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Fantendo Smash Bros. Omega is a multiplayer fighting game released for the V², and the first Fantendo Smash Bros. game set in Omega Prime. It follows Mynis and company in their struggle to defeat the Twisted Cross. It differentiates itself from other Fantendo Smash Bros. titles on the V² with its accessory system and generally more lighthearted mood.

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The general gameplay, of course, is visibly very similar to Super Smash Bros. Characters can perform Standard attacks and Special attacks, with Standard attacks usually following the same basic formulas but also being easier to combo with and Special attacks nearly always being unique to the character but also being more specific to certain situations. Characters can also Shield against incoming attacks or Dodge them altogether. The game does not have "health" that must be depleted, and attacking an enemy instead raises their damage counter. The more damage you've taken, the father you'll fly when attacked. Being knocked a certain distance off of the screen will cause you to lose a stock. The player with the most stocks remaining by the end of a given match is the winner.


At the start of battle, players can select up to three Accessories to wear. As well as changing the selected character's visual appearance, Accessories also let players fine-tune their characters' stats and abilities to cover their weaknesses or amplify their strengths. Certain accessories can even give characters new abilities like wall jumping or tether grabbing.

Codec Conversations

Codec Conversations are a phenomenon borrowed from previous Super Smash Bros. and Fantendo Smash Bros. titles. By inputting the Down Taunt command for exactly one frame (1/60th of a second), certain characters can engage in conversations with another character about their opponents. More information about Codec Conversations can be found here!

Game Modes

Versus Mode

This mode is devoted exclusively to competitive multiplayer modes, and serves as the main focus of the game. Play against up to seven others at once in Local Smash, link up with three other consoles on the other side of the world in Online Smash!

Local Smash and Online Smash

The primary mode of the game, in which a group of players or NPCs face off against each other in highly customizable battles! This mode can be played either locally with eight players maximum, or online between four different consoles.

Community Poll

An online-only mode heavily inspired by Super Smash Bros. 4's Conquest mode and the Splatoon series' Splatfest. This mode consists of themed competitions in which players pick a side corresponding to an opinion, and then battle against the other to see which opinion is the most popular. After 24 hours, the victories are tallied and the winning side is determined! Community Poll cutscenes are stylized as online video blog posts and are hosted by Claire and Ronnie. A list of all of the Community Polls can be found here!

Story Mode

This mode contains a wide selection of campaigns for 1-2 players to embark through together. Experience the main story of the game in Alpha and Omega, or try something completely different and definitely not canon in Self-Insertions!

Alpha And Omega

The Twisted Cross' sins are starting to pile up, and a warning from a clueless Claire pushes Dr. Needlenam to set her plans for Earth into motion immediately out of paranoia. Meanwhile, fighters from across Earth and beyond are drawn by heroism, vengeance, desire, or mere fate to the Cross' headquarters...

Alpha and Omega is the main story mode of the game, which follows the cast of the Mynisverse during the rise and fall of the Twisted Cross. A full synopsis of Alpha and Omega can be found here!


The Self-Insertions are an array of short "alternative" story modes. One Self-Insertion exists for each character, and briefly retells a special story Fantendo Smash Bros. Omega written about the chosen character, from the perspective of the chosen character by the chosen character. Summaries of each character's Self-Insertion can be found on their page.


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Like in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, all stages have Omega versions (get it?), which causes the chosen stage's layout to transform into that of the flat Prodigy's Memories stage.


Names Description
Prodigy's Memories The "Final Destination" of FSBO. This perfectly flat stage has a backdrop that cycle through locations from Mynis' past, including Zeon, Toronto, the Wasteland, and even a few memorable spots he visited from his time in the New Fantendoverse.
The Traveller plays on this stage.
Claire's Apartment A smallish stage set in the apartment of Claire MacBeth, as well as on its roof.
Sweet Talkin' Woman plays play on this stage.
Route 410 A highway leading out of Toronto. (Okay, technically this isn't a real highway. But Beorns aren't real either!) All the combat on this stage takes place on top of a truck and the vehicles that pass by. Falling off and hitting the pavement will damage you.
Thunderstruck plays on this stage.
Tifft Manor The Tifft family mansion, on the outskirts of Toronto.
Owner of a Lonely Heart plays on this stage.
The Wasteland A huge scrapyard on the site of an country-sized nuclear explosion in the heart of North America.
Wasted Sunsets plays on this stage.
Independence Casino A popular resort near the heart of Noah, and the secret base of operations of Britt Independence.
Calling America plays on this stage.
Grimeworks Factory Doomulus Grime's base of operations on Zeon, now nothing more than a memory.
Barracuda plays on this stage.


Names Description
The Other's Castle The fortress of The Other, located at the very center of the Wasteland.
Private Life plays on this stage.


Twisted Cross Labs One of the many laboratories located within the Twisted Cross' headquarters.
Tainted Love plays on this stage.


The Hangar The sprawling warehouse where the Cross stores vehicles and weapons in preparation for something big...
Man Made plays on this stage.


Cosmic Odyssey This stage is set on top of a swarm of escape pods flying away from a now-destroyed Zeon. The platforms will slowly move in random positions as the battle progresses, but aside from that, it is completely devoid of any stage hazards. Just mind your footing!
Space Age Love Song plays on this stage.



A list of the equippable Accessories can be found here!


Track Usage
The Traveller
A Flock Of Seagulls
Vs. Stage: Prodigy's Memories
Sweet Talkin' Woman
Electric Light Orchestra
Vs. Stage: Claire's Apartment
Vs. Stage: Route 410
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Vs. Stage: Tifft Manor
Wasted Sunsets
Deep Purple
Vs. Stage: The Wasteland
Calling America
Electric Light Orchestra
Vs. Stage: Independence Casino
Vs. Stage: Grimeworks Factory
Private Life
Oingo Boingo
Vs. Stage: The Other's Castle
Tainted Love
Soft Cell
Vs. Stage: Twisted Cross Labs
Man Made
A Flock of Seagulls
Vs. Stage: The Hangar
Space Age Love Song
A Flock of Seagulls
Vs. Stage: Cosmic Odyssey

Track Usage
Stand Up and Shout
Story Stages
Weird Science
Oingo Boingo
Story Boss: Dr. Needlenam
On The Outside
Oingo Boingo
Story Boss: Xerox
Little Guns
Oingo Boingo
Story Boss: Dr. Mingyu
Dead Man's Party
Oingo Boingo
Story Boss: ???
Perfect System
Oingo Boingo
Story Boss: Aran
Only A Lad
Oingo Boingo
Story Boss: Dr. Sonny
Home Again
Oingo Boingo
Story Boss: Pixel
Deep Purple
Story Boss: The Dragon (Incomplete)
Story Boss: The Dragon (Complete)
Holy Diver
Story Boss: Doomulus Grime
Under Pressure
Queen / David Bowie


  • The Self-Insertion Story Mode was inspired by the If stories in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors, one of the first games the author (tbc) received a physical copy of and one of their favorite fighting games to this day.

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