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Developer(s) TorokoLogo
Publisher(s) TorokoLogo
Platform(s) JEM MECHA
Release Date(s)
April 14th, 20XZ
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting Game
Media Included Jem Mecha Disc, Downloadable Content

Fantendo Smash Bros. Scarlet Skies is a downloadable only game that takes place during Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered. It is special in that it only contains 12 characters, none of them appearing in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered as playable. With a dark story, a strange and obscure C-List cast, and strange new game mechanics make this this the "Majora's Mask" of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered.

It was created for a Fantendo Smash Bros. game competition, with the game being worked over the course of a month or so. It features a brand new character that would later show up in the main game with a different moveset.

Unlike Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, you can read this one without any of the details Shattered provides, as it is technically a sequel. It is still highly recommended to read both, though!



The game follows a Catalyst named Aurora as she fights the forces of White Goddess.


Can be found here.



Name Info


SSB Shattered

A catalyst who only uses her catalyst abilities to gather forces to fight the White Army. She carries around something called the "Grasshopper Blade" which can expand and allow her to hurdle over enemies and foes and land on them, as well as using color based magic.



SSB Yoshi Classic

RedYoshi is a Red Yoshi. Although he doesn't really offer much because he's an older character, he's basically a playable Yoshi that can use fire powers and teleport. He mostly attacks with his tongue, which is incredibly weird when you think about it.


The Internet

SSB FantendoOrigins

The Internet is literally the personification of the Internet, the very thing you're using to view this page. It attacks with outdated memes and angry internet comments demanding to change White's face to something less derpy.


Purple Guy

SSB Purpleverse

A purple shyguy with a single, glowing light in his mask. What lurks behind that mask? Well, you're never going to find out. He attacks with a a short range flame thrower and a purple sword, usually doing his best to keep his enemies away from him.'


Ian Harder

SSB Johnbray

Oh shut up, Multiple users create games of their selves to, Y'Know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ian Harder (formerly known as Johnbray, which is his dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) is the resting place of two souls; Ian and Lucas. Although he was once a interdimensional traveller that wrecked dimensions on accident, since his arrest by the Time Keepers, he now wrecks them on purpose. He uses strong and quick attacks as well as what appears to be Catalyst powers. He joins Aurora becuase his reach in this game is to get the dad, And the computer back.



SSB PushersPile

Stump is one of Pesh's friends, but over the years they've just... drifted apart, I suppose. Opposed to Pesh, who has lightweight armor to wear, Stump wears heavier armor and uses a shield to attack, which can transform into a motorcycle.


Emily Davies

SSB MrChilli

Emily Davies is one of Mr. Chili's fellow lawyer friends. She always keeps quiet, no matter how her collauges persuade her. At the weekend she can be a bit of a wild party animal. She attacks primarily with a suitcase, but can also use her lawyer skills to accuse opponents.


Kyo the Zuger

SSB DystopiaChronicles

Kyo is a brown fur Zuger who was abandoned by his family when he was born. He uses his staff and claws to fight enemies. He is also able to sense enemies and target them automatically.


Name Info
Olarx XShattered

Olarx X

Nothing is tied to his name beyond his original creator, which White Goddess wiped from time and made him one of her many slaves. He uses dark magic and his twisted blade. Although mad, he has one goal that unites him with the group; kill White Goddess and take over his original's place.

Play 10 matches.


Gamma the Lizard

SSB Strafe

In a tale forgotten in time, a lizard named Gamma helped Strafe out. He returns in Scarlet Skies with a unusual moveset based off the fact he mostly transports characters. He can attach characters to his back and then throw them off! He can also use a tongue and his white claws.

Play 20 matches.

Keith ScarletSkies



Using a instrument known as the The Millenium Pick, Keith attacks with "Ballads" that easily turn into combos. He has a small music bar that if he taps at the right time, can rack up in damage fairly quickly. He is rather slow and sluggish though...

Play 30 matches.


Commander Redd

SSB TempleofDreams

The leader of the Redd clan. She always carries around her red hammer with her to ensure her enemies' defeat, with it's succeeding blasts reaching far. The farther the blasts go, the less damage inflicted.

Play 40 matches.


  • Exotoro wanted the roster to feel as unique as possible and feel very new despite being made of mostly ancient characters.
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