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Two hundred years of war
Fight till we are no more
Porter Robinson - Years Of War

FSBSBoxart glow.png
Developer(s) TorokoLogo.png
Publisher(s) TorokoLogo.png
Platform(s) JEM MECHA.png
Genre(s) Fighting Game
Release Date(s) April 14th, 20XZ
Mode(s) none
Age Rating(s) T
Media Included Jem Mecha Disc

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered is the final installment in the Golden Age Fantendoverse Canon. Inspired by big comic events like Secret Wars and Crisis on Infinite Earths, this game ends the universe that began in 2006 and begins a new one.

It will also likely be the largest entry in the Fantendo Smash Bros. series yet; the creator says there were about 40 or so characters already confirmed before sign-ups began on February 1.

The game's story follows shortly after Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture. With the existence of the event known as the Fracture, the Fantendoverse is doomed to crash under its own weight. It is said to borrow elements from the canceled project Shattered Panes.

Shortly after the game's release, a gaiden game add-on called Fantendo Smash Bros. Scarlet Skies was added. This takes place before the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered and explains things like White Goddess' motivations. It is not required to read in order to understand this game.

A second gaiden game add-on called Fantendo Smash Bros. Cracked was revealed on Thursday, April 30, 2015. It will be before the events of both games, shortly after The Recolor War. It will star two new recolors (one of Strafe; another of Leah) and use some of the characters that were cut from both games. It focuses on a subplot that couldn't fit into either game, which is the appearance of Crack the Hedgehog and his origins.

Development of this game is currently at a strange standstill as not all of the characters have permission to be used, as the rule didn't become more enforced until the game was mostly done.


Core Gameplay

It's a Smash Bros game. Gameplay in the game is a dramatic departure from many fighting games. Instead of winning by depleting an opponent's life bar, players of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered seek to knock opponents off the stage. Characters have a damage total, represented by a percentage value, which rises as they take damage and can exceed 100%. As a character's percentage rises, the character can be knocked progressively farther by an opponent's attacks. To KO an opponent, the player must send that character flying off the edge of the stage, which is not an enclosed arena but rather an area with open boundaries, usually a set of suspended platforms. When a character is knocked off the stage, the character may use jumping moves to attempt to return; as some characters' jumps are longer-ranged, they may have an easier time "recovering" than others. Additionally, some characters are heavier than others, making it harder for an opponent to knock them off the edge but likewise harder to recover.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered' play controls are greatly simplified in comparison to other fighting games. While traditional fighting games such as Street Fighter or Soul Calibur require the player to memorize button-input combinations (sometimes lengthy and complicated, and often specific to a character), Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered uses the same one-attack-button, one-control-stick-direction combinations to access all moves for all characters. Characters are not limited to constantly facing their opponent but may run around freely. Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered also implements blocking and dodging mechanics, which can be used both on the ground and in the air. Grabbing and throwing other characters are also possible, allowing for a large variety of ways to attack.

Finisher Spheres appear as a analog to the Smash Ball, allowing characters to use a Finishing Move.


Selection of character works a bit different from previous Exotoro-built fighting games; whenever you select a character their portrait begins to fracture. Over time (about three matches), the fractures will grow so long as someone is using that character until it finally breaks. When it breaks, it will take five matches to return and be selected again. This quirk can be turned off in options, but it adds a strategic element to selection of characters.



There is a variety of modes that the entire group can play together.
  • Battle is the main mode. You select up to 4 characters and duke it out on your stage of choice. Settings such as turning off the shattering mechanic or setting up what items or assists appear are available.
  • Tournament is where if you have a party of people you can switch in and out in a tournament type setting.

Stratosball is a new mode based off the poorly aged Teardrop Stratosball. The game is based off the fictional sport Stratosball, a iconic sport in the Teardrop universe, and is played by two teams of seven, not counting the Protector, which face off against each other to catch and shoot the ball into the Protector's Ring to score a point in the match. Players may utilize various strategies, such as their special powers.


  • Classic - Go through a set of ten random battles and battle a random boss at the end. Generally going through this mode with a character usually unlocks another one.
  • Days of Shattering - The story mode. Can be played with an additional player. This is the biggest story mode to date, featuring musical numbers and tons of dialogue.
  • Order of the Fan/Order of Enemy - In this mode, the player must undertake orders given to them by either The Fan or The Enemy (after they have been unlocked, White Goddess and Black God take their place). In order to play these orders, one must use gold earned by playing the game.
    • In Order of the Fan/White, players must complete one of the three orders to get a prize. Orders of the Fan range in difficulty, and the cost to attempt the order and the prize earned for completing the order is dependent on its difficulty level.
    • In Order of the Enemy/Black, players must complete one of the five orders to gain a prize. This differs from the Order of the Fan in that the player can then attempt as many orders as they can complete within a 10 minute time limit, with various conditions.
  • Order of the Orange - A series of pre-determined tasks that is hosted by Dare.
  • All-Star Mode - Battle 40 of Fantendo's finest! This mode is unlocked after unlocking all the characters. All characters are randomly picked but they are all encountered according to the year they debuted.
    • Omega-Star Mode - Battle the entire roster (over 100 characters) in chronological order. Way tougher than it seems!
  • White Fortress - Traverse a giant maze made from Fantendo's past and fight various enemies and bosses.
  • Plunge in the Past: Shattered - Complete a number of minigames and missions based off Fantendo's past.




Like Super Smash Bros. Assemble, this game will make use of trailers to introduce it's many, many characters.

Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2014 Announcement Trailer: Tick Tick

The trailer opens with this coming into view:


We zoom into the logo and then zoom out from Unten's head, who is currently being attacked by Doomulus Grime. Unten lays on the floor as Zerita runs towards Doomulus Grime, but is simply punched straight in the stomach. As Doomulus Grime laughs, something rises in the distance.


Doomulus Grime points to a town, which Reptflux seems forced to destroy as he heads towards it. As he approaches the town, however, he's taken out by a woman skilled at killing gods: Leah Needlenam. As Doomulus Grime groans at the defeat, Unten gets up and punched him off the walls of the tower. As Doomulus Grime falls, something swift captures him.

Tick Tick.


I Love You


The trailer opens with Leah Needlenam setting up her hospital with her looking over a needle with red fluid in it. The scene suddenly shifts to the mountains where she walks alone. There is dirt on her face and she walks across a lake and climbs up the mountain. There she comes across a giant version of the Twisted Cross symbol, which has a band around it that floats off.

Leah then proceeds down mountains and walks to the shore and continues to walk into the water where she gets on her knees and pulls at her face in anguish. A wave comes over her as she stands up and crosses her arms, where she begins to descend into the ocean.

Whales surround Leah as she falls and eventually she falls to the bottom where X-Ray and Beth Operatino are revealed to also be crossing their arms. We then cut back to Leah looking at the needle, and she looks at her hands at they begin to fade away. The trailer closes as the camera pans back with X-Ray asleep on a operating table and the needle falls out of Leah's fading hands.



Wasteland Warriors


The trailer opens with a flag flowing in the breeze, with a melting skull with stars for eyes on it. It then cuts to Iron Mask, who has his gunblade out. Death Servants attack Iron Mask, with him blowing them away with his gunblade but he finds that he is slowly getting overwhelmed. Just then, a bunch of sparks cause some of the Death Servants to explode, the sparks coming from Scarlet.

As Iron Mask and Scarlet fight the Death Servants, ashes begin to fall from the sky like snowflakes. Suddenly, giant balls of black smoke come down, with Iron Mask and Scarlet just barely missing them. As the balls of smoke come down, one comes hurdling straight towards Iron Mask and Scarlet but they are saved by a sudden blast of paint from PAIN-T.

As the three attempt to miss the balls of smoke and fight the Death Servants, the scene slowly shifts to a ruined piano where Hooves pokes out of. Cue logo.

In the post credits sequence, we see Oshtyo look at the edge of the cliff and we see a small dimensional rip where we see Unten, 3.14, and White celebrating Mika Sho's birthday. We can't see his reaction because he now wears a mask, but his fists clench.



I Will Never Leave Your Side


The trailer begins with a shot of a dead Unten and a girl in a black dress in a black void.

We see Ella Metals and Strafe holding hands on a hill entitled Unten Hill. As they do, we see that something is troubling Strafe as he looks at Unten. We then cut to Leah and X-Ray, with X-Ray seemingly oblivious to amount of Valentine's chocolates stacked on the couch she is currently laying on.

We then cut to a forest that is very dark and we see a dimly lit Plague Master and Lamia looking at their child. Although Lamia is smiling, Plague Master seems troubled by something...

We then cut to the Wasteland, where Iron Mask, Scarlet, and PAIN-T are relaxing in a basement of sorts when suddenly Orithell breaks the wall, blasting the three back. The three prepare for battle, which then cuts to a road where John Mogwai is driving on. Although John Mogwai is talking to Leila Metals, Leila is seemingly lost in thought looking out of a window. Suddenly, something moves by fast and causes the car to spin out of control.





The trailer begins with Reese opening his eyes to a bunch of photographs flying past him. As more and more fly past him, the film develops to show pictures of past trailers (the Wasteland Warriors dodging balls of smoke, Oshtyo looking into the portal). We focus back to Reese, who stands up as Reese II prepares to shock him. Reese dodges Reese II's strikes and pulls out a lamp to hit Reese II over the head with. As he prepares to do that, Trip the Catalyst appears with Hexa, who is confused by what's happening.

Trip joins to battle Reese II, and Reese II avoids the two's attacks. Reese II mutters into a headset and suddenly out of nowhere comes Aurora, with white smoke coming out of her eyes. She expands the Grasshopper blade out and cackles.

Suddenly the photographs are sent flying back, with the gust knocking all the catalysts as Unten comes in with FTAS Unten, Fantendo Resort Unten, and Citiverse Unten.

After the logo appears, a quick scene depicting the photographs being swept up by a fast unknown creature is shown.



Gears of Time


The trailer begins with Unten falling back in pain. We hear mechanical steps as the thing that has been too fast to see is revealed: CLOCKWARX.

Clockwarx prepares to step on Unten as Reese (who has visible cracks on his face that shed white light) looks away. Suddenly, something opens up in the sky. A red crack.

Little Lenny Penguin, JIM, and Alison jump out from the crack. Unten gets up as Clockwarx looks at the crack and the personages. Clockwarx attempts to hit the three, but all three dodge his strike. Reese gets up and heads towards a giant clock face. As he spins it, various characters such as Lexi Lexhan, Andy Pasta, Loki Steinbach, Rai, Johnny Dog, Pinti, and S all appear. The entire roster up to this point then shouts "We are the Light!" as Clockwarx roars a distorted and timeshifting sound.

Post credits, a blank screen appears, but a voice can be heard.

"Are we not cul enough to be in this game or something?"


Story - Days of Shattering


Days of Shattering is the game's story mode. With the existence of the Catalysts known, Unten, Reese, and many others have to find the other Catalysts in order to prevent further damage to the timelines of Fantendoverse. Meanwhile, Leila begins to remember things that don't exist, The Wasteland is under attack, and time is ticking.

Can be found here.



The roster for Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered is one of the biggest yet, featuring hundreds of playable characters. Here is a general overview of who's in. For more details, see characters.


FSB Unten.pngFSB PalmMan.pngFSB Leah.jpgFSB Reptflux.pngFSB 3.14.png
FSB Reese.pngFSB PAIN-T.pngFSB Palutena.pngFSB WalterWhite.pngFSB Rachel.png
FSB Trip.pngFSB Ella.pngFSB Strafe.pngFSB Red.pngFSB Danjixrus.png
FSB Zerita.pngFSB Leila.pngFSB JohnMogwai.pngFSB Scarlet.pngFSB Riddle.png
FSB Volt.pngFSB Mioda.pngFSB MikaSho.pngFSB Koloro.pngFSB Teardrop.png
FSB Hama.pngFSB MrChilli.pngFSB Light.pngFSB Jerrix.pngFSB Aingeru.png
FSB IronMask.pngFSB Hein.pngFSB Scyplo.pngFSB Micool.pngFSB Sketch.png
FSB Fera.pngFSB Abba.pngFSB Smile.pngFSB Data.pngFSB Bowie.png
FSB Wheelzen.pngFSB Mylan.pngFSB Elfain.pngFSB Jane.pngFSB Jake.png
FSB Rubber.pngFSB Hooves.pngFSB Henry.pngFSB Speedy.pngFSB Fandro.png
FSB BobtheBlob.pngFSB Yonenbooe.pngFSB Autores.pngFSB Pesh.pngFSB Gorge.png
FSB DreamBoy.pngFSB AlyssaWenn.pngFSB GiselleZ.pngFSB FlippyandCobby.pngFSB RoxanneDUre.png
FSB AnnaBiscuit.pngFSB Spikebot.pngFSB ScratchKat.pngFSB Guppy.pngFSB SixtyFour.png
FSB Lily.pngFSB Hexa.pngFSB S.png


FSB SReeseII.pngFSB Sia.pngFSB X-Ray.pngFSB BETH.pngFSB Guaptain.png
FSB DarkStrafe.pngFSB DoomulusGrime.pngFSB Orithell.pngFSB Abaddon.pngFSB HappyFace.png
FSB ShyGuyYellow.pngFSB Heart.pngFSB PlagueMaster.pngFSB Sewn.pngFSB DrNormanGai.png
FSB Corshama.pngFSB GoblinMagican.pngFSB GoblinDefender.pngFSB GoblinSwordsman.pngFSB TheEnd.png
FSB DarkClimbers.pngFSB TheApprentice.pngFSB Oshtyo.pngFSB Thorn.pngFSB Sinless.png
FSB LitleP.pngFSB Boberius.pngFSB Blackwood.pngFSB Johnathon.pngFSB Wozz.png
FSB JimoftheFloatingIsles.pngFSB JIM.pngFSB Purple.pngFSB Ono.pngFSB PAIN-T20.png
FSB Boare.pngFSB Tilly.pngFSB Zoey.pngFSB Dragonman.pngFSB Mineman.png
FSB TheFan.pngFSB TheEnemy.pngFSB WhiteGoddess.pngFSB BlackGod.pngFSB Vokkskar.png



Name Info
SSB Prodigy.png
Unten, the hero and destroyer of Zeon. Unten attacks mainly using electrical projectile attacks as well the use of gas bombs. He can also do a slide and use a clawshot, but overall this character is the most balanced of them all, he is not too fast or too strong, just totally average in everything.
SSB PalmMan.png
PalmMan was a robot that used to work for MineMan but he decided to break protocol when one of his friends was taken. PalmMan is a interesting character in that he attacks with sticky napalm; the napalm sticks to characters and then explodes. This upgrades the more successful PalmMan is with it.
Leah Needlenam
SSB LeahNeedlenam.png
Leah Needlenam is a crazed doctor who only cares for her well being and X-Ray's. She will do anything if it benefits her or X-ray, not caring who else benefits or is harmed from it. She uses needles and other hospital equipment to attack, but she can also warp her body to use strange attacks like sending out floating chunks of flesh to attack.
SSB Lapis6.png
The mascot of the Fighters of Lapis series and Lapisverse. He is a giant titan, but this is merely just a small replica of the real thing. He can transform into a spider for some of his moves and shoot energy out of his eye, which is also his weak point. He is incredibly strong but he has a huge hitbox.
SSB 314.png
3.14 (full name Coal Algebraic) is the protagonist of the 3.14 series. He is a clumsy but brave hero with an odd obsession with pie. He uses mathematical formulas to attack; he needs to charge these formulas (the longer the charge, the longer the formula and therefore longer reach) and use it like a sword. He can also use pies to attack.
SSB Fracture.png
Reese is the first known Catalyst in the Fantendoverse, and was key in destroying Enemy Earth in Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture. Believing to be responsible for the Fracture, Reese joins up with the heroes to stop the event known as the Shattering. Reese can pull objects from parallel timelines and send attacks and projectiles into different timelines to bring them out later. Reese can also preform some limited psychic attacks.
SSB Shattered.png
PAIN-T is one of the "Wasteland Warriors", a group that formed after the first attack in the Wasteland. She is a robot with freeflowing hair made of paint and as you can probably guess, she uses paint in her attacks. She can throw paint to damage foes or create paint puddles to make them slip, and can craft "Canvas Weapons" to create weak weapons that tend to be good for certain situations.
Palutena the Goddess of Light, as well as the mother of Strafe. She isn't a very mobile character per say, as most of her attacks are ranged and she floats instead of walking. She attacks with mostly light-based attacks and orbs. She can also create grind rinds, which she (and anyone else who hops on) can use as recovery.
SSB White.png
He looks pretty similar to a familiar pink puffball, but he's actually much deeper than his skin would suggest. White uses something called a "Boom Stick" for most of his attacks, using it to send orbs of light that explode. He can also use plenty of weapons from his series, such as a crystal staff and a jetpack.
SSB Shattered.png
A newcomer to the madness that is the Fantendoverse. Just a simple woman behind the register of a gas station, her life kind of changed when the group headed in. She uses a piece of Zeon technology that Unten gave her to use to fight; it protects her from attacks and it can also be tossed. The gauntlets also pack a punch too!
Trip the Catalyst
SSB Shattered.png
Trip has had so many different versions of him throughout the timestream that it seems to no longer matter what Trip is or isn't. His attacks vary randomly; he could be placing down traps and shooting a rifle like a hunter, or throw his arm like an android, sometimes he isn't even there because he's imaginary. The manifestation of continuity snarl!
Ella Metals
SSB EllaMEtals.png
Ella Metals is a girl who can bend metal and the girlfriend of Strafe. She uses her powers in her moveset, which involve her grabbing steel beams and bearing balls and using them as weapons. Anything metal is her game, which even include others attacks. Don't think about using bullets around her.
SSB Strafe.png
A former thief and criminal that learned to clean up his act and the boyfriend of Ella Metals. He uses guns in his moveset as well as grenades. Strafe is a fairly light character who uses his agility to get as many attacks in as possible whilst simultaneously dodging the enemy's moves.
SSB Hoodems.png
Red is your average Hood'em, a race that wears hoods over their heads seemingly all the time. Red can use ninja stars and punch, kick, strangle, and stab any opponents in his way.
SSB GhoulsMental.png
A very... exotic name for a survivor of the Ghoul Apocalypse. He has a katana and a sniper rifle that he uses in battle, and a small pistol for less precise aiming. He can also spread anti-health bacteria that acts as a toxic trap.
SSB Prodigy.png
A Cateona who once worked alongside Unten until tragedy struck. She is a fast and quick character that attacks with her claws. She might not do a lot of damage but she can do a lot of quick attacks that quickly build up damage.
Leila Metals
SSB EllaMEtals.png
The older sister of Ella Metals and the girlfriend of John Mogwai. She has been getting some rather strange dreams as of late. Like her sister, she can bend metal, but she splits it as opposed pulling it around. She splits it based off how many opponents are close to her, and then proceeds to quickly move the metal towards them. She also has a chess called White Bishop, which allows her to teleport diagonally only.
John Mogwai
SSB JohnMogwai.png
A urban badass with an inappropriate mind. He is the boyfriend of Leila Metals. He uses an AK47, a little flight, Lactokinesis (manipulation of dairy products), and snowballs to attack. He may not be the best guy around, but he's certainly more heroic than Leah Needlenam.
SSB Shattered.png
Another of the Wasteland Warriors, Scarlet is the third member of the group. Although she doesn't lead the group, she definitely proves herself with some of her fire magic, which can create small fire tornadoes and creating a fracture line that spits out sparks.
SSB Riddle.png
Riddle is a blue geometric and elastic creature that comes from Star Hights. Riddle fights with his own moves by fighting with his Mega Punches, Elastic Moves, Helicopter Head and his Star Whip, which is his tail. Charge his Star Whip Move long enough enough and it'll shoot a star instead!
SSB Volt.png
Volt is a Sparkling and the user of an ancient scarf that grants him control over electricity. He can cast runes on his opponents which allow him to use a variety of lightning based spells, such a sizzling, out of control lightning bolt and a shock wave on the ground.
Mioda was once a boy who brought nothing but shame, but now she is a woman who bests the best on her planet. She attacks with a laser crossbow and a collection of tomahawks.
Mika Sho
SSB MikaSho.png
She is a young mutant girl who fights mutants. Even though she doesn't like to fight, she is more than capable of using her fire powers. She can shoot fire from her palms and absorb flame attacks as well. She can also produce a steady line of fire but can't move while doing this.
SSB Koloro.png
A colorful girl from the world of color. She shoots rainbows from her hands, which come down in a arc shot. Although this can totally miss your target, it has some good reach. She can also shoot off colors individually, which are associated with different elements.
SSB Teardrop.png
Known as the Lord of the Loops by everypony in Atlantica, Teardrop is one of the greatest Oceanian heroes. He can morph his hands into clouds, water bursts, or ice and use floating books to attack.
SSB Dragonkind.png
Hama is the Heir of Flame, meaning that she uses flames and flight to attack. She can fly for a short time, allowing her to do easy aerial combos. She also makes use of a flaming boomerang.
Mr. Chilli
SSB MrChilli.png
An annoying lawyer that resides in the town of Smilexa, which seems mostly in disrepair these days. He can swing around a suitcase and throw paper airplanes to attack. He can also throw plates of chilli which slowly glide down as they travel.
Bodyshot -colored-.png
SSB Light.png
Light is an extraterristrial male hailing from the planet Exoa. Light carries around with him a katana which he uses in battle as fighting with light based attacks. He can charge these light attacks to make them stronger.
Jerrix Cruiser character design Final Design.png
Jerrix Cruiser
SSB Jerrix.png
An adventurer on the look out for treasure. He attacks with spin attacks and can double jump. He can also glide, and can punch while he glides.
The green Bracelet and the face of Battle of the Bracelets. His main weapon is the Chaos Sword, one of the legendary swords that a golden bracelet gets. He can use this sword in battle as well as sprout wings that aid him in the sky, however this tends to be a weakspot. Aingeru is weaker in the sky than on ground when he flies around, so swatting him in the air will help you in fighting him.
Iron Mask
SSB Shattered.png
Iron Mask is the leader of the Wasteland Warriors, a group specializing in neutralizing threats in the Wasteland. Iron Mask also has a somewhat troubled past. He attacks with his gunblade, which can do moderate damage from afar or up close. He can also summon a horse made of smoke.
Hein Shattered.png
SSB DarkForest.png
A boy who gradually turned into a demon during the events of Dark Woods, while looking for his sister. He attacks with a scythe and barbed wire. He also has something called a Infinity Bag where he can grab items and hold them for later. This also works on your opponents, although they can break out. He can also use his nocturnal powers to use energy of the moon/darkness to create energy discs in his hands and throw them.
SSB RoboMadness.png
Scyplo was created in a lab of planet Alienta as a prototype to new generation robots, which had ability to have human emotions. He has the ability to use hammerspace and carry an infinite amount of items. It fights with elemental powers including lightning, wind, and earth.
Micool the Master
SSB Micool.png
The king of the Micools and the husband of Flora Gardenia. He attacks with his blade, which is so hot that the iron still has never cooled. He attacks with some Fire Emblem inspired moves as well, such as Aether.
SSB Paintverse.png
Sketch is a young boy from the Paintverse. Sketch uses Pincelle as a weapon, attacking by swinging, but it can also shoots blobs and squirts of paint. It comes across as a sword that spits out projectiles. He can also create symbols to burn or wash his opponents away.
SSB Heroforce.png
The Hero chosen by the people of Terra. Originally a model soldier, she attempted to convince her superiors to leave Coronite alone. In response, she was sentenced to help take over the planet for her people. Fera wears normal Terran combat armor, which is a rather bulky suit of armor equipped with a small antigravity engine, and she wields an energy spear and a ion-absorption shield, which can guard against almost any attack.
SSB Fracture.png
"The second Abaddon" as well as Reese's "mother" (her DNA was involved but that's basically it). She attack with her robes; using dark magic she found in books in Abaddon's cave prison she can expand them and distort them into different weapon shapes such as a claw or scythe.
SSB GhostSmile.png
Smile is a "ghostborn", one of few ghosts born as a ghost rather than being alive once. He attacks with his ghostly appendages, able to morph into other ghoulish shapes such a bat-themed pickaxe or a jack in the box. He can also summon spirits such as the Marksman Spirit and Shell Spirit for some moves.
A cyborg teenager who is the main hero of the KODE KID series. He use his cyborg arm to form into various weapons such as a blaster and sword. He struggles with keeping his humanity intact and not letting himself become another cog in the machine.
SSB Bowie.png
A literal teddy bear. He often gets confused for Unten even though they don't even look alike! How crazy is that? Anyway, he can use the power of rock and the earth to attack, flinging boulders and creating earthquakes to attack.
SSB Wheelzen.png
Once he was a Popopo like White, but now he is a human like boy due to the events of Wheelzen Atomic. He attacks with a bat and parodies of games such as OFF and Yume Nikki.
Mylan Starlight
SSB MylanStarlight.png
A magical princess that uses the powers of the stars to attack, sending out cosmic spirits and star dust to attack. Ultimately she is a girl defined by her relationships, being required to grow up to marry her husband and lacks self identity. For now, at least.
SSB Teardrop.png
Professor Elfain (also know simply as Elfain) is one of the scientists that worked on the creation of Scyplo. She is a young prodigy with high intelligence, and also an expert in human's psychology and AI creation. She attacks with AI controlled weapons that fight alongside her.
SSB Jane.png
Jane is a 16-year old girl obsessed with the supernatural, she's kind of an introvert and doesn't really talk much unless it's with her friends, but she's determined and strong and she isn't willing to back down on saving her friends. She fights with an ice axe and other melee objects. She has an adrenaline meter that must not get to 100% (or she'll pass out), although releasing energy through attacking lowers it.
Jake is known for his courageous, nice and caring attitude, but is often sarcastic and prefers to be alone. He can create holographic shields, create red mist, supercharge his agility, and hit people with poison goop. He is mostly ranged with very few melee attacks.
SSB RubberQuest.png
A being that can form into various different shapes and stretch incredible distances. He can morph his hands into various melee weapons, turn into a car, or grow ram horns and charge. However, projectiles will get stuck in him, giving additional damage as his body removes it from his system.
SSB Hooves.png
Hooves is a talking, karate chopping pig who hails from Animetropolis but now resides in the Wasteland. He uses karate to attack for all of his moves.
Henry the Moose
SSB HenrytheMoose.png
As his name suggests, he is a moose and resided in The Forest of Canada before being sent to the Wasteland. He can transform into various forms for his attacks, such as M.D. Henry, Solid Moose, Henario, and Indiana Moose.
tomorrow sorry
A speedy red penguin from iPenguin. He's a fast little bugger, but if you can catch him it's fairly easy to get rid of him. He can also slide on his belly to clear the ground quickly.
SSB Fandro.png
A blob with many problems, but the universe shattering is probably the biggest one. He can swallow large objects, poison enemies with furs that stick out from his body, and do some limited flight. He doesn't have very good defense though.
Bob the Blob
SSB Fandro.png
A very moronic character who is kind of jokey, leaving around nachos and tacos that actually cause a lot of damage. He has incredibly strong defense and while most of his attacks don't harm people, they build up a clone meter that allows him to summon a clone and continue to drop nachos and tacos.
SSB Apples.png
A booe with an adventurous attitude! His main ability is that he can meditate and summon gold, silver or bronze curly lines to move and attack objects and characters. He is also a user of the element fire.
Autores Piratore, also known as Tori, is the main deuteragonist of the HACKED series. She uses a cannon and a cutlass to attack, and she is known for her fast speed, using sails to get to places quickly. She can also straight up steal items from characters.
SSB PushersPile.png
The hero of Pushoplis. Leah likes to make fun of how bland his sense of humor is, but he never gives up and will go through even the most dangerous situations for what he believes is right. He uses Hazzies, a Pushy, and Nicies to attack, with many of these attacks combining to create combos. He can also use a sword for more straightforward attacks.
SSB DarkFungi.png
The protector of the Elemental Stones. He can fake out players and move past them during attacks with his "Deke" move, use magic, and uses a variety of weapons such as spears and swords.
Dream Boy
SSB DreamWorld.png
Otherwise known as Takeo Yumi, Takeo Yumi was sucked into the Dream World, where eventually his body distorted beyond human and became Dream Boy. Keeping his powers contained inside gloves and shoes to prevent himself from releasing too much dream power, Dream Boy's body will distort further if he doesn't release some of it. He attacks by opening up Dream Portals and putting some of his limbs in, allowing him to be in multiple places at once.
Alyssa Wenn
SSB Alyssa.png
Alyssa is a detective that works unofficially on cases. She's got her biggest case yet! Using her abilities of quick thinking to avoid attacks and using detective equipment to attack her opponents in their weakest spots, Alyssa is a character that can be deadly if given time.
Giselle Zaman
SSB Alyssa.png
A lover of Japanese culture, she can be considered a expert. Honor and shame are huge parts of her move set, with her able to use Vocaloid songs and paper fans to attack. She also has attention to small details, making her able to dodge attacks, perhaps even faster than Alyssa.
Flip & Cobby
SSB FliptheFrog.png
Flip the Frog is Unten's self proclaimed number one fan, even shipping himself with his hero. He and Cobby can attack from the front and from the behind at anytime, and Cobby can make his opponents sleepy. Don't think they're full of bullfrog; they're actually quite a team.
Roxanne D'Urre
SSB AgentRX.png
Roxanne D'Urre, also known as Agent RX, is part of the so called Agency. Although she has always followed the orders of the Agency without question, she does it to get rid of the corruption in her city. She attacks with baton guns that can be used as melee or ranged weapons.
Anna Biscuit
FSB MotorChickz.png
A natural leader, Anna Biscuit is the main character of Motor Chickz. Primarily rides on her motorcycle, using it to ram into opponents and uses various candy themed weapons.
SSB Shattered.png
Spikebot is a robot that used to be one of the hundreds of robots that was meant to appease Jr. Rock and Watch's ego. He uses the spike on his head to ram into characters and is overall kind of a weak character that makes up with his incredible range that his synthesizer can attack from.
An experiment that escaped the laboratory, now messing with physics the western animation way. He breaks the fourth wall frequently, with one of the taunts asking him to stop staring at the camera. He uses mainly melee attacks.
Guppy the Shark
SSB Guppy.png
A huge hearted shark that lives in the ocean. He attacks by spinning and biting. When Guppy bites, he latches onto the object, and violently pulls on it, like a game of tug of war.
Sixty Four
SSB SixtyFour.png
Sixty is a Light Persona, a human blessed with the powers of Light God, Clemethai the Light. He attacks with light based powers.
SSB DarkForest.png
Out of all the people in the Dark Wood Circus, the Deformed Diva was considered the most powerful, despite her being the last one who joined them. She mainly focuses on long-range attacks, using projectile and magic to fight. Her main weapons are warp crescents, which of course act similar to warp stars. She also has a crescent staff which she used in battle to heal herself with, but also to shoot energy projectiles in the shape of crescents.
SSB Shattered.png
As Trip is multiple Trips all fused to the same person, it was only a matter of time before one of the Trips looked for a lost friend. Hexa is unable to recognize her friend, but that doesn't stop Trip from carrying her along. Using her bags of charms to attack as well as her tome, she is a formidable opponent.
S shattered.png
SSB S.png
S was born in the late Victorian era in England. She lived a normal life up until the age of ten, when her parents were both killed by Kira. Later on in her life, she was chosen by a group known as The Agency, where they told her of her fate as a detective. She worked against crime, always striving to discover her parents' slayer. She continues her search even in the Wastelands, where she has been for over a year now. She attacks with time based attacks as well as her wings and Ghost Cards.
SSB Pinti.png
Known as "flesh ball" to some people, Pinti is young Pint born in his namesake, Pinti Land. Now he lives in the Wasteland, alone, looking for the rainbow crystal shards. He uses a cape, his father's sword, plasmic goop and crash boots.
Alice was created by a god to protect a land that was separated from Japan into another dimension by the gods themselves. This land was called Senkaihi. Alice herself uses spring-based magic, creating cherry blossom trees that can act as support (good for getting in to the air!) and using cherry blossoms as quick projectile attacks that launch into bullet hell-like patterns.
Queen Pixella Tragedy.png
Queen Pixella
SSB Prodigy.png
The Queen of the Narobi-Tron kingdom, who has had her share of being helped by Unten. She attacks with floating 2x2 metal boxes that can form into various voxel objects such as a sword or scythe, but she has a large attack area due to this. Generally not a good idea to attack close but from more of a distance, as the boxes can hurt Pixella if they hit her. She can also use them to form a recovery staircase.
Rose Reaper
Rose was born and raised by her two parents in Skylight City, she had an average childhood up until she was 12 years old, when her parents were murdered by a man simply known as The Marauder. Impacted by the death of her parents, she decided to devote her life to revenge. She uses a scythe and her guns, preforming moves like uppercuts with her scythe that are good for catching airborne opponents and drop kicks, which keep them down to the ground.


Name Info
Reese II
SSB Shattered.png
A new character to the Fantendoverse as well as being another Catalyst. While Reese II shares some moves with Reese I, like pulling objects from parallel timelines, Reese II is also equipped with a shock stick that it uses hit enemies with and stun them if it has enough power.

Clear Classic with Reese.

SSB Prodigy.png
The lanky rival to Unten in Underground, who Unten hasn't seen in years since she left Zeon. She wields a sword called the Palm Cutter, which is meant primarily for cutting down Palm Trees, but she has customized it to be sharper and faster, as well as giving the blade itself a unique design. With this blade, she has incredible reach!

Clear Classic with Unten.

TypeX X-Ray.png
SSB LeahNeedlenam.png
Leah Needleman's silent object of affection. X-Ray has X-Ray scans which she uses to battle with, with each X-Ray heading towards a different section of the body. When five X-Ray scans hit a character, they are rendered immobile. X-Ray can also attack with an X-Ray machine itself, which has radiation poisoning effects.

Clear Classic with Leah.

Beth Operatino
SSB LeahNeedlenam.png
Beth Operatino is a doctor and a member of The Twisted Cross. She is Leah Needlenam's "replacement" in the group after it rebanded after Leah set fire to the place and grabbed X-Ray with her. She attacks with a IV holder and her scapel pinky.

Clear Adventure with Leah.

SSB Guaptain.png
A 12 year old that must stop evil! He has his laser gun, which comes in handy as it can blind and hurt opponents. He also uses different shapes to change his speed and allows him to block attacks. He can also summon a giant mouth to eat opponents and spit them out.

Complete 10 matches.

Dark Strafe
SSB Shattered.png
The dark version of Strafe? How sterotypical! This Strafe uses variations of Strafe's attacks that are much more violent looking and they tend to be stronger, but this Strafe also has weak attacks. He also has some dark spirit attacks such as Dark Stab and Dark Teleport.

Complete Classic as Strafe.

Doomulus Grime
SSB Prodigy.png
A former member of the Doomuli and Unten's greatest foe. Doomulus Grime can use a drill similar to the one seen in Tragedy (2015) but much smaller obviously, and minor use of the "Power Chaotic", a force that exists throughout the universe with few able to control it. Doomulus uses the Power Chaotic to create cosmic sweeps that can blow away opponents from him while hurting them and generating arrows out of pure energy. He can also use his tail to attack opponents, with the sweet spots being the spikes.

Complete 20 matches.

SSB Shattered.png
A sinister looking woman from the Wasteland. She has a Narobi-Tron built hand that can control any Narobi Boards inside of robots. She can also generate lighting and smoke from the hand, making use of the smoke to teleport and blind enemies.

Complete 30 matches.

SSB Abaddon.png
The manifestation of Order in the Universe, and the rival of The Mysterious Mr. ?, the manifestation of Chaos. He recently escaped from his cave prison using a Catalyst named Reese. He attacks with diamonds made out of pure energy that swing from his sleeves; a pendulum effect. He can also use dark magic.

Complete 40 matches.

Happy Face
SSB SmileFace.png
Happy Face is a happy face that just wants to be your friend... right? Happy Face can use ink to attack and block attacks, as well as use pac pellets to create a line to dash from similar to Pac-Man in Super Smash Bros. 4.

Complete 50 matches.

Shy Guy Yellow Shattered.png
Shy Guy Yellow
He looks like a total normal yellow Shy Guy, but this Shy Guy is actually a crude caricature. He farts and can summon your mom, who is a cow. Boris will also show up, and being known as the "Fist of Pain", he sure packs a punch!

Complete 60 matches.

Heart RiddleEpicAdventure.png
SSB Riddle.png
Heart is one of Riddle's friends that joined him for his Epic Adventure. She is a clone of Riddle that uses Mega Punches, Elastic Moves, and Helicopter Ponytail. She is generally slower but stronger than Riddle. She also has a move called "Love Bomb" which creates a heart which can be expanded by charging it. When someone runs into it, it explodes.

Complete Classic as Riddle.

Plague Master
SSB DarkForest.png
Otherwise known as Nostradamus, he had been the black sheep of his family due to his ties with Lilith. He attacks using Nocturnal energy, shooting razor sharp feathers out of his wings and sending out Rosie and Posie similar to Rosalina and Luma; they spread poisonous attacks at the tap of a button and can be returned to Plague Master at any time.

Complete Classic Mode once.

Mr. Sew'n
SSB Hoodems.png
Mr. Sewn is a Hood'em made from the pieces of dead Hood'ems and is hell bent on total world domination. It's interesting to note that he's based off two different interpretations of the character; the one seen in Mr. Sewn's Takeover and Mr. Sew'n Has a Ball. He attacks with String Needles which tether him to an opponent and can pull them around if he wishes, he can also attack with a needle gun. He has a madness bar that slowly fills up over time and allows him to do much more violent attacks similar to that of fatalities. However, it's all inside his head so they only do so much damage.

Complete Classic Mode as Red.

Dr. Norman Gai
The surviving doctor of Areplaes Hospital. Broken by the torment of all those dead people, he has become insane. He can be considered the glass cannon of the roster, meaning that he deals a lot of damage but can't take a lot himself. He attacks with a rifle that shoots syringes and two mini crutches.

Win 10 matches as Leah Needlenam.

SSB CrossDimensionalRockStar.png
An undead rock star resurrected by the Rock God. The Rock God has opened up Corshama's art to the art of physic powers. Corshama uses her mind to attack her opponents, allowing her to briefly control them. She can also attack with guitars, which probably costs a lot of money to replace...

Complete Classic as Hama.

Goblin Magician
SSB FierceTales.png
The Goblin Magician uses a variety of magic to attack. Unlike the rest of the fighters, he can have different magic based moves to attack, some of them being a variation of another fighter's attacks (like one of Volt's lightning abilities.)

Create a Goblin Magician.

Goblin Defender
SSB FierceTales.png
The Goblin Defender uses a variety of magic to attack. Unlike the rest of the fighters, he can have different shield based moves to attack, some of them being a variation of another fighter's attacks (like Rachel's shield defend move).

Create a Goblin Defender.

Goblin Swordsman
SSB FierceTales.png
The Goblin Swordsman uses a variety of magic to attack. Unlike the rest of the fighters, he can have different sword based moves to attack, some of them being a variation of another fighter's attacks.

Create a Goblin Swordsman.

The End
SSB Lore.png
One of the three deaths, this one inhabiting the mortal plane. The End is capable of using telekinesis and telepathic abilities. Oddly though, touching him no longer kills you or even hurts you. That scythe also isn't all that powerful either, but it slowly gets stronger the more hits you give to opponents.

Get KO'd 50 times.

Dark Climbers
SSB Ice Climber Series.png
The Dark Climbers seem like they're evil people, but it turns out they were just being brainwashed by King Polar! Almost all of their attacks involve their dark magic or their hammers. The Dark Climbers are a very strategic character to use, since there are two of them.

Complete 70 matches.

The Apprentice Shattered.png
The Apprentice
SSB Lore.png
The Apprentice is The Enemy's mostly-loyal assistant, apprentice and his only friend for the early years of the universe. Now 15, he still resides in the Darktendoverse but he no longer serves the Enemy as he did back then. He uses the Power Chaotic, taught to him by The Enemy, to generate platforms of which he can jump onto. His speed is great and anyone in his way will get hurt pretty hard. He can also summon spears from the Power Chaotic as well.

Complete 80 matches.

SSB Oshtyo.png
Oshtyo is the last of the Meer Hues. Although he once had a friend named Icklezine, he died during a battle. Oshtyo now wanders the Wasteland, with a mask that represents himself and his dead friend. He attacks with dark magic that creates giant spores that spread more through out the stage if not destroyed, and a telepathic pull.

Complete 90 matches.

No series logo right now, sorry :<
Thorn was found on Zeon during the events of Fantendo: Playing War. Although she and Unten fell in love and sacrificed themselves into a black hole, it was found out she was a siren and somewhat of a crazy one. She attacks with a dagger and her purse. She can also bring enemies close to her with her singing.

Complete 100 matches.

SinlessDevil Shattered.png
Sinless Devil
SSB Sinless.png
A saint in a devil's body thanks to some wacky death shenanigans. He has attempted to get a angel body for years now, but has never gotten one. Sinless attacks with flames as well as a combo of satanic red circles with crosses in them.

Complete Classic with Johnathon Hades.

Litle P
SSB LitleP.png
Litle P is a 7-year old blue-tailed Pichu who woves to tawk wike this. He's somewhat of a joke character as he is very weak and not very powerful, but he's rather small and hard to hit.

Complete Classic with 8 characters.

SSB GhoulsMental.png
A ninja and a survivor of the Ghoul Apocalypse. He is very mysterious. He welds a blue katana, and a shiny, clean steak knife for small stabbings.

Complete classic mode with Danjixrus.

SSB Blackwood.png
He is a deity that is a conglomeration of Giraffey, Pi.EXE, and RedYoshi's DNA and was created by The Masters of Evil in an attempt to make the ultimate weapon during the events of Fantendo Civil World. After his defeat, his mind was placed in the stump of a tree, where his now childlike mind wanders around with endless power. He attacks with vines and nasty shadow plants.

Complete classic mode with 3.14 on Hard.

Johnathon Hades
SSB JohnathonHades.png
Johnathon Micheal Hades is a criminal mastermind and a descendant of Gagmier. Selfish and ruthless, he is prone to anger outbursts and has been known to kill his own men for simply delivering bad news. Though he wants great power, he also has a great desire to revive Gagmier, and is convinced that if he does, he will be rewarded with immense power. He is very intelligent and never gives up. He can fly, use demonic spells, and shoot with a rifle.

Complete classic mode on Hard with any character.

The former watcher of a elderitch being known as the Wall of Shame, forced to retire when he was overcome with shame. He summons stuff from Wall of Shame articles, such as Blue Soup, Steve Handjobs, and Wario on a Skateboard. He also tends to judge characters based off their "quality" as opposed to whether they are good or not, making him like Leah more than characters like Unten and others that are not quite up to snuff.

Get KO'd 100 times.

Jim of the Floating Isles
SSB JimoftheFloatingIsles.png
Jim is the main character of the game Jim of the Floating Isles, hence the title of the game. Jim is more athletic then most of his kind, being able to keep running on top of a rolling boulder, which he uses for one of his attacks. Most of his moves focus on his athleticism, with him being able to use legs to pull off parkour moves and kicking.

Complete 110 matches.

SSB GreatRedFlood.png
Jim, a deity from Lhy, was sent on a mission to eradicate a group of eldritches who were threatening the stability of all the universes. However during a mix up concerning a crime he didn't commit, he was eventually transferred into a weak robot body. He can electrify the ground him, use missiles, and use his blade like hands to attack.

Complete 110 matches.

SSB Purple.png
A N.I.T Koopa who resides in Newcunner Kingdom. Not seen in years due to his ninja training, Purple is back in action. Using a blade and blue fire balls to attack, Purple is a fast character who can use stealth to his advantage.

Complete 120 matches.

SSB Fandro.png
A friend of Fandro's since childhood in a alternate timeline. Although a fast character, she isn't very strong and relies mostly on mana magic. She is also fairly floaty. However in capable hands, she becomes an atomic weapon.

Complete Classic as Fandro.

PAIN-T 2.0
SSB Shattered.png
After her original body was destroyed, her AI was placed in a new body and rechristened into PAIN-T 2.0. Although she can still create paint puddles for her enemies to slip into, she attacks with flashy attacks that flow paint from her palms and is generally faster and more brutal.

Complete Classic as PAIN-T.

SSB Prodigy.png
The other rival to Unten in Underground, and one that actually poses a threat to his respect. Better in a lot of respects to Unten, Unten still managed to prove that he was the one the prophecy was talking about. He left Zeon to find his own destiny, and he sacrificed himself to save a planet. Appearing as a ghost made from his own willpower, he attacks with his sharp claws and bite, as well as his over dramatic attacks that make use of his energy based powers.

Clear Classic with all Unten series characters.

SSB FairysTale.png
Tilly is a fairy who is a nervous wreck. She can flutter and preform magical spells like freezing opponents and summoning a shield.

Clear Classic with Pesh.

Zoey Peppermint
FSB MotorChickz.png
Zoey Peppermint is the worst student at Anna's school and has been on the same grade for 3 years now. Now you might think she's dumb, but really it's because she has a family to take care of and no money. She's slightly slower than Anna and generally plays the same, although she has a unique move called Cherry Bomb.

Clear Classic with Anna Biscuit.

SSB PalmMan.png
DragonMan is one of PalmMan's friends that was sent for a recall. He uses a blade and fire abilities to attack.

Clear Classic with PalmMan.

Mineman 2015.png
SSB PalmMan.png
The current owner of the 4.5 mining corp company. He is both DragonMan and PalmMan's worst enemy. He can fold up into a spiked ball that can explode or use his long reach to grab and hit enemies from a distance.

Play 50 matches with either PalmMan or DragonMan.

The Fan
SSB Lore.png
The co-creator of the Fantendoverse. He represents Order as opposed to Chaos, which his brother uses. He's very quick and uses light and dark based attacks, as well as being able to craft all sorts of floating weapons.

Complete 50 tasks in Order of the Fan.

The Enemy
SSB Lore.png
Co-creator of the Fantendoverse. He represents Chaos as opposed to Order, which his brother uses. He's somewhat slowler but attacks more chaotically and randomly, with none of his attacks having specific damage percentages.

Complete 50 tasks in Order of the Enemy.

WhiteGoddess isahackfraud.png
White Goddess
SSB Lore.png
She ascended with her brother Black God as a deity. Although it was thought that Black God led her down this path, it seems she had other motivations at play. She has shifted time around so much with a Catalyst by the name of Trip, using him to replace Palutena in the Pantheon. She is a clone of Palutena that uses more light attacks as well as constructing platforms instead of grind rails.

Complete 100 tasks in Order of the Fan (which would be renamed to Order of the White).

Black God
SSB Lore.png
He ascended with his sister. Although initially excited about becoming a deity, it turns out he is nothing but a slave to his sister, unable to express much free will over his abilities or alliances thanks to the chains of light. He attacks more brutally and faster, with dark and poison based attacks.

Complete 100 tasks in Order of the Enemy (which would be renamed to Order of the Black).

SSB Prodigy.png
Vokkskar is a anti-matter being that is celebrated as a religious figure. He is known as the Harbringer of comets, using comets to attack. These comets come in the form of projectiles that can only move in diagonal directions. He can also attack by opening anti-matter spaces that suck opponents towards him.

Complete 150 tasks in both Order of the Black and Order of the White.

Master Binary
SSB 314.png
Manifesting in the same experiment that 3.14 was created, he represents his intelligence. He attacks by calculating large numbers, dividing by zero, and using binary to transform himself into a sword.

Complete Classic as 3.14.

Lexi Lexan Shattered.png
Lexi Lexan
SSB EllaMEtals.png
One of Ella's closest friends and the wife of Andy Pasta. Her power is to control the material Lexan, a common military material used for bullet proof applications such as Riot Shields. Using Lexan, she can craft shields and other bullet proof, bulky weapons.

Complete Classic as Ella.

SSB Purpleverse.png
PIKA is the name of the morphed Mario/Bowser/Pikachu seen in Nintendo Civil War. Since the real PIKA is "dead", a robot with a similar skillset and look has been created. Using the powers of Bowser, Mario, and Pikachu, PIKA is a quite deadly opponent.

Finish Classic as Unten, Doomulus Grime, and Litle P, all on Hard.

SSB Shattered.png
A catalyst who only uses her catalyst abilities to gather forces to fight the White Army. She carries around something called the "Grasshopper Blade" which can expand and allow her to hurdle over enemies and foes and land on them, as well as using color based magic. During her time as White Goddess' slave, she is overall weaker in attacks but stronger in endurance.

Play 5 rounds of Statrosball.

Eric Four
SSB SixtyFour.png
Eric Four is the son of Sixty Four. Surprisingly, there is not a Game Cube in the family. One of the more noticeable traits of Eric Four is his left arm, which is a strange bundle of black and purple. From this, he can cast void and dark magic.

Complete Classic as Sixty Four.

TheForgottenOne Shattered.png
SSB Lore.png
Ignotus was always a loyal friend to both Aktoz and Ektaz, often serving as the peacemaker between the two when they would argue. This eventually lead to them granting him great power, with which he would use to travel to the Void, where he discovered the wreckage of a ship, then using it, along with the image of himself, and the essence of time itself, to create the Oracle of Time Keepers. He uses an hourglass to attack, with it either spewing sand or spinning to create a fast projectile that hits multiple times. He can also summon Time Keeper slaves to attack for him.

Play 10 rounds of Statrosball.

DARE Shattered.png
SSB Lore.png
Dare is a deity working for The Fan, performing tasks for The Fan that he would prefer to not interfere with himself. He lives in his own pocket universe, the Risk Sanctuary. He runs on an adrenaline meter that increases the more he attacks, allowing him to attack faster at the cost of defense. He can also use a motorcycle and a zipline to take out anyone that stands in his way.

Unlock the Order of the Orange, complete 15 Challenges in it.

Jirea Shattered.png
SSB Lore.png
A minor deity that first appeared in the tale forgotten to time: Fantendo Dare. His goal was to construct the World Bore, a gigantic machine capable of tearing a hole through the universe to allow him to commune with the Beast Between. Using two holo blades and the World Bore itself, he's a powerful character that is rather slow.

Unlock the Order of the Orange, complete 25 Challenges in it.

Sunnyscythe Shattered.png
SSB LitleP.png
Sunnyscythe is a childish and psychotic Pichu who served as Litle P's arch-rival. He has a history of attempting to gain immense power; this is probably because he loathes his frail pichu body. Although he has died several times, his final time was to heal Litle P's mom's gunshot wounds. However, nothing holds Sunnyscythe back, not even Hell. He uses dark energy and turning himself into nothing but pure energy, able to use what remains of his computer chip to control characters.

Unlock the Order of the Orange, complete 50 Challenges in it.

MrQuestion Shattered.png
Mr. ?
SSB Lore.png
One of Fantendo's formerly popular villains. He seems somewhat aware of this. He also was former pals with The End, but due to his lack of concern for Order, they broke up. He also is enemies with Abbadon. He is extremely swift and agile and attacks with what's in his hat, which could be anything from bombs to dice that change the attack depending on the numbers rolled.

Unlock the Order of the Orange, complete 100 Challenges in it.

Britt is a character that first appeared in Fantendo: The Animated Series. While she was in a wheelchiar there, she appears in the main canon as someone who can use their legs rather well but she never had the life she had in FTAS. She uses fairly standard moves and kicks to attack, with being able to use a wheelchair as a blunt and heavy device of destruction. Swing it at various enemies and they'll be knocked over.

Complete Classic as Rachel.

JohnnyDog shattered.png
Johnny Dog
Johnny! Dog! Johnny Dog! Johnny Dog is a brave but greedy dog. Born and raised in Zigzag County, Johnny is a hunting dog with a rifle. The rifle can preform a variety of actions other than shooting, such as scaring a herd of flying geese out of the stage (an attack that goes upward) and shooting a barrel full of gun powder. He can also do up to two flips in mid-air.

Complete 10 Plunge Into The Past Challenges.

A unknown as of now alien ally with Unten, who is wise beyond his years. He has a missile launcher which is a hard to aim but hard to hit weapon and he can use cards to shuffle his way back to a stage or upwards while harming anyone in his way.

Complete 20 Plunge Into The Past Challenges.

Netnu shattered.png
Believed to be Unten's sworn enemy, it's revealed that he is no more than Unten's greatest friendliest rival. Misremembering aside, Netnu has various cyborg implants that allow him to use a flamingthrower at the palm of his hand, a attack that has a long range but a quick over-heat mechanic, meaning that it cannot be used longer than 8 seconds. He also has golden claws that really sting anyone who messes with him.

Complete 30 Plunge Into The Past Challenges.

Unten 5 FTAS.png
FTAS Unten
This Unten comes from the FTAS timeline, where he has lost his right hand to a tavern fire. He can't use lightning attacks anymore but he can make use of new robotic arm, which can be swapped out with various different versions such as a knife or grinder. A knife is good for close range while the grinder spews out liquid that goes everywhere, which is good for quick attacks that don't require that much spacing or thinking.

Complete 40 Plunge Into The Past Challenges.


Complete Days of Shattering once.


Complete Days of Shattering on Hard.


DLC characters will be announced after the roster is "complete". All the DLC characters will be free, although the majority of them will be joke characters.

Name Info


Stages are not from Fantendo this time around, this time being locations from the real world (with the exception of Palutena's Temple and The Skerries). The stages are a lot more simpler this time, being mostly flat stages with no gimmicks. Most resources were allocated to characters and story mode.

Stage Stage
Junkyard Without Electricity
Times Square
Kowloon Walled City Alley
RedLight Fukuoka.jpg
Red Light Fukuoka
Deadvlei, Namib
Zhangye Danxia Landform China.jpg
Zhangye Danxia Landform. China
Pamukkale Hot Springs Turkey.jpg
Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkey
Reed Flute Caves China.jpg
Reed Flute Caves, China
Tunnel of Love Ukraine.jpg
Tunnel of Love, Ukraine
Antelope Canyon, United States.jpg
Antelope Canyon, United States
Lake Baikal Russia.jpg
Lake Baikal, Russia
Palutena's Temple
Taj Mahal.jpg
Taj Mahal
The Skerries.png
The Skerries


Name Info
Assist Pearl
SSB Shattered.png
Introduced in Fantendo Smash Bros. Mercury, Assist Pearls can summon characters when used. See "Assist Pearls" for a better grasp on who can be summoned.
Bloated Cake
SSB OldFantendo.png
Bloated Cakes are food items. Whenever the user eats the bloated cakes, the user will turn very fat or bloated in an instant (I swear to god this isn't a fetish of mine). They will then be able to briefly roll around and flatten anyone in their way and then change back.
Graveyard Soda
SSB OldFantendo.png
Also known as Graveyard: Teh Drink That Pwns, it's a soda that will heal 30% of your health.
Black Diamond
SSB OldFantendo.png
The Black Diamond is a powerful artifact of unknown origins. Whomever possesses it has control over a select amount of the unknown power kept within, unleashing unknown attacks at whoever stands in their way.
Finisher Sphere
SSB Shattered.png
Finisher Spheres are floating spheres that grant characters their ultimate power. Use it to explore your new found explosive and expansive power.
Double Melon.png
Clone Melon
SSB Yoshi Classic.png
Creates a red colored clone of the character that attacks with them.
Nintendo 5DS
SSB Shattered.png
Saps away health to unleash powerful attacks that can have opponents do your bidding or attack themselves, or even send out a giant universe destroying ray.
Corrupted Core
SSB Shattered.png
Some kind of corrupt core...? Hit this enough times to create a huge explosion that reaches half of a average sized stage.

Assist Pearls

Name Info
SSB Hoodems.png
A rather odd mix of a bear and Hood'em, Bear makes an appearance as an assist. He proves to be quite helpful, as he showers the stage with items.
SSB FantendoCrossing.png
In Fantendo Crossing, she was your assistant when you showed up in town and became mayor. When summoned, she looks for threats to her summoner and begins to punt them away with her leather boots.
SSB Yoshi Classic.png
RedYoshi is a Red Yoshi. Although he doesn't really offer much because he's an older character, he's basically a playable Yoshi that uses fire powers and teleportation when summoned. When close to an opponent, he'll attack with his tongue.
The Internet
SSB FantendoOrigins.png
The Internet is literally the personification of the Internet, the very thing you're using to view this page. It attacks with outdated memes and angry internet comments demanding to change White's face to something less derpy when summoned.
Purple Guy
SSB Purpleverse.png
A purple shyguy with a single, glowing light in his mask. What lurks behind that mask? Well, you're never going to find out. He attacks with a a short range flame thrower and a purple sword, usually doing his best to keep his enemies away from him when summoned.
Ian Harder
SSB Johnbray.png
Oh shut up, Multiple users create games of their selves to, Y'Know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ian Harder (formerly known as Johnbray, which is his dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) is the resting place of two souls; Ian and Lucas. Although he was once a interdimensional traveller that wrecked dimensions on accident, since his arrest by the Time Keepers, he now wrecks them on purpose. He uses strong and quick attacks as well as what appears to be Catalyst powers when summoned.
SSB PushersPile.png
Stump is one of Pesh's friends, but over the years they've just... drifted apart, I suppose. Opposed to Pesh, who has lightweight armor to wear, Stump wears heavier armor and uses a shield to attack when summoned, which can transform into a motorcycle.
Emily Davies
SSB MrChilli.png
Accuses an opponent of a crime, which gets a mob to attack them. She then disappears drinking a bottle of vodka.
Kyo the Zuger
SSB DystopiaChronicles.png
Kyo is a brown fur Zuger who was abandoned by his family when he was born. He uses his staff and claws to fight enemies when summoned. He is also able to sense enemies and target them automatically.
Olarx XShattered.png
Olarx X
Nothing is tied to his name beyond his original creator, which White Goddess wiped from time and made him one of her many slaves. He uses dark magic and his twisted blade when summoned.
Gamma the Lizard
SSB Strafe.png
In a tale forgotten in time, a lizard named Gamma helped Strafe out. When summoned, he gives a powerful ride to the user of the assist pearl, able to plow into opponents like they weren't even there. He's very slippery though.
Keith ScarletSkies.png
Using a instrument known as the The Millenium Pick, Keith attacks with a long "Ballad" attack that stretches on for about fifteen seconds, harming anyone in his path.
Commander Redd
SSB TempleofDreams.png
The leader of the Redd clan. She always carries around her red hammer with her to ensure her enemies' defeat, with it's succeeding blasts reaching far. The farther the blasts go, the less damage inflicted.
Poopbutt Koopaling
SSB Mario Series.png
Comes out from a toilet and carries around a door. When he finds an opponent, he slams the door in their face.
Princess Layla
SSB Mario Series.png
Sends down a fake moon onto the stage.
Princess Lumi.png
Princess Lumi
SSB Mario Series.png
Whenever you fall off the stage, Lumi will create a cloud platform for you to land on and recover.
SSB RunBruhRun.png
Runs back and forward from opposite sides of the stage, harming anyone in his way.
Lucrecia Callahan Shattered.png
Lucrecia Callahan
SBB MonsterSpace.png
Fires the Dual Beretta at any opponents on the stage, jumping and running around to hit as many targets as possible.


An list of non-playable boss characters. Playable characters that appear as Boss Battles are not listed.

Name Info
SSB Lore.png
One of the guardians of the "Ban Dimension". She is encountered after the group splits up. She attacks with dark magic and her teeth. She also occasionally sends out crowbars to attack. Her weakpoint is her own crowbars ironically; you can time a attack to send one flying back to her.
Jr. Rock & Watch.png
Jr. Rock and Watch
SSB Lore.png
As Mr. Game & Watch's son, he is built in the same 2D shape as his father. He hates blip and bleeps, preferring rock music. He is encountered in his special Rock Dome, and attacks with guitar sound waves and using his own equipment as projectiles. Avoid the musical waves and you'll be fine.
SSB Lore.png
Also encountered in the Wasteland and Nume is his girlfriend. He uses dark magic attacks similar to Nume but they are larger and go in a zig-zag pattern. He has two horns that he use on melee attacks. Attacking the horns harms him more, so use that to take him down.
Queen Lilth
SSB Lore.png
SSB Lore.png
TheEndBoxart Render.png
The End (Light Chains)
SSB Lore.png
What a pushover! The End just stands around open for attack, although a very easy to miss projectile might show up once in a while.
Aurora (Light Chains)
SSB Shattered.png
Dr. Philith
SSB Lore.png
SSB Lore.png
Ghroth the Harbinger.png
Ghorth the Harbringer
SSB Lore.png
SSB LeahNeedlenam.png
Crafty Leah
SSB LeahNeedlenam.png
The Host
SSB Lore.png
Clockwarx (Freed Form)
SSB Shattered.png


The soundtrack for Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered. Most of it is licensed music.

Amiibo Support

Amiibo onelastfinal.png

Amiibo Fighters

All Amiibos with a blue base are Amiibo fighters, similar to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS or Super Smash Bros. Assemble. They can aid you in battle or you can train them to kick your butt.

Amiibo Power

Other supported Amiibo merely give you added bonuses. The amiibo's effects and bonuses only work for one player.

Name Info
Amiibo Mario.png
Gives an added bonus to some attacks, which will now have fire attributes.
Amiibo Link.png
All sword based attacks get 25% boost.
Amiibo Pikachu.png
Gives an added bonus to some attacks, which will now have lightning attributes.
Amiibo Samus.png
All gun-based attacks get a 25% boost.
Amiibo Pit.png
Gives a slight boost to jumps.
Plastic amiibo.png
Makes your character 25% stronger.
Shaquille O'Neal
Gives a slight boost to jumps.


Chats are a gameplay quirk that can be done with a taunt with a certain character on a certain stage. Although a similar feature has shown up in previous Fantendo fighing games, they were never implemented on this scale, with multiple chats written by multiple writers.

Divine Intervention


When it is activated, a conversation is initiated about the opponent Palutena is facing, in the same fashion as Snake's Codec Conversations in Brawl. In these conversations, Pit and Palutena discuss one random fighter in the match.

See these chats here.

Climber Chats


When it is activated, a conversation is initiated about the opponent that the Dark Climbers are fighting, in the same fashion as Palutena's Guidance from Wii U. They will talk with The Ice Climbers, General Climber, and Condor about the fighter's moves. Every once in a while, other characters will make guest appearences like Topi, King Polar, and the other climbers.

These were written by Matt as opposed to Exotoro.

See these chats here.

Burning Rhythm


When it is activated, a conversation is initiated about the opponent that either Hama or Corshama is fighting, while also discussing about the fighter with the other Eternika cast members, being somewhat a mix of Snake's Codecs and Fox's Smash Taunt.

These were written by Locky as opposed to Exotoro.

See these chats here.

Pincelle Talk

Heroforce Talks (tentative title)

Circus Auditions

Circus Auditions logo.png

When it is activated, a conversation is initiated about the opponent that Plague Master is facing and works similar to the Palutena's Guidance in Sm4sh. Plague Master will discuss with Lamia and occasionally Pan about the skills of the opponent to let them join the Dark Wood Circus. Other Dark Wood characters may make cameos.

These were written by DarKingdomHearts as opposed to Exotoro.

See these chats here


Poll 1: Favorite art? (Only arts created for this game apply.)

Winner: Volt

Poll 2: Who needs new art the most?

Winner: Palutena

Poll 3: More forgotten characters like Jim of the Floating Isles or more modern-day characters?

  • More forgotten characters: 12
  • Add more modern characters: 11


  • The Goblin Swordsman was meant to be a female, but the designer was unable to not make it look overly silly or stupid.
  • The Goblin Swordsman carries around a katana. Since Danjixrus lacks his, it's thought that the Goblin Swordsman stole his katana.
  • The Fierce Tales series symbol incorporates both the F from the logo and the general shape of the Fantendo Smash Bros. series logo.
  • Hama and Corshama lack their capes in their art, however in their alternate costumes they can get the capes back. It was a design choice not to include their capes.
  • Initially chats were only meant to have Palutena and Dark Climbers do them, but other people wanted to do them as well so the number slowly grew up to five different chat systems (as of now!).
  • This is the first time Thorn has had art of her.
  • Likewise, this is the first time Jane has had art of her.
  • Unten, Leah, Dream Boy, The End, Reese, White, and Gauptain are the only characters to have more than one art made for this game.
  • Exotoro went to YoshiEgg to learn about his plans for the Fantendoverse after Playing War, with some of those ideas being incorporated into this very game.
  • Exotoro has brought back four characters from deletion purgatory just for this game:
    • S
    • Mekat
    • Nume
    • Pinti

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