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Developer(s) TorokoLogoVictory.png
Publisher(s) TorokoLogoVictory.png
Platform(s) V2LogoSmallglow.png
Genre(s) Fighting Game
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) none
Age Rating(s) DeltaRating.png
Media Included Disc
You've won, but at what cost?
The tag-line used for its reveal.
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Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory is the end of Phase 2 of the Fantendoverse and is the last major project by Exotoro (tbc) before stepping down as director of the New Fantendoverse. The game's story centers around the final battle with The Threat. The game was revealed officially on 12/19/15 during the Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2015.

The game features the ends of many of the overarching arcs that Exotoro has been building up to since Shattered/Genesis while opening new ones. The game has a darker tone in general, with distrust and regret being heavy focuses in the game's story.



Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory is similar in style to the Super Smash Bros. series. Players use Standard and Special moves to attack their opponents or activate special effects. The more damage fighters rack up, the more heavily they'll be knocked back. At certain percentages, this means that a deadly enough attack can throw the player off screen. New in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory is the Finisher Meter, which replaces the Finisher Sphere's original function. When a player does enough damage to their opponents, or sustains enough damage, the Finisher Meter will fill up and allow them to execute their Finishing Move.

The player can also taunt. Most taunts are cosmetic animations with no effects, however some may have secret hit boxes or effects on certain characters.

Returning Mechanics

These returning mechanics are from past entries in the series.


The player has a dedicated button to encase themselves in a bubble like sphere that shields them from attacks. This bubble gets smaller the more attacks it absorbs or over time. When the shield gets at it's smallest, it pops and does 5% damage to the player and stuns them.

By doing specific inputs with the shield, the player can now either activate a dodge/counter or the TAGOS System.

New Mechanics

Finisher Meter

Replacing the Finisher Sphere's original function is the Finisher Meter, which fills up based off doing damage and taking in damage. The Finisher Meter has 350 points that need to be filled up and damage done by Finishing Moves do not count.

  • Doing damage fills up the Finisher Meter by 1 point every 1% damage.
  • Receiving damage fills up the Finisher Meter by .5 point every 1% damage.
  • Collecting a Finisher Orb fills the meter up 5 points per Finisher Orb.
  • Doing a taunt fills the meter up by 1 point.
  • Collecting a Hyper Orb Cube by a character with a Hyper Mode finisher fills the meter entirely.


TAGOS is a new system introduced in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. Replacing Assist Pearls and Summoner Orbs, TAGOS allows you to tag out and have a new character take your place with a more limited moveset and only has 15% HP and no killing options. However, this allows the player that's high on damage to tag out to prevent themselves from being KO'd easily, as TAGOS only costs 15% hp with no knock back. The player can only utilize TAGOS once in a match (however the player can utilize TAGOS multiple times in a match with more than five stock, but only once every three stocks.)

TAGOS must be activated through holding down and shielding for three seconds. The player can select one of the TAGOS characters from the character selection screen to be the TAGOS character, although the default is random. The player can also turn off TAGOS if they desire.

Erringear Moves


All characters have differing moves that they can learn from Erringears. These are known as Erringear moves and replace moves in their moveset. There is three for each character, and each can be earned from collecting Erringears in various modes. Players can customize their characters before battling. Erringears cannot be used in Online matches but can be used in Friend matches and in all the single player modes.

Dodging and Countering

By extending some energy from your Finisher Meter, the player can quickly tap the shield button + move the stick to dodge attacks. The more energy in the Finisher Meter, the bigger the chance that the player will be able to counter attacks instead of dodging. This will do half the damage of the intended attack.


A Breaker is a move that every character in the game can preform to get out of infinite combos. To preform this move, the player just needs to press the triggers of their controller in the direction of their opponent after the opponent has done a total of ten connecting attacks on them. Breakers knock the opponent back (with a single 1% damage) and give the player who preforms the Breaker three frames of immunity.

Move Staleness

When the player performs a move too many times in a row, the game punishes this by lowering the damage ratio of the move slowly until the player performs enough different moves. The game cannot do more than half the original damage. The average move staleness number is about 8 uses of the same move over and over.

Rage Damage

When the player gets above 100% damage, their moves become slightly more damaging when preformed, but also twice as ineffective if used repeatedly (a average of 4).

Super Damage

If a opponent plays too defensively (doing no damage to player or getting damaged themselves, essentially using stall tactics), the player's damage output becomes slightly increased (by 0.4-0.8 depending on how long the opponent plays keep-away).

Accessibility Options

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory offers a wide variety of accessibility options to help less-abled people play the game.

Color Blindness Filters

The game offers multiple color blindness filters that help players with color blindness syndromes be able to play. Players can adjust the color settings for characters, stages, items, HUD elements through pre-existing settings or adjust them through filters.

Audio Visuals

Whenever a attack has a audio cue or tell, not only does it have a more visual tell in the animation but with this setting a visual of a exclamation mark will appear over the character that is readying a attack.

Blindness Cues

The game has multiple optional cues for blind players that have the controller vibrate when the opponent or item is close to them, a audio cue for projectile attacks near the player. A two channel stereo audio option is also available, which allows blind players to know what side of the screen they're on.

Days of Victory: Cinematic Mode

Players can watch a full cut of the Days of Victory story mode, complete with recordings of fights from the developers to have a seamless cinematic experience without having to actually play through the story mode.

Boss Skip

For players having trouble with the bosses in the game, after five deaths they have the option to skip them by hitting the Fast-Forward Block prior to entering the boss stage. Additionally, if players are still having trouble a second block will appear called the Victory Block; this changes the bosses to have less phases and health overall.

Solo Modes


These modes can only be played with one player.

  • Days of Victory

The story mode of Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. Face off bosses and enemies in this massive, emotional story that wraps up what everything in the past two phases of the Fantendoverse has been building to- as well as what will effect Phase 3. More information can be found it's own section on this page, or you can just head to the Days of Victory page here.

  • Odyssey

Face off opponents and bosses in Odyssey, culminating in a final battle against The Threat herself. There are 12 stages in Odyssey and a fixed order of what the player will be up against, but the player can select between multiple challenges with a common theme between them. This mode has a variable difficulty. More information will be available on a different page.

  • Survival

Face off CPU opponents in this mode until you just can't go on any longer. Between waves of opponents, players can summon items or set up barriers around them to last longer or keep going forward for double the reward. More information will be available on a different page.

  • The Threat's Bounty - Take on players that have gone past 30 rounds in Survival Mode.
  • Pacifist

Face off three CPUS, of varying difficulties, and attempt to out survive them without attacking any of them. All recovery moves have been changed to do no damage and all attacks have no effects. Team Damage is enabled by default.

  • TargetZone

Break the targets in this gusty range in The Wasteland, with target challenges created for specific characters.

  • Starlight Run

Traverse one of ten massive maps, taking out enemies, clearing challenges, doing quests from NPCS in a 15 minute run that will reward you with higher and higher stats to take on a final ultimate challenge. More information can be found on this page!

  • Starlight Squad - A alternation of Starlight Run where the player assembles a team of four characters, alternating between them during the run.
  • Tower Purple

Take on a gauntlet of 100 challenges.



More or less the extras.

  • Trophies

Glance at the New Fantendoverse's history with trophies of characters and objects.

  • Training

Train up through tutorials or test moves on your own. This mode is meant to guide new players through everything the game has to offer and to make sure they know how to do it. More information can be found here.

  • amiigifts Amiibo logo white.png

Noel can scan amiibo that the player has on them to award them gifts based off the characters they scan. More information can be found here.

  • Advent Calendar

Only available in December, Noel arrives to award the player with bonuses and exclusive events that can only be played during December. More information can be found here.

  • Gallery

View pictures you've snapped of the fighters and share them to various online services. Additionally, you can create renders of the characters and create fighter cards that show your stats.

  • Replays

View moments you've captured and rerun them through the game's engine, being able to freely move the camera however you want. You can also upload replays to YouTube.

  • Book of All

Catch up to the Fantendoverse continuity and how it connects. Comes complete with clips and pictures of the past.

  • Records

A record of everything you've done in the game, from time playing, to most KOs, to how many times you've been on particular stages. The game will even record the moves you do the most.

Group Modes


These modes can be played with multiple players.

  • Victory-Versus

The main mode of Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. Locally battle up to 8 players or take it online with up to eight willing participants.

  • Team Pacifist

Pacifist with a buddy or two! All of you have been nullified to do no damage and you have to outlive your three opponents. You can share the same life counter or have separate life counters.

  • Tournament

Have more than eight people? Set up a tournament that'll allow people to face off in a tournament style match up or connect online to set up a online tournament.

  • Deadlock

In this battle mode, each stock is a different character, which switches to the next character upon KO. The stock options go up to 124, allowing players to go through the entire roster if they want in a single battle. Characters cannot be selected twice as a stock option.

  • Hyper Battles

Play from a more selective list of characters with Hyper Mode Forms. Characters begin battle in their Hyper Forms and do not revert back.

  • Kolorb-Ball

In this mode, characters use their attacks to slam the Kolorb-Ball into the net on the edges of the stage. In this mode, characters cannot deal damage to each other but inflict status afflictions like freezing or paralysis instead. The more damage the Kolorb-Ball takes before going into the net, the faster it becomes.

Story Mode: Days of Victory


The final battle against the Threat begins as betrayals and lies begin to pile up. The story mostly focuses on Unten, Leah, and Sakeena's experiences through it all. Unten is faced with a huge choice by The Fan and The Enemy as his role as a leader is repeatedly questioned. Leah watches as her life falls apart when accused of working with The Threat. Sakeena is given a option to live in the fantasy world she truly wants to be in.

This story ends with a victory, but at what cost?



All the trailers for the game can be found here. It's important to note that the trailers reflect conceptual story ideas and don't reflect the story of Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory in any way.


FSBV Unten.pngFSBV Rachel.pngFSBV Strafe.pngFSBV Zerita.pngFSBV PalmMan.pngFSBV Sam.pngFSBV Jay and Mike.png
FSBV Crow.pngFSBV Leah.pngFSBV Susan.pngFSBV Netnu.pngFSBV Plato.pngFSBV Mara.pngFSBV Syi.png
VictorySakeena.pngFSBV AmyJackson.pngFSBV Sia.pngFSBV QueenPixella.pngFSBV Mioda.pngFSBV Quartz.pngFSBV Volt.png
FSBV 3.14.pngFSBV FDX.pngFSBV HeraandTeun.pngFSBV Faria.pngFSBV MelissaDust.pngFSBV Cura.pngFSBV Chelsea.png
FSBV DREW.pngFSBV RoseReaper.pngFSBV Mycan.pngFSBV NizzleandZorp.pngFSBV Beck.pngFSBV HugoLogia.pngFSBV Mynis.png
FSBV Xerox.pngFSBV Mingyu.pngFSBV Smile.pngFSBV Denos.pngFSBV Logi.pngFSBV X-Ray.pngFSBV Alcyone.png
FSBV Edith.pngFSBV Hexa.pngFSBV Ciriesta.pngFSBV Fera.pngFSBV Noire.pngFSBV Drigen.pngFSBV Krystal.png
FSBV PAIN-T.pngFSBV IronMask.pngFSBV Scarlet.pngFSBV Xerra.pngFSBV Aura.pngFSBV RonnieandClaire.pngFSBV Syande.png
FSBV Zonas.pngFSBV Adexene.pngFSBV Sinicini.pngFSBV Thorn.pngFSBV Zellen.pngFSBV Crymsia.pngFSBV Ray.png
FSBV Parvati.pngFSBV Kyhthesis.pngFSBV Robyn.pngFSBV Alexandria.pngFSBV Shiki.pngFSBV DragonMan.pngFSBV Reese.png
FSBV Rhyse.pngFSBV Aurora.pngFSBV Nycho.pngFSBV Micaliye.pngFSBV Lock.pngFSBV Skitti.pngFSBV AliceHamuri.png
FSBV YE.pngFSBV Flicker.pngFSBV Liameno.pngFSBV Hitomi.pngFSBV Dreamboy.pngFSBV Emmy.pngFSBV Sketch.png
FSBV Seraphina.pngFSBV Orithell.pngFSBV Palutena.pngFSBV Obena.pngFSBV Blank.pngFSBV Doomulus.pngFSBV Squav.png
FSBV Lexi.pngFSBV Aran.pngFSBV Bombyx.pngFSBV Hein.pngFSBV Tayshaun.pngFSBV Endal.pngFSBV Valerie.png
FSBV Bang.pngFSBV Pesh.pngFSBV Umbra.pngFSBV Beowulf.pngFSBV Cardinal.pngFSBV DrNormanGai.pngFSBV Meta-Form.png
FSBV Bril.pngFSBV VespaAndAdam.pngFSBV RVogue.pngFSBV ElenaPashie.pngFSBV Geki.pngFSBV Guaptain.pngFSBV Pixel.png
FSBV EmmaAlloys.pngFSBV Rubelline.pngFSBV FormerFour.pngFSBV Beat.pngFSBV AeroBeam.pngFSBV Beth.pngFSBV KingAsh.png
FSBV Saisei.pngFSBV Aingeru.pngFSBV FanTanDoe.pngFSBV Riddle.pngFSBV CybernoAlpha.pngFSBV Clair.pngFSBV Questioner.png







Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory Items
Item Information
FinisherOrb Victory.png
Finisher Orb
First appearing in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, Finisher Orbs are the smashed pieces and fragments of Finisher Spheres and fill up every fighter's Finisher Bar. They come in various colors. They can drop from opponents on particularly powerful hits or appear in clusters randomly.

FinisherOrb Victory.pngFinisherOrb Victory Black.pngFinisherOrb Victory Grey.pngFinisherOrb Victory Lime.pngFinisherOrb Victory Orange.pngFinisherOrb Victory Pink.pngFinisherOrb Victory Red.pngFinisherOrb Victory White.pngFinisherOrb Victory Yellow.png

First Appearance: Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

TAGOS Token.png
First appearing in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, TAGOS Tokens are items that activate the TAGOS system without utilizing the shield method. They come in a variety of colors but all of them do the same effect.

TAGOS Token.pngTAGOS Token Black.pngTAGOS Token Blue.pngTAGOS Token Green.pngTAGOS Token Orange.pngTAGOS Token Pink.pngTAGOS Token Purple.pngTAGOS Token Steel.pngTAGOS Token Yellow.pngTAGOS Token Unten.pngTAGOS Token Netnu.pngTAGOS Token Teun.pngTAGOS Token Hugo.pngTAGOS Token Mynis.pngTAGOS Token Xerra.png

First Appearance: Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

First appearing in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, Erringears can be collected by characters to unlock new moves. They're also earned through the various modes. They come in a variety of colors and are super rare.

ErinngearVictory Alt1.pngErinngearVictory Alt2.pngErinngearVictory Alt3.pngErinngearVictory Alt4.pngErinngearVictory Alt5.pngErinngearVictory Alt6.pngErinngearVictory Alt7.pngErinngearVictory Alt8.pngErinngearVictory Alt9.png

First Appearance: Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

KolorbBallVictory Original.png
First appearing in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, Kolorb-Balls are balls meant to take in and absorb a ton of damage and get faster the more they're hit before they end up in a goal. Kolorb-Balls have their own multiplayer mode but also appear as item in normal play, where they can be used as projectile by those who attack it. Kolorb-Balls fly the farthest when hit. They also come in a variety of colors, which have different elemental effects.

KolorbBallVictory Magma.pngKolorbBallVictory Lightning.pngKolorbBallVictory Earth.png

  • Red - Spews magma over the field, knocking players away from effected areas.
  • Yellow - Can electrocute players at it's fastest speeds. Projectiles are the safest way to hit it.
  • Green - Creates vines trailing out from it, allowing players to grab it and swing it.

First Appearance: Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

First appearing in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, Untencakes are cute cupcakes that look like Unten's face and can be eaten to restore 5% health. There are some variations, although these either restore more or less damage.


  • Netnucake - Heals 6% health.
  • Teuncake - Heals 3% health.
  • Logiacake - Heals 7% health.
  • Myniscake - Heals 4% health.
  • Xerracake - Heals 8% health.
  • Untinacake - Heals 5% health.

First Appearance: Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Corrupted Core
First appearing in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, Corrupted Cores are odd power cores that seem to be corrupted with a strange energy. When hit enough times, they will explode and create a explosion that covers 1/4 of the stage.

First Appearance: Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

ManaFruit Victory.png
First appearing in Fantendo Sports Resort, Mana is a magical fruit grown from Yggdsrasil Trees. In Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, it is a healing item that heals half of a character's health.

First Appearance: Fantendo Sports Resort

Bug Milk
First appearing in Dark Woods, Bug Milk shrink those who drink it. In this shrunken form, attacks do less damage but the player's hitbox becomes smaller, allowing them to dodge attacks much better. They also become somewhat faster.

First Appearance: Dark Woods

Wintry WraithVictory.png
Wintry Wraith
First appearing in GHOST SMILE II, Wintry Wraith is a spirit that allows players to freeze their opponents in their tracks, stop projectiles in mid air, and is even able to blow frozen opponents away.

First Appearance: GHOST SMILE II

Pushy MaleVictory.png
Pushy FemaleVictory.png
First appearing in Pusher's Pile, Pushies are used to push opponents away for 7% damage. The player can ride on them to float around as well. They come in different colors although have no different effects.

Pushy MaleVictory.pngPushy MaleVictory2.pngPushy MaleVictory3.pngPushy FemaleVictory.pngPushy FemaleVictory2.pngPushy FemaleVictory3.png

First Appearance: Pusher's Pile

Godal Ball
Godal Balls are enchanced Pokeballs that capture any living being, being constructed by The Fan during the God Wars. When thrown at a opponent, it will briefly capture them and the opponent will be stuck inside the item until after the player mashes to escape. The opponent can be harmed while still in the ball and can even be thrown just like a item. When in the air and when thrown, the opponent has a better chance to escape through mashing the buttons.

First Appearance: Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Blumps were fruit that were located on Zeon. They have a sweet yet tangy watery taste to them, kind of like a cucumber dipped in honey. In Victory, they are items that when devoured, add a effect to the character that allows them to absorb any hit for no damage. This includes Finishers. However this only lasts for a single hit!

First Appearance: Fissure (2014)

Glistening Blump
Glistening Blumps were golden-colored varieties of Blumps that unlocked inner powers for many of the characters that resided on Zeon, usually giving them a golden color. In Victory, the Glistening Blump turns the characters gold-colored and gives them boosted stats and knock-back protection, as well as heavier weight.

First Appearance: Fissure (2014)

Blorps are a vegetable that were planted on Zeon, known for their disgusting flavor and their constantly bubbling form. In Victory, when consumed, they poison the player for a brief period of time. They can also be carried and thrown at other players to slow them down for a brief period of time.

First Appearance: Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory?

Horns of a Bull.png
Horns of a Bull
These horns originally appeared in BowieQuest 2: Degree in Origami, being sold by Ace. When you wear these, you gain a head-butt attack that deals a ton of damage as well as negating attacks from above, which will just bounce off your character's head! They last only for a limited time before disappearing.

First Appearance: BowieQuest 2: Degree in Origami

Deity Medal
Deity Medals are earned by completing various modes.
  • Fan and Enemy Medals are earned in Odyssey.
  • Threat Medals can be earned through Tower Purple and The Threat's Bounty.
  • Other Medals can be earned through Pacifist Mode.
  • All medals can be earned through Starlight Run, Survival, and clearing a chapter of Days of Victory.

The Deity Medals can be used to purchase Trophies, characters, Erringear Moves, as well as used in various modes to increase difficulty.

First Appearance: Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory


Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory Bosses
Boss Information


Former Friend
Four is encountered in Chapter 10: Zerita's Arm in Days of Victory. She is one of the Threat's Top 10, and had a friendly relationship with Quartz (formerly Six) before she defected. She is captured after the group defeats her in battle.


Four is not a hard boss, which is a given since she's one of the earlier ones. She has two modes to attack. One is through her Golem suit, which resists fire based attacks and generally resists most damage. However, her head becomes the weakpoint, which the player needs to watch when she tucks her head into the suit. When she has half of her health left, she will leap out of her her suit and jump into the air, becoming very fast but also very weak. Aerial attacks are your best bet to hit her while she's in this mode. After depleting her health, Four will lay on the floor for about four seconds, allowing ample time to collect her as a trophy.



















Tripten the Metro




The Beast


Metamurphy Bossform.png










Banana Burt
A strange ape controlled by The Threat, who is violent and attacks without hesitation. A truly violent and fearsome foe.


Pesh Victory Threat.png
Threatening Pesh








The Infinite




Hybrid IV
Hybrid IV is the final boss of the Training Mode, utilizing versions of other character's moves in her fight to use. She is detailed in the Training Mode subpage.


Fake Unten


Tripten the Metro (Advent Calendar)



Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory Enemies
Enemy Information
Flammetails are part of the Threat's forces and act as a rather simple mook. They can't be taken out with physical attacks without damaging their attacker, but they can be taken out by projectiles.
Huskquitos fly over their prey before sapping out their lifeforce with their blood-sucking needles that they carry over for their queen, The Threat. They can be taken out with heavy physical attacks or heavy projectiles.
Little look-alikes of Volt, who can be taken out very easily, but they like to alert each other and attack in packs. Defeat them quickly before they do such, or prepare for a battle with a army.
Gocorocks hide most of their muddy body inside their rock-hard head and pop out when their prey come close. Use ranged attacks on their body to make them hide back into their head, but use melee attacks on the head to destroy them completely.
Spinyatas float in the air, spinning around when hit. When they die, they explode into a sea of spikes that goes downwards that does a ton of damage, usually getting the last laugh as they die.
CutieChomp Victory.png
Cutie Chomp
Cutie Chomps are adorable creatures that you really shouldn't get close to unless you want to be chomped up. They have spikes around their "head", which also does damage on contact. Use projectiles to attack them.

Skullcrawlers slither in the background, their glowing red eyes visible in the darkness. When they come out into the light, they are rather tanky, with a lot of powerful moves at their vicinity but rather slow at executing them, leaving them open to both melee and ranged attacks.
One of the Threat's first creations, she just can't stand to get rid of the guys. In truth, they get rid of themselves. DinoMites have no means of attacking, but will follow the player around until their countdown goes down to 0 and explode. The player can knock them down with attacks but they will not vanish until they go off.
ScaredyGhost Victory.png
Scaredy Ghost
Scaredy Ghosts are scared of you and actively run away from the player, leaving a bread-crumb trail of flame behind them. They actually are kind of hindrance if you plan to go in that direction, so you may want to go after them and defeat them.

ScaredyGhost Victory!2.pngScaredyGhost Victory!3.pngScaredyGhost Victory!4.png

  • Green - Two times faster.
  • Blue - Two times slower.
  • Pink - Has twice as much health as normal.
Tentopath Puppet.png
Tentopath Puppet
Tentopath Puppets are puppets attached to a tentacled creature that crawls across the world before jumping up and floating with the puppet character visible. The player can't damage the puppet character without getting ensnared by the tentacles and attacked for a lot of damage (projectiles do nothing) and instead must wait until the creature floats down and starts crawling again, becoming open to attacks.

Tentopath Puppet2.pngTentopath Puppet3.pngTentopath Puppet4.png

  • Blue Helmet - Spends more time crawling around.
  • Yellow Helmet - Spends more time floating with the puppet visible.
  • Silver Helmet - Drops a rare trophy upon defeat, 2x faster.
Vorto Grunt
Vorto Grunts are just grunts for The Threat's forces, often lugging around fuel cells for her ships or doing beauty care for a boss. They just do whatever task they're asked to do, even if they're not good at it. One of the things they aren't good at is battling, as they'll just run towards opponents and attempt to attack weakly.

VortoGrunt Fire.pngVortoGrunt Glade.pngVortoGrunt Gold.pngVortoGrunt Prototype.pngVortoGrunt ThreatGuard.png

  • Orange - Breathes fire in front of them.
  • Green - Attacks with a Leaf Shield and can deflect attacks.
  • Gold - Drops a rare trophy upon defeat, 2x faster.
  • White - A prototype of the Votro Grunt that has yet to be painted. They're confused and don't attack unless you attack them.
  • Purple and Yellow - Special sub-type that is far more damaging, far more clever, far more skilled. Only two of these exist in the game and stand next to the Threat's throne, tossing User Crystals like a game of catch.
Hazzargian Victory.png
A huge, hulking and violet enemy that will kill other enemies in his way to get to the player. It has a ton of health and defense but their speed is terrible and overtly telegraphs their attacks.

Hazzargian Victory Lake.pngHazzargian Victory Toxin.pngHazzargian Victory Gold.png

  • Green - Appear only in lakes and water.
  • Purple - Has toxin attacks.
  • White and Gold - Drops a rare trophy upon defeat, 2x faster.
Dire Wrath
A creature that lacks every sense except touch and has no mouth. It's multiple mouths act independent of it's actual emotions, focusing on snapping at foes above it. The Dire Wrath needs to scream, it's begging to, but can't as it just stumbles around. Projectiles especially agitate both minds and will cause the Dire Wrath to lurch forwards as it's multiple mouths snap at the target.
A insect creature that spews a pink liquid from it's mouth when it flies. This is a nectar that attracts enemies near it. When the player attempts to attack it, it can attack with a stinger, so players should use ranged attacks.
A bushel of roses that reveals itself to be a Rosikyu when the player gets close to it. It attacks with red bullets and has to be knocked over (through one attack) to do damage to it. After 3 seconds, it stands back up and becomes immune to a single attack, so players must defeat them quickly.
A stack of creatures that resemble a cross between a footstool and a Beorn. The Threat uses them as foot rests on her throne. When encountered, it's always a pack of three. The Beornstools will attack using their mouths to clamp onto opponents and try and rip them apart. Spin the control stick to get out if you get caught in their hold; they're otherwise easy to defeat.


  • Alternate Stack 1 - Yellow is stronger than average, Brown is weaker than average, Black is faster than average.
Zapp Sphere
This floating creature attacks with paralyzing arms attached to a main body, which acts as the core of the creature. Players should avoid getting into direct contact with a Zapp Sphere or they risk being paralyzed temporarily, using projectiles instead.
A walking mess of branches and moss-like leaves, Birches are perhaps the most deadliest of predators enlisted as The Threat's forces. While they have a huge hitbox, they also have a lot of health and can deal a ton of damage very quickly, ensnaring opponents into it's thorny labyrinth of a body. Birches can also fire fireballs from above them, taking down airborne predators wishing to harm them. They drop plenty of reward, so if you can manage it, take it!

BirchVictory Blizzard.pngBirchVictory Taffy.pngBirchVictory Golden.png

  • Blizzard - Can release a giant freezing projectile at attackers.
  • Taffy - Melee attacks stick to Birch.
  • Golden - Drops a rare trophy upon defeat, 2x faster.
A cute warrior that was born from the ground like a vegetable. Disposable and weak, Vegaikos aren't much to deal on their own but in a group they can be quite the challenge. They attach when they attack, striking multiple small hits when attacking. The default blue Vegaiko does 3% damage per second.

Vegaiko Green.pngVegaiko Red.pngVegaiko Yellow.pngVegaiko Goldenleaf.png

  • Green - Heals the player by 2% when defeated. Does 4% damage per second.
  • Red - Is 2x faster than the normal Vegaiko. Does 5% damage per second.
  • Yellow - Is 2x slower than the normal Vegaiko. Does 6% damage per second.
  • Golden - Drops a rare trophy upon defeat, 2x faster. Does 4% damage per second.
Thelmas are often not far ahead of their Louise counterparts, often acting as the scouting enemy and alerting Louises when they spot the player. Thelmas don't have very high attack; having to attack with a spinning attack involving their spikes.
Louises do not trail far behind their Thelma counterparts, and act as the aggressive enemy that comes after the player after a Thelma spots them. They attack with a sword attack and are super fast. They can also join a Thelma in a chomping attack, in which the player, who is caught between them, is chomped with their spike like teeth.
Potbos spin around and release laser blasts from their eyes when their heads bob up. They then slink back into the pot. When their necks are extended out, they become weaker and take more damage, but when their necks are extended back into the pot, they take minimal damage.
Kraigalaids bounce around, looking for the player before upchucking a purple glob of poison at them. The player can destroy the poison with attacks but they cannot step in it. A Kraigalaid's weakness is it's exposed brain; who thought that was a good idea? Oh yeah, The Threat.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory Soundtrack
# Song Title Artist Length
1 Rusty Nails Moderat 4:49
2 Don't Leave (December) P.SUS 3:14
3 Grande Finale Studio Killers 3:52
4 One Day They'll Know (ODESZA Remix) Pretty Lights 4:20
5 Blush Chet Faker 4:48
6 [OO] Rone 2:55
7 Damage Done Moderat 5:25
8 We Got the Power Gorillaz 2:19
9 Andromeda Gorillaz 3:17
10 The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness The National 3:56
11 Overdone Bombay Bicycle Club 3:56
12 It's Alright Now Bombay Bicycle Club 4:09
13 I'll Still Destroy You The National 5:15
Total Running Time 53:08


Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory Badges
Badge Unlock Conditions
Unten Victory Badge
Unlock by playing as Unten five times in any given match.
Rachel Victory Badge
Unlock by playing as Rachel five times in any given match.
Strafe Victory Badge
Unlock by playing as Strafe five times in any given match.
Jay and Mike Victory Badge
Unlock by playing as Jay and Mike five times in any given match.
Crow Victory Badge
Unlock by playing as Crow five times in any given match.
Netnu Victory Badge
Unlock by playing as Netnu five times in any given match.



  • This is Exotoro (tbc)'s last Fantendoverse project while being the director of the Fantendoverse.
  • The game was known only as "Victory" during mentions with other staff. This was not to spoil the fact it was in fact, another Fantendo Smash Bros. game.
  • Rumors of Leah being killed during the story in the game (along with Crow replacing her and Unten being the one to kill her) were intentionally spread to create speculation, although these rumors are true to a degree.
  • Almost every element of the page and subpages are meant to evoke the Threat. Some are even puns.
    • The main color of the game is purple, the Threat's colors. There is also usage of yellow, the Threat's other color.
    • The symbol used for this game's logo is the Threat's logo instead of the typical Fantendo Smash Bros. symbol introduced in Fantendo Smash Bros. Mercury.
    • The move lists have an purple or yellow eye behind them. This also works as a pun as in she is watching your every move.
    • Finisher moves have two purple eyes and two yellow eyes, clearly evocative of the Threat's four eyes.
    • Trophies have the Threat's symbol faintly as the background.
  • The character arts are meant to be the most detailed stuff Exotoro has ever done, with things like the very fabric of the clothing being visible upon examination. This was inspired by Smashified and the want to Victory the greatest Fantendoverse project yet.
  • Most characters were designed with the winter weather in mind, opposite of Fantendo Sports Resort, which crafted character outfits based off warm weather. Of course, each game has their outliers.
    • This game was also constructed to be the "night" to Fantendo Sports Resort's "day", with a darker tone and more serious gameplay.
  • The gameplay does away with two series staples: The Summoner Orb and Finisher Sphere. This is to integrate their functions better into the core gameplay, as the purpose of these objects were somewhat obsolete with the addition of the TAGOS system and the Finisher Bar. In their place is the TAGOS Token and Finisher Orb, with neither being required for either system and act as supplements.
    • Overall the game acts as a more skill-required sequel to Shattered, with some advanced techniques available to people who master the game over those who do not. To keep it still accessible, both items were put in the game for less skilled players who wish to still do the techniques.
  • TAGOS Tokens were inspired by Tazos, which were collectible metal discs that were put inside chip bags. They were seemingly especially popular in Mexico.
  • Six of the TAGOS tokens are based off the Beorns that appear as playable characters: Unten, Netnu, Teun, Hugo, Mynis, and Xerra.
  • There is reportedly a target limit of 126 characters, which puts it below Shattered's total.
    • This does not factor in TAGOS or characters that are playable through Alternate Costumes.
  • During April Fools 2016, a character named Zombie Leah was introduced with a moveset and everything. You can find this sick prank here: Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory/Zombie Leah.

Days of Victory Beta Elements

  • Early concepts for a follow-up to Shattered were going to be smaller in scope, although nothing about these early concepts have anything concrete to them beyond vague ideas, such as being set in a forest (with the title of "Fantendo Smash Bros. Orchid").
  • Victory's subjects were intended to be dealt with much later during the New Fantendoverse's development, as the Threat plotline was intended to take about three years to do in real time with multiple titles. Victory was quickly started up after realizing that the Threat plotline would likely not be concluded properly if the creator went to college.
  • Days of Victory's writing took about two years to do, and as such things changed with the characters involved. As such, Cura has a more concluding plot lines to their arc as opposed to some of the other characters as future appearances appear to be less likely.
    • Likewise, Logia and Blank had not gotten together prior to their scenes in Victory, although during writing they became a couple in other stories that took place prior to Victory. As such, plans about a scene where the two confess their feelings in Victory were scrapped.
    • Someone originally here had a more definite ending, heading to Ubwerk with the rest of his cast before it was changed minutes before the post-credit scene was put up, at the behest of his creator.
  • Beowulf was originally intended to be Micool at very early stages in story development. He was changed later for a multitude of reasons pertaining to changes to the story itself.
  • Sakeena's plot line was originally not segmented from Leah's and Unten's- in fact the original plan was to just have one main plot line with segments obviously dedicated to other points of view. The story eventually split off into the three main ones we know now.
  • There were several rejected new characters that were meant to be introduced as playable characters in Victory, such a girl who fought with a vase balanced on her head and Mike & Jay's older brother Rich who would have been outright playable but instead was demoted to a mere cameo instead.
  • All acts were originally supposed to have 15 chapters each, although the events that make up Act 3 were all going to be in one chapter instead.
  • The Other originally stated The Descenders were in the Wasteland, although this was changed to be across the galaxy instead, giving more characters more to do concerning the Descenders.
  • Days of Victory was originally going to feature a plot line involving a detour to Junkyard, the setting of Aura's Junkyard during Chapter 19. This would have included a scene where the group would have needed to do jobs to raise money to fix Tripten. As the chapter was already running long and writing scheduling was falling behind, this whole plot was cut as well as all the job minigames.
    • Likewise, Ciriseta and Querius were involved with the scene where they needed to go to Junkyard, although the scene and characters will be repurposed into a subplot during the Paralouge.
  • There was originally planned to be a scene where Former Four takes off to rejoin The Threat, but due to Chapter 18's length, it was cut.
  • Concept art suggests that Imaginary Trip would have returned in the story in some shape or form, as he is seen next to Dream Boy's Victory art sketch.
  • There was a plotline involving Queen Pixella's civilization being taken over by Bril, although this was cut and will be likely part of the Paralouge.
  • In a early draft, the entire second act would have taken place on The Threat's ship, half of it enveloped by Sakeena's dreamscape and half of it being the normal space ship interior. Characters would have to resist their temptations as well as try to convince Sakeena to leave; this was changed due to how out of character it was for Sakeena and regressive to Unten's character growth in regards to Rachel Harel.
    • Another early draft would have had Rachel angrily breaking up her friendship with Unten and would have not been redone by the climax.
    • This draft would have also had Syi being hugged by a delirious Leah, who would have been struck with One's needles and mistaking her for X-Ray, baring her guilt to a confused Syi.
    • Leah and Crow would have had a actual fight in this draft, ending with the blood kiss from Crow on a glass door.
  • Mistress Nell was not intended to heel turn at all during Victory, as she would have been devoted to The Threat to the very end. This changed very late, with even later drafts having Nell more conflicted than outright against The Threat in the end.
  • The most shocking change was the potential death of Unten- the idea was floated that at the end of Act 1, Unten would be killed by Two or Avirl, and would actually die. However, his energy signature would be tracked to Tennu, revealing Tennu as a kind of rebirthing chamber for Untens and would explain the Unten painting in Crash as one of Unten's past lives. Logia and Mynis would set off to grab his reborn body from Tennu and Unten would get revenge on Avirl/Two by killing them. Beta Unten was also said to make a brief reappearance inside of Tennu, as well as being a possible boss fight. This was cut as it would have killed the pacing considerably as well as distracting from the main plot. It is unknown if the Tennu concept will be revisited in the future.
  • Logi or Denos was planned to die in Victory, however it was too late to make them relevant to the plot again and both were spared as they wouldn't have had much impact on the plot with their deaths.
  • Rose Reaper and DREW were both planned to die, with a post-credit scene revealing Listless Strafe creating a clone of Rose with a new name and DNA mixed with another character, however this was scrapped as it felt like a tasteless way to remove the characters. This changed plot element was considered so late in the game that the Umbra and Xerra plotline was altered to prevent their deaths.
  • A post-credit scene taking far into the future, with Unten now using UNT3N as a weapon similar to Fanti as well as a cyborg arm raiding a space ship controlled by Palutena was planned. Unten would have been accompanied by other future versions of characters and 3.14 would have been shown with a grotesque cut smile, made horrifying by the fact the character is notable for his lack of a mouth. Palutena would have been revealed to be the major new threat coming in a couple of decades into the Fantendoverse's future, wanting to restore balance to the Fantendoverse like her sister. During the battle, one of Palutena's spells would reflect back onto her, turning her into a spider-like creature, setting up the future with Xerra's timeline.
    • This post-credit scene was cut due to the fact it was a window in a potential future, one that Xerra would have hoped to prevent. As such, it may not be entirely clear that this was only a potential future and wouldn't have much to do with the themes of Victory or it's sequel project Zenith.
    • Likewise, it was seen as unwise to set up Xerra's future when the Doomuli and the Mistake needed to be introduced first.
  • Sakeena's plotline was originally a lot more different, with her characters from the novel she was writing fighting alongside her. This was changed relatively early on.
  • Basil Icarusiot was supposed to appear in the story originally, but is completely absent in the final story. It's not exactly known what role he would have played ultimately.
  • The original Boltzmann students were supposed to show up as playable characters, haven grown up since the flashback, but they were scrapped during roster finalization.


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