Fantendo Smash Bros. Universe is the fourth game in the Fantendo Smash Bros. series. The game will be developed by GemGames Co. and released exclusively for the Wii U sometime in 2013.


The game's gameplay is similar to the gameplay of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. You fight your opponents on a 2D battlefield and have to build up their damage meters to try to launch them off of the stage.


Playable Characters

The game has been confirmed to have a total of 60 playable characters. 25 default and 35 unlockable.


Character Series Description
UntenArend TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR Unten, the star of Fantendo Smash Bros. returns to the fight once again! Unten will show that the Beorns are still very much alive.
ZeritaNvF3D TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR Zerita the wild cat has joined Unten and returned to the fight! Zerita's ninja-like movements are sure to get her a few wins on the battlefield.
LitleP&SandslashP Litle P & Sandslash Litle P & Sandslash P, the two veteran fighting brothers return to the fight! Litle P & Sandslash P will use many skilled attacks on the battlefield so watch out!
YoshiEggbyWS YoshiEgg YoshiEgg Nook has once again returned to the battlefield! The mute Tanooki is ready to show his opponents what hes made of.
BloopbyWS YoshiEgg Bloop, YoshiEgg's sidekick and bestfriend has joined the fight! Bloop's small size and quick movements are sure to help out in the fight.
Pesh3D Pusher's Pile Pesh, the skilled Pouchet knight from Pushopolis has returned to the fight! Pesh's skilled sword techniques are not to be underestimated.
Pashie3D Pusher's Pile Pashie, the female Pouchet and Pesh's girlfriend has appeared! Pashie's fighting style is quite skillful so watch out!
SmileFOC Ghost Smile Smile, the bookworm Ghostborn has returned to the fight! Smile is prepared to show hes got more than a few tricks up his sleave.
Zak3D Doodleland Zak, the hero of Doodleland has once again returned to the battlefield! Zak's stretchy arms are sure to help out in the fight.
Dan3DHalfSoraEdit Doodleland Dan, the goofy stick figure has come to protect his Wii honour out on the battlefield! Dan's tactics are simple but deadly.
PurpleRun Purple Purple has brought his katana to the battlefield and is ready to fight! Purple's ninjitsu training is sure to make him a tough opponent out on the battlefield.
EllaFOC Ella-Metals Ella Metals, the metal bending girl has returned to the fight! Ella is ready to beat up her opponents with her metal abilities.
AndyByArend Ella-Metals Andy Pasta, the boy with the useless pasta bending powers has returned! Andy is ready to prove that his powers aren't so useless after all.
StrafeBattleArt Strafe Strafe has once again returned to the fight! Strafe's dual M1900 pistols and criminal past are sure to help out on the battlefield.
McBooNvF3D McBoo's Mansion McBoo, the famed leader of the Amighosts has returned to the battlefield once more! McBoo's ghostly fighting style is a force to be reckoned with.
EmeraldTheSceptile Team Gemstones Emerald the Sceptile, the famed leader of Team Gemstones has returned to the battlefield! Emerald's speedy movements are the fastest in the game.
TheReaper Shadows of the Night Rose Reaper has taken a break from her assassination job and joined the fight! Rose's Pickaxe Sythe is truely deadly on the battlefield.
Scyplo Robo Madness Scyplo the next-gen robot from Alienta has joined the fight! Scyplo's many skills are sure to help out on the battlefield.
SpeedyNew iPenguin Speedy a fast-running agent from iPenguin has joined the fight! Speedy's fighting style is very fast paced.
DantePokemon Pokémon - Shadows of Illusions Dante has brought his katana to the battlefield and is ready to do some fighting! Dante's murderous attitude is sure to give his opponents the chills.
LK24NSMB Neo Koopa Neo Koopa the leader of many groups has returned to the battlefield! Neo's magic and flames are an awesome combo.
Teardrop3 Teardrop Teardrop Seaside the heroic Oceanian bookwork has joined the fight! Teardrop's unique form changing abilities are sure to be useful in battle.
RedtheHood'em3D Hood'ems Red the Hood'em has come to the battlefield, sword in hand! Red's skillful sword skills and agile movements are lethal in a fight.
Johnn Double J RPG John Jerome, the hero of Utopia City has joined the fight! John's many skills are sure to give his opponents trouble on the battlefield.
David3D David David has brought his many skills with him and once again returned to the battlefield! David's fighting style is sure to give his opponents a shock or two!


Character Series Description
ChiefFantendoKartUltra TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR Chief Dongorio may not look like a fighter, but hes got more than a few tricks up his sleave! The leader of the Baraenion Tribe will prove he's still a fighter.
SunnyscytheNvF3D Litle P & Sandslash Sunnyscythe, the badass demonic Pichu has returned to the fight! Don't be fooled by his size or you'll be in for a real shock.
TheGrooTS YoshiEgg The Groo has followed YoshiEgg & Bloop onto the battlefield, in the hopes that he can finally win! The Groo's colossal size is sure to help out on the battlefield.
Oldton3D Pusher's Pile Professor E. Vil Oldton has brought his inventions with him and returned to the fight! Oldton uses alot of gadgets out on the battlefield.
Darkclaw Doodleland Darkclaw is the moose-like engineer from Doodleland and hes returned to the battlefield! Darkclaw's blowtorch is lethal in a fight.
Ruby&SapphireNvF3D Team Gemstones Ruby & Sapphire return to the battlefield! Ruby & Sapphire fight as a duo, weilding many combo attacks such as Hydrothrower.
Blaze Team Gemstones Blaze the Lucario has followed Emerald to the battlefield and is ready to defeat his nemesis! Blaze is sure to bring chaos to the battlefield with his Aura-Fire techniques.
Betolpy Robo Madness Betolpy, Scyplo's arch-enemy has entered the battlefield! Betolpy is a real powerhouse so make sure you don't get crushed.
Inferadness3Artwork Teardrop Inferadness has joined his rival Teardrop on the battlefield! Inferadness' fiery fighting style is fast and deadly.
Mr.Sew'n3D Hood'ems Mr. Sew'n has taken over joined the fight, in the hopes of defeating Red! Mr. Sew'n's tactics are sneaky and skillful.
Joeymcbooo Double J RPG Joey McBoo has joined John on the battlefield! Joey's toy racecar is a useful item in battle, along with his icey abilities.
Demi Winged Nexus Demi, the famous builder fairy from Alencarh has joined the fight! Demi is able to fly for a short while in battle.
LennyPenguinFOC Little Lenny Penguin Lenny Penguin has escaped the Great Red Flood and joined the fight! Lenny's fighting style is not to be underestimated.
DREW-Sketch DREW DREW the pyro human from Sunspring Town has joined the fight! DREW uses many fiery techniques on the battlefield so watch out or you'll be burned!
Savant The Harbinger Cometh Savant the Goetian, the last of the Goetians has joined the fight! Savant's desire for revenge against Ghroth surely will help out on the battlefield.
FerdieTheFox Curious Critters of Sherweird Forest Ferdie the Fox has decided to enter the battlefield, to show off his fiery skills! Ferdie's pyromaniac nature is sure to give opponents a burn or two!
KidKiba Kid Kiba Kid Kiba the heroic vampire has joined the fight! Kid Kiba can change into a bat to fly for a short time.
Samantha Kid Kiba Samantha Chi, Kid Kiba's heroic girlfriend has entered the battlefield! She too can turn into a bat to fly for a short time.
LKYTeamGemstonesDD Faitingu Lee Koroshi-Ya, the Tyrogue with the hydro/PSI powers has joined the fray! Lee's special skills are sure to help out on the battlefield.
130px Fruity Toucan Fruity, the Toucan from Toco Jungle has joined the fight! Fruity is able to fly for a short while.
180px Dave the Rabbit Dave the Rabbit had so much fun last time he was in a video game, so he decided to enter one again! Dave's tactics are usually inappropriate.
BeardedFOC Bearded Smiley Bearded Smiley, the most annoying person ever has joined the fight and is ready to annoy his opponents! Bearded is sure to give Uilee Tea a real headache on the battlefield!
UileeTea Bearded Smiley Uilee Tea has brought his army to the fight and is ready to try and defeat Bearded Smiley! Uilee Tea will let his minions do most of the fighting for him.
Mr.Chilli Mr. Chilli Mr. Chilli, the cocky annoying lawyer has joined the fight! Chilli is ready to win some cases matches and annoy his opponents.
RoxanneARX Agent RX Roxanne D'Urre the elite secret agent from The Agency has joined the fight! Roxanne's secret agent skills will surely help out on the battlefield.
JohnMogwai John Mogwai Land John Mogwai, the rude gun-weilding ladies man has joined the fight! John's heavy weapons and flames are a deadly combo.
Padge2 Padge Padge, the arrogant owner of the FastJet airline has joined the fight! Padge uses a wide variety of weapons in combat so watch out!
SnivelyFOC Snively Snively has brought his nature powers with him and joined the fight! Snively can change into his Servine form too.
FightersPikachu Pikachu Fighters Kaichu, the Pikachu from Float City has joined the fight! In this game he donned a special headband for during combat.
Xyphyl Pokémon: Legends of Mew Xyphyl the Red Mew has made an unexpected appearance and joined the fight! Xyphyl will show that his unique colourations make him a unique fighter too.


There are a total of 30 items.

Item Series Description
FinisherSphere Fantendo Finisher Spheres will appear on the stage and float around, if the player manages to break one they will obtain their Finisher Move.
SummonerOrb Fantendo Summoner Orbs allow the player to summon a character to assist them in battle, the character who is summoned will attack enemies or cause a distraction.
DoodlelandBerriesFSBUniverse Doodleland Doodleland Berries are three different types of berries. The Cloud Berry which allows the player to jump higher, the Robot Berry which turns the player into metal and the Jellatin Berry that makes the player weaker.
Assist Pearl Doodleland Assist Pearls have the same use as the Summoner Orbs, they can only summon characters from the Doodleland series however.
BulletBoB Ella-Metals Bullet BoBs can be fired at opponents from a Bullet BoB Blaster if the player picks it up, there are 6 Bullet BoBs in one blaster.
Berries&FruitTGemstones Team Gemstones Berries & Fruit can be eaten by the player to restore some health, they don't restore much health though.
PileOfWarpOrbs Team Gemstones Warp Orbs can be picked up and tossed at opponents, if they hit the opponents they will warp them off of the stage, usually resulting in a 1-hit K.O..
StratosBallBall Teardrop Stratosball Spheres can be picked up and thrown at opponents, they will then fly after the opponents and repeatedly crash into them for 10 seconds.
RacingRubberFOC Hood'ems Racing Rubbers can be picked up and thrown at opponents, they will then race around the stage erasing the ground where the opponents walks. The person who threw it is still able to walk where it erases.
Mr. sew'n mushroom Hood'ems Mr. Sew'n Mushrooms will sew the player to the ground for 10 seconds if touched, making the player unable to move. They will chase after players to acheive their goal.
StalmerShoesWhite DREW Stalmer Shoes will latch onto the players feet if stepped on, causing the player to trip until they are shaken off.
MolotovCocktailFSBUniverse Curious Critters of Sherweird Forest Molotov Cocktails can sometimes be mistaken for Beer Bottles, when picked up the character will light them however. When thrown at opponents they will explode in a burst of fire once they make contact with something.
BeerDaveRPG Dave the Rabbit Beer will make the user go dizzy if it is drank, the player gains increased attack power from it until it wears off however.
FireFang Guppy the Shark Fire Fangs are worn in the players mouth, they then allow the player to belch fire at opponents to burn them for 15 seconds.
ChilliFood Mr. Chilli Chilli, when consumed will cause the player to hop around the stage, spewing "balls of fire" from their mouth. The effect lasts about 15 seconds.

Summoner Orbs

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  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Blast was canceled and replaced by this game.



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