Fantendo Smash Bros. Something
Developer(s)  ?
Publisher(s)  ?
Platform(s)  ?
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Fantendo
Release Date(s)  ?
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) CERO: B
PEGI: 12

Fantendo Smash Bros. Something is an upcoming fighting developed by ? and published by ?, featuring various characters from the Fantendoverse and various Fantendo original games and series. The game is a part of the Fantendo Smash Bros. series. The game will release on ? for the ?.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Something plays similarly to the Super Smash Bros. series of fighting games. Up to ten players can fight against each other as their favorite Fantendo characters, on a variety of unique stages. Each character controls virtually the same, each character having both normal and special attacks that can be changed depending on the direction that is inputted when pressing the button. The game also, primarily, lacks a traditional health bar, instead using a percentage meter. As players take damage, their percentage goes up, determining how far they are launched. If a player is launched off-screen, they are KOed.

Many gameplay changes are taken from Super Smash Bros. Something, including Air Shielding, Parrying, Air Grabs, Grab Reversal and Stealing.

Game Modes



Fantendo Smash Bros. Something will feature 100 playable characters at launch. 

Starting Characters

At the start, players will have 50 characters available. A team can be made up of any combination of characters.



Unten Bluzen is the mascot of Fantendo and one of the main characters of the Prodigy series and the New Fantendoverse. He is a blue Beorn, a near extinct-bear like species from the Planet Zeon. When Zeon was destroyed by Doomulus Grime, Unten was forced to flee to the planet Earth. He is considered the "Savior of Zeon", as well as a hero of Earth, and wishes to protect his new home at all costs.

Input Attack Description
Neutral Special Electro Blast Orb Unten charges up, forming a ball of electricity in his hand. Press the special button again to launch the ball forward as a projectile, exploding upon contact. When fully charged, Unten can store the charge and save it for a later time.
Side Special Imperium Dash Unten flies forward, slashing enemies in his way with Imperium.
Up Special Lightning Propel Unten propels himself into the air and performs a rising uppercut. 
Down Special Shock Wave Unten slams his fist into the ground, creating a shockwave that stuns nearby enemies and leaving them vulnerable to damage.
Fan Finisher Imperium Blitz Unten starts the finisher by slashing his opponent. If the hit connects, he attacks enemies with a flurry of punches and slashes before launching them into the air. He then charges Imperium with electricity, and as the enemy falls to the ground, he unleashes an large electric slash that launches enemies away.



Strafe Lockborne is a main character in the New Fantendoverse. He is the son of Palutena and Lock. Early in his life, his father killed his mother, which would lead to him joining the Noah's Thieves' Guild, something he would later go on to regret.  After leaving his home of Noah, he would meet two women, Leah and X-Ray, and the three of them would go on various adventures. Since then, he has become a member of Unten's group.

Input Attack Description
Neutral Special Desert Eagle Strafe fires a shot from his Desert Eagle. Coming out quickly and dealing fairly good damage, this makes it a great spacing tool. It has limited ammo, and needs to be reloaded once all five bullets are used. The player can also reload by pressing special while shielding.
Side Special Power of Spectrum Laser Disruption Strafe creates a strange projectile in front of him, which expands outwards and creates dangerous areas that harm anyone in its radius before exploding. After use, Strafe needs to wait some time before using the attack again.
Up Special Uprising Strafe rises upwards as light surround him, damaging nearby enemies.
Down Special Blue Grenade Strafe tosses a blue grenade in front of him, which releases slowing smoke before exploding, causing good damage to anyone around it.
Fan Finisher ? ?



Input Attack Description
Neutral Special Shield Launch Rachel shoots a shield in front of her. They move at a slow speed, but stun and can cause considerable damage to any enemy that touches it.
Side Special Motorcycle Rachel hops on top of her motorcycle, ramming into an enemy in her way. Doing any other action besides jumping will cancel the move.
Up Special Shield Platform Rachel creates a shield under her which acts as a platform and allows her to regain her jumps. it goes away once you jump, and can be destroyed, putting anyone standing on it in a helpless state.
Down Special Gauntlet Protection Rachel creates two shields that surround her from left to right. These block melee attacks and reflect projectiles. They break if they take enough damage, making the attack unusable for some time.
Fan Finisher Motor X Rachel places down two diagonal shields a distance between each other. She hops on her motorcycle, using the shields as ramps and jumping from one side to the other, then once more, causing powerful damage to any enemy in her way.



Input Attack Description
Neutral Special Lethal Injection Leah attacks with her needle finger. The attack has some horizontal movement. If landed, it inflicts the target with one of several status effects, either poison, dizziness or reverse controls (depending on the colored symbol that appears above the enemy)
Side Special Sanguine Slide Leah glows red and dashes forward, slashing enemies with her surgical knife. Hold the button to increase damage and distance, and the cost of some start lag.
Up Special Stitch Up Leah tosses a red threat into the air, which she can use to grab ledges and platforms. If used on an airborne enemy, she pulls them toward her and stomps on them.
Down Special Precision Cut Leah quickly slashes her surgical knife in front of her. It has very short range and some end lag, but it deals a large amount of damage if it lands.
Fan Finisher ? ?



Input Attack Description
Neutral Special Oxidizing Bullets Zerita launches fires three firey projectiles that explode upon contact with a surface. They don't cause much knockback.
Side Special Prolonged Claws Zerita performs a lunging claw slash, damaging enemies in her way. Can be done up to three times on the ground, but only once in the air.
Up Special Tesla Rise Zerita generates electricity beneath her feet before flying upward at breakneck speeds.
Down Special Bludgeoning Arm Zerita rises her metal arm before slamming it downward, launching grounded foes into the air and spiking aerial foes. If used in the air, it propels Zerita upward a bit before the attack is performed.
Fan Finisher Catonean Instincts Zerita slashes forward with her claws, sending enemies into the air. She jumps toward them in a flash of light and barrages opponents with claw slashes and electric dashes, before launching her enemies back to the ground.



Input Attack Description
Passive Feather Better Hold the jump button to use Mioda's feathers to slow her falling speed. While flying, Mioda can attack while flying, though using three normal attacks or certain powerful attacks will put her into a freefall. It can be used after Wildebeest Rise, but she cannot perform her up special again until she lands on the ground.
Neutral Special Light Arrow Mioda fires a light arrow from her bow. Hold the button to charge it up, increasing the damage and speed of the arrow. Before firing, she can angle the arrow upward (or downward if she uses this in the air). Mioda has a limited number of arrows, but she recharges them overtime.
Side Special Quiver Care

Mioda pulls for out an arrow for her quiver. Hold the buton to determine which arrow you fire.

  • Normal Arrow: A well-balanced arrow that deals little damage.
  • Magic-Tipped Arrow: An arrow that deals more damage, but is slightly slower and can be deflected with magic projectiles.
  • Balloon Arrow: A slow-moving arrow that causes powerful damage, but can be popped by most projectiles.
  • Earth Arrow: An arrow that deals less damage than other arrows, but creates a platform of dirt that can be used to stand on or can drop on enemies to cause damage.
Up Special Wildebeest Rise Mioda pulls out her tomahawk and performs a rising uppercut.
Down Special Wildebeest's Gaze Mioda creates a blast around her, slowing down anyone in its radius for a short time. This radius gets smaller the more she uses the attack, but grows back to normal size when not used.
Fan Finisher Darkness Killer Arrow Mioda pulls out a specialized arrow and fires it forward. This powerful arrow causes high damage to anyone in its way, and leaves a trail of damaging fire behind it, which lasts for a short time.



Input Attack Description
Passive Metal Meter Sakeena has a limited amount of metal she can use for her attacks. It can be restored through her Down Special.
Neutral Special Bullet Punch Sakeena performs a powerful punch, with her fist coated in metal. Holding the button increases the amount of metal used, but increases its damage and knockback.
Side Special QuickSilver

Sakeena rides atop a molten metal orb and charges straight into the enemy. Let go of the button to jump off of the orb.

Up Special ElevateMetal Sakeena propels herself upward with two metal orbs. Holding the button increases distance, at the cost of some end lag and even more metal being spent.
Down Special MetalMagnet Sakeena bring in metal around her. Acts as a close-ranged attack which doesn't do much damage, while restoring her metal.
Fan Finisher Metalstorm Sakeena jumps into the air before throwing down shards of metal at anyone below her.















Input Attack Description
Neutral Special NapalmMan PalmMan fires a sticky napalm from his hands, which explodes after a set time, though can be done immediately if used in combination with Flamethrower. Up to three napalms can be on screen at a time.
Side Special Flamethrower PalmMan fires a stream of fire from his arm, dealing rapid close-ranged damage.
Up Special Cannonpropel PalmMan shoots his cannon downwards, firing a projectile downward while using the recoil to launch himself upward. The projectile can meteor smash enemies under him.
Down Special Hourglass Battle PalmMan traps the enemy in an hourglass, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. The player can break out faster by mashing buttons. The more damage a player has, the longer they are trapped in the hourglass.
Fan Finisher Burning Storm PalmMan points his finger to the sky as storm clouds surround him. He launches a massive ball of napalm into the air and shoots it into the storm, causing it to rain down explosives across the stage.






Input Attack Description
Neutral Special Badge Throw Bowie pulls out a sheriff badge and throws it forward on the ground, and downward in the air. The sheriff badge does low damage, but sticks to surfaces and damages enemies it touches.  
Side Special Lasso Throw Bowie uses his whip to lasso his enemies. The angle the whip goes can be determined by holding up or down. If the attack lands, Bowie will pull the enemy toward him before suplexing them into the ground, leaving them buried. Can be cancelled into an attack.
Up Special Lasso Grab Bowie lassos upward, grabbing onto the nearest ledge. If used on an enemy, Bowie will pull himself toward them before spiking them downward.
Down Special Sheriff Stomp Bowie jumps into the air, if he already isn't airborne, and stomps downward, burying grounded enemies and spiking airborne ones.
Fan Finisher ? ?












Input Attack Description
Neutral Special Sweet-Death Breath Silver inhales some air, storing it in his chest and steam pours out of his nostrils. Release the button and Silver will release a pink burst of flames that stuns enemies and causes them to take continuous damage overtime. Its damage and distance will increase the longer it is charged, though holding for long it will cause Silver to take damage.
Side Special Nerve Chopper Silver swiftly swings Mind Weaver, launching three waves of energy that travel across the screen. They dish out high damage if all three connect, and can be fired horizontally or diagonally. However, the first wave knocks enemies backwards, making it hard to land at higher percentages. If used too much, the waves become smaller and deal less damage, and Silver will start taking recoil damage.
Up Special Torture Motor / Skullcrusher Silver dashes upward. This recovery is unique in that the distance you cover is determined by how much damage you take ( due to a mix of Silver's lust for destruction and the excitement of seeing his magic properly used on his enemies)

If Silver takes enough damage, Torture Motor is replaced with Skullcrusher, a powerful headslam attack, that can be hard to control.

Down Special Incubus Passion Silver pulls out Mind Weaver and takes a defensive stance. If he is hit, he grabs the enemy by the arm (or weapon depending on what hits him) and delivers them a poison-laded kick on the neck, before pushing them away. The poison deals constant damage, more the longer Silver is in the counter state. If he misses, he hisses angrily and is left open to attack. This counter doesn't activate if Silver is hit by a projectile.
Fan Finisher Apocalyptica Silver snickers as the stage becomes covered in a pastel white, enemies being wrapped up in mummy-like bondage, which reduces their movement. 

















Mika Sho
























Aero & Beam

















































Redge is one of the main characters in KillGames. He is a half-human, half-demon hybrid and the son of Soul, the avatar of lust. After Soul killed his dad, Redge grew to hate his mother, eventually running away and living with an occult rockstar named Lane. After learning of the KillGames and finding out that Soul is the champion, he, somewhat reluctantly, decides to join, excited of the possibility of killing his mother.

Input Attack Description
Neutral Special Hell Gun Redge points Cauterizer like a gun and shoots a fireball in front of him. Redge can charge the attack to increase its size and damage.
Side Special Flame Slash Redge flies forward a distance, slashing the first enemy that comes in his way, launching them backwards.
Up Special Flame Upper Redge performs a rising slash with the Cauterizer, sending him and enemies in front of him into the air.
Down Special Hell Burst Redge points Cauterizer downward, creating a slow-moving flame that travels along the ground. This flame is somewhat tall, causes multiple hits, and destroy projectiles in its way.
Fan Finisher Raging Rave Redge enters Full Demon form and slashes in front of him, sending enemies into the air. He flies after them and attacks the enemy with a flurry of slashes, ending with a final vertical slash that sends the enemy back to the ground, creating an explosion and launching them.



Input Attack Description
Neutral Special Spark Cutter Storm launches a bladed disc of energy forward. Storm can charge the attack to increase its size and allow it to deal multiple hits.
Side Special Boost Slash Storm flies forward, slashing in front of her multiple times and damaging enemies in her way. At the end of the attack, she performs a stab that launches foes.
Up Special Jet Slash Storm boosts into the air while pointing her Plasma Cutter upward, slashing enemies above her and launching her into the air.
Down Special Reflect Barrier Storm creates an energy shield on her wrist and bashes it forward, stunning enemies and reflecting oncoming projectiles.
Fan Finisher Energy Overload Storm boosts forward and, if she connects with an enemy, unleashes a flurry of slashes with her Plasma Cutters. Storm then electrifies her blades, before stabbing them into the enemy, apoligizing to them before creating a powerful explosion, launching the foe.


Kotomo Trainer


Unlockable Characters



Quartz ?



Nion ?
Asuna ?
Mindy ?





Doomulus Grime

Doomulus Prime ?
Doomulus Thai ?
Doomulus Rise ?
Makara ?
Crow ?
Bang ?
Aurora ?
Iron-Mask ?
Scarlet ?
Lock ?
Palutena ?
Alice ?
Endal ?
Kyrios ?



Reptflux is the mascot of the Fighters of Lapis series. A titan created by an unknown god, who is to only be awakened during severe emergencies. The Reptflux here, similar to his appearences in other crossovers, is merely a copy of the actual Reptflux, though has similar powers to the original. He is a being created out of pure energy.
Plum ?
Spree ?
Mobius ?
Melissa ?
Aran ?



Ronnie & Claire ?
Xazalea ?
RoJo ?
Nyxiel ?
3Dee ?






The Thrusterhound is the mascot of Creatures of the Spectroverse. A dog-like creature from the titular Spectroverse, they are feared as the top predators, and are known for their high speed and ferocity. They possess a metal thruster on their backsides, allowing them to rocket at high speed.
Input Attack Description
Neutral Special Smokescreen Spit Thrusterhound spews a cloud of smoke from its mouth. This smoke cloud lingers on the stage for some time, slowing and dealing continous damage to anyone within it.
Side Special Blaze Jaw Thrusterhound boosts forward, leaping onto the first enemy he runs into. If the attack connects, Thrusterhound latches onto the enemy and mauls them before knocking them away. The attack has some recoil damage when used. 
Up Special Jet Blast A chargeable attack, Thrusterhound shoots himself upward using their jets, creating an explosion under them that damages enemies under them. The longer it is charged, the more distance it covers, but doing so also reduces the explosion's damage.
Down Special Dog Daze Thrusterhound lays on the ground and dozes off for a short time. This leaves him vulnerable to damage, but if he can sleep for the entire time, he gains a boost in speed and damage.
Fan Finisher Blue Flare Thrusterhound rushes forward while going into its Blue Flare form, knocking anyone in his way into a cutscene. The captured enemies are thrown into the Spectroverse, where a pack of Thrusterhounds surround the foes and attack them with a flurry of slashes and bites. Blue Flare Thrusterhound then appears, finishing off the foes by creating a powerful explosion from its jet, launching the foes.
Cassandra ?
Anthony ?
Saeko ?
Caleb ?
Qingyun ?






Break ?
Yuki ?
Simone ?



Princess Maya is the current ruler of Elytius and one of the two rulers fighting against eachother in Kingdombound. Behind her cute and innocent demeanor is a vicious and sadistic tyrant who just wants to prove how much better she is than everyone else. She hold a deep hatred for the neighboring kingdom of Arcandia, continuing the family tradition of waging a senseless war with them in order to try and obtain the other kingdom's treasure and show how much they are than the other.
Input Attack Description
Gimmick Soldier Summon When Maya charges a Smash Attack or Special Attack, it summons a class. This allows Maya to move independent from them while they are charging, leading to more combo opportunities. If she or the class is damage, they will go away.
Neutral Special Multi-Shot A Hunter appears in front of Maya, and fires an arrow forward. Hold up before performing the attack to fire the arrows at an upward angle. Charging increases the amount of arrows fired.
Side Special Armored Tackle A Paladin appears in front of Maya, and charges forward. This charging attack has super armor, and unlike most classes, can withstand some damage. Charging increases the damage, range and speed.
Up Special Blast Jump A Priest appears below Maya, tossing a Heal Bomb under her, and launching her upward.
Down Special Firestorm A Wizard appears in front of Maya, and launches a blast of fire in front of her. This deals tons of damage, but has short range. Charging increases the range and damage.
Fan Finisher Coordinated Raid All twelve of the classes appear behind Maya, charging into enemies and taking them into a cutscene. Launched into a castle, all twelve of the classes beat down on the enemies. The enemies, now beat up, are thrown onto a catapult. Maya, seen behind her soldiers, looks at the enemies, smiles, and signals, launching the caught enemies into the sky.



Pickpocket is the main protagonist of Pickpocket, Our Hero! He was originally considered a dastardly theif, stealing riches across his home of Island of Ima. Throughout his adventure to find the pieces of the Longest Crystal he makes several new friends and becomes a much more caring individual. He lives in a house with his sister, Alessia, and his trusted ally Widget, who fights alongside him.
Input Attack Description
Neutral Special Swift Swipe Pickpocket slashes forward, creating a sharp projectile that flies straight forward. It can pierce through multiple objects, allowing it to destroy projectiles. Only one projectile can be on screen at a time.
Side Special Spike String Pickpocket pulls out a string lined with spikes and swings it repeatedly in front of him, slashing and trapping nearby enemies for a short time while the attack is going on.
Up Special Rising Rapier Pickpocket slashes upward, sending him into the air, before slamming back to the ground and damaging enemies under him. Pickpocket has limited movement while performing this attack. 
Down Special Graura Wheel Widget glows with a green aura as he creates a shield around Pickpocket. Not only does it protect you from damage, but it can crush enemies under him if used in the air, and can also allow Pickpocket to roll down slopes and damage enemies in his way. This shield will go away if held for too long, and will go away immediately if he takes enough damage.
Fan Finisher Longost Strike Widget flies into the air. After a short moment off-screen, he begins flying swiftly across the screen, slashing any enemy in his way. After some time, Widget appears, creating a spiky barrier in front of Widget, and the two charge into the nearest enemy, creating an explosion that launches the foe.




Fantendo Smash Bros. Something features ? stages, which are based off of locations from various Fantendo series and universes.

Stage Series Description
Autumn Meadows Cresent Kicker
Awakening Ruins Crestseeker
Blaze Academy Mika Sho
California Cruise Tayshaun & Amy
Central Station KillGames
Chococarrot Charge Super Bunea World
City Roof Heirs to the Wrath
Claire's Apartment Mynisverse
Cobalt Heroforce
Coconut Forest PalmMan
Diamond Square Aftershock
Draconian Kingdom Eternika
Dragonbreak Falls Draco Duel
Fantendo Firehouse New Fantendoverse
Gas Station New Fantendoverse
Grand Mal City VOLT/Resurgence
Grimecorp Tower Prodigy
Greenford Kingdombound
Guillotine End Institution Subjugation
Heiwana Kotomo
Leah's Hospital New Fantendoverse
Lock's Base Strafe
Longost Forest Pickpocket, Our Hero!
Mango Island Tigzon
Midnight Temple Crow vs. the World
Montonian Village Battle of Bracelets
Neo York City Streets KillGames
Pantheon Collosseum Heirs to the Wrath
Pusher's Pile Pusher's Pile
Redscale Canyon Iliad Online
Star Heights Riddle
The Final Frontier COLD*BLOOD
Vinegar Base COLD*BLOOD
Western Village BowieQuest
World Tournament New Fantendoverse
Xastil City Champions of Ascerth
Zeon Remnant Prodigy


Item Series Type Description
Blump Prodigy Status A pear-shaped fruit with a taste of "cucumber dipped in honey", consuming these fruit allows you to withstand a single hit without taking any damage. Great when someone's about to use a powerful attack.
Bull Horns BowieQuest Equipment These bull horns attach to your head, protecting you from attacks from above, and replacing your dash attack with a charging attack that grants the user super armor.
Chococherry Super Bunea World Status Creates a duplicate of the user that mimics their actions. Both the player and their mimic share the same health bar, and can be KOed, though if only one is KOed the player doesn't lose a stock.
Chocodice Super Bunea World Throwing

When thrown, these dice will roll and land on a specific number. Depending on the numbers rolled, the item creates a different effect.

  • 1: It's impossible to get this normally. If you somehow get this, congratulations! You get nothing.
  • 2: Instantly brings the user to 999% percent.
  • 3: Nothing happens.
  • 4: Creates a fireball that flies forward, dealing minor damage.
  • 5: A patch of fire lights around it, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
  • 6: Creates a blue explosion around it, dealing damage to anyone nearby.
  • 7: Gives the user a random item.
  • 8: Allows the user to roll a second time, and creates damaging sawblades around it.
  • 9: Traps enemies in a ball of thorns, damaging them and leaving them vulnerable to attacks.
  • 10: A tentacle appears, swatting away nearby enemies and causing considerable damage and knockback.
  • 11: Unleashes a fourth-dimensional attack (whatever that means), dealing powerful damage.
  • 12: Instantly KOs a random player that isn't the user.
Corrupted Core Fantendo Smash Bros. Special Odd power cores corrupted by a strange energy. Floating above the ground, it gains power the more damage is dealt to it. After some time, it explodes, with the explosion's power and radius being determined by how much damage it gained.
Finisher Sphere Fantendo Smash Bros. Special A floating ball of energy, when destroyed by an enemy's attacks, it grants them their Fan Finisher. If that player is damaged enough, or decides to not use it, the Finisher Sphere will leave, allowing the other players a chance to get it.
Fireworker Arm Cannon Super Bunea World Shooting An arm cannon that fires dizzing fireworks at the enemy. The flashes of light from their explosions stun enemies, leaving them vulnerable to damage.
Glistening Blump Prodigy Status A Blump that turns the user gold in color, consuming these fruit not only grant you a golden color, but increased stats, knockback protection, and a heavier weight.
Hell's Ramen COLD*BLOOD Status A dangerously spicy ramen, eating it will give you the ability to breathe fire, damaging enemies in front of you. Hold the attack button to charge up and launch a damaging fireball.
Keinz Flavored Ketchup Fantendo Smash Bros. Status

Bottles of ketchups with unusual colors corresponding to a Fantendoverse character on the bottle, drinking it will grant the user a random status effect.

  • Unten Blue: Electrifies your body, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Leah Purple: Allows you to drain your enemy's health when attacking.
  • PalmMan Green: ?
  • Rachel Red: Reduces oncoming damage and reflects projectiles.
  • Sakeena Silver: Turns you metallic, increasing your weight and reducing the knockback you take.
  • Strafe Teal: ?
  • Valerie Gold: Turns you gold, increasing your damage.
  • Crow Black: All normal attacks creates a nearby explosion, increasing the attack's range and damage.
  • Reten Orange: Increases speed and grants you super armor when attacking.
  • Painz Awesome Mustard: Yeah don't drink this one. It's a rip-off made by another company (you can tell from that dabbing picture of Redge). Drinking it could probably lead to some pretty bad effects.
Kolorb-Ball Fantendo Smash Bros. Special A grayish ball, if it is hit by an attack, it will be knocked away, damaging any enemy it touches. The more powerful the attack, the faster it goes and the more damage it does.
Pushy Pusher's Pile Throwing A rectangular species that acts as platforms, Pushies can be used to push enemies away, dealing damage and knocking them back.
Rage Soda KillGames Status/Throwing A can of soda renowned for its orange flavor and secret ingredients (a mix of cocaine and crystal meth)! Anyone who drinks it will gain a damage and speed boost for a short time. You can also throw the can as an explosive projectile once your finished. Just be careful because the rush can be uncontrollable.
Slime Kingdombound Throwing This cute Slime can be picked up and thrown at enemies. It deals okay damage, though will break shields in a single hit and has a very small chance at dealing around 100%.
Summoner Orb Fantendo Smash Bros. Special When picked up, the Summoner Orb will summon an assist character to help you in battle, hence the name. The character you summon is random.
Untencake Fantendo Smash Bros. Healing A cute cupcakes with frosting resembling Unten's face, eating one restores 5% of health.
Untencake Deluxe Fantendo Smash Bros. Healing A massive Untencake, eating one restores 45% of health. While eating, enemies are left vulnerable to attack.


When Absinthe is summoned, she jumps off-stage before running across the screen, spraying graffiti on it and obscuring the screen. She can't be KOed.



When Agustaclove is summoned, he slowly flies around the screen and will fire either rapid seeds or missiles at enemies. He can be KOed.
Ainhoa ?
When Ainhoa is summoned, she uses Time Stop to slow down the speed of everyone but her summoner, giving them a free chance to attack enemies. She can't be KOed.
Birnstone ?
Blizzard ?
Boare ?
When Boare is summoned, he attacks enemies with his claws and teeth, shouting random words as he does so. He can be KOed.
Bubbly G. ?
When Bubbly G. is summoned, she uses her bubblegum hair to grab and throw enemies. She will occasionally "flavour" herself, giving her attacks a random special effect. She can be KOed.
Cosmetta ?
When Cosmetta is summoned, Cosmetta fires a shot from her Black Hole Gun, creating a black hole that pulls in nearby enemies and items, damaging anyone sucked into it. She can't be KOed.



When Doormat is summoned, he dashes toward the nearest enemy and slashes at them. He can be KOed. The more he is damaged, the faster he becomes.
Dex-Droids ?
Elina ?
When Elina is summoned, she charges up a laser made of all five magical elements, before firing it at enemies, causing heavy damage. She can be KOed.
Eric ?



The main protagonist of Single-Handed Alchemy, Flynn Rainridge is an alchemist from Khemidae. After breaking his left arm beyond repair as a child, he turned to alchemy in order to find a way to bring it back to normal. He sets off on an adventure to Chrysdon, in order to translate a cryptic alchemy book.
When Flynn is summoned, Flynn will mix various elements together to create potions, which he tosses at enemies. These potions will have random effects, lighting areas on fire, creating gusts of wind, generating bolts of electricity, etc. He can be KOed.
Friday ?



A young male Inkling hailing from Inkopolis, Gary is unique for his bright red hair and his vocal chords, allowing him to create incredibly loud sounds, which he can weaponize. Optimistic but awkward and socially anxious, he has a passion of video games and music, wishing to become a musician one day.
When Gary is summoned, he stands in place, firing ink at enemies with his N-ZAP '89, which will increase the damage his targets take. After some time, he finishes attacking by using Wailing Waves, creating damaging sound waves that break shields and can cause powerful damage, before going away. He can be KOed.



Calvin Pond is the son of great (now retired) hero, Captain Turbo. After discovering that he was a Powerborn, he wanted to fight crime like his dad. He has the powers to manipulate gravity.
When Graviteen is summoned, he starts by slamming his fist into the ground, summoning several rocks around him. He then launches these rocks at nearby enemies, causing heavy damage if they land. He can be KOed.



Despite its initially cute appearence, Lampferno is a ForMonster, a creature capable of transforming into a much more powerful and monstrous form. An Object ForMonster, it takes the appearence of a lantern, and can be found floating aimlessly in forests. They are said to lead travelers to beautiful sights and treasure.
When Lampferno is summoned, is initially floats in one place, doing nothing. If it is damaged by an enemy attack, it goes into its monstrous form, and will relentlessly attack the enemy with its hooked tentacles and fireballs. He can be KOed.
Lane ?
When Lane is summoned, she pulls out a spellbook and summons Lucifer, who pops out of a portal and attacks enemies with an incredibly powerful punch. She can't be KOed.


Lance Doo

Lieren ?
Krystal ?



He's not a cupcake, he's not a donut, he's Muffin. Created as the mascot of Ninkacho, he's a sentient muffin with a red wrapper and a pair of cool sunglasses. He possesses short-ranged telekinetic powers to move lightweight objects. Because how would a Muffin move without legs?
When Muffin is summoned, he uses a foam finger to move the edges of the screen. He can't be KOed.
Newton ?
When Newton is summoned, he and ARMA will both attack enemies. ARMA is very slow, but deals have damage with her spears. Newton on the other hand, will chase down enemies and throw them toward ARMA. Both can be KOed.



Known as the Floating Kotomo, this Water-type Kotomo possesses sleek and fluffy fur that's coated in hydrophobic oils. In combination with its low weight, it allows it to float in water like a raft. It's loyal to humans and is happy to serve as a flotation device for struggling swimmers and children.



When Raune is summoned, she heals her summoner for 20%. She can't be KOed.


Recursion Bro.

Alongside Koopalings, Hammer Bro. subspecies are a common sight in Fantendo. But none are more insane than the Recursion Bro. Making their debut on the Recursion Bro. page (we would read what it says but want to save some time here) while many subspecies throws things like fire, bombs, megalodons and waffle fries, Recursion Bros. throw other Recursion Bros. Then these Recursion Bros. throw more Recursion Bros. Then these Recursion Bros. throw more Recursion Bros. Then these Recursion Bros. throw more Recursion Bros., ad infinitum.
When Recursion Bro. is summoned, it acts like a normal Hammer Bro, patrolling a set area and jumping up and down, though instead of throwing hammers, it throws other Recursion Bros. If left alone, Recursion Bros. will fill up the screen, making them quite powerful. They can be KOed.
Retron ?
When Retron is summoned, he creates three hardlight spheres around him and up to two enemies. After some time, he performs a powerful finishing blow, causing the spheres to explode. He can be KOed.



Known as the Timid Kotomo, this small Plant/Mythic-type Kotomo is fearful for almost all of their lives. They possess unknown hidden strength, making them prime targets for Kotomo hunters due to their high experience yield. It uses its skills to flee from battle. However, trainers who care for it can find that they become faithful and powerful allies.
When Rundrake is summoned, it tearfully looks around before running away, eventually off-stage. It deals absolutely no damage. It can be KOed however, and if KOed, it gives the player a temporary damage boost.
Slanito ?
Sonny ?



One of the many Gummis featured in Gummi Squadron!!!, Sugarspike is the first Gummi to join the titular game's squadron. Obsessed with combat, she takes pride in the sugar-crystal spikes on her head, which she apparently crafted herself from sugar in underground caverns.
When Sugarspike is summoned, she runs across the screen. When an enemy is on the same platform as her, she briefly charges up before using Inferno Ram, damaging any enemy in her way. The player who summons her can also use her as a platform, though anyone else who attempts to do the same will be damaged by the spikes. She can be KOed.
Tomelle ?
Yami ?


Character Art

Assist Art



  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Something was originally going to be a game similar to Marvel vs. Capcom series, with a focus on 2D fast-paced fighting. However, when the creators realized how hard it is to develop movesets for 50+ characters, they decided to transform the game into a Fantendo Smash Bros. game.
    • The game was originally just called Fantendo Fisticuffs, though this was changed due to the gameplay change.
  • This game's largest inspiration is Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat, created by Erictom333.


  • The art for Valerie, Tigzon, Nightless, Vessa, Glenn, Flynn and Gary were all previously made in an art request blog.
  • Crakabo was originally against including fan characters from existing series, mostly because he wanted to focus solely on Fantendo original games. However, when the game became a Smash-styled game, he decided to include some as assists.
  • The Recursion Bro. was added primarily as a joke, added because of the massive amounts of Bros. there are on Fantendo.

Scrapped Content

  • The Koopalings (the fan-made ones) were originally going to appear as an assist. Similarly to Recursion Bro., they were going to be added due to how many Koopalings there were on Fantendo. They were scrapped as Crakabo only wanted to include one joke Mario character, and the Recursion Bros. were more popular among users.


  • Credit to Erictom333 for creating the game's infobox.
  • The original design for the Mistaken was created for this game by Exotoro.
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