Dr. Mingyu
Mingyu FSBO
Original Character Mingyu Li
Availability Unlockable
Home Stage TBA!
Special Traits Super Armor
Omega Technique Exa-Mingyu

Dr. Mingyu Li was revealed as a playable character on February 13th, 2018. His involvement in the story has not yet been revealed, but it can be assumed that it's relatively major.

Dr. Mingyu can be unlocked by completing Disc ??? Chapter ??? in Alpha and Omega.


The quiet and calculating psychologist who serves as the third-in-command of the Twisted Cross. Once upon a time, Dr. Mingyu Li was just a regular human. But in December, after the existence of alternate realities was made public alongside Mynis' adventures in the New Fantendoverse, he was assigned to lead the Cross' expeditions into these Alternate Fantendoverses. While exploring a seemingly abandoned hyperspace, he happened on vast quantities of EX Energy, and experienced its incredible effects firsthand. After purging it from his system, he managed to transport it back to the Cross' base in Omega Prime, where he has been studying it ever since. Though EX Energy has been pivotal in the Cross' ultimate plan, constant exposure to it over the course of a month has caused Dr. Mingyu to undergo a unique "slow burn" version of the mutation normally caused by EX overdosing. Though his appearance is corrupted, he is still only about a foot or two taller than he once was, and his constant craving for meat has yet to develop into outright cannibalism.

With the Cross' ultimate plan coming to fruition, Mingyu and EX Energy are needed now more than ever. Nobody knows when he'll be pushed to the breaking point. And on top of that, the final inhabitant of the hyperspace seems to have followed him into Omega Prime...



Special Moves

Attack Description
FSBOWordArt NeutralSpecial
Vortex Palm / Copy Ability
Dr. Mingyu raises his hand forward, creating a vacuum that draws in enemies. When they get close enough, he automatically grabs them. Pressing the attack button with a grabbed enemy causes Mingyu to throw them forwards for low damage, while pressing down or the special button will cause him to absorb their power, granting him a Copy Ability and causing the markings on his coat to match the color scheme of the victim, before dropping them.
When Mingyu has a Copy Ability, using his Neutral Special will instead cause him to replicate the copied character's Neutral Special. Using any Taunt will cause Mingyu to drop the Copy Ability.
FSBOWordArt SideSpecial
Dr. Mingyu raises one fist and slams it into the ground, creating a slow-moving forwards wave of energy that knocks struck enemies into the air.
FSBOWordArt UpSpecial
Shooting Star
After a very brief pause, Dr. Mingyu dashes upwards a short distance while bathing himself in an aura of harmful energy. Pressing the control stick in a different direction will cause him to dash in that direction instead.
FSBOWordArt DownSpecial
Black Hole
Dr. Mingyu opens his mouth unusually wide, inhaling incoming projectiles to restore his own health and tugging enemies towards him slightly.
FSBOWordArt OmegaTech
Dr. Mingyu injects EX Energy into his system, causing him to grow to massive size and retreat to the foreground. During this state, the player controls a crosshair with the control stick. Pressing the standard attack button causes him to slam his fists against the stage in the general area of the crosshair, while pressing the special button causes him to fire a large laser directly at the crosshair. After enough time has elapsed, Mingyu transforms back to normal and returns to the stage.


  • Up Taunt: Dr. Mingyu roars at the sky.
  • Side Taunt: Dr. Mingyu forms a star in one hand before crushing it and saying "Come on, then."
  • Down Taunt: Dr. Mingyu cracks his knuckles with enough force to cause a miniature shockwave.

Victory Poses

  • Dr. Mingyu digs into a comically oversized meat-on-the-bone, giving the camrea an irritated look as he does so.
  • Dr. Mingyu examines a half-emptied canister of EX Energy while saying "What a waste of Energy..."
  • A giant Dr. Mingyu grabs the camera and slowly crushes it in his hand.



  • One unusual Easter Egg is that Dr. Mingyu's attacks deal a small amount of extra damage to certain characters, reflecting EX Energy's harmful effect on those characters. The list of characters affected by this is as follows:
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