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Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil is a non-canonical entry to the Fantendo Smash Bros. series, made by OwtheEdgehog (tbc) (who goes by the name, The Knife, when creating games) and released for The V². As a way to celebrate Fantendo's eleventh anniversary, this game was made and presented on the Fan11 showcase on Day 3, where following April 21, 2018, sign-ups began. Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil retains some of the mechanics seen in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory (dodging and countering, breakers, move staleness, rage damage, and super damage return), while introducing a few new mechanics.

Unlike other Fantendo Smash Bros. games, Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil has no form of Finisher Spheres/Finisher Moves and are replaced with the usage of Hyper Orbs. As such, the special movelist only consist of neutral, side, up and down specials.

Here's the blog to the sign-ups, I guess.


Since Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil is a Fantendo Smash Bros. game, the gameplay is similar to that of the Super Smash Bros. series' gameplay. Characters have a variety of moves to use while on the ground and in the air. Using these moves, they have to knock the opponent off the stage for them to lose a stock or a point depending on what match rules are applied. With just a tap of a button, the move can be performed, and inputting the direction given would cause the character to do a different move which normally hits in the direction inputted.

New to the game is the ability to turn into your Hyper Form at will using Hyper Orbs. This can be done at any time, even at the very start of the battle. After usage, a cooldown period ranging from 12-45 seconds. Though the player can use it again during this cooldown, it will instead turn the player into their Nega Form, severely nerfing them and will cause them to stay in that form until the cooldown period ends.

Game Modes

Arcade Tower
Your typical single-player arcade ladder, where the player advances through battle to battle, culminating to a final battle with an unnamed final boss at the end. Before each match, a special effect determined by the roulette will be added to the player and their opponents (which can be enabled or disabled).

Your typical up-to-four-players mode, where you select your own character and duke it out on a stage. You can change the battle options here, like making it a Free-for-All, Team or Tag-Team Match, choose the time limit and stocks you start with during a match, increase or decrease the knockback ratio, enable or disable items, etc.

Kolorb-Ball Kickout
Two teams of two characters battle it out in a soccer game, with the Kolorb-Ball acting as the soccer ball, which they must use their attacks to slam it into the opposing teams' goal net to score a goal. Players can choose which variant of the Kolorb-Ball that can be played during the game. The first to reach a desired number of goals wins the game.

Eight to thirty-six players battle it out in a tournament bracket, going up the bracket by winning battles. You can even host an online tournament for strangers to join and participate in!

Up to two players make their way through an endless parade of enemies, CPU controlled characters, and sometimes bosses themselves! It does not end until all players get K.Oed even once.

Zilch Run

Similar to Smash Run from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, four players spawn in a huge map with enemies spawning in as well. Defeating enemies will cause them to drop some power-ups for your stats (Attack, Defense, Speed, Jump, Special, and Arms) or occasionally some items. After about three minutes, a special event will happen, which ranges from finding a hidden treasure chest, all power-ups dropped by enemies are increased, a rare enemy or a boss will spawn on the map, etc. At the end, all players will face against each other on a random stage with an added effect determined by the roulette, and the last one standing will win!

Here is a list of power-ups players can obtain:
  • Attack increases the power of all standard attacks.
  • Speed increases walking speeds, dashing speeds, air speeds. This also decreases the start-up and ending lag of attacks.
  • Defense decreases the amount of knockback taken (hence also increasing flinch resistance), and increases the durability of the fighter's shield.
  • Jump increases the heights of single jumps, double jumps, wall jumps, and falling speed.
  • Special increases power of all special attacks, and gives them more range or decreased charge time.
  • Arms increases power of item and projectile attacks, and throws. Also increases the range a character can grab and the amount healed by healing items


During a match, items will spawn on the battlefield, where players can pick them up and use them. Consumables will be eaten and beneficial effects will occur, throwing items can be picked up and thrown, battering items can also be picked up and used as a melee weapon, and other items have unique effects.

Item Biography

Summoner Orb
Summoner Orbs can, hence its name, summon other characters to assist the summoner passively or aggressively. To see all the assist characters, click here.

Origin: Fantendo All-Stars Racing


Untencakes are cute, chocolate-flavored cupcakes that are designed after our favorite blue beorn's face. These can be consumed to recover 5% health.

NetnucakeVictory.pngTeuncakeVictory.pngLogiacakeVictory.pngMyniscakeVictory.pngXerracakeVictory.pngUntinacakeVictory.png RetencakeMisc.pngWurmcakeMisc.png RegimecakeMisc.png
There are other variations of the Untencake based on other beorns; Netnu, Teun, Logia, Mynis, Xerra, Untina, Reten, Wurm and Doomulus Regime. They recover less or more health than a normal Untencake.

  • Netnucake - Heals 6% health. Vanilla flavored.
  • Teuncake - Heals 3% health. Raspberry flavored.
  • Logiacake - Heals 7% health. Bran flavored.
  • Myniscake - Heals 4% health. Dark chocolate flavored.
  • Xerracake - Heals 8% health. Strawberry flavored.
  • Untinacake - Heals 5% health. Chocolate flavored.
  • Retencake - Heals 5.5% health. Orange flavored.
  • Wurmcake - Heals 4.5% health. Oreo flavored.
  • Regimecake - Heals 9% health. Blueberry flavored.

Origin: Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory


Corrupted Core
Corrupted Cores are odd power cores that are corrupted by some strange energy. It floats about when spawned, and when sustaining enough damage (about 75%), it explodes in a powerful explosion, launching characters far. This explosion covers a fourth of the stage. Corrupted Cores are one of the few items used during a Sudden Death match, where they are activated the second they appear in the stage.

Origin: Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered


Blumps are fruits native to Zeon, which, along with having a sweet yet tangy watery taste to them, have the ability to unlock a user's inner latent powers when eaten. In Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory and in Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil, these fruits give the user invulnerability to a single hit when eaten.

Origin: Fissure (2014)


Glistening Blumps
Glistening Blumps are the same as Blumps, as they give the user's inner latent powers when eaten, but also turns them gold in color. In Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory and in Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil, the Glistening Blump turns the characters gold-colored and gives them boosted stats and knock-back protection, as well as heavier weight.

Origin: Fissure (2014)


Keinz Colored Ketchup
Keinz Colored Ketchups are bottles of ketchup with unusual colors featuring many Fantendoverse characters on them.

There are other variations of Keinz Colored Ketchups based on other Fantendoverse characters; Leah, PalmMan, Rachel Harel, Sakeena, Strafe, Valerie and Reten, that cause different effects when consumed.

  • Leah Purple: TBA
  • PalmMan Green: TBA
  • Rachel Red: TBA
  • Sakeena Silver: TBA
  • Strafe Teal: TBA
  • Valerie Gold: TBA
  • Crow Black: TBA
  • Reten Orange: TBA

Origin: FantendoQuest



Origin: Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

KolorbBallVictory Original.png

Kolorb Ball
Kolorb-Balls are objects that can be knocked around with attacks, similar to the Soccer Ball item from the Super Smash Bros. series. Depending on how strong the attack is, the farther and faster it is sent flying, and the stronger it is, dealing massive damage and knockback when hit by a strong attack.

KolorbBallVictory Magma.pngKolorbBallVictory Lightning.pngKolorbBallVictory Earth.png
There are other variations of the Kolorb Balls that have different effects than the original.

  • Red - Spews magma over the field, knocking players away from effected areas.
  • Yellow - Can electrocute players at it's fastest speeds. Projectiles are the safest way to hit it.
  • Green - Creates vines trailing out from it, allowing players to grab it and swing it.

Origin: Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory


Chococherries create a duplicate of the user. They share the same damage percent as the user, and can die as well by being knocked into a blast-line like a normal player character.

Origin: Super Bunea World

Bug Milk
Bug Milk shrinks the user who drinks it, making them a puny midget. In this shrunken form, attacks do less damage but the player's hitbox becomes smaller, allowing them to dodge attacks much better. They also become somewhat faster.

Origin: Dark Woods

ManaFruit Victory.png

Mana Fruit
Mana Fruits recover half of a character's damage percentage health when consumed.

Origin: Fantendo Sports Resort

Potion Stardew.png

Stardew Potion
Stardew Potions recovers all of the player's health when consumed...mostly. As they have to drink it all down first, this leaves them open to attacks, and after being attacked, they drop the potion. After being dropped four times, the potion breaks and despawns.

Origin: FantendoQuest

Pushy MaleVictory.png
Pushy FemaleVictory.png

Pushies are used to push opponents away for slight damage. The player can ride on them to float around as well. Fast-moving Pushies are one of the few items used in Sudden Death matches.

Pushy MaleVictory2.pngPushy MaleVictory3.png
Pushy FemaleVictory2.pngPushy FemaleVictory3.png
The item has different color schemes for both Male and Female versions, but just like those versions, they are merely aesthetic changes, and do not have any different effects.

Origin: Pusher's Pile

Mini-Val Bottle After breaking these fairy bottles, and if the Mini-Vals are still in play, when you are about to be K.Oed, the Mini-Vals save the player and safely places them on the main platform, and they leave afterwards (unless they are launched quicker than they expect). They also leave after 13.7 seconds.

Origin: Super Sweet Invader


Chocodices cause a random effect when rolled and it lands on a specific number. It either aids the user, hinders them, harms other players, etc.
  • 1 - Impossible to get, unless you hack, and it does nothing! Hooray!
  • 2 - Backfires on the user and leaves them with 999% damage.
  • 3 - Nothing happens.
  • 4 - One tiny fireball bounces out from the dice, dealing damage.
  • 5 - A patch of fire rises out from the dice, dealing rapid damage.
  • 6 - Explodes into blue explosions, dealing moderate damage and knockback.
  • 7 - Gives the user a random item.
  • 8 - Resets the dice use and deals damage through two spinning discs.
  • 9 - Ensnares enemies into a ball with thorns, gradually dealing 2%~5% damage to them.
  • 10 - A tentacle appears and swats away enemies for moderate damage and knockback.
  • 11 - Unleashes a fourth dimensional attack, dealing heavy damage.
  • 12 - Deals 999% damage to a random enemy and instantly K.Oing them with massive damage.

Origin: Super Bunea World

Horns of a Bull.png
Horns of a Bull
When you wear these, your dash attack is replaced with a head-butt attack that deals a ton of damage as well as negating attacks from above, which will just bounce off your character's head! They last only for a limited time before disappearing.

Origin: BowieQuest 2: Degree in Origami

Hell's Ramen Straight from Hisplit, this spicy ramen will cause you to spit fireballs from your mouth constantly for a few seconds, or charge up a stronger and bigger fireball to spit out. It is essentially the Superspicy Curry of the game.

Origin: Zaxinian Lifts; Hisplit

KPR Maxim Tomato.png
Maxim Tomato
Maxim Tomatoes recover 50% damage when consumed, or less when you take damage when you are recovering, as it "absorbs" the damage (ex, if you take 15% damage, you recover 35% damage instead).

Origin: Kirby's Dream Land

Status Effects

All status effects that can be inflicted on characters/enemies in Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil.

  • Burn: Characters are set on fire, leaving them to gradually take moderate damage. Lasts for four seconds.
  • Poison: Characters turn green and have green poison bubbles above them, leaving them to gradually take small damage rapidly. Lasts for seven seconds.
  • Frozen: Characters are trapped inside a chunk of ice. They cannot do anything when trapped, and need to mash the D-Pad to escape. They cannot suffer from knockback while inside though, so that's a positive side effect of this.
  • Stun: Characters appear in a dazed state, groaning. They cannot move, and the effect ends after a few seconds or after being attacked.
  • Sleep: Characters fall on the floor, snoozing away and motionless, so they can be attacked. This ends the effect, though, and waiting for a few seconds will end the effect too.
  • Paralysis: Characters stay in place for a few seconds before being affected by the move's knockback. They can be attacked before they are launched.

Playable Characters


TBA; reworking the icons.

Vanilla Characters

Character Biography

Being the quote-on-quote last Zeonian Beorn still alive in this current time, Unten Bluzen (pretty cool last name if I do say so myself) lived peacefully on his home planet, Zeon, prior to its destruction. Unten is a leader by obligation, and not by choice, and has to deal with a lot of stuff, and we mean by a lot of stuff. Dude has cool electrical attacks, and a blade called Imperium he uses in his attacks. He can also strip (demi-)gods from their power by Descending them.


  • Neutral Special - Electro Blast Orb: Unten charges a ball of electricity and launches it forward when the special button is tapped once more, or after storing the full charge, tapping the special button again. The ball explodes in an electrical explosion upon contact with anything, with the exception of fall-through platforms, dealing multiple hits.
  • Side Special - Imperium Toss: Unten tosses his blade, the Imperium, forward. It travels across the screen, can pierce through opponents, and does great shield damage. One can only appear in play, however, and it deals pathetic damage. Not to mention it only does hitstun.
  • Up Special - Lightning Strike: Unten blasts beneath him with electricity, giving him a short boost upwards. This is good for edgeguarding though, as it meteor smashes enemies, and creates a short-lived circle of electricity, which slightly damages enemies caught in it.
  • Down Special - Shockwaves: Unten slams his fist to the ground, creating sparks of electricity on each side of him, which does set knockback which allows Unten to follow up with something else, though it has a cooldown period so spamming with it is impossible by normal means.



Close friends with Unten, who the both of which thought the other was killed during Zeon's destruction, Zerita is a fierce one. A chaotic individual, Zerita does things for her own desires, though she still cares for loved ones. Just do not expect to win a fight with her that easily. She looks like she could mess me up a matter of seconds.


  • Neutral Special - Oxidizing Bullets: Three fiery bullets are fired from Zerita's arm, exploding upon contact with anything solid, with little knockback.
  • Side Special - Prolonged Claws: Zerita performs a jumping claw strike. Can perform this three times on the ground, and once in the air, though the damage of the attack is the same no matter what variation of the move is used.
  • Up Special - Telsa Rise: Zerita generates electricity from beneath her, and rises upwards with her electrified body at breakneck speeds.
  • Down Special - Bludgeoning Arm: Zerita rises her metal arm before bringing it down, bouncing grounded enemies and meteor smashing aerial enemies. In the air, Zerita rises a short distance upwards.



In contrast of the blue hero, Unten, Netnu is the red rival of him, and even his name is the backwards version of the former. What a great name, am I right, kids? Anyways, this dude has metal claws, and can generate flames as well. Fits with his red theme, to be honest.


  • Neutral Special - Grace of Flame: Similar to Bowser, Netnu creates a stream of flames forward, which decreases in length as it is continuously used. When not in use, it builds up more strength.
  • Side Special - Early Spatter Shot: An explosive charge that Netnu creates, which explodes halfway through its arc. The move also releases shrapnel that hurts enemies, so beware.
  • Up Special - Heat Wave: Aiming his arm cannon downwards, Netnu releases a burst of flames downwards, the recoil giving him a boost upwards. Similar to Grace of Flame, it builds up strength overtime when not in use, to the point where you can send this red dude very high upwards when you use this move again. The flame burst meteor smashes enemies, but at full strength, it is a strong spike.
  • Down Special - Ash Blast: Releasing ash from his cannon, pressing the button again after the ash is released will cause Netnu to set it on fire, causing it to spread to another line of ash, covering good distance if the ash is placed correctly.



Mioda is the new identity Mondo takes during the events prior to Zeon's destruction. Mioda is tribe leader of the Zeon Wilderbeests, who uses laser arrowbeams and tomahawks. That's it, I've really got nothing else to say about Mioda, other than she reminds me of someone...not Mondo actually, that's the obvious answer. I've give you guys some time to figure out what I'm talking about. In the mean time though...


  • Neutral Special - Tribal Arrowbeams: Mioda fires an laser arrowbeam from her bow at enemies. This can be charged to increase the speed, distance, and strength of the arrowbeam, and at full charge, she automatically fires it.
  • Side Special - Tomaboomerang: Mioda sends out a double sided hatchet and throws it like a boomerang.
  • Up Special - Wilderbeest Rise: Mioda does a rising slash with her tomahawk, and boosts upwards even higher using her arrowbeams from her bow.
  • Down Special - Quiver Care: Mioda switches out the arrows in her Quiver to specialized ones.
    • Normal Arrow: Does 3% damage per hit, 6% if held.
    • Magic-Tipped Arrow: Does 5% damage per hit, 8% if held. Can be deflected by any magic-based attack. Is slightly slower than the Normal Arrow.
    • Balloon Arrow: Does 15% damage per hit, 19% if held. Can be popped by any projectile attack. Is incredibly slow.
    • Earth Arrow: Does 5% damage per hit, 9% if held. While slower than the normal arrow, it creates a platform of dirt that can fall on opponents for 5% damage or be used as a platform.



Unlike most characters, Rachel Anna Harel is an ordinary character who has not been exposed the weirdness of the Fantendoverse at the time. Rather using special abilities, she uses various tools in her battles, like the Zeonian Shielding Gauntlets. She also has a motorcycle, so that's good...right? Unless you want a road fatality, I guess.


  • Neutral Special - Emblem Throw: Rachel throws a large shield projectile that wraps around enemies, ensnaring them in place.
  • Side Special - Motorcycle: Similar to Wario's Bike, Rachel rides her motorcycle forward to ram into enemies. She can sharply turn around with it as well. Once attacked, the motorcycle explodes, leaving its parts on the ground before disappearing. Trying to do any other action with the exception of jumping will cancel the attack.
  • Up Special - Shield Platform: Creating a shield platform, Rachel slowly rises upwards before it disappears. Rachel regains her jumps, but not the move all together, and using it again will destroy the first platform created, and she only does a short boost upwards. Also, if the platform is attacked, it also destroys it, and anyone on it will start falling helplessly.
  • Down Special - Gauntlet Protection: Rachel creates shields on both sides of her, similar to Pit's Orbital Gauntlets. She cannot keep the shields up for long, and attacking the shields destroy them, leaving the move unusable for a short period.



A towering swordswoman looking for a story to fit in so she can become a prophetical hero. She is now scouring the galaxy looking for her own prophecy of sorts after trying to "take over" Unten's prophecy.


  • Neutral Special - Palm Cut: Sia charges up her Palm Cutter and lets out a green, cutting energy wave that goes across the stage vertically. Can be aimed to be centered or travelling low across the ground.
  • Side Special - Sia Dash: Sia does a lunging strike with her Palm Cutter forward. The hitbox is weirdly at her knee, and can kill as early as 99%.
  • Up Special - Paper Friends: Sia quickly cuts up a phone book to create Paper Sias to aid her in battle. The Paper Sias flop around awkwardly, doing edge damage with their limbs.
  • Down Special - Palm Gardening: Similar to Villager's Timber move, Sia can grow a palm tree quickly with her packet of palm seeds, allowing her to water it over the course of the fight. Once it fully grows, she can chop it twice and then deliver a powerful kick to make it fall down to deal massive damage and knockback. Sadly though, the tree can be reflected and the move heavily backfires.



from a person who cuts palm trees to a guy named palmman...
PalmMan is a robot who hails from the mine called 4.5, created as a part of T.R.I.A.D in case of an attack from the Soviet Union. In space, he falls in love with DragonMan, another robot, and end up being trapped inside the basement of a young witch. Unten and Strafe save him though, so all's well.

The thing is that with PalmMan, he has Palm Fronds on his chest, starting with five. As he takes damage, he loses one frond, which increases his crit chance on his of his attacks, but he takes more damage. This makes this gimmick a risk-versus-reward system.

  • Neutral Special - NapalmMan: PalmMan fires sticky napalm from his hands and can either wait for it to explode or set the person on fire himself using his Side Special. This move can only be executed three times at once; PalmMan must wait for the napalm to be used and disappear before firing again.
  • Side Special - Flame Thrower: PalmMan leads a charge of flame out of his arm, attacking the opponent with fire.
  • Up Special - Ghost Engine: PalmMan turns briefly semi-transparent, like a ghost. This upgrades his jumping capabilities by 50%, enabling him to recover easily.
  • Down Special - Hourglass Battle: PalmMan traps the enemy in an hourglass, which can be knocked around by attacks. After a few attacks, the hourglass is destroyed and the enemy is freed, though this can be achieved as well by mashing the D-Pad. Only one hourglass can be on-screen.



Sam is a personal assistant of The Fan, who has a mental connection with his commanding figure due to some life force connecting to what The Fan feels about him. He also has short-term memory loss, which does not apply to what The Fan tells him to do for some odd reason. Since he is an alien, I guess it kind of makes sense?


  • Neutral Special - Light Sword: Sam pulls out a sword made of light and does very ornate strokes with it, often forming shapes such as Unten's head, a needle, The Fan and The Enemy's symbol, fourteen, and a triangle. Some swordsman.
  • Side Special - Portal Dash: Sam dashes into a portal with blue flames surronding his body, coming out from the other side with a deadly strike with his light sword.
  • Up Special - Portal Warp: Creating a portal, Sam enters it and reappears in another location vertically or horizontally.
  • Down Special - Key to All: Sam slams a giant key on the ground, and lifts it upwards for heavy damage and knockback. In the air, the slam meteor smashes.



In contrast to Sam, Shiki Shidare is the servant of The Enemy, succeeding The Apprentice. Unlike that alien however, Shiki has an inhumanly strong memory, and has access to the dark power known as the "Malefactor".


  • Neutral Special - Rid: Shiki pulls out a giant needle attached to a giant string and spins it, striking it forward.
  • Side Special - Killing Jar: Shiki pulls out a jar filled with a black substance and throws it, creating a black bubble that floats around. The bubble pops either through contact or after 5 seconds. Although the black bubble is pretty damaging, it's also easy to see and avoid.
  • Up Special - Dislocate: Shiki warps upwards, leaving behind a pod that sprouts out spiked legs that runs to the left or right. The pod does slight damage on contact and runs to the bottom of the stage if possible. Shiki cannot do this move again until the pod is gone
  • Down Special - Ghost Spectre: Shiki's ghost exits her body, circling around her to absorb attacks that actually heal her a little. She can't do this too often or she'll just look exhausted while trying execute it and leave herself open.



Sakeena Kamel...or Sakeena Metals at one point, is Muslim teenager whose powers involves around metal bending. She is also a fan girl of the Fantendoverse characters, and usually writes fanfictions of the characters. These fanfictions are not as terrible as you think, she's improving.

Sakeena has a Metal Meter, which decreases when she performs her special attacks (with the exception of her neutral special) and/or her shield, which reflects projectiles when perfect shielded, and when fully decreased, she cannot use them anymore until she refills using her neutral special.

  • Neutral Special - Metalmagnet: Sakeena brings a bunch of metal towards her, basically refueling the amount of metal she has to use in special attacks and to use her shield.
  • Side Special - Quicksilver: Sakeena can ride an orb of molten metal toward a opponent, either hopping off it before it collides or staying on it on impact for slightly more damage.
  • Up Special - ElevateMetal: Sakeena propels herself up with two metal orbs. The longer the player holds the button, the higher she'll go, but at the cost of a delay when the player lifts off the button, and it eats up even more Metal Meter.
  • Down Special - Meta-Warp: Sakeena wraps the enemy inside a metal orb and can carry it around, although her movement speed and jumping height are slightly decreased. She can throw it forward to free the enemy and deal damage, and the enemy can escape quicker by mashing the D-Pad.



A well-known criminal in Noah, Strafe Lockborn was the child of Palutena and Lock (who died during the Old Fantendoverse, but alive in the New Fantendoverse), meaningfully giving him the tag-line "Child of Light and Darkness". While dying when her daughter, Syria, turned sixteen due to the Rot, the games he appear in take place prior to that, I assume.


  • Neutral Special - Desert Eagle: Strafe fires his Desert Eagle as a ranged attack. It only has five uses, and after all five are used, he must wait 13.9 seconds to reload. During this reload period, he can use the move as a melee weapon.
  • Side Special - Power of Spectrum Laser Disruption: A energy attack Strafe has inherited from his mother, creating a strange projectile that expands outward as opposed to speeding away from the caster, creating dangerous areas that harm opponents before knocking them away. Strafe cannot cast this again until it eventually vanishes away 5 seconds after casting it.
  • Up Special - Uprising: Strafe rises upward for six seconds, with a light protecting him, and pushing away enemies for slight damage.
  • Down Special - Blue Grenade: Strafe unpins a grenade designed by Chelsea that first covers the area around in smoke and then explodes shortly after, damaging enemies. The smoke has blinding effects, meaning that characters will move slower in it.



Iron Mask
Iron Mask is the leader of warriors, eloquently called the Wasteland Warriors, who fights any injustice lurking in the Wastelands. He is currently dating PAIN-T, who had a crush on him for a while, much to his unawareness. Iron Mask uses his array of gunblades during his battles, and also uses tool-heavy boots.


  • Neutral Special - Orb: Iron Mask can apply an assortment of Orbs to his weapon, with different effects. The player can put up to three orbs on each gunblade. Each orb placement is saved for the three gunblade he can switch between with his Down Special, so a smart player can really customize how Iron Mask attacks and set up strategies. Here is the full orb list:
    • Black Orb - Adds some additional knock back at the cost of 0.23 less damage.
    • Blue Orb - Replaces the side special with a wave attack that does 5% damage and keeps opponents away.
    • Brown Orb - When switching out weapons, Iron Mask can burrow himself underground to prevent people from hitting him, but weapon switching takes more time.
    • Green Orb - Has a 1/7 chance to trap opponents in a tree.
    • Orange Orb - Has a 1/9 chance to light opponents on fire for 3% damage per second. If paired up with the Green Orb, has a 1/90 chance to trap a opponent in a flaming tree for 5% damage per second.
    • Pink Orb - Occasionally one of your normal will be replaced with a giant flamingo crashing down, doing 12% damage (1/10 chance).
    • White Orb - Heals Iron Mask if he executes 3x combos, with the cap being 12% healing a combo.
  • Side Special - Scarlet Spurs: Iron Mask kicks with both feet forward, slamming into his opponent as rockets go off, blasting Iron Mask away as he deals damage to the enemy.
  • Up Special - Cloak Float: Iron Mask blasts a bunch of air under him, using his cloak to fly upwards and revealing his bare chest. The cloak plops down after he lands.
  • Down Special - Gunblade Gallery: Iron Mask switches between his gunblades.
    • Root of Yggdrasil - Standard sword. Does the normal damage.
    • Apocalypse Sword - Does more damage (25% more) at the cost of defense (25% less).
    • Miracle Sword - Does less damage (25% less) with more defense (25% more).



PAIN-T 3.0


  • TBA


Pesh Victory.png

Pesh is a Pouchet of Pushopolis who had an affinity for Medieval Age-knights when he was a child. With his forehead scarred after an accident, his father gave him a knight helmet to hide it, which got the attention of his best friend and eventual girlfriend, Pashie.


  • Neutral Special - Sword Boomerang: Pesh throws his sword forward that quickly returns to him after thrown. The move can be charged to make the sword cover more distance and deal more damage.
  • Side Special - Hazzie Hurl: Pesh tosses a random-colored Hazzie that latches onto an enemy to rapidly damage them, all of them dealing different amounts of damage. The Hazzies can be attacked to shrug them off your body.
  • Up Special - TBA: TBA
  • Down Special - TBA: TBA



Volt is a Sparkling who hails from the planet Chargio, wandering around Earth as a free spirit. By him is the Galvan Scarf that gives him lightning and electrical powers. It is also said he had brief romantic interactions with The Threat, but it did not go so well (and is better off as a crack shipping).


  • Neutral Special - Zap-o-ken: Clever name for this move, clever indeed. Volt charges up an orb of electricity and fires it forward in a hand motion similar to that of a Hadoken from Street Fighter. It can be charged for three seconds for more strength.
  • Side Special - Sand Trap: Volt tosses a sand trap forward, that lingers on the ground for a few seconds, and ensnares enemies that are caught in it. Has a cooldown period after usage.
  • Up Special - Grand Mal Upperzap: Just your average uppercut move, made faster as Volt zaps upwards instantly. It does not cover a lot of distance though.
  • Down Special - Sand Cyclone: Volt does a spinning tornado move similar to Mario's Mario Tornado, and Luigi's Luigi Cyclone. Volt leaves some sand on the ground that deals damage and trips enemies.



Quartz reminds me a whole lot of a female Frieza, and is also a former member of The Threat's Top Ten, once known as Six. She was sent to Earth with a simple goal: to eliminate it due to its connections with The Fan and The Enemy. Along with having a chance of heart by Unten, it is also hinted she has a crush on the blue beorn.
Oh, and whatever you do, do not say "seven eight nine" (she interprets that as "seven ate nine", which was a gruesome accident that left her badly scarred).


  • Neutral Special - Spindra Claws: A burning spin move that utilizes her claws while she spins around, heading slightly upwards at the end of the move.
  • Side Special - Laser Line: Quartz emits lasers out of her eyes in a far reaching horizontal attack that damages more and more the closer the opponent is to the source. The amount of damage dealt depends on where the opponent when being hit by the laser, though the most damage is dealt from a far.
  • Up Special - Soar Jump: Quartz takes off into the air and can fly around for about five seconds. Charging this move allows for longer and faster airtime, although charging can't be done in the air.
  • Down Special - Metalplosion: Quartz force-opens a metal box, causing the metal to fly off to hit enemies surrounding her.



Zellen Harley Quimbleson is a self-righteous, cunning, and flamboyant Herald; a person that can open up alternate universes and with the help of the Stenographer Stones, create alternate universes. Stuck in her hair is two wing blade weapons called "Angel Blades". It is stated she never originated from any known universe, even the New Fantendoverse.

When taunting, Zellen summons a puddle from her healing pool dimension to heal her for 3% health every second she or anyone else stands in it. Also, Zellen can't take more than 300% damage or she will collapse, presumably too weak to keep fighting and respawn using a stock.

  • Neutral Special - Portal Redirect: Zellen opens up a yellow portal that has a random object come out from it. These random objects have different effects and damage ratios.
    • Untencake - Summons a Untencake, which heals 5% health. Zellen typically is the closest to the portal although technically anyone could eat the Untencake.
    • Mad Piano - Summons a barking, alive piano, which deals 10% damage to anyone in it's path. It immediately slides to the edge of the stage and falls off.
    • Straitjacket - Summons a magical straitjacket that ensnares the opponent and makes them temporarily immobile.
    • 8-Bit Fireball - Summons a 8-Bit fireball that looks rather similar to the one seen in Super Mario Bros. but is legally distinct. Does 6% damage and bounces 3 times before disappearing.
    • Laser - Summons a red laser from the Punch Dimension, which deals 15% damage.
    • Tentacles - Summons green tentacles that grab and choke the opponent for 7% damage.
    • Hellfroth - Summons red goo from hell that damages opponents for 4% damage before dissolving.
    • Potato - Summons a potato, which can heal Zellen for 2% health.
    • Hand - Summons a disembodied hand that just flops on the ground before disappearing.
    • Backfire - Deals 2% recoil damage to Zellen if this result happens.
    • Slimecream - Summons a rotting, slimy popsicle. Will harm whoever eats it for 5% damage.
    • Sword - Summons a purple sword with an eye in the hilt. This deals 5% damage but has a short range.
  • Side Special - Light Cutter: Zellen slides forward with the Angel Blades extending, dealing damage to enemies. When Zellen is using Rage Damage, the Angel Blades can shatter if attacked while using them, requiring 10 seconds to regenerate new ones from her dimensions. Zellen can not use any moves involving the Angel Blades during this time period, severely gimping her.
  • Up Special - Warp Hole: Zellen jumps into a warp hole, appearing in the direction that the player nudges the control stick in with a damaging jump kick attack that can deal damage to enemies.
  • Down Special - Light's Seal: Zellen can seal her opponent's special abilities away for five seconds, although this special move has a pretty wonky hitbox and can be easily punished if done wrong. However, this completely gimps the opponent for a good amount of time, and deals small damage just to rub it in.



YE is a green raccoon who kind of reminds me of a green Tom Nook, and is humanity's non-speaking, feral last hope and fate. He resorts to using hand gestures and body languages for people to understand him. He's also bit of a scavenger.


  • Neutral Special - Hailstorm: Gets out the Hailstorm weapon and starts firing a spread of bullets forward, though ammo is limited, and after running out of ammo, he has to wait 13.6 seconds for it to reload.
  • Side Special - Dwarf Star: TBA
  • Up Special - Jetpack Hover: YE uses his jetpack to hover left or right, when up or down is inputted, he will rise upwards and downwards respectively.
  • Down Special - Durden: TBA





  • Neutral Special - Explosive Spirit: Smile uses the Explosive Spirit to drop a bomb downwards, which explodes seconds later. Only one bomb can be out at a time.
  • Side Special - Cape Spirit: Smile is given the Heroic Cape by the Cape Spirit, and uses it to reflect projectiles, similar to Mario's Cape move in the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • Up Special - Gravity Spirit: Smile rises upwards and downwards because of gravity using the Gravity Spirit. He can only do this once in the air before landing, in which he regains the move. Pretty risky if you do not flip the gravity in time before he K.Oes himself at the top blast line.
  • Down Special - Ectoplasm Spirit: The Ectoplasm Spirit fires strange green ooze on the ground, which will stick there and slow down enemies who touch it. Has a brief cooldown after use, and only five oozes can be on-screen at the same time. Each ooze disappears after 8.4 seconds.



Hera & Teun
Hera was a former European Iron Gate Asylum warden who guarded many insane prisoners prior to meeting a bizzare Beorn named Teun, who hails from the sewers in London Beorn Hallow. The two of them escaped the asylum handcuffed (hand freakin' cuffed guys, nothing is impossible), and took over it for themselves so the other prisoners can escape. The criminal couple are now on the run from the police. Hera uses Teun in most of her attacks, with the latter doing biting and scratching attacks.


  • Neutral Special - Psychosis Jar: Hera throws a jar of green gas that is damaging if the jar hits a character and the gas itself damages 1% every second. It clears out in three seconds.
  • Side Special - Teun Toss: Hera grabs and throws Teun. If it successful hits an opponent, Teun grabs onto them by sinking into them with his teeth while pulling the chains so that Hera can follow up with a series of punches.
  • Up Special - Reel Her In: Hera tosses Teun up and hen can grab the ledge or wall and pull her up with the chains. If Teun hits a character, all of their momentum is canceled for both characters and neither can pull any recovery moves, essentially bringing that character down with them.
  • Down Special - Ferris Chainwheel: Hera spins as Teun attacks anyone that gets in their way by scratching at them.



Leah Needlenam is a crazed doctor (or even a deity!). Born as Sarah Auvic, she was a center of a prophecy by The Seer to The Twisted Cross. They kidnapped her and made her a part of the cult, blindly working for them for years prior until she escaped with X-Ray, burning the place down. Leah Needlenam, true to her alias, attacks with her needle finger, usually loaded with poison or even beer to drink from it when she taunts, like some sort of terrible flask drink.

Leah uses her needle finger as a terrible beer drink flask, giving her a small boost in stats. She can also wall jump.

  • Neutral Special - Lethal Injection: Leah performs a quick jab with her needle finger, loading the opponent with the selected poison, and a colored-anthrax symbol briefly flashing above the opponent if the move connects.
    • Red: Deals 8% damage; inflicts burn on fighters, has five uses.
    • Blue: Deals 6% damage; has strong shield damage, and has three uses.
    • Green: Deals 3% damage; poisons fighters, has four uses.
    • Purple: Deals 5% damage; slows down fighters, has four uses.
    • Orange: Deals 10% damage; the needle instantly breaks, as it has only one use.
  • Side Special - Sanguine Slide: Leah briefly flashes red and does a quick dash forward, slashing with her surgical knife. Can increase the distance traveled, damage dealt, start-up lag, and recovery time of the move by holding down the special button.
  • Up Special - Body Bag Slam / Cape: Leah seals the nearest opponent inside a body bag, leaps upwards with it and slams them back down. Tapping the special button will cause her to use the body bag as a cape and rises upwards with it, slowly floating downwards afterwards.
  • Down Special - Syringe Poison Switch: Leah switches to the next needle in the switch sequence. The sequence goes as this: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, and Orange; rinse and repeat. After one type of poison is chosen, a colored-anthrax symbol briefly flashes near Leah.



One of the thousands of alternate reality Untens. Reten was a member of the mercenary group called the Lamenters. They fought of KiloBot's UPF Forces, and during one of these battles, he caused the destruction of his own universe. Rest in peace. Using dual handguns Sol and Heartbreaker, Reten can hit enemies from a far, that a beorn may cry.


  • Neutral Special - Sol Heartbreaker: Reten fires three shots with Sol, and four shots with Heartbreaker if the special button is tapped for long enough, which makes the move enter a cooldown period depending on how much bullets were fired from the two guns.
  • Side Special - Beorn to Splice: Reten jumps forward, slashing at the nearest enemies with his claws, causing freeze frames before launching them. Depending on how close the enemy is to Reten, the move deals more damage and knockback. If Reten misses, he will start falling helplessly without clawing.
  • Up Special - Heartbreaking Sol Twirl: Reten twirls upwards, spinning and firing shots from Sol and Heartbreaker in random directions.
  • Down Special - Proxy Mine: Reten throws a Proximity Mine on the ground, which explodes three seconds later, or after the enemy (and even Reten!) steps on it. Only three mines can be out at a time, and the last mine that was placed on the stage explodes, being replaced with the other mine.


no image
Pulsus is a music fanatic, always carrying around a boombox to dance and jam out to music. Pulsus's fighting style changes depending on what music is being played currently, and his boombox can send out damaging soundwaves and musical notes encased in energy balls.

Pulsus's neutral and side special are locked until the boombox is placed on the ground via down special. The boombox can be attacked and destroyed, though another one is spawned 9.6 seconds after the destruction of the last one. Depending on what music is currently being played, Pulsus's fighting style is changed, which also changes his stats.

  • Neutral Special - Pulse Paralysis / Music Change: Near his boombox when it is placed downwards, Pulsus does Music Change; changing the music currently being played, which in turn would change his fighting style. Far away from his boombox, Pulse Paralysis is performed; in which a soundwave is created that paralyzes enemies for a short to long time depending on how long it is charged. It has a cooldown of 4.8 ~ 16.5 seconds depending on how long it was charged.
  • Side Special - Take Notes: Pulsus's boombox releases a musical note encased in an energy ball that slowly travels forward, piercing through enemies with rapid damage. After a few seconds, or after the taking nine "hits".
  • Up Special - Musical Number: Depending on what fighting style Pulsus is currently in, he either does a flip kick, two rising kicks, an uppercut, or a knee smash. The flip kick does average damage and has decent range, the rising kicks is weaker, but covers more distance, the uppercut is slightly stronger and covers slightly less distance than the flip kick, and the knee smash is the stronger, but barely has any vertical distance, and instead has more horizontal distance.
  • Down Special - Boombox Placement / Pickup: Pulsus places down his boombox and plays some music. Depending on what music is currently being played, his fighting style changes. When near his boombox and he uses his down special again, he will pick it up.

Riddle is a Doodie. Sounds like an alternate name for "dudies" or something else entirely. This blue dude is the savior of Star Heights, and is also a riddle fanatic, hence his name. Even his tag-line gives you a hint on that; "Riddle Me This". Using his elastic limbs, he can grapple from a distance like he is Monkey D. Luffy, or Majin Buu, or someone else who can extend their limbs to absurd lengths.


  • Neutral Special - Star Shot: TBA
  • Side Special - Elastic Snap: Riddle extends out his arms forward to grab an enemy and slam into them. This can also be used to tether recover. Beware, however, as this move actually extends Riddle's hurtbox by a ton.
  • Up Special - Helicopter Hair: Using his hair that twirls around rapidly, looking like a mini-cyclone, Riddle instantly rises a set distance upwards before free-falling.
  • Down Special - TBA: TBA



Obena is a multilingual alien ambassador landing on Earth's Noah after the destruction of Zezune, who can print 3D objects using her two antennae that harnesses 3D Wavelengths. Using her sword Sovereign, she can reflect and absorb light as well, and you may have also noticed that she is similar to Unten in some ways, at least when it comes to me.

When taunting, using her wavelengths, she creates a random object, ranging from: a Unten Coin from Fantendo Sports Resort, a Bloodmoney from Crow vs the World, a Mana fruit, the Bee from FantendoQuest, a statue of a Nubbling from General's Journey, a needle, a rubber duck, a Unten doll, a Netnu doll, a ice bag, The Threat's Symbol, The Fantendo Smash Bros. symbol, a F.A.N.T badge, and a heart. Also, when idling for a long time, she will put up her arms in a dab dance.

  • Neutral Special - Bezzing: Obena can charge Sovereign with light as well as re-calibrate her wavelengths. This move takes 3 seconds to do.
  • Side Special - Solar Strike: Obena releases a charge of solar energy through Sovereign, creating a horizontal projectile. Damage depends on where the opponent is when hit by the projectile.
  • Up Special - Wavestrike: Obena releases a bunch of raw wavelength energy on her opponent that momentarily disabling her normal attacks. The move has serious consequences for using it, disabling nearly half of her moveset for 5 seconds. Bezzing can restore the moves faster at the cost of standing still.
  • Down Special - Tongue of the Ancients: Obena uses the Tongue of the Ancients, a ancient magical language, to change her stats. The player can shift through multiple modes:
    • Grun - Increases speed by 25%, decreases damage power by 25%.
    • Bligh - Increases damage power by 25%, decreases speed by 25%
    • Smatter - Increases defense by 25%, decreases jump by 25%.
    • Moderaa - Increases jump by 25%, decreases defense by 25%.





  • Neutral Special - Tiger Handgun: Nycho pulls out his spray painted hand gun that sometimes jams up (1/100 chance), requiring Nycho to mess with it before he can fire it again. While each bullet is powerful, it has some recoil after each fire, meaning Nycho cannot fire another bullet until 0.8 seconds have passed.
  • Side Special - Nycho-Attack (Patent Pending): Nycho does his "signature" move, which is really just smashing a can of pepper spray with his crowbar and jumping away from the radius. Anyone behind Nycho when he jumps back get damaged, while anyone caught in the pepper spray will take 1% damage while in the radius of the spray.
  • Up Special - Tiger Clawz: Nycho puts claws between his hands like his childhood hero Wolverine, swiping and slashing at his targets three times before the claws fall out.
  • Down Special - Car Tire Swing: Nycho swings around a car tire that still has the rope attached to it from when he took it off that tree in some kid's backyard.



Bowie the Teddy Bear is a literal animate green teddy bear hailing from Western Forest, Stitchonia. Bowie uses his whip to lasso his enemies, toss his badges, and other Wild West-related moves (with the exception of guns, because his series is rated E-for-Everyone). It's also hard to understand the guy because his mouth is stitched together, making it hard for him to talk normally.

Bowie can use his whip to grab enemies from a far, or to tether recover from a ledge.

  • Neutral Special - Boulder Heave: Bowie digs up a huge rock. While carrying it, his speed is greatly decreased, taking small steps forward, struggling to carry it. After being hit, he drops the rock, though if the special button is tapped after digging the rock up, he tosses it in an upwards arc forward, which deals moderate damage and knockback, though the rock fragments from the rock after hitting an enemy or a surface deal rapid small damage with little to no knockback.
  • Side Special - Rope Slash: Bowie lashes out his rope, damaging opponents in the way and sends them back. Bowie does a crouching slide as he sends out his rope. Can be used to tether recover and keep enemies away from him, and it also destroys projectiles.
  • Up Special - Badge Tether Grab: Bowie tosses a badge diagonally upwards, and when the special button is tapped again, he uses his rope to instantly tether to it, swinging upwards. He can only toss three badges before landing on the ground, and each time the swinging distance covered is decreased.
  • Down Special - Earth Shatter: Bowie smashes his fists into the ground, creating a small shockwave surrounding him, launching them upwards with set knockback, leaving them open for potential combos.



General Butterscotch Cornbread Caramel is a war general, constantly tackling the forces of evil (mostly Mallory's army) and leading the Vinegar Troops. Making use of his explosives and bombs, Scotch can be a formidable foe. I just gotta love his full name though.


  • TBA



Valerie Sexbang Heartgold...ignore that middle name, I have no idea too. Anyways, Valerie is an immensely rich businesswoman who runs the USACM company Valco in the Zaxinian Lifts on the planet Zonar. Using every inch of her body in combat, Valerie excels in combat and acrobatic moves. She also excels in flattering her opponents too.

Valerie's taunt involves her doing a finger gun motion, with the words "Bang~" appearing afterwards, which damages enemies. Valerie can also wall jump.

  • Neutral Special - Golden Ninja Stars: Valerie tosses golden ninja stars in any directions. When using the move at the same time as jumping, the ninja star does more damage, but the knockback is the same.
  • Side Special - Hallelujah Money: Valerie tosses a burning dollar bill forward while laughing. When hit by the burning bill a third time, the enemy is set on fire.
  • Up Special - Acrobatics Extraordinaire: Valerie leaps forward with her knee outstretched, spinning around and stomping downwards when the special button is tapped again after the knee strike to deal more damage.
  • Down Special - Kicking Flurry Rush: Valerie kicks her legs in a fast succession. Depending on how much damage the enemy has, Valerie does more damage, and at 170%+, Valerie kisses the enemy on the cheek before kicking them away.



Kaiden's a calm swordsman who is prone to emotional breakdown, is socially awkward and has mental scars after Farhorn Village was burnt down due to a Krexxon attack. Despite his armor looking like it could weigh him down, it is relatively light, so Kaiden can still do stuff without much slowdown.


  • TBA

An upbeat robot made for opening doors, reprogrammed into a combat droid, who has a habit of breaking down doors, which is fitting for his name, Doormat is one hyperactive guy. He is never seen standing still, and even in his idle animation, he is not standing still in the slightest. I have a feeling someone added sugar in the oil for this dude...


  • Neutral Special - Power Mode / Rush Mode: Doormat becomes either stronger but slower or faster but weaker for a few seconds, or until he gets damaged.
  • Side Special - Dash Slash: Doormat does a dashing slash forward. The distance traveled is shortened when performed in the air.
  • Up Special - Leaping Door Burst: Doormat leaps upwards with a door spawning above him, breaking it down and damaging enemies. Not a great recovery move due to its poor range, but it is an effective killing move, especially at the top blast line.
  • Down Special - Door Mat Block / Door Stomp: In the air, Doormat performs Door Stomp; diving downwards with a door spawning below him, breaking it down and damaging enemies. On the ground, Doormat performs Door Mat Block; stomping a door mat that spawns next to him, flipping it upwards and knocking enemies into the air.



Fera is a Terran human who was brought into the conflict of the Shattering via Slaughterbus. Despite her universe not being canon to the Fantendoverse, she was transferred to the New Fantendoverse, with along with others, memories retconned or erased completely. She is also currently dating Aurora.

Fera can activate the adrenaline boosters in her helmet when taunting to create a healing pulse that can heal herself and other teammates in Team Matches overtime by a little bit.

  • Neutral Special - Spear Beam: Fera's spear is converted into a rifle and shoots a laser beam forward that can be charged for more damage and cause paralysis, but less distance and speed.
  • Side Special - Spear Charge: Fera does a charge forward with her spear outstretched. The distance traveled in the air is decreased.
  • Up Special - Spear Jump: Fera does a rising slash with her spear, similar to Marth's Dolphin Slash.
  • Down Special - Spear Dive: Fera jumps from the ground if this is the case, and does a dropping stab downwards that meteor smashes enemies.



Syinara "Syi" Wyne is a miserable humanoid scarecrow-like character, born to a colony of scarecrows led by Mother Nature, who freed her from her seed. Having important relations with some other other characters, she is often considered to be one of the main protagonists of the Lifts.


  • Neutral Special - Scarecrow's Curse: Syi attacks with a purple fireball projectile that if it hits a opponent, will drain their damage 1% per second, ending once it has drained 17% or if the opponent is cured of status afflictions.
  • Side Special - Bottom Smash: Syi lunges her body forward to deliver a powerful bash with her hips, in which upon contact, she rebounds away from the victim. When sweetspotted, the move deals more damage.
  • Up Special - Thorn Whip: Syi extends out a thorny vine out from her hands, using it to tether recover.
  • Down Special - Soul Harvest: Syi can sap away health from her opponents using this move if she is near them before knocking them away.



Also called Metaf, Meta-Form can, fitting to his name, shapeshift into practically anything with ease. He is also accompanied by Cubey who acts like a guide for this shapeshifting robot, and can perform a number of moves with him.

Cubey shields Meta-Form using Shield-Cubey.

  • Neutral Special - Bazooka-Cubey: TBA
  • Side Special - Plane Form: Metaf turns into an jetplane, and rockets forward before turning back to normal.
  • Up Special - Eagle Form: Metaf turns into an eagle and soars upwards, before turning back to normal.
  • Down Special - TBA: TBA

Bunea is a thief who had her home world bottled by the Mistress of Weird. Bunea relies on her fast running tactics, and weapons in combat, so her moveset involves her using a multitude of weapons and power-ups from her home games for her moveset, with some of the power-ups being added in the mix too.


  • Neutral Special - Dragonfruit Breath: Bunea eats a Dragonfruit and exhales a stream of flames forth. She can do this while moving, though she moves slower than normal, and the flames die down quicker when moving.
  • Side Special - Laser Dash: Bunea eats a Laserberry does a dash forward, phasing through a line of enemies to damage them.
  • Up Special - Balloonagus: Bunea eats a Balloonagus, which causes her hood to inflate, turning it into a balloon that causes her to slowly rise before it pops, either after a set distance traveled, by an enemy attack, or manually.
  • Down Special - Bombs: Bunea gets out and throws a kind of bomb forward, which explodes after three seconds or manually.
    • Basic Bombs: Normal bombs, no added special effect.
    • Fire Bombs: Sets enemies on fire and leaves a lingering flame pillar when it explodes.
    • Ice Bombs: Freezes enemies when it explodes.
    • Thunder Bombs: Causes paralysis to enemies when it explodes.
    • Vaporwave Bombs: A rare one; smaller explosion vicinity but has a strong damage output and knockback.
    • Chocobombs: Another rare one; larger explosion vicinity, but has a low damage output and knockback.



Rocket Riley


  • TBA

Cardinal is a Guillotine End Institution prisoner and is the reason why it was built in the first place; he is a superhuman whose powers he is unwilling and afraid to use, only fighting in self-defense, even in the GEI Battle System.


  • Neutral Special - Upton's Fear: TBA
  • Side Special - Franklin's Light: TBA
  • Up Special - Twin Keys: TBA
  • Down Special - Amenonuhoko: TBA


LanceDoo OwColors.png

Lance Doo
A lackey of the self-proclaimed king of Dreamland, King Dedede, Lance Doo was a former janitor of Mt. Dedede prior to his promotion to a guard, protecting the place alongside his best friend Bandana Dee. Using a lance that gives him his name, he can impale his enemies, and send electricity from it to attack, as using it from his eyes can blind him for some reason. What a curse. Also, a secret he keeps to himself and his best friend, but his leader also knows, his real name is "Larence Doore".


  • Neutral Special - Lance Beam Whip / Wave: Lance waves his lance around, creating a whip from electricity. Charging this will make Lance Doo shoot two revolving orbs of electricity, which is stronger than normal.
  • Side Special - Dashing Thrust: Lance does a dashing thrust with his lance. The tip of the lance deals the most damage and knockback.
  • Up Special - Lance Lunge: Lance does a rising thrust before doing a stab beneath him, shooting downwards. The falling stab can meteor smash airborne enemies hit.
  • Down Special - Pogo-Stick Lance: Using his lance as a pogo-stick, Lance bounces across the stage, gaining more height as he bounces off of enemies to meteor smash them.


Hidden Characters

Character Biography



  • Win ten matches as Unten.

If Kiva has 25% or less damage, she can make the eye of Kayser shoot out a laser of her Aura color. Kiva also has multiple jumps, and can glide.

  • Neutral Special - Gale Cutter: Kiva creates a slashing wind projectile with her wings that deals moderate damage and goes through three enemies before disappearing when another enemy gets hit by it afterwards. It does not cover that much distance however.
  • Side Special - Gust Flap: Kiva spins in place, creating a wall of wind that sends most enemies flying away from her. A great off-stage gimping tool, but has a short cooldown after one use.
  • Up Special - Typhoon Dive: TBA
  • Down Special - Divebomber: TBA



Squav is the leader of his own species, the squavacados, interested in Milian Mythology from a young age. He was granted Whiteness, the sword Exulbore, and Light powers stored in his amulet over the course of his life. Without these, he would be an ordinary squavacado.


  • Participate in twenty matches.


  • TBA



Doomulus Grime
Is it just me, or does Doomulus Grime's name sounds similar to Optimus Prime (same with Doomulus Prime)? Anyways, Grime was a member of the Doomuli organization lead by Doomulus Prime, alongside others like Doomulus Thai, Rise, Nine...and others. Taking over Zeon for himself in the name of the Doomuli, which is considered pathetic by normal standards, he destroyed the planet with a planet drill out of rage, which led him to being cast out from the group.


  • Clear Arcade Tower on Normal or higher.


  • Neutral Special - Chaos Arrow: Grime fires a giant arrow that splits into three, smaller arrows in mere seconds after being shot out. The arrow itself before splitting deals moderate damage and knockback, though the split arrows have little to no knockback.
  • Side Special - Grip Claw: Grime uses his claw to grip onto an enemy, carrying them around to throw them forward, behind him, above him, or downwards, which meteor smashes in the air.
  • Up Special - Doomuli Rocket Drill: Grime travels upwards on a drill...which looks oddly familiar to the one used for destroying Zeon...anyways. The drill carries enemies upwards with rapid damage before launching them when the last hit connects.
  • Down Special - GrimeBot Support: Grime summons GrimeBots that have wrenches which can be used to repair any destroyed GrimeBot on the stage. Only three GrimeBots can be on-screen at once. They can be destroyed when they culminate 18% damage, and they disappear after 4.2 seconds after being destroyed.



The Goddess of Light and ruler of Skyworld herself, Palutena somehow exists in the Fantendoverse (along with others like Ike, and hell even Unikitty!). She is the mother of Strafe, the former wife of Lock, sister of the White Goddess and the brother of the Black God in the Fantendoverse. While having a light-hearted personality, she hides a darker side of herself.


  • TBA


  • Neutral Special - Auto-Reticle: Palutena illuminates her staff's orb, locks on to a fighter in front of her, indicated by a green reticle, then she fires three blasts of light at them from her staff. The reticle does not follow the targeted opponent's movement, and can only lock on if there is an opponent in the move's range, such opponent is not invincible or intangible, and there are no obstacles - such as platforms or items - in the way.
  • Side Special - Reflect Barrier: Palutena raises her shield to create a magical barrier in front of her, which reflects weak projectiles and pushes away enemies who touch it (and even does damage when it is initially created). The barrier breaks after culminating at least 34% damage, but it can be used right away after it is broken.
  • Up Special - Warp: Palutena disappears and then reappears in another location desired by the player.
  • Down Special - Counter: Palutena protects herself from an upcoming attack, and when it connects during the move's active frames, Palutena does a shield bash with 1.4x the damage and knockback of the attack.



A swordsman who gives no sympathy to his enemies and fights for his friends. Ike Ragnell hails from the Fire Emblem universe prior to his being snatched from his home universe by Fandraxono, being the guardian of the Zaxinian Lifts for a while prior to him being replaced with Infinite. Using Ragnell, a lovingly-named-after-his-last-name sword as his weapon and combining that with his brute force, you better prepare yourselves when facing off against Ike.


  • TBA


  • Neutral Special - Eruption: Ike lifts his sword, Ragnell, and then plunges it downward in front of him which explodes in a burst of blue flames. It can be charged for up to 4 seconds, causing the fire to greatly increase its range and knockback, though at full charge, it will deal recoil damage. In the air, the move does not trigger an explosion, but can meteor smash, and if fully charged, spike.
  • Side Special - Quick Draw: Ike raises his sword, then quickly dashes forwards and attacks any opponent in range with a sword slash. Ike will stop in front of the first character he runs into, regardless if the move deals damage or not. The move can be charged, and at full charge will charge forward. It also has a super charged mode (10% chance) where it becomes a flaming dash that covers most of the stage and if hit with perfect timing it does 50% and will always OHKO (otherwise it does 20% with high knockback).
  • Up Special - Aether: Ike throws his sword in the air and crouches, preparing to jump. After the sword hits the apex of its trajectory, he jumps up, catches it, and hurtles toward the ground.
  • Down Special - Counter: Ike strikes a defensive stance; holding Ragnell right in front of himself in reverse grip. If attacked during this stance, he counterattacks with a flaming inward slash while still holding it in reverse grip.


OW - BlakeCooper.png

Blake Cooper is the only Zaxinian Kittuman growing up in a certain orphanage. As such, he is treated as a special snowflake for a long time, thinking he was the best. As he grew up, and after the seeing many other Kittumans who are better than him by a milestone (mostly Valerie Heartgold), he strives to be better than them to hold his self-proclaimed title.


  • Self-destruct as Valerie ten times.

Blake can wall jump/cling/climb, glide with his cape and using his rope, can tether recover and grab distant enemies.

  • Neutral Special - Blue-Smoke Grenade: Blake tosses a grenade, which explodes into blue smoke and obscuring the view. Only three grenades/smoke clouds can be in play at a time. Each smoke cloud dissipates after performing an attack inside one, or after 12.26 seconds.
  • Side Special - Needle Prick / Staff Whack: Blake does a quick jab with a needle. The needle has a 40% chance of poisoning enemies, but it barely has any damage, knockback or hitstun when it conencts. It is quick to come out, and can be cancelled into anything else (with the exception of other special moves), and using the move again will cause him to bonk them on the head with his staff, bouncing them off the ground or meteor smashing them in the air.
  • Up Special - SUPERMAAAAAAN!: That is the literal name of the move. Cool right? Anyways, Blake rises upwards, complete sky blue aura surrounding him that damages enemies that are near him and saying "Supermaaaan!". After the move, he can glide forward and turn around.
  • Down Special - Smokescreen Slide: Blake throws one of his smoke grenades on the ground, confusing enemies and sliding to the left or right when either of the mentioned directions are inputted.

Silver Orion Zin is, according to him, God himself in the Lifts. Not kidding here, this man is the reason why the Lifts is what it is today after gaining dominion over the Shadow Cage, where he was born. Shortly after this, however, he is knocked unconscious and spent eons in deep slumber...before his "sister" Valerie Heartgold awoke him, with no memories of what happened, but his powers are retained. Silver excels in countless abilities inherited by his ancestor Orion, and some learnt from his foster father Phoenix.


  • TBA


  • Neutral Special - Asphyxia Blessing: TBA
  • Side Special - Devil's Snatch: TBA
  • Up Special - Psychic Lift: TBA
  • Down Special - Negative Eruption: TBA



Picture this. If Unten were to fuse with a Street Fighter character, and fuse with Dan Hibiki, this is the result. You get Mynis! Another alternate reality Unten, but this one is a complete loser like Wurm, but isn't as incompetent as that bastard. He can cultivate Blumps! That's a perk...right? Other than that, he's a total dork. Not entirely, but do not let this guy know I'm picking on him.


  • Beat Arcade Tower as either Unten or Reten without continuing.


  • Neutral Special - Big Blump Booster: Mynis yanks out a Blump out of his perch, and can either toss it or eat it to gain a boost corresponding the Blump's color. Eating another Blump to gain another boost cancels out the last boost. The boost ends after five seconds. Other players can hit Mynis for him to drop the Blump, or catch it when he throws it, and can eat it to gain the boost as well.
    • Yellow Blump: The eater immediately regains some health.
    • Red Blump: The eater's attacks deal more damage.
    • Blue Blump: The eater's run speed and jump height are increased.
    • Purple Blump: The eater's sweetspots become larger and easier to hit with.
    • Green Blump: The eater's health passively regenerates.
    • Spare Junk: This cannot be eaten by anyone, but deals more damage when thrown.
  • Side Special - Electro Buster Bolt: Mynis fires a fast-moving electrical projectile. It does not cover good distance or do any huge damage, but it is good at breaking shields and interrupting any frontal approaches.
  • Up Special - Lightning Corkscrew Finisher: Mynis surrounds himself in a tornado of sparks while rising upwards. At the peak of the rise, enemies hit at that point will be sent flying, otherwise it does multiple weak hits and carries enemies up with Mynis, with weak knockback at the end.
  • Down Special - Inpeerion Cyclone Cutter: Mynis spins around with his blade in his hand, dealing multiple hits before launching the enemy with an electrical burst, striking a pose as he does.

Hinata von Brandt, more commonly known as Hama, is a brash and sarcastic Draconian; a dragon-like species known for shapeshifting, who currently holds the Royal Family Crest of Courage, dedicated by the gods to her lineage as a reward for her father's achievements in the event.


  • TBA

Hama can perform multiple jumps in the air and can also glide.

  • Neutral Special - Flame Breath / Pyro Blast: Flame Breath involves Hama spewing out a continuous stream of flames forward, that shrink overtime when used. Not using it will cause it to recharge, and at full charge, Hama can perform Pyro Blast, which involves her firing a fireball that is slow when first shot out, and gains speed when is travels farther. The fireball is more stronger when it is first shot out.
  • Side Special - Flame Spear / Grenade: Uncharged, Hama performs Flame Spear; a projectile that travels very quickly across the screen, but it has poor damage, knockback, and even hitstun at low-mid percentages. Fully charged, Hama performs Flame Grenade; a projectile that explodes shortly after thrown.
  • Up Special - Draconic Catch: This is also her side special in the air; Hama flies forward (side special input) / leaps upwards (up special input), and when she grabs an enemy, she barrages them with claw attacks before throwing them away. She regains her jumps and attacks when she is successful in doing this, but if she misses, she helplessly starts falling downwards.
  • Down Special - Draconic Eruption: Hama smashes the ground and an spiral of flames comes out of the place she smashed. In the air, no spiral of flames come out, and the move meteor smashes.

Tucker "Tokage" Palli is a cute Drailegon carpenter hailing from the country of Ancennia in an unnamed town. Being a master of the Grass and Earth elements, as well as some martial arts, he is always helping out others, mostly his best friends Dave Soudablou, Martin Melowhat, his girlfriend Julia Macendail and his sisters Jazz Palli and C. Palli.


  • TBA


  • Neutral Special - Napalm Punch: Tokage taps a red Qube that appears beside him before rears back a bit and performing a powerful punch with his fist covered in flames, leaving behind a fiery flash of a leaf.
  • Side Special - Roundearth Kick: Tokage jumps forwards and performs a powerful roundhouse kick while razor-sharp blades of grass swirl around him.
  • Up Special - Mint Leaf Rise: Tokage uses the mint leaf to rise a short distance upwards, before slowly floating downwards.
  • Down Special - Orange Qube Roll: The orange Qube transforms Tokage into a ball-like form, and he charges up before rushing forwards at a high speed to bowl over his opponent.



Holy crap, a shapeshifting Pichu demon?! I'm soooo scared! I'm shaking and quaking in my shoes! Guys, chill out, Dr. Sonny Scythe is not a shapeshifting Pichu demon, he's just a ten year old Mimikyu playing a doctor, complete with a disguise he hides in. But seriously, the amount of props he uses, even for a ten year old kid, is dangerous for this guy to even have in his possession.


  • Unlock the Dr. Needleman costume for Leah Needlenam.


  • Neutral Special - "Flamethrower": Dr. Sonny gets out a flamethrower from his disguise and shoots out a short stream of flames to deal rapid damage, which slowly shrinks in length during its prolonged use.
  • Side Special - "Flash": Sonny unveils a strobe light and uses a bright flash from it to disorient an enemy directly in front of him, rendering them stunned and unable to move. The attack can be charged to increase its range.
  • Up Special - "Fly": Dr. Sonny equips himself with a jetpack and rockets upwards. He can charge it up to increase the rocket distance covered, but will still be falling downwards at normal falling speed.
  • Down Special - "Endure": A counter move; which allows his disguise to absorb the knockback of the move, at the cost of it breaking. Using this move again when the disguise is broken, Sonny will try to sew back the disguise, though using multiple times will increase the time it takes to fix it.

Aurora is a Catalyst sent to the Wastelands prior to the events of the Shattering, falling into the White Goddess's mind control. Freed by other heroes, she teams up with them to defeat Clockwarx. After the Shattering and now residing in the New Fantendoverse, as well as currently dating Fera, she works at a diner as a waitress, but not before completing her Bolztmann University training.


  • Beat Arcade Tower as Fera on Hard or higher difficulties without continuing.


  • Neutral Special - Time Shards: Aurora can freeze projectiles or guard against melee attacks. The more she does this, the harder it becomes, as the move requires specific timing.
  • Side Special - Aurora Chant: Aurora uses magic to create a mini aurora borealis that damages opponents and absorbs projectiles from a distance. Aurora can set one up and then use this attack again to use the absorbed projectile.
  • Up Special - Grasshopper Helicopter: Aurora spins directly up using the Grasshopper Blade as a propeller, knocking her opponents out of the way.
  • Down Special - Colorehama: Aurora can charge up a ball of energy that changes colors based off how powerful the charge is.
    • White - Lowest charge, 3% damage.
    • Yellow - 1 second, 5% damage.
    • Red - 2 seconds, 8% damage.
    • Blue - 3 seconds, 11% damage.
    • Green - 4 seconds, 15% damage.
    • Pink - 5 seconds, 20% damage



Plum is another Zeonian Beorn survivor, but unlike the others, who accept Zeon's destruction (albeit still distraught over it), Plum does not accept that $#!7. She will do anything to bring the planet back. Wielding a double-handed, Zeonian metal-made warhammer, she can flatten her enemies with it, as well as making use of her geokinesis to fire stone blasts and create earth shields.


  • TBA


  • Neutral Special - Rock Blast: TBA
  • Side Special - Warhammer Smash: TBA
  • Up Special - Hard Knuckle: TBA
  • Down Special - Earth Pillar: TBA

Black Sun


  • TBA


  • Neutral Special - Amity Fire: TBA
  • Side Special - Grapple Amity: TBA
  • Up Special - TBA: TBA
  • Down Special - Mine Network: TBA



  • Is battled alongside Black Sun, so trying to unlock Black Sun will also cause you to try and unlock Elkine too.


  • TBA

A little assassin tomato, whose body looks like a purple void. Fits with his name. Despite on how cool he looks (to me, at least), other people think the opposite, being called "ugly" or "fat", much to his complete indifference. Specializing in ranged weapons, Voidmato is a terror from a far distance.


  • K.O fifty enemies as Bunea.

When taunting, Voidmato gets out one of the prized possessions of the bosses seen in Super Bunea World (with the exception of Togea's prized possession, "Bunea's XXX"), and uses it in different ways. He can also wall jump/cling (for 1.8 seconds, and after leaping from the wall, he does a quick jumping slash for 5% damage).

  • Neutral Special - The Lancer: Getting out a laser gun, Voidmato starts rapid-firing green energy bullets from it. There are a total of 160 bullets, and after all ammo runs out, Voidmato must wait 12.5 seconds so he can use it again.
  • Side Special - Laser Dash: Voidmato rushes forward, phasing through enemies to damage them. Unlike Bunea's Laser Dash, this one weakly meteor smashes enemies hit by the move, but the distance covered is decreased.
  • Up Special - Balloonagus: Voidmato rises upwards with a balloon shaped like him attached to a string. Unlike Bunea's Balloonagus, this one is more durable than her balloon (taking two hits to pop), but the set distance traveled is decreased.
  • Down Special - Rolling Tomato: Voidmato curls up into a ball and shoots himself forward to ram into enemies. He can change the direction when rolling, and after making contact with something, the recoil sends him backwards, and he cannot move until he lands on a platform.

An amnesiac half-demon, Slimery blindly followed Lucifer's orders to wipe out all of humanity, thinking they "killed his parents". Pretty terrible if you ask me, the creator of this character. He turned against him after finding out this was not true, and now plans to get revenge, all the while doing stuff humans do, that are difficult for him. Like sleeping! He's easy to get along despite his anti-social problems, as long you are not a full-blooded demon.


  • Defeat ten enemies with the fireballs from Hell's Ramen in one match.

Slimery can perform multiple jumps in the air and can glide as well. Also, when devouring Hell's Ramen, Slimery recovers 2% damage.

  • Neutral Special - Demon Shot: Slimery tosses a regular fireball forward, or in an upwards arc on the ground, and in a downwards arc in the air. Sets enemies on fire when it hits.
  • Side Special - Horn Rush: Slimery does a drilling horn rush attack, dealing multiple hits. This move acts similar to Meta Knight's Drill Rush attack, and the travel can be angled in a different direction.
  • Up Special - Flameport: Slimery teleports and reappears in another location in a puff of flames. The flames can damage enemies and set them on fire.
  • Down Special - Diving Hornbutt: Slimery instantly dives downwards, horns first, which can meteor smash airborne enemies, and bury grounded enemies. On the ground, Slimery leaps upwards before doing this move.



Tomelle is a timid and shy, but arrogant Water Draculock General Mage, using water attacks in her moveset. You are asking yourself, how can water hurt you? You ask the unanswerable. Alongside with Water Tomes, cloning herself and using water vapors to regain her strength, she uses an Ice Blender that shoots icicles.


  • TBA

When taunting, Tomelle uses water vapor to recover damage.

  • Neutral Special - Bouncing Water Orb: Tomelle throws out a blob of water that bounces across surfaces and explodes upon contact with an enemy.
  • Side Special - Icicle Shot: Tomelle instantly fires three icicles out of her Ice Blender. Has a short cooldown period after use.
  • Up Special - Water Orb Launch: Tomelle creates an orb of water below her, which lifts her upwards when the special button is held down for a few seconds before exploding, launching her upwards and damaging enemies caught in the explosion.
  • Down Special - Aqua Clone: Tomelle creates a water clone of herself, which explodes when damaged or on command, which damages enemies.

Hey, it's a sunglass-wearing muffin with a red wrapper! I mean, what else are you expecting? This is literally a try-hard-to-be-cool muffin with sunglasses as an assistance for the Display. I mean he has short-ranged telekinesis, but that's it.
Also, he has a harbor crush on Popplio. Just gonna throw that out there. I mean, not only that, he worships him like a G O D.


  • Eat 30 Untencakes in one match.


  • Neutral Special - Shade Boomerang: Muffin tosses his sunglasses forward, acting as a boomerang. The sunglasses are pretty powerful, negating most projectiles (even strong ones!), but they can be easily broken by normal attacks. Do not worry, as Muffin gets another pair of shades after the other breaks!
  • Side Special - Roll Ride: Muffin blasts forward while riding on Roll, who runs over enemies to bury them to the ground. Can jump off at any time, but cannot turn around.
  • Up Special - Telekfloat: Muffin starts floating upwards as long as the player is holding down the button. He start slowly before getting increasingly faster and higher, until he floats at dangerously fast speeds and will be able to hurt opponents above them...hooray?
  • Down Special - TBA: TBA


Echo Characters

Echo Characters are characters who are considered a clone of another character but who, themselves, is an entirely different character in general. First appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, this concept reappears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil. Echo Characters share the same movesets as other characters, but have different voice clips and, for some characters, have different animations as well.

Character Biography

In another alternate universe called "World 2", a female beorn named Untina exists. If you could not guess, Untina is the "World 2" version of Unten that first appeared in the Fantendo Now episode "The Unten of Two Worlds". Her story is, for the most part, the same as Unten's story; lived peacefully on Zeon, Zeon was destroyed, all of that jazz, but she is also married to Netnu.


  • Most of Untina's animations are different from Unten.
  • Untina is more floaty than Unten.
  • Untina has a slightly higher double jump.
  • Electro Blast Orb takes less time to charge but deals less damage.
  • Lightning Propel shoots Untina much higher and the electrical circle lingers for much longer, but deals less damage and has virtually no hitstun.
  • Shockwaves deals rapid damage before launching and has a higher cooldown period.
  • Untina's Hyper Form is slightly weaker than Unten's in terms of knockback.



Synth is a synthetic Sparkling created by A22 enlisted by White Goddess during the events of Fantendo Sports Resort. Nobody really cares about the White Goddess anymore, so why do we bother mentioning her? Synth tries his best to be better than his original, Volt, and prove himself that he is the original.


  • Synth has a different lightning and sand color, being sky blue and light grey in color respectively.
  • Synth's aerials are quicker and slightly more stronger than Volt's.
  • Synth has more lag in his grab and pummel.
  • Zap-o-ken takes more time to charge, travels slower and is stronger.
  • Grand Mal Uppercut deals even more damage but covers slightly less distance, and immediately stops once it hits an enemy without zipping right through them.
  • Sand Cyclone covers a lot more distance, has slightly more range and releases even more sand, at the cost of doing no damage at all.



You may be asking; "Who is this? An alternate universe Zellen? Impossible! Heralds do not have that kind of feat!", but what if logic said you can have them by using DNA of the original...? Well, here's an example. Zellen² is the corrupted version of the original Zellen hailing from the Zaxinian Lifts, being a creation of Nightshade so that the Lifts can bear an advantage over any wrongdoers...if she was a complete clone. Now on the hunt for some human flesh to cover up her bloody mesh of a body, Zellen² attacks anyone who she deems a threat to her existence.


  • All of Zellen²'s animations are different from Zellen's, even her idle stance is different.
  • Zellen² is significantly slower and more sluggish than Zellen from movement all the way to attacks.
  • Zellen²'s Angel Blade moves have a stronger slash SFX and deal more damage.
  • The portal in Portal Redirect is now colored red and summons different things (Hell's Ramen being an example), though the amount of portal summons are lessened.
  • Warp Hole has more lag in the move, but the kick deals even more damage.
  • Light's Seal has a less wonkier hitbox but the seal only lasts for 3.2 seconds.
  • Zellen²'s Hyper Form is much stronger than Zellen's, though it is even more sluggish.


Summoner Orb Characters

Characters summoned by the Summoner Orb, most of which consist of classic Fantendo characters. There are four types of these types of characters:

  • Aggressive characters will try to damage the players when they are summoned. Their attacks naturally do not harm the summoner, but some can, resulting in the assist being a backfire.
  • Neutral characters are normally harmless unless provoke in some way, in which they will act like Aggressive characters, or they do not go out their way to harm anyone.
  • Passive characters will assist the summoner in some way (healing them, protecting them, etc) and not try to harm others in any way.
  • Dud characters will not do anything to help the summoner or harm others, they will just do nothing at all.
Character Biography
Liz Izzard
Neutral Assist
Liz Izzard is a Reptosapien, a light-skinned humanoid with yellow, reptilian eyes. Liz is an inventor, using a drill in her battle, but she does not like fighting in general, so it is not really used as a traditional combat weapon.

When summoned, Liz Izzard attacks using her drill machine...well if you get in her way as she tries to escape the scene. She also uses missiles to keep everyone at bay away from her. When she collides with a wall, she will try to drill out of the wall, but this will leave her open to attack. When her drill machine is attacked enough, it will explode, which will cause Liz Izzard will be launched high into the air, effectively Star K.Oing her, and launches anyone caught in the blast radius with high knockback.

Aggressive Assist
RedYoshi is a classic Fantendo character, just being a recolored Yoshi with red skin, a purplish-blue saddle, and purple shoes. He is also the boyfriend of RedBirdo.

When summoned, from a distance, RedYoshi throws fireballs that can inflict the Burn status. When up chose, RedYoshi will attack with his tongue. Sometimes, when about to be attacked, RedYoshi will disappear in a puff of flames, only to reappear in another location.

Aggressive Assist
Noot is a really terrible bounty hunter, considered to be the lowest-ranking and the worst bounty hunter in the New Fantendoverse. Despite this, Noot sees himself as unappreciated and deserving of more.

When Noot is summoned, using his Neon Claws, Noot does some scratching and clawing attacks at players, but he also does some slide kicks and drop kicks.

Aggressive/Passive Assists

There are many Dex-Droids cramped into one assist, though only one can appear randomly from a Summoner Orb. All of them have a 25% chance of being summoned.

  • Dexene can be used as a pounding club for the summoner when they have no item in hand.
  • Dexo can be used to carry the summoner up into the air, which can be useful for recovery.
  • Dexa points and shoots lasers from their fingers at players while roaming around the arena.
  • Dexel can be kicked around by players, launching him at others to knock them away.
OW - GregortheGengar.png
Aggressive Assist
Gregor is a Gengar, a Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon who wears a jacket and has a fake, golden teeth after his real tooth was chipped off during a battle. He used to be a prankster, and while he does like a good prank or two, he rarely does this anymore. Instead, he sells his old stuff and other stuff.

When summoned, Gregor appears as a shadow mimicking another character's shadow, before jumping out. He then starts throwing toxic spikes and uses the moves Shadow Ball, Shadow Punch, Hypnosis and Dream Eater to attack.

Bob Demolish Nation.png
Neutral Assist
Bob is a Blob, and is the irritating, moronic and annoying brother of Fandro, often angering the poor guy. It's a good thing he cannot feel pain at all!

When summoned, Bob will spawn in with "Bob Tacos" or "Bob Nacho Bowls" and will start eating them. He will roam around the stage eating them, and once he is done, he will despawn. However, if attacked, he will drop one of these items and will try to retrieve them back. If they are eaten before Bob gets them back, the character will recover 5% damage, but this is also enrage Bob, causing him to chase after the player to beat the everlasting $#!7 out of them before they are launched with high knockback, enough to OHKO them. After chasing around for a while, he will give up and despawn afterwards.

Aggressive Assist
George "Guaptain" Gerald is a 12 year old Guap, who has the ability to shoot lasers and uses a mini-laser gun.

When summoned, Guaptain fires laser beams, and occasionally uses his laser gun as well. After a while, he will eat a turkey leg, which will turn him into "Super Guap", a Super Saiyan-esque form of himself, which drastically increases his speed, strength, and the size of his laser beams and laser bullets from his gun.

Aggressive Assist

Using her Black Hole Gun, Cosmetta fires a shot out of it, which starts to expand greatly once it hits the ground. The black hole starts sucking in players and items, which rapidly damages players caught in the middle of it.

Ferris Rock
Aggressive Assist
Sunnyscythe Shattered.png
Aggressive Assist
Sunnyscythe is a childish and psychotic Pichu with soulless, void-like eyes. It is like he is staring into your soul. Hellbent on gaining immense power, mainly because of his frail Pichu body he loathes, he served as Litle-P's arch-rival. Even after his body is destroyed, he still lives on, but dies again, and again.

When summoned, this chaotic Pichu attacks with dark energy, and turning himself into nothing but pure energy, able to use what remains of his computer chip to control characters, when K.Oed.


All the playable and non-playable stages seen in Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil, some of which appeared in, or are based on other locations seen in other games.

Stage Description
Zilch-Battlefield The Battlefield of the game; Zilch-Battlefield is just one main platform, with three suspended platforms that are set up in a triangle formation, held up in the skies by chains.
  • Home Stage to: No one in particular.
  • Playable?: Yes (starter)
  • Tournament legality: Neutral

Origin: Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil

Stolen Memories The Final Destination of the game; a completely barren stage with no hazards and trippy visuals as the backdrop to an evenly matched duel, with a single platform floating through the memories of every single Unten, Untina, Wurm, Mynis, and so on in the multiverse.
  • Home Stage to: No one in particular.
  • Playable?: Yes (starter)
  • Tournament legality: Neutral

Origin: Fantendo Smash Bros. Delta

Zeon Remnant A stage with the main platform stretching throughout the entire stage, making it impossible to K.O players from the bottom blast line.
  • Home Stage to: Unten, Zerita, Mioda
  • Playable?: Yes (starter)
  • Tournament legality: Banned

Origin: Prodigy (2014)

Svarga TBA
  • Home Stage to: The Threat*
  • Playable?: TBA
  • Tournament legality: TBA

Origin: Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil

Chococarrot Charge TBA
  • Home Stage to: Bunea
  • Playable?: Yes (starter)
  • Tournament legality: TBA

Origin: Super Bunea World

Grand Mal City TBA
  • Home Stage to: Volt
  • Playable?: Yes (starter)
  • Tournament legality: TBA

Origin: VOLT/Resurgence

Draconian Kingdom The stage is based of Hinata's memories of the last time she saw her hometown, sometimes corrupted by the sights of the massacre caused by the war. Somewhat similar to Stolen Memories, but less trippy.
  • Home Stage to: Hama
  • Playable?: Yes (unlockable)
  • Tournament legality: Neutral

Origin: Eternika

Infernal Underworld A simple brimstone platform suspended over lava, which deals moderate damage and knockback to anyone who falls in it. Demons can be seen in the background, where they will rush into play and try to harm the players.
  • Home Stage to: Slimery
  • Playable?: Yes (unlockable)
  • Tournament legality: Banned

Origin: His Battle


Enemies are found in Zilch-Run, who can be defeated for them to drop items and stat boosts.

Enemy Biography
Paper Grimebot
A paper-thin cutout of a Mini-Grimebot, looking like a child's drawing. It is only capable of walking and ramming into characters, but it does little damage and only does hitstun. When they come in packs though, they can be a pain, but it can be circumvented by using flame attacks. Makes sense, they are made of paper.
Type Attacks Weaknesses Drops
Paper Ramming (4%) Extremely flammable Attack↓ (15% chance)
Jump↑ (85% chance)
Flammetails are part of the Threat's forces and act as a rather simple mook. They can't be taken out with physical attacks without damaging their attacker, but they can be taken out by projectiles.
Type Attacks Weaknesses Drops
Flame Flame Body (9%)
Flame Tail (12%)
2x damage from water-based attacks Attack↑ (80% chance)
Hell's Ramen (20% chance)
Huskquitos fly over their prey before sapping out their life force with their blood-sucking needles that they carry over for their queen, The Threat. They can be taken out with heavy physical attacks or heavy projectiles.
Type Attacks Weaknesses Drops
Normal Life Force Drain (1%x5) N/A TBA
Voltlings are little look-alikes of Volt, who can be taken out very easily, but they like to alert each other and attack in packs. Defeat them quickly before they do such, or prepare for a battle with an army. They attack with weak electricity.
Type Attacks Weaknesses Drops
Normal Jolt Shock (3%) N/A TBA
CutieChomp Victory.png
Cutie Chomp
Cutie Chomps are adorable creatures that you really shouldn't get close to unless you want to be chomped up. They have spikes around their "head", which also does damage on contact. Use projectiles to attack them.
Type Attacks Weaknesses Drops
Spiked Spike-Head (4%)
Chomp (11%)
Spinyatas float in the air, spinning around when hit. When they die, they explode into a sea of spikes that goes downwards that does a ton of damage, usually getting the last laugh as they die.
Type Attacks Weaknesses Drops
Normal Spin Attack (3%x4)
Self-Destruct Spikes (15%)
N/A Speed↑
Gocorocks hide most of their muddy body inside their rock-hard head and pop out when their prey come close. Use ranged attacks on their body to make them hide back into their head, but use melee attacks on the head to destroy them completely.
Type Attacks Weaknesses Drops
Normal Rise (2%)
Slap (9%)
Ranged attacks at their body
Melee attacks on their head
One of the Threat's first creations, she just can't stand to get rid of the guys. In truth, they get rid of themselves. DinoMites have no means of attacking, but will follow the player around until their countdown goes down to 0 and explode. The player can knock them down with attacks but they will not vanish until they go off.
Type Attacks Weaknesses Drops
Bomb Self-Destruct Explosion (18%) Instant death when she explodes TBA
ScaredyGhost Victory.png
Scaredy Ghost
Scaredy Ghosts are scared of you and actively run away from the player, leaving a bread-crumb trail of flame behind them. They actually are kind of hindrance if you plan to go in that direction, so you may want to go after them and defeat them.

ScaredyGhost Victory!2.pngScaredyGhost Victory!3.pngScaredyGhost Victory!4.png

  • Green - Two times faster.
  • Blue - Two times slower.
  • Pink - Has twice as much health as normal.
Type Attacks Weaknesses Drops
Normal Flame Trail (8%) Moves slowlyBlue TBA
Kraigalaids bounce around, looking for the player before upchucking a purple glob of poison at them. The player can destroy the poison with attacks but they cannot step in it. A Kraigalaid's weakness is it's exposed brain; who thought that was a good idea? Oh yeah, The Threat.
Type Attacks Weaknesses Drops
Poison Poison Glob (7%; Poison) Exposed brain TBA
Princess Plum
To quench the creator of this character's thirst, we finally decided to add Princess Plum into the game! ...As an enemy, but who cares? As long she is in the game, we get a merit from the creator! Using her Chain Chomp-like half body, she can bite her enemies similar to the Cutie Chomps, and send out pink diamonds. She is very fast, very powerful, very everything! Which is a good thing that she is also very rare to appear in-game!
Type Attacks Weaknesses Drops
Normal Chomp (37%)
Pink Diamonds (12% per diamond)


A list of all the bosses that appear in the game, either in Arcade Tower, or in other modes. Bosses, while playing like normal players, have an actual health bar that depletes with every hit (though this is not always the case). They are also generally more tougher, and some do not even flinch from most attacks.

Boss Biography
TrainingDummies Group.png
Training Dummies
Zerinten Grita
Zerinten Grita is an experimental fusion consisting of the two well-known Zeonians Unten and Zerita, who uses Doomulus Grime's weaponry as a part of their moveset. As such, he uses his claws, electrokinesis, and Grime Missiles as parts of his movepool. Grita acts similar to a normal character, so to defeat him, the player must K.O him like they would normally do.
Captain Cube KiloBot.png
King Cube KiloBot
Now known as Captain Cube Kilobot, King Cube Kilobot was formerly used to protect Nadian City. Before activation, he was hacked by a former employee and turned evil. This guy can lift characters and heavy objects and toss them around, and can produce electricity for attacks. His blunderbuss and scimitar are used as weapons as well. This guy is a big target, so attacking him is easy, but his attacks have huge hitboxes, which makes it easy for him to land hits on you.
This Bowie is from an alternate timeline, where things went into a very dark direction for Bowie and his family. Bowie was turned into a cyborg following Endal's every command, with four Endal Eyes built in for the crazed monkey to look out of. Mecha-Bowie attacks by using a mace-club called the Bowie-Bopper, swinging it across the arena to knock the player away.
Slate is an inky demon that made a deal with Endal after the latter unsealed it from its imprisonment and must give his body to the demon, unbeknownst that the maniacal monkey would betray it later on. Slate starts the battle off in his SLT-03 "SINN", similar to his battle in the second BowieQuest game's Mache Empire area. After tanking enough damage, the mech is destroyed, and the player will battle Slate himself, similar to his battle in the second BowieQuest game's Chess Castle area, minus Savast.
Mistress of Weird
The Mistress of Weird is the imperialistic conqueror of the collection of hundreds, if not, thousands of worlds seen in Super Bunea World that have been bottled up as they did not heed her whims. Sitting on her own throne, her battle starts off with said throne turning into the head of a quadruped mech that chases after the player around the arena, shooting lasers from two cannons on its front legs. After the mech has been damaged enough, she will summon Kitchen Men to attack the player, and toss elemental bombs at them as well. MoW will fight the player for real once the mech is destroyed, by turning them into a harmless green chicken and strike them with meteors.


Track Link
Main Menu (Skullgirls)
Origin: Skullgirls · Usage: Main Menu
Main Menu (Skullgirls Mobile)
Origin: Skullgirls Mobile · Usage: Main Menu
Main Menu (Kirby: Triple Deluxe)
Origin: Kirby: Triple Deluxe · Usage: Main Menu
Final Dreadnaught 2
Origin: Freedom Planet · Usage: Main Menu
Altar - Main Menu
Origin: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger · Usage: Main Menu
Main Menu (Mortal Kombat 3)
Origin: Mortal Kombat 3 · Usage: Main Menu
Jade Creek 2
Origin: Freedom Planet · Usage: Character Selection
I Am... All Of Me
Origin: Shadow the Hedgehog · Usage: Character Selection
Character Selection (Sonic '06)
Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) · Usage: Character Selection
Spaze - Light Years Away
Origin: My Previous Life - Spaze · Usage: Character Selection



  • Currently, Volt and Leah have the most costumes that change them into other characters, at 3 (for Volt's case; Logi, Synth and Ibism. For Leah's case; Dr. Needlenam, Xena Thunderhand* and Beth Operatino).
  • Bob OHKOing the player who eats the "Bob Tacos" or "Bob Nacho Bowls" he drops when attacked is a reference to the first Fandro RPG game.
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