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Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul is a 2023 platformer-fighting game, released for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, Steam, Nymbus and Z-Lunar ZCLIPSE. The game was created by a team of developers known as the Soul Team, which is comprised of CrakaboLazy4090, Empress Scarlet, KirbiMiroir, MR Z BRAINZ, Ryan sinbela, StellaStardown, SphealingBlue and UnidentifiedFroggy.

Developed as a modern reimagining of the Fantendo Smash Bros. series, Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul features a wide cast of characters from classic and modern eras of Fantendo. A strong focus is placed on modern characters that felt underrepresented in Fantendo crossovers by the development team, though the roster still has many spots for fan favourite and classic characters. Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul is set apart from its predecessors by the inclusion of the Soul State mechanic, allowing characters to briefly be powered up into an enraged state.


The gameplay for this entry of the Fantendo Smash Bros. series is akin to that of the other entries in the franchise, where your main goal for each match is to rack up as much damage on the opponents percentage meter to have them go flying off the stage to land a KO. Each character specializes in a certain playstyle, along with having unique movesets to dish out the pain, and can utilise items and assists to help with adding onto the carnage.

This entry, however, introduces the new mechanic of Soul Attacks, which require the player to have already accumulated enough damage to go into their Soul State. By pressing the shield and grab buttons together to activate it, the form vastly increases the character's stats while also adding several additional effects to many of their specials.

Soul State does have its disadvantages, as despite having harder hitting attacks and a stronger shield, your knockback is increased along with the increased movement speed, sometimes making you almost uncontrollable in some instances. This gives you the feel that your character, while powered up, is in an enraged-like state and is hard to get control of without proper practice and movement. Once you get to mastering this, you will be wrecking house in no time.

Game Modes

Smash! The generic game mode where 1-8 characters (either controlled by players or CPU) can battle against each other, with the objective of fully depleting all of their opponents' stocks or gaining the most KOs. Smash has many variable settings, including changing the duration, win conditions, item spawn rates and stage hazards. Players can also take to the internet to put their skills to the test against players from all over the world.
Daily Challenge Once per day, the player is faced with a particularly difficult battle against a CPU character with the offer of winning rare and hard-to-obtain Cards. Oftentimes these challenges will include elements that force the player to approach combat using different strategies, such as fighting multiple foes simultaneously or fighting foes with power ups such as permanent Soul State or stat boosts. The player is allowed to attempt the Daily Challenge as many times as they wish, with there being no penalty for failure.
Adventure! Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul's main single-player campaign is a platforming-based quest to save the Fantendoverse from The Contagion, a parasitic virus that has infected fighters, turning them into blood-red Infected Clones. On the way, the player will battle enemies and bosses from various Fantendo series with the ultimate quest of liberating all of the fighters from The Contagion. At first, only Unten is available, though more characters are unlocked as their Infected Clones are defeated. This game mode also serves as the primary method of unlocking characters and collecting Cards.
All-Star Battle against the entire roster of Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul', from oldest character to newest. All-Star takes the form of a battle gauntlet in which characters are fought in groups depending on the year of their origin. Between each battle, the player is able to enter a rest area to heal their fighter - sometimes rewards such as Cards will appear in this area. If the player loses a battle, they have the option to continue though they will have to restart the battle they lost.
Boss Rush Battle against all of the bosses from Adventure Mode back-to-back. The player has 3 lives by default in this mode, and if they run out of lives, they will be forced to start over from the beginning. Between each boss fight, there player can enter a rest area like in All-Star where they can heal their fighter and may sometimes find rewards such as Cards and extra lives.

Playable Characters

UntenZeritaMiodaNetnuUNT3NPeshPesh (NF)PalmManNikauVolt3.14SmileLeahRachelKivaDragon QueenDoomulus GrimeDoomulus SalineDoomulus PrimeUntensaurus RexMynisCloveVenusAquarinaPunchGizmoTheodoreAronditeVerriereStrafeEmbrunShineRapturnLylythMayaMerrinFrysiscaThrusterhoundAgustacloveTangarynThe Aura SystemJack o'LanternNadeWormGaryCandycurlCellularZoeDoormatMicrowaveFractusMeomba IIChuluBrodyShægyr39,000Kotomo TrainerVessaPulzarFeraQuetzDJ FlaskCousteauVelziorDarrenTigzonMajaraMillyrainBubbly GMeta-FormKing Cube KiloBotSlanitoSquavAveryKaidenFelton & TrentGraviteenShokaCeharihaHeinRubyPandoraRiddleGushGlennPickpocketQwartz QrusherStanleyBaobabCardinalPearlAmyTayshaunSimoneHightideMcBooClydeYoshiEggSunnyscytheRecursion BroPlumberNotiggyLahavasMerritorryJesus
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For all character movesets, see here: Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul/Playable Characters

Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul features a roster from various Fantendo intellectual properties. Among these are characters from various eras of Fantendo, including the Classic Fantendoverse (2007-2014), New Fantendoverse (2014-2020), Fantendoverse Tau (2020) and Boundless Fantendoverse (2021-present). The development team specifically focused on ensuring that most major franchises and Fantendo contributors had some form of playable representation.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul features various stages from different Fantendo franchises. All stages in the game have three variants: their standard layout, a Ω Form (consisting only of a flat solid platform) and a Battlefield Form (consisting of a flat solid platform with three semisolid platforms in a pyramidal arrangement). Furthermore, many of these stages even have different appearances, such as night and day or different seasons.

Similar to the Super Smash Bros. series, many stages appear with stage hazards which can disrupt the battle and damage all combatants. By default, these are turned off, but can be quickly disabled or re-enabled from the battle options menu. Stage morph is also a present feature in Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul which can either be turned on or off. When turned on, the stage will transform to a randomly selected different stage after approximately 2-3 minutes have passed. The frequency at which stages transform and the available stages for morphing can also be configured in the battle options menu.

Main Menu
Debuted in Fantendo
Fantendo is an online wiki powered by Fandom, where users from all over the world can upload game ideas, original characters, stories and more. Active since 2007, Fantendo has over 40,000 pages and 3 million edits made by over 6,000 editors since its inception. This stage takes place on the famed main page of the site, which shows the current article account, the latest news, featured articles and more. Players fight on a wide platform above a bottomless pit of blue. The stage features a few semisolid platforms in the form of boxes containing lists of featured and sysop approved pages. The stage also has several variations, representing the different visual forms of the main page ever since 2007, but these all have the same layout.
Debuted in Fantendo
The main channel of Fantendo's Discord Server, where Fantendo users talk every day about wiki projects, games, and other types of media as well as their day-to-day lives. This stage is a flat area that takes place above the message bar, the background featuring various pre-generated messages from all sorts of Fantendo users, such as <insert your name here>. These messages will feature cameos from popular community characters, such as Unten, Becky Botsford, Gex, Drake the Dark Toad, Renninger, Blastoise, Redge and Pepe. 9 out of 10 times this stage is selected, it will be in regular dark mode, but 1 out of 10 times it will appear in the much brighter and harder to fight on light mode.
Debuted in the Real Life
The "beautiful" city of London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom. The stage takes place above the River Thames, where players can get a good view of the Palace of Westminster, as well as Elizabeth Tower. The stage itself is pretty simple, consisting of a large platform with a small platform moving side to side. Players can see cabbies and double-decker buses in the background, driving along the roads. Players may even see the Queen herself make a cameo (as well as Boris Johnson on a zipline for some reason). Most of the time the stage will be covered in grey clouds, although occasionally it will rain.
Peaceful Plains
Debuted in Fissure
Peaceful Plains is a region in Nukingdom, located on the continent of Garth on Zeon. As its name suggests, it is a tranquil grassland, and is home to Chief Dongorio's Baraenion tribe, a group native to the area mostly comprised of the Baraenion bloodline, but also containing members of other species taken in by the tribe such as Unten and Zerita. This stage is a flat plain on grassy ground, with several features such as the homes of the Baraenion tribe, the roofs of which can be fought on by fighters. However, fight too hard and the houses will collapse, as they weren't constructed with the purpose of being battled on. The stage will transition between day and night, and when night comes, the members of the tribe seen in the background including Dongorio himself, will hurry inside as Zeon's dangerous wildlife such as Quirak Crawlers and Bloblraks will come out and attack fighters.
Debuted in Pusher's Pile
A stage taking place in the medieval-inspired village of Pushpolis, hometown of Pesh and Pashie and the Pouchet species. Pushopolis is also home to many different lesser species such as Niceys, Hazzies and Pushies.
Pushopolis takes place in a park in the middle of the village, with cottages and battlements in the background. Occasionally, Pushies will pop up out of the ground, lifting fighters upwards or pushing them around, though they won't deal any damage.
A22 Enterprises
Debuted in 3.14 Sports Mix
A22 Enterprises is a company known for developing and selling futuristic machines, intelligent programs, software, hardware and other technology, distributing them far and wide across the Fantendoverse. They've had many failures in development, giving them a reputation, but are sustained by their occasional technological breakthrough.
A22 Enterprises takes place in a large open elevator platform that rises through a skyscraper owned by the company. The platform begins in the lobby, a futuristic, open space with an indoor fountain, reception desk and elevators in the background. The stage then rises up to an office area where works can be seen developing software with 3.14 and 4.13 on their screens. Next the stage rises up into a factory-like production area, which features moving mechanisms such as crushers and conveyor belts that can disrupt combat. The final area of the stage is the roof, a basic, flat area with sheer drops on each end. The full cycle takes about 2 minutes and will then repeat in reverse.
Gothic Castle
Debuted in GHOST SMILE
A dark haunted castle located in the Spirit Universe, Gothic Castle is a stage that transitions between two different forms. The battle begins on a platform outside the castle, where it can be seen in all its terrifying glory against the background of a stormy night. After about a minute, the platform will fly up into the air and soar across the night sky, showing the haunted woods surrounding the castle below. The platform will then enter the castle, coming to rest inside the castle on a stairway, featuring slopes to the left and right of the stage's centre and a chandelier in the middle. This can be broken if it takes enough damage, causing it to fall and deal massive damage to fighters underneath it.
Hell City
Debuted in Inferno
A sprawling metropolis located in the center of Scorch Valley in the Underworld. Hell City is the main population center in the Underworld and it's where most fallen souls first find themselves after dying, including Clove in the events of Inferno. Hell City is home to many towering skyscrapers, but most of the time the city is ominously empty with residents staying indoors. Occasionally, it can be seen raining blood in the city. To begin with, Hell City is a flat stage with walk-offs on both sides of the stage. The starting stage takes place on ground level on a road in front of a row of skyscrapers, where enemies such as Hellhounds, Skulkers and Spookeys will appear in the background. During the battle, a platform will appear out of the ground and the stage will take to the air, and fighters will battle in the skies above the city. The platform will sometimes stop at the top of Lord Azazel's Tower, where the ruler of Scorch Valley himself can be seen inside a window.
Border Fortress
Debuted in Loradila Chronicles
A stone fortress built on the southern waters of Loradila, to serve as a barricade between the nations Terra and Gaia. Deep within, beyond the pools of lava, are ancient readings guarded by the blazing lion Pyronid. The stage starts as a long, flat platform over a large pool of lava, though periodically, the platform will sink into the lava, with a group of smaller platforms, with a random set of elevations, taking its place. When enough time passes, these platforms will sink and the large platform returns, and the cycle will repeat. Fighters that fall into the lava will be launched upwards and take burning damage over time. Later on in the fight, Pyronid will appear whenever the large platform is active, and strike at areas of the battlefield with his fiery claws. In the background, the fight is spectated by Ruin Bats, Vampires, Wizards and Living Mail. If stage hazards are turned off, Pyronid will be sitting idly at the back of the crowd.
Time Junction
Debuted in Time Junction
A hotel built inside an omni-dimensional time nexus, serving as a rest stop for those who break the time barrier. Despite its humble appearance, the hotel sports many features, including a swimming pool, a radio station, and a immense shopping centre where the stage takes place. The bottom half of the stage is shaped like a bowl, with two diagonal escalators on each side that carry fighters up to a small walk-off area between the escalators and the edge of the stage. In the middle, above the "pit" and parallel to the top of the escalators, is a second floor balcony that serves as an additional platform. Many guests of the hotel can be seen watching the fight in the background. The main gimmick of the stage is the Roombots, the glitchy but faithful robotic workers of the hotel, that will occasionally wander onto the stage performing a random action:
  • Carrying either a random item or a futomaki roll which will heal 15% to a fighter that touches it.
  • Spraying jet fuel uncontrollably, erratically moving around and burning fighters with its attack.
  • Allying with the nearest fighter and guarding them with an electric baton.
  • Wandering to a random area and exploding.
  • Performing a conga line across the bottom of the stage.
  • Simply sitting still and watching.
  • Dialling a phone, which calls a random Summoner Orb that is unaligned and attacks all fighters.
KillGames Arena
Debuted in KillGames
A massive arena in the heart of Los Desolados, the KillGames Arena is the biggest destination for any big KillGames fan, as it's the main area where contestants will face off against the champion, Blitzkrieg himself. The stage is very simple layout-wise, consisting of just one large platform. This makes the stage a great one if players want a fair match. In the background, several other KillGames characters can be seen in the background, include Redge, Storm, Break, Yuki, Neon & ARMA, Lain, Misery and Colt. Blitzkrieg can also be seen on his throne, watching the fight far in the background. If Lylyth is not being played as, she'll appear next to him, disguised as Lili.
Initiative Courtyard
Debuted in Project Cape
The Initiative Courtyard is an outdoor space located on the grounds of the Project Cape Initiative's headquarters, decorated with bushes, benches, and a sparkling fountain of water located in the center. Initiative Courtyard is a flat stage with walk-offs on both sides. The stage is relatively plain and featureless, with a few exceptions. Firstly, the fountain located in the middle of the stage provides as an obstacle preventing players from simply walking across the stage in a straight line. The stage also features two hedgerows at either side, which fighters are able to hide in. While hiding, players become invisible and unable to move, but they're still susceptible to enemy attacks. The courtyard features appearances from Project Cape's cast, who can be seen walking around in the background, including Viper, Toolbox, Chewout, Kickstart, Heartbeat and Looseleaf.
The Cretalamna
Debuted in Harbor Wave
The Cretalamna is a pirate ship belonging to none other than Captain Cousteau. This stage takes place on the deck of the ship, and is a fairly wide and flat open space with sharp drops on either side with the ocean below. At the middle of the stage is a mast and crow's nest, which fighters can climb up and fight in. It's not uncommon for there to be harsh weather out on the open seas, and as such, sometimes there will be weather effects on this stage. Heavy rainfall will make the stage considerably more slippery, while strong wind will occasionally push fighters about from one side of the stage to the other. The ship also features a cannon which launches an extremely powerful cannonball once every few minutes - being hit by this is sure to be a one-hit KO if you don't have stage hazards turned off.
McBoo's Mansion
Debuted in McBoo's Mansion
A spooky stage located in McBoo's dark and haunted mansion, McBoo's Mansion is a flat stage with several platforms made out of bookcases and chandeliers that takes place in the mansion's main lobby. Shrouded in gloom, most of the background is pitch black. This stage includes a unique gimmick known as darkness, where every so often, darkness will creep in around the edges of the screen, causing the camera to zoom in, thus moving the blast zones closer to the centre of the stage and reducing the available space for the fighters to battle in. Every so often, enemies from the McBoo series such as Boos and Fangs will traverse the stage, damaging any fighters that get in their way.
Monster Industries
Debuted in Monster Industries
A mysterious science facility, Monster Industries is a company owned by a being (or group of beings we don't know) called the Higher Ups, for the purpose of housing and researching various monsters and unusual creatures, dubbed "Specimens". The stage is a flat stage with two platforms on the side. The background has various workers talking and checking on the various specimens. At first, it seems like a pretty standard stage. Eventually however, sirens will begin ringing, as the Workers begin panicking and running around. During this, a random Specimen will appear on stage and attack the players. These include:
  • Eliminator: When the Eliminator appears, it will scream out before firing a barrage of minigun bullets toward the nearest foe. It will also occasionally fire out a missile, which can cause heavy damage to anyone it hits. Once the sirens are over, the Eliminator will disappear. It will also disappear if it takes enough damage.
  • Infiltrator: When the Infiltrator appears, it will initially appear as a copy of one of the player's characters. It will then begin following one of the players. If it gets close, it will reveal its true form, grabbing the player with its tendrils, and stabbing them, dealing high damage and briefly stunning them. After this, or when the sirens are over, it will disappear. It will also disappear if it takes enough damage.
  • Kaiju: When the Kaiju appears, it will roar before firing out its Radiation Beam across the stage. Anyone hit by the beam will take heavy damage. Once the sirens are over, it will disappear.
  • Microwave: Microwave is the only specimen that doesn't attack players. It will sit in the middle of the stage until the sirens are over, in which it will return to its containment chamber. It is the rarest of the specimens.
  • Nightmare: When the Nightmare appears, it will darken the screen, preventing players from seeing within a radius around their character. The Nightmare will then slowly move around the stage. If a player hits it, Nightmare will cause heavy damage to them. Once the sirens are over, the Nightmare will appear in front of the screen to jumpscare the players, before disappearing.
  • Wendigo: When the Wendigo appears, it will roar before relentlessly chasing after the players. Its slash combos can deal high damage if all of them connect. Once the sirens are over, the Eliminator will disappear. It will also disappear if it takes enough damage.
Unten Circuit
Debuted in Fantendo Kart
A stage that takes place on a sprawling race track on Zeon, Unten Circuit is a fast-paced action-packed travelling stage. The battle begins at the starting line, before a platform rises out of the ground and flies above the race track, showing the entire track below and the surrounding villages and forests of Zeon's wilderness. The platform on which the characters fight will periodically return back down to the track, stopping at various landmarks such as a crossroads, bridge and loop-the-loop. At all of these locations, fighters run the risk of being hit by karts driven by Unten clones, which will deal moderate damage and heavy knockback to anyone hit.
Sunnyscythe's Playhouse
Debuted in Dark Purple
The psychotic Pichu Sunnyscythe created a demented torture chamber made to look like an innocent play room in a spaceship given to him by the Neverworlder. The stage has a zig-zagging layout with a slide on the top right side that will take anyone who enters it to the bottom left platform and a twisting climbable ladder from the bottom right to the top left. The stage will quickly reveal itself to be more sinister than it appears as torturous toy traps are triggered, including jump ropes appearing from the sides of the screen that strangle fighters to immobilize them, toy soldiers who shoot from the background, and spiky walls that descend from the top of the screen.


Items are a returning feature from previous Fantendo Smash Bros. games that are once again available in Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul. Items will spawn periodically during matches, falling from the sky and being able to be picked up and used by fighters. The frequency at which items spawn can be toggled in the battle options menu, and they can also be turned off entirely. Items will not spawn in other game modes with the exception of Adventure Mode where they can be used against enemies.

Below is a list of items in Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul.

Finisher Sphere
Debuted in Fantendo Smash Bros. Universe
Finisher Spheres are rarely-spawning floating orbs that will drift around the screen once they appear. They cannot be picked up, only attacked, which will cause them to move away. If a fighter deals enough damage to a Finisher Sphere, then it will break and they will become able to use their Fan Finisher by selecting the neutral special button - however, put it off for too long and the Finisher Sphere's energy will fade away.
Summoner Orb FSBSoul.png
Summoner Orb
Debuted in Fantendo Smash Bros.
A mysterious sphere that contains the essence of a living being from the Fantendoverse. Summoner Orbs can be used by any player to summon a character that will assist them in battle, generally by attacking the summoner's foes or granting them beneficial effects.
Kotomo Bait
Debuted in Kotomo
An alluring treat to Kotomo. Once picked up by a fighter and thrown on the ground, a Kotomo will appear at that location shortly afterwards to assist the summoner, helping in the same way as a character summoned by a Summoner Orb such as through attacking opponents to granting defensive effects to the summoner.
Debuted in Supper Smash Brothers for Dessert
A variety of delicious foods for the fighters to eat. Eat them and you'll restore a certain amount of percentage depending on the food.
  • Fried Chicken Leg: A crispy fried chicken leg. Restores 5% of damage.
  • A Single Grape: A singular red grape. Restores 2% of damage.
  • Biscuit: A biscuit (the British kind not the good one). Restores 3% of damage.
  • Mandarin Orange: A mandarin orange. Restores 4% of damage.
  • Hamburger: A juicy hamburger with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. Restores 8% of damage.
  • Lemon: A sour lemon. Restores 15% of damage but also gives a poison effect.
  • A Spot of Tea: A spot of tea. Restores 2% of damage.
  • Pistachio Ice Cream: Restores 0% of damage. Because no one likes pistachio ice cream.
  • Pasta: The Mario Bros.' favorite food. Restores 10% of damage.
  • That Bag of Carrot Sticks You Bought From The Grocery Store In An Attempt To Have A Healthier Diet That You Never Eat: Restores 1% because you left them in the fridge for so long they went bad.
  • Limited Breadsticks: We couldn't get an Olive Garden sponsorship so we're stuck with a finite number of breadsticks. Restores 7% of damage.
  • Hat French Fry: A single french fry with a stylish hat. Restores 6% of damage (most of that comes from the hat).
  • Pancake Wrestler: Some pancakes that really needs the money after Hamburger stole his house. Restores 9% of damage.
  • That Cake You Got For Your 5th Birthday: Happy birthday! Restores 10% of damage.
  • Doughnut: Nothing beats a jelly-filled donut! Restores 4% of damage.
  • Synthwave Chicken Leg: A crispy fried chicken leg, but it's been sitting in the freezer since the 80s. Restores 1% and causes the screen to gain a temporary synthwave effect.
Untencake FSBSoul.pngNetnucake FSBSoul.pngWurmcake FSBSoul.png
Untinacake FSBSoul.pngFurmahcake FSBSoul.pngNomencake FSBSoul.png
Debuted in Fantendo Smash Bros.
A sweet and fluffy cupcake, with designs resembling different famous Beorns. This cake can be picked up and eaten by any fighter to restore up to 50% of damage. A random variant is selected each time one spawns, with Untencakes existing based off Unten, Netnu, Wurm, Untina, Furmah and Nomen.
Debuted in Fissure (2014)
A sweet, moist, blumpy fruit, tasting like "a cucumber dipped in honey", originating from Zeon. When consumed, it will raise a fighter's defence, causing them to take 50% less damage from any attacks for five seconds.
Debuted in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory
A very foul-tasting fruit, known for its disgusting smell, originating from Zeon. Consuming it will damage fighters, but it can be picked up and thrown to give a poisonous effect on the unlucky opponent.
Rage Soda
Debuted in KillGames
An popular orange-flavoured soda made with special ingredients, those being copious amounts of drugs. It can be drunk by fighters to greatly increase their attack power, or thrown as an explosive projectile.
Flag FSBSoul.png
Debuted in Project Cape
A flag from Project Cape's Capture the Flag game mode. Characters are able to pick up a flag and use it as a basic battering weapon, striking rapidly using their attack button. They also have the option of throwing the flag, which deals very high damage if it hits an enemy. Flags come in six colors: purple, green, yellow, grey, red and black, all of which are emblazoned with the Project Cape logo.
Debuted in Vessa: Shining Hero
An organic parasol that is actually a strange flower that grew into an umbrella-like shape, the Photosol has several different uses once it is picked up. Firstly, any fighter that holds a Photosol will fall very slowly when in the air. The Photosol can also be used as a weapon while on the ground, firing a concentrated beam of light which travels unobstructed across the stage and deals minor damage to enemies it pierces.
Flame Gauntlets.png
Flame Gauntlets
Debuted in Vessa: Shining Hero
Powerful stone gauntlets imbued with powers of magma and strength. When the Flame Gauntlets are picked up, the user equips them, which grants them access to a special standard attack, a punch which is rather slow and has very short range, but deals incredibly high damage. The punch can also be charged, which will drastically boost its power to the point where it is almost guaranteed to one-hit KO the enemy if a successful hit is landed. After about 20 seconds of being warn, the gauntlets will disappear.
Dragon Rod
Debuted in Vessa: Shining Hero
At first glance, the Dragon Rod is a close-range weapon. It can be picked up and swung overhead using the standard attack button to deal heavy damage to foes within a close radius of the user. Furthermore, when swung, the Dragon Rod will shoot out an electric bolt projectile which travels very quickly through mid air and deals moderate damage to an enemy from long range.
Tigzon collectibles items - The 虎 Heart.png
虎 Heart
Debuted in Tigzon
虎 Hearts are very rarely-spawning items that will appear in mid-air and slowly fall down onto the ground. When picked up by any fighter, they will restore a massive amount of their damage percentage, anywhere between 100% and 150%, which can quickly turn the tide of a battle. 虎 actually means "tiger" in Mandarin.
Supernova Hat.png
Supernova Hat
Debuted in Disengage
A promotional hat, given with the purchase of a Supernova Chicken Combo, that contains lethal explosive fireworks. When picked up, the user will equip the hat on their head, and it will sporadically fire out homing firework missiles that target enemies. While the damage and range are effective, the missiles will also hurt the user if caught in the line of fire.
UCFG Electric Slimoo.png
Electric Slimoo
Debuted in Untitled Community Fighting Game
Character owned by Fantendo
One of the Slimoos, a supercharged slime that thrives on electric power. It can be picked up and thrown, sticking to a fighter and stunning them with their powerful electric charge.
UCFG Hypnoslimoo.png
Debuted in Untitled Community Fighting Game
Character owned by Fantendo
One of the Slimoos, a fruity slime filled with a strange psychedelic chemical. It can be picked up and thrown, momentarily reversing the controls of any fighters it hits.
UCFG Minty Slimoo.png
Minty Slimoo
Debuted in Untitled Community Fighting Game
Character owned by Fantendo
One of the Slimoos, a minty slime with arctic breath that can freeze anything solid. It can be picked up and thrown, freezing any fighter on contact.
UCFG Trimoo.png
Debuted in Untitled Community Fighting Game
Character owned by Fantendo
One of the Slimoos, a trio of little slimes with a symbiotic relationship. They can be picked up and thrown, and upon hitting a fighter the three slimoos will spin around them, periodically pummelling them until they eventually die out.
UCFG Crystal Slimoo.png
Crystal Slimoo
Debuted in Untitled Community Fighting Game
Character owned by Fantendo
One of the Slimoos, a pointed triangular slime that's hard and crystalline, instead of gooey and mouldable. It stays still and damages anyone who touches it, but attacking it will knock it over, allowing it to be picked up and thrown. After being thrown, it will land rightside up, requiring it to be attacked to be thrown again.
Auralite Trevor.png
Debuted in Untitled Community Fighting Game
Character owned by SphealingBlue (tbc)
After Quentin was arrested by the authorities for illegally trying to enter this game, his gun, Trevor, was confiscated and ended up in the item pool. Fighters can pick up the gun and shoot it as a weapon, dealing fast projectile damage at long range. After shooting a certain number of times, the gun will run out of ammo and will be discarded.
Auralite Photon Cannon.png
Photon Cannon
Debuted in Auralite
A crystal-like weapon that fires concentrated beams of light, and has two firing modes; when the button is held, the gun will charge up and fire like a gatling, dealing rapid weak damage. If the button is pressed repeatedly, the gun will fire individual, moderately damaging projectiles.
Auralite Acornade.png
Debuted in Auralite
A repurposed acorn, designed as a unique type of explosive. It can be thrown like a grenade by fighters, but bounces in an erratic pattern once hitting the ground, exploding after 5 bounces or after coming into contact with an opponent.
Debuted in Kingdombound
Character owned by CrakaboLazy4090 (tbc)
Slimes are adorable little gelatinous creature with a ravenous appetite, and when they spawn they will begin wandering around the stage. Grab one and toss it at an enemy, and it will latch onto them and begin biting their face, dealing damage. They are able to spawn in both red and blue varieties though both function identically.
Familliar Slimoo
Debuted in Untitled Community Fighting Game
Character owned by CrakaboLazy4090 (tbc)
One of the Slimoos, a adorable little gelatinous creature with a ravenous appetite, but don't be confused - this has nothing to do with the above item. They are one of the most rarest items in the game, having a 1/100 chance to spawn in place of the completely separate Slime, and can be tossed at enemies to latch onto them. Since it wears a mask with a smile for hours at a time, it can't bite enemies, so it headbutts them instead, dealing double the damage and being especially strong against shields.
Atlan Shield
Debuted in The Tribulations of Chulu: Rebirth of the Spirit
Atlan Shields are rare items that Chulu's group can use in combat. They float slightly above the ground, and when picked up, the shield will manifest into a green aura around the player. During this time, the player who picked it up will become completely invincible, taking no damage at all from enemy attacks. After some time, the effect will ware off.
Shock Cell Art.png
Shock Cell
Debuted in Gadget Grid
A special piece of tech from the Gadget Grid Machine Factory. When picked up, it will be equipped by the player and grants them a new attack. When used, it will send out electricity in a + shape around the user, which extends rather far and deals moderate damage to any foe struck by the electricity. It will run out of power after about 10 uses, after which it will be automatically discarded.
Debuted in Umbrella Waffle
Character owned by AgentMuffin (tbc)
Cathy is a silent and stationary Glow Block - so long as she is on screen, that is. Offscreen, she is known to mysteriously be able to move of her own volition. Cathy can be picked up by fighters and thrown, where she will then slide across the stage and knock back anyone she hits. All the while, she will be shining radiantly.
RedYoshi Egg.png
RedYoshi Egg
Debuted in RedYoshi Wii
A rare type of egg laid by the elusive RedYoshi, RedYoshi Eggs can be picked up and thrown once they spawn. A thrown RedYoshi Egg deals very high damage if it hits an opponent, but more importantly, after its thrown and hits either a foe or the ground, it will break open and scatter several different items on the ground. Almost any item can be obtained from a RedYoshi Egg, with the exception of Finisher Spheres, Summoner Orbs, Kotomo Bait and RedYoshi Eggs.

Summoner Orbs

Below is a list of characters that can be summoned by using a Summoner Orb. Each of these characters will remain on the battlefield for approximately 10-15 seconds after being summoned and most will help the player that summoned them in some way. All summoned characters have an equal chance of spawning when a Summoner Orb is used.

Debuted in Fantendo Smash Bros. Omega
Character owned by IncarnateParanoia
Abza is a prideful Beorn warrior from Zeon, a cold-hearted and spiteful fighter who after somehow losing a fight to the clumsy and lazy Mynis, had her ego shattered and her reputation ruined. Ever since, she has vowed revenge against him. When summoned, Abza will use her giant double-edge sword, Luvalyu, to deal heavy-hitting strikes to the summoner's opponents. Each strike will also release an electric discharge which can deal further damage at long range. She runs around the stage, performing about 6 of these attacks, before disappearing.
Acid and Alkaline
Debuted in Boundless
Character owned by ValkyriePyra
The Double-As, Acid and Alkaline, are a duo of teenage divas with electrifying powers. In truth, they are golems crafted to entertain the Florish nobility and raise money with their concerts. In order to break free and go their own way, the Double-As entered the Boundless Tournament to prove they're more than what they were made for. When summoned, the two will take it in turns to launch a rushing kick to an enemy's position. Whenever one of them isn't kicking, they'll create a beam of electricity between them, zapping anyone caught in the beam.
FSBSoul Anna Snowpops.png
Anna Snowpops
Debuted in Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul
Character owned by MrYokaiAndWatch902
Anna Snowpops is the protective, defensive but oftentimes annoying friend of Bubbly G. Her main ability is manipulation of the cold, allowing her to create snowballs and icy platforms, although her ability is very limited and she will run the risk of overheating if using it for too long. When summoned, Anna will hop on the spot while spinning, sending a flurry of snowballs flying in all directions. These snowballs deal moderate damage and knockback to Smashers hit by them. Furthermore, if hit repeatedly, targets will be frozen solid for a few seconds.
Aran Leverletto
Debuted in Fantendo - Meltdown
Character owned by Ambrisynth
A self-taught engineer, Aran Leverletto is an agent of the Misfits, a group of people with superhuman powers that work together to protect each other while learning to use their abilities. He is an aggressive, hot-headed person whose main weapons lie in his mechanical arm, which has a range of different functions that he shows off when summoned with a Summoner Orb. Aran will alternate between several attack styles, such as firing energy blasts at the summoner's opponents, using an energy shield around the summoner, using a grappling hook to bring airbourne fighters down to the ground while damaging them, and rarely, firing a stun gun which will briefly incapacitate the victim.
Debuted in Untitled Community Fighting Game
Character owned by IntertidalHorizon
ASD and TCT are two machines built to search for habitable planets. ASD floats on a magnetic field that TCT generates, so the two are always together. They seem to communicate in mechanical beeps, but it's unclear whether they're sentient or just following programming. When summoned, the two robots will stay near each other, with ASD shooting laser projectiles and TCT jabbing on the ground with its legs. While their simultaneous moves are strong, they can be disrupted and eventually killed if they are separated for too long.
Backy the germ.png
Backy the Germ
Debuted in Backy
Character owned by Nintendon't
Backy Examamam Stillsburger is an open-minded, happy bacteria who is 16 years old and enjoys ice skating. Backy has previously fought against the Woldes, a species of enemies with lethal damaging spit, alongside his friends Mano and Firefightao. When summoned, Backy uses his self-cloning powers to fill the stage with numerous Backys, which bounce around damaging all fighters except the summoner. After a certain amount of time has passed, the original Backy and all his clones will disappear. If the original Backy is KO'd before then, all of the clones will vanish earlier than normal.
Bandanna D.png
Debuted in Super Smash Bros. Bizarre Infinity
Character owned by OrchidSomnium
Bandana A blue bandana like creature thats said to be a demon ruler of unimaginable power as it will rain fear into hearts of millions, when in reality he's serving as an ever loyal subject to the self proclaimed king of dreamland.

When summoned bandana will hop around looking for its next host to take control of, when it does it'll latch onto an opponents head as it then takes control of their body making them hop around performing various damaging spear stabs until after a bit the bandana will get tired as it retreats off into the sunset.

Beruli Tei
Debuted in Kicking Dust
Character owned by Poisonshot
Beruli Tei is a user of Mineral Winds, being a Flydevin with a positive and bubbly personality, though she strongly dislikes war and conflicts which constantly plague Silanex. She's close friends with Duster and Trida, using her Mineral Wind Arts to assist them in battle when she has to. When summoned, Beruli uses her Spire Spears, her signature dual lances, and performs several piercing attacks on the ground. These don't have great range but Beruli's good mobility makes them rather difficult to avoid, not to mention they deal a lot of damage and send out flying chunks of rock on impact to deal extra damage to enemies within the vicinity.
Debuted in KillGames 2
Character owned by CrakaboLazy4090
Bill is an ordinary man who likes the simple things in life, such as sports, grilling, and golfing. His dream of living a relaxed life is somewhat unrealistic, as he lives in the dystopian Neo York, so he turned to the dark arts to enlist the help of the demon Saeire. The two have an agreement, with Saeire acting as his bodyguard as long as he can provide her with fresh meat. When summoned, Bill will start grilling as Saeire wreaks havoc, biting and grappling onto enemies. While Saeire is invincible, Bill can be hurt, and Saeire will rush to protect him if attacked. If left be, Bill will drop some Food from his grill before disappearing.
Bomb With Legs
Debuted in Paradigm
Character owned by StellaStardown
Bomb With Legs was a originally just a normal explosive developed by the terrorist organization PARASITE, launched to shut down the Paradigm. Unfortunately for PARASITE, the Paradigm granted life to the bomb, thus creating Bomb With Legs. When summoned, Bomb With Legs runs around the stage, frantically trying to get close to any of the summoner's opponents. After about ten seconds, he will explode, causing a massive explosion that deals very high damage to everything around him.
Debuted in Chicken Game: Fight of the Fowl
Character owned by CrakaboLazy4090
Chicken is a member of the Gallus gallus domesticus species and one of the birds fighting to compete for the chance to face off against the legendary Phoenix in battle. When summoned, Chicken shoots a barrage of eggs across the stage, angling the fired eggs in all directions. The eggs will crack on contact with an opponent and deal decent damage and knockback. After firing roughly 50 egg projectiles, Chicken will disappear.
Debuted in Scheming Plans
Character owned by Hoola92
Claricat is a clarinet-bearing feline with amazing musical talents. Typically introverted and shy, he prefers being alone while practising playing his clarinet. When summoned, Claricat will play his signature musical instrument, creating a soft-sounding melody which puts nearby fighters to sleep. This renders them unable to move until they wake up, either naturally after around 6-8 seconds have passed, or if they are attacked by another fighter.
Destiny Sports Destin.png
Debuted in Destiny Sports: Castaway Court
Character owned by KirbiMiroir
Once a poor fish trapped during a river migration, she was saved by the sea god Embrun and reincarnated into a powerful river goddess. Pledging her eternal loyalty to him, she created the links between worlds to form the basketball tournament. While the tournament's energy generated more than enough faith to fuel Embrun's power, the rifts seem to be causing some unintended side effects, but her loyalties are torn between the safety of the multiverse and her master's wishes. When summoned, Destin will summon a whirlpool in the middle of the stage that slowly pulls fighters in like a vacuum, though it can be avoided by moving faster in the opposite direction. Any opponents caught in the pull will be sucked in, dealing continuous damage to them, then fired out with great vertical force.
Debuted in Kingdombound 2
Character owned by CrakaboLazy4090
A mysterious jester, Detrevni is one of the Lich's most loyal servants. While their past (and loyalty) is a mystery, they have the ability to conjure up monsters and all kinds of dark spells. They have two conflicting personalities, acting like siblings, one jovial and one somber. When summoned, Detrevni will dance around in the background of the stage before using a dark spell, the consequences having multiple random outcomes:
  • The camera zooms in greatly, temporarily changing the position of the blast zones.
  • The camera flips upside down.
  • A wavy moving effect is applied to the screen, giving it a wobbly appearance.
  • A fish eye lens is applied to the screen.
  • The stage is flipped horizontally.
  • Random items rain from the sky.
  • All fighters turn invisible.
  • A grayscale filter that lowers the resolution is applied to the screen.
  • Detrevni dances in front of the camera, blocking its view.
Doomulus Mine
Debuted in PalmMan (Boundless Game)
Character owned by Shadow Inferno
Doomulus Mine is a member of The Doomuli, working directly under Grime as an enforcer. He's skillful in aquatic operations, and wields imploding mines that pull his enemies towards him. He's said to have a noble attitude towards combat, despite his short-tempered nature. When summoned, Mine will act as a weaker and simplified version of his Boss appearance, deploying mines over the arena that draw opponents in and attacking with his sharp claws.
Doomulus Rise
Debuted in A Flash Beorn Our Eyes
Character owned by Exotoro
Doomulus Rise is among the most bloodthirsty and cruel members of the Doomuli, having no hesitations about killing innocent people, sucking up constantly to Doomulus Prime and not caring what anyone else in the organization thinks of him or his murderous antics. Rise is sustained by consuming blood, siphoning it from his foes with his huge claws. When summoned, Rise will walk around the stage at a moderate pace, slashing foes that come close with his razor-sharp claws. This deals heavy damage, while also transferring this energy to the summoner to restore their HP by a small amount for each attack.
Debuted in Doodlemen RPG
Character owned by McBoo-Blitzman
Dudel Drawson is the stick-figure creation of Drew, a young human boy aspiring to become an artist. Dudel is a fun-loving guy who is sent on a quest to restore order to New Canvas via the Rubolet, a gemstone with the power to sustain life through drawings. When summoned, Dudel will create a sketch in the air above him, with each of his drawings having a different effect on players in battle:
  • Sword - The sword will fly back and forth across the screen, repeatedly damaging foes and launching them around.
  • Bombs - A series of bombs which once drawn by Dudel, will drop from the sky and deal heavy damage to foes as they explode.
  • Snow - A snow cloud which rains down snow on the summoner's opponents, freezing them solid.
  • Sun - A fiery, burning sun which radiates heat and deals gradual damage to all opponents on the field.
  • Rainbow - A colourless rainbow sketch which once drawn, will remain present for about 10 seconds and gradually restore the summoner's health.
Ectospasm Dragon DD2.png
Debuted in Draco Duel 2
Character owned by SphealingBlue
Ectospasm is a Draconid with unmatched electrical powers. He was cybernetically engineered by scientists at Lectech Power Plant to harness power from ectoplasm, but he became too powerful for this job and was set free. When summoned, Ectospasm sends a high-voltage electric current through the stage, electrifying the ground. This stun-locks any grounded fighters (with the exception of the summoner) as damage is repeatedly dealt through Ectospasm's current. Ectospasm does this twice, with a short break between, before disappearing.
Auralite Extinguishey.png
Debuted in Auralite
Character owned by SphealingBlue
Once a regular fire extinguisher, Extinguishey was brought to life by Professor Tetra by accident during an experiment. Although she initially planned to return him to a normal fire extinguisher, Tetra quickly grew fond of Extinguishey and kept him around. When summoned, Extinguishey appears next to the summoner and can be picked up and used as a weapon. Not necessarily by the summoner, however, as other fighters can pick up and use Extinguishey. He will spray extinguishing foam when used, which deals minor damage to foes but more importantly, obscures the stage and makes it difficult for the affected targets to see where they are. After a short while, Extinguishey runs out of foam and disappears.
Gummi Squadron
Debuted in Gummi Squadron!!!
Character owned by MR Z BRAINZ
Six Gummi, chosen to represent the whole base, who fought on Sugago to protect their home against the Gloop invaders. Led by the Sherbet Star, the Gummi are individually weak, but a force to be reckoned with when they work as a team. When summoned, the six Gummi will pose for battle, then split off to fight, each Gummi using different skills:
  • Sugarspike will stay on the ground and attempt to ram opponents, dealing fiery damage.
  • Tenta-Tangle will grab opponents, pummel them, then toss them away, usually near another Gummi.
  • Gumvolt will run across the stage, showering sparks from his antenna and dealing electrical damage to anyone in his path.
  • Volcannon will stay away from enemies and fire volcanic rocks in an arc.
  • Blockbo will stay near the summoner and attempt to defend attacks for them, having the highest health out of all the Gummi.
  • Solagum will hover above the summoner, healing 1% of damage every few seconds.
Debuted in Sparkplug
Character owned by Poisonshot
Hydro is an outcast robot who joined Doormat's group out of a desire for acceptance from others. She hides a dark past and dark secrets, but tries to be kind and polite to everyone she meets rather than being spooky about it. She summoned, Hydro will create three water geysers across the stage, one after the other. Indicated by the appearance of bubbles at the bottom of the screen, these geysers will shoot upwards, blasting fighters vertically and dealing decent damage in the process. These geysers will remain on the stage for about 10 seconds, allowing fighters to knock each other into the geysers. However, the summoner is unaffected by their effects.
Julyan 2022.png
Julyan Ralliman
Debuted in Subrift Tales
Character owned by KirbiMiroir
Julyan is an artist from Mareila, on the planet Versune, who came across a magical paintbrush inside a Subrift. Using the paintbrush, he can bring anything he paints to life. When summoned, Julyan will paint one of his allies to fight for him. Calon Azural will fire ice blasts, Kiton Coaren will launch rushing attacks with his halberd, and Hildre Seylina will charge up, then blast a torrent of water forwards. More rarely, Julyan will not paint anything, instead charging forwards while wildly swinging his paintbrush.
Debuted in Harbor Wave
Character owned by SharkLord1954
A boxing mantis shrimp, he was naturally a star at his kind's namesake sport. That is, until he got into an accident that crippled one of his prized punching arms, putting his boxing career in jeopardy. Never one to give up, he developed a new kind of fighting style - one that only required one knockout punch. When summoned, Kenton will get near an opponent and attempt to jab them with his claws. While his initial attacks are weak, if Kenton is near his target for too long, he will unleash his famous clubbed knockout punch, dealing extreme damage and knockback.
Fruit Punch Kiwi.png
Debuted in Fruit Punch
Character owned by SphealingBlue
Kiwi is a friend of Punch, living in Fruit Forest and helping him get back on his feet after Cordia is kidnapped and Punch is defeated by Dr. Vegtebloid. He is a friendly young bird who also happens to run a service called Kiwi Dojo, where he helps Punch train and prepare for the challenges that he will face while trying to save his sister. After being summoned, Kiwi will run towards the nearest opponent, rapidly attacking them with a barrage of pecks. Individually, each peck does a low amount of damage, but since they are so fast, the opponent becomes stun-locked and unable to move as Kiwi batters them, racking up high damage over a duration of about 6 seconds before leaving.
Kuribo Transparent.png
Debuted in Forest of the Sockops
Character owned by Poisonshot
Kuribo is a Sockop who steps up to protect his forest after strange machines enter his species' territory, scaring away the residents. Kuribo is an ambitious hero, always wanting to protect his family and friends from harm. When summoned, Kuribo will spit out approximately 6 honey balls at the summoner's enemies. These bounce around the stage, splattering honey around, which slows down opponents that walk through it. Additionally, if a foe is hit by a honey ball, they will take damage and become severely slowed down to a crawl. Of course, the summoner is immune to the effects of Kuribo's honey balls.
Loradila Chronicles Merrie and Cherrie New.png
Merrie & Cherrie
Debuted in Loradila Chronicles
Character owned by KirbiMiroir
Merrie and Cherrie are a pair of geomancer twins from Marilis, the western island of Loradila. While young and still in-training, the two of them together make up the power of any single expert. When summoned, Merrie and Cherrie summon fountains and trees across the stage. Trees serve as blockades, while fountains damage enemies on contact and launch them into the air.
Philosophy Sun
Debuted in Afterwards
Character owned by UnidentifiedFroggy
I was born in the mind of the monolith.
Devised by its infinite wisdom, a product of what spills forth from the end of time.
I have seen this universe. I have seen many like it.
But no facet of these infinite realities sticks out to me as much as the monolith at the end of time.
Perhaps it is nostalgia.
Perhaps it is the nature of the mind.
Not the human mind.
I do not know if I can call myself human anymore.

When summoned, the Sun will hover ominously in the background of the stage while the words "DO YOU BELIEVE?" appear above and below it. All enemies' damage percentages are doubled during the duration of the Sun's summoning.
Pronto by spheal.png
Debuted in Gadget Grid
Character owned by Dittocraft
Pronto is the overworked overseer of the Gadget Grid Machine Factory, working to build machines and defend the factory. He's a polite robot thanks to his programming, despite not always wanting to work as much as he does. When summoned, Pronto will place down a Base Cell before causing other machine parts and cells to fall down from the sky, all connecting to the original base piece. The falling machine parts will deal heavy damage to opponents and will continue falling for about 10 seconds until the machine is complete, at which point Pronto and the assembled machine will vanish.
Queen Pixella
Debuted in Fissure (2014)
Character owned by Exotoro
Queen Pixella is the Queen of the Narobi-Trons, a special of digital nymphs that can transfer their consciousness between reality and electronic devices. Living on Zeon, she is kidnapped by the dark sorceress RAMiranda and rescued by Unten, thus pledging loyalty to help him in his future ventures. When summoned, Pixella will release an electric pulse across the stage from the diamond on her head, pixelating all of the summoner's opponents. In this pixelated state, opponents have their movement speed reduced and will take damage each second. Additionally, while being pixelated, opponents can't use attacks such as grabs, tilts and aerials. This effect lasts for about 10 seconds, after which Pixella will release another electric pulse to revert them to normal before disappearing.
Debuted in KillGames
Character owned by CrakaboLazy4090
Redge is a half-demon (born to a human father and demon mother, Lylyth) who seeks to finally kill his mother after she abused him throughout his childhood and killed his father. Despite his desire to kill his mom, Redge is mostly laid-back, lazy and sarcastic, not really doing anything with his life and spending his days in his friend Lain's apartment watching TV. When summoned, Redge fights using his chainsaw-sword hybrid, the Cauterizer, attacking opponents with heavy blows that leave them taking residual damage due to burns. He will perform about 8 strikes in total, going out of his way to target opponents with lower knockback percentages, before disappearing.
Scary Gary
Debuted in Super Slam Jam
Character owned by TheFazDude
Scary Gary is an alternate universe version of Gary Doyle, a young Inkling from Inkopolis with bright red ink and the ability to release sonic screams. Compared to his normal counterpart, who is shyer and more reserved, Scary Gary is absolutely feral. When summoned, he releases his signature Booyah Burst, screaming so loud that it shakes the screen and releases a shockwave around him that causes high damage to anyone nearby (including players if their volume was up too high).
Debuted in Project Cape
Character owned by TheFazDude
Phoebe "Shutterbug" Daryl was originally a regular journalist before coming across a cursed camera that gave her magically-enhanced vision. While hesitant at first, she agreed to join the Project Cape Initiative, using her eyesight and magical camera to work as a scout for the organisation. When summoned, Shutterbug activates her camera, applying a filter onto the screen that darkens the background of the stage and places a white outline on all fighters, helping the player to keep focus on the opponent's movement and position.
Snaily Joe
Debuted in Xerox (Fantendo Now)
Character owned by Exotoro
Snaily Joe is a democratic politician and a candidate for the American presidency in the Fantendoverse. A staunch opponent of the current President, Richard Independence, Snaily Joe has launched massive campaigns with the intention of getting Independence out of office. When summoned, Snaily Joe will plaster huge American flags on the screen, creating damaging zones where fighters will take constant damage behind them. He will also shout his signature phrase "Democracy!", very loudly in order to stun nearby fighters. The American flags persist for about 10 seconds before vanishing, upon which Snaily Joe will retreat.
Light Strafer Stemmara New.png
Debuted in Light Strafer
Character owned by KirbiMiroir
Stemmara, also known as the White Goddess, is a deity worhshipped all across the land of Jonethr, heralded as a saviour of the people due to how she gave light to the sun and answers all prayers with good fortune. Many people also believe she lives among Jonethr's population in a human form, but this has never been proven true. When summoned, Stemmara will cause the stage to become basked in searing bright sunlight, causing the screen's hue to become very bright and inflicting small amounts of damage to all fighters (except the summoner) each second. Afterwards, she will fire a beam of concentrated light down the middle of the stage to deal extra damage, before the screen's brightness returns to normal and she vanishes.
Debuted in Triannual Unten Meeting Returns
Character owned by Shadow Inferno
Switchen-V is a Beorn hailing from a universe where skill in video games is regarded as highly important, with the best players being deemed the most valuable members in society and where everyone worships deities referred to as 'Developers'. When summoned, Switchen-V will attack with a controller cable, ensnaring an opponent before somehow taking control of their movements using his own personalized Nintendo Switch pro controller. While being controlled, the target loses almost all ability to move and attack, as Switchen-V will attempt to get them to KO themselves by walking off the stage. Though the player can try to counter this by repeatedly entering inputs to break free from control, it can be difficult to do so. Afterwards, Switchen-V ends his control by discarding his controller, disappearing off the stage as the target is shocked with electricity from the controller.
UCFG Sweep.png
Debuted in Untitled Community Fighting Game
Character owned by SphealingBlue
Sweep is a regular janitor hired for the Intergalactic Tournament, his line of work being to clean up the blood, vomit, and other bodily fluids left in the arena. While he's overworked, he hasn't got the energy to complain, and is putting the money towards a nice new car he's interested in. When summoned, Sweep will mop the floor, causing the stage to be "reset". In this state, all present stage hazards will disappear, and all other active summons and items will vanish. Additionally, all statuses and extra effects on fighters will be reset, but their damage percentages are left untouched.
Debuted in Quentin Lustrum's Great Escape
Character owned by SphealingBlue
Tarquin Hexenium is a renowned master criminal and notorious bank robber who is the second most-wanted criminal in the galaxy, behind on Quentin Lustrum, of course. Tarquin is Quentin's sworn enemy though they have teamed up several times in the past to avoid the intergalactic authorities. When summoned, Tarquin turns invisible, leaving only his glasses to be seen, and will sneak up on a random player, before suddenly turning visible again and blasting them to shreds with his revolver to deal heavy damage. While being attacked, the target becomes stun-locked.
Debuted in Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul
Character owned by MR Z BRAINZ
Velvet is the last known surviving member of the Diamond Sect, an ancient clan of Imstrels that disappeared from history. Formerly a high-ranking member of the Underworld Defence Force, she decided to flee from the ranks after being bested in combat by Lokjor. From there, she fled into the darkest depths of Scorch Valley, finding a new life as a bounty hunter against anyone who had a high price on their head. When summoned, Velvet will dash at enemies and slice them with her Scarlet Scimitar, leaving a diamond-shaped marker above them that amplifies their knockback for 10 seconds.
FSBSoul Jario Bros.png
Zario Bros.
Debuted in Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul
Characters owned by Lumoshi (tbc), SallyGirl (tbc) and Jake1234789 (tbc)
The Zario Bros. are a sketchy trio of supposed brothers, consisting of Zario, Alberto and Jario, who regularly attended moustached plumber meetup conventions. When summoned, the three "brothers" will each target different opponents of the summoner, using attacks such as punches and fireballs to rack up damage. If there are less than three targets, the three brothers will all gang up on a single foe to deal a very high amount of damage to them.
Zmey the Dragon.png
Debuted in Boss Battles
Character owned by Fire Scyther
Zephyr is a slavic dragon with the ability to produce fire and electricity to attack with. He uses these abilities to gain a reputation as a strong-willed and powerful mercenary, his main ambition being to be seen as powerful by others. When summoned, Zephyr will fly to one side of the screen and spit out an eruption of fireball and lightning bolts which pelt that half of the stage, dealing damage to any of the summoner's opponents. He will then fly to the other side of the screen and do the same to the other half of the stage before flying away.

Kotomo Summons

Below is a list of characters that can be summoned by using Kotomo Bait. Functioning similarly to Summoner Orbs, these characters exist on the battlefield for approximately 10-15 seconds after being summoned and help the player that summoned them in some way. All Kotomo have an equal chance of being summoned.

Debuted in Kotomo
Character owned by ValkyriePyra (tbc)
Cowltessa, the Fashionista Kotomo, is a Bug-type Kotomo. When summoned, Cowltessa will elegantly walk around the stage while choosing a target. When the target is chosen, Cowltessa will attack by weaving webbing from the silk around its neck, ensnaring them in the webbing and rendering them immobile. This leaves the target open to attack from other players, not for very long, as Cowltessa will then attack with a powerful kick, dealing heavy damage but breaking them free of their webbing.
Debuted in Kotomo
Character owned by ValkyriePyra (tbc)
Pubble, the Floating Kotomo, is a Water-type Kotomo. When summoned, Pubble, being too cute to hurt people, will run around and lick fighters' faces, both allies and opponents, healing 5% of damage to them. After ten seconds, Pubble will disappear.
Debuted in Kotomo
Character owned by ValkyriePyra (tbc)
Deseptin, the Mirage Kotomo, is a Ground and Shadow-type Kotomo. When summoned, Deseptin will hover in the background, then vanish while summoning a sandstorm that blows across the screen for several seconds. During the sandstorm, enemies will be blown to the left or right, with this direction swapping periodically, and a few twisters of sand will spawn at random spots on the stage, damaging enemies caught in them.
Debuted in Kotomo
Character owned by ValkyriePyra (tbc)
Mawlar, the Devouring Kotomo, is a Shadow-type Kotomo. After being summoned, Mawlar sinks into the ground, turning invisible. From there, it attempts to devour enemies from below, and its appearance can be foreseen by a dark circle of shadow appearing below the target. If the opponent doesn't quickly move away from the circle, Mawlar will attack from underneath, dealing high amounts of damage before sinking back into the ground. Mawlar will attempt this 3 times before disappearing.
Debuted in Kotomo
Character owned by ValkyriePyra (tbc)
Kabumo, the Soldier Kotomo, is a Bug-type Kotomo. Kabumo fights with powerful palm strikes that deal high knockback at close range, approaching enemies slowly in a battle-ready stance. When near an opponent, it can also jab with its horn, dealing high damage. Kabumo slowly approaches enemies if not currently in combat, and will disappear after attacking 5 times.
Debuted in Kotomo
Character owned by ValkyriePyra (tbc)
Nimbud, the Aviator Kotomo, is a Wind and Magic-type Kotomo. After being summoned, Nimbud will fly gracefully to one side of the stage before conjuring a powerful gust of wind, which blows all fighters (except the summoner) towards the other side of the stage, and potentially off the screen. Though the wind is very strong, it is possible for fighters to counteract it by running against it, though this will severely hamper their offensive capability. After about 10 seconds of causing this blustery storm, Nimbud flies away.
Debuted in Kotomo
Character owned by ValkyriePyra (tbc)
Fuguli, the Explosive Kotomo, is a Water and Flame-type Kotomo. When summoned, Fuguli falls to the ground and flops around, being a fish and therefore unable to move. It pulses red on a countdown, and will detonate into a massively damaging explosion that hurts all fighters nearby, regardless of alignment, when the countdown reaches its limit. It can be picked up and thrown like an item, but will only detonate until its countdown is finished. After exploding, it will disappear, since it's dead.
Debuted in Kotomo
Character owned by ValkyriePyra (tbc)
Rhomidens, the Flyfortress Kotomo, is a Light and Shadow-type Kotomo. When summoned, Rhomidens slowly descends from above and causes its pre-evolution, Rhomid, to spawn on the stage. The Rhomid will cause damage on contact, but can be destroyed if attacked. After enough time, all of the Rhomid fire pillars of light into the air, before Rhomidens and the Rhomid warp away.
Debuted in Kotomo
Character owned by ValkyriePyra (tbc)
Temphyr, the Hurricane Kotomo, is a Wind and Electric-type Kotomo. When summoned, Temphyr appears in the background and creates a windstorm, creating harsh wind that pushes all fighters with it, and causing occasional lightning strikes that greatly damage enemies. After 5 seconds of the windstorm, the winds settle and Temphyr disappears.
Debuted in Kotomo
Character owned by ValkyriePyra (tbc)
Trojester, the Hacker Kotomo, is a Digital and Psychic-type Kotomo. When summoned, Trojester uses its digital warping ability to glitch the very game itself, causing the enemy to gain purposefully laggy movement. Additionally, some textures will become corrupted and replaced with purple-and-black checkerboards, and the music becomes stuttery and bass-boosted. Random animations can also be replaced with T-Poses, but this is rarer. After 10 seconds, Trojester disappears, reverting the game back to normal.
Debuted in Kotomo: Abandoned Tales
Character owned by Samtendo09 (tbc)
Taurigo, the Headstrong Kotomo, is a Mythic-type Kotomo. Taurigo attacks by running up to the nearest target and charging up powerful head charge after being summoned. Though this attack is avoidable, Taurigo will repeatedly carry out the attack should their first attempt fail, trying up to 5 times. If/when successful, the targetted player will take massive damage and knockback, likely being launched off the stage before Taurigo disappears.
Debuted in Kotomo: Abandoned Tales
Character owned by Samtendo09 (tbc)
Magicene, the Magic Hat Kotomo, is a Magic and Psychic-type Kotomo. Upon being summoned, Magicene latches onto a target by resting on their head. At this point, the target player becomes helpless as Magicene takes control of their movements. Sometimes, Magicene will force the player to walk off stage or towards other fighters to be attacked, while other times the player will still be able to control their character but with rapidly reversing and inversing control inputs. All the while they will take minor residual damage. This lasts about 10 seconds before Magicene despawns.
Debuted in Kotomo: Abandoned Tales
Character owned by Samtendo09 (tbc)
Auroroar, the Aurora Lynx Kotomo, is a Ice and Light-type Kotomo. Upon being summoned, Auroroar walks across the stage, approaching opponents and blowing icy mist that damage and freeze enemies solid. Additionally, it leaves a temporary icy trail where it walks, causing all fighters to gain slippery physics while walking on it. After 10 seconds, Auroroar disappears, but its icy trail remains for another 5 seconds.
Debuted in Kotomo: Abandoned Tales
Character owned by Samtendo09 (tbc)
Bouconut, the Coconut Tank Kotomo, is a Plant and Metal-type Kotomo. Upon being summoned, Bouconut will walk slowly across the stage, obstructing enemies and serving as a platform for the player. When it sees an opponent at ground-level, it will curl up into a ball and slowly roll forwards until it reaches the edge of the stage, flattening anything in its way. After 10 seconds, it will disappear.
Debuted in Kotomo: Abandoned Tales
Character owned by Samtendo09 (tbc)
Dizzium, the Spinner Kotomo, is a Metal and Psychic-type Kotomo. Upon being summoned, Dizzium will start spinning rapidly, forming a psychic tornado around it that slowly moves along the stage and sucks opponents inside, damaging them and launching them out. After moving across the whole stage, Dizzium will stop spinning and disappear.
Debuted in Kotomo: Elements of Life
Character owned by KirbiMiroir (tbc)
Spectrafly, the Spectrum Kotomo, is a Bug and Water-type Kotomo. Spectrafly will hover in the air above the stage and attack with beams of rainbow light, either firing a few fast beams directly at enemies, firing a fan of lasers across the screen, or firing a mass of lasers downwards. After using all three attacks, Spectrafly will fly away.
Kotomo Himalagus.png
Debuted in Kotomo: Elements of Life
Character owned by KirbiMiroir (tbc)
Himalagus, the Snow Lord Kotomo, is a Ice and Magic-type Kotomo. Raising its wand into the air, Himalagus attacks by creating a snowstorm on the stage, raining down small, medium, and large snowflakes. The snowflakes deal increasing damage by size, with the largest having a chance to freeze opponents. After 5 seconds have passed, Himalagus stops the snowstorm and disappears.
Kotomo Nebulor.png
Debuted in Kotomo: Elements of Life
Character owned by KirbiMiroir (tbc)
Nebulor, the Igniting Kotomo, is a Flame and Poison-type Kotomo. Nebulor attacks by covering a large portion (over half) of the stage in a toxic smoke cloud. Players inside the smoke cloud will take repeated damage from the toxins in the smoke, and they will also be unable to see themselves through the smoke. Afterwards, Nebulor ignites the smoke cloud, causing a powerful, fiery explosion that damages all players unable to escape the smoke in time.
Kotomo Paramati.png
Debuted in Kotomo: Elements of Life
Character owned by KirbiMiroir (tbc)
Paramati, the Thirty-Eyed Kotomo, is a Bug and Psychic-type Kotomo. Upon being summoned, Paramati will teleport to random points of the stage, releasing psychic bursts that cause nearby opponents to fall asleep. After 10 seconds, it will disappear.
Kotomo Solanoctis.png
Debuted in Kotomo: Elements of Life
Character owned by KirbiMiroir (tbc)
Solanoctis, the Detoxing Kotomo, is a Plant and Poison-type Kotomo. Solanoctis will "grow" out of the ground and summon a detoxing aura around it, curing the summoner and their allies of stat drops and slowly recovering their health while inside the aura. Solanoctis will leave after 10 seconds, but can be sent away prematurely if enemies repeatedly attack it.


Where previous Fantendo Smash Bros. games have included Trophies or Spirits, Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul features Cards, collectible tokens featuring a wide variety of characters and items from Fantendo projects. Cards can be collected via a range of means, such as completing Challenges. Once collected, Cards can be viewed in the Card Album.

The player is able to collect duplicate cards, theoretically being able to obtain a maximum 99 of any given card. This is where one of the main features of collecting Cards comes into play - trading. By connecting to another player's system via local wireless or internet, players can trade cards with each other with the aim of filling out their album.


This gallery includes all new character art created specifically for this project.


Scrapped Features

  • A playable Rundrake from the Kotomo series can be found in the game's files. It is able to be selected via hacking, but most of its moves are non-functional or will crash the game when used.
  • There exists an unused model of BRICK from Starshards in the game's data, which was likely a scrapped Summoner Orb or stage cameo.
  • An image and description for a Darkberry exist in the game's files, with the description reading, "An angry little berry from Bloom & Doom Seed Co. When thrown at opponents it will explode into a dark mist that will temporarily reverse their controls.". This hints that the Darkberry was intended to be included as an item, but was likely scrapped due to the cancellation of the development of its origin game, Garden Warfare III - Clove & War.
    • Its function of reversing enemy controls when thrown seems to have been repurposed for the Hypnoslimoo item.
  • An image and description for a bottle of Flow Soda exists in the game's files, with the description reading, "The popular drink bursting with flavour and rhythm! It's also highly toxic, and can be thrown as a molotov cocktail by fighters. On impact with enemies, it will explode and leave a poison effect that chips away at their health.". Like the Darkberry, this implies it was planned to be included as an item, but was likely scrapped due to its similarity to the existing item Rage Soda.
  • An unused model of a Honey Flavor Sprite from Sugar Cannon suggests that the Honey Flavor Sprite was once intended to be part of Merrin's or Frysisca's moveset.
  • An icon depicting Saeko from Heirs to the Wrath can be found in the game's files, suggesting she was intended to be playable at one point.