Fantendo Smash Bros. Radiant
Developer(s) Scarlet.LTD
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch

Xbox One

Xbox Series X

Playstation 4

Playstation 5



Genre(s) Fighting
Series Fantendo
Release Date(s)  ?
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) CERO: B
PEGI: 12

Fantendo Smash Bros. Radiant is a spin-off the ever-iconic Fantend Smash Bros. Series featuring a wide cast of characters from Fantendo, both new and old.

The game was developed by Scarlet.LTD and released for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on December 21st, 2024 and was met with relatively positive reviews from critics and fans alike.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Radiant's gameplay is similar to its real-life counterpart, Super Smash Bros in that this is a fighting game that relies on platforming and more aerial-based and fast-paced combat compared to traditional fighting games and their more ground-based combat.

Instead of a health bar, each player has a percentage gage that gradually increases with the more attacks an opponent deals to an opposing foe, and the higher a foe's percentage gage is, the further they will fly with each attack that's landed on them eventually being able to send them flying off-screen meaning that you have successfully KO'ed an opponent.

Each fighter has their own set of normal attacks, aerials, smash attacks, throws, specials, and a fan finisher, with each one matching each character's own playstyle, along with attacks each fighter will also have the ability to dodge and shield with both having the potential of having special properties depending on which fighter it is.

Game Modes

Fighting games, mostly of the platforming variety are known to have a wide variety of different modes, ranging from your average 1 v 1/free for all battles, a linear arcade mode, or even a gauntlet pitting the player against every fighter in the game with short little healing breaks in between each round, there will always be something here for people to enjoy.


Smash is your standard fighting game mode where you and your friend(s)/a CPU player(s) will duke it out in either Timed, Stock, Stamina, or Sudden Death Match Styles. (This Mode can be played with up to 8 players)

  • Timed - Opponents race against the clock to rack up as many KOs as possible before the timer hits 0
  • Stock - Last man standing, each player has a certain number of lives and you have to get each player to 0 to win the match
  • Stamina - Yah like traditional, this gives each player a standard numbered health bar, with the knockback of all moves being set to a really low number, it's all about endurance
  • Sudden Death - ey death's-a-knocking, each player starts at 150% while each of them is on opposite sides of the stage, it's about surviving until the other player self destructs or gets KO'ed
Special Smash

Special Smash acts just like the regular smash however, you get to pick from a wide array of options to either change the way the fighters act or how the stages operate.

(This Mode can be played with up to 8 players)

  • Midas's Touch - turns each player into gold making them much heavier and slower but in return gives each attack a 2x damage multiplier
  • Crimson - each player is under the influence of the crimson flower, they gain an extra jump along with an added second hit to every attack thanks to a thorny vine
  • Bull Rage - players are equipped with the bull horn item from BowieQuest dealing damage will running while also having super armor while running
  • Hell's Ramen - each player will consume a thing of hell's ramen making them breathe firee. If you hold the attack button you can fire off a strong fireball that bowls through everything
  • KA-BOOM - each fighter's attack will have an explosion effect added to them making them have a much farther and wider reach
  • Light Trail - each fighter will leave a lingering trail of light when they walk or run, any opponent who touches it will be damaged
  • Draining Brawl - each fighter's attack will have a draining effect that will restore some health whenever someone attacks a foe
  • Minus Brawl - logic is thrown out the window, every fighter will have infinite jumps, all attacks will have no start or end lag, and every fan finisher will be an instant KO
Assist Brawl

Assist Brawl has the players pick 3 assist characters and duke it out in omega only stages, by pressing Shield and the B button you will be able to switch around which assist you have at hand and then by pressing both the L and R buttons you will be able to activate the effects of it, either that be a buff to yourself, a debuff to the opponents, a status effect, or a very strong attack.

After the use of one of your assists, however, there will be a 30-second cooldown, so you will be forced to switch to one that hasn't been used yet

(This Mode can be played with up to 8 players)


Tourney mode has 18-64 players all duke it out in a bracket styled arena fight complete with looser rounds to see if a fighter can redeem themselves to either enter back into the main fight or remain an absolute complete and utter disappointment.

You can set it to be free for all or a team battle if you're in the mood for friendly fire or teamwork.

Classic Mode

Classic Mode has individual fighters go through a linear line of fights with some Mini-Games Sprinkled in and all topped off with a boss at the end.

You can adjust the difficulty of the playthrough via a scale full of blue fantendo coins, you can either stick to the middle of the road, pay to make it harder, or even pay to make it easier.

The difficulty scale is from -10.0 all the way up to 10.0+

(This Mode can be played with up to 4 players)

Bull Horn Dash

Bull Horn Dash will pit players up against many unique and challenging courses to see how much you can destroy before you either get to the end or until time runs out.

Depending on what objects you break you will get a certain number of points as a result, however, depending on which stage you decided to play on the objects will be different.

(This Mode can be played with up to 4 players)

  • Wooden Crates - 100
  • Rocks - 150
  • Crystals - 200
  • Cut Gemstones (Ruby, Emerald, Sapphires, Diamond, and Topaz) - 250
  • Metal Crates - 300
  • Golden Tree - 400
  • Mint Gate - 450
  • Cloud Mines - 500
  • Mini Nuke - 700
  • Brimstone Pillars - 1000
  • Meteors - 1500
  • Draconic Eggs - 2400
  • Dragon Scale Armor - 3000
  • Wyvern Statues - 3500
  • Black Rose Bushes - 4000
  • Snow Ball Tulips
  • Orchid Fountains - 5000
  • Stage 1 - Crystal Lake: a stage set in a cavernous lake surrounded by colorful and beautiful crystals and gemstones
  • Stage 2 - Golden Mine Field: a stage that is set high in the clouds were golden trees and explosives are aplenty
  • Stage 3 - Blaze Volcano: a stage set in near a volcano that spews molten blue lava with meteors constantly raining down, eldritch creatures are plentiful in this area as well
  • Stage 4 - Scale Summit: a stage set on top of an emerald green mountain where dragons are common and land to stand on is not
  • Stage 5 - Flower Way: a stage set in a gargantuan field of flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors

Training mode is your bog-standard mode to mess around in and test stuff, like items, stage hazards, character behaviors, and the like.

It also a good way to hone your skills with your favorite character and get good playing as them.

(This Mode can be played with up to 8 players)


Stadium mode has a selection of small mini-games that are all bite-sized but still fun to play around with

Rage Ball - your character is given a rage soda as a cannon filled with sports balls begins to fire at you, your goal is to knock away as may balls as possible before you take too much damage and get KO'ed.

Break Targets - each character has their own course to platform and run through as they race against the clock to break all 15 targets in the course before time is up.

Brawlsket Ball - a twist on basketball, a massive blue basketball is set in the middle of the court, two teams of two or two teams of four as they must score as many baskets before the time is up, you can attack other players but scoring them into a goal will count as a foul.

King of the Hill - defend a point on a massive stage filled with traps and hazards, items will randomly spawn in to help the teams out, along with finisher orbs and summoner orbs, after the 20 minutes are up, the team that defended the point for longest will win!

Boss Rush - pick a character and go through a gauntlet of all the games bosses with a small healing break in between each one, you can adjust the difficulty from very easy to brutal

(This Mode can be played with up to 8 players)

Stage Builder

Stage Builder is a mode where you can create and share your own custom stages, you can pick from a wide range of terrain types, each of which have their own properties and physics, you can also set custom stage hazards, add gizmos and gadgets to make platforms move or terrain change properties.


Online is where you can battle against people all across the world via Wi-Fi, you can choose to do quick play in order to quickly find opponents to fight without much setup, arenas were either your friends or random people can duke it out in team battles, stadium mini-games or even multiplayer classic mode, and finally, you can do for fun or for glory, for fun has items on, all skill levels are allowed and it was just a fun time, for glory was for the top players who want fair fights with omega mode only, no items, and true skill only


Fantendo Smash Bros. Radiant has a wide range of character with all different shapes and sizes, unlike most other fsb games, the roster will be gradually added onto over time instead of all at once, give this game the longevity and hype the creator is striving for.


Dragon Queen

She hails from a long lineage of fighters known as the Dragon Kings, however, she is the first and as of now the only woman to claim that title. She is quite the skilled fighter, looking for any worthy opponents that would give her a good battle however she is a bit on the lazy side, often putting her responsibilities off to the side if they have nothing to do with fighting but she has since grown from that and started to mature and take her responsibilities more seriously

Neutral Special: Tectonic Knuckle - Dragon Queen will breathe out Gaia energy on her gloves as she jabs forwards sending a shockwave out of her fist that can also be aimed at the ground to deal damage and to also trip opponents who are in the way of this attack.

Side Special: Dragon Flames - Dragon Queen takes a strong inhale as she then expels a large amount of fire energy forwards, this attack will leave a lingering burn effect that will have a longer duration depending on how much damage the foe has already taken.

Up Special: Tail Tornado - Dragon Queen jumps forwards as she unleashes a tornado from her spinning tail, sending her upwards, the tornado can deal damage to opponents if they end up too close to it.

Down Special: Dragons Aura - Dragon Queen expels electricity out of her mouth surrounding herself in a wall of electric energy, this shield will deal a little bit of damage if opponents come into contact with it and it will also absorb small projectiles while also being destroyed by bigger attacks, this shield will naturally go away after 5 seconds.

Fan Finisher: Loyalty to the Scales - Dragon Queen grabs the closest opponent and throws them into a cinematic finisher where four dragons surround her and the opponent in a wheel shape as she then makes 4 fiery pillars erupt from the ground engulfing the opponent in flames as the finisher ends.



A Blue Beorn that is not only the main mascot of Fantendo but is also one of the main characters in the New-Fantendoverse, being portrayed as a pretty nice person with determination and the will power for doing good, however, since his home planet of Zeon was destroyed by The Doomuli, scattering many Zeon residents across the universe and killing thousands he's had some trauma and anxiety to cope with ever since but that won't stop this determined Beorn from being a leader and a hero.

Neutral Special: Beorn Bolt - Unten creates a bolt of electricity that travels across the ground at a pretty fast pace, this attack deals pretty decent damage but no knockback, instead it will cause an opponent to get stunned for a few seconds.

Side Special: Thunder Punch - Unten will coat his arm in electricity as he performs a powerful punch forwards dealing a large amount of damage and knockback.

Up Special: Zip Line - Unten punches up in the air as he focuses energy in his feet as he is launched upwards a fair distance by this stored energy.

Down Special: Electron Circle - Unten will curl up into a ball as he starts to glow blue with electrokinesis energy, then he will uncurl and unleash a circular wave of electric energy outwards to deal quite a bit of damage and to also stun opponents for 10 seconds, the reach of this attack will all depend on how long you hold the special button for.

Fan Finisher: Imperium Blitz - Unten draws his Imperium Blade as he swings it forwards sending anyone hit into a cinematic finisher where he charges his blade with electric energy slashing forwards unleashing said energy as the attack finishes, this finisher deals a ton of damage and knockback.



The second major character alongside Unten in the Fantendoverse, Strafe is the son of the human Lock and the goddess of light lady Palutena however Lock ended up killing Palutena when Strafe was very young so he had to live with his father which wasn't a very pleasant experience for him, he ended up joining a thieves guild called NOAH which he now regrets ever joining now that he has since left the guild, now he has a troubled past of being a thief.

Strafe dislikes all forms of authority, often disobeying orders to prove his independence due to trying to compensate for not having a mother growing up, along with that he is also technologically behind (around a decade or so) meaning that he doesn't know how to operate or manage most technologies leaving him a bit helpless on some fronts but he is still pretty capable in his own rights.

Neutral Special: Double Eagles - Strafe pulls out his a gun that looks like a fusion between the Desert Eagle and Blizzard Eagle rifles and fires off 2 bullets one normal one and one that's made of ice, these bullets do a pretty good amount of damage by themselves but the ice bullets have a 10% chance to freeze opponents for around 10 seconds, however, you only have 5 shots equalling to 10 bullets and after you use those 5 shots you need to wait about 15 seconds for the gun to reload so you can use the attack again.

Side Special: Poseidon Pulser - Strafe will pull out the Poseidon Pulser has he fires off a blue trident made of energy forwards, this attack deals decent damage while also having a lot of start and end lag so be careful when using this move.

Up Special: Light Portal - Strafe will make a portal of light above himself and jump through it as he ends up on the closest platform to him.

Down Special: Power of Spectrum Laser Disruption - Strafe crosses his arms as he then throws them both out to his sides launching a ball of light forwards as it then stops and expands upwards forming a danger zone that will harm any foe that walks into it, you can have 3 of these out at once and each one will disappear after 7 seconds.

Fan Finisher: Light Arrow - Strafe will form a sharp shard of light in his hands as he proceeds to throw it straight forward, striking through enemies as this finisher deals a lot of damage and knockback, sending the foes flying.



An elegant Catonean lady with slight schizophrenia and an often cold-natured exterior, she rarely shows any type of emotions but deep down she is a caring person who truly loves the people that she holds close to her heart.

While she posses great power she also has her share of imperfections. Due to her schizophrenia, she sometimes has trouble communicating and talking to other people due to her slurring of words. Her and Unten haven't always been on good talking terms after a horrible mistake Unten made back in the day, but since then, they have both been on good terms and is now one Unten's best colleagues and friends as well.

Neutral Special: Oxidizing Bullets - Zerita raises her robot arm as she shoots out three fiery bullets that explode on impact, dealing heavy damage and knockback while also giving Zerita some recoil damage as well.

Side Special: Prolonged Claws - Zerita performs a jumping claw strike that she can perform three times on the ground, and once in the air, the damage that this at attack deals is the same no matter what.

Up Special: Tesla Rise - Zerita starts to generate electricity from beneath her feet as rises upwards and then shoots upwards in a flash of light.

Down Special: Bludgeoning Arm - Zerita rises her metal arm before slamming down on the ground extremely hard as it proceeds to bounce up grounded enemies and meteor smash aerial enemies as well. When Zerita uses this attack in the air, Zerita will propel herself upwards a little bit.

Fan Finisher: Catonean Instincts - Zerita slashes forwards with her claws sending everyone caught up to the sky as she then jumps upwards in a flash of light rapidly barraging the opponents with claw strikes and electric dashes as she then launches the caught foes to the ground as they bounce off the ground really high, ending this finisher.



Pickpocket was once a dastardly thief that has stolen countless riches from all across the Isle of Ima however through countless journeys and meeting many new friends and faces he eventually turned a new leaf and is now living life as a hero of Ima alongside his best pal widget and his sister Alessia.

Neutral Special: Swift Swipe - Pickpocket quickly swipes his dagger forwards as it creates a sharp projectile that goes through opponents and deals heavy shield damage.

Side Special: Spike String - Pickpocket takes out a string covered in tiny needles and rapidly swings it around, dealing good damage but low knockback.

Up Special: Rising Rapier - Pickpocket performs a rising uppercut with his dagger then plummets down as he stabs his blade into the ground causing huge damage and knockback.

Down Special: Graura Wheel - Pickpocket calls widget to his side as he glows green, turning into a shield that protects Pickpocket from damage, if used in the air the shield will drop and crush opponents who happen to be under it.

Fan Finisher: Longost Strike - Pickpocket and Widget fly off-screen as they start to dart around the stage, slashing at the on-stage fighters dealing a ton of damage, the fan finisher ends with widget turning into a shield as pickpocket rushes forwards towards the closest opponent, creating a devastating explosion that sends them away.



Millyrain is a Numeroid hailing from Numberlemonland which in on itself is located in an unknown part of the Fantendoverse.

She is known for being bubbly and kind to everyone she meets going as far as to protect everyone that's in danger even if it puts her at risk of death.

Neutral Special: Twin Nova - Millyrain shoots out a beam of dark and a beam of light that swivel around each other, when an opponent is hit by this attack they will bee stunned for a few seconds, if the b button is held this attack turns into a burst of energy that has a pretty wide field of reach.

Side Special: Fire Bowl - Millyrain equips both the Thermal and Olympus symbols and creates a ball of fire that she proceeds to roll on the ground like a bowling ball, it leaves behind a trail of fire in its wake.

Up Special: Chlorotoxin/Glacier Jet - Millyrain has 2 Up Specials one grounded and one aerial, for Chlorotoxin Millyrain equips the Coppice and Virulence symbols as she creates a stream of vines out of the palm of her hands, if these make contact with an opponent, they will be dragged back down to the ground dealing good damage but very poor knockback, then Glacier Jet has Millyrain equip the Verglas and Loch symbols as she creates a jet of cold air that propels her self upwards, this attack can be angled.

Down Special: Headache Wave - Millyrain will equip the Phrenic and Sonance symbols as she lets out a small shock wave that reverses a fighter's controls along with making assist trophies turn against the original summoner.

Fan Finisher: Finishng Light - Millyrain will equip the Unten and Heroforce symbols as she throws forth The Imperium Spear piercing any foe caught in the way, as she unleashes a torrent of light beams that deal great damage and knockback thus ending the finisher

Goldette new pallet


Goldette is a Chimera Android hailing from the quite dangerous place of Disaster Earth, made by a small team of amateur inventors her main purpose was to be more or less a bright and happy face amount a hostile world of rouge A.I, criminals and Cryptids.

However, 2 years after her creation warning of reawakened monsters was broadcasted all across Disaster Earth warning everyone to barricade and stay safe, but Goldette took it upon herself to ask her creators to be upgraded because she wanted to protect this planet and the people living on it.

Now she's a happy and bubbly android with weapons that are dangerous but Goldette isn't exactly combat savvy per se.

Neutral Special: Flame Below - Goldette will retract her hand into her arm turning it into a flamethrower, this attack can be angled up and down, aiming down will coat the ground in flames, lingering there for 10 seconds, anyone who steps on it will be delt damage.

Side Special: Storm Kick - Goldette's leg will glow a golden aura, if she hits an opponent with it she will perform a flurry of kicks into the foes chest, while this does deal massive damage, there is a 20% chance to fail and accidentally kick the ground, causing big recoil damage.

Up Special: Tesla-Coil - Goldette will create a whip of electric energy and swing it upwards using it to grapple on to the stage or to grab an opponent and pull them downwards.

Down Special: Static Pulse - Goldette sits on her knees as her monitor head turn to static, anyone who attacks her in this state will be stunned for 7 seconds as they are thoroughly wrapped in static-like goo.

Fan Finisher: Missile Rush - Goldette will retract both of her hands in as she unleashes a barrage of missiles onto the stage, dealing heavy damage and knockback to anyone who is hit by a missile



Redge is a half-human, half-demon hybrid and the son of Soul, the demonic avatar of lust, throughout his life, Redge grew to despise his mother because she slaughtered his father to make Redge's life even crueler and worse, this lead to him running away and living with the occult rockstar Lane.

Redge then learned about the KillGames and the fact that Soul was the champion of it, he reluctantly joined it excited at the prospect of potentially killing his mother.

He did just that but at the cost of one of his arms, but he eventually got a prosthetic limb with his cauterizer attached to it.

Gimmick: Feral Flames - after Redge uses his fan finisher he will gain a power boost for 30 seconds, if he is KO'ed before the boost runs out it will be gone.

Neutral Special: Hell Gun - Redge will hold his Cauterizer like a gun as he launches out a massive fireball that bowls down any opponents in the way of the attack.

Side Special: Hell Burst - Redge lets out a burst of flames from his Cauterizer that does great damage and pushes himself back a bit making it a pretty good horizontal recovery option.

Up Special: Inferno Palm - Redge performs a rising uppercut with his Cauterizer being sent up a fair distance, pressing the attack button again will have Redge swipe his other hand forwards as its engulfed in flames, sending him slightly higher.

Down Special: Flame Rush - Redge leaps forwards at the enemy slashing at them with his Cauterizer, dealing huge damage and knockback.

Fan Finisher: True Demon - Redge will enter his true demon form as he engulfs the entire stage in an inferno, this finisher ends with Redge doing a massive sweeping claw swipe sending foes away.


Bubbly. G

With a positive personality and the powers of bubble gum, Bubbly G. takes to the battleground! She is usually happy and loves befriending even enemies, but also likes to show off her abilities of shifting.

When she faces danger, she'll either try to make them a friend, or will beat them if they can't be befriended. She tries to do the former as much as possible.

Neutral B: Spyz - Bubbly G. transforms into her Spyz form as her hair charges up a fireball. The fireball grows with size and damage the more it is charged and can be shot out later once it has fully charged.

Side B: Osh'n - Bubbly G. transforms into her Osh'n form and performs her corkscrew attack forward while seemingly swimming through air. The move is multi-hit and sends opponents in the direction the move is headed.

Up B: Props - Bubbly G. transforms into her Props form as her hair propellers her upward. If an opponent is above her while the move is in use, they take multi-hit damage from the propeller.

Down B: Cirkit - Bubbly G. transforms into her Cirkit form and stomps the ground below her, creating an electric pile of bubble gum. Once this is placed down, she can perform the same action to release an electric shock from the gum that does multi-hit damage to opponent around it. Once the gum discharges, it disappears and another can be placed down.

Fan Finisher: Omra - Bubbly G. transforms into her Omra form and glares forward. Opponents caught in the glare are paralyzed still as she sinks into the ground through a shadow. She then appears behind the opponent and unleashes a strong slash attack with her hair, doing great damage to the opponent.



Leah Needlenam was once a crazed doctor that only cared about her well-being and a girl named X-Ray. She owned a hospital so that she could use it as an opportunity to inject various illnesses into her so that Leah could harvest her organs and replace the old ones with new ones.

She eventually underwent a personality change that lead her to living a semi-better life with her and X-Ray having a much better relationship with each other. Despite Leah's somewhat unstable nature, she has mostly recovered from her more dark past and has actually started to have better relationships with the people she only thought of as tools beforehand.

Neutral B: Pill Bottle Throw - Leah cycles through three different pill bottles filled with various liquids. There are three different kinds she can throw to use in battle:

  • An orange bottle that is thrown forward. It leaves a pile of horrible liquid on the floor that damages those who walk through it. If it is thrown out and makes contact with an opponent, they slowly take damage.
  • A blue bottle that is thrown upward. It explodes at the peak of height, causing a good amount of fire damage to airborne foes.
  • A green bottle that is thrown downward. It breaks, revealing healing medicine that slowly heals those standing above it.

Side B: Needle Drive - Leah lunges forward with her needle, stabbing opponents in the way. If you are close to Leah while the move is being executed, the stab will cause a poisoning effect.

Up B: Hospital Bed Slam - Leah uses a miniature hospital bed similarly to a see-saw. She slams one side with her fists before being launched upward. If the B Button is pressed at the peak of height, she will perform a midair spin attack that poisons nearby opponents.

Down B: Needle Flask - A stat-boosting move that takes some time to start. Leah takes a sip from her needle finger, filled with beer. After some time, her drunken state gives her a stat boost that makes her attacks stronger for some time before the boost fades off.

Fan Finisher: Organ Steal - Leah transforms into her Boss Form from Dark Woods II: New Woods. She will then lunge forward with her organ-filled needle arm to impale the opponent. If it successfully hits, the opponent will take lots of damage. If the opponent is at 100% or higher and is hit, they are instantly KOed.



A strange species from the Spectroverse, the Thrusterhound is a predatory creature that is known for its hunting and speed. Having DNA discovered long before our universe was created, scientists are still baffled by this carnivore from the Spectroverse, a strange setting forming a ring around our own reality.

Thrusterhound is known for its speed in battle, allowing it to pull out moves fast. Its ability to inflame its jaw and shoot at jet power speed allows for strong attacks as well.

Neutral B: Smokescreen Spit - Thrusterhound spits smoke from it's mouth, creating a smoke cloud that not only does damage, but also blinds part of the battlefield. Try to lure your opponents into the smoke so that they don't see what you'll do next.

Side B: Flaming Jaw - The Thrusterhound leaps forward with it's jaw lit with fire. If it hits an opponent successfully, Thrusterhound will latch onto the opponent to bite them several times before jumping off. If the moves misses, Thrusterhound takes recoil damage.

Up B: Jet Fuel - A chargeable move that allows Thrusterhound to shoot upward with it's jet backside. When not fully charged, Thrusterhound floats upward gently with a flare coming from it's jet. When fully charged, Thrusterhound goes straight upward, creating a small explosion that does damage to nearby opponents once released.

Down B: Dog Daze - Thrusterhound steps around and lays on the ground, similarly to a dog. Thrusterhound will then doze off for a short period of time. During this time, it gains energy from it's shoulder cavity, boosting it's attack. Once it's attack is boosted, it wakes up.

Fan Finisher: Blue Flare - Thrusterhound transforms into it's Blue Flare form, gaining a blue coloration, a head crest, and a giant flare. It will then dash forward, hitting opponents in it's way. If anyone is hit, the captured opponent is taken into a cinematic inside the Spectroverse. Blue Flare Thrusterhound appears with other normal Thrusterhounds to unleash a fury or bites and scratches onto the opponent before finishing it off with a giant blast from Blue Flare Thrusterhound's jet, sending the opponent flying!



A mining robot hailing from an island-bound mne simply named 4.5, he along with his boyfriend Dragon Man, they were working in the mines until the evil Mine Man one day took Dragon Man and vowed to dismantle him no matter what.

The optimistic PalmMan wasn't having any of this so he sprung into action and made his way to where Mine Man was and took him out rescuing his boyfriend and bring peace to the mines once more.

Neutral B: NapalmMan PalmMan lobs a sticky ball of napalm that creates a small explosion on impact that deals decent damage, however it will stick to either the opponent or the floor depending on which one it comes into contact with first, then it will start to slowly damage the opponent for 5 seconds or the napalm will hurt any foes that walk over it if it is on the floor.

Side B: Flamethrower - PalmMan will raise up his arm cannon and expel, a stream of blue fire that can be angled, this attack deals a ton of damage, has good reach and has good frame data, however, you will not be able to move while performing this attack.

Up B: Ghost Engine - PalmMan will go transparent as his jumping capabilities are increased by 2.5x to what they normally are, making this a safe and reliable recovery.

Down B: Hour Glass Battle - PalmMan will take out a large hourglass as it pulls the closest opponent to them as it traps them inside the hourglass itself, then after all is said and done then the hourglass will shrink as it turns into a throwable item, you can either toss it off the stage for an easy kill, or you can toss it at the ground to have it explode, dealing a large amount of damage.

Fan Finisher: Burning Storm - PalmMan will raise his glowing fingers to the sky as a storm forms around the battlefield causing lighting to strike down in the background, then PalmMan will create a massive orb of napalm and shoot it, into the storm as it scatters all across the battlefield engulfing it in explosions, that's when this finisher will end.

Pesh Victory


Pesh was a kid that was always fascinated with medieval age knights and was hoping to become a knight one day, but he got into a bad accident that left a giant scar on his forehead, leading him to wear an iron helmet to conceal it due to him feeling embarrassed by his scar, but he eventually grew out of this mindset when he got older since his scar disappeared when he was a teenager but he kept the helmet as a souvenir. His helmet ended up attracting his future girlfriend Pashie which was also his childhood friend.

Pesh is often a quite clever fellow that will risk his life for his friends and family because he has a heart of gold and wants to protect them at all cost.

Neutral B: Sword Boomerang - Pesh throws his swords forwards as it travels a good distance before returning to him, this attack deals 2 hits if fully connected and both hits deal pretty good damage overall.

Side B: Hazzie Toss - Pesh throws out a random colored hazzie that latches on to an enemy dealing multiple hits of damage as well as giving health back to Pesh as well.

Up B: Grapple Hilt - Pesh raises his sword up as the hilt and blade become detached as a long rope is revealed, the blade pierces the stage as it quickly pulls Pesh up to safety, this attack can also be used on opponents as a good combo starter or to mess up their recovery.

Down B: Pesh Blocker - Pesh will put his arms up in an x shape as he guards. If he is hit by a physical attack he will quickly pull out his sword and perform 3 slashes at the opponent dealing good damage as this counter sends them away.

Fan Finisher: Team Up - Pesh calls in Pashi for assistance as they both proceed to grab the closest opponent and begin to strike them rapidly with their swords, then the duo will perform a final dashing slash, sending the caught foes away.


Stages are what battles take place on, each one has their own layouts, stage hazards, and gimmicks tied to them.

Zeon Remnants

This stage takes place on Unten's now destroyed home planet of Zeon, a desert-like planet rich in resources and life, however, Doomulus Grime brought upon Armaggedon by destroying the terrestrial world using a massive world-destroying drill, killing many of the planet's inhabitants, while also leaving dozens stranded on the rubble.

The stage's layout consists of 2 medium-sized rocks with little platforms attached to each with a larger rock housing 2 more platforms and one on a track orbiting the rock.


This stage takes place in the spectroverse, a biome consisting of scorched cliffs, burnt organ-shaped tree that bleed a red-colored sap, and houses Kaiju-sized alien birds called Phendropteryxs and plants that produce meat and organic organs for the beasts to feast on.

The stage's layout is a flat plane that has a slight curve to it, the main hazards are the Phendropteryxs, they'll occasionally fly from out of the backgrond to attack the player, these count as stage bosses so when defeated by a player it will give them an extra point in timed battles or an extra stock in stock matches.


Items come in all shapes and sizes, each one could alter the battle in mear moments or some could just make the battle more fun


Crimson Flower

The Crimson Flower bears a striking resemblance to the fire flower in looks and overall utility, however, what makes the Crimson Flower different is when ingested the fighters will gain a crimson red vine at the end of each of their attacks, dealing an extra bit of damage.
Horns of a Bull

Bull Horns

Bull Horns debuted in BowieQuest as an item players that allows them to perform a dash attack that also gave them protection from enemies when they're dashing, in this game its no different, however, the item can deal damage to opponents that are above a person with the horns equipped, either by landing on them or the player jumping directly under an opponent.

Rage Soda

Rage Soda is an item that first debuted in KillGames, as a drink that's been infused with cocaine and crystal meth giving anyone added strength and speed when they drink it, however, after the effect wears off the opponent's controls will be reversed due to them getting a massive headache after drinking it.
FinisherOrb Victory

Finisher Orb

Finisher Orbs are orbs of light that, when broken gives the player access to their fan finisher, the fan finishers are different depending on which fighter it is.

Summoner Orb

Summoner Orbs are hard blue stone balls that when picked up summon a random assist character to help in battle, there are multiple variations to the summoner orb each one summoning a different class of assists.

  • Normal Orb - Blue with a hard and crystal-like exterior
  • Kotomo Orb - Green and Blue with the Kotomo Series symbol inside it
  • Spectroverse Orb - Purple and Orange with the reflection of a Generic looking monster alien inside it
  • Gummi Orb - Red and Turquoise with a boxy shape and squishy texture
  • Slimebound Orb - Seafoam Green and Pale Yellow with a slimey and cold looking exterior
  • ForMonsters Orb - Jet Black with Strange red markings with a rhombus like a shape and burning sensation when touched

Flavor Sprites

Flavor Sprites debuted in the game Sugar Cannon, in that game they almost acted like power-ups in a way by giving the player character extra means of attacking, in Fantendo Smash Bros. Radiant players can unlock different flavors sprites to equip onto characters as extra permanent weapons to use in battle, even if you get KO'ed you will not lose them.



The Cherry Flavor Sprite, when equipped to a fighter, will fire off cherry bombs at an ark every 10 seconds, even though they don't deal too much damage they do cover a wide area


The Mint Flavor Sprite, when equipped to a fighter, will let off a small flash bang stunning any opponent who gets caught in it, for 7 seconds, however, this has horrible frame data and comes out slow so it's pretty easy to avoid but its devastating when it lands.


The Banana flavor sprite, when equipped to a player will constantly throw banana peels on the ground for opponents to trip over, however other opponents can also use these banana peels against the user of the banana sprite so watch out for that.


The Coffee flavor sprite, when equipped the coffee sprite will infuse the user with caffeine, making them run faster but their controls more slippery making things more dangerous if its a stage full of death pits.

Birthday Cake

The Birthday Cake flavor sprite, when equipped will start to throw puddles of frosting that trap opponents preventing them from escaping for a few seconds, however, these globs can take damage and will disappear after being hit enough.


The Cookie flavor sprite, when equipped will start to roll cream-filled cookies on the stage burying anyone that's caught by the cookie, however, just like the cake sprites frosting, the cookies can be destroyed rather easily. 


When equipped, the gummy flavor sprite will periodically shoot out bouncing gummies that when they make contact with an opponent will spike them, tho this is only at mid to high percents.



When equipped, the strawberry flavor sprite will periodically shoot out a short burst of seeds that deals multi-flinching damage to an opponent, however the damage and knockback of this attack is pitiful.


When equipped, the chocolate flavor sprite will shoot out zig-zagging pieces of chocolate in waves of 3, while this attack has a good spread, it is quite easy to avoid and the projectiles themselves aren't all that fast.


When equipped, the vanilla flavor sprite will periodically shoot out beams of vanilla extract, they're thin and travel out fast but when the sprite uses this attack it cant move with the player until the attack is finished.


When equipped, the caramel flavor sprite will shoot out cubed caramel that will melt on the ground that when an opponent steps on one of the puddles they'll have their speed cut in half, these puddles cant be destroyed however the cubes do take a few seconds to melt completely so opponents might take this time to reflect or destroy the cubes before the puddles form.


When equipped, the honey flavor sprite will periodically shoot out a wall of honeycombs that deal no damage but cause great knockback and provide a good defense for the user who has the sprite equipped, however, the walls have a ton of start lag and while the area of cover the walls provide is great, they can still be quite easy to avoid.

Summoner Orb Characters

Summoner Orb Characters are characters that help assist players in battle when they might be in a tough spot, there are many that can appear randomly and each one has their own attacks and behavior



Tweeky (also known as the Bog Leech) is a being made of spewage that happens to look like a feature-less beorn, one with no eyes, ears, or nose, just a mouth and an eye on the end of a white and black tongue.

Tweeky once followed Unten to confront the spewage beast and the silent one, while unfortunately getting absorbed by the beast itself thus being killed.

When summoned tweeky will run around the stage trying to gobble up any fighters in its path, if it manages to catch an opponent that has 100% damage or higher it will be an instant KO


Bomb Fairy

Bomb Fairies are elusive insect-like creatures that store heat in their bodies internally, with this they can conjure up explosions to deal damage to their victims, not very powerful explosions mind you but explosions none the less.

When summoned the Bomb Fairy will fly to the nearest opponent and kiss them on the forehead, stunning them as they are launched by an explosion that deals low damage but high knockback

Kotomo Summons

Kotomo are the creatures who inhabit the many regions of the planet Rinnietta, trainers can tame them to either use them in battles or just to be their best friends



Kilikilo, a Water/Electric Kotomo is know for having skin and scales that are entirely transparent, rendering its interior completely visible through its body. Living off of microscopic glowing algae, Kilikilo can generate both light and electricity through its nervous system, resulting in it glowing like a lightbulb. Its skull is the only true bone in its body, leading to its bizarrely macabre appearance resembling a skeletonized fish.

When Summoned, Kilikilo will swim around the stage and charge into targets with its electrified body



Clustrop, the Plant/Melee Kotomo is a passive Kotomo that floats through the jungle capturing food and opponents in its thorny vines. It has a distinct visual and genetic similarity to Marmossus, leading researchers at Verdacorp to theorize that Clustrop is in fact an example of Darwinian evolution in Heiwana, the differences between the two primarily relating to their home environments.

When Summoned, Clustrop gently floats around the stage, hanging its vines down as they snag up opponents, when it floats over a pit, the vines will release the opponent, putting them in a free fall ultimately spelling their doom



Gigapagos, a Water/Earth type Kotomo are most commonly seen at about the size of a human being, but given enough time, they can grow to absolutely colossal sizes.

They require very little sustenance compared to their relative bulk, primarily subsisting off of water. The spike that protected its original form has widened into a dish with a thin membrane, which pools water and drains it into Gigapagos's system.

When Gigapagos is summoned, it will stand in place and start stomping, causing stage wide earthquakes tripping and damaging opponents greatly, if a fighter stands near a Gigapagos when this is happening they will be buried

ForMonster Summons


Gummi Squad Summons


Spectroverse Summons


Slimebound Summons




Trivia and Developer Notes

  • This is a reboot of Empress Scarlet's previous attempt at a Fantendo Smash Bros. game, Fantendo Smash Bros. Battleground
  • there are many more modes, characters, items and stages that will be brought to this page, stay tuned for all that and more
  • 5 guest characters from already existing games are are being planned, try and guess who they are in the comments section


  • This game has been mostly inspired by CrakaboLazy4090's page Fantendo Smash Bros. Something
  • CrakaboLazy4090 also helped a ton with fixing the formatting on the page as well
  • Many moves have been taken from Erictom's Fantendo Smash game, Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (Erictom333), Erictom also made the infobox for this game
  • ValkyriePyra for giving feedback on ideas, coming up with ideas for some future ones, and giving the go-ahead on creative decisions, like the name of the kotomo planet or the fact that she allowed a lot of her older characters to have completely new stuff written for them.
  • TheWikiOddish for making with Leah, Thrusterhound and Bubbly G's movesets along with many others since battleground was a collab and the creator of this page wanted to reuse some movesets from there
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