Dr. Sonny
Sonny FSBO
Original Character Sunnyscythe
Availability Unlockable
Home Stage TBA!
Special Traits Gliding
Omega Technique Hallucinogen

Dr. Sonny Scythe was revealed as a playable character on April 23rd, 2017. His involvement in the story has not yet been revealed, but it can be assumed that it's relatively major.

Dr. Sonny can be unlocked by completing Disc ??? Chapter ??? in Alpha and Omega.


One of the Bloody Cardinal in the Twisted Cross, albeit the lowest ranking one; pretty much everyone else in the Cross agrees that somebody as immature and self-entitled as Dr. Sonny Scythe cannot be allowed to rise any higher in the rankings, but they cannot deny that he is talented enough to warrant being that high to begin with. As the Cross' top chemist and a surgeon with a knack for stitches, Sonny's MO is tricking his opponents into thinking he's an unstoppable monster using a combination of hallucination-inducing aerosols and a seemingly infinite supply of props. Even with his terrifying disguise taken away, though, he is still capable of weaponizing those props when needed, with very dangerous results.



Special Moves

Attack Description
FSBOWordArt NeutralSpecial
Sonny pulls a flamethrower out from the depths of his costume and fires it forwards. Like the move it was inspired by, the flamethrower can be fired continuously, but if used for too long, it will begin to rapidly weaken and shrink in size.
FSBOWordArt SideSpecial
Sonny unveils a strobe light and uses a bright flash from it to disorient an enemy directly in front of him, rendering them stunned and unable to move. The attack can be charged to increase its range.
FSBOWordArt UpSpecial
Sonny straps into a jetpack and blasts himself upwards. Enemies directly under him during liftoff can be meteor smashed by the blast. Sometimes, the jetpack will "misfire" to launch him even farther upwards and deal even more damage.
FSBOWordArt DownSpecial
Sonny raises his fake head in front of his body for a brief moment, as if he's about to headbutt the enemy. If he is struck in this state, his disguise absorbs all the knockback from the enemy's attack, albeit at the cost of breaking his disguise. Sonny can retaliate immediately after "Endure" absorbs an attack.
If Sonny uses his Down Special while his disguise is broken, he will pull out a needle and thread and begin to fix it. If he's using "Endure" too much, the amount of time it takes for him to fix it will increase.
FSBOWordArt OmegaTech
Sonny disperses hallucinogens into the air around him, causing enemies to perceive his costume as something nightmarish. While the enemies are under the effects of the hallucinogen, Sonny's power and knockback are increased. Additionally, he appears as a shadowy monster with no attack animations or effects, meaning Sonny's enemies are reliant solely on prediction to evade his attacks.


  • Up Taunt: Sonny's glasses slip off his "face," revealing the lack of eyes underneath. He quickly raises a hand to push them back into position.
  • Side Taunt: Sonny lies on the ground and rolls around while chanting "Pichuuu!", copying Pichu's taunt from Melee.
  • Down Taunt: Sonny dances from side to side, causing his fake head to wobble haphazardly. The head movement is much more erratic if he uses it with his disguise broken.

Victory Poses

  • Sonny laughs maniacally as he sets the ground around him on fire with his flamethrower.
  • Sonny's disguise breaks, causing his fake head to go lopsided. He panics and begins trying to fix it.
  • Sonny changes into a disguise based off of the character in 2nd place and does an atrocious impersonation of their voice.



  • Several of Sonny's Special Attacks are named after actual moves and abilities from the Pokemon franchise.
  • The idea for Sonny's Side Special, "Flash", was suggested by CrunchTime420 (tbc).
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