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Fantendo Smash Bros. Mercury is an upcoming game for the Wii U, Hybrid Fusion, HAWX Touch and the 3DS. Phoniex Circle will be creating the game. It is the 17th (?) game in the series, and will have a roster of 50 characters.

It was highly acclaimed when it was released, for returning back interest into the Fantendo Smash Bros. series and introduced many new characters. RedYoshi doesn't appear in this game, making it his first time not appearing to be in a Fantendo Smash Bros. game, despite being in the first.

For the first time in the series, "third party" characters appear. These third party characters were revealed to be... oh you thought I was going to tell you?



Image Name Description
UntenArend Unten Unten's been since the first Fantendo Smash Bros. His speed has weakened a little, but his strengths have been increased just a bit.
ZeritaNvF3D Zerita Zerita has joined the fight as an Newcomer. She is an very fast character and is a good character to start with due to the fact most of her moves are combos.
McBooNSMB McBoo McBoo has several powers he did not have before, such as the ability to control somebody for a short time. Other than that, not much has changed.
100px Zak Zak uses his stretchy powers and his sword to fight off foes. He has not changed much either, but he has a new move, the plasma beam.
130px Darkclaw Darkclaw is probably the second-slowest character in the game, but he makes that up with his massive strength. He can pick up to three opponents at a time and hurl them off anywhere. He also has great recovery moves as well.
130px Dan Dan has some of his PSI, but mostly uses his enchanched hands and feet to fight. He can also cling to walls for a short time. He is also slightly faster.
EmeraldTheSceptile Emerald the Sceptile An fast character to play as, Emerald is an newcomer to the fight. He uses his leaf blade techniques and his incredible jumps. However, he does not have any great recovery moves.
DREW-Sketch DREW A master in fire, DREW has come as an newcomer to the game. While using mostly fire and pyro techniques, he can pack a punch.
EllaFOC Ella Metals Ella Metals, the metal shifter, returns! She has some new powers such as turning into a ball and a blade.
AndyPasta Andy Pasta Andy Pasta is the world's best pasta shifter. He fights using pasta, he knows how to cook pasta, and he has the best hat in the world.
Hood'em Hood'em Hood'em is an newcomer to the game of fighting, but this doesn't mean he/she doesn't have some arsenal. Hood'em can use ninja stars and moves and have great recovery moves.
125px Fruity Fruity is also an newcomer, but she is prepared for the world of fighting with some of friends at her side. She also can fly for a short amount of time.
Pesh3D Pesh The noble knight returns! He uses his sword and uses pushies. He also is faster than some characters, and swift with the sword.
ScyploFDesperation Scyplo A robot with emotion, Scyplo is a excellently built robot and a wonder of engineering. He has electric and elemental powers to use in battle, and can triple-jump.
Jocket Jocket Jocket has some of the best air-based moves in the game, and for being a newcomer, isn't at all bad at fighting. He can use his rocket limbs to his advantage.
PurpleKnight Purple A true ninja in his own right, this purple Koopa uses sword and fire based attacks. He slows down a bit, but that's because everyone slows down when he does an impressive move.
GorgeDarkFungi3 Gorge Gorge, the teenage Goru is just as awesome as Purple. He uses magic based attacks, and has good, brutal melee attacks.
NeoKoopaFDesperation Neo Koopa Neo can manipulate lightning as well as manipulate his molecules. He has grown more vulnerable, but that doesn't stop anybody from fighting.
SpaghettiFOC Spaghetti A newcomer to the series, Spaghetti has some impressive attacks. She can use her bow as a knife, and uses a couple of weapons from the game Gridlock.
Maion Maion Maion is a newcomer to the series as well, but like Spaghetti, has impressive stats and attacks. She has some good aerial moves and can use her wing to get back up when knocked off.
TeardropFDesperation Teardrop Seaside Teardrop can shapeshift as well as using telekinesis. He can also use large bodies of water to help him get back up.
YoshiEgg NAOYE YoshiEgg Nook Beware PooperScoop Nook! He uses spikeballs and uses his tail in fighting.
TuckerTNSD Tucker Tucker is the Dimensional Link, and fights with his bare hands. He has no projectile based attacks, but his melee attacks make up for that.
Savant Savant the Goetian He uses physic powers and his claws in combat, and is swift fighter to be feared.
StrafeTeardropStratosball Strafe Strafe fights with two guns and dislikes authority. He can throw grenades and can use a RPG. His melee attacks are average, however.
KidKiba Kid Kiba The kid vampire can not only transform into a bat, which gives him a smaller chance of being hit but at the loss of his attack strength, but also can use his fangs.


Image Name Description
130px Hooly Unlocked by playing 25 matches, meeting in story mode, or clearing event 3.
Ruby&SapphireNvF3D Ruby & Sapphire Unlocked by playing 15 matches with Emerald, meeting in story mode, or beating Classic Mode with Emerald.
Bearded-Smiley Bearded Smiley Unlocked by playing as Hooly 10 times, meeting in story mode, or clearing event 3.
JackJ3d Jack Johnson Unlocked by playing 40 matches, meeting in story mode, or beating Classic with 3 characters.
Thunderr3D Thunderr Unlocked by playing 40 matches, meeting in story mode, or beating Classic with 5 characters.
David3D David Unlocked by playing 100 matches, meeting in story mode, or beating Classic with 7 characters.
MrChilli Mr. Chilli Unlocked by playing as Bearded Smiley 10 times, meeting in story mode, or clearing event 3.
Zenia Zenia Unlocked in Story Mode, playing as Maion 30 times, playing 300 matches, or clearing classic three times.
480px-GuppyFOC Guppy the Shark Swim 1000 ft, play as Hooly 30 times, or meeting in Story Mode.
Harley B. Koopa NSMBVR Harley B. Koopa Play as Neo 100 times, playing 1000 matches, or meeting in Story Mode
MetaForm3D Meta-Form Using the Robot Berry for the first time, playing as any robotic character 10 times, or meeting in story mode.
Aingeru Aingeru Playing as Maion 50 times, flying 7000 ft, or meeting in Story Mode.
Syria3D Syria Playing as Strafe 50 times, hitting 200 KOs, or meeting in Story Mode.
Yen New Yen Hitting 500 kos or meeting in Story Mode.
LBd4unnamednewgirl Luna Delta Playing as any Doodleland Character 100 times or meeting in Story Mode.
Samantha Samantha Chi Playing as Kid Kiba 30 times, flying 20,000 feet or meeting in Story Mode.
TheReaper Rose Reaper Playing as any Dark-Based character 500 times, hitting 1000 KOs, or meeting in Story Mode.
FightersPikachu Kaichu Playing as any recoloured character 200 times, hitting 3000 KOs, or meeting in Story Mode.
Paucha3D Paucha Playing as any Pokemon-based character 100 times, hitting 5000 KOs, or meeting in Story Mode.
Betolpy Betolpy Play as Scyplo 100 times, hitting 2000 kos, or meeting in Story Mode.
LeilaMetalsBishop Leila Metals Play as Ella Metals 100 times, hitting 9001 kos, or meeting in Story Mode.
Tulip Nook Tulip Nook Play as YoshiEgg Nook 100 times, hitting 10000 kos, or meeting in Story Mode.
Mario SM3DW Mario Play as Unten or Zak 300 times, hitting 50000 kos, or meeting in Story Mode.
TITAN Reptflux Play as Mario or Unten 500 times, hitting 333 ranged kos, or meeting in Story Mode.


Name Description Character
Light vs. Dark Fight the evil doppelganger, Netnu Unten
Doodleland Rainbow Fight off 30 multi-color Dans. Zak or Darkclaw
Fate of Annoyance You just can't stand the annoyance! Fight Hooly, Chilli, and Bearded Smiley! Zerita
What's Cooking? You have 2 angry customers: Ella and Spaghetti! Cook up an nice dish of pasta! Andy Pasta
Tucker vs the World Save Ella Metals, I mean Emily! Tucker
Good Men Doing Bad Things Steal 500 coins from other opponents. Rich scum bags. Namely, Hooly and McBoo. Emerald the Sceptile
Replacement Goldfish Defeat 50 Guppy the Sharks. Any
Rosario and Vampire Defeat Kid Kiba and Ella Metals in a duel for the death. McBoo
Liquid and Solid Snakes Defeat Teardrop and Strafe and get Ella Metals. Gorge
I Hate Lucy Start of Tier II: Defeat Maion, Zenia, and Ella Metals. Spaghetti
Jello Deathbattle!!! Fight Gorge, Neo, and Purple in Jelatin form. Jocket
REAL Steel Fight three Hood'ems in Robot form. Hood'em
Obstacourse Win the race against Purple, Zak, and Zerita. Unten
Route 666 Fight Kid Kiba, McBoo, and Betolpy. YoshiEgg Nook
Doh! Fight two Untens, and one YoshiEgg Nook. In Jelatin form. They already have their plates ready. Neo Koopa
Warning! Do not listen to yoshiegg. Fight 30 YoshiEgg Nooks. Tucker
The End Part 1 Fight all the newcomers. Any
The End Part 2 Fight all the veterans. Any
FINALE Fight ??? without getting hurt. Any

Adventure Mode

Long ago, there was three deities. White Goddess, Black God, and Gray Demon all existed with minor troubles in between them. Two more were created after Black God and White Goddess created a multi-verse known as the Fantendoverse. The Fan and The Enemy, the deities, were seen as threats to Gray Demon. After attempting to destroy both, White Goddess and Black God cast out Gray Demon from the heavens.

Centuries pass. More and more demi-gods and manifestations are created, and Gray Demon is still trapped in Skærsilden. All is well up until Gray Demon visits the Eternal Blackness, where he meets a being known as Dealth. Dealth makes a deal with the Gray Demon to reclaim his title as a god.

Meanwhile in the Fantendoverse, Dan, Zak, and Darkclaw are visiting a different pane from the Fantendoverse, which is the town Vineville. Suddenly it is attacked by a barrage of dark beings who are attacking the civilans and buildings, to make room for a giant tower that funictons as a bomb. Zak, Dan, Darkclaw try to make their way to the tower before being cut off by Ella Metals and Andy Pasta, who think they are working for the darkness.

After being knocked out into trophy state, Zak revives both, and they make their way to the tower to deactivate the bomb. They are stopped by a cloaked firgure, namely the Dark Minister. The Dark Minister shoots them off the tower, and with seconds remaining, Zak grabs everyone and makes it out before a giantic black hole emerges from the explosion, sucking nearly everything in. Zak goes into the pane portal and back into Doodleland.

Over in Atlantica, Teardrop comes across the dark beings. He attempts to fight them alone, only for him to get distracted by the tower that is being built. He comes across DREW, who he teams up with to stop the tower from exploding. However, both fire and water isn't enough to get to the tower in time, and narrowly escape the black hole, and contuine running.

Meanwhile, in Hoolyland, Hooly is fighting off the dark beings, and won't allow the darkness to build on his property. The Dark Minister decides it's not worth it yet, and retreats into the Eternal Blackness.

Zak and the rest make their way over to the Angel Realm through another portal. The dark beings are attacking the Angel Realm too, and joins up with Maion to contuine the attack. However, Dark Minister still builds the bomb tower, and shoots the company off the clouds.

Meanwhile in a Upotopia, Kaichu and Paucha are fighting when the dark beings come in. They team up, and meet Emerald and his friends Ruby and Sapphire. All 5 of them try to take out the tower, only to be blasted by a tank and turned into trophies, the exception being Paucha. Paucha runs away, while the Dark Minster takes the trophies. The black hole goes off, and Paucha runs away.

In the outskirts of Alantica, Teardrop and Drew come across Strafe and his daughter Syria. Teardrop and Drew fight them, and either Teardrop and Drew or Strafe and Syria get turned into trophies. They revert back, and team up to fight the darkness and find Ella.

In the freefall to Doodleland, Ella grabs hold of some metal and forms a platform for everyone to fall on. Zak uses another Pane Portal to get to McBoo's Mansion, but are stopped by the Dark Minister. After fighting the Dark Minister, who drops one of the trophies from all the damage, flies away, but Ella bends his platform and makes him drop the rest of the trophies. After reviving Kaichu, and Emerald and his friends, they go into the portal.


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  • Doodleland Cruise (Doodland)
  • Pushopolis (Pusher's Pile)
  • Fruity Jungle (Fruity Toucan)
  • VineVille (Ella Metals)
  • Hooded Desert (Hood'ems)
  • Treasure Town (Team Gemstones)
  • Spectro Mountain (DREW)
  • Utopia (Fantendo Smash Bros.)
  • Atlantica (Teardrop)
  • The Land of Elderitches (Little Lenny Penguin)
  • Middletown (David)
  • Batterfield New York (Based off Cloverfield's games)
  • Hood'ems Forest (Hood'ems)


  • Hoolyland (Doodleland)
  • Dock Town (Pillow 8 Comp)
  • Dark Labyrinth (Doodleland)
  • Angel Realm (One Winged Angel)
  • Demon Realm (One Winged Angel)
  • Paper Peak (Paper Fantendo)
  • Pharaoh Tomb (Hood'ems)
  • Sunspring Town (DREW)
  • Smilexa (Bearded Smiley)
  • Madness Mountains (Bearded Smiley)
  • Pokémon Square (Team Gemstones) (Team Gemstones)
  • White Goddess' Palace (Fantendo)
  • Black God's Temple (Fantendo)
  • Shuckersvile Library (Sewsack)
  • Dark Deaths (Shadow Warrior Yen)
  • The Edge of the Multi-Verse (Story Mode)
  • Paper Route (Delivery Boy)
  • Ponyvile (Super Smash Ponies: Friendship is Magic)
  • Peach's Castle (Super Mario Bros.)
  • World 1-1 (Super Mario Bros.)

Other Information

This is the first of a planned Fantendo Smash Bros. Triogly. Two more games, dubbed Fantendo Smash Bros. Phoenix Fire and Fantendo Smash Bros. Deathbloom, are planned.

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