah smiles as she sees Rachel.

Serah: Taking a break from war to visit me? How thoughtful.
Rachel: Eh, it's a bit selfish of me.
Serah: How so?
Rachel: Well, I always wondered what my life would be like if I just… settled, you know?
Serah: I'm not following.
Rachel: I mean, you found Silence. He's like Strafe's half-brother or something yeah?
Serah: I guess it's just cousins, they really don't share a parent if I understand that family tree correctly.
Silence: It's not worth trying to understand, even I don't get it.
Rachel: ...anyway. I never found anyone really. I had a lot of flings, totally. Still kind of do. But I never… felt that impulse to settle down. And now that I'm close to losing everyone I care about… well…
Serah: Oh, Rachel…
Rachel: I mean, am I doing this wrong?
Serah: No… look at me.

Rachel looks at her.

Serah: I'm exhausted, I got three kids and they grow a lot faster than they probably should and I mean, it's scary. They don't even look like me and Silence.
Rachel: They still don't…?
Serah: But even though it's put me at my wit's end sometimes, it's easily the most satisfying thing I've done- but I wouldn't wish it on someone else.
Rachel: Right, because you have Silence in your life.
Serah: You had a good thing with Robyn. She was part of your life for a while and then you had to let her go. I think if you want to raise a child… another person, you should do it when you're ready. I'm happy, but I wouldn't be if I was stuck in a loveless relationship.
Rachel: I get what you're saying, still kind of feel empty though…
Serah: Well, it's not your fault.

Rachel hugs Serah, sighing deeply.

Rachel: How are the kids?
Serah: Well, one's grown pretty big, but he doesn't say words yet. The other two like to watch the old VHS tapes in the basement.
Rachel: Let me guess, Rich's the early bloomer?
Serah: Yeah. How did you guess?
Rachel: He always seemed a little bigger than the other two.

Rich lurks into the living room.

Rachel: Oh wow, you weren't kidding about them really changing much in terms of… features...
Serah: They grow up a bit, but yeah.

Mike and Jay crawl into Serah's arms. She smiles.

Serah: That's our family.

Rachel smiles.

Rachel: I'm happy for you. Thank you for letting me spend some time with you two.
Silence: Oh, it's no problem.

Silence smiles.

Rachel: I oughta get going to my next stop and then back to base… where the war's happening and junk. But… it's been nice.
Serah: It has.

Rachel hugs them both and leaves the house. Unbeknownst to Serah, Silence, or Rachel, Jay and Mike have followed Rachel into the Hopper, accidently taking part in her adventure.

Aurora is busy cleaning tables at the Double Fudge Diner. It's late at night, she's one of the few people around besides a couple of patrons. A woman in body armor arrives, entering the diner.

Aurora: Fera!

Aurora and Fera hug each other tightly, smiling.

Aurora: Mmm… I've missed you!
Fera: I've missed you too! Is this where you're working now?
Aurora: Just to push through the holiday season…

Fera smiles as she holds Aurora's hand.

Fera: Mmm… I love you.
Aurora: I love you too!

Fera giggles.

Fera: How about you get me some coffee? I think that's a thing that people on here like, yeah? I've never tried it.
Aurora: Sure!

Aurora stirs up some hot water in the back. Fera glances outside.

Fera: Kind of lonely in Arizona this time of night, huh?
Aurora: Oh yeah… we get much more in the day.
Fera: I bet!
Aurora: Almost done…

Aurora stirs the coffee together and then hands it to Fera, who sips it, looking puzzled.

Fera: Wow… that's a taste alright.
Aurora: Yeah, I'm not a too big of a fan either. Most people drink it for the "awakening" effects.
Fera: Something that bitter would wake me up for sure…

Aurora nods as she wraps her arms around her tightly.

Fera: Mmm… you on the other hand, you're sweet…

Aurora giggles.

Unten arrives at the train station with the group, only to see Tripten mostly disassembled.

Unten: What the fuck, PAIN-T?
PAIN-T: The infection had spread a lot worse than I expected; there was absolutely no way he wouldn't have become part of the Threat's Hivemind before we got back.
Unten: Yes, but… is he still even alive?
PAIN-T: Yes, of course he is.
Unten: Well, what do we do?
PAIN-T: I haven't really come close to managing to get the purple goop out.
Unten: Do we still not know what gets rid of it?
PAIN-T: Well.. actually…

PAIN-T points to a hole in the goop.

PAIN-T: I poured some acid on it and it melted right through. Problem is, I'm out of acid.
Unten: Then we'll just have to find some.

Xena glances around.

Xena: I think we should split up to find some acidic materials to burn through this purple shit.
Unten: Creepy woman's right, I'll head with one group and she'll head with some others-
Xena: I'll be going alone.
Unten: I… don't understand.
Xena: Trust me, it's for the better.

Unten shrugs.

Unten: Alright, then.

Xena begins walking off as Unten and the rest head out.

Rachel lands at a storage warehouse, still unaware that Jay and Mike are in the Hopper as she gets out. She walks into the storage warehouse, glancing into the darkness before it's lit with a dim red glow from the corner, revealing Bang Crimson.

Rachel: There you are.
Bang: Aren't you busy with something or someone else?
Rachel: I thought we agreed that we weren't taking this seriously.
Bang: I know…

Bang sighs.

Bang: Why did you even come anyway?
Rachel: We're low on units. I figured you could help.
Bang: Last time I helped you, all I got was a kiss and a couple of destroyed bikes.
Rachel: Well, look. You know I can't offer more than that. I already pay more than enough for our equipment.
Bang: Look, if you're gonna commit to me that much but won't take our relationship seriously, I just don't see why I should take anything else seriously. You can pull the plug. I can make the money back, I hold two jobs that pay extremely well. I let you pay that much because it's the closest I'm getting to you deciding to commit to anything concerning me and you.

Rachel sighs.

Rachel: I just don't want to be hurt again.
Bang: I get that. Look, relationships are scary. I used to date that redhaired vampire's sister, the one in the bikini armor. It ended in two months and kind of badly. I got scared about committing again. I got over it eventually and that relationship ended on more amicable terms but…
Rachel: I know…
Bang: Look, I can't read well. You know that. But I can read you like a open book, and I can feel the missing pages in your life that you're trying to find, desperately. If not me, somebody. Please. I just want you to be happy.

Rachel hugs her tight.

Rachel: I want to take a chance with you. I'm not 100% sure about it, but I never have been.
Bang: You sure?
Rachel: Yes… no…
Bang: Rachel…
Rachel: I'm anxious, okay?
Bang: I know.
Rachel: Maybe we just keep it more on the lowdown…
Bang: We don't have to do anything right away or tell anyone.

Rachel finally sighs loudly as she kisses her lips.

Rachel: Alright, it'll be our little secret for now.
Bang: Got it.

Bang kisses Rachel back on the lips as the two exit.

The Threat swigs around a glass of black fluid in a wine glass, sipping as she crosses Five off the leaderboard.

The Threat: Moving up quickly, aren't we, Ten?
Mistress Nell: Are you sure that diminishing your Top 10 like this is a good idea?
The Threat: I'm at the top. I'm allowed to pull risks like this. Not there is much, anyway. I can create a new Top 10 in a couple hours.
Mistress Nell: If you say so…
The Threat: Besides, discounting Zero, who I don't count… we're back to a proper ten. Kind of wish she killed Six instead but… eh, what you can you do when they're allowed to roam freely…

Avirl comes into the room with a Unten voodoo doll.

Avirl: Vinny! I'm almost done cracking the code to creating a proper Unten voodoo doll!
The Threat: What did I tell you about coming here during work hours?
Avirl: But it's always work hours! The only person who will listen to me is Vorplazz, and she just likes to make fun of me…
The Threat: Yeah, tell it to her.
Avirl: I just did!
Mistress Nell: Did Unten get your love letter yet?
Avirl: There was nothing sexual in there or…
Mistress Nell: What was up with the stickers?
Avirl: Oh, you read it?
Mistress Nell: I've been reading all of them! I have it right here!
Avirl: Why didn't you send it to him?
Mistress Nell: Would you be sufficiently entertained if I read the contents of this love letter to Unten, my queen?
The Threat: Oh, this oughta be good.
Avirl: Go ahead and read it!
Mistress Nell: Dear Unten… and there's the stickers, there's one of what I think is a blue dog…
Avirl: They didn't have any blue bear stickers. They only had the dog.
Mistress Nell: I am writing to you to inform you that very soon you will be under my control! Not that you would know I'm trying to control you, because I know that you have not been getting my letters or you would see me as a real threat. I think it will soon be the day that you will be impressed with my power. I love your cool coat and I want to wear it, preferably with your arms around me during battle. Did you have a good relationship with your god(s)? Me neither. These are things we will talk about during our battle. I hope you write back this time provided Nell or any of the other losers actually sends this. I'm sure we can become fierce rivals.
Avirl: Like, around my waist in like a body slam.
Mistress Nell: God, I hope I don't come off this thirsty to The Threat.
The Threat: Oh, nowhere near.
Avirl: Whatever. Please send it to Unten.
Mistress Nell: Ugh, fine. If you want that Beorn Banana that bad, I guess I can't blame you.

Unten ventures into a old fairground with the group, filled with spooks and ghosts.

Unten: Well, this is a pretty spooky sight. Have you ever been here, Iron Mask?
Scarlet: Neither of us have been… here…

Unten looks back to Scarlet.

Unten: You okay?
Scarlet: Healthy as shit!

Unten comes across an old dilapidated "Test Your Strength" machine. He slams Imperium into it, the machine falling apart instantly.

Mynis: Aw man, I was just thinking about testing that for you skeptics out there.
Unten: It might have not shattered then…

Reese pulls up a skull.

Reese: I think I know why this place looks like it does.
Unten: Venturing dangerous territory is what we gotta do, Reese.
Reese: Yeah… but even this might be a bit much…

Unten glances into the dark woods surrounding the forest, spotting a pair of yellow eyes.

Ronnie: I found something that's just like, a whole barrel filled with acid.

Unten glances over to find Ronnie and Claire pointing to a dunk tank filled with neon green fluid.

Unten: That's perfec-

Unten is suddenly slammed into the ground by a samurai clad in purple and yellow armor. It stands up as Unten pulls himself up, readying himself for combat.

Unten: Pesh??

Pesh merely stares at them, the camera exposing a host of purple goo on his back.

Pesh Victory Threat.png

Pesh sinks his katana into the ground as he kneels, Iron Mask dipping his gunblade with acid and striking the purple goo on his back. Pesh's normal colors flood back over his body. He breathes heavily.

Pesh: Where am I?
Unten: The Wasteland.
Pesh: We were tracking a beast… The Beast… where's Elena?
Iron Mask: We haven't seen her.
Pesh: That's not good. We need to find her.
Unten: We can worry about that in a moment. Right now we need to get that barrel back to the train station. Just… pushing it back I guess? Kind of heavy and dangerous…
Pesh: This is the most insane coincidence that has ever happened. My whole thing, beyond being a knight, is pushing things.
Unten: Oh wow.
Pesh: Let me just…

Pesh summons a Pushy, which goes underneath the barrel and then pushes the Pushy forwards as the rest of the group follows him.

Xena heads towards a old stone building, a facility of sorts. The white tile walls and floors have long since eroded inside, and she glances around as her eyes roll around and her spine shudders. Leah leans against the wall.

Leah: Finally, get to be myself for a bit…

Leah takes a deep sigh.

Leah: Let's see, acid…

Leah looks up and down the corridors.

Leah: This… looks like a hospital, what the hell?

Leah barges into a room, looking through the supplies.

Leah: Oh, this place has been sufficiently raided...
Mysterious Voice: I wouldn't touch any more of that stuff if I were you.
Leah: Oh yeah, Strafe?
Mysterious Voice: Who the hell is Strafe?

Leah turns around to see a red-haired man in a body suit with mechanical wings.

Mysterious Man: It's DOCTOR NORMAN GAI!

Dr. Norman Gai slams Leah into the wall, extending his arm to a monstrous proportion, causing her to break through and land on the other side.

Leah: Ack…!

Leah coughs as dust flies everywhere. Dr. Norman winds up a second punch, Leah barely missing him.

Leah: Welp, here we go…

DrNormanGai Swole Victory.png

Leah just manages to defeat Dr. Norman Gai, who collapses onto the ground, which shatters and sends him below.

Leah: I ought to just cut my losses at the moment. I know I've lost enough…

Leah rubs the ring as she exits out the hospital, trying to calm herself down.

Rachel lands back in the base, popping out with Bang.

Rachel: I'm back.
Strafe: Oh nice, you brought along Bang and…

Mike and Jay crawl out of the cockpit.

Rachel: Oh no, they must have followed me back…
Strafe: We don't have time to waste, Rachel. We're gonna have to bring them with us.
Rachel: Is this a joke?
Strafe: No! The Fan and the Enemy gave us orders to go to a planet where a Descender is located. We don't have much time, because if The Threat gets her hands on one of them then we're fucked. The Enemy's words.
Noire Fox: And I'm coming along!
Rachel: Oh wow, I'm having a headache.
Bang: I'll hang out in the base.
Rachel: Well, let's get going then, team. Wasted enough of your time.

Aurora is closing up shop with Fera's help as the clock turns midnight. The two hold hands as they head to Aurora's car.

Aurora: Thank you…
Fera: Aw come on, it's nothing. Look at my muscles.
Aurora: You act like I haven't been staring at them all day…

Aurora giggles.

Fera: Can't believe I get to sleep in your apartment, been ages since I've been there…
Aurora: It's still a mess…
Fera: Eh, that's what I'm here for…

Fera kisses Aurora's cheek. Aurora smiles, but it quickly disappears when two Skullcrawlers and ten Tentopaths approach them. Aurora attempts to pull out the Grasshopper Blade, but realizes she doesn't have it on her.

Aurora: Fera!

Fera attempts to kick away the Skullcrawlers but the Tentopaths grab her, pulling her away.

Aurora: FEEERAAA!!!
Fera: AURORA! AGH!!!

A rim of purple light surrounds her and in an instant, she's taken away. The enemies crawl towards her, but through her time powers, Aurora blasts them away by punching them while they're frozen. She visibly shakes, trying to reverse time, but it doesn't work like that. She punches the ground.

Quartz bursts open the door to The Threat's throne room, the camera panning to reveal she has defeated a ton of her guards and forces to get there. The Threat looks surprised.

The Threat: Six?
Quartz: Who are you talking to? It's Quartz now.
The Threat: My, you really have changed huh.
Quartz: All for the better. But…

The Threat leans in.

Quartz: There is one change I still need to do and I can't do it without your help.

The Threat laughs.

The Threat: Me? Help YOU?
Quartz: You know that we can't hurt you, even on a mental level. I have… a desire but I know I'm not functional for it.
The Threat: Tell me more. This interests me.
Quartz: I want to… sire children with Unten. But…
The Threat: Ohoho…

The Threat laughs.

The Threat: You want to subject yourself to THAT?
Quartz: Whatever! Can you do it or not?
The Threat: Oh I can… I just have a single request…
Quartz: What is it?
The Threat: Take out this nuisance.

The Threat points to Former Four, who has been kneeling at her feet.

Former Four: Nuisance? I'm still valuable to you, Vindozz!
The Threat: Then prove it by taking out this traitor.

With the stakes now established, Quartz and Former Four dash towards each other, preparing to battle.


Former Four topples to ground, utterly defeated, dropping his staff. Quartz looks at The Threat.

The Threat: Alright, get over here.

Quartz does, purple energy going over her body as she goes into her second form, gaining orange claws and her body shifting in new ways. She looks at The Threat.

The Threat: Always felt you could have used a couple improvements anyway.
Quartz: I was expecting worse. This is exactly what I asked for.
The Threat: I have a soft spot for creations that please me.

Quartz glances one last time before leaving.

The Threat: Feint, take care of this trash.

Feint picks up Former Four and blasts his unconscious body into space. The Threat relaxes on her throne.

The Threat: Who wants to microwave a lasagna for me?

She looks at Ibism, who is utterly confused. Mistress Nell raises her tentacles.

The Threat: Nah… nevermind, I'm not in the mood anymore.
Mistress Nell: Can I still bake you something though?
The Threat: Knock yourself out.

The Threat sighs.

Chapter 19: Old Friend Graveyard

Unten and the group arrive with the acid bucket, Leah staggering towards them as she turns back into Xena. PAIN-T stares at them.

PAIN-T: That'll work I think.
Scarlet: Is it just gonna burn through the floor?
Unten: Nah… with enough contact, I think it just straight up absorbs it and kills itself.

Iron Mask dips his gunblade into the acid and slashes at the purple goo. It vanishes quickly before their eyes.

PAIN-T: That should do it!
Unten: So… we can go, right?
PAIN-T: Well… I gotta reassemble Tripten. His engine is still running, that's his soul.
Unten: Well, we can wait around until then, yeah?
PAIN-T: Well… someone wanted to see you in the graveyard about Netnu. They showed up while you were gone.
Unten: That wording can't mean anything good.
PAIN-T: Maybe not. Maybe it is!

Unten takes a moment to breathe before heading north.

PAIN-T: Mmm… I missed you babe.

PAIN-T hugs Iron Mask, who pats her back.

Mynis: So, we just hanging out here until Unten gets back or-

The Hopper lands on the surface of the planet, which is covered in trees and moss as far as the eye can see.

Strafe: Well, at least the air is breathable. Would suck to wear a suit.
Rachel: Mhmmm…
Noire Fox: It's so lush! I've never seen anything like it! Usually Ruff only lets us go to a grocery store or some other urban environment but just look at the trees! The moss is hanging off them!
Rose Reaper: I'm getting a headache too, Rachel.
DREW: Aw come on, don't be like that.
Strafe: Well, we better go looking for the Descender. Into the forest we go, I suppose.

The group departs into the forest, Jay and Mike following behind.

Iron Mask and the rest of the group is sitting in the benches on the train station. Iron Mask leans towards Reese.

Iron Mask: I need to see a woman named Orithell.
Reese: Orithell? I know her.
Iron Mask: I know you do.
Reese: What's the deal?
Iron Mask: I want to see if we can elist her help as well. The powers she holds could be useful in our hands.
Reese: Well, we got no time to waste. Let's get going!

Unten steps into the graveyard, glancing around to find Netnu's grave.

Unten: What do you even bury someone like that? You kind of have to just stumble onto that kind of thing, yeah?

Unten feels something tap on his shoulder. He turns around, slightly panicked.

Netnu: It's just me.
Unten: Netnu? Aren't you dead?
Netnu: Nah… honestly I thought you were dead until I saw you running around,
Unten: That's the same thing Zerita said.
Netnu: So everyone but Boare's alive now?
Unten: I guess so…? Are you saying Mioda and Sia are alive?
Netnu: Queen Pixella too.
Unten: Damn, so it really just is Boare.
Netnu: Did he die?
Unten: Yeah.
Netnu: That sucks.
Unten: Oh… and there was that other girl too that was like a slave or something? But uh… I don't really remember her name.
Netnu: Eh… let's not concern ourselves about that. I'm just glad to see you back!

Netnu pats Unten on the back, Unten nodding.

Unten: The others around?
Netnu: More or less. We've been hanging out in the Wasteland for work.
Unten: Are you mercanaries for hire now?
Netnu: More or less. Not quite bounty hunters.
Unten: Good to know in case the Threat puts a bounty on us.

Unten chuckles quietly.

Netnu: Nah, we couldn't kill you. Not after we just got you back!

Netnu pats Unten's back again.

Netnu: Come on, let's meet the old crew.

Strafe, Rachel, DREW, Rose Reaper, Mike & Jay, and Noire Fox wander around the forest, the trees literally towering over them in sheer scale and size.

Noire Fox: What does the Descender look like?
Rachel: It looks like a troll I think? With it's neck wrapped around with tentacles?
Strafe: That's a pretty good way of putting it.
Rachel: Mhmm.

The group walks for a bit, in silence, Noire Fox getting unnerved by the noticeable lack of noise.

Noire Fox: Anyone seen anything good lately? I dunno… I just think we're kind of quiet…
Strafe: Well, I don't know what you were expecting out of a recon mission. I'm not in the mood to talk, I don't think anyone else is.
Rachel: Yeaaahhh… I just don't really have a ton to talk about.
Noire: Well, what did you do in the Hopper before you came back? You visited Serah, yeah, but what else did you do? Was Bang over there?
Rachel: What me and Bang were doing is none of your business. Not that… it even amounts to anything.
DREW: She doesn't want to talk about it.
Noire Fox: Yeah… I get that.

Noire Fox sighs.

Noire Fox: I'm used to chatting my ear off about whatever asine thing catches my interest… it just becomes something I'm so used to but then… I notice when it's gone.
Rachel: You lost your house, yeah?
Noire Fox: Eh, that doesn't bother me that much. I kind of keep everything close to my chest.
Rachel: Oh yeah, you have those weird powers.
Noire Fox: Yup!
Strafe: Is there a reason you have those powers or…? I mean, I get my light stuff from my mom, but…
Noire Fox: Oh, I don't know anything about that.

Rose Reaper glances around, seeing something strange in the distance.

Rose Reaper: Hey uh… do you all see that dome in the distance?
Noire Fox: Ooo! I like domes!

The group glances in her direction.

Strafe: Yup, that's a dome alright. Looks like some kind of Thunderdome situation.
Rachel: What's a Thunderdome?
Strafe: It's like… a gladiatorial arena thing, except more post-apocalypse…
Rachel: Shit, that's what that movie's about? I thought it was about a literal thunder dome.
Strafe: That doesn't make any damn sense. How would that work?
Rachel: Wait, so you think that's implausible, but the fox with unexplainable powers out of a goddamn cartoon and you being the son of a goddess isn't?
Strafe: I'm asking how that would work.
Rachel: I dunno, metal linking?
Strafe: I mean, that's more of a electrical fence dome…
Rachel: Okay, so like, a dyson sphere but dome shaped, is what I'm thinking.
DREW: Ughhhh… let's just go check it out without you two arguing over dumb stuff.
Noire Fox: I was kind of enjoying that…

Iron Mask and Reese enter inside of a wooden tavern. Reese glances around.

Reese: What's this place?
Iron Mask: It's where Orithell's going to be. Guest of honor stuff.
Reese: I suppose it's for some crime-related buisness thing?
Iron Mask: Probably. Mob boss Gyro Hannibal is gonna be here too.
Reese: Gyro Hannibal?
Iron Mask: Yeah… some of the people that end up in the Wasteland have weird names.
Reese: Ah.
Iron Mask: Anyway, we'll need to blend in and disguise ourselves so she doesn't recognize us, like immediately.
Reese: I didn't bring anything.
Iron Mask: Me neither, but I know that this place has a closet for that kind of thing.
Reese: Oh, that's good.
Iron Mask: We'll head down there, pick out something nice, and then we'll dance for a bit so we can get close to her and then… I guess we'll have to get her to dance with us so we can talk.
Reese: Why do we gotta do all that?
Iron Mask: She isn't going to want to talk or help us if she sees us right away. At least for me. I doubt she'll wanna do anything you say too- I mean, you know each other but like, to what extent? You don't seem to actually know what she was doing or anything…
Reese: That whole Sports Resort adventure was kind of a weird time yeah…
Iron Mask: If we can get a word in before she shuts off, we'll have a better chance of talking to her.
Reese: Got it.

Iron Mask and Reese head downstairs.

Unten is led by Netnu to a old shack near the graveyard, Netnu opening the door as he enters inside. Unten goes inside, looking at Sia, Mioda, and Queen Pixella.

Sia: Holy shit, you're still alive...
Unten: Heh, yeah I guess.
Mioda: You've upgraded too! What's that coat about?
Unten: Long story.

The group hugs Unten tightly, Unten getting smooshed.

Unten: Glad to see you all too! I need to breathe though….

Sia and the rest back away comfortably, smiling.

Unten: Thank you, haha.
Sia: It's good to see you again though!
Unten: Well, hopefully we stay more in touch.
Sia: Right, right.
Queen Pixella: So, what brings you to the Wasteland?
Unten: Uhh… war. I guess.
Sia: War…?
Unten: Yeah… if you're not aware, our current universe is currently being reclaimed by it's prior owner.
Netnu: Mm… I think I remember that from the Gypsy. Are you saying that The Threat has taken control of the Fantendoverse…?
Unten: In the middle of doing it, yeah.
Netnu: Well, what better task for us to take on than taking on a goddess?
Unten: Yeah… about that.

Unten sits down.

Netnu: What's wrong?
Unten: The situation… has gotten a bit messy. We need to secure the areas she's trying to take over and we don't have the User Crystals anymore.
Sia: Wait, I'm totally lost, what are User Crystals…?
Unten: I guess they're like, god-bound crystals that gods create and maintain their creations. The Fan and The Enemy don't have theirs anymore, because there was a mix-up and The Threat has them now.
Mioda: It sounds like we need to get those back.
Unten: Well, we would, but just going into the base like that is pure suicide, I would think.
Netnu: Wait, what brings you to the Wasteland? The Other owns this land, is The Threat trying to secure it too? Why?
Unten: She's already trying to get inside here, mostly because we went here for backup. I suspect she also is trying to pry inside whatever she can at this point.
Mioda: That can't be good.
Unten: Which is why I need your help.
Sia: I'm in.
Mioda: I am as well.
Netnu: Of course I am.
Queen Pixella: I'm… in as well.

The five put their hands together, raising them up and down before leaving the cabin.

As the group walks in the forest, Noire Fox is eating a Unten Blue Twinkie, Rachel looking at him kind of disgusted.

Noire Fox: What…?
Rachel: You got any idea how many calories are in that?
Noire Fox: I don't know what a calorie is.
Rachel: A calorie is…

Rachel snaps her fingers, trying to think about it as Noire Fox keeps eating.

Rachel: Don't start eating that again!
Noire Fox: Well, I mean, I don't know what a calorie is, so why does it matter what I put in my body…
Rachel: Calories are bad for you! If you have too many anyway. They're like… energy you have to burn off…
Noire Fox: That doesn't sound right but I don't know really anything about calories to refute that…
Rachel: Can you back this up, Strafe?
Strafe: Uhh… I mean… sounds right, I think?
Noire Fox: So wait, what's a kilocalorie?
Rachel: Kilocalories? Are you asking me about kilocalories?
Noire Fox: I mean, I hear that tossed around a lot but I don't know what it means.
Rachel: It's a bigger unit of calories…!
Noire Fox: None of this sounds right…

Noire Fox finishes off his twinkie, Rachel sighing heavily.

Sakeena stares at the coffin she's made for Five, glaring at it.

Sakeena: It didn't have to come to this…

Sakeena sighs.

Sakeena: I don't even wanna bury it… god.

Alpha-V approaches her to hug her.

Alpha-V: Sakeena… it's not your doing, besides they wanted it. Can't get too caught up in this kind of stuff.
Beowulf: We need to find Grendel.
Sakeena: Oh crap, yeah. He's the new Five now… actually… huh. Sticking to nicknames might be for the best here.
Beowulf: I thought this creature's name was Grendel.
Sakeena: It is… don't get your brain in a tizzy here.
Beowulf: Do we know where he went?
Sakeena: Not a clue.
Beowulf: He might have left a blood trail…
Sakeena: That might be a good place to start, yeah.

Beowulf and Sakeena leave as Alpha-V glances at a camera that The Threat is viewing from.

Iron Mask and Reese step out of the closet. Iron Mask is wearing a western-style suit and Reese is wearing a blue southern belle dress.

Iron Mask: Reese?
Reese: Haaa… yeah. I dunno…
Iron Mask: You look good in that, don't be ashamed about it!
Reese: Thank you…

Reese smiles.

Iron Mask: Come on. the dance is about to start.
Reese: Oh shit, we're gonna dance?
Iron Mask: Gotta blend in as much as we can.

Iron Mask and Reese go up the steps, the floor being lit with moving lights. Orithell can be seen drinking red wine, in a new dress with a white feather boa around her neck and arms.

Reese: Woah.
Iron Mask: I'm guessing that was bought from money from the mob.
Reese: It's stunning…
Iron Mask: Focus.
Reese: Got it!

Reese takes Iron Mask's hand as Iron Mask and him dance slowly through.

Iron Mask: I'll take it from here…
Reese: Got it…

The two slow dance, slowly inching their way towards Orithell.

Reese: You're really good at this…
Iron Mask: Eh, I do suppose PAIN-T and I dance once in a while…

Reese twirls forward as Iron Mask swings around.

Reese: Heh!

Iron Mask smiles.

Iron Mask: Almost there…

Reese switches partners as Orithell switches her own, taking a moment to look into her eyes before looking away.

Orithell: Oh, Reese?
Reese: Ha… yeah, that's me.
Orithell: What are you doing here?
Reese: Me and Iron Mask were going to ask you if you wanted to join us to stop The Threat.
Orithell: ...I mean, sure, but was all the extra steps to get here worth it?
Reese: Iron Mask said that you wouldn't talk to us if we just came up to you.
Orithell: Well, not him. You? I would listen to you.
Reese: Oh…
Orithell: Come on, let's get going before this escalates to a gang war.
Reese: That happens?
Orithell: Only all the time.
Reese: Huh.
Orithell: You probably wanna change before we go. I mean, if you want to. I don't think a dress is super great for combat.
Reese: Wait, you wear one all the time.
Orithell: Yeah, because it's after six. What am I, a farmer? I know you are.

Reese nods and heads downstairs.

Xena sneaks off from the rest of the group, going down to a crater with ruins in them. She shudders as she returns to her Leah personality.

Leah: I can't go with them… someone will notice who I am at some point. I still need to remain in hiding. They won't take kindly to my appearance, especially now with The Threat winning…

Leah notices a strange woman in a suit with a metal visor over her head and a mask piece covering her mouth. She pulls it down to smirk.

Strange Woman: Well, if it isn't a Leah on the run.
Leah: Shh! How the hell do you know my name?
Strange Woman: I'm a Herald, dummy.
Leah: A Herald…? God, enough of the bullshit, tell me your name.
Strange Woman: Oh, if you must know, it's Zellen Harley Quimbleson. Felt like I've told you this a zillion times.
Leah: What are you, a time traveler?
Zellen: Nah. I travel to other dimensions on whim.
Leah: Oh, right. The multiverse.
Zellen: Ayup!

Leah just now notices another woman standing next to a pillar, leaning back.

Leah: Who's that purple haired woman over there? Another me?
Zellen: That's a Parvati with fully unlocked potential.
Leah: I see…
Zellen: Anyway! You look like you're ready to get out of this dump.
Leah: I could, yeah.

Zellen opens up a portal for Parvati and Leah to jump through.

Zellen: Then follow me!

Unten, Netnu, Sia, Mioda, and Queen Pixella exit out from the cabin, seeing something big pet the ground.

Unten: What the…

Pesh runs after it with a strange pink knight behind him, attempting to slash at it as it bares it's feral teeth at them.

Unten: Pesh?
Pesh: It's The Beast I was telling you about! It's charged through it's epiglottis, meaning it'll blow back any blade you hit....!

Unten glances at the Beast.

Unten: Is there a way to get that thing to eat one of us?
Pesh: You're probably small enough to fit in there, with Netnu… that might work…

The Beast immediately attempts to swallow up Unten and Netnu, the two stabbing the roof of his mouth as they see it's epiglottis, which is singing. It pauses before addressing them.

Epiglottis: I really wish I could slow clap. You really think you can stop The Beast?
Unten: I mean, you're the weak point.
Epiglottis: Who told you that? Was it Pesh? Ugh.
Unten: What's the history between The Beast and Pesh? I kind of felt like I missed some background there.
Netnu: Unten, we need to defeat this thing before it digests us.
Unten: Right. Uh, here we go!


Unten slams Imperium into it, causing it to fall to the flesh ground, dead. The Beast howls in pain, allowing Netnu and Unten to escape.

Pesh: Now!

Unten, Sia, Netnu, Pesh, Queen Pixella, Mioda, and the pink knight all strike forward.


After the Beast's defeat, it releases a dark cloud. A figure in red sunglasses, it's lower body a tornado approaches the gang.

???: Shame you've defeated my pet.
Pesh: Querius!

The being in the red sunglasses chuckles.

Querius: Ah, if it isn't Pesh the brave knight.

Unten's hands spark with electricity.

Unten: If you wanna go, we can go!
Querius: I don't know why you and your friends bother. Can't you see it's hopeless? Utterly hopeless?

Querius telepathically moves them all aside.

Querius: I am beyond strength. Beyond even The Threat's.

Querius snaps his fingers, sucking The Beast into a black void before closing it.

Querius: Last warning to stop meddling in my affairs, to keep out of what will become my universe.
Unten: That's a promise you know we won't keep.

Querius smirks.

Querius: Awfully bold of you. I think I'll spare you for sheer pity. Should our paths cross again, however…

Querius opens another black void portal, which begins to suck everyone in. He snaps his fingers to get rid of it.

Querius: There's nothing in there. There's no escape. Last warning.

Querius teleports away, encasing himself in a black void before disappearing.

Pesh: That guy was in control of The Beast. We've been following him for a while.
Unten: What do you know about him?
Pesh: He works under The Threat, but his ambition seems to outway her's. If I had to guess, he may have not been created by her.
Unten: Hmm.
Pesh: He was the owner of The Beast. He sent it out to attack the Wasteland, as you could see.
Unten: How… did you come into contact with him, exactly?
Pesh: He just showed up in Pushopolis. He was… claiming land by absorbing it through his black void portals, I think. We managed to get him to stop doing that, but then he said something about heroic spirit and sent out The Beast here… and now we're here.
Unten: Who's the pink knight?

The pink knight covers herself with her fan and spins, changing outfits to reveal that she is Elena Oldton.

Elena: I'm Elena.
Unten: Ah, right.
Elena: I go by Pashie when I'm in that outfit though.

Elena hugs Pesh, smirking.

Elena: Well, what are we waiting for? PAIN-T has got to be done by now.

Sakeena and Beowulf follow the trail of blood, finding a cave. Sakeena glances through some binoculars, seeing Grendel in the care of another Top 10 member by the name of Ten.

Sakeena: I think that's Ten… the insignia on the chest matches, anyway.

Ten has Grendel wrapped in her arms, healing his wounds slowly.

Beowulf: What is Grendel doing to that Ten?
Sakeena: Uh… well, it appears to be healing him.
Beowulf: Then we need to strike now!

Beowulf takes off, Sakeena still trying to process what's going on…

Sakeena: Wait… Beowulf, don't!

Beowulf attempts to slash at Ten, but it roars in his face, sending him flying back with a super sonic wave.

Sakeena: Ah, crap…

Sakeena runs to find Beowulf as Ten takes off into the sky.

Sakeena: Beowulf? Beowulf!

Sakeena finds him slammed against a tree, wincing.

Sakeena: Don't be doing that.
Beowulf: Lesson learned.

Former Four drifts endlessly in space until he crashes into a escape pod. He hears panicked noises inside. He opens the door slowly, revealing a very small room with another door. He closes the door behind him and opens the one in front of him, seeing a packed room full of strange people.

Former Four: Hello.
Emmy: You're not here to kill us, right? Because I got a broken piece of glass that would disagree with you.
Former Four: No… no. I'm not gonna kill you. I don't do that type of thing anymore.
Alexandria: Well, we're kind of cramped in here…
Former Four: Yeah, I can see that. We're all stranded in space.
Obena: Mm…
Former Four: Fortunately, I can breathe in space and probably get you all out of here. How does that sound?
Lock: Can't be that far from Earth, I suppose.
Former Four: Good!
Emmy: Wait, how are you gonna get us down to Earth?
Former Four: I can probably accelerate my body to speed up and move us through space, will probably take a couple of tries… but I think I can do it.
Lock: Worth a shot.
Obena: Be careful!
Former Four: Oh yeah, you guys wouldn't happen to have some kind of tether, right? This won't work without a tether.

Lock glances around.

Lock: Ah shit, anyone got any kind of rope or…?
Obena: I might be able to 3D print something…

Obena focuses her energy, 3D printing out a snaking rope as she closes her eyes. It fizzles out after a couple moments.

Obena: Sorry… that's as much as I can do…
Lock: Well… I don't think that's workable.
Former Four: Ah… shit.

Unten and the group arrive at the station. Tripten is functional once more, and Iron Mask and Reese return with Orithell.

Unten: Well, that's a turn out for sure. Where's…
Mynis: That creepy woman darted out of here.
Unten: Mm.
PAIN-T: Well… are we going or not?
Unten: I'm sure it'll be fine. She always seemed kind of weird… like she was hiding something…

Unten sighs.

Unten: Let's just go before my anxiety eats me up.

PAIN-T nods and the group boards Tripten, departing.

Chapter 20: Up the Chain, Down the Tree

Unten and the group arrive at the station where a portal by The Fan is awaiting them. They step inside and the group fills up the headquarters.

The Fan: We need you to go the Lifts.
Unten: The Lifts? The Zaxinian Lifts?
The Enemy: That's exactly it, yes.
Unten: I mean, okay… can't I have a break before I go though?
The Fan: Sure…

Unten takes a moment to sit down, taking a deep breath.

Crysmia: Unten, I should probably accompany you if you're going to The Lifts.
Unten: You're welcome to… yeah…

Unten hangs his head back.

Tayshaun: Should you really be heading out on another potentially dangerous mission so soon Crymsia?
Crysmia: I'm fine, Tayshaun, really.
Netnu: Me and Zerita wanna go too. It's been ages since we've been in a group.
Zerita: I can't believe you're all alive! The only causality seems to be…
Sia: Boare… yeah.
Unten: He did what he had to do…

Unten sighs.

Unten: I think we mind-linked in the Beorn Hallow- we communicated when we fell into a unconscious state.
Sia: He's in a better state now, I suppose. Miss him though…

Unten hangs his head down.

Unten: Well... we won't let his memory go to waste. Let's keep fighting while we still can.

Netnu, Zerita, and Crymsia nod in agreement and head towards The Fan's portal.

Leah lands in a snowy forest, breathing deeply as she takes the snow off her.

Leah: Well, where are we, Zellen?

Zellen lands next to her with Parvati close behind.

Zellen: This is the Fan and The Enemy's base. We're gonna pull a funny prank on it.
Leah: Cool, I'm down for pranks. I guess…?
Zellen: I'm gonna surround the area in C4 and take hostages, strap them with C4 Charges, and then like… blow it all up.
Leah: Okay, this is gradually getting less and less cool.
Zellen: Don't worry, it's just a prank.
Leah: I mean, what would be the point of that?
Zellen: There's like a infinite amount of bases like this, why can't I blow this one up without some kind of point? I just wanna watch it explode.
Parvati: Really driving down the vibe here, Leah.
Leah: You're going to literally kill a bunch of people for fun!
Parvati: Leah… come on…

Parvati swings her head back.

Leah: These are real people!
Zellen: That doesn't matter to me or Patty! She fucking gets it!
Parvati: Well, you won't stand in our way.

Parvati nods to Zellen, who deattaches the wings from her hair to reveal the Angel Blades, slashing at Leah.

Leah: Gah!


Zellen: Ahhhhckkk!

Zellen is seriously injured. Parvati looks annoyed.

Zellen: You know about my inability to heal my skin, right?
Parvati: Mhmmm.

Leah wipes her knuckles.

Leah: Well, Starbrain, you got any punches to pull?
Parvati: Nah… I don't fight.

Parvati looks to Zellen who sighs and opens up a portal. Out steps a strange woman with rainbow wings and a glass center torso, with two spindly prick arms.

Parvati: Meet One! She's the top member of The Threat's Top 10.
Leah: You're working for The Threat?
Parvati: Nah, me and One are friends. I couldn't care less for that goddess.

Leah staggers back as One dashes into Leah, pricking her skin with her needles, injecting a pink fluid. Leah slams her mace hand into One, causing her to stagger back, her body in somewhat disrepair.

Parvati: Oh no, you were hurt by the mean woman too! We'll just be heading to the healing springs to get these two fixed up.

Zellen nods as she opens a portal, the three exiting and leaving a hallucinating Leah out in the snow.

Leah: What did she put in me…

Leah staggers against the side of the building, screaming uncontrollably. Her heart feels like it's contracting forcibly into her chest.


Leah screams, collapsing into the ground as she tries to prevent herself from hurting herself.

Leah: Keep it together… keep it together… X-Ray wouldn't like this…

Leah sees X-Ray in the distance with Reese, screeching.

Leah: No! Let me explain!

X-Ray turns around.

X-Ray: You dumb idiot. I never loved you. Not after what you did to me.
Leah: What are you talking about?

Leah knows exactly what she's talking about; what she did in the original Fantendoverse.

X-Ray: You injected me with diseases that you cured on your own so I wouldn't leave. You broke my spirit…

X-Ray sighs.

X-Ray: I'm onto brighter pastures now.
Leah: I didn't do that to you this time around.
X-Ray: You think that matters when it's scrawled across your skin? Did you really think that dumb Xena disguise who work?

Leah screams as her skin becomes, in her mind, covered with scars. She suddenly then realizes what she needs to do as her spine shutters and her eyes roll around, becoming Xena. Her perception is still kind of trippy, but she isn't in as much pain.

Xena: I feel so empty inside…

Xena stares at the wall of the headquarters as Drigen pokes his head out.

Drigen: We heard a ton of shouting out here, are you alright, mysterious creepy woman who we haven't seen before?
Xena: I'm a little woozy and depressed, but I'll be okay I think.

Xena sits down, sighing. Drigen shrugs and goes back inside. Xena glances through one of the windows, seeing her tortured reflection off it.

Sakeena and Beowulf survey the site, from a distance. Sakeena has bonded Beowulf to a tree through a metal chain to prevent him from attacking.

Beowulf: This is stupid.
Sakeena: Well, it's a attempt to prevent you from acting so brash. We need to strategize better.
Beowulf: Fine. I don't see how that will help, but whatever.
Sakeena: Catching him off guard was what caused him to bleed and weakly run away. Since he's more healed up, we need to beat him at his own game.
Beowulf: So… we should split off and catch him then.
Sakeena: That… might actually work.
Beowulf: If I see that big mothy creature, I'm cutting it open too.
Sakeena: Well, don't do that, it's what flung you back so far.
Beowulf: I feel like I got another shot at this.
Sakeena: Don't… don't do that.
Beowulf: Fine… let's split then.

Sakeena frees Beowulf from his chains and the two take off in opposite directions.

Unten, Crymsia, Netnu, and Zerita arrive in the Lifts. Unten glances around, finding only a single building lit up at this time at night.

Crymsia: That's Oyster's bar.
Unten: Well, let's go inside then…

Unten enters inside the building. A nervous Oyster is washing wine glasses as a red haired woman with cat ears and a blue haired scarecrow glance at them.

Crymsia: Those two are Valerie and Syi. Didn't… expect them here, honestly.
Valerie: Just taking my girlfriend out on a date. I'm allowed to do that, right?
Unten: Hah… yeah, you are.

Unten glances at Crymsia.

Crymsia: She's just annoyed because she knows that most of us are from the Fantendoverse.
Unten: Wait… huh?
Crymsia: We really... don't have the best of relationships with your home realm. It's a long story.
Unten: I… huh.
Valerie: I can also hear every word you're saying and it's mostly because this recruiting thing would be interrupting what is a very sweet date with a very sweet lady.

Syi blushes.

Syi: I'm not sweet, really…

Valerie wraps her arm around her.

Valerie: Nonsense, honey…
Crymsia: Let's just get moving-

Unten moves back as the windows crack open with stretching purple strands entering inside. Crymsia, Netnu, and Zerita ready into battle stances as Valerie looks at them annoyed.

Valerie: Did you bring that here? We got enough shit to worry about-

Unten shakes his head as Zerita claws at the purple strand, with Netnu blasting at it with his golden-colored cybernetics.

Unten: This is what we came for; to stop. I can understand not wanting to fight this thing with us, but let us do it at the very least on our own.

Unten slams the stalk as it splits open to burst with enemies, crawling and flying everywhere.

VortoGrunt.pngScaredyGhost Victory.pngHazzargian Victory.png

Unten looks exhausted as he sees something in the distance grinding on the strand as if it were a rail, jumping inside the bar.

Oyster: Eep!

The figure, with his skeleton arms and robotic hands, is someone Unten recognizes from The Threat's encounter with the group after Kolob was seized: Fibrody.

Fibrody: Ay, marks, the chains is metal and all, but this bar has got to get a redesign, you hear what I'm saying?

Fibrody uplifts the bar by snapping his fingers, the strand lifting it up from the ground and coating the walls in purple, with skull-like patterns drawn across it. Oyster cowers under the counter as Fibrody crosses his arms, the skulls connected to his arms chattering.

Valerie: Alright, that's it. Regardless of who's problem you are, you just became my own personal one.
Fibrody: You want to pick a fight, lady? I ain't afraid to do that!

Valerie dashes towards him, kicking him in the sternum, but he grabs her leg and flings her out into the infected Lifts.

Valerie: Ahhhhhh!!

Syi curls up as Crymsia goes to protect her, pulling out her blade.

Crymsia: Not on my watch.
Fibrody: Not in my bar!

Fibrody flings her out, shrugging and then shoving everyone out except for Oyster.

Fibrody: As the new manager, I'm promoting you to bartender.
Oyster: Ohh… okay…

Fibrody leans against the counter, laughing maniacally.

Fibrody: Oh, and if you could get me a cherry martini, that would be great too.

Oyster nods as she stirs a cherry in a martini and passes it to Fibrody.

Umbra is laying across a couch in a apartment, his girlfriend Andromeda having her arms wrapped around him. He sighs deeply.

Umbra: This is nice… but don't you feel that maybe we should get back to the future soon? It has been three years since we got sent back.
Andromeda: Umbra…

Andromeda rests her head on his shoulder.

Andromeda: I don't want to go back. I don't think 2019 even has the method to travel forward…
Umbra: There has to be a way… I just know there has to. I was sent to the future by my parents, after all...
Andromeda: We've lived here for three years and you're still hanging on this…

Umbra sighs.

Umbra: I know… I need to accept facts and face our reality. At least there's a way to stop all this madness well before it becomes a problem.
Andromeda: Besides, this is closer to your actual birth date.
Umbra: So, why aren't I truly happy? I'm happy with you, sure, but I left so much behind…
Andromeda: As did I. Look…

Andromeda rubs his hair.

Andromeda: We both gave on stuff, but look to the bright side. The 2010s are a really cool decade.

Umbra tilts his head to left a little.

Andromeda: Okay, Snaily Joe getting elected wasn't the brightest move on America's part and the great Threat Invasion really changed things around, but…
Umbra: Hang on, didn't the Threat Invasion stuff start during December, 2019?

Both look alarmed.

Umbra: Oh… that cannot be good.
Andromeda: God, why did you have to say that? We were having a moment...
Umbra: You just said to face reality!
Andromeda: Well, not like that. That reality is scary.

Umbra sighs as he wraps his arms tighter around her.

Umbra: I'll keep you safe.

Strafe, Rose Reaper, DREW, Rachel, and Noire Fox walk into the domed structure.

Strafe: Well, we're here. It's looking pretty empty.
Rose Reaper: Huh… is that the Descender over there?

Strafe glances at the arena wall, which has red crystal with a alien creature embedded into the wall.

Rachel: That's him alright.
DREW: So we can just pull him out and carry him back. That was easy.
Noire Fox: Uh…
Rachel: Well, what are we waiting for?

The group goes through the bars of the dome, attempting to get inside. Noire Fox joins them despite clearly knowing something they don't.

Strafe: Alright, cut it out with your scythe, Rose.

Rose nods as she hacks at the sides, the wall cracking. The sun rises in the distance as a ton of people start to enter the stadium.

Noire Fox: Guys…

Rose Reaper hacks at it as a big man in a Drigen mask approaches her.

Man in Mask: Mam.
Rose Reaper: What-

The man crosses his arms.

Man in Mask: We would prefer that contestants not hack away at the arena walls, especially stealing our centerpiece.
Rachel: Oh, you don't understand, this is a Descender and we're just going to bring it back to The Fan.

The Man in the Drigen Mask laughs.

Man in Mask: You think we believe in that false god? Our gods are…

The Man in the Drigen Mask glances down at Noire Fox and gasps audibly. Noire Fox waves nervously.

Noire Fox: Uh, hi…
Man in Mask: Our savior has returned!
Strafe: Wait a second.
Rachel: NO… there's no FUCKING way…
Man in Mask: Let us rejoice and punish the ones who were attempting to lead him astray!

The Man in the Mask lifts up Noire Fox's hand as the crowd cheers, the group being taken away by two women in Duocat masks.

Rachel: This doesn't make any sense! Let me go!

Rachel shakes violently as she gets dragged away, Noire Fox looking incredibly confused but somewhat excited.

Rachel: He's not a god, he's a fucking cartoon fox! What the-

The gates shut as the group enters them.

Valerie lays out on the purple goo as Unten, Zerita, Netnu, Crymsia, and Syi look at her.

Valerie: Heyo.
Syi: It's okay babe… we can reschedule…
Valerie: What was I even thinking, going out on a date at Oyster's Bar…?
Syi: Oyster's bar is alright. Don't blame yourself for it.

Valerie hears her phone ring.

Valerie: Oh hold on, I got a call.

Valerie answers the phone.

Valerie: This is Valerie, what are you wearing? Mhmm… oh. Oh no!
Syi: What's going on?
Valerie: Sinicini, Zonas, and Adexene are playing pool hockey with Haru Tifft. Without me! Personally, I'm offended.
Unten: Channel that anger!
Valerie: I said I was offended, not angry.
Syi: Well, okay, what about… you know, the bar that the skeleton guy just took over…
Valerie: Oh yeah, that thing!

Valerie stands up, groaning.

Valerie: Hmm, I don't know how we're going to fight him. Usually when someone grabs my leg like that, I involuntarily have a reflex to wrap my legs around their face, but it was so clammy and dead…
Unten: Is that true?

Syi covers her face.

Valerie: All I know is that this is no longer just that weird blue bear's problem, it's our problem too. A real orgy of chaos.
Unten: The name's Unten…
Valerie: Shut it, Paddington! I just got a good idea. We should call up that monkey, the one called Endal, to help us fight this skeleton looking piece of shit. He's got that feral rage in him, one that can perfectly counter this spooky halloween motherfucker.
Unten: Does… he even have a number, I mean, he's a monkey….
Valerie: I mean, he's working with that… uh, F.A.R.T group, yeah?
Unten: That doesn't sound right.
Valerie: Besides, I don't need to know his number, because I know Fandraxono's. He's like the god of the place, you should have met him coming in.
Unten: Oh, we just uh, portalled in.
Valerie: Huh.
Unten: I mean, we can go back to check in if you want…
Valerie: Nah, it doesn't matter too much. They let anyone in.

Valerie dials the numbers up and holds the phone as Fandraxono answers.

Fandraxono: You... seeing this? Some real chaos…

Fandraxono is audibly heard munching popcorn.

Fandraxono: Anyway... what do want you? Zodiez again?
Valerie: Nah… nah… although she was great last night…

Fandraxono grumbles.

Valerie: I'm here to see if you know where Endal is. Or if you know his number if you prefer to not teleport him in.
Fandraxono: Frankly... would I want to watch chaos more unfold than listening you for more five minutes... than.
Valerie: I mean, Endal's crazy, probably would lead to more chaos.
Fandraxono: Fine…. monkey funny…. then.

Fandraxono snaps his fingers to teleport Endal back up to the surface.

Valerie: There we go, the crazy monkey Endal.

Endal looks annoyed, crossing his arms.

Endal: I'm not crazy- I'm straight up mentally ill! What did you all bring me out here for? I was liking Earth… well enough anyway. Free from those teddy bears at last, fufu.
Unten: Alright, we need to get back to the bar-

In the distance they see a giant purple ape attacking other buildings, roaring and beating his chest as Vorto Guards swarm the area.

Netnu: Think that ape is a bit more pressing…

Unten sighs as he uncurls Imperium from his coat and charges into battle.

Umbra and Andromeda go outside, Andromeda wrapping her arms around Umbra's left arm.

Umbra: Everything's going to be fine, Andromeda.
Andromeda: It's just really cold…
Umbra: Ah…

Umbra smiles.

Andromeda: Hey… what's that?

Lightning forms close to them, sparking brightly as a portal is created with a loud crack, closing shortly as a yellow bear-like creature hops out, holding a lantern.

Mysterious Time Traveller: You! What's the year and date?
Umbra: Me?
Mysterious Time Traveller: Yeah, sure whatever.
Umbra: It's… December, 2019.
Mysterious Time Traveller: Oh wow, I really overshot on that. Good enough I suppose. Gives me plenty of time to stop her.
Umbra: Who?
Mysterious Time Traveller: Arakhna…

Mysterious Time Traveller lifts up her hood.

Mysterious Time Traveller: Also known as Palutena.

The three just stand in the street awkwardly.

Umbra: I'm sorry, do I know you? Should I know you?
Mysterious Time Traveller: Nah, it's fine. Name's Xerra. Just… waiting for the jump cut to some other plotline, I guess.
Umbra: You must have had your brains scrambled when you time travelled. Happened to me too. Don't eat any shrimp.

Xerra nods as she glances at Umbra.

Xerra: You're a time traveller too, then?
Umbra: Yeah… it's a long story.
Xerra: Haha, same.

Xerra offers up her hand to high five and the two high five.

Andromeda: Alright, well, you overshot. You wanna hang out with us?
Xerra: What are you two doing?
Andromeda: Oh, we're just gonna go get groceries.
Xerra: Bleh. I'm gonna find Unten.
Andromeda: Sounds fun. Let us know if you find him!

Xerra waves them off as Umbra stares at her.

Umbra: We should really be more concerned about that Threat thing going on, I feel…
Andromeda: Don't remind me of that. Let's enjoy our time together before things go bad, okay?
Umbra: Alright...

Mistress Nell comes back in with a cupcake tray and wearing a cooking apron over her normal outfit, smiling as she looks at The Threat.

Mistress Nell: I'm back!
The Threat: Oh shit, you actually did make something.
Mistress Nell: I call em Vindicakes! It's a pun of "Vindozz" and "vindicate", and "cupcake".
The Threat: Oh, and you even made the frosting look like our faces. All of my creations… always so extra…
Mistress Nell: Yeah, I didn't know if it would be weird for you for to eat yourself, or me, so I did add like one, Squav Vindicake.

Squav squints his eyes as he listens from afar.

Mistress Nell: Anyway uh, do you want one?
The Threat: Sure, pop one.
Mistress Nell gives The Threat a Vindicake, The Threat eats it as she glances at the video feeds.
The Threat: Man, I really expected her to either be dead or at least be in mental anguish. Good job, Eleven… I mean Ten.
Mistress Nell: You really ought to maybe think about changing the naming scheme of the Top 10, to be frank…
The Threat: Nonsense, it works fine. It's not that confusing.
Mistress Nell: If you have to say it's not that confusing… ah never mind.
The Threat: Anywho, you are going to die.
Mistress Nell: What…? No…! Huh?
The Threat: ...when you hear about what I think about these Vindicakes. They're pretty good!
Mistress Nell: Oh thank you!

Mistress Nell smiles, partially relieved.

Strafe, Rachel, Rose Reaper, and DREW slam on the walls in the holding cell they've currently found themselves in.

Strafe: This is some bullcrap.
???: You're telling me.

The group glances over to the mysterious person, a oni carrying around a electrical mace and wearing a hoodie.

Mysterious Oni: We landed out here through a wormhole of sorts, me and my buddy Cardinal over there…

A white haired man in a tattered red robe and armor waves.

Mysterious Oni: He wasn't with me when I landed here, though, he came a bit later.
Cardinal: Ayup.
Rachel: Do you know how to get out of here?
Mysterious Oni: Get out of here? Now why would I wanna do that when I get to fight all I want?

Mysterious Oni slams her electrical mace into the wall, causing sparks and thunder to fly off.

Cardinal: Careful, Geki!

The Mysterious Oni, Geki, glances at the group.

Geki: Don't expect me to hold back when we fight. I only go easy on people like Mycan.

A green mushroom is running around in circles, only just now stopping and perking their head up.

Mycan: Wow, when did all these people get here?

Strafe breathes frustratingly.

Strafe: Great, now we're roped into this damn mess.
Rachel: Maybe, maybe we can get Noire Fox to take us out of this mess.

Strafe shifts his eyes around the room before nodding.

Strafe: Yeah… he is their god after all, would stand to reason that they would listen to him.
DREW: Yeah… Hm. I think I can take on Geki pretty well, you guys need to figure out how to talk to Noire Fox and get him to drop this whole arena shenanigans.
Rose Reaper: You sure about that?

DREW pulls out a flaming sword.

DREW: It's fire against fire, sure, but I've always had a hot temperament underneath the moody facade.

DREW grins at Geki, who squints her eyes.

Sakeena is wandering on her own when suddenly she sees something flying over head. She starts to walk faster, beginning to not trust her own world that she has created.

Sakeena: Where did you go, Grendel…

Sakeena cuts down a couple of bushes, attempting to give herself a roof of trees as a barrier from the flying thing. The flying thing silently lands, unbeknownst to Sakeena, revealing the bird-like Seven (I guess Six now, technically). "Seven" camouflages himself, becoming invisible.

Sakeena: Can I even take on Grendel, even if I did fight him? Hmm… might have wanted to grab some back up- I…

"Seven" slinks around in his camouflaged form, before quickly grabbing Sakeena's shoulders with his talons and bringing her up into the air, flapping away.

Sakeena: What the?!
"Seven": If it isn't Ten!
Sakeena: You're sorely mistaken, the creature with the blue neon wings is Ten… I'm just here because The Threat offered me to stay.
"Seven": Oh, you thought The Threat would keep you safe in here? She doesn't even keep her own safe…

"Seven" lands on top of a mountain perch. Sakeena immediately goes to attack him.


"Seven" lies on the ground as if he's defeated, but then releases glowing ropes around her arms and torso, making her effectively unable to move.

"Seven": We all bow to each other for survival… that's why I came to Five's assistance as soon as possible.
Sakeena: Can I pop a quick nickname real quick? I feel like this is gonna be massively confusing with all the numbers fluctuating… I just killed Five, let's call her Carla, which makes Six, who we're calling Grendel, the new Five. You're the new Seven, to me anyway, and you just got promoted to Six. We'll call you Aero.
Aero: Why are you giving us names? You're not supposed to care about stupid things like that. Figures The Threat would fashion you after a foolish human, after all.
Sakeena: I'm not a creation of The Threat! I don't know people are calling me Eleven… or Ten… or whatever the number is going to be once Grendel goes down…
Aero: You really don't know, huh.
Sakeena: ...wait, you can't possibly be implying what I think you're implying.
Aero: Come on, you can't possibly be this daft to now know you've been inducted into The Threat's Top 10.
Sakeena: No, no! I'm not working for The Threat!

Sakeena squirms in her ropes.

Sakeena: I'm not a traitor and I'll prove it by killing you!
Aero: I really would like to see you try given that you're like that. Or if you even have the guts. From what I've heard, you were really shaken up by Five… I mean Carla's death.
Sakeena: Gah…!

Aero puts his talons across her head, fastening them around her skull with a iron grip.

Aero: Lucky for you, I'm not that weak. All it takes is a single motion to make that skull collapse!

Sakeena screams as she squirms. Aero shuts his eyes and is about to do it, but is suddenly knocked back by a mysterious gold and black assiliant.

Aero: Zero?! Zero! Please don't!

Zero glances silently at Sakeena, who is at a loss for words before glancing back at Aero.

Zero: Killing the defenseless is a cowardly thing to do, you know that, Six.

Aero scutters back as Zero forms his hand into a arm cannon, blasting him. Aero screams as his body explodes. Zero looks at Sakeena, cutting her ropes.

Sakeena: ...why did you save me?
Zero: I just said why.

Zero aims his arm cannon.

Zero: I'll give you a couple moments to collect yourself before I kill you.
Sakeena: Woah, woah, hold up! Hold up!

Zero puts the arm cannon down.

Sakeena: You know Five, right? The dude with the pincer mouth and all… right?
Zero: Yes, he's the worst of the lot.
Sakeena: We can create a alliance. You and me, working together.
Zero: I don't trust you enough to make a alliance. I don't trust anyone.
Sakeena: I would rather be out of this, fighting against The Threat with my friends.
Zero: You would hurt The Threat?!

Zero aims his arm cannon at Sakeena, who puts her hands out.

Sakeena: I mean, I wouldn't try and harm her directly…
Zero: Don't you know what I fight for? I fight for her.
Sakeena: Doesn't she have enough love interests?
Zero: I mean, technically, I can't actually… but…
Sakeena: Look, we can figure out the nitty gritty of your relationship with her later. I won't touch her if you work with me.

Zero shakes his head.

Zero: I work alone. However, I'll spare you for the time being.

Zero backs off to the mountain edge, putting his hands together before leaping off.

Sakeena: Thanks…?

Sakeena sighs.

Sakeena: Well, there we go.

Unten, Netnu, Zerita, Valerie, Syi, Crymsia and Endal all arrive at the scene of the giant purple ape, who turns to face them.

Purple Ape: Ah, puny beings want to stop me from my reign of devastation?
Unten: Aren't you working for The Threat? Wouldn't it be more beneficial for her to just lay claim to the land instead of crushing it to bits and pieces…?

The purple ape smirks.

Unten: I don't trust like that.
Purple Ape: I'm the demolition man, Banana Burt. I'm clearing way for things she plans to build...

Banana Burt lifts up both of his arms and then slams them together.

Banana Burt: And fellas, you're in my way!
Endal: We'll see who conquers who, fufu!


Banana Burt collapses to the ground, the being ontop of his head scrambling away. Unten attempts to hit it with a long Imperium strike but it goes away. Unten scratches his head.

Unten: What should we actually… do with him now?
Zerita: I mean, killing him should solve most of our problems…
Syi: Oh… I don't know...
Unten: Ah god, I can't kill him-

Zerita takes Imperium out of Unten's hands and stabs Banana Burt directly into the skull, his body ceasing to breathe.

Zerita: You gotta be less hesitant. That's why we still have Doomulus Grime still floating around.
Unten: Yeah… about that…
Zerita: ...what.
Unten: Uh… I'll tell you later. We got more pressing stuff to deal with.

Zerita shakes her head as the group crawls out of the rubble and towards Oyster's bar.

Unten: How are we gonna get up there…

Valerie points to Syi.

Valerie: Show em your vines, baby.
Syi: Mmm… okay…

Syi extends a bunch of vines out her arms.

Unten: Woah, nice.

Crymsia crosses her arms.

Crymsia: I can do it too…

The two create a viney platform to the bar, slamming the door down. Fibrody looks at them as Oyster continues to cower behind the bar.

Fibrody: Back again?

Valerie winds up for a punch.

Valerie: That's what Bill Gates said after I destroyed Microsoft.

Netnu glances to Syi, who just shrugs.

Fibrody: Let's go, red haired devil!
Valerie: The only sweet invader is me!

Valerie slams her fist into Fibrody's head, beginning a battle with him.


Fibrody collapses onto the floor, his body dispersing into cubes as he laughs.

Unten: Well, that's a way to go.
Zerita: Fairly certain he's not dead. Anyway… about Doomulus.
Unten: Right… Doomulus. Uh… he and I have met since the Zeon situtation.
Zerita: You made friends with him, didn't you.
Unten: It's not as bad as you think, we were both trapped on a planet and it just kind of spurred from there… he's completely disowned by the Doomuli now.
Netnu: Do I need remind you that he's why our planet blew up? The death of millions of innocents?
Unten: I get that. I didn't let him off easy on that but…
Valerie: Listen, you can all talk about that boring shit later. What I wanna know is where I can sock that four eyed bitch in the face for ruining a date…
Unten: Oh, so you'll help us?
Valerie: Not you in specifically, but more or less.

A portal opens, the group waving goodbye to Oyster and the Lifts for now.

DREW stands behind a gate, which has enough openings for him to see Geki and Cardinal on the other side. Cardinal seems distant while Geki is hyped up. The gates open as the man in the Drigen mask out stretches his arms, Noire Fox watching from the top row.

Masked Man: Witness!
Noire Fox: Oh hey, that's a oni… and that's DREW… what are they doing exactly…

Geki slams her electrical club into DREW's face, causing him to slam into the ground before lighting a fire under her feet, causing her to shoot up to avoid the flames.

Geki: Bring it!

DREW gets up, Rose Reaper sneaks off to try and pry the Descender crystal out while Rachel and Strafe try to find Noire Fox in the crowd.


After defeating Geki, Cardinal steps out on the battlefield. Strafe and Rachel finally find Noire Fox and wave to him.

Noire Fox: Hey guys! Seems kind of like a violent play…
Strafe: Play? This isn't a play, this is a sport! A bloodsport!
Noire Fox: Oh, seems kind of cruel.
Rachel: Call it off!
Noire Fox: How…?
Strafe: You're their god, right? I don't even know how that works, but you can surely tell them off that way, right?

Rose Reaper nearly snaps the crystal off as Cardinal enters the arena. A exhausted DREW looks at him, before becoming pummeled with a barrage of elemental attacks.

Rose Reaper: DREW!

Rose Reaper runs towards him, looking at Cardinal who points to her.

Cardinal: Enough.

Rose Reaper flares up.

Rose Reaper: Enough? You took out my friend!

DREW croaks weakly.

DREW: (weakly) Kick his tiny butt…


Cardinal collapses onto his knees as Rose Reaper attempts to hack back at the crystal, only for it to fall out. She catches it, holding it's heavy weight. Noire looks to the man in the Drigen mask.

Noire Fox: Ay dude, we should just… cut this, I don't like it.

Noire Fox makes a motion with his hands.

Masked Man: Very well, if the almighty Noire Fox wants it disbanded, it shall be!

The crowd looks on a bit confused, but shrug and walk out.

Strafe: Thank you. Now let's go considering we have the Descender…
Noire Fox: ...well… I wanna see the village first…

Noire Fox scratches his head.

Noire Fox: I don't know why they think I'm their god, because I've never seen these people in my life.
Rachel: Fine, one more detour.

Noire Fox smiles as they follow him out. Rose Reaper picks up Geki and Cardinal's hands, helping them up.

Rose Reaper: Let's get you out of this dump.

Geki shrugs as they follow the group out.

Sakeena puts Aero's body in a another coffin, putting it next to Carla's. Alpha-V wraps her arms around her.

Alpha-V: It must be so hard on you to do this…
Sakeena: I mean… when you look at Quartz, you just realize how misguided these people are… they're born to fight and they don't know more than that… isn't that incredibly depressing?

Alpha-V nods.

Sakeena: I hope Beowulf comes back soon.

The camera pulls back out to The Threat, who taps her cheek as she watches, before shifting her focus to the facility where Vorto Guards are being made. Suddenly, Grendel tears up the facility, ripping into and eating at the guards.

The Threat: Hey, hey, why is he doing that?
Vorplazz: You talking to me?
The Threat: You're the only person here, at the moment, so yes.
Vorplazz: Oh, I don't know. LOL! Probably as a act of defiance against you, because you're pretty much putting him on a death row at this point.
The Threat: Mm… Well, that's tough.

The Threat teleports Three to her side.

The Threat: I need you to take care of Five. Infect him with something like the Hivemind virus, or something.

Three nods as he darts off.

Vorplazz: Have you heard of this dude called Jerry Seinfield? He's pretty funny. Been watching the show named after him. Hysterical stuff.
The Threat: I will publicly execute Seinfield if you subject me to more of your terrible tastes.
Vorplazz: Classic Vindozz.

Umbra and Andromeda are finishing up grocery shopping, carrying their bags to the apartment.

Umbra: Well, that was pretty uneventful as usual-

Xerra runs into Umbra and Andromeda.

Xerra: Why didn't you two tell me that The Threat was invading during this time?
Umbra: What do you mean we didn't tell you-
Xerra: That's when the idea for Palutena to put chaos and order into her own hands is born! We can still prevent that from happening!
Umbra: I mean, I'd like to stop bad things from happening too but…

He glances at Andromeda.

Umbra: She's the most important thing to me now.

Andromeda shakes her head.

Andromeda: It's sweet and all, but if you can stop some of worst events from happening, i highly encourage you to do so. I'll still be here.

Umbra nods.

Umbra: Fine, we'll go to where headquarters were.
Xerra: Alaska here we come!

Former Four floats with the rest of the crew on the escape pod.

Former Four: Alright, this might be kind of risky, but I could use my cool tattered robes as a makeshift rope.

Lock perks his head up.

Lock: Yeah… that might just work.
Former Four: Let's do it then!

Former Four heads outside the escape pod and pulls off his robes. He attaches them to the hull of the escape pod from outside and attaches it to his shoulder, beginning to run. The ship begins to slowly move in the gravity-less void of space, eventually reaching into the atmosphere. Former Four and the escape pod begin to burn up as they fall into the atmosphere, Former Four getting back inside.

Alexandria: Wait… how are we gonna survive this fall?
Emmy: I don't think anyone thought of that!

The escape pod falls to Alaska, burning up in the atmosphere. The crew braces themselves for impact.

Susan: Oh god, we're gonna die, we're gonna die… we're gonna die….

The group closes their eyes but the escape pod suddenly stops before slowly descending.

Former Four: ...what?

Former Four pokes his head outside, looking at their saviors: Amy Jackson and Krystal Perez.

Former Four: Hey.

Amy Jackson drops the escape pod, the rest of the group poking their heads out. PalmMan glances at the group from the door outside.

PalmMan: Uh… we've got a couple of trouble makers in there.

Obena dabs as PalmMan squints. DragonMan joins his side.

DragonMan: Lock is especially bad news.
Lock: Relax, we're not here to cause any trouble. Come on, let's by-gones be by-gones.
PalmMan: I'll let your son and daughter be the judge of that.
Lock: Are they here?
PalmMan: Not yet… uh…

PalmMan sweats intensely.

PalmMan: They will be, though!
Susan: What about Leah?

Xena perks up from the side of the wall, immediately running away.

PalmMan: ...we got some bad news on that front. Wait… weren't you in the plane with her???
Susan: Wait, did you think we died when we got shot down?
PalmMan: Uh, yeah…

Susan laughs.

PalmMan: Why are you laughing?

Lock laughs, along with White Goddess, Emmy, and Alexandria. Obena dabs again, trying desperately to signal she's a good guy.

DragonMan: Why is the red alien dabbing?

Chapter 21: The Rainbow Forge

Unten returns to headquarters with the group, which is ever so more packed. PalmMan runs up to him.

PalmMan: Leah is not dead.
Unten: How…? We shot Susan and her down in the plane-

Unten notices Susan Syringe, sitting around a group of people.

Unten: Oh!
PalmMan: Yeah, that's a promising sign, yeah?
Unten: Wait… so how have I been seeing Leah's ghost everywhere?
PalmMan: That's probably trauma.

Unten shrugs.

Unten: Yeah, that checks out.

Obena wanders around for a bit as she bumps into Nycho, who is having some crab on a plate on his lap.

Obena: Oh, whoops, sorry!
Nycho: Nah, you're fine. What's up?

Nycho bites into the crab as he looks at her. She sits down.

Obena: My planet got blown up and I landed in Noah, where this man named Lock was trying to help me, I think… then Leah showed up and we got the thing working again but then she stranded us in space! Not sure what to think of her, to be honest.
Nycho: Eh, the opinion seems favorable around here.
Obena: So… what is this place and who are the people?
Nycho: I'm new around here too, so I don't really know. Some people treat each other like family, even though there's no way they're related…

Nycho glances at Unten and PalmMan.

Nycho: I know those two aren't lovers because I asked and he got very offended.

Obena tilts her head.

Obena: Maybe this place is like, one big Fantendo.
Nycho: What's that word mean?
Obena: Like, a group of people that don't give up or turn on each other even when they all kind of hate each other.
Nycho: So. that's it huh? We're some sort of Fantendo Smash Bros…?
Obena: Well… I don't know about Bros, I mean, there are a lot of women.
Nycho: A lot of good looking ones too.
Obena: Haha… yes…

Obena stares at a woman in a hijab.

Obena: Who is she?
Nycho: Oh, I don't know. We should go talk to her.

Nycho finishes up his crab. The mysterious woman glances around.

Nycho: Heyo!

The woman looks at Nycho.

Hijab Woman: Do you know where I can find Unten?

Nycho points over to Unten, who is talking with PalmMan.

Hijab Woman: Much appreciated.
Nycho: She has other concerns at the moment, best let her tend to those.
Obena: I guess so! Oh… can you explain why people keep laughing when I try to tell them I come in peace? Is it because I look too scary?
Nycho: I mean, you look gorgeous, honestly, but that's because the dab is a really outdated meme with sort of "try-hard" vibe, I guess?
Obena: I didn't understand any of that.
Nycho: Whoever was telling you it means peace was fucking with you.
Obena: That was Leah…

Xena is walking through the forest, her spine shuddering as her eyes roll around. Leah blinks as she keeps walking down.

Leah: The toxins are finally out of my system.

Leah sighs loudly.

Leah: Well, they'll know I'm alive now. And then they're gonna hunt for me, like some kind of red october…

Leah shakes her head.

Leah: When is it going to end? I don't know how I can build their trust up again… The Fan and The Enemy are calling the shots and they're against me. Unten didn't hesitate to try and kill me…

Leah looks into a icy pond, the fish frozen in time. She stares at her own reflection, which becomes Xena.

Xena: I think you're best off just starting fresh. Nobody knows who I am, you don't have that baggage.
Leah: And lose X-Ray? As bad as my situation is, she's always there…
Xena: Where is she now? All you have is that ring you desperately cling to.
Leah: I will not toss it away.
Xena: For what reason? Why do you cling so tight to her?
Leah: She thought I was working for The Threat, which isn't the truth, and the truth will come out.
Xena: You're clinging onto a fool's dream.
Leah: Maybe so…

Leah snaps out of her trance, glancing at a woman with blue and black hair, with a metal jaw and looking primal.

Leah: Wait… that can't be.
???: That voice… you aren't…
Leah: (simultaneously) Are you Rachel?
???: (simultaneously) Are you Leah?

??? hears what she just said.

???: Ugh, no! I'm Lexi Larsen, the woman you fucking blew up!
Leah: That one is not on me, LL.
Lexi: Don't call me "LL".
Leah: Why not, it's fun to say…
Lexi: Anyway, if you feel like it's not on you, you might as well feel sorry for it.
Leah: We were looking around Unten's escape pod. We needed to get stuff from it. You were trying to stop me and Jack for whatever reason!
Lexi: You… really just call people whoever you want, huh.
Leah: Look, I know you're all sore about me blowing you up, but I mean… look where you are now! Actually… yeah, you seem to have taken a turn for the worse, huh.
Lexi: I'm trying to pry these fish out of the ice, yeah.
Leah: Haha, good luck with that. I mean, look at the bright side, the price of fish is going up and you're getting it for free!
Lexi: ...You know, now that I think about it, I am craving human.
Leah: I dunno where you're going with this but I'm out…
Lexi: I mean, hotdogs are 30% disposed human flesh anyway, what's the harm in trying the other 70%.
Leah: ...Is that true…?

Leah begins running quickly, but is suddenly ensnared in a net trap. Lexi glances at her in the trap.

Leah: Ah shit.

Sakeena paces around for a bit around Alpha-V and Beowulf.

Sakeena: I mean, he's practically got the whole Top Ten under his beck and call. Kind of outnumbered here.
Beowulf: I mean, they can't all be under his beck and call.
Sakeena: I can't imagine that they aren't. We've already seen the deaths of Carla and Aero… there's Ten… Grendel's mother, I guess we'll call her.
Beowulf: Well, we're not giving up.

Sakeena sinks back into her beanbag.

Sakeena: It's funny, when you get basically everything you want, you don't realize the red flags that come with that.

The woman in the hijab approaches Unten.

Unten: Faria?

The woman in the hijab nods.

Unten: Faria, what are you doing here, it's not safe for a civilian with no training or powers to be out here…
Faria: I do have a power though.

Faria bends metal around her, the metal twisting around her like it's alive.

Unten: When did you learn to bend metal?
Faria: Not so much learned as gifted to do so. I think.
Unten: Right, so like Sakeena.
Faria: That's why I'm here. Where is she? The whole family is worried sick for her…
Unten: She got taken by The Threat.

Faria sinks to the floor.

Faria: Tell me that's not true…
Unten: I can't tell you a lie.
Faria: Well, where is she?
Unten: Probably on Kolob- that's where The Threat took over.
Faria: Is there a way we can rescue her?
Unten: Not at the moment. We're far too weak.
Faria: You gotta be kidding.
Unten: If we thought we could take her on, at this stage, we would be crazy. She has three User Crystals on her.
The Fan: Speaking of getting more power, we have another mission for you, Unten.
Unten: How many more missions do you possibly have for me? Alright, whatever.
The Fan: I should note that nor me and The Enemy actually know what this is about. They're asking for YOU to come.
Unten: Sounds kind of like a trap…
The Fan: We've tried to survey the area but nothing really sketchy came up, oddly enough. In fact, it's a area known as the Rainbow Forge.
The Enemy: What makes this a bit more convenient is that it's also the location of the third and last Descender Shiki knows about.
Shiki: Mhm. This one is named Dorofu. He's a interesting dude. The Enemy created him.
Unten: Alright, I'll get going...

Faria crosses her arms.

Faria: I'm coming along.
Unten: That's fine by me. Anyone else wanna go? Seems wise to bring a couple of friends along.

Umbra and Xerra step inside the base.

Xerra: Where's Strafe? Where is he?
Unten: He left a while ago to go get the Descender Meotor…
Xerra: Ah, crap. We are a bit late.
Umbra: Maybe not too late.
Xerra: It's gonna be tight if we even have a shot. Do you all have a ship we can use to get to Ubwerk? That's where Strafe went, yeah?
Unten: Uh… Chelsea?

Chelsea pokes her head out.

Chelsea: Hmm… yeah, I think I got something that might work.
Xerra: What is it?

Chelsea gestures over and Umbra and Xerra run over.

Chelsea: This is called the Mini Lopper. I'm trying to work on more compact vehicles that I can produce quickly but I'm not really a machine as much as I want to be…

Chelsea sighs.

Xerra: You have tested this thing, yeah?
Chelsea: It should run- I haven't done every little check yet…

Xerra looks to Umbra.

Xerra: It'll have to work.

Mioda walks up to Unten.

Mioda: I'm coming with you. If it's a trap, I'll kill without hesitation.

Unten nods.

The Fan: We good?
Nycho: I haven't done anything in a hot second, I'll go too.
Obena: Uh… I as well.

Unten looks at them weirdly but shrugs as The Fan opens a portal to the Rainbow Forge.

Three smashes Grendel into the wall, the head of the Vorto Grunt he was devouring falling on the floor as Three entangles him in vines around the limbs.

Three: Time for you to take your medicine.
Grendel: Do what you must- although I don't think you know how dangerous of a situation you're in now.
Three: I've got you in tow. Isn't that enough?
Grendel: HA! You really think The Threat is just gonna let you stay alive when she's focused on training that metal-bending girl?
Three: I have my doubts but I feel secure where I am.
Grendel: It's been so obviously a set up, a trap this whole time, to dispose of the "weakest". Do you really think you have the strength to fight back?
Three: Mm… I am not made of stone…

Three positions a needle near Grendel's head.

Three: Wait, where, the hell is your head?

Grendel chuckles.

Three: I'll find it and this will all be over. You'll just be a slave to the Hivemind and I can rest easy.
Grendel: Rest easy? The only fate you're in for is being buried in the ground to regrow a new Three.
Three: If that's my fate, so let it be. Your's is to be devoured by your karma.
Grendel: Karma? Haha, don't tell me you really believe in that junk.

Three squints as he presses the needle against Grendel's hard mandible.

Grendel: Ack. Wouldn't it be a lot easier to just stop her experiment here? I don't think you realize it, but I'm not actually fighting back.
Three: The day I serve under you is the day I die.
Grendel: Don't doubt it.

Nine bursts into the room, breaking the wall.

Three: Nine? Actually, you would be Seven now. Eh...
Nine: Haha… funny story. So, I got this distress beacon from Five- and get this, he says you're… oh. You actually are holding Five hostage here.
Three: I'm actually going to inject him with the Hivemind virus.
Nine: That's… cool. Sure.

Nine suddenly rams into Three, forcing him away. Grendel crawls away.

Grendel: That was my backup plan. Maybe you should have had one- might have served you well!

Three groans.

Three: My mission is not complete.

Grendel runs through the hole in the wall as Nine backs into the wall, creating another hole. Three stands up.

Nine: Really sorry about that… it's just we have a alliance-
Three: Yes, all the lower classes tend to.

Three shakes his head as Nine leaves.

Strafe, Rachel, DREW, Rose Reaper, Geki, Cardinal, and Mycan are led into a village by Noire Fox.

Strafe: How… oddly quiet and quaint. How is that there's dome where people fight each other for sport but you have this nice little village where nothing bad is happening?

Noire Fox shrugs.

Noire Fox: I really wish I knew anything about this place. I really do.
Rachel: Well, your power is to do pretty much anything as long as it's funny, right?
Noire Fox: ...are you saying that's why they worship me as a god?
Rose Reaper: Yeah, that makes sense to me.
Noire Fox: I've never seen these people in my life!
Rose Reaper: That's why they worship you. It doesn't make any sense and that's why it's funny.

Noire Fox takes a moment to ponder over that.

Noire Fox: That… is kind of funny in it's own cosmic sense, I suppose.

A young girl in a Noire mask approaches the group, excitedly pointing to Noire Fox.

Young Girl: Noire Fox! Noire Fox!

The girl hugs Noire Fox as Rachel look onwards.

Rachel: Cute...!
Noire Fox: Hah…

Rachel stoops down to her.

Rachel: What's your name?
Little Girl: Skitti!
Rachel: Hi Skitti!

Strafe pats Rachel's back and she stands up, rolling her eyes.

Rachel: A little impatient, aren't we?
Strafe: I just think we should get going- we've seen the village, we really need to get the Descender out of here-

Rose Reaper glances at the sky.

Rose Reaper: Is that purple strand…

Strafe stands his ground, pulling out his Desert Eagle.

Strafe: Ayup.
DREW: Ahhhh crap.

Unten steps out of the portal, Mioda and Faria stepping out with Obena and Nycho following afterwards. The portal closes and the group looks around their surroundings; it's a collection of floating rocks with rainbow colored crystals, with steel bridges connecting the floating rocks together. On the center rock is a giant rainbow crystal forge.

Unten: Well, it is what The Fan and The Enemy said it was. That's a rainbow forge for sure.
Faria: Mhmm… no sign of traps yet.

Mioda glances around carefully, making sure the coast is clear.

Unten: Everything looks good for now…

Unten walks across the steel bridges to where the rainbow forge is, hearing a murmured, gargled voice.

Unten: Who's doing that…?

Nycho shoots his hands up.

Nycho: Not me…

Suddenly, Meta-Form, with altered coloring and a missing right arm with tentacles descends down.

Meta-Form: Youuuu… We told youuu not to come back here...
Unten: Wha…?

Meta-Form lunges at Unten, and the group gets into fighting stance.



Unten manages to untangle the purple goop leaking out of Meta-Form's arm socket with Imperium, effectively throwing it away.

Unten: Must be another Querius situation.

Meta-Form scratches his head as he closes his eyes.

Meta-Form: Querius...?
Unten: Eh, nothing you gotta worry about for now. You feeling alright?
Meta-Form: I'm alright…

Unten nods and begins walking to the Rainbow Forge again. Mioda glances around intensely.

Mioda: This absolutely has to be a trap…
Obena: Keep your eyes peeled…

Leah squirms in the net trap as Lexi Larsen sits near a fire.

Leah: Hey, you're not really gonna eat me, right?
Lexi: I might. Depends.
Leah: Have you eaten anyone before?
Lexi: Nah… you would be the first. Strafe and the sociopaths at the military would be the last.
Leah: Have you considered, like, a less cannibalistic route though?
Lexi: I could… but I just think this is the more beneficial option. Why leave a corpse?
Leah: True… have you thought about gardening though?
Lexi: You can stall all you want. At the end of day though…

Leah drops out of the net trap.

Leah: I have a big mace on my hands with like, several spikes on it. Did you really think I was trapped in there?

Lexi smiles.

Lexi: Not even for a moment. Alright, what are you gonna do? Push me into the fire so I get horribly burned?
Leah: I'm just gonna go. You know, go into hiding-

Leah remembers something, although we are not told what it is.

Leah: Hang on. There is something I need in Seattle.

Leah takes off running as Lexi squints.

Lexi: Nah, you don't get to run off like that…

Lexi gets on all fours and starts chasing after her, Leah running as fast as she can.

Strafe stares at the sky, which is gradually becoming more and more purple as a strand locks down to the ground. He readies his gun as a hole in the sky opens, unleashing Two and Morteluci.

Strafe: Ah shit, it's Two…

Rachel stares at Morteluci.

Rachel: That's Morteluci! Didn't the Threat describe it as a killing machine?
Strafe: To be fair, she said that about almost all of those things.

Two unleashes a laser, razing the forest around the village, causing it to erupt into flames.

Strafe: God damn it, didn't we deal with this guy a while ago?

Rachel nods as she puts up her shielding gauntlets, Rose Reaper pulling out her electrical scythe, and DREW pulling out his flaming sword. Noire Fox pulls out a hammer as Skitti watches in interest, appearing to pull a white suitcase with xes all over it.

DREW: What is that…?

Two nears the ground, still burning up the ground with his laser as Morteluci descends down to the ground, cackling. A ship speeds through the air, briefly catching Moreluci's attention as it slams into his face. Morteluci breathes fire on it, diverting it away as it crashes in the distance.

Rachel: Strafe! You take Morteluci, DREW and Rose Reaper you take Two! Noire and Skitti… uh, assist us if we have trouble?

Noire Fox nods as Skitti swings her suitcase around, accidently opening it to reveal a canned snake that hits the bottom sphere of Morteluci, causing him to sink into the ground temporarily short circuiting. Strafe jumps off Rachel's shields, shooting a flashing sphere as Morteluci howls in pain, rising again.

Morteluci: You two think you can take me on? I have no hesitation! I am the glass god! My eyes do not show fear! I sense much in you two...
Strafe: I'm not afraid of you, Mr. Floodlights.
Morteluci: You should be.


Morteluci slams into the ground, defeated for now. He disperses into cubes, teleporting away.

Morteluci: Mere power is not enough, you must understand… I am beyond strength, beyond the Threat's…
Strafe: Oh, shut up and take the loss…

Strafe glances at Rose Reaper and DREW, who are taking on Two. Two recoils back, spinning it's head. Strafe knows what it's going to do.

Strafe: Rose Reaper! DREW!

Both stop to look at him as Two charges up his laser, blasting them with pink energy, seemingly to disintegrate them.

Strafe: NOOOOOOOO!!!

Strafe screams as Two looks at him, beginning to descend up into the air. Strafe feels light energy flow out of him, howling.

Strafe: Come back here, you piece of shit!

Strafe jumps high, as if he has wings and slams his fist into Two, which howls.


Strafe slams into the ground, panting as he hits the ground, the light energy dispersing off him as Two slams into the ground, clearly weakened.

Rachel: Strafe…

Strafe aims a ball of light at Two's "head", killing him as his head shatters like glass. He angrily looks at Noire Fox.

Strafe: None of this would happen if we didn't stay over here for a extra moment. They were looking for the Descender, I think that much is obvious.
Noire Fox: I'm sorry…
Strafe: The apology isn't gonna help. We're going back to base, dumping it, and I'm gonna go travel to Two's planet to rescue his two victims.

Strafe angrily storms off. Noire Fox drops his head as Rachel sighs, rubbing his back.

Rachel: He's not mad at you, just the events of what happened.

Noire Fox sighs more and nods.

Sakeena and Beowulf arrive at the entrance of the cave they saw previously.

Sakeena: I absolutely do not remember creating this thing when I was making… this place, I guess. The Threat must have created it… this must be how they're getting inside.

Sakeena goes inside the cave with Beowulf by her side.

Sakeena: It is quite dark in here…
Beowulf: Slimy too…
Sakeena: Oh… ew… you're touching the walls?
Beowulf: Generally if you follow the path of a wall and then follow it back out, you won't get lost.
Sakeena: Yeah… I'm not sure if that's the best idea.

Beowulf shrugs as the two go deeper inside the cave, hearing the water drip down from the stalagmites.

Sakeena: What I don't understand is why The Threat is doing this. She lied about keeping me safe and happy, didn't she? I guess you weren't here for that, but… this is very much the opposite of safe and happy.
Beowulf: People lie, don't they?
Sakeena: Guess so. Just didn't expect that from The Threat… you would think she would be trying to at least win me over with kindness… as I thought she was.
Beowulf: Mmhm.
Sakeena: I mean, I am a complete idiot for thinking so, yes. But… doesn't she understand that this just leads to more mistrust?

Sakeena stops in front of a hole, covered with black barnacles around it.

Sakeena: What the…

Murmurs crawl out of the hole, warped beyond recognition, from a unrecognizable language. Harsh, then soft speaking, Sakeena glances down the whole, seeing the bleak empty blackness from below.

Sakeena: Do you hear that?

Beowulf is still walking down the cave.

Sakeena: Beowulf!

Sakeena runs towards him, but stops, the voices getting louder and more aggressive.

Sakeena: I guess I can just follow the edge of the wall to find him… this hole is creeping me out… I need to know what's up with it…

Sakeena shakes her head.

Sakeena: Splitting up is a bad idea, what am I thinking? This is how we got here!

Sakeena spins around, not sure what to do, before slipping on the barnacles and falling into the hole below, hitting the water. She floats, her hair swimming around her as she stares at the bleak blackness around her, "stars" seeming to appear around her. She slams into the ground.

Sakeena: Ah!

Sakeena gets up, grimacing as she stares at a mirrored image of herself.

Sakeena: What the…

Sakeena backs away, hitting another mirror, although the Sakeena in this mirror is wearing a hijab. The mirrors are pushing towards each other. Sakeena is trapped in the middle.

Sakeena: Beowulf?

The mirrors press against Sakeena, becoming extremely clausterphobic.

Sakeena: Rachel!? Strafe?!?! UNTEN???!

Sakeena slams on the closing mirrors, screaming.


Sakeena closes her eyes, panicking as she is getting crushed between the two mirrors.

Sakeena: HELP!!!

Sakeena is crushed between the two mirrors, although she doesn't die so much as wake up on a black rock shore. She spits out a bunch of water, before looking at two doors. Past and Future.

Sakeena: Nope…

Sakeena turns her back against the doors and in the distance is a door with the word "Present" marked on it.

Sakeena: Well, that's one thing I've gotten smarter at- detecting bullshit routes in dream sequences. How do I…

Sakeena grows red wings.

Sakeena: Ah, I see.

Sakeena flies over to the door and enters inside, going down a mirror-like hallway, staring at the various Sakeenas in various outfits she's worn over the years.

Sakeena: I should wear the owl hoodie more often…

Sakeena runs down the hallway, entering out the other side as she floats into space.

Sakeena: Let's see…

Sakeena swims down, being pushed back by jets.

Sakeena: Hmm…

Sakeena keeps pushing forward, beginning to run out of air. Suddenly, she is dragged to the surface by a mysterious unseen force, a metal coil wrapped around her leg. She exits the water, gasping.

Sakeena: What's at the bottom-

Sakeena turns around to see a red haired woman.

Red Haired Woman: You really do like to run into danger, huh.
Sakeena: Who are you?
Red Haired Woman: I'm nobody. I guess I'm a person you want to be. But Sakeena…

The Red Haired Woman sighs.

Red Haired Woman: You can't be someone you're not.
Sakeena: Then why did The Fan give me these powers? I'm a replacement for someone-
Red Haired Woman: You aren't!

The Red Haired Woman points at herself.

Red Haired Woman: There's nothing special about me. This image you're trying to be is something you built up in your mind! You are your own person, act like it!

Sakeena stares at her.

Red Haired Woman: Whatever Leah told you is just her drunken rambles. You know that. Nothing she says during that is actually reflective of what she thinks about you though- you know she has the guts to say whatever she really thinks about you.

Sakeena gasps.

Sakeena: That's… true.
Red Haired Woman: Be the person that your family knows. Be the person your friends know. Don't be the person that Drunken Leah thinks she knows.

Sakeena nods before slowly coming to, laying next to the hole covered with barnacles. She picks herself up.

Sakeena: I dunno what that was about… but…

Sakeena runs over to run her hand down the wall.

Sakeena: Oh yeah, that's slimy.

Sakeena walks, reflecting on whatever that dream was.

Strafe lands the ship, growling still.

Strafe: I'll be lucky if they're still alive…

Strafe immediately gets back in, taking off. Rachel tries to comfort Noire Fox.

Noire Fox: At least… we got rid of The Threat's forces over there?
Skitti: Hi!

Rachel and Noire Fox gasp.

Rachel: Goddamn it, we accidently took her, didn't we?
Noire Fox: I'm pinning this on you.
Rachel: Why me?
Noire Fox: You have a history of doing this!
Rachel: Okay, Mike and Jay were a mistake, are we pretending this isn't?
Skitti: I just followed Noire Fox.

Rachel crosses her arms, giving Noire Fox a snarky look. Noire Fox sighs.

Rachel: Well, the headquarters is looking more packed…

Palutena appears before the three.

Palutena: Where's Strafe? Did he already go?
Rachel: Yeah, he just came to drop us off and left in a huff.
Palutena: Mm, so he was here.
Rachel: Why weren't you here earlier?
Palutena: I've been staying out of the conflict as much as I can. I have no say in it. But… when it begins to hurt my son… I can't help but want to be involved.
Rachel: You guys have always come off a little selfish…
Palutena: Oh hush. I've helped you during that… sports resort adventure? Is that we're calling it?
Rachel: Eh.
Palutena: Anyway… I'm here now!

Rachel claps and rolls her eyes.

Palutena: Oh, don't look at me like that.

Xerra and Umbra exit from the crashed ship.

Xerra: Did that do it? Did… that work?
Umbra: I guess we may never know. Or maybe we'll cease to exist.
Xerra: Yeah… time travel is messy.

The man in a Drigen mask approaches them.

Umbra: Woah, dude, put on a shirt.
Masked Man: There's no time for that! We need your help to destroy the strand.

Xerra sighs.

Xerra: Right, they probably left right away…

Umbra and Xerra run towards the strand.

VortoGrunt.pngTentopath Puppet.pngDireWrathVictory.png

The strand is cut, and Umbra and Xerra stand over it, exhausted.

Umbra: Hey… uh, do you guys have a way off this place?

The man in the Drigen mask nods.

Xerra: Oh… thank god.

Xerra laughs out of relief.

Sakeena catches up with Beowulf, who is in a altercation with Eight, pressing his sword against her scythe arm.

Beowulf: I followed her, thinking it was you!
Sakeena: Ah… well, that explains things.
Beowulf: Help would be appreciated…

Sakeena nods and grabs some metal from the minerals in the wall.


Sakeena watches as Eight collapses onto the ground, screeching.

Beowulf: What are we calling this one?
Sakeena: Geodea sounds like a pretty name, fitting for the cave we found her in…
Beowulf: Don't humanize these monsters.
Sakeena: Beowulf… wait…

Beowulf attempts to decapitate Geoda, although Geoda grows wings and two pairs of tentacles, screeching as she flies out of the cave, dragging them along with her.

Geoda: I'll drop you from the sky! I'll… I'll…

Geoda slams into the ground, dropping both Sakeena and Beowulf into the land near a body of water. Geoda collapses, ceasing to move as Sakeena rolls across the ground safely. Beowulf hits the ground head first and falls into the water.

Sakeena: Beowulf!

Unten arrives at the site of the Rainbow Forge, looking around. The place looks empty.

Unten: Wait, you might be right, this might be a trap-

A being, very large and imposing, suddenly rises from behind the forge.

Unten: Oh?

The being looks at Unten and giggles.

Forge Person: Well, you are exactly as small as they said you were.

Unten glances to the side.

Unten: We just making fun of my height or…

Forge Person laughs again.

Forge Person: Come here.

Unten walks towards the Forge Person.

Forge Person: We have a gift to help you fight The Threat. But first, hand me Imperium.

Unten hesitates.

Unten: How do I know this isn't some sort of a trap?
Forge Person: Because I'm the one who created Imperium.

Unten looks at Imperium.

Unten: Prove it…?
Forge Person: My name is Zingotta. My sigil is the pattern across Imperium, actually. See?

Zingotta holds up their arm, displaying the cyan "Z".

Unten: Well, that's pretty damning. Alright…

Unten gently places Imperium across the rainbow forge.

Zingotta: Just gonna do a minor alteration…

Zingotta slams a crystal hammer on the hilt of Imperium, a flash of rainbow light broadcast across the blade.

Unten: What did you…
Zingotta: Full functionality restored. I'll go over the features if we have time, although I feel doing is the best teacher.
Unten: I guess so, yeah…

Two Beorns teleport to the sides of Zingotta.

Zingotta: Ah, Origin and Destiny, there you are.
Origin: In the flesh.
Destiny: Straight to business…

Destiny summons a bunch of orbs.

Destiny: These are called the Hyper Mode Orbs. We found these a while back- but these host a great power that we are still trying to understand. We also know that there are many more out there…

Unten grabs a blue one that's close to him.

Unten: You came here to give me these?
Destiny: It's energy can be traced to you. We theorize it may be based off the past universe.
Unten: The past universe?
Destiny: It's not important at the moment.

Unten shrugs.

Unten: So… how do we use these?

Destiny makes a tapping motion.

Unten: Alright…

Unten taps the Hyper Mode orb, which causes it to swirl wound and coat Unten in a strange energy, changing his body a little bit. He stands about a foot taller, with darker fur and spikes poking out from his ears.

Unten: I feel… stronger.

Unten glances at Imperium.

Unten: Oh no, why is it… bleeding?
Zingotta: It should be fine, the blade heals on its own. It seems to have a reaction to the energy though…
Unten: I feel like I could be in this form forever…

Netnu grabs the rest of the orbs.

Netnu: And these are just other orbs you've found, huh.
Zingotta: Yes. We want you to have them as they seem to have quite the connection to heroes like Unten…

Suddenly, everyone hears some slow clapping.

Querius: Heroes that should have stayed out of the way.
Unten: So… this was a trap…? Or not…?
Zingotta: I've never seen this dude before… he must have snuck in some how…

Meta-Form squints.

Meta-Form: That's who I was following before… things got all hazy and purple...

Mioda shoots a arrow at Querius, who just catches it.

Querius: I told you to stay out my business. Now you're all gonna pay the price for it; or at least a price.

Querius charges a bunch of negative energy around his hands.

Unten: Uhhh…

Querius releases it. Everything goes black in a flash.

Chapter 22: Blood Kiss

Unten slams into a asteroid.

Unten: Ugh, where am I…?

Unten is still clutching Imperium and the Hyper Mode Orb, his hands shaking.

Unten: Hello?

Unten hears nothing.

Unten: We must still be in the oxygen bubble because I can still breathe fine…

Unten sees a distant red and black figure in the distance, which jumps towards him. Unten initially gets ready to fight it, but drops his guard when he sees it's just Netnu.

Unten: Netnu? How did you get here?
Netnu: The Enemy sent me over here after he realized what had happened.
Unten: Where's everyone else?
Netnu: They might be gone back to the base. By the way, we're not floating in space.
Unten: Oh…

Unten touches the black ground, noticing that it is a solid surface.

Unten: That's really black, holy cow.
Netnu: You must have passed out when Querius unleashed the void. I went to rescue you after you got sucked in; it was a very short period of time because it closed almost immediately after you went in.
Unten: Well, now what?
Netnu: We get out.

Unten nods.

Sakeena takes a deep breath as she plunges into a pond of cold water, grabbing Beowulf's hand and pulling him up to the surface, aided by trace amounts of metal in the mineral deposists. Alpha-V sighs in relief as Sakeena bubbles to the surface, dragging Beowulf's body to beach, pressing her hands against his chest to relieve him of the water in his throat. He doesn't wake up, however.

Sakeena: Beowulf!

Beowulf is seen breathing, but he is clearly unconscious.

Sakeena: This is really bad…
Alpha-V: Calm down Sakeena… calm down…
Sakeena: I wish I could but I'm not strong enough to take on the Threat's Top 10… I'm not strong enough to do anything.

Sakeena sobs.

Sakeena:...I keep running away from my problems.

Alpha-V looks at Carla, Aero, and Geoda's coffins and then looks at Sakeena,

Alpha-V: I'm gonna just admit something. I don't think I'm the real Rachel.
Sakeena: I never thought you were but I just wanted to lie to myself about it. None of the people in here besides the monsters are real. Hell… I'm sure Beowulf's not real at all.
Alpha-V: That's besides the point. None of those monsters are people you killed. And you were trying your best to be friends with them… even though they were trying to kill you.
Sakeena: The point?
Alpha-V: You can finally try it your way. It was stopped by someone else- but this cycle of violence is just… disgusting. It doesn't lead anywhere. It doesn't lead to people becoming better.
Sakeena: I guess it is true that we've never tried it my way before...

Sakeena picks herself up.

Sakeena: I guess there's no harm in trying anymore.

Crow is crawling through the snow. She is bleeding, having gone into an altercation with a couple of wolves earlier. The band around her neck is gone, having snapped off a long time ago. She's heading to a isolated mansion near these woods- she's been here a couple times. It's the home of Rubelline Tifft, who notices her outside her window.

Rubelline: Crow?

Rubelline puts on a coat and runs outside to Crow, who notices her bleeding.

Rubelline: Oh… Crow…

Rubelline begins to cry a bit as she hugs Crow, trying to lift her and carry her.

Rubelline: I missed you…

Crow hangs her head down as Rubelline enters the house, going for a first aid kit. Crow sticks her legs and hands up, grunting.

Rubelline: (panicked) Here you go!

Rubelline dabs at her wound with a white cloth, absorbing the blood and wiping it clean as Crow winces.

Crow: That hurts…
Rubelline: I'm so sorry…

Rubelline kisses it before wiping her mouth.

Rubelline: Ah! What am I thinking! I wasn't trying to suck you out like a vampire I just wanted to...
Crow: It's fine. Just wrap it in some bandages.

Rubelline nods, wrapping her wound in gauze and bandages. Crow relaxes fully.

Rubelline: How… how are you doing?
Crow: Was forced to fight against my own will, so that wasn't really any fun.
Rubelline: So… uh… why were you gone for so long?
Crow: I thought we agreed that this wasn't a super serious relationship.
Rubelline: It's not… I just thought you could visit during the three months you completely vanished…

Rubelline sighs.

Rubelline: Me and Syande broke up and I really needed someone there… not saying you needed to be there but…
Crow: I'm sorry that happened but I didn't know about it.
Rubelline: You were gone for three months… what did I do to you?
Crow: You didn't do anything to me. I just stopped visiting for a while; I've been gone longer. Me coming here a second time would be normally be a rare occasion for any place that I've slept at.
Rubelline: You kept coming back… I know who you are but when you kept coming back it made me feel special… I can't hide it anymore. Why did you not come back after that night?

Crow clears her throat.

Crow: I don't know what you've deluded yourself into believing but I needed space after something like that. I could tell Syande wasn't comfortable so I wanted to give her space and… I didn't like the feeling of being someone's pet to show off. I don't want to be domesticated. I needed the time away to feel like me again. I don't fall in love with people. I have affection towards you that I don't feel towards anyone else, sure, but I'm not in love with you in the same way you are with me.
Rubelline: I wasn't trying to domesticate you! I wanted you to be you! I'm sorry about the date, it was such a stupid idea in retrospect…

Rubelline attempts to claw at her own face but Crow stops her.

Crow: Don't do that.
Rubelline: I'm sorry, but I'm so frustrated with myself- I've lost everyone I cared about in one fell swoop and…

Rubelline starts crying.

Crow: You haven't lost me but… I won't be sticking around for long.
Rubelline: No, no… please stay… please…

Crow shakes her head.

Crow: As soon as I feel good enough to move, I'm going. There's too much going on to just stay here.

Rubelline sobs.

Rubelline: I-I'd ask to go with you but I don't even feel good enough to leave the house…

Crow tries to give her a reassuring look but Rubelline clings to her leg.

Rubelline: I'll do whatever you me to do… just five more minutes…

Crow shakes her head.

Crow: I'll be back, but I need to go.

Crow takes off on all four limbs, going out into the snow. Rubelline watches her wistfully, still sobbing.

Rubelline: I hope so…

Leah arrives at her hospital, which has a fresh layer of snow and ice around it. It is night, the sky is dark, lit only by the moon. The hospital lights aren't on, but she still has the key on her so she can enter inside.

Leah: Hello?

Leah glances around the empty dark hospital, attempting to flick on a couple lights, but the lights may have been cut off entirely. A low hum comes from the machines and refrigerators, still running.

Leah: Mm… where did I put it…

Leah glances around the tables, shuffling off the papers she has lying around. She does manage to find something that vaguely interests her, although it's not what she came here for; a copper, mostly green coin.

Leah: There you are…

Leah puts the coin in her pocket and glances around the hospital, entering her office. She finds a silver locket, opening it to reveal a picture of her and X-Ray. She rubs her finger over the frame and puts it underneath her shirt.

Leah: There we go…

Leah glances at the mirror on the wall, shuddering intensely.

Xena: I see why you came back.
Leah: If I drop the ring, I'll lose all sense of who I am…
Xena: Don't you understand? Why can't you see this as a choice? Why do you cling so hard to this identity when I'm here for you?

Leah puts her hands around her neck, almost involuntarily.

Leah: You idiot, you're gonna choke yourself out too.
Xena: I'll wake up. You probably won't because once I'm fully in control, I'll throw the locket off and I'll throw the ring off… I'll burn the hospital down too.
Leah: You can't do that!
Xena: You did it with the Twisted Cross.
Leah: We're the same damn person, you dumbass!

Leah gags as her grip around her neck tightens, squirming to wrestle air back.

Xena: You created me as a identity for yourself, I don't see why you don't fully embrace it like you did with your Leah persona.
Leah: I had to- I had to leave Sarah in the dark because that wasn't a place for her- I had no choice-

Leah gags.

Xena: And this isn't another situation like that?
Leah: No, because it can still be fixed, you fuck!

Leah slams her head into the mirror, temporarily dropping her grip on her neck. She breathes coarsely, staring at the broken mirror and the several Xenas.

Leah: Of course I had to make this worse…

Leah spins around away from the mirror as her neck is gripped by her hands again. She squirms on the floor helplessly.

Leah: Help!

Out of the corner of her eyes, Leah can see Xena laughing at her, rolling on the floor to face the glass door. Her grip slightly decreases. She hears someone else inside, getting real quiet.

Leah: Who is that…?

Suddenly, the stranger inside leaps in front of the door. Her white hair is instantly recognizable.

Leah: Crow?

Crow has bloody lips, as if she just ate something. Likely one of the several animal organs Leah has refrigerated. Crow stares at Leah, who presses her hand against the screen door.

Leah: Help me, please… I need help…

Leah shivers as Crow kisses the glass on the door. Leah watches as the blood collects on the door, wearily staring back.

Leah: care, don't you?

Crow nods, Leah pulls herself up from the floor.

Leah: Mm, what are you doing in here?

Crow points to a elk heart she's holding in her hand.

Crow: Eating.

Leah sighs.

Leah: Well, might as well not let it go to waste.
Crow: After that, I'm going to A22.
Leah: A22?
Crow: Yeah. Blast myself into space.
Leah: What for-
Crow: Liameno.
Leah: Huh, okay. I'm interested in where you're going with that…

Nycho, Faria, Obena, Meta-Form, and Mioda emerge from the portal.

The Fan: Where's Unten and Netnu?
Nycho: Yeah, uh, they might be dead or something?
Faria: We're not certain… they might be alive, we don't know. All we know is Querius shot a blast of dark energy and Unten and Netnu got sucked in.
Nycho: And then it just kind of closed.
The Fan: I see… were you able to recover the Descender?
Obena: That… uh, we did not see. We were kind of busy with the Hyper Mode Orbs and other stuff going on…

The Enemy sighs.

The Enemy: Well, we got two here, at least.

Unten slams Imperium into the ground. It bounces off, skidding across the ground. Netnu glances from afar as Unten sighs.

Unten: I thought cracking the ground would work.
Netnu: We've been trying to do that, yeah.
Unten: I guess I could try Hyper Mode…

Unten presses the Hyper Mode Orb and slams the ground with his bare fists, and then Imperium. Not even a scratch against the surface. Unten stumbles back.

Unten: What's the point of being strong if we're still trapped in here?
Netnu: Would you… just… relax for a moment? Obviously brute strength isn't the answer here.

Unten reverts back to normal as he sighs.

Unten: Alright.

Netnu taps a bunch of buttons and releases a dozen rockets from his wrist, all going into different directions.

Unten: Okay, what's that going to accomplish?
Netnu: Mapping out the area. Getting information about where the walls could probably be more fruitful than-

Netnu hears distant explosions.

Netnu: Mm… yeah, I don't think this place has walls.
Unten: That's the sound they make when they're out of range?
Netnu: Ayup.

Unten holds Imperium up, finding three small buttons near the handle now.

Unten: Zingotta did say that Imperium was upgraded, I don't know what they meant by that but…

Unten presses the top button, getting sucked inside Imperium as the sword spins around. Netnu catches it.

Nentu: Unten?

Unten travels across a stream of blue cyan energy, soon standing in a room where a light blue skinned woman in attire similar to Imperium is looking at him.

Woman: Hello, I don't think we've formally met.
Unten: I… don't think we have, no.
Woman: My name is Imperium. I'm sort of the soul of the blade, I guess. This is the Inner dimension of Imperium. You can pretty much put anything or anyone in here and I'll look after them.
Unten: Huh. How long was this functionality here?
Imperium: It was inadvertently disabled a while back. I don't exactly know how time operates out in your realm.
Unten: Hm. Well, how do I leave?
Imperium: Just tap the top button on the device in your hand and you'll leave.
Unten: Well, it was nice seeing you. I'll just uhh…

Unten taps the top button again, returning to the void. Netnu puts his hand on his shoulder.

Netnu: Hey kid, you can't just vanish like that.
Unten: I didn't even realize that did that. I wonder what the other two buttons do…

Unten presses the center button, a blue light flashing from the tip of the blade. It touches Netnu, causing him to warp inside of the blade. Unten presses the bottom button of the blade and Netnu warps out.

Unten: Huh.
Netnu: That's neat, a cloud storage feature of sorts. Just… don't do that again.

Unten and Netnu stare at something in the far distance.

Unten: That can't be…
Netnu: I think it is. I think it's the Descender Crystal we were supposed to grab.

Unten and Netnu walk towards it.

Sakeena wanders through the woods with a flashlight.

Sakeena: Hey, Top 10, I'm out here in the woods.

Sakeena shakes the tree but just peaches drop from it. Sakeena picks one up and bites into it as she looks around with the flashlight.

Sakeena: Come on, most of you have to be stalking me.

Sakeena munches on the peach and then finishes it, throwing the peach away.

Sakeena: I really don't care who it is. Three? Nine? Ten? I guess I've dwindled the group a bit. Wasn't my intention though, I swear.

A big bulking figure emerges from the bushes.

Nine: I was kind of trying to be sneaky but you took the fun out of it…
Sakeena: Wait, how did I not see you?

Nine shrugs.

Nine: We doing this or what?

Sakeena sighs as she pulls out a sword.


Nine slumps to the ground, defeated. Sakeena sighs.

Nine: You've defeated me, you ready to kill me?

Sakeena shakes her head.

Sakeena: I don't want to kill anyone. I want to help you all, like Quartz.
Nine: Quartz was a traitor, you can't seriously expect me to be so weak minded… okay, maybe.
Sakeena: Well, I think working together against the Threat would prove more beneficial than just getting killed, right?
Nine: You might have a body count over there, but Five… now that's a scary motherfucker.
Sakeena: Are you working with Five because you want to or because you have to?
Nine: The latter.
Sakeena: If he dies, would you consider maybe… uh joining me?
Nine: I'd go to your side immediately. I dunno how you're gonna kill him though.
Sakeena: I dunno either, but it's clear now…

Sakeena takes off.

Leah and Crow enter inside of A22, breaking open the glass doors. Leah looks to Crow as they enter inside, unaware that Lexi has been following Leah this entire time.

Leah: Where do they keep the rockets, you figure?

Crow merely shrugs as Leah tilts her head.

Crow: Guess we'll be looking around.

Leah looks down the hallways. A22 must be closed for the holidays, because barely any lights are lit.

Crow: Hm…

Crow breaks through a steel door with her katana as Leah and Crow walk through the mess, glancing around. A single room is lit in the area, where Bombyx Icarusiot sits cross legged, eating at a Christmas sweater.

Leah: Oh hey, I remember her…

Bombyx stares at her, running up to glass.

Bombyx: Leah?
Leah: Oh, yeah, it's me. I guess the costume throws people off. Except people who really should know who I am at this point…

Leah stoops her knees down.

Leah: We're looking for a rocket ship, do you know where one is?

Crow gets on all fours, starting to climb up the walls.

Bombyx: Oh yeah, I think so…

Bombyx emerges from the room, looking around at Leah and Crow.

Bombyx: Follow me!

Hugo Logia returns to the base, where a cross Blank is waiting for him.

Hugo: Blank?
Blank: Let me tell you about my day.
Hugo: Please do, I'm interested.
Blank: I have to fill in for Skett at the Noire Fox house because he's off, and things get more awkward and bad from there because The Threat is attacking. Strafe and Rachel go to rescue us and we have to abandon the house.
Hugo: Oh, I'm so sorry…
Blank: And you aren't even here when I come to this place, concerned with something else. What was that something else?
Hugo: It was something concerning a strange girl with green hair and wings… I was called over there to basically diffuse the situation. I'm sorry I wasn't here...
Blank: I'm not really mad at you so much as the situation.
Hugo: I get that, yeah. I still wish I was here for you.

Blank and Hugo hug.

Nycho: Hey, sorry to interrupt, but we're holding a poll for who becomes the new leader since Unten is dead, we think.
Hugo: Didn't that dude die already? Seems kind of early.
Nycho: Yeah, but I mean, we don't know when he's coming back.
Blank: Who's the runners for the spot?
Nycho: Oh… Untina, Mynis elected himself although nobody's backing that up, and Obena. There's also Zerita.
Hugo: Hm… I don't know any of those people.
Blank: Obena.
Nycho: Yeah, she's a popular choice…

Unten approaches the crystal with Netnu, seeing the Descender inside.

Unten: That's… him, alright. Maybe we can help him out?
Netnu: I don't see how…

Unten presses his hand against the crystal, causing it to melt into a red liquid as the person inside the crystal awakens.

Descender: Where am I? It looks like… nowhere.
Unten: We're stuck inside a void. It's been a while, I think, since you were last concious…

The Descender shakes his head.

Descender: I've seen this kind of thing before. Querius was his name.
Unten: He was around way back then? Huh. I thought he was a creation of The Threat.
Descender: Nah… he's been around for a good bit… how long do you think I've been out, actually?
Unten: Several… million… years?

Unten shrugs.

Unten: Maybe a couple billion, I dunno when you guys got locked away.
Descender: That sounds about right. How many of us have you found?
Unten: Counting you… three.
Descender: There's supposed to be twelve of us.
Unten: Well, we only got three.
Netnu: What's your name? Do you think you can help us out of here?
Descender: My name is Dorofu.
Unten: Well, Dorofu, it's nice getting to know you. I'm guessing you're made by The Enemy?
Dorofu: The Enemy? I think you mean The Wrath.
Unten: I guess he must have switched his name back.
Dorofu: W-why? The Enemy doesn't make sense as a name for him really anymore… that's why they went with the new names.
Unten: Which are old names now.
Dorofu: Eh, I haven't been awake for millions of years, I guess I'm just missing some context.

Dorofu stands up.

Dorofu: As for helping you… I will gladly do so.

Sakeena spots Grendel through some binoculars, feasting on the body of a rabbit he killed.

Sakeena: He's a irredeemable monster… just… keep that in your mind…

Sakeena sighs heavily as she jumps down, immediately putting up a metal barrier as Grendel immediately shifts attention.

Grendel: All alone again? Still hiding behind metal?

Sakeena grits her teeth as she swipes away Grendel, slamming him into a dirt wall that collapses. He laughs maliciously.

Grendel: You and me, metal girl. I don't know who will save you this time.
Sakeena: I don't need saving.

Sakeena forms a sword with the metal.

Sakeena: I just needed time to reform into the person I lost shape of.


Grendel squirms on the ground, badly hurt. He attempts to make clicking sounds, to try and alert Ten. Sakeena stares at the sky before taking a deep breath.

Grendel: You can't kill me- You literally can't, you won't let yourself do it. Do you think I haven't noticed every single attempt to reform us?
Sakeena: Shut up…
Grendel: Spare yourself the grief- you might as well let me go-

Sakeena lobs off Grendel's left center arm. Grendel howls in pain.

Grendel: What the-
Sakeena: I need proof that I killed you, because I'm not shoving your corpse in a box.

Sakeena kicks him into a body of water, remembering that Grendel is the source of most of Quartz' trauma. She sighs as his body sinks into the water, thrashing and rapidly losing blood before finally going silent.

Sakeena: Hopefully that's the last time I have to do that…

Sakeena breathes quietly, trying to calm her nerves as she clutches his arm and walks off.

Leah and Crow enter a huge room with Bombyx leading the way, with Lexi not so far away, silently approaching them from afar.

Leah: Ah, this is where they keep the secret rocket room. Behind the vending machine, with the input R41.
Bombyx: Shhh! It's a secret.
Crow: Yeah, this will do.

Lexi rushes into the room, swinging her two blades right at Leah. Leah manages to dodge as the group gets back.

Lexi: This ends here, Leah.
Leah: I mean, we are leaving.

Lexi attempts to attack again, Leah getting into a combative stance.

Leah: Alright, let's just get this over with.


Lexi collapses onto the ground as Crow looks at her.

Lexi: Why would you team up with someone so vile…
Crow: I honestly have no idea what happened between you two, but she's just here for the ride. She think it'll be interesting, I guess?
Leah: What happened with the minefield was not my fault.
Lexi: You shouldn't have been there! It was for personnel only!
Leah: Like this room isn't also personnel only?

Lexi sighs.

Lexi: I suppose you're not the agent of my suffering.
Leah: Exactly.
Crow: We're gonna go to Liameno's ships. That dude is fighting against The Threat, but hes also got a lot of people unwillingly under his control and command and… I wanna do something about that.
Leah: Ahh, okay, now I get it.
Bombyx: Oo! Working with Leah would be fun…
Lexi: Who are you?
Bombyx: I'm Bombyx! I live at A22 because they experiment on me.
Lexi: How cruel…
Bombyx: It's not bad, really…

Lexi hugs Bombyx closely, sighing.

Lexi: You don't know how much better it could be.

Leah rolls her eyes.

Leah: Cut it with the sentimental bullshit, let's go.

Unten, Netnu, and Dorofu look exhausted, having done everything they can to try and escape.

Dorofu: I don't understand… I can sense all kind of things below us, but it all appears to be dead.
Unten: Maybe we are stuck in here. Maybe there really is no escape.
Netnu: There has to be a way to escape. There has to be…

Dorofu sighs.

Dorofu: I think we're out of options. If that really is the case… well, there is one last solution.
Unten: Hold up…
Dorofu: I'm not suggesting we kill ourselves. At least, not all of us. However, I have a life restoring power… that I can only exert when near death.
Unten: Hang on, no, no.
Dorofu: You have to do it.
Unten: There HAS to be another way. This can't be it.
Dorofu: It will be okay, Unten. I promise.
Unten: No, no! I don't want more blood on my hands.
Netnu: I don't wanna do it either…

Dorofu looks at them.

Dorofu: I understand the hesitation, but if we are to get out of here… this may be our only shot, to bring the dead back to life and see if it has a solution. I will not live to see it, but you two deserve a out.

Unten sighs heavily, and wearily, as he pulls out Imperium.

Unten: Here it goes…


Dorofu falls to the ground on his knees, his body falling apart and then implanting itself into the ground like roots.

Dorofu: So long, see you in another life.

Dorofu hands Unten a seed with a skull imprinted onto it as he goes silent, his body rooting into the ground. Unten watches as the ground suddenly bursts up, with black gumdrop-shaped creatures with white eyes poking out.

Netnu: I guess he was right-
Unten: Look at them go…

The creatures, called Voidlings, pull on the black void space in a fourth dimensional way, peeling back a portal back to the base. Unten and Netnu nod as they run towards the portal.

So long.

Sakeena returns to Nine, with Grendel's arm nailed to a board.

Nine: You really did kill him, didn't you?
Sakeena: Don't remind me.
Nine: Well, a promise is a promise.

Nine looks at Sakeena and outstretches his hand, the two shaking on it to make their alliance official.

Nine: Well, what now?
Sakeena: We got a couple of other people to take care of. One. Three. Ten.

Sakeena sighs.

Sakeena: Zero.
Nine: The one in love with The Threat?
Sakeena: Yeah, I guess.
Nine: I dunno about those four. Three is a pretty big stickler to The Threat's commands. One is… a scary one. Even Grendel was afraid of her. Ten… well, she practically acts like a mother to Grendel. Zero is a wild card. Not in a good way.
Sakeena: When has a wild card ever been good? It doesn't make any sense, there's no real benefit to it.
Nine: What's my name that you're gonna give me?
Sakeena: Your name?
Nine: Yeah, you called Five "Grendel" so…
Sakeena: Oh… uh, how about "Charlie".
Nine: Charlie?
Sakeena: You look like a Charlie to me.
Nine: Nah… I want something cooler than that.
Sakeena: Wiglaf.
Nine: What kind of name is that?
Sakeena: I dunno! Ugh… how about Wormeyes?
Nine: Wormeyes… Hm.
Sakeena: Look, we really don't deliberate over names this long.
Nine: How about Wormgar…?
Sakeena: Sure.
Wormgar: Wormgar it is, then.

Beowulf groans as he comes to consciousness.

Sakeena: Beowulf…!
Beowulf: How long was I out?

Sakeena shows him Grendel's arm.

Beowulf: Huh. Well, good job, kid.
Sakeena: No doubt Ten is pissed. We gotta move quickly. By the way, we have a new member to help us.

Wormgar waves.

Leah, Crow, Bombyx, and Lexi sit in the ship as it goes through space.

Leah: Well, I think I've made amends with just about everyone with a minor grudge against me.
Lexi: ...minor?
Leah: Of course, now I gotta make amends with the people I pissed off in the middle of doing that- a vicious cycle, I suppose.
Lexi: Sounds like one that could be easily avoided.
Leah: As long as I'm Leah… it's just gonna keep happening.

Bombyx looks out the window.

Bombyx: Another ship is heading towards us…

Leah redirects her attention and uses a transmitter to talk with the rogue ship.

Leah: Hey, who is this?
Voice Over Transmitter: It's Thorn.
Leah: Thorn! Yeah.. I remember you from that Sports Resort adventure, yeah.
Thorn: Truth be told, I kind of just came to rob the ship of it's shit but since it's you guys, I think I'll just come along for the ride.
Leah: That sounds like the better alternative, yeah.

Thorn boards the ship, attaching her smaller ship to the entrance of the A22 ship.

Thorn: Well, this is a interesting group.

Bombyx waves.

Thorn: Although I don't really recognize any of you, except for Leah, but only because of the voice.
Leah: Yeah… this dumb get up… whatever, you don't care. What's up with the get up?
Thorn: You like it? I thought I would make a iconic look so people would know who I was from my attire.
Leah: It's… memorable, yeah.
Thorn: So, where we heading to?
Crow: Liameno's ships.
Thorn: Sounds fun.

Rubelline sits on the couch, sighing heavily. She hears the door knock and runs over, opening it to reveal Rachel.

Rubelline: Rachel?
Rachel: It's me, yeah.
Rubelline: It's pretty chilly, you wanna come inside?
Rachel: Sure.

Rubelline helps her inside.

Rachel: You've been kind of quiet for a while…
Rubelline: Oh yeah… uh, it's pretty personal.
Rachel: Yeah… I'm not really here for that. I just think your powers could come in handy for us to fight against The Threat.
Rubelline: You really think I'm in good enough shape for that?
Rachel: We took on vampire hunters in the beginning of this year, I believe you can do anything.

Rubelline shakes her head.

Rubelline: I don't feel like I'm ready…

Rubelline buries her face in Rachel's shoulder. Rachel pats Rubelline on the head.

Rachel: That's okay too.
Rubelline: You sure?
Rachel: Yeah, if you don't wanna do it.

Rubelline looks at Rachel.

Rubelline: Alright, I'll… do it. I can't be cooped up in here forever.

Rachel smiles.

Chapter 23: Funhouse Mirror

Unten emerges from the void portal with Netnu onto a crowd of relieved onlookers in the headquarters.

Unten: Hey, so I'm not dead. In case… people were wondering that for the second time now.
The Fan: Hey, it's good to see you back!
Nycho: Cancel the vote, guys!
Unten: What vote?
Nycho: Uh, you don't need to be concerned with that.
PalmMan: Where were you?
Unten: In the inescapable void created by Querius.
Netnu: We did actually escape it, though.
Unten: Yes… through a sacrifice of the Descender Dorofu.
The Enemy: God damn it.
The Fan: Well, that's like, just two and the Beorns we have…
Unten: Wait, is this whole thing about you two wanting to descend The Threat now?
The Fan: She can't do anything with the User Crystals if she's no longer a Goddess.
Unten: This is a baaad idea.
The Fan: I don't see you coming up with anything better.
Unten: Peaceful negotiations. Like we haven't been doing any since this whole thing started. We need to compromise if we're going to live together in some sort of harmony.
The Enemy: It should be very evident that The Threat does not care about living in any kind of harmony.
Unten: Well, I don't think descension is the right option.
The Fan: We're older than you. Wiser than you.
Unten: You're not immune to bad ideas. We've seen the aftereffects of some of your bad decisions.
The Fan: Oh, so what? The Lifts barely wants to talk to us anymore. What did we really lose out of that? We don't have to deal with their shit. They don't have to deal with our's. The Other is so distraught with us that she wiped our memories and didn't even bother to tell us until moments after we got hijacked. Leah didn't die. What exactly is so wrong…?
The Enemy: I mean, multiple people have died at your hands from you trying to solve this conflict every other way.
Unten: You think I want blood on my hands?
The Fan: Then just listen to us.
Unten: Look… I'm not going to be your tool. None of us are.

The Fan sighs.

The Fan: Alright, well, you might wanna help us reform some villains if you're so interested in reforming The Threat.
Unten: What do you mean by that?
The Enemy: Shiki will lead you to the chamber we're keeping them in.

Shiki nods. Unten sighs as he tightens his palm around Dorofu's seed.

Leah, Crow, Thorn, Bombyx, and Lexi look at the Liameno war ships through the window of their ship.

Leah: So… what do we do? Just run in there?
Crow: Yeah, that's what I always do. Zip zoom, motherfucker. Ride or die.

Crow brandises out her katana.

Thorn: Okay, but what are we really doing?
Crow: I don't crack jokes.

Lexi nods.

Lexi: She is just kind of doing her own thing, you know? That's what I admire.

The ship locks onto Liameno's ship and Crow cuts a hole into their ship as well as into Liameno's, allowing them entry.

Crow: Let's go!

The group follows after her as she swings her katana around.

Sakeena, Wormgar, Alpha-V, and Beowulf huddle around a camp fire.

Sakeena: Alright, let's see… we gotta take care of Grendel's Mother.
Wormgar: We should probably give her a actual name that isn't that- because she's not his mother…
Sakeena: It's thematic. Don't you know the story of Beowulf?

Beowulf scratches his head.

Sakeena: You really aren't supposed to get into this big hub hub about the damn names.
Wormgar: Okay, but what about Freyja? That's a good name, I think.
Sakeena: Enough of the names!
Alpha-V: Are you planning to reform her?
Sakeena: I dunno, I suspect she might be just out for revenge. If she was mothering someone as bad as him, it might be too late…
Wormgar: She's right on that.
Alpha-V: Hm.
Beowulf: Frankly, I think we should just get all the rest done with. Lob off their heads and send them to Threat, tell her she's next.
Sakeena: Let's… not get that violent.
Wormgar: Or… we could just leave this fantasy world place. There is a way out.
Sakeena: ...nah… I'm doing this for a reason. Just… trust me on this.
Wormgar: Alright…

Wormgar sighs.

Wormgar: So what now?
Sakeena: She'll be coming any moment now.
Wormgar: Wait… this was to get her here?
Sakeena: Wouldn't have made the fire so big if we weren't seeking attention.
Wormgar: Uhhhh…
Sakeena: We can take care of Grendel's Mother pretty easily. The others… we're gonna have trouble with.

Grendel's Mother shrieks in the distance.

Sakeena: Here we go! Stand your ground!


Grendel's Mother screeches as it flies off. Sakeena tries to hit with metal orbs but watches as it goes under the water.

Sakeena: Ah… well, I guess we'll be doing that.

Beowulf and Sakeena jump into the water, the wounded Grendel's Mother screaming as Beowulf stabs it and finally kills it, before swimming back up to the surface. Sakeena sits on the edge of the lake but Beowulf swims back down, coming back up with Grendel's decapitated head.

Beowulf: I figure it'd be a cool mantle piece.

Sakeena nods, a little worried at Beowulf's bloodlust.

Unten is led into a room downstairs, where Four, Lock, White Goddess, Susan Syringe, Former Four, Hera, Teun, and Alexandria are. Many of them are locked behind cages or glass. Unten glances at Aran and Melissa, who are next to Former Four's cage.

Unten: Well, this is where everyone else is, huh?
Shiki: Ayup.

Unten glances at the cages.

Unten: Isn't it a little inhumane to be doing this?
Shiki: Some of them are genuinely too dangerous to have out and loose.

Unten stares at White Goddess, who just waves.

Unten: True… but surely… Alexandria isn't a foe?
Alexandria: I'm not. I don't get how Obena or Emmy didn't get lumped in with us.
Unten: Well, free Alexandria.

Shiki opens up Alexandria's cage, who leaps out and heads back up stairs.

Unten: And… Former Four? What about him? Didn't he rescue everyone on that escape pod?
Aran: We kind of have made up in recent times… although he kind of jumped at the first chance to deflect.
Former Four: No more. She hasn't ever cared about me. That… much is evident.
Unten: Did you see Quartz?
Former Four: I fought her. I lost, ha, haha.
Unten: Well, do you know where she is? Is she working for The Threat?
Former Four: She wants to "sire children" with you.
Unten: Are you making this up?
Former Four: No.
Unten: Are you absolutely certain about this?
Former Four: I'm done tricking people. Besides, this isn't something I could make up.
Unten: Well, Shiki, free him too. I think he's on our side now- although you two would know him better.
Melissa: Nah… I think he's telling the truth.

Shiki opens up his cage and he is let free. He exits the room with Aran and Melissa.

Unten: Susan, do you have any information on Leah we should know about?
Susan: Oh… hell if I know. She never wants to talk with me about this crap. Probably for the better, all things considered. She shoved us out of Obena's ship and that was that.
Unten: Are you gonna cause any trouble?
Susan: I left the Twisted Cross. I've… been questioning everything lately, not just Leah. I don't think I'll cause you any real trouble.

Unten nods.

Unten: Let her out too.

Shiki does so.

Shiki: How do we know you're not a double agent at this point? You seem awfully interested in freeing these people.
Unten: Second chances are important.
Shiki: Does everyone deserve it, though?
Unten: If they're willing to work for it, I don't see why not.
Shiki: Just questioning… never judging.

Unten looks at the cell of Hera and Teun.

Unten: Alright, what's the deal here?
Hera: I dunno, you knocked us out.
Unten: Because you attacked us!
Hera: Is that true hon?
Teun: I dunno, my brains got knocked out and I can't seem to remember anything…
Unten: Ugh, drop the charade you two.
Hera: Alright yeah, we attacked first. To be fair, we wanted to avoid this situation, because to be frank, we just wanted to be left alone. I knew you would come for Teun because he's from that Beorn Hallow- neither of us care about that crap.

Teun nods.

Unten: Well, I'm not here for that.
Hera: Oh, that's refreshing, to say the least.
Unten: Yeah, no, don't worry about that.
Hera: We're actually kind of on the run, all things considered.
Unten: Wait… on the run? How come you two were in the asylum then?
Hera: We got caught, that's why we're handcuffed. Ya'll were in the way.
Unten: So… we just basically freed two criminals.
Hera: I wouldn't call us criminals, more like prisoners of love.
Unten: Ahhh… that's what this is.
Teun: Problem, bub?
Unten: Jealous, really. Well, as long as you two stay out of trouble, I don't see a reason why you two shouldn't be able to help us.

Unten glares at Lock and White Goddess.

Unten: You both can stay. Where is…?

Unten glances at Four's cage, which is empty.

Unten: Where did she go?
Shiki: I dunno, why don't you take a well-deserved break…?
Unten: That sounds good, yeah.

Shiki opens Hera and Teun's cage as Unten goes back up stairs.

Faria hangs outside, trying to breathe. Rachel pokes her head outside.

Faria: Ugh, what do you want?
Rachel: You looked distraught.
Faria: I… am, yeah, I blame you and that blue haired boy.
Rachel: Strafe?
Faria: Whatever his dumb name is. You drove her away from this family and… everything in general. God, common sense, her own last name...
Rachel: Look, I hate to get defensive, it gets me all frustrated and anxious, but we didn't do anything.
Faria: That's how you all see it, don't you? You don't really care about the consequences, damn them. Her hero worship was bad and you never waned her off it because you liked it.
Rachel: It wasn't hero worship, it was admiration; we were friends, close ones…
Faria: Listen, I can tolerate whatever nonsense you were spewing out but when you effected Sakeena and made her do these things, I can't help but feel hurt.

Rachel leans against the wall.

Rachel: Again, we didn't do anything.

Faria sighs as she leans against the wall too.

Faria: If that's what you have to tell yourself.
Rachel: If we had any real control over her- she would be here with us, not with The Threat.
Faria: You believe that?
Rachel: I know that.

Nycho and Obena step outside, shoving each other.

Rachel: What are you two arguing about?
Nycho: It's stupid, you don't wanna know… we'll do this later when you aren't around.
Obena: Yeah…
Faria: If it's because you two have crushes on me, then I already know. Did either one of you think I couldn't hear your hushed yelling earlier?

Obena looks away, ashamed slightly.

Nycho: Well, great, who do you pick?
Faria: Neither one of you because I don't know either one of you.
Obena: Okay, but what if you did…
Faria: I'm not interested in having this conversation right now or in the near future.

A yellow portal opens up, with Zellen, One, and Parvati coming out.

Zellen: Alright, Leah, we're back and we are ready to- where did she go?
Parvati: Doesn't matter. We'll just blow it up without her.

Zellen stomps her feet and whimpers.

Zellen: That's not any fun!
Obena: Did you just say you were gonna blow this place up?
Parvati: Yeah… I'm guessing you got a problem with that too.

The four get into a combat stance.

Parvati: I'll deal with you four myself, then.


Parvati slides back, breathing hard.

Parvati: Alright, One, get them.

One cackles.

Parvati: One?
One: You are so damn weak, I'm out!

One sticks her needles in Parvati, causing her to collapse and writhe as negative feelings pour all over her.

Parvati: N-no, what…?
Zellen: I'm out too, uh, good luck with that.

Zellen snaps away as Parvati starts to sob, weakly creating a portal that she drops through in.

Rachel: Hmmm… did they imply that Leah was here earlier?
Obena: That can't be right…

Crow and her group slash their way to the center of the ship, where Crow locates a bunch of women in chains, slashing them free.

Crow: There you go...
Woman: Thank you- eep!

Crow seems taken aback before looking behind herself, seeing Liameno tower before her. Leah sips on her needle full of eggnog.

Liameno: Ah, so you're the one causing a ruckus.

Crow readies her blade and attempts to strike only to be knocked away by Liameno's electric hammers, slamming her into the wall.

Liameno: I know exactly who you are. Do you know who you are?
Crow: Just a wild woman.

Liameno burns a hole in the back of her clothes, the heat revealing silver, invisible ink across her back. A tattoo of two silver dragons.

Liameno: As I thought.
Leah: I'm lost, what does any of this mean?
Liameno: A long time ago, I had a wife named Swan. She was a beautiful woman, she was supposed to have quadruplets… but she left the ship during a raze on Earth, which mind you, did not go as planned. Of course, my children are always bred to perfection but the conception was too much for the woman on her own and we recovered the body in the snow, but the children… we never did find… until now.

Liameno flashes his teeth.

Crow: I'll- I'll kill you. Do you think I give a shit who my father is? Or where I came from? That shit doesn't matter to me.
Liameno: Oh, I don't expect you to care.

Liameno grabs her with two whips and sends bodygaurds to deal with Leah and the rest. Liameno drags her body across the ship's floor as she struggles.

Liameno: I should call up cleaning services so they can take care of the corpses in 15 minutes.

Leah glares at him and refocuses her attention on the bodyguards.

Leah: Well, if they're expecting corpses, let's not disappoint.

Lexi and Thorn nod. Bombyx nervously breathes out a blue nuclear blast.

The Threat relaxes on her throne. One bursts into the throne room through a portal.

The Threat: Well, haven't seen you in a while.
One: Ah, you know how it is. It's funny how badly you can manipulate people when they think they're in power…

One cackles.

The Threat: Mhm.
One: So, you look like you've accumulated a ton of power since I last saw you.
The Threat: Yup! All the User Crystals are mine, sans The Other, but eh, give it time. How about you do me a favor?
One: Yes, my liege?
The Threat: I need you to take down Sakeena, she's… becoming difficult.
One: Ah, shouldn't be more than a couple of stabs with these needles…

One cackles as she heads to Sakeena's fantasy world. The Threat crosses her legs, putting her head on her hand.

Susan approaches X-Ray, who is sitting alone in a corner of a room, sighing quietly. She smiles as she looks at Susan.

X-Ray: Hey…
Susan: Hey… hey.

X-Ray sighs.

X-Ray: You here to tell me how my marriage is wrong? I don't think it's happening any more but…
Susan: No… no…

Susan smiles a little.

Susan: I don't blame you for thinking that. Hell, I might have a while ago… but… I have questions and I'm not here to judge anymore, I'm here to listen.
X-Ray: Alright, shoot.
Susan: How does Leah make you feel?
X-Ray: It's been a couple of turbulent days but… when I think about her… she's wonderful. I wish I wasn't so rash, I was… unsure of what to do, really. I felt scared… but not because of her, because of the reaction of others.
Susan: That's why you threw off the ring, right?
X-Ray: I wish I could put it back on. More importantly though, I wish I could talk to her...
Susan: Well, she hasn't forgotten about you one bit.
X-Ray: That's good.

X-Ray smiles and Susan nods.

Susan: When this is all over… I want to get to know you more.

Unten sits down in the basement, attempting to relax for a moment. He senses someone coming downstairs, although he can't actually hear any footsteps.

Unten: ...who is that?
Quartz: Just me.

Quartz appears before Unten in her new form.

Unten: Oh wow, you're uh, changed a bit huh?
Quartz: Had to…
Unten: Wait… had to?
Quartz: Unten, there's something I've been meaning to tell you…

Quartz sighs deeply as she looks at him.

Quartz: I'm in love with you.
Unten: Oh! Jeez, that's… wow.
Quartz: Is something wrong?
Unten: I just… didn't expect you to host any feelings towards me, really… I mean, Former Four said something about siring children and I thought he was making a weird joke…
Quartz: Well…?
Unten: I mean, you are a beautiful woman but…

Unten shakes his head.

Unten: I need time to process this…

Quartz' nails begin to shake.

Quartz: That's… fine, I suppose… I will give you the time to process it…

Quartz feels her body almost wrest out of her control as she slashes at Unten. Unten moves out of the way of her attack, although unsure what is even happening.

Unten: Quartz?
Quartz: It's not me! I swear!

Quartz turns around, slashing at Unten again. Unten barely misses her attack, pulling out Imperium.

Unten: I dunno what's going on, but I have to stop it…
Quartz: Ahhhh!

Quarz and Unten clash, with Unten tapping at his Hyper Mode Orb.


Quartz screams as she hits the floor, reverting back to her first form. Unten shakily drops the Hyper Mode Orb and Imperium.

Quartz: I can… never have children can I? Not with you… that form was my only shot at that and it's tied to some hardwired bullshit that makes my body want to kill you…

Quartz sobs as she runs off.

Unten: Quartz!?

Quartz is gone. Unten sighs heavily as he rests against the wall, putting his arms to his head. Rachel walks down to the basement.

Rachel: I heard a huge commotion.
Unten: It was a fight neither of us wanted to have.
Rachel: You and Quartz? What happened there?
Unten: She tried to ask me out and… went nuts I guess. The Threat gave her a new form so she could have children with me but it was also hardwired to kill me… beyond her control.
Rachel: That's tough.
Unten: I don't even know how I should feel about it.

Rachel hangs her head back.

Rachel: Yeah, that's what happened to me in that operating room a couple years ago.
Unten: I'm sorry about that.
Rachel: Why are you sorry?
Unten: It wasn't right- it was the worst moment to do that and you were in your weakest moment and I just felt scared that I would never be able to say something to you…

Rachel rubs his fur.

Rachel: I was still able to say no. You said you just wanted to say that.
Unten: It was… really scary saying all that and I just replay it over and over in my mind and I just hate it, it won't go away.
Rachel: It was nice. I never wrote it down anywhere, but little snippets of it come to mind sometimes… it tells me I'm not worthless and that I'm not a hopeless case.
Unten: Do you feel that way often?
Rachel: It's just been hard moving forward. I… dunno where to go anymore. I've been hanging out with you guys but like, I wanted to spend more time with Robyn and she had to leave pretty quickly out of my life. I can't find anything that really lights a spark in my life. I feel so uneasy about the idea of romance lately. Afraid of it, really. I crave it though, because I want that attention and love in my life. But that commitment scares me, because what if it leaves again?
Unten: You get anxiety over that kind of stuff too?
Rachel: All the time. Don't tell anybody this but… I'm dating Bang Crimson.
Unten: You are? I mean, I knew there had to be something going on…
Rachel: We started maybe a couple hours ago but… I can't help but feel so anxious about it. It's always been on and off with us.
Unten: Why are you so anxious about it? She seems fine for you.
Rachel: But are we gonna fight all the time? How much do I really know about her? Am I gonna destroy her if I decide to call this off? It's all spinning in my head and I can't make it stop and…

Rachel breathes really heavily.

Rachel: I can't breathe…

Unten grabs for Rachel's hand. Rachel squeezes it, exhaling hard.

Unten: You okay?
Rachel: Really bad panic attack...

Rachel squeezes his hand again before releasing, closing her eyes as she sobs lightly.

Rachel: I'm so lost… I don't know what to do anymore. I ruin relationships with these brief fleeting moments where I'm with someone and we just… can't talk like we normally can. We see each other as everything we are, every scar on our skin, every tear… I'm terrified of the idea of someone seeing right through whatever facade I put up. I don't want to be alone.
Unten: You're not going to be.
Rachel: Everyone seems enticed with the idea of being with me, but I just don't want them to leave me once they see the person I am.
Unten: What's wrong with you? You're great, Rachel, I mean that. You know I do.

Rachel takes a deep breath as she wipes her eyes.

Rachel: Don't let this war swallow you up, Unten. I… don't even know how to get this across without sounding weird. I need you as a friend.
Unten: ...I need you as a friend too.

Rachel hugs Unten and the two get up.

Rachel: We need… to get back to the front.
Unten: Yeah, yeah. Good talking with you though.

Rachel smiles.

Sakeena is back to exploring in the black cave with Beowulf, with Wormgar acting as gaurd.

Sakeena: Now that basically everyone's taken care of, it seems anyway… we need to find One and Three… and well, Zero.
Beowulf: Oh wait, what about Two and Four?
Sakeena: Well, those two appear to be taken care of… from what I know from Wormgar. He seems to know this kind of stuff.
Beowulf: So, it really is just those three.
Sakeena: I mean, we could see new members. I don't know why we haven't at this point. Maybe I'll never know the full story.
Beowulf: Why bother with those three then?

Sakeena turns around.

Sakeena: If The Threat's forces can be diminished in any way, then I need to do it.
Beowulf: But you, yourself just said-
Sakeena: I'll be in here as long as it takes.

Sakeena runs down in a huff. Zero watches from afar, with his tail wrapping around the evergreen tree he's standing on top of.

Leah, Lexi, Bombyx, and Thorn fight off the guards, knocking them away as they attempt to find Crow.

Leah: This is so fucking weird…

Leah attempts to slams a iron door open, only to jump back in pain.

Leah: Yeah, no, not stronger than iron.

Bombyx blasts it open with her atomic breath. Two test tubes, one holding Crow and another with a strange white alien creature floating in it.

Leah: There she is.

Thorn runs over and stabs Crow's test tube with a knife. Green water floods the concrete floor as Crow gasps for air.

Crow: Gah!

Crow gets up and brandishes her katana at the four, who step back.

Crow: Who the hell are you people?
Leah: We followed you here, we're on your side!
Crow: Well, if you say so.

The other test tube shatters, the alien creature inside coming out.

Crow: Who the hell is that?
Thorn: I dunno, some weird XenoCrow?

XenoCrow picks up a blade and begins to slash towards them. They make it out to the deck, where Liameno is standing.

Liameno: Kill them!

XenoCrow turns to Crow and the crew, running towards them. The group gets ready to battle her.


XenoCrow collapses to the ground before hissing, her fighting spirit kicking in. The group is weary after the battle with her.

Liameno: Finish the job!

XenoCrow glances at Liameno.

Liameno: Are you deaf? Finish the job, you useless creature!

XenoCrow raises her blade.

Liameno: Yes, defeat your true enemy…


Liameno collapses on the ground. XenoCrow hoists his body and throws it out a escape pod, stranding him in space.

Leah: Huh. I guess the clone kept Crow's reckless nature.
Crow: Come on, let's crash this motherfucker in.

Leah looks to Lexi.

Lexi: What are you looking to me for?

Strafe returns to the base, sighing heavily as he comes back with DREW and Rose Reaper.

Strafe: Well, we're back.
Chelsea: Everything go okay?
Strafe: More or less.

Strafe departs with the other two as Chelsea leans on the wall. Meta-Form comes in, covering his empty arm socket.

Meta-Form: My arm got torn off, do you think you have a spare? I was told you were the mechanic…

Chelsea nods.

Chelsea: I think I can whip something up real quick.

Chelsea works on a new arm for Meta-Form.

Chelsea: So… how are you?
Meta-Form: Besides the arm?
Chelsea: Well, yeah.
Meta-Form: I'm… okay. I wish life wasn't so bleak and dark…
Chelsea: Well, I mean it can be like that… but sometimes one person can light that whole world up regardless of what's happening…

Chelsea stares at Cura before turning back to her arm in progress.

Chelsea: The world can be cruel, admittedly, but it's only to make us stronger.

Chelsea hands the finished arm to Meta-Form.

Meta-Form: Thank you… it's not like my old arm, but it'll work fine.

Chelsea smiles.

Sakeena and Beowulf go into the cave a bit.

Sakeena: Alright, do not split up like last time. I've been through that hole before, it was… interesting but I rather would not go down that route again.

Beowulf nods.

Something hisses in the tunnel.

Sakeena: Oh that has to be someone-

One jets out of the tunnel, attempting to stab at both Sakeena and Beowulf. Both draw out their weapons, causing her to flutter out.

Sakeena: Well, found her.
Beowulf: Let's get her, then.
Sakeena: Mhm...

The Threat: I've been thinking… the only thing left to really take from the Fan and the Enemy that I actually want… is to watch them squirm.
Mistress Nell: Surely… you can't be serious? Kidnapping the Fan and the Enemy while a rebellion is plotted against you?
The Threat: Eh, so what? They're coming after me anyway.
Mistress Nell: Haven't you thought about maybe upping your defenses a bit? Liameno's ships are pushing back against Feint's forces, you're dwindling your own with Sakeena… I know you're cocky but this isn't making any sense…
The Threat: Don't you worry about me.

Mistress Nell sighs.

The Threat: Sakeena's pretty much where I wanted her to be at this point, I need to present her with a challenge even greater than One. Zero won't listen to my commands, but…

The Threat creates a huge dragon that covers the throne room, looking at The Threat with it's rainbow eyes.

The Threat: The Infinite will.

The Threat glances at the creature.

The Threat: Although, it's first mission will not be to attack Sakeena… it instead will go after The Fan and The Enemy. That ought to be a good enough test, no?

The Threat claps her hands as The Infinite phases through the Throne Room, and indeed, the entirety of The Threat's Kolob, heading towards Earth.

Sakeena and Beowulf exit out of the cave only to be greeted by Zero.

Sakeena: Zero?
Zero: You're going after One, yeah?
Sakeena: More or less.
Zero: Do you want my assistance with tackling her?
Sakeena: Wait, why are you so eager to help?
Zero: One is… the worst of the lot. Manipulative, self-serving… she wants to kill The Threat and take her place.
Sakeena: Ah, I see.
Zero: Come on now, let's do this.

Sakeena follows Zero, followed by Wormgar and Beowulf.

Unten stares out at the winter horizon, sipping hot chocolate. PalmMan joins him.

Unten: Hey, you alright?
PalmMan: I kind of feel like… I'm just drifting away.
Unten: Like, from what?
PalmMan: From whatever the group dynamic is. I dunno, I just kind of feel like… I kind of need to grow away from this. Settle down. The devastation we've seen… I don't want to be involved with that anymore.
Unten: Well, I hope you still call us or something…
PalmMan: I'm gonna be honest, I probably will.
Unten: That's good at least.

Quartz stumbles towards the two.

Unten: Are… you okay?
Quartz: Not really… but it's… complicated.

Quartz crosses her legs as she sits on the ground.

Unten: I'm so sorry.
Quartz: Don't be. I should have known better- I should have known so much better than to trust the Threat with this… but she was my only shot, after all.

Quartz sighs as she puts her head in her hands.

Quartz: I feel so trapped. I'm so sick of feeling that way…

Unten notices something black in the distance but only curiously looks at it before looking down to Quartz.

Quartz: You don't have to respond about whether you love me or not, because it's honestly not something I don't think I can do much about.
Unten: I'm honestly still not sure how to feel.
Quartz: Probably for the best…

Unten stares at the thing in the distance, recognizing it as a dragon.

Unten: Is that a… dragon?

The dragon touches down base, it's rainbow eyes revealing that it's The Infinite.

Quartz: What in the hell-

The group gets into a combative stance, but The Infinite merely goes through them, phasing through the base and plucking out The Fan and The Enemy as it tears a hole through the building, flying off.

Unten: Did…?
PalmMan: Uh, yeah, I think it did.
Unten: Uhhhh, shit.

Unten scratches his head as he heads back into the base.

Chapter 24: The Big Heist

Shiki drags the two Descender crystals to the center of the base, where everyone is gathered around.

Unten: Alright, these guys are cool, they cavn help us out; I think they were created by The Fan and The Enemy, right?
Strafe: I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work.

Unten activates both crystals, awakening Meotor and Phina. Both rapidly blink as they stand up.

Phina: Where's Xica? Where's…?
Meotor: Who the hell are all of you?
Unten: We're… the resistence against The Threat. It has been a couple million years, I guess…
Meotor: He's still fighting that war?
Phina: You all are still fighting this war?

Unten gives a nervous smile.

Meotor: No, we are out of here. We'll try and find the rest of the Descenders I guess… where's Dorofu?
Unten: I might have… killed him…
Meotor: You did what?!
Unten: He asked me to! It was the only way to escape that void!
Phina: Ya'll wake us up, tell us you killed our friend and expect everything to be just cool?

Phina picks up her blade and starts swinging.


Phina falls to the ground. Palutena coats her in a light crystal.

Meotor: Well, there's nothing more to say.

Meotor slams Unten to the ground, attempting to crush his skull. Rachel kicks him away, with Bang Crimson coming over to protect her. Meotor tilts his head, cracking his hands.

Meotor: Take me too, while you're at it then.


Unten gets up as Palutena entraps Meotor in a light crystal too, sighing.

Unten: Turns out, that was a complete bust too, what the hell.
Iron Mask: Well, we can't just stand there…
Unten: Not intending to… just need to come up with a new plan.

Unten: Alright, we gotta break into The Threat's lair, grab the User Crystals, get The Fan and The Enemy out, and then get the hell out.
Quartz: Well, I don't see how you think you're getting in and out. Period. I was there for… decades and she was armed to the teeth back then. Feint would easily surround the premises with a fleet, Nell and Avirl were to deal with intruders… and they were all really damn good at their jobs. You don't get in unless you are wanted by The Threat.
Volt: Well… if we can get past Feint, I know a beeline to the Throne Room.
Unten: How do you know that?
Volt: Uh… you know, travelling and shit.
Quartz: Feint would shoot us down flat even in the small ships we have.
Unten: Well, that means we gotta plan a elaborate heist.
Nycho: With costumes, I hope.
Unten: Well, first thing first is that we need a actual master thief.

Everyone looks to Strafe.

Strafe: Not either one of those things!
Valerie: I may know someone…

Valerie rolls her eyes and sighs.

Valerie: She steals shit constantly from me. She's good at it though.
Unten: Alright, well, get her in here.
Valerie: I'll call her up on one condition.
Unten: What's that?
Valerie: I want to distract her with my singing talent.
Unten: That's a pretty good distraction.
Rachel: We really are doing this, huh?

Valerie, dressed up in a sexy santa outfit with rockstar makeup, appears on a floating platform with a oxygen bubble around it. She is backed up with Rhyse on drums, Reese on back-up vocals, Syi as a dancer, and Syande and Sam with guitars and bass.

Vindozz: Huh? What's this?

Valerie winks knowingly to Syi.

Unten's Voiceover: Valerie will show up first with her music idea, we'll put out enough people to make it seem like a real band. The Threat probably won't recognize most of them, so…
Vindozz: Must be a concert for me and my victory…!
Unten's Voiceover: Once Vindozz is distracted, Feint is going to be needed to be taken care of. That's where Chelsea comes in.

Chelsea appears in the Mini-Lopper, right in front of Feint. Feint shakes his head and prepares to open fire, but suddenly a ton of Meta-Form-like robots appear to break into the ship, causing the fleet to go into disarray as Chelsea backs away, looking to Meta-Form and Cura.

Meta-Form's Voiceover: Wait, wait, how is this gonna happen?
Chelsea's Voiceover: I was looking into your hardware and I was able to make a ton of cheap Bluecarrot clones through your morph function; they're simple but they're enough.

The Mini-Lopper zooms in, as Liameno's ship crash into the fleet and into the base. It momentarily distracts The Threat, but the concert hall is able to distract her with some guitar and bass riffs.

Chelsea: That wasn't part of the plan…

Chelsea shrugs as she opens a grate in the center of the ship, where Unten pokes his head out.

Chelsea: Alright, go, go!

Unten goes down a ramp into the The Threat's base, carrying Imperium with him.

Rachel's Voiceover: Wait when is everyone else going to come in? This seems like it's just you alone…

Unten walks through the doors, slamming through security and the door with Imperium. Squav, who is walking through the lobby, panics and talks through his walky talky, summoning Bugbear and Usegi.

Squav: Let's see you deal with that!

Unten smirks as he presses on the bottom button of Imperium, releasing just about everyone from the base inside.

Squav: Uh, can you just do that…?

Unten charges forward with the group, half of them heading towards Usegai and the other half heading towards Bugbear. Bugbear forms a exclaimation mark while Usegi charges up furiously.

Usegi: I'll take you all on!


Usegi collapses to the ground, teleporting away in cubes. The Bugbear laughs as he forms into a sword shape.

Bugbear: Engaurde!


Bugbear howls furiously as he collapses, teleporting away in cubes.

Unten: There we go…

Unten glances up at the vents, where he gives a thumbs up. R. Vogue, who is inside of the vents, gives him a thumbs up back.

R. Vogue's Voiceover: And that's where I come in. You all take on the aliens and I'll be doing what I do best…

Valerie grabs the microphone stand, raising it as she wraps her legs around it. The Threat looks on with interest as we cut back to Leah and her crew jumping out from the ship.

Leah: There we go.
Thorn: (exasperated) Now what?
Crow: I guess we just go through and cut up fools like before.

Leah runs off on her own.

Bombyx: Leah?

Lexi shrugs.

Lexi: Come on, it'll be like, your first real hero mission.
Bombyx: Eee!

Sakeena sits down in the beanbag, sleeping with Zero and Beowulf also resting around her. Wormgar and Alpha-V are a bit more farther away, but still fast asleep. They're all exhausted. One approaches the five.

One: All five, just here for the taking, can't imagine a more perfect situation to strike.
???: Yeah, I can't imagine one either.
One: Who the fuck-

Leah steps out from the darkness.

One: You again?
Leah: Yeah.

Leah pushes in her syringe into One's stomach, as the creature howls in pain.

One: A-Ack!

Leah slams her to the ground, kicking her face.

Leah: You won't lay a goddamn finger on her.
One: Can't promise that.
Leah: Then I see only one choice.

Leah slams her foot through her glass stomach, shattering it, killing her. Leah runs off, waving to Sakeena as she stays sound asleep.

Unten walks down the hallway, with Netnu, Zerita, Rachel, and Strafe following him.

Unten: We just need to keep the whole place distracted while R. Vogue works her thief thing, whatever that is.
Rachel: Are you sure you were never a thief, Strafe?
Strafe: Look, we all did things we kind of regretted. You, killing Leah...
Unten: That didn't actually happen, you know.
Strafe: Must have missed that memo.
Rachel: Yeah… we have plenty of reason to suspect Leah's alive now.
Strafe: Well… that's good news, yeah?
Rachel: It's Leah.
Unten: It's weird how we haven't even seen a single mook or-

Unten, Rachel, Strafe, Netnu, and Zerita stop as they see a slow clapping Avirl.

Avirl: Unten!
Unten: Do… I know you?
Avirl: I'm your greatest nemesis! I've been training for years!
Unten: Just give me a name, as like, a refresher.
Avirl: My name is Avirl, and you will feel my power course through you! Witness!

Avirl pulls out a Unten doll.

Unten: That's cute.
Avirl: I said witness!

Avirl shakes the Unten doll's limbs, with Unten suddenly uncontrollably moving.

Unten: Hey, what gives?
Avirl: It's voodoo… you are under my control… your pain is under my control…

Avirl sticks a needle in the doll Unten's chest, causing him to grunt as he feels pain soar in his body. Rachel prepares her Shielding Gauntlets, the rest of the group getting into combat stance as Avirl laughs, making Unten face against his friends as he controls him.


Avirl crumples to the ground as Unten holds Imperium over him. Avirl lifts his arm up.

Unten: Alright, let's just get this over with...
Avirl: Please… don't…
Unten: Dude, you just tried to control and kill me, why shouldn't I?
Avirl: ...because I needed to win!

Avirl attempts to slam his fist into Unten's chest, although Unten just catches it.

Unten: Yeah, I don't like people who try to do that either.

Avirl grabs the tip of Imperium as Unten attempts to strike him down.

Avirl: Fine, strike me down. I deserve it. Kill me.

Unten sighs as he stabs him fully in the chest, Avirl's eyes shutting.

Unten: Welp, that's a Threat commander down.
Rachel: If I didn't know better… I would think he was trying to flirt with you or something.
Unten: Or maybe he was just trying to kill me, can't that just be it?
Rachel: I mean… people tend to be more complicated than that.

The Fan awakens with his hand on his chin, glancing around as a woman walks through the door.

The Fan: Shin? I thought-
Shin: Didn't you ask me to come in here?
The Fan: I- I guess so. I don't remember how I got in here… it's all fuzzy in my head.
Shin: I guess for a god like you, having millions of years in your head, that wouldn't be too unusal.
The Fan: Ey, let's not get cocky.
Shin: Anyway, uh, what did you call me in for?
The Fan: Must have been something about attacking The Threat- right. Alright, as a student of Boltzmann, you've been through about a year of training now, yeah?
Shin: Yeah.
The Fan: I think it's about time you took on a field mission.

The Fan opens up a hologram, displaying the Earth. Two red dots appear close to it.

The Fan: The Threat is advancing on Earth via two of her Top Ten, a elite group of creations she uses to uphold her will.
Shin: Two? I dunno if I'm ready to just jump into this-
The Fan: This isn't just for you, it's for your class in general. Albha, Galahad, Zing Zang Zoodi, and Avalos will all be joining you on this mission. Me and the Enemy will be watching from the sidelines.
Shin: Albha…?
The Fan: Yes, I know both of you are kind of in a weird posistion but hopefully you two can put aside your differences.
Shin: I mean… I'll try…

Shin sighs as she walks out of the office. The Enemy comes in.

The Enemy: Do… you sense a feeling of dread?
The Fan: It's not just me then… I can't explain where it's coming from…
The Enemy: Me neither…

Leah runs down the corridors, a bit lost and confused. She sees a tired Nell leave a room, which she peeks at to see The Fan and The Enemy in restraints with a black slug creature wrapped around their heads. Leah doesn't do anything about them- they've screwed her over after all. She sneaks back behind a wall as Nell turns around, sighing and then walking back.

Mistress Nell: Well, there's everything she ever wanted. Maybe she'll show me some respect?

Nell laughs sorely to herself, breathing out in a long huff. Leah watches as Sqauv walks down the hallway, somewhat panicked.

Nell: What's got you all riled up? Did you see Unten again?
Squav: Worse! Everyone's on the ship!
Nell: Ugh. Well, they shouldn't be too much to deal with.

Nell slicks her hair back a bit and lets out a exhausted sigh.

Nell: God, you are such a punk ass coward.
Squav: I think maybe you're taking this a bit too casually…
Nell: Hah! What are they gonna do, kill me?
Squav: Maybe.

Nell walks down, unfurling her slimy pink tentacles as Squav walks down the hallway, only to be slugged by Leah in the face.

Squav: What the-

Squav gets up with a bloody nose. Leah suddenly panics. She didn't actually think that out much. What if Squav tells Unten and the others she's here? With the accusation, this would only look bad… she shudders.

Xena: Hah! Take that, you little punk ass coward!

Sqauv sighs in resignation.

Xena: Tell em Xena gave you that bleeding nose!

Xena jumps off the wall, running around in the corridors.

Squav: Whatever…

Krystal, Amy Jackson, Tayshaun, Crymsia, Faria, and Meta-Form are running down the corridor, attacking the various enemies sent towards them.

Crymsia: Let's show them what we got!

The enemies run towards them as the group prepares a combat stance.


Krystal: Hah!

Krystal shocks a Vorto Grunt, which falls to the ground. Out from the crowd, Mistress Nell walks towards them, unfurling her tentacles.

Mistress Nell: So, you came here to attack us again? Don't you know how much raw power The Threat has?
Krystal: Do you think it matters to us? We'll face whatever impossible odds to protect out universe- why not a nearby one that has helped us time and time again?
Mistress Nell: You sound familiar, yet I don't recognize you…
Krystal: My name's Krystal Pérez.
Mistress Nell: Right… the black haired goddess from the RTAverse. Well, no need to dwadle here, especially when you're in this ridiculous outfit.
Krystal: How do you know me?
Mistress Nell: The Threat surveys all gods and goddesses that she can- she needs to know their power. Now if you excuse me…

Mistress Nell runs towards the group, her tentacles whipping her opponents away, causing them to collapse into the ground or knocking them into walls.

Mistress Nell: Hmm… which one of you should I kill first?

Mistress Nell stares at Krystal, who slammed near an artificial waterfall acting as a decoration in the room. She coils her tentacles around her neck.

Mistress Nell: Funny… I see so much of Vindozz in you- evidently not enough, considering I'm seconds from killing you-

The hair dye washes out of Krystal's hair, revealing her black hair. Krystal gags as she chokes. Nell loosens her grip a bit, her eyes slightly unnerved.

Mistress Nell: Or… maybe I do…

Mistress Nell drops her and Krystal breathes as Nell walks away, her tentacles coiling around themselves as she leaves the room. Amy looks to Krystal.

Amy: What… happened?
Krystal: I… think that tentacle woman just developed a crush for me…?
Tayshaun: Well, at least we're not dying anymore.
Krystal: I'll… be back. I think I've realized something important.

Krystal runs off as Amy and Tayshaun look to each other.

Amy: Do… you know what she might have learned?
Tayshaun: I have no clue. I'm clueless about everything, why are you asking me?
Amy: I dunno! I needed someone to bounce off, I guess.

Tayshaun nods and tilts his head.

Faria: Enough bickering you two, let's find Sakeena.

The Fan and The Enemy stand in front of their class of students on a platform floating in the sky.

The Fan: So, all of you will be blasted into space; you will have suits, those who need them anyway.
Zing Zang Zoodi: Ah, you know I don't need one, Coach! Klick clack crazy rat!

The Enemy giggles.

The Enemy: We need to stay focused- if these Threat mooks hit the Earth, she might gain valuable intel we'd rather not have her have.
Zing Zang Zoodi: Got you like a pinged panged rambo!
The Fan: Man, how does he keep doing it?

Albha just stares at Shin confusingly.

Albha: He's just spouting nonsense.
Shin: I dunno either…
Albha: Well… good luck.

Shin smiles.

Shin: You too.

The platform raises up, as the group puts on their space suits.

Albha: Let's do this! Let's cut them up to pieces and watch them explode in bloody chunks!
Shin: Well… yeah, let's serve justice here, haha…
Galahad: Avalos, keep close.
Avalos: Got it.
Galahad: Dunno what's in store for us…

Avalos kisses his cheek.

Avalos: It's all gonna go okay…

The Fan can't help but feel uneasy, as if something's awful is about to happen.

Zing Zang Zoodi: Yep! Zikki zakki zip! Zoop zoop!
The Fan: Alright, that one was a bit weak.
Zing Zang Zoodi: Ah, I'll try harder next time, Coach! You know me, I'm hellukka of a bungo!

Xena runs into a room full of mirrors. As Xena stares into the mirrors, she tugs off Leah's ring.

Xena: You should have known better…
Leah: What are you doing? Get your hand off that!
Xena: You think you're getting back in control?
Leah: I can try…

Xena wraps her own hands around her neck, Leah gags.

Xena: You can't do that. You're too focused on self-preservation.
Leah: You're right… but I know someone that can.

Xena guffaws.

Xena: Who exactly?

Xena feels her body slowly shudder as her eyes dart back and forth.

Xena: Who is this?!

Leah and Xena stare from the mirror and Sarah Auvic breathes the first breath she's breathed out in years.

Sarah: Where… am I?
Xena: You… idiot. You… goddamn idiot.
Leah: Sarah, it's been a while…
Sarah: Why is my pinkie finger missing…? Look, can someone explain?
Leah: When you were kidnapped by the Twisted Cross- you had to become a different person. That person was me. The other person we're talking to...
Xena: Leah created me when she needed a disguise. She's on the run now from the people she calls friends. Now Sarah- if they see you, they will try and kill you.
Leah: We just need to prove we're on their side again. I can do that! There are… so many wonderful people you have yet to meet.
Xena: You decide, but mind you, a fresh start is better. A fresh start with Xena.
Leah: You have a wife…
Xena: You saw her pull off the ring, you know she isn't coming back for you!
Leah: I know her well enough to know that you are spitting out lies about her.
Xena: Or maybe you've deluded yourself in thinking that.
Sarah: Hush!

Leah and Xena fall silent. Sarah breathes quietly, deliberating over the two, before stabbing the mirror with Xena's face. Xena gasps and lets out faint breaths.

Sarah: Alright, Leah, lead the charge.
Xena: This isn't over… I'm not killed… just weakened… AHHHH!!
Leah: Let's go, Sarah.

Sarah nods as Leah takes control. Leah tears off the disguise.

Leah: If they find us, I'll be accountable.
Sarah: I sure hope you know what you're doing…

Leah walks out of the room. Leah can hear Xena faintly sobbing in her head.

R. Vogue crawls through the vents, exhausted as she bites down on a churro. Unten hears her over the communicator in his ear.

Unten: Are you snacking?
R. Vogue: Crawling around in vents is really tiring. Especially ones so labyrinthe.

Unten looks to Volt.

Unten: How far is she in there?
Volt: I'd say about 100 feet away from The Throne room, looking at the tag…
R. Vogue: It'd be a lot easier if I was allowed to peel back some of stuff I was wearing, but nooo… can't do that.
Unten: As long as you get there, everything is going to work out.
Volt: What's the situation on The Threat anyway?
Unten: She seems to be enjoying the concert.
Volt: Hmm…
Unten: What?
Volt: I feel like The Threat wanted us here...
Unten: Surely she wouldn't want us to go through all her troops? What kind of tactical sense does that make?
Volt: It's not tactical… but what if she's trying to start fresh? Create new blood? All her new creations just teleport away, right? They don't die… where do they go?
Unten: And… all her older creations just… die.
Volt: She's trying to start anew… for whatever reason and at the expense of her own people…
Unten: Well, none of that is going to matter once we get the User Crystals back.
Volt: Right… right. I just wonder if there's something more to it.
R. Vogue: Well, stop wondering because I'm in.

R. Vogue pokes her head out of a vent cover.

Unten: Excellent.

R. Vogue jumps down and brushes churro crumbs off herself as two special colored Vorto Guards approach her.

R. Vogue: Okay, I was kind of lying before, I just had my head out, now I'm really in.

R. Vogue runs towards the two Vorto Guards, purring as she gets ready to fight them.

R. Vogue: Show me what you got, you two.

VortoGrunt ThreatGuard.pngVortoGrunt ThreatGuard.png

R. Vogue steps over their destroyed and mangled bodies, grabbing the User Crystals.

R. Vogue: Got em, heading back.
Unten: Good work, R. Vogue!

R. Vogue jets back up to the vent and squeezes herself back in.

Volt: Now… we just need to find the Fan and the Enemy… where do you think they are?
Unten: Well, we got plenty of teams working on it… but where they actually are… we don't know.

Volt sighs.

Unten: (into communicator) Hurry!

The Fan and The Enemy watch as Shin and the other students traverse across space. Shin pulls out her spear, landing on a space rock as the two members of the Threat's Top 10 land. One of the members is actually a past version of Former Four, and the other is a metallic bipedal with a face similar to a owl, although more streamlined. The metallic bipedal has the insinga of 5 emblazoned on his chest.

Five: Did the Fan and the Enemy send you scrappers to stop us?
Four: They look like tools, so I'm guessing so.

Zing Zang Zoodi looks cross.

Zing Zang Zoodi: ...Don't be such a shemulpoerb!
Four: What?

Zing Zang Zoodi whips him in the face.

Zing Zang Zoodi: Rechmuorp bleep borp! Mail's here!
Four: SHUT UP!!!

Four blasts him in the face, fatally injuring him. Zing Zang Zoodi falls back in space, croaking his final words.

Zing Zang Zoodi: Scluboops... In... trouble again…

Zing Zang Zoodi closes his eyes as Albha swings her swords around.

Albha: You're gonna pay for that.
Four: If you can live to even dish a blow, sure.

Four uses his illusion powers to create multiple copies of himself, who all cackle. Albha just goes to the middle, where all the copies originated, causing them to vanish as Four recoils in pain.

Four: Wha…? Don't do that you fuckin' gal… ackkk…

Four floats in space, wounded by still alive. Albha looks to five.

Albha: What are you supposed to be?
Five: I was born to fight the people who break universal laws, like you.
Shin: What universal laws have we even broken?
Five: Standing in our way. This billion-year war will end.
Shin: Billion…?
Avalos: Hiya!

Avalos attempts to hit Five in the face but Five just grabs his helmet and cracks it, causing Avalos to freeze up in the face. Galahad runs to his aid.

Galahad: Avalos?
Avalos: It's… gonna be alright… kick his ass…

Galahad nods as he runs towards Five and fires off his gun, which hits Five in the shoulder, causing him to grimace. Shin then rams her spear into his other shoulder, but Five shocks her using a electric field that causes him to short out and pass out with Four. The two hang in Earth's orbit before slowly descending. Albha, Shin, and Galahad glance at the dead bodies of Zing Zang Zoodi and Avalos.

Shin: They're… really dead, aren't they?
Albha: Just the price of war. Those two will burn up in Earth's atmosphere. Two for the life of two.
Shin: What did we actually accomplish? This war has been going on for… a billion years?

The Fan and The Enemy rise up and glance at their three living students.

The Fan: Longer than a billion…
Shin: And you just stood and watched as both of them died?
The Fan: What were we supposed to do? You think we could have reliably used our powers in a tight corridor like that?
Shin: I thought I was fighting for justice… but now I don't know.

Shin drops her spear, which floats in space as she goes to lift up her helmet. Galahad grabs her hand.

Galahad: (seriously) Don't.

Shin nods as she bursts into tears. The three are loaded back onto the platform as they head back to Boltzmann.

The Fan and The Enemy are clearly seen in discomfort under the slugs. It's something they regret. A group compromising of Melissa Dust, Aran, Former Four, Drigen, and Alexandria find the two.

Drigen: Is… that them?
Aran: Looks like it. Wonder what the slugs are for?
Melissa: Judging by their body language, nothing pleasant.

Former Four blasts off the slugs as The Fan and The Enemy regain conciousness.

Drigen: Come on, coaches, let's get out out here.

The Fan gives Drigen a strange look as he rubs his head.

Alexandra: Got em! We can get out of here!
Unten: Great, meet in the main lobby with Vorplazz.

Unten glances around as the groups converge into the main lobby.

Leah accidentally runs into the main lobby hallway, starting to run back before X-Ray recognizes her.

X-Ray: Leah!

Everyone turns to look at Leah, who darts her eyes around before just walking towards them with her hands up. X-Ray runs to hug her tightly.

X-Ray: How did you end up here?
Leah: Uh… long story. I'm sure you can get bits and pieces from other people but…

X-Ray puts her head on her shoulder.

X-Ray: I'm just glad you're still alive.

Leah rubs her back.

Leah: Me too.

Unten sighs in relief.

Unten: Sorry about… earlier… haah.
Leah: It's fine.
Rachel: We just need to find Sakeena-
Unten: There is no time for that- we need to go as soon as R. Vogue comes through that vent. We need to make a run for it-
Faria: When are we going to get her then?
Unten: I don't know!

Krystal walks in, wearing a outfit resembling her older motor jackets and resembling more of her classic self.

Unten: Where did you go?
Krystal: I had to make a change.
Unten: Alright then…

R. Vogue busts through the vents, pulling out the Fan and the Enemy's User Crystals.

R. Vogue: Here they are, in the flesh.
Unten: Great, now let's head back to the ship-

The Threat slowly claps from the left hallway.

Unten: Uh…
The Threat: I have to respect the hustle. But only for so long.

The Threat shuts off the entrances to all the other hallways and the floor splits to reveal a airlock door. Mistress Nell appears by The Threat's side.

The Threat: It was a nice concert, so I spared the musical guests. I told them to go home. Valerie's a talented singer, you know?

The Threat cackles as Nell walks over to a button.

The Threat: With a single press of the button from one of my devoted servants… you will all be sucked out of the airlock into the recesses of space. I've already devoted a couple ships to taking the User Crystals off your frozen corpses.

Strafe runs to the metal gates and slams on them. They shock him and send him flying back.

The Threat: There's no escape. Goodbye, good riddance. Nell, press the button.

Nell looks at the crowd. She looks at them intensely, spotting Krystal in the crowd. Her heart races.

The Threat: ...Nell?

Nell looks at the button again. She shuts her eyes and shakes her head, pulling the lever to release the gates.

The Threat: Nell!

Unten absorbs everyone into Imperium and then guns for it.

Mistress Nell: I…
The Threat: Enough of your excuses.

Mistress Nell sulks as The Threat angrily grinds her black teeth, watching as Unten gets away.

The Threat: I don't even have words… we were this close to just winning. Taking all the chips. I thought, honest to god…

The Threat shakes her head as she retreats to her throne room. Ibism floats over to her.

The Threat: Get out of my face.
Ibism: Got it!

The Threat interlocks her fingers as she watches the ships leave.

The Threat: This isn't over.

Chapter 25: V for Victory

The group lands back at the headquarters. Crow, Thorn, Lexi, and Bombyx, who joined the group in the lobby and were absorbed in Imperium, glance around.

Thorn: This pretty is crowded…

The Fan nods.

The Fan: Yeah give us a moment. Now that we have these back…

The Fan holds up the User Crystals.

The Fan: ...we can pull Kolob out of The Threat's control.
The Enemy: Good job, all of you. I think… the sane thing here to do is just… you know call it a day. Maybe do this a year later with actual planning or something…
Nycho: This is a Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory for all of us!
Unten: ...what?
Nycho: We're all Fantendo Smash Bros, together as a group. We form a unstoppable bond!

Rachel shrugs.

Unten: I can't believe that plan fell apart because Nell… what did Nell do? Why she was so hesistant about pressing the button?
Krystal: ...I think she's in love with me.
Drigen: I noticed that she was looking at her a lot.
Unten: Huh.
The Fan: That's just why you can't depend on anyone to carry anything out reliably…

The Fan quickly looks to Sam before turning to The Enemy.

The Enemy: Gonna have to a bunch of rebuilding. It's all salvageable. Everything will just go back to normal.

Leah nods.

Leah: Nobody's mad at me anymore, right?
Alexandria: Well… we're kind of peeved about you shooting us out of a escape pod.
Leah: Ah, well, that kind of thing happens. I'm sorry. That's just who I am, I think I said that.
Alexandria: Mm.
X-Ray: I'm just glad you're back, Leah!

X-Ray hugs her tightly.

Valerie and Syi come back in.

Valerie: Well, how did it go?
Unten: We could have all died.
Leah: Yeah, but that's all par for the course.

Leah kisses X-Ray on the cheek.

Leah: God, I'm so happy to have you back…

Fera and Aurora walk in, holding hands as Aurora rests her head on Fera's shoulder.

Fera: We're back!
Rachel: You know, maybe things will end decently. We just have to go back for Sakeena.
Unten: Yeah.
Leah: Sakeena? I know where she is.
Faria: You do?
Leah: Oh yeah, I kicked One's ass so hard she died while Sakeena was sleeping.
Faria: Please! You have to help us find her!
Leah: I will. Don't worry. I'm here now, I'm on your side.

The Fan turns away.

Sakeena awakens, glancing at One's corpse.

Sakeena: ...huh.

Beowulf awakens, glancing at One's body.

Beowulf: Well, it's just Three, huh?
Sakeena: The tree man.

Sakeena sighs.

Sakeena: This is kind of depressing, thinking about it…
Beowulf: We did what we had to do.

Sakeena sighs and nods.

Sakeena: I guess so…

Beowulf gets up.

Beowulf: Well, no more time to rest.

Sakeena nods.

Beowulf: Let's finish this.

Kolob separates from Svarga as The Fan holds the User Crystal.

The Fan: I sense Sakeena inside of Svarga, so unfortunately we'll have to go back there- unless she does it herself- I'm not sure why anybody isn't asking that.
Unten: We're not asking that because we're not assholes.

The Fan rolls his eyes.

Unten: Let's just take the moment to breathe. We all nearly died there.
The Fan: I know. We will. We actually need to move back to Kolob. Can't leave it just hanging here and putting base on the Earth is a huge vulnerability.
Unten: Right, that makes sense. After all, it's easier to monitor all the Beorn Hallows from space.
The Fan: do you know about that?
Unten: Did you really think we wouldn't find the one in Seattle?
The Fan: Why are you acting like we created them?
Unten: Who else would? It wouldn't be White Goddess because she made the Beorn Androids. It wouldn't be The Other, who stays out of everyone's affairs. It wouldn't be Palutena- she visits, she's not here to stay.
The Fan: Right…
Unten: All you were especially bothered with the idea of grabbing The Descenders, yeah, when you remembered they existed?
The Fan: Well, here's my big confession. Yeah.
Unten: You want to descend The Threat, that's your big plan, isn't it?
The Fan: It's the only non-lethal way of dealing with her. Do you think we never ever tried talking about it? Trying to figure out who owned what? She insisted up and down that we were intruding but truth be told, this was our only option.
Unten: Only option to do what?
The Fan: There was a past universe similar to this one. We recreated it, we made changes here and there- but the important thing was that we wanted to preserve everything and have it live and breathe somewhere new, somewhere unmarred by the mistakes from the past.
Unten: You have to remember it's her universe too-
The Fan: We do. We do remember. But we can't live in harmony. I'm sorry.

Unten shakes his head.

Unten: If Nell can decide to throw the switch instead of pressing the button, there's still hope.

The Fan shakes his head as he snaps his fingers, teleporting everyone to Kolob. Unten walks off as The Fan sighs. The Enemy comes over.

The Enemy: Unten giving you shit?
The Fan: It's whatever. We've been through this before.

The Fan sighs.

The Fan: Those weird black slugs… they dug into one of my most painful memories. Shin… she was set out to be such a great leader… and then reality hit and she didn't know what to do. The deaths were bad enough, but… I didn't like feeling like I was at fault for that.

The Enemy nods.

The Enemy: It was… a while ago. She moved on, we need to move on too.

Leah giggles as she holds X-Ray in her arms, twirling around.

Leah: God… I thought I really wouldn't see you again, and I got so scared but I pressed forward because I knew… if I just stood here…
X-Ray: I'm… so sorry I did that. I dunno where the ring went.

Leah pulls it out from her pocket.

Leah: I… picked it up.
X-Ray: The wedding is back on, then.

X-Ray smiles.

Leah: Nobody is gonna hold us back. Susan can shove it up her-
X-Ray: Actually… Susan kind of… turned around on that.
Leah: She… did?

X-Ray nods.

X-Ray: She came up to me before you came back, in the winter base… she wanted to understand. I think… she's starting to accept who she is, pulling away her hate.
Leah: Huh… alright.

Leah gets quiet for a moment.

Leah: ...I love you.
X-Ray: I love you too!

X-Ray giggles as Leah kisses her cheek.

Sakeena and Beowulf find Three sitting by a tree, reading a book.

Sakeena: Three?
Three: It's me, yes.
Sakeena: What… are you even doing?
Three: One is gone. The Threat's fuming in her throne room. I have nothing to actually do. So I came here. It's quite nice. I dunno what the purpose of the giant spinning wheel with all the faces on it is for?
Sakeena: That's a shipping wheel- whatever, it's dumb.
Three: It's funny you say that, honestly.

Three stands up, closing his book.

Three: I have been actually reading your work. I find it… interesting. You… really get into the emotional complexities of people, I feel. I read from time to time, but…
Sakeena: You're reading my stuff? Let him finish!
Three:, you don't really focus on a plot really. I find that fascinating. You focus on relationships and people. I don't really know what that's like, I was mostly isolated from everyone else. I didn't really click with a lot of people.
Sakeena: Thank you.
Three: Of course, that being said, we are obligated to fight. But… on more friendly terms.

Three gets into a combat stance and Sakeena nods.

Sakeena: Alright then.


Three claps his hands together exhausted, bowing towards Sakeena, who shows him the same courtesy back.

Three: You gonna give me a name?
Sakeena: Right! Kind of forgot to give the last couple names. Uh, how about Sapling?
Three: Mm…
Sakeena: Acadia!
Three: ...that sounds good, actually.
Sakeena: There you go, Acadia.
Acadia: Well, that wraps everything up, I guess. We're what's left.

Wormgar runs to them from the distance.

Wormgar: I awoke something I barely got out alive. I dunno WHAT it is…

Sakeena glances to Birch and Wormgar.

Sakeena: Can you describe it?
Wormgar: It was like, a massive black dragon but instead of legs, it had tentacles!

Sakeena glances to Beowulf.

Beowulf: We'll take care of it.

Chelsea is fixing up some of the Bluecarrot Meta-Forms when Ray walks in with Cura and Besi.

Chelsea: Ray! Besi?
Cura: Yeah… could you explain this? Who is Besi, exactly?
Besi: Moo…
Chelsea: Oh… I can explain everything.
Ray: Please do…
Chelsea: Besi was created as a back-up fighting robot- you know, so Cura didn't have to pull her weight around all the time. We could spend more time together when she fought crime. There's a bunch of blueprints for a bunch of stuff…
Cura: ...why do you want to spend so much time with me? Not that I mind or anything.

Chelsea nervously gulps.

Chelsea: Alright, I can either give you the truth or… something easier for me to say.
Cura: ...the truth.

Chelsea takes a deep breath.

Chelsea: C-Cura, I've been in love with y-you for a long time. I d-didn't want to s-say anything that could ruin o-our friendship.

Cura grips her hand.

Cura: I've… been harboring the same feelings for you, actually...
Chelsea: O-oh!
Cura: So… what do we now?
Chelsea: Uh… I d-dunno, do we kiss or?
Cura: We can do that, yeah… I think?

Cura and Chelsea lean into each other and kiss each other on the lips. Ray kind of just looks away for a bit. The two blush intensely as they pull away.

Chelsea: Well, that's just… how things are now, I guess!
Cura: Uh-huh…

Cura hugs Chelsea closely, sighing in relief.

Cura: That's the world's biggest weight off my back, dude.

Chelsea giggles meekly.

Chelsea: Me too.

Squav, Feint, Ibism, and Nell gather in The Threat's Throne Room. The Threat gives a slow clap.

The Threat: You all got one chance to pull this all back together. I'm not telling you the plan, because to be frank, I think knowing any of it will screw this all up.
Feint: Where's… Querius?
The Threat: I dunno where that jackass is. Probably doing his own damn thing as usual. That's not important to any of you. All you need to know is that following my command is important.

Feint nods, looking at Nell.

Mistress Nell: There is no need to point fingers here.
Ibism: I think there is…
The Threat: Tone it down, Ibism.
Ibism: I didn't mean that!
The Threat: Anyway, just follow my command when I give it. We're going to do some pretty drastic cutting to The Fan and The Enemy's earnings…

The Threat laughs as the room kind of just looks around clueless, because none of them know what she's talking about.

The Threat: Feint, get to the giant laser cannon.
Squav: The one with the huge flaw in its mechanism? If anything hits that, it's completely inoperable… we'll be left with nothing.
The Threat: We only really need it for one shot.

Feint floats off as Sqauv glances around a bit puzzled.

Xenologue: Purple Skies

Aurora gathers a army to get her girlfriend Fera back. A extra set of chapters without a focus on Unten, Leah, or Sakeena!

Chapter X1: Breaking the Barrier

Aurora stares out at the night sky, which pulses with purple energy that soon disappears in the night air. Her hands shake as a flashback plays through her mind.

Fera kisses Aurora's cheek. Aurora smiles, but it quickly disappears when two Skullcrawlers and ten Tentopaths approach them. Aurora attempts to pull out the Grasshopper Blade, but realizes she doesn't have it on her.

Aurora: Fera!

Fera attempts to kick away the Skullcrawlers but the Tentopaths grab her, pulling her away.

Aurora: FEEERAAA!!!
Fera: AURORA! AGH!!!

A rim of purple light surrounds her and in an instant, she's taken away. The enemies crawl towards her, but through her time powers, Aurora blasts them away by punching them while they're frozen. She visibly shakes, trying to reverse time, but it doesn't work like that. She punches the ground.

Aurora: Fera…

Vespa and Adam attack a group of swarming enemies inside a scientific facility. Vespa looks physically exhausted, taking a moment to catch her breath before landing an ax kick on a Skullcrawler.

Vespa: Adam, how are you holding up?
Adam: Fine, for being a goddamn bag.
Vespa: Ugh, I swear, that's all you talk about these days.
Adam: Yeah, because you said you would turn me back. It's been a couple years, Vespa! Excuse me for being antsy about it.
Vespa: I swear… I swear I'm looking into it. But there just isn't a human host that would be willing or suitable for the kind of process…
Adam: Have you actually looked for it? Because I'm around you a lot and I rarely see you do anything except shop online for candles and designer fashion.
Vespa: Oh, excuse me…

Vespa dips her back towards the ground, Adam's arms facing the grand before launching her into a spinning set of kicks in the air as she takes down some Spewbleflies.

Vespa: ...if I want the apartment to smell nice!

Vespa spins on the ground, Adam's arms taking out Vorto Grunts.

Adam: What are we even doing here? I know it's not to get me a new body. Where did these guys even come from?
Vespa: Hell if I know. Client told us that this was a real trouble maker, although I have no idea what these things are that keep attacking us.
Adam: Oh, so this is a bounty hunting mission?
Vespa: Something along the lines of that, yeah.

Vespa jumps over a railing, landing on a metal wire frame platform.

Vespa: We just gotta find the damn thing…

Stage 01: Strange Laboratory
Playable: Vespa

Vespa reaches the end of a hallway where a glowing blue electric woman floats, looking around.

Vespa: Shit, I think we found them.
Adam: What's the shit for?
Vespa: I dunno, they look kind of frightening. You see that face?
Adam: I'm gonna push you out to get the job done if you don't start moving.

Adam's mechanical arms push against the wall.

Vespa: Alright, jeez, jeez.

Vespa leaps forward as Adam's arms whirr around her. It catches the attention of the woman.

Vespa: Alright, data freak!
Electric Woman: Data freak…?

The woman laughs.

Electric Woman: My name is Pixel.

A dozen screens project out from her arms as she grins.

Pixel: If you think you're going to stop me, that's where you're dead wrong.


Pixel falls over, floating over the ground.

Pixel: Imbeciles… you can't defeat data like that.
Vespa: Yeah, but we can store it.

Vespa pulls out a flash drive as Adam's arms morph into vaccuum-looking satellites. Pixel screams in agony as she is collected onto the flash drive, with Vespa pulling it out from Adam and carrying it in her pocket.

Vespa: That's another job well done. Let's go somewhere nice.
Adam: Double Fudge Diner could be nice.
Vespa: You wanna try that? Alright.

Vespa and Adam leave the mechanical facility as purple goo begins to rise from the floor, the two oblivious.

Aurora sits inside the empty Double Fudge Diner, not even sure what to do at this point as she stirs around a chocolate milkshake with a straw. A car pulls up to the parking lot as a woman, Vespa, steps out.

Aurora: Ah shit, did I forget to switch the sign?

Aurora glances at the sign from inside, which is clearly labeled "OPEN", which would mean that it would read "CLOSED" from outside. She turns it around, pointing to it.

Vespa: Aw shit, really? Damn, I thought I was gonna make it, I'm sorry honey…

Adam electronically sighs.

Adam: It's fine.
Aurora: Yeah, sorry folks, I'm just uh, a little at a loss for what occured like half a hour ago.
Vespa: What… happened a half hour ago?
Aurora: Hah… I guess aliens took my girlfriend! That's a thing that just happens, I guess!

Aurora sighs uneasily, trying to look a lot more cheerful than she actually is.

Vespa: Well, shit. That ain't good.
Adam: Hm… did those aliens resemble giant snakes with a purple and yellow striped tongue and a mouth made of skulls? Or perhaps a tentacled robot that flies around?
Aurora: Yeah, that actually matches up with the description rather well…
Vespa: We were wondering about those damn things.
Aurora: I think… they're The Threat's forces.
Adam: The Threat? Slow the fuck down. Who the fuck is The Threat?
Aurora: Oh man, you two don't know who The Threat is? She's like, an evil god, I guess.
Vespa: An evil goddess took your girlfriend.
Aurora: To be fair, she's also an alien.
Vespa: Wait. Hol' up. How alien are we talking?
Aurora: I mean, not that alien. Just comes from another planet, really. She… has everything us humans do.
Vespa: ...everything…?
Adam: Is your friend perhaps connected to The Threat in some way?
Aurora: NO!

Aurora looks really angry, before taking a moment to calm down.

Aurora: No, no, she's not connected with The Threat.

Vespa and Adam just look around at the night sky.

Vespa: Well shit, that sucks.
Adam: Yeah.
Aurora: I don't even know what to do! The Threat is all powerful and shit. She'd crush me in an instant even if I made my way through her forces.

A lingering purple thread touches down on the soil in the distance, making a thud.

Vespa: The hell was that…

The thread pumps into the ground, the ground slowly becoming purple in a circle around it.

Adam: Well, whatever it is, it doesn't look good.

Aurora watches as Vorto Grunts spawn from it.

Aurora: Well, I'm not going to let The Threat take the entire damn planet too.

Aurora leaps forward, drawing the Grasshopper Blade as she runs towards the battle. Vespa and Adam join her.


Aurora severs the purple thread with the Grasshopper Blade, watching it spew out as it retracts into the sky.

Aurora: I dunno when the hell the Threat was able to do that, but we gotta put a stop to this now, even if it kills us.

Vespa leans back a bit.

Vespa: Yeah, I dunno about that? I mean, I get the cause. I'm just… not feeling the same emotions you are, because to be frank, I still have no idea who The Threat is…
Aurora: I can explain on the damn ride there if we have to. Don't you two want take down the biggest threat to Earth yet?
Vespa: I mean, I'd like to get paid first… I think I learned my lesson from doing work for free.
Adam: Eh, yeah.
Aurora: Bah…

Vespa puts her head up as she groans.

Vespa: Alright, let's see where this crazy ride takes us. Hell if I know.
Aurora: Ey, that's the spirit.

The Fan and The Enemy are walking around the base.

The Fan: God, fuck. Who knew sending out Sam would be such a disastrous decision on our part? Boy couldn't even see what he was doing, I'm not even sure he understood…
The Enemy: We screwed up, but it won't matter now. We need to focus. The Threat has the User Crystals, we need to do damage control as soon as possible.
The Fan: Unten and the others are way out by now…
The Enemy: Maybe we could send out Nizzle and Zorp…
The Fan: Christ, we really are kind of screwed, huh?

A blue orb zips into the room. The Fan and The Enemy stand back as it zips around in a spiral before forming into a woman with a single wing made of tentacles, staring at both The Fan and The Enemy.

Woman: Hi! My name is Fan-Tan-Doe. This looks a lot different than any castle I've seen you both in.
The Fan: Because it's not. It's a base and we got limited time, limited resources.
The Enemy: I'm sensing weird… radiation? from her.
The Fan: Yeah, me too. It's… not chrono radiation, is it?
Fan-Tan-Doe: Oh, I dunno. I zip around from place to place based off my memories.
The Fan: A Herald and Catalyst fusion?
The Enemy: Hard to say…
Fan-Tan-Doe: Guys, I'm right here…

Fan-Tan-Doe giggles.

Fan-Tan-Doe: Truthfully, I have no idea what either one of you are talking about.
The Fan: Heralds are people who jump to universe to universe. Unchecked, they're dangerous… but nowhere near the danger of a time travelling Catalyst, who can fracture time if they change the past.
Fan-Tan-Doe: Oh, is that why your old universe went to…

Fan-Tan-Doe mimics a explosion with her mouth.

The Fan: You know of the Shattering?
Fan-Tan-Doe: Is that what it's called?
The Enemy: (to the Fan) She's too dangerous. We need to get her out of here. This whole universe, really.
The Fan: Hey, so it's been nice, but shouldn't you go back home?
Fan-Tan-Doe: Ah, I dunno. I gotta explore around a bit. See you two!

Fan-Tan-Doe zips away as a ball of light, leaving the base. The Fan and The Enemy exhaustively sigh as she disappears.

The Fan: Great, another stressor, just what we need...
The Enemy: Well, as long as we can keep an eye on her somehow, I don't think she can cause much trouble. It takes something massive to change in the past to cause an Shattering.
The Fan: Well, what even is the present? As I'm speaking, we are literally traveling through it.
The Enemy: Shit, good point… still.

The Fan sits down.

The Fan: Let's just focus, alright?

Thorn lands on Earth, pulling out her knife as she slashes at some enemies created by the Threat's infection.

Thorn: God, pieces of shit…

Rose is seen, poking her head out of the small ship her and Thorn basically live out of now. She watches as Thorn hacks and slashes through the enemy forces.

Thorn: Man, I did not think it was going to be this fucked up when I came back. What the hell happened here? Not that I don't mind a good fight.

Thorn stabs a Spewblefly right in the head before jumping off it. Two headlights peer out from the distance.

Thorn: What in the hell…
Rose: That's a car, Thorn. You've seen them before.

The car parks as Vespa and Aurora step out. Aurora looks at the ship and then to Thorn.

Thorn: Oh shit, Thorn! I remember you from that Sports Resort adventure! Don't know who this other chick is.
Vespa: Name's Vespa.

Vespa turns around.

Vespa: This is Adam.
Adam: Hey.
Thorn: Nice. Nice. What's the sitch?
Aurora: Ahah… you remember Fera, right?
Thorn: Yeah. You two still an item?
Aurora: Um, maybe? She got kidnapped by The Threat.
Thorn: Aw hell, the Threat?

Thorn stabs a Vorto Grunt with a throwing knife as she kneels near Aurora.

Thorn: So you three wanted me to take you to go see the Threat, huh?
Aurora: I mean, you can just drop us off somewhere where we can get a space ship…
Thorn: Hrm. Yeah, the Delta's your best bet for that. I'll drop you off there, you can figure it out from there.

Thorn stabs a Tentopath Puppet from behind her without even looking.

Thorn: Yeah, let's go. Off topic, but what do you think of the outfit? Rose suggested I go with a codified outfit, because I'm a badass hero now. I at least wanna be. I mean, I liberated all my people, so…
Aurora: Oh! Um! It's… interesting…

Aurora can't help but look at the cut out parts of Thorn's pants around the thigh area.

Thorn: Do you think it's memorable?
Aurora: Oh, absolutely.

Thorn nods her head.

Thorn: Keeping it then.

Vespa, Aurora, and Thorn board the ship and take off, heading to space.

Chapter X2: Cross the Delta

Fan-Tan-Doe pops up in the Wasteland, appearing in an abandoned building. She glances around the building before stepping inside, seeing some kind of make-shift hospital.

Fan-Tan-Doe: Hewwo?

She hears grunting in the distance as red eyes glow in the darkness.

Fan-Tan-Doe: Oh, hello!

Fan-Tan-Doe sticks out her hand as the figure reveals itself to be Dr. Norman Gai.

Fan-Tan-Doe: Say, i remember you! You were from the pre-Shattering universe, weren't you?

Dr. Norman Gai just stares at her blankly.

Fan-Tan-Doe: Not one for words, huh.
Dr. Norman Gai: How did you get in here?
Fan-Tan-Doe: Hm, I dunno. I guess my memory of you, I suppose.
Dr. Norman Gai: I don't recognize you at all… although considering my mind snapped in half a long time ago, I suppose that's just normal.

Fan-Tan-Doe looks around at the rubble.

Fan-Tan-Doe: What's this about…?
Dr. Norman Gai: Duuumb fight. Doesn't matter. Some doctor lady came in to try and raid this place, but I flexed on her… honestly have zero idea where she went.

Dr. Norman Gai shrugs.

Dr. Norman Gai': Maybe she's just dead.

Fan-Tan-Doe: Weird flex, but okay.
Dr. Norman Gai: What are you doing here, anyway?
Fan-Tan-Doe: I dunno.

Dr. Norman Gai squints his eyes.

Dr. Norman Gai: Nah, there's something else going on. I don't trust anyone who's on a pointless journey.
Fan-Tan-Doe: I mean, it's the truth, more or less.

Fan-Tan-Doe waves as turns back into a orb of energy, zipping away.

Dr. Norman Gai: What a weirdo…

Thorn's ship lands on the Delta's cargo deck. Thorn twirls around a knife in her hands as she exits from the ship, eating a green apple covered in absinthe before tossing it to the side. Aurora and Vespa side-step as Thorn spits out some seeds.

Thorn: God, that's tart.
Aurora: So, do you think you can help us find a ship to take us where we need to go?
Thorn: Ah, fuck. Fine. Sure.

Thorn hangs her head back, grunting.

Thorn: I thought the deal was to just drop you two off.
Adam: Three.
Thorn: Aw hush it, steel box.
Vespa: You can't call him that!
Thorn: Steel bitch?
Aurora: Hahh… let's get moving…

Aurora pushes Vespa and Thorn along as they make their way onto the recreation deck of the Delta.

Thorn: Let's see… bounty hunter listings, recreational arcade over there…

Thorn glances around as something scurries on the beam on top of her. Aurora glances up, seeing nothing before moving her focus back to the group.

Thorn: There we are… hey, yo!

Thorn walks up to a woman in a black dress, appearing as if she's made out of colorful rock, her hair a pink and green color.

Thorn: This is a Lucent, they're usually loaded… I can probably talk up a deal for you two…

The Lucent stares at them, mystified as she starts to walk away.

Thorn: Mm. Okay, never mind about that one. We can keep looking though…

Thorn keeps walking around, as the mysterious scurrier on the beams on top runs across. Aurora once again hears them, looking up for the noises to suddenly stop.

Aurora: Huh…
Thorn: I mean, if worse comes to worse, you could just steal a ship, I mean, it's in the name of heroism.
Vespa: I dunno about that.
Adam: Eh, I dunno. Would you rather be trapped on a ship far from Earth?
Vespa: Come on, we're better than that!
Adam: Mm… yeah, I don't know about that.

A short black figure suddenly leaps down, with Thorn just barely dodging them with a roll. Thorn pulls out her throwing knives and watches as the would-be assassin dodge them.

Assassin: Eee!

Vespa and Adam prepare for combat as Aurora pulls out the Grasshopper Blade.

Thorn: Ah, what the hell.

Thorn pulls out her combat knives.


After defeating the assassin, Noot, he lays on the ground trembling.

Noot: You got lucky! Imma gonna carve up your face with my neon claws the next chance I get! Mmfphh!

Thorn glances over to Aurora.

Aurora: Hm?
Thorn: Go steal his ship. He pisses me off.

Aurora nods, with Vespa following close behind as Thorn pins him to the floor, causing him to struggle.

Thorn: Shh… buddy… buddy… tell me who sent you.
Noot: Like I'd tell you that…

Thorn purses her lips as she brings a knife closer to Noot.

Noot: Fine! Fine! I'll tell you everything!

Noot squirms.

Thorn: Well, I'm waiting.
Noot: It was a staggering Benefactor group! They didn't have much cash, so that's why they didn't go with me…

Thorn rolls her eyes as she releases her grip. She hears a ship take off in the distance, grinning.

Aurora stares at the control panel.

Aurora: Okay, I swear to god, I have no idea how this is supposed to work.
Vespa: Yeah, the buttons are very… tiny.
Aurora: I can figure this out… gotta give me time.
Vespa: Giving you all the time you need.
Aurora: Ugh, alright, let's see…

Aurora's finger presses three buttons, making it spin as it goes extremely fast, sending them all flying back. Adam's arms press random buttons until it stops.

Aurora: There we go…

A trio of escape pods float past the window.

Aurora: Oh…

Aurora sighs as she looks for a manual in the glovebox.

Aurora: There's gotta be something in here…

Fera walks with two Vorto Grunts down a hallway in Svarga. The hallways glow a neon purple as she glances around dazed.

Fera: Aurora-?

Vorto Grunts don't answer. Fera attempts to wrestle her way out, but to no avail.

Fera: Fucking iron grip, these two…

Feint approaches her at the end of the hallway.

Fera: Hey, what's going on?

Feint is unable to answer, adding to a uncomfortable tone of silence.

Fera: Great… nobody here likes to explain shit, huh?

Mistress Nell steps out from a room in the hallway.

Mistress Nell: There's Fera…

Mistress Nell pushes a light that flashes, causing Fera's eyes to squint.

Mistress Nell: Ayup, that's Terran, alright.
Fera: What do you h-horrible people even want?
Mistress Nell: I dunno, something about strengthened human-like DNA? Or probably because your strength makes you a good asset to get.
Fera: But not a catalyst with a g-grass sword... God, can you turn that off?
Mistress Nell: I mean, I could, but that means you break free. So…

Fera grunts, her eyes trying to close.

Mistress Nell: Anyway, just pack her into this room. Querius will get to work soon, so he says.

The Vorto Grunts nod. Mistress Nell just shrugs her head as Feint goes into the court room.

Mistress Nell: What is he going in there for, I wonder…

Former Four bursts into the throne room, his arms wide open.

Former Four: Hello! I'm back! Yes, me, number Four on The Threat's Top 10!

The Threat seems thoroughly unimpressed.

The Threat: Dude, where have you even been?
Former Four: Earth… do you not remember when I fell onto the Earth with Five?
The Threat: I thought you were dead? Either way, what the hell have you been doing?
Former Four: Eating Bermuda fish, fighting humans in my way, really just making a lot of trouble…

Feint passes a holographic pad to The Threat.

The Threat: You were with that group from earlier, weren't you?
Former Four: I was getting desperate, my liege.
The Threat: Right, and you will feel nothing if I destroy them. If I send you to destroy them.
Former Four: O-of course…

The Threat is not convinced.

The Threat: To be frank, I have no room for softies… I guess I'll just bring in Seven…

The door burst open again, with the camera panning to reveal she has defeated a ton of her guards and forces to get there. The Threat looks surprised.

The Threat: Six?

Former Four glances at the situation, realizing he has screwed up.

Quartz: Who are you talking to? It's Quartz now.
The Threat: My, you really have changed huh.
Quartz: All for the better. But…

The Threat leans in.

Quartz: There is one change I still need to do and I can't do it without your help.

The Threat laughs.

The Threat: Me? Help YOU?
Quartz: You know that we can't hurt you, even on a mental level. I have… a desire but I know I'm not functional for it.
The Threat: Tell me more. This interests me.
Quartz: I want to… sire children with Unten. But…
The Threat: Ohoho…

The Threat laughs.

The Threat: You want to subject yourself to THAT?
Quartz: Whatever! Can you do it or not?
The Threat: Oh I can… I just have a single request…
Quartz: What is it?
The Threat: Take out this nuisance.

The Threat points to Former Four, who has been kneeling at her feet.

Former Four: Nuisance? I'm still valuable to you, Vindozz!
The Threat: Then prove it by taking out this traitor.

With the stakes now established, Quartz and Former Four dash towards each other, preparing to battle.

Aurora flips through the manual before closing it.

Aurora: Well, that was all over the place, but I think I got a general handle and fix for everything now.
Vespa: That's good. Hate how cramped this thing is, but I guess I can't complain too much considering it's all we got.
Aurora: Yeah… I dunno how we're going to take on the Threat, but I'm sure we can manage it somehow…
Vespa: Just the three of us… yeah, I'm sure, we've been able to take on everything else so far.

Aurora smiles nervously.

Aurora: Just hang in there Fera, I'm coming…

Aurora shakes her head.

Aurora: I wonder what The Threat even needs with Fera… did she spot her while taking over or something?
Vespa: I don't have any answers…
Adam: Yeah, me neither.
Aurora: I know!

Aurora shakes her head as she leans back in the chair.

Aurora: We're going to figure this out and we're going to get Fera out of there. Safe and sound…

Aurora sighs heavily.

Aurora: I hate how distant everything has become lately… of course Fera would be stolen from me just as we reunited for the first time in months.
Vespa: Consider yourself lucky. When you're tied back to back with your partner for a couple years, you get really sick of them.

Aurora frowns.

Adam: You know I only whine about wanting a new body is because I need one, right?
Vespa: I told you, it will happen when it happens…

Aurora rolls her eyes as she rests her head on the control panel.

Chapter X3: Dripping Purple

With a ship now in hand, Aurora realizes she needs more help to fight back.

Chapter X4: Reignition Orange

The fight against The Threat continues.

Chapter X5: Sleep Well Beast

Final chapter of the Xenologue.

Act 3: The Regrettable

Chapter 26: Crumbling Castles

The Fan and The Enemy stare at Svarga, which is drifting away from them.

The Fan: Is that a…
The Enemy: I think that is. Uh…
The Fan: That's a goddamn laser cannon.
The Enemy: Shit.

The Fan snaps his fingers as everyone teleports back to the base. Everyone looks confused.

Obena: What are we doing here?

Strafe looks outside as he sees in the sky a giant purple laser blast cut right through the planet in the sky.

Strafe: Holy shit.

The planet, Kolob, only has some of it's left side remaining as it's mass begins to fall out of orbit and onto the Earth. Everyone comes outside.

Strafe: Holy shit.
Chelsea: Well, at least the vehicles are still here.
Unten: Well… there's no way around it now. We have to go back.

Nycho punches his chest and holds his fingers out in a V-sign.

Nycho: Farewell, Kolob.

The Threat watches, with no emotion, as Kolob falls to the Earth. Mistress Nell darts her eyes to her.

Mistress Nell: Vindozz…
The Threat: You aren't allowed to use my name.
Mistress Nell: Vindozz.

The Threat finally turns to her.

The Threat: (flatly) What.
Mistress Nell: ...I'm through with this. You've-
The Threat: Spare me your reasons, I don't care. Leave.

Mistress Nell runs off, as The Threat watches intensely. Nell uses a escape pod to fly towards Earth, looking at Svarga scornfully.

Mistress Nell: No more.

Mistress Nell smiles.

Mistress Nell's escape pod lands in the snow and she comes out wearing a black coat.

Mistress Nell: It's fucking chilly out here…

Nell glances at the base, which is in a combat stance. Nell rolls her eyes.

Mistress Nell: I'm not here to fight!

The group tentatively puts their weapons down.

Mistress Nell: I'm here because I left The Threat behind. I'd rather fight with you all than her.

Krystal looks at her.

Mistress Nell: A lot of that has to come to Krystal. I dunno how you feel about me, Krystal, and honestly you don't have to say anything about your feelings towards me. But… just let me fight alongside you all.
Unten: Alright.
Mistress Nell: Thank you.
Unten: Well, alright, what are we gonna do about the huge chunk of Kolob that's coming towards us? Do we have anything to stop that?

Krystal and Amy look to each other.

Krystal: This is a long shot. I have no idea if we can lift it- but if we can, we can hold it up.
Mynis: Count me in too. I mean, come on, I totally lifted up Atlas or whatever in that garden.
Ronnie: I know you didn't… but it should be entertaining, so I'm coming.

Claire wraps her arm around Ronnie.

Hexa: I can use my magic to lift it up.
Logia: I have telekinetic powers too…
Unten: I'm gonna call for reinforcements. This… might actually work. Yeah!

Unten stands for a moment before running into the base.

Unten: (panicking) We are so fucking doomed…!

Leah stands out in the snow, huddled around X-Ray.

Leah: If worst comes to worse… I want you to know that I have always loved you since the moment I saw you.
X-Ray: Me too…

X-Ray and Leah kiss. They are joined by Cura and Chelsea and Fera and Aurora, both huddled around each other closely.

X-Ray: Chelsea and Cura?
Chelsea: Hah… well, crazy things happen.
Cura: Yeah…

Cura smiles.

Ray walks up to Chelsea and Cura.

Ray: Chelsea, we need you to repair some of the ships.
Chelsea: On it. It'll be real quick, okay?

Cura smiles.

Cura: Got it.

Krystal, Amy, Logia, Mynis, Ronnie, Claire, Hexa, and Mistress Nell head to a snow covered plains area, the telekinetics holding their hands out. A blast of blue telekinetic energy rises in the air to hold the remains of Kolob back.

Ronnie: Is… that going to work?
Mynis: Telekinesis isn't a science.
Ronnie: I'm pretty sure, on some level, it is- ah never mind, you're on whatever tangent you're on.
Hexa: I think we're pushing it enough back. Although I dunno if we're actually pushing it away-
Mistress Nell: Krystal, you can do it!

Krystal grunts.

Krystal: I'm trying…!

Unten watches as a black ship approaches the base, slowly touching down. 3.14 and Flicker exit from the ship.

Unten: You got our reinforcement call, 3.14?

3.14 nods.

3.14: Yes. We're here to help.
Unten: Good! We need plenty of help, haha.

Another ship lands with Sketch and Seraphina stepping out.

Seraphina: You know, you could have called us at any time. We weren't exactly busy.
Unten: Mm…
Sketch: It's fine! Just saying.

Unten glances at a third ship, which drops off Zonas, Sinicini, and Adexene off before blasting away.

Zonas: H-hey.
Sinicini: Oh jeez, it's cold.
Adexene: Let me warm you up then, honey…

Sinicini purrs as Adexene presses her warm body against her. Zonas wraps himself around the two to share in the warmth.

Unten: Chelsea, how are the ships coming along?
Chelsea: (in the distance) Still working on them!
Unten: Alright… getting ready then.

Unten readjusts his coat before a sudden large purple hologram appears floating above the snow, with visage of Vindozz.

The Threat: You saw how Kolob went down. If I do not get the User Crystals within 24 hours, I will blow up the earth. And to show you that I'm completely 100% serious about this, you have 12 hours.
Unten: Shit.
Chelsea: (in the distance) 12 what?
Unten: Oh, don't you worry about it!

Unten stamps his foot in the ground three times, furiously pacing around.

Unten: Oh jeez…

The Fan and The Enemy approach Unten, holding the User Crystals.

Unten: Wait, we're just surrounding these?
The Fan: They're not exactly the real thing.
Unten: I'm not following.
The Enemy: They're synthetic clones of the originals. They have the same wavelengths and look, but they're fake.
Unten: And you don't think she'll notice right away?
The Fan: It should buy us enough time to come up with a real solution or something- just deliver them, try and pass them off as the real thing.

Unten looks hesitatingly at them.

Unten: Alright…

Unten takes the two fake User Crystals.

The Fan: We have some work we need to do ourselves, so excuse us in the meantime…

A giant robot by the name of FDX-Athens sits at the foot of a mossy red ruin, glancing around for intruders.

FDX-Athens: No intruders sighted…

FDX-Athens mechanically yawns.

FDX-Athens: I do not age, I do not rest… yet I can be tired…

FDX-Athens bangs it's hand on a red stone column, which collapses.

FDX-Athens: Brilliant work, creators. Why don't you find a way to keep yourselves alive? Oh wait, you all died.

FDX-Athens mechanically sighs as it hears rocks crumbling down the ruins from a distance.

FDX-Athens: ...scanning for intruders…

FDX-Athens glances around, it's head pinging with a sound it hasn't heard in ages.

FDX-Athens: One intruder… spotted.

FDX-Athens gets up and prepares for combat as the mysterious intruder waves their hands. It's Alcyone.

Alcyone: Hey, hey, no need to be pointing no laser at me. I didn't even know anyone else was here.
FDX-Athens: State your purpose, intruder.
Alcyone: Okay, so I WAS here to steal some shit- kind of have to because my only source of income got…

Alcyone makes a slitting motion with her hand.

FDX-Athens: What?
Alcyone: I got fired. My income got cut off. Forgot robots weren't good with metaphors. Anyway… so I've been raiding empty temples and selling off the loot. I come here, expecting nobody around and here you are! Aren't you gorgeous!
FDX-Athens: Termination in five…
Alcyone: Okay, okay! Well, I'm not gonna be here to steal nothing, I'm gonna go right now. Salutations, oh… I didn't get your name.
FDX-Athens: My model number is FDX-Athens.
Alcyone: Name's Alcyone, very nice to meet you.
FDX-Athens: Why?

Alcyone looks at her.

Alcyone: You're big, you're strong, you're ancient, which means you're wise… and you're a robot. I mean, what's not to like?
FDX-Athens: You mean that?
Alcyone: Well, yeah.
FDX-Athens: You're not gonna pawn me off for parts or something like that?
Alcyone: Nah, I'm leaving at your behest.
FDX-Athens: Well, I want you to stay now. At least for a little while.

Alcyone grins.

Alcyone: I'd love that!

Alcyone runs over to sit on one of FDX-Athens' giant metal legs, purring.

Alcyone: See, I'm not so bad, huh?
FDX-Athens: It gets very lonely in here…
Alcyone: Aw…
FDX-Athens: I was told to guard the artifacts of the temple a long time ago… so much so I kind of was unable to keep track. Nothing really came, yet… I feel sworn to it.
Alcyone: Why?
FDX-Athens: I dunno. I feel like it's my programming to do so.
Alcyone: Well, cut that crap from your life. Someone like you shouldn't be wasted away looking after treasures nobody's coming for.

Alcyone's device on her left hip beeps.

Alcyone: Huh…

Alcyone investigates.

Alcyone: Looks like Unten's calling for help. I'll take it. You wanna come?
FDX-Athens: I… sure.

FDX-Athens gets up, takes one last look at the decaying temple, and then follows Alcyone's lead to outside.

Unten stands outside of Chelsea's garage, trying to work a plan out in his head.

Unten: Alright, so… we need Leah to lead others to Sakeena, meanwhile, I need to go up the elevator to go talk with Vindozz…

Volt peeks out.

Unten: Oh, hey, Volt!
Volt: So… you're planning to confront Vindozz, right?
Unten: Right. I… dunno what to tell her, really. I'll try and pass these fakes to her, and then maybe just run for it? Or maybe I can talk her down to peace- she has to be willing to do that on some level…
Volt: Just… don't hurt her, okay?
Unten: I am not going to hurt her.
Volt: Okay, good.
Unten: Wait, why would you even assume that? Why are you telling me that?
Volt: Oh… uh, no reason at all, particularly?
Unten: Mm… okay, then.

Logia, Krystal, Amy, and Hexa contuine to hold up the remains of Kolob when suddenly, the Bugbear appears.

Mynis: You freak…! Stay away, these people are trying to hold back the remains of Kolob here!
Bugbear: Do you think I'd take orders from a scrunt like you?
Mynis: Scrunt?

The Bugbear slashes at Logia, causing him to fall to the ground, bleeding.

Logia: Ahhh!

Logia weakly blasts at the Bugbear, but the Bugbear is preparing to strike again. Ronnie kicks him in the face, joined by Mynis. The group is now a reasonable distance away from the telekinetics.

Ronnie: I'm gonna bash your… chest face in?

The Bugbear forms into a spear head as it spins into Ronnie, Claire and Mynis.


The Bugbear salutes the three as it falls back into cubes, teleporting away.

Ronnie: Do they all gotta do that?

Blank comes running in and carries Logia in her arms, taking him to back to headquarters.

Blank: Oh jeez, I hope you're alright…

Logia coughs.

Logia: I'll be fine. We can't be losing anybody else to keep Kolob up.
Blank: We can't just keep it up there! We have to destroy it…
Logia: Can't do that without breaking it into more pieces that could seriously harm the planet.

Blank sighs.

Blank: Well, I'm gonna try and figure something out. You just rest here, and that's a order.

Logia nods and closes his eyes for a while. Blank kisses him on the cheek and he smiles.

Imperium lights up with a brilliant blue light as Unten finishes putting people inside of the blade.

Unten: That ought to do it.

Chelsea glances at Unten.

Chelsea: One more time.
Unten: Hopefully.

Unten enters inside the Mini-Lopper and takes off. Chelsea waves goodbye. Unten is about to ignite the engines of the Mini-Lopper when a black ship lands just outside of the garage, with Alcyone and a FDX-Athens popping out.

Alcyone: I hope we're not too late!
Unten: I was seconds from igniting this thing.
Alcyone: I can just follow you in the ship-
Unten: That would actually work pretty well in case we need a back-up. Just… follow me, I guess.
Aclyone: No problem! Hear you loud and clear.

The two ships take off, blasting off into the sky. Cura walks over to Chelsea with Ray and Chelsea hugs Cura closely.

Ray: Here's to hoping all things go okay…

The Threat changes into a black kimono, glancing down as she drinks more black liquid. Ibism is by her side.

The Threat: Now that I have the lower hand, things are going to swing back in balance for me.
Ibism: You... can't be that confident in that happening, can you?
The Threat: It's what The Fan and The Enemy believe, I guess they might have some idea considering how long this has gone for. Immovable object meets unstoppable force; someone's gotta give at some point. Won't be me.

The Threat takes another sip.

Chapter 27: Leah the Doctor

Leah sits inside of Imperium's inner room, glancing at the large group with her. X-Ray, exhausted, has taken a nap on her shoulder. Susan walks up to Leah.

Susan: Leah! There you are.
Leah: Hey.
Susan: You alright?
Leah: Mhm. Why wouldn't I be?
Susan: You kind of have that depressed slouch.
Leah: I mean, I am anxious- I did see Sakeena before we had to leave the second time, but I kind of just killed One for her and just left. I dunno, maybe she isn't okay…
Susan: Leah, I really don't know anything about Sakeena, but if she learned anything from you, it's probably to survive like you have.
Leah: As well as my drunken rants… god knows what got into her head.

Leah shakes her head.

Leah: I guess, I'm regretful of the way I've acted in the past, but I also know that no matter how much I change… I'm always gonna hurt people. X-Ray is the only person who wasn't impacted in a major negative way by me.
Susan: But you've changed. You've convinced me to change…
Leah: I just… I don't know if I can ever be fully happy.
Susan: X-Ray doesn't make you fully happy?
Leah: She deserves better. She always did. I dunno… if I can ever meet that self-image of myself.
Susan: I think you've honestly impacted people more positively than you may realize.

Leah sighs.

Leah: Maybe you're right… it's honestly not too important, anyway. We got bigger things to worry about… like The Threat.

Leah laughs nervously.

Leah: But… thanks for talking to me…

Susan smiles and hugs Leah. Leah hugs her back.

Leah: Mom.

Susan freezes as she holds her tighter. Leah smiles softly.

Back on Earth, the telekinetics are still attempting to hold back the remains of Kolob back. Usagi teleports into the area, attacking with a electrical attack. Mistress Nell unfurls her tentacles.

Usagi: Let this planet die, Nell. I know you won't listen to me, with all that junk in your head…
Mistress Nell: It's called love, moron.

Krystal glances at her before putting her attention back on the remains of Kolob.

Mistress Nell: You wouldn't know jack about that, would you?
Usagi: I only hold a strong desire to kill.
Mistress Nell: Typical. The Threat's new creations lack any kind of feeling beyond that, don't they? Easier to corral around, like toys?

Usagi charges with energy as Mistress Nell unfurls her tentacles and whips them wildly around Usagi.


Usegi teleports away into cubes, but releases one final shot that appears to paralyze… or short circuit Amy Jackson, and she falls into the snow, comatose.

Krystal: Amy!

Mistress Nell runs over as Mynis and Ronnie drag Hexa and Amy back to base.

Krystal: Do you think you could ask your ex to knock it off?
Mistress Nell: I seriously doubt she would listen to me.
Krystal: Mm…

Krystal is clearly struggling to keep it up, grunting.

Krystal: I really can't keep it up like this forever...

Unten jumps out of the Mini-Lopper and into the hallways of Svarga. The hallways are eerily empty for the most part. Unten presses to release the rest of the group out. Leah looks around.

Leah: Alright… if I'm not misremembering anything…

Leah points to the left as Faria, Rachel, X-Ray, and Strafe follow her down to the left hallway. Unten follows as well.

Rachel: You sure you know where you're going?
Leah: I've seen her twice…

Leah heads down the right hallway.

Leah: What, are you suggesting I would lie about this kind of thing? About Sakeena?
Rachel: No, I'm just…

Rachel sighs.

Rachel: You're right. That was uncalled for.
Leah: I just want to know what's up, you know?
X-Ray: Honey… focus…

Leah nods.

Xerox is at a gas station, starting at the purple sky as it slowly reverts back into night. She sighs heavily. A woman with purple hair approaches her.

Xerox: ...Beth?

The woman nods.

Beth: It's my natural hair color.
Xerox: Shouldn't you be at the Warped Cross or whatever it's called?
Beth: Naw, I'm free of that junk forever. For the most part, anyway.

Xerox sighs.

Xerox: I'm on the run from everyone.
Beth: Well, why don't you come with me for a little bit? I'm not gonna take you to the cops, I wouldn't be wearing this biker get-up if I was.
Xerox: Mm… okay.

Xerox sighs as she gets up.

Beth: We're just gonna go some to some place that's calling for help- they say it's very important…

Xerox nods as she watches Beth get on her motorcycle, getting behind her.

Leah leads the group down the hallway, trying to remember every little detail that she can.

Leah: Let's see, that looks… right…
Faria: Was it really this long?
Leah: Shh… I've seen her twice! I know where she is, for sure.

Rachel glances to Strafe.

Rachel: Well, what are you doing this after this?
Strafe: I dunno…

Strafe sighs.

Strafe: I keep saying that I'm not going back to Noah, but I keep getting drawn to it.
Rachel: I mean, a lot of the bad stuff's out of there now.
Strafe: Yeah… but still.
Rachel: Maybe you still can do good over there?
Strafe: Can I…? I don't feel like I'm a generally good presence. I have… sins in my past, and I dunno if I can truly remedy them. That's not even saying anything about the sins of my father or… aunt, I guess.
Rachel: Screw em. You're not the one who did that stuff.
Leah: Hey, since you both are talking obnoxiously loud, I'm gonna chime in with my two cents. Jack, you should go back to Noah if only to give me and X-Ray some of those spices from that marketplace for a wedding gift.
Strafe: Why do you keep calling me Jack?
Leah: Because you look like one.
Strafe: I mean, you look like a Sarah, but you said to stop calling you that.
Leah: Because… I'm not Sarah anymore. I'm Leah.
Strafe: What do you mean by that?
Leah: Is this really the time and place to divulge that kind of information, Jack?
Rachel: Eh, we're all curious.
Leah: Didn't I tell you all anyway?
Rachel: No?
Leah: Eh, maybe I'll tell you later. Come on, we're nearly there. I dunno why it's taking me so long, it's usually the first thing I come across...

Xerox jumps off Beth's motorcycle, with Beth following her closely behind. The two glance around.

Xerox: Beth said you all called for reinforcements?

Mingyu pops out from the entrance of the base.

Mingyu: You're a bit late, but that's okay.
Xerox: I was… trying to figure stuff out, sorry.
Mingyu: You tried to break Leah out.
Xerox: Yeah, you were right, she didn't care about me.
Mingyu: This wasn't about who was right or wrong.
Xerox: Well, what was it about?

Xerox sighs heavily as Beth pats her back.

Mingyu: You're a good person, Xerox. I believe that.
Xerox: No, I'm not.
Beth: Look, we're all kind of crazy, that's what the Twisted Cross does to people, and you were unluckily caught with our illness.
Xerox: There's no hope for me. Where… where do I go?
Mingyu: Well, I think there's some use for someone like you in a fighting capacity- government or F.A.N.T… you could do a real service to this country.
Xerox: Under President Snaily Joe? No thanks.
Mingyu: That's okay too. What about acting?

Xerox lights up.

Xerox: Acting?
Mingyu: Well, yeah, you can absolutely transform your body in ways I didn't think was possible, as well as throw tons of voices and put out some really convincing performances. I've reviewed your court tapes… they're good stuff.
Xerox: ...maybe.

Mingyu looks to Beth.

Beth: What do you want?
Mingyu: Well, you've been free from the Twisted Cross from a while…
Beth: I'm enjoying my freedom, thank you very much. I haven't gotten in trouble, so frankly I'm not sure why you feel the need to talk to me.
Mingyu: Talking to me isn't a punishment, Beth. I just am here to help.
Beth: I'll tell you when I need it. Anything we can do right now?
Mingyu: Well, we need more people on that Kolob situation, a bunch of people are down, just leaving poor Krystal alone on that…
Beth: Mhm. We'll see.

Beth pulls the key out of the car.

Xerox: Thank you.

Xerox wipes her eyes as she follows Beth inside.

Leah hums quietly.

Leah: Okay, this is absolutely it.
Faria: I can see something down the hallway…
Rachel: It's that Querius dude!
Faria: Ah shit.

Querius zooms towards the group.

Querius: Well, figures you would all show up the second I tried usurping this weak goddess' power, whatever is left of it, anyway.
Rachel: I don't see you usurping anything. Also, we don't care.
Leah: Yeah, we're here for Sakeena.
Querius: I'm a being of chaos, not reason. You are all in my way.
Leah: Okay, fight us, you weak and soft bit-
Faria: Didn't we think this guy might have killed Unten for a second there?
Rachel: Whatever, they got out. They're fine.
Querius: Are you all suggesting I'm weak?
Leah: It's more out of indifference.

Querius flares up with white electricity coursing through his body.

Querius: I'll get rid of all you.


Querius cackles as he is defeated.

Querius: Well, only one recourse left!

Querius cackles as a void appears from his body, slowly expanding.

Querius: This void will absorb everything lest one of you comes to sacrifice yourself to escape it. You're all very persistent, but… I must destroy you.
Unten: I know how to get through the void- I can do it and I can get out of there quickly-

Leah runs up to the void.

Unten: Leah…?
X-Ray: Leah?
Strafe: Leah?!

Leah closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

Leah: This… has been kind of jumbled in my head for a while, but… here it goes.

Leah takes a deep breath.

Leah: I feel like… in spite of my growth and changes, I'm not a good person and I don't think I can ever truly be one…
X-Ray: Leah, that's not true.
Leah: least, as Leah.
X-Ray: ...where are you going with this?
Leah: Before I was fully inducted into the Twisted Cross, I came up with a alternate personality called Leah that was capable of doing the horrors and witnessing the madness that they wanted me to do. Before that though… I was a girl named Sarah Auvic. Both parents killed. Abducted from the home because of some dumb-ass prophecy.

Leah laughs a little.

Leah: It's funny… me and Unten never really got along, but we should have been talking about how much prophecies suck. How much they're forced on you to become something you just aren't.

Unten nods.

Leah:...I had a choice, to destroy the Twisted Cross or to save it. I destroyed it, but not on my accord- that was Susan's doing. She did it because of me.

Leah sighs deeply.

Leah: And you X-Ray… well, I've ALWAYS felt you deserved better. Even though I was obsessive about you, when we did get together, I always felt like I wasn't doing enough.
X-Ray: Honey…
Leah: I've always treated you nicely, but I can't say the same for everyone else… and that's what I want to change.

Leah hugs X-Ray tightly and then steps back into the portal.

Leah: I left a will back at the hospital, so if you could all read that, that would be great… but yeah, I'm going in.
X-Ray: Are… you sure you don't want to think this over?

Leah shakes her head.

Leah: Been thinking about it for too long. I… need time away. I dunno how much time. I don't know how Sarah will feel towards any of you… it pains me to know that I don't know how she'll feel especially towards X-Ray. But… this is where I'm wrapping my story up.

Leah nods her head as she crosses her arms, falling into the void. The void shrinks in size, before vanishing entirely. X-Ray silently moves away, before running away, the group getting out of her way.

Unten: I…

Unten drops to his knees.

Rachel: It's not your fault.
Unten: I'm… not really sure what to say or think.
Strafe: Let's go find Sakeena… we're so close.

Unten nods as he drags Imperium. Susan stands where Leah vanished.

Susan: Goodnight, Leah. We will all miss you.

Susan walks away.

Chapter 28: Sakeena the Metal Bender

Sakeena runs up the rocky path, with Beowulf fast behind her. She can hear the distorted roar of The Infinite in the distance.

Beowulf: You ready for this?
Sakeena: We've taken on so many of The Threat's goons at this point. I don't see how one more could be any more taxing.
Beowulf: True.
Sakeena: Although… that means we're truly finished, doesn't it?
Beowulf: What do you mean by that?
Sakeena: I won't have a excuse to keep running, to keep hiding…
Beowulf: From… what?
Sakeena: Nevermind.

Sakeena forms two metal blades as they approach the lair.

Sakeena: Let's do this!

Faria leads the group to where Leah directed them, phasing through the bubble-like forcefield. She and the group run towards Wormgar, Zero, and Acadia, who are enjoying tea.

Faria: Where did you take my sister?
Rachel: Yeah! Did you kill her? You all make me so sick.

Strafe points to Zero.

Strafe: Are you the evil mastermind? I really don't know who you are, but you look like a jerk.
Unten: Yeah, what are you supposed to be?
Wormgar: Woah, woah. I think the aggression is a bit misplaced.

Zero sips some more tea.

Zero: I'm assuming your sister is Sakeena?
Faria: Yes, do you know where she is?
Zero: She's off fighting The Infinite.
Unten: The who-what-it's?
Zero: That dragon that grabbed The Fan and The Enemy.
Rachel: She can't possibly take that on.
Strafe: Where is she?
Zero: She's up in the mountains, where the thunder is crackling.

The group stares off in the distance.

Rachel: She got herself into way more trouble than she can handle…
Strafe: Thank you… we'll take it from here.

Zero kicks his feet up as the group departs. Alpha-V groggily comes in.

Alpha-V: What was all that noise?
Zero: Just a bunch of people looking for Sakeena.
Alpha-V: Ah neat. Give me some tea, would you?

Zero nods as he pours Alpha-V some tea.

Sakeena and Beowulf stand at the edge of the entrance of the cave, where The Infinite is resting, electricity coursing through the cave. It's tentacles are coiled around the treasure.

Beowulf: There he is… the big brute.
Sakeena: That's the final trial.

Sakeena takes a deep breath and leaps into the air. She is suddenly stopped, electricity coursing around her as she sees The Infinite open it's eye.

The Infinite: Are you lost, little girl?

The Infinite booms, golden coins bouncing into the air as it stirs. Sakeena can only glance around, terrified as she remains static in the air.

The Infinite: I'm the culmination of every member of The Threat's Top 10. I could prod you with these needles from One, teleport you to another planet, give you the Hivemind disease… but I think it'll be more fun to see you burnt alive.

Beowulf jumps down to attack the Infinite in the head with his sword, but it breaks against his thick scales and The Infinite attacks him with One's Needles.

The Infinite: Ah, I see, I shall show you the extent of my power on this man…

The Infinite cackles as toxic fumes exhume from his nostrils. Sakeena manages to break free from her captivity, although not before The Infinite bites down on Beowulf's neck with toxic teeth, poisoning him.

Sakeena: No!

Sakeena stabs The Infinite in the belly. The Infinite turns to her.


The Infinite howls as it's defeated, with Beowulf angrily stabbing it's neck, mortally killing it. He smirks, but then the wound on his neck pulses and swells.

Beowulf: Ugh…

Beowulf drops his broken blade, staring up at the ceiling as the electricity dies in the cave. Sakeena runs over to him.

Sakeena: Beowulf...
Beowulf: I wanted to have a son like myself… but maybe I should have been asking for a daughter like you.
Sakeena: Beowulf… please… get up…

Beowulf sighs exhaustively.

Beowulf: This is my end… but just let me know I fought for the right cause. Bring me some of it's treasure…

Sakeena nods as she quickly grabs some gold coins, some strange orbs, and a couple of Unten Coins towards him.

Beowulf: The treasure… is good. But… I think I realize that the thing I have been fighting for has now surpassed me. I have paid my life for you, now pay your life for the greater good. No longer can I remain.

Beowulf lets out a final breath. Sakeena drops the treasure and cries quietly.

Sakeena: Farewell, king.

Sakeena uses the gold to morph some steps to get out of the cave.

Sakeena stares at Faria, Rachel, Strafe, and Unten, who are climbing up to see her.

Sakeena: The Infinite is gone… how did you all get in here…?
Rachel: We… have a lot to catch up with.

Faria runs towards her sister and hugs her tightly.

Faria: Don't you ever ever run off like that! We were worried sick!

Sakeena bows her head down.

Sakeena: It was incredibly immature to do that.
Faria: Why did you do any of this?
Rachel: Yes… this is on The Threat's ship after all. I really don't want to suspect a close friend is working with The Threat but this is not what I would call captivity.
Sakeena: I wanted to escape… escape from my problems. Escape from reactions that I was afraid of. Escape from the war. Escape from being… Sakeena.
Strafe: Oh… Sakeena…

Sakeena bawls as Strafe, Rachel, and Faria hug her.

Faria: We will always accept you for what you are.

Sakeena nods as she cries.

Sakeena: I love you all.

Sakeena sits down by Zero at the tea table. Rachel, Faria, Unten, and Strafe sit down.

Rachel: Oh wait, who's that?
Alpha-V: Uh… I think I'm a clone of you. If that's okay with you.
Sakeena: That's a Threat-created clone of you.
Rachel: Neat. I kind of look good in robes, damn.
Alpha-V: Right?

Sakeena looks to the sky.

Sakeena: Just one last thing I need to finish.

Sakeena closes her eyes as she shuts down the virtual reality, the world around them to ceasing to exist. They all awaken in a drab, metallic room.

Rachel: Woah!
Sakeena: The world wasn't real. But… the people were, in a way.

Sakeena glances at Rachel, Strafe, Faria, and Unten.

Sakeena: You're all my heroes. But… at some point I gotta step up and be more of one myself.

Sakeena smiles.

Zero: As a final trial, you can fight me.
Sakeena: Final trial? Fighting you wouldn't serve either one of us any good…
Zero: You have passed the test.

Sakeena shakes her head and shrugs. She hugs Rachel, Strafe, Faria, and Unten close again.

Sakeena: Thank you all for being awesome.

Chapter 29: Unten the Beorn

The group exits Sakeena's room, staring down the hallway, only to see another dreaded figure at the end of it.

Morteluci: Ah… Strafe. I haven't quite inflicted the pain I wanted to put on you and your friends. Oh, and a Beorn too! How swell.

Unten clutches tightly on Imperium, glancing around as he looks at Morteluci.

Unten: You wanna go, you… I don't even know what the heck you are, actually.
Morteluci: Oh, come on, don't you recognize a dinosaur when you see one?

Morteluci cackles.

Morteluci: I know your type. You're a dying race, a breed of Descenders so insignificant to everyone.

Unten grips Imperium tighter.

Morteluci: A lowly Beorn. A race so irrelevant that the only purpose the Fan and the Enemy see in you is solely for your Descension purposes. Did you ever think you mattered outside of that? Your own race could care less about trying to save itself. You're a dinosaur in the metaphorical sense, Unten, and I feel like it's finally time to let that meteor drop.

Unten yells as he jumps into the air with Imperium, slashing at his head. Morteluci nicks his fur with a laser.

Morteluci: You are so weak… do you have any idea how close you nearly died there? Let me put you out of your misery, you sad little bear…


Morteluci collapses into the ground, dispersing into cubes as he teleports away.

Morteluci: You've only delayed the inevitable.

Unten pants out of exhaustion, dropping Imperium to his knees. Sakeena runs up to him with Faria and the others following her.

Sakeena: You okay?
Unten: Sakeena!

Unten hugs her tightly as Sakeena pats his back.

Unten: I'm alright… how are you?
Sakeena: I'm doing okay.
Unten: Sky's getting real low… we need to see The Threat and soon.

A large group suddenly walks through the room.

3.14: We need to talk with The Threat peacefully. We cannot consider a nuclear option at the moment.
Unten: That's a good point. Me and 3.14 will go.
Volt: ...can I come too?
Unten: If you think you can convince her, sure.
Volt: I… think I can, yeah. Something like that.

Unten groans as he gets up.

Krystal grunts as she keeps the remains of Kolob, but it's slowly slipping into the atmosphere and her strength is utterly drained.

Krystal: I'm sorry… I can't hold onto it much… longer…

Nell hugs her tightly.

Mistress Nell: You can do it, damn it!

Krystal is clearly straining more, electricity sparking from her hands. She falls weakly to the ground, passing out.

Mistress Nell: Krystal?!

Mynis runs towards them.

Mistress Nell: Do we have any other telekinetics? Anyone at all?

Ronnie shakes her head.

Ronnie: Not off the top of my head.
Mistress Nell: You're shitting me. Who's going to hold up something that weighs the size of a planet?

They hear distant cackling in the distance.

Mistress Nell: Oh no…

Beth Operatino and Xerox run towards the group as out from the snowy draft Fibrody appears, slamming his own fists together.

Fibrody: Let's make some noise!


Fibrody teleports away in cubes as the group glances at the descending Kolob fragment, getting low to the ground. Suddenly, they hear a loud grunt and a lack of their own destruction. The group opens their eyes to see Mynis holding up the remains of Kolob.

Mynis: Oh wow, jesus, this is heavy.
Ronnie: Mynis, you're actually… doing it?
Mynis: Hah… what can I say? It just kind of fell on me… godthisthingisheavy

Mynis is clearly struggling. Krystal stirs.

Ronnie: Stay here. I'm gonna see if I can get anyone to help.
Mynis: Haha, jeez!

Mynis is sinking his feet deeper into the ground, the weight beginning to crush him. Ronnie runs into the headquarters.

Ronnie: Blank!

Blank stirs from her nap, looking at Logia and then Ronnie.

Blank: What?
Ronnie: Do you think you know anyone that can get those remains of Kolob back into space?
Blank: I thought you were all taking care of that? Uhh… I don't know anyone off the top of my h-

Blank stops mid-sentence.

Blank: No, wait. I do. Oh my god.

Blank runs into another room.

Unten, 3.14, Volt walk towards the main lobby, where Vorplazz and Squav are sitting, nervous.

Unten: What's… got you so nervous? We're not here to hurt you…
Squav: We're not scared of you, we're scared of her.
Unten: The Threat?
Squav: Yes!

Squav nervously chatters. Unten pulls out the user crystals.

Unten: Does she have a camera in this room?
Vorplazz: Plenty…

Unten glances at a camera in the center of the room, holding up the User Crystals. The Fan and The Enemy glance through a secret viewing eye in the base, working on what appears to be a white goop.

Unten: You see these? These User Crystals?

Unten hoists them up to the camera. The Threat bites her lip, looking at them.

Unten: They're fake.

Unten drops them onto the floor, shattering them. He stares at the camera.

Unten: We don't have any real ones either. The fake ones were constructed by The Fan and The Enemy in a ploy to distract you. But… we're not here to distract you. We're here to talk.

The Threat cackles over a intercom over the entirety of Svarga.

The Threat: Talk? Let's see you go through these first.

The Threat releases a bunch of secret doors, letting out her various forces into the lobby.

The Threat: Have fun with those.

Unten looks to Squav.

Squav: What?
Unten: You know how to fight right?
Squav: Yeah, why? It's not like I'm gonna fight for you?
Unten: You're fed up with the Threat, yeah? Why don't you fight beside me?

Squav's eyes light up. Unten grabs Imperium and hurls it around as Squav holds his own blade.

Unten: Let's do this!

Voltling.pngHazzargian Victory.pngBirchVictory.png

Unten glances at the elevator that dings as he defeats the last of The Threat's forces.

Unten: 3.14, Volt, let's get going!

The group nods as they follow him to the opening elevator.

Blank comes running towards the group. Mynis is on his last legs.

Mynis: Did you get another telekinetic?
Blank: No…

Krystal shakes as she awakes.

Blank: I did get Noire Fox.

Mynis mouths something to Ronnie, who just shrugs and mouths back.

Noire Fox: Well, that looks like quite the predicament…
Krystal: AGHHH!

Krystal hoists the remains off Mynis, who lays down in the snow as Noire Fox pulls out a baseball bat. Krystal screams as she lets out all the telekinetic energy that she can, pushing it high into the air.

Krystal: HURRY!!

Noire Fox closes his eyes as he connects the bat with Kolob's remains, causing a single dent.

Ronnie: Whahahat?

Ronnie laughs hysterically.

Ronnie: You brought someone completely useless to us in the last hour?

Blank holds up a finger as Kolob suddenly blasts away from the Earth at a high speed, back into space and out of their solar system.

Ronnie: Oh my god.

Krystal laughs hysterically.

Krystal: Well! That actually somehow worked! I dunno how, but it did!

Noire Fox bows.

The Threat grumbles.

The Threat: If you refuse to give me the User Crystals, I'll just wipe your planet clean anyway…

The Threat suddenly hears a large blast as her cannon falls apart.

The Threat: What in the he-

The Threat's feed is intercepted by Doomulus Grime and Gauptain.

Doomulus Grime: This is for my boy Unten!

Gauptain nods.

Doomulus Grime: Had no idea they gave ships to people this young, to be frank!

The Threat angrily shuts off the feed. The elevator door opens with Unten, Volt, and 3.14 entering inside.

The Threat: Well, you three bozos came to see me to "talk". What do you want to talk about?
3.14: Peace, we want peace. It would benefit everyone if we just came to some kind of agreement…

The Threat slams him telekinetically against the wall.

The Threat: Next.

Volt steps forward.

The Threat: You actually showed your face… how cute.
Volt: Please, I know we didn't end things off on the right foot, but… I've been thinking about it…
The Threat: You sniveling little… heh. Did you really think I had lingering feelings for you? You?
Volt: Isn't… Ibism just a replacement for me, except worse?
The Threat: I didn't create him to remind me of you. I created him to be a ideal version of you, one that doesn't care about whatever we do together. No drama, no fuss, whatever the fuck I want, I get from him.
Volt: I-

The Threat slams Volt telepathically against the wall, causing him to choke briefly. Unten steps forward, cool.

Unten: I don't want to fight you. I… had the desire to, yes, but I quickly realized there's no situation where this goes right. I know your dislocated heart is currently in the lower levels of Svarga, Squav told me that real quick. But if we do that, what are we really gaining out of this? A universe controlled by those two? I've… learned facts that makes me skeptical that's a good idea. We need balance. It's something everyone has forgotten about. For every victory… there's a failure.
The Threat: Did you practice this speech or something?
Unten: A little. Point is, I could just walk up to you and descend you, but I'm not going to. I might not agree with every little thing you do, but I have witnessed your better moments. I understand where you're coming from. In the end, if we had just resolved this a bit earlier, billions of years earlier, we could have all been happier. I'm asking you to be a ruler alongside The Fan and The Enemy. To be a fair one, mind you. You can accept my offer or not. Either way, I'll walk out of here, and so will these two.
The Threat: What if I attack again?
Unten: Then we'll attack out of self defense. But I don't want to do that.
The Threat: Mm…

For a moment, The Threat seems to fully agree with Unten's offer and is about to outstretch her hand to him, but suddenly a brilliant white flash fills the room.

The Threat: What the-?

The Threat lays limp against her chair as a transparent Beorn, shining a brilliant white glances at her with a featureless face. Unten looks shocked, glancing behind him. The Fan and The Enemy float down.

The Fan: We'll take care of it from here.
The Enemy: Nice job distracting her, going with something a little more original than what we gave you.

The two chuckle.

Unten: I… wasn't distracting her.
The Fan: Oh come on, letting your guard down like that precisely so The Threat had a clear strike for you once your back was turned? Ballsy, but I can respect the hustle.

The Beorn hops back to The Fan and The Enemy.

The Fan: We finally figured it out again!
The Threat: You descended me, didn't you?

The Threat squirms, attempting to make a energy ball to attack The Fan and The Enemy but it fizzles in her hands.

The Threat: YOUUU!!!

The Threat screeches in pain, trying to use her god powers again that are no longer part of her.

Unten: This isn't… no…
The Fan: Come on, chief, let's get back to home base.

The Enemy picks up The Threat's User Crystal.

The Threat: Don't you touch that! Usegai, Bugbear, Fibrody, Morteluci! Come here!

Fibrody teleports in to just flip her off.

Fibrody: Ain't gotta listen to you, you hag.

Fibrody teleports away.

The Threat: You! You pieces of…. aghhh!

Unten glances at the smirking The Fan and The Enemy and feels electricity pulse in his palms. He glances at the Beorn, that scratches his head with his feet.

The Fan: Come on, chief, let's go.
The Enemy: Yep, time to wrap this up.

Suddenly, in one brilliant motion, Unten leaps forward, electricity flowing out his palms as he pierces both The Fan and The Enemy in the chest, a flash of light dispersing followed with another one. The two gods shriek as their godhood is stripped away, limping down to the ground, dropping the Threat's User Crystal.

The Fan: Unten!
The Enemy: What did you do?!

Unten breathes heavily, his palms smoking as he staggers back. The Threat stares at Unten, shocked, as Unten pulls away, grabbing 3.14 and Volt as he leaves the three gods in the room.

Volt: You… you can't just leave them!
3.14: What… happened in there?
Unten: It's someone else's problem. Get… someone else to deal with it. Tell Alcyone to pick me up. The rest of you exit through the ship we came in. Untina has her own Imperium, she'll probably be able to deal with it.

Unten runs as he drops 3.14 and Volt off in the lobby. Vorplazz stares at Unten.

Vorplazz: He must have left the oven on…
Rachel: Unten…?

Unten keeps running.

Chapter 30: Flowers for Leah

A day passes. Unten has seemingly disappeared. People start going home. One of those people is Sakeena. Faria, Rachel, Strafe, and Sakeena all drive back to her house and exit from the car. Sakeena knocks on the door. Her mother answers it.

Sakeena's Mom: Sakeena!

Sakeena's mom holds out her arms as Sakeena's dad walks into the room. Sakeena hugs her mom.

Sakeena's Mom: Don't you ever run off like that ever again!
Sakeena: I won't…
Sakeena's Dad: What were you running from, anyway?

Sakeena take a deep breath.

Sakeena: I was running from my family because… I don't feel like I meet your expectations anymore.
Sakeena's Mom: Expectations?
Sakeena: Like, I'm not really a muslim anymore. I'm… bisexual. I… don't really feel like I fit with what you want me to be and I was scared about your reaction to all that.
Sakeena's Mom: Well… those aren't exactly great things to us, but you're living your life now. That stuff isn't really us to decide.
Sakeena's Dad: We do love you though, no matter what.

Sakeena's mother and father hug her tighter.

Sakeena: I'm sorry about everything… but I'm so glad to see you all again.

Three days since the descension of The Fan, The Enemy, and The Threat, Unten finally returns to his apartment. Rachel runs up to him as he goes for his keys.

Rachel: Hey, hey.

Unten looks at her.

Rachel: Where were you? You… just vanished for three days there, nobody knew where the hell you were…
Unten: I'm sorry. I really am…

Unten sighs as he sits down, with Rachel sitting across from him.

Unten: I needed to get away, so me, FDX-Athens and Alcyone went to the Bermuda. I kind of just… locked myself in isolation for a moment. The first day… no way I was going back. The second day, I considered it but I was afraid to show my face again, and the third… well, I figured it'd be cruel to you guys.

Rachel nods.

Rachel: I mean, it was crazy, what you did.
Unten: Are they all taken care of?
Rachel: More or less. The Fan and The Enemy are back at the base in Alaska, only Sam remains there. Shiki left. The Threat's still in Svarga, with only Feint and uh… Ibism. Vorplazz is out, Sqav's out… Nell's out, obviously… there's nobody left except for Zero, but The Threat detests his presence so he's not really present present.
Unten': ...what about the User Crystals?
Rachel: We gave em all to The Other. A bunch of bad guys are locked up in there too so they don't cause trouble. We were gonna put The Threat in there but… she really can't do anything anymore.
Unten: Mm…
Rachel: It's not really your fault, Unten.
Unten: I shouldn't have acted so rashly. I shouldn't have left you all for three days…

Unten lets out a really exhausted-sounding sigh.

Unten: I'm a shit leader, admit it.
Rachel: I'm not gonna do that.
Unten: Did we win? Did we lose? I dunno… what would you call whatever the fuck I did?

Unten groans.

Unten: I just want you to call me a piece of shit because I know I am.
Rachel: Unten, I'm not gonna do that. Look, I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. I honestly… kind of think it was the right thing to do. They were… manipulative liars…
Unten: Like, yeah, okay… but did they deserve descension?
Rachel: They needed to be knocked down a peg a long time ago if I'm understanding things right.

Unten sighs.

Unten: Watching these people go through so much pain, to watch them lose everything… is kind of heartbreaking.
Rachel: Unten, as far as I am concerned, you did the right thing. I know it can be painful to watch, but we may be better off without a conflict of gods. You ended the single longest war in the universe, effectively.
Unten: Well, when you say it like that…
Rachel: Come on, let's go to Leah's funeral.

Unten picks himself up as Rachel follows him down the stairs, putting on her yellow helmet, and handing Unten a red one.

Unten: Thank you.

We cut to Leah's grave, which Unten, Sakeena, and Rachel are standing by.

Unten: She told me she was gonna die like that.

Rachel: It's still kind of sad in a way... she was a total asshole all the time but there was something... honest about it, I guess. I'll miss her.

Unten: I mean as much as she made fun of me... I can't deny she's going to be missed.

Sakeena: It's kind of weird to think that's she's just gone, you know?

Unten: Well, she would have wanted this.

Unten lays down a six pack of beer and steps back.

Unten: We'll miss ya.

Unten, Rachel, and Sakeena step away from the grave.

Sakeena: Where have you been, Unten?
Unten: Bermuda Triangle. Ashamed.
Sakeena: Oh… Unten…

Sakeena hugs him.

Sakeena: Things are going to be different, yes, but… don't feel bad for what you did.

Strafe approaches them.

Strafe: Hey.
Unten: Oh, hey.
Strafe: Honestly, where do we all go after this?
Unten: I… don't know.
Rachel: We get to actually enjoy our christmas break, and you know, maybe spend some time off for once.

Strafe sighs.

Sakeena: I'm.. gonna work on getting my own apartment and being able to pay for it on my own. Me and Rachel have been talking about me using her money to rent one out, but I do eventually want to be self-sustaining.
Unten: Where's X-Ray and PalmMan gone?
Rachel: PalmMan is moving away.
Unten: Oh.
Rachel: X-Ray and Susan left in a car. Susan said she wanted to learn more about herself and X-Ray I think just wanted a distraction. I dunno how she feels, really. She's been… mumb.
Strafe: I think it's best I leave too.
Unten: Hold on, hold on. You can't just… leave…?
Strafe: I guess not "leave leave" but… I do want to spend some more time with my mom.
Sakeena: Palutena?
Strafe: It's been a long time since we even talked. I think… we have some catching up to do, yeah.

Strafe sighs.

Strafe: And to take care of Lock. Mioda said she would help with that.

Unten glances at Strafe.

Unten: Like… kill him or…?
Strafe: If it has to go there. But… I'm hoping to reform him.
Unten: could work. I mean, it worked somehow with me and Doomulus Grime…
Strafe: Mhm. I mean, I don't like him, he's a piece of shit, but… I dunno.
Rachel: Eh, I'm okay with never seeing my parents again. They're not evil, they're not evil masterminds… but eh. I don't wanna get into it.
Unten: I… don't even think I have parents.
Rachel and Strafe: You're better off without them.
Sakeena: I think that's really sad…
Unten: I mean… maybe it's best I don't know. Who knows even who they are?
Sakeena: Mm…
Rachel: Let's head back to the apartments.

Unten, Rachel, Sakeena, and Strafe return to the apartments to see PalmMan and DragonMan packing up.

Unten: You really are going, huh?
PalmMan: I mean, no offense to you guys.

PalmMan shuts the trunk of his car.

Unten: Nah, I get it.
PalmMan: You guys were great friends and I wish, I wish I got to you all more. But… I think that's kind of evident that I don't really fit much in with you all.
Strafe: Where are you going?
PalmMan: Miami!

DragonMan tosses PalmMan the keys and he runs over to quickly kiss him and then to the driver's side of the car.

PalmMan: See you all around.
Unten: See ya, Sneakman.
PalmMan: Heh.

The car reverses out and then turns around before hitting out on the road.

Unten: So, he's gone, huh.
Rachel: Yeah… Leah's gone, X-Ray's gone… damn, it's kind of just us four now, huh?
Unten: Eh, I'm pretty sure we'll expand out soon.
Rachel: True… did you know Zerita, Netnu, Sia, and Mioda are living here now?
Unten: Oh?
Rachel: All your Zeon friends, more or less, back!

Unten smiles a little.

Rachel: Just don't forget about us!

Rachel scruffs up the top of Unten's head.

Unten: I won't… trust me.

The four stand outside of the apartment, gazing at the dark windows.

Rachel: I'm gonna go inside, it's freezing out here.
Strafe: Ayup.
Unten: See you all.

Sakeena watches as they walk off.

Sakeena: Love you guys!

Sakeena smiles, with the three looking back and smiling back.

Epilogue: I'll Still Destroy You

Open in a New Tab - I'll Still Destroy You by The National

Unten is sitting in his room, placing Imperium by the door. He opens up his coat to see Dorofu's seed- yet to be planted. Unten sighs heavily.

It's so easy to set off

Unten gets up, heading outside of his apartment as snow lightly begins to fall down.

The molecules and the caplets

Bombyx is seen returning to A22 with Lexi, who stares at Bondi as Bombyx returns into her arms.

They all have something against me

The Fan and The Enemy are lying in bed, feeling defeated as Sam sits in a corner.

Nothing I do makes me feel different

Unten goes down the streets of Seattle as people do Christmas shopping.

This one's like your sister's best friends
In a bath calling you to join them

Rubelline is relaxing in a pool, looking at two attractive demon ladies by the name of Fuji and Valencia. Crow crawls across the pool surface, chasing a crab with a rock.

Can't avoid them

Rachel is out with Bang Crimson on a ice skating rink, trying to keep her balance up.

This one's like your mother's arms
When she was young and sunburned in the '80s

X-Ray stares solemnly as Susan pumps some gas at the gas station.

It lasts forever

Mistress Nell waves goodbye to Krystal, Amy, Hitomi and Tayshaun as they leave for their respective dimensions.

The more level they have me
The more I cannot stand me

The Threat's throne is toppled to it's side as Vindozz sits in the center of the room, looking defeated.

I have helpless friendships

Unten waves to Nycho and Obena, who are at a coffee shop.

And bad taste in liquids

Obena spits out some coffee as Nycho laughs, but not in a cruel way.

This one's like the wilderness without the world
I'm gonna miss those longs nights with the windows open
I keep re-reading the same lines always up at 5am every morning
Like a baby

Sakeena is writing a novel in her new apartment complex, before looking out to the window as she takes a sip of her hot chocolate.

It's just the lights coming on
It's just the lights coming on

Unten walks outside, the sky dimming as he is suddenly spooked by a flash of light, only to realize it's just the streetlights.

Unten: I have no positions
Unten: No point of view or vision
Unten: I'm just trying to stay in touch with
Unten: Anything I'm still in touch with

It cuts away to Zerita, looking out the window of her apartment.

The sky's getting white

Strafe approaches Palutena, who hugs him, a flash of light encircling them.

I can't find a lighter anywhere I'm going crazy
But I'm not crazy

Xerra and Umbra depart, both unsure if they have changed the future.

Put your heels against the wall

Sarah Auvic, in the void, is laying down as the Voidlings try to help her. A broken mirror can be found in shards next to her.

I swear you got a little bit taller since I saw you

Serah and Silence hold their children Mike and Jay closely.

I'll still destroy you

Unten looks at the sky, pausing for a moment as he reaches close to a steel bridge.

It's just the lights coming on
It's just the lights coming on

More streetlights come on, as he clutches the seed before digging up a hole and planting Dorofu's seed. He leaves the scene as the music flares up and ends.


Post Credits Scene 1

We cut to a giant ship, grey and orange in color, the camera zooming in to see Doomulus Prime on his throne. Doomulus Thai and a Beorn Doomuli are seen next to him. Doomulus Prime opens up a communication portal with Doomulus Rise.

Doomulus Prime: I heard those three geezer gods finally got hit with the bullet.
Beorn Doomuli: Well, no, it was a triple Descension.
Doomulus Prime: Good as dead in my eyes.
Doomulus Rise: About time... imagine how many planets were under their protection... no more!
Doomulus Thai: Well...
Doomulus Prime: This isn't about your paltry Earth, is it?
Doomulus Thai: I didn't say anything.
Doomulus Prime: In any case, Doomulus Regime, begin charting a pathway to conquest.

The Doomuli Beorn nods, acknowledging his name as Doomulus Regime.

Doomulus Prime: The old gods are all out of the way... there's a power vacuum and things are going to be changing in the universe...

The camera zooms out of the ship and whizzes past space, before zooming into a glitchy atmosphere, where The Mistake awakens from a shell of glitched graphics.

The Mistake: Expect the unexpected.

The Mistake puts on a robe, the dark room opening up into a grey sand desert. The Mistake puts on his hood and walks out.

Post Credits Scene 2

Fera and Aurora are sitting in a diner.

Fera: I can't believe you would do all of that... for me.
Aurora: Why wouldn't I? You're worth it!

Fera blushes lightly.

Fera: I hope you're paying for this meal then...
Aurora: Oh what...? It's out of my paycheck...
Fera: I'm worth it, aren't I?

Fera giggles as Aurora nods her head.

Aurora: I wonder what other people are doing right now...

The camera zooms away to a cave in Alaska, where Five can be seen, putting together a suit.

Five: Just a couple more scraps... then I'll exact proper punishment-

Quartz pops her head in with Wormgar and Acadia.

Quartz: There you are.
Five: Quartz! I didn't expect to see you again... and Nine and Three...
Acadia: Wormgar and Acadia now, actually.
Quartz: Come on, we're gonna explore the world, it'll be fun.

Five frowns.

Five: Mm... fine.

Five gets in her suit and walks out with the others as the camera zooms to a F.A.N.T facility headquarters. Logia is seen in much better shape, although still leaning on Blank.

Blank: We're asking you to become F.A.N.T Operatives now that you seem to have better grasp on your powers.

The camera switches over to show Noire Fox, Ruff, Drigen, and Duocat.

Noire Fox: That's cool, yeah!
Ruff: This is a better paying job, yes?
Logia: Gets me by, yeah.
Ruff: Guess we really don't have much of a choice.
Duocat: I'll get ready in my attire, then!

The camera then spins quickly before reeling back, into the Wasteland where Dr. Norman Gai is examining a broken finger needle Leah seems to have accidentally left behind, cackling.

Dr. Norman Gai: There's still beer inside of it...

Dr. Norman Gai sips on the broken glass bits and then opens up a portal to Earth, glancing behind him and tossing the glass out.

Dr. Norman Gai: Time to find this crazy doctor lady for a rematch...